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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  April 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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police in delaware county says that this is an accused of bug letter making his get away on public transit, they want your help tracking him down and they are offering up a reward for any information that does. it's thursday afternoon i'm brian taff. >> and i'm shirleen allicot, the search for a suspect, sara bloomquist is live in radnor with the full story. >> reporter: the bold break-in happened on this block the homeowner came face-to-face with the burglar inside of her house stealing her belongings. after the crime the suspect made his way down the street to the septa train down the street and as soon as he made his way down the street he was captured on surveillance cameras. here is the man trying to board a train on the north street line at the garrett hill station,
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this is after he left the hawthorne lane home he had broken into, the morning of april 17th the homeowner was away for two hours when she was away she saw a window pane was broken. >> the homeowner returned from shopping and was met with an unknown caucasian male wearing dark clothing and an unknown baseball cap. the burglar told her to come in inside and be quiet the female was able to retreat from the front door and call 911 and seek shelter from a neighbor's house. >> others watched as the robber left the house pulling a blue suitcase containing jewelry, money and electronics from the
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house he took the septa station and rode it to the stop prior to the terminal. police say there were not resenproblems and they hope that the bold burglar gets caught. there were car break-ins but not house break-ins in this area. it's a stay at home type of neighborhood. there is always someone around and i feel like have you to be really bold if you want to break in around here during the day. >> reporter: now there is a $2500 reward for information that helps police identify and arrest this suspect. again, he got off at the park view strain stop, one before the 69th street terminal and he may be from that area. if you can identify the suspect you are asked to call police. i'm sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> sara thank you. a construction worker is expected to be on after this accident in northeast philadelphia a plumbing ditch collapsed there today trapping
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that worker there under a whole lot of soil it happened at 1:15 on emerson street the crews worked to pull the construction worker out of ditch he is in stable condition and the department of licenses and inspections said the construction site had a permit but the permit had expired and officials ordered the ditch filled and the work stopped and now another agency is investigate snoog police are investigating a nude photo scandal at a school in chester county. students atwen j. high school. "action news" reporter eva pilgram will explain how the school is responding to the investigation in a live report at 4:30. here at the big board a big apology in president barack
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obama, he says is he taking full responsibility after two innocent hostages taken by al qaeda were killed in an anti-terrorism operation. warren warren winestein were killed and they don't believe civilians were there when it occurred. >> it's the bitter true that in the war generally and our fight against terrorists specifically, mistake mistakes, sometimes deadly mistakes occur. >> during the terrorist operation, two dangerous members of al qaeda were also killed. the president today offering his grief and condolans of the families of those hostages
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killed. winestein was a development worker from maryland he had been held since 2011 by al qaeda. dozens of montgomery county residents are back in their home right now after a hazmat scare, 50 homes were evacuated after a smell of chlorine was reported. that is where "action news" reporter david henry is live this afternoon. you have the latest here. >> reporter: residents are back in their homes now about 50 homes had to be evacuated for more than three hours after a strong odor of chlorine gas came from that property back there just feet from neighboring backyards. >> it was like being in a pool, a swimming pool. the odor wafted around the neighborhood this morning and the county and hazmat team came to investigate it took a while to see the source t. was a chlorine tank on this property.
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>> they came across the cylinders and shut it off and it stopped the leak. >> these are trained technicians could they have shut the tanks off themselves. >> they found the employees sitting out seed of the building and none had called to report the leak and 50 homes were evacuated. john became aware of the odor when a neighbor became concerned. >> we checked it out and he had very small children and it was a concern to have them in there with that. >> i asked the neighbor if i was crazy and he said call the township and we were like the third or fourth call. chlorine is dangerous in high concentrations it can overtake you and knock you out. it's toxic. >> by 12:30 residents were allowed back in their homes we
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were not allowed on the property and they would not comment over the phone the company tests and certifies high capacity tanks and the one involved today was still full of chlorine, this is the first time they have experienced anything like this. >> you ever worry about what is back there? >> not really i have grown up with it it has been back there since i was 6 years old. >> a federal and state investigators are on the property right now trying to figure out what happened and why the chlorine gas was allowed to overspread this neighborhood without anyone from the company alerting the fire department. live in trooper, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now, to a first check of the accuweather forecast on a cloudy and cooler afternoon, cecily tynan is at the big board with more. >> brian and shirleen hard to believe it's april and it feels
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like a late winter day philadelphia only 51 degrees and millville 53 and trenton 49 and allentown 43 degrees and temperatures stuck in the 30s in the poconos and with this cold air mass moving in it creates a lot of instability. showing scattered pop-up showers and sprinkles and even some mixing in with wet snow, north of philadelphia and tonight the big concern is the tumbling temperatures, the national weather service posted freeze warnings for northern chester and western montgomery and upper bucks counties and all areas north and west and the immediate suburbs into south jersey freeze watches, what this means is that all the areas highlighted. temperatures will fall at or above freezing if you got a jump start on your spring planting, and if you have tender vegetation can you cover it to
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survivor the night. brisk and cold overnight low philadelphia 36 degrees the urban heat affect island there and allentown 30 and millville 32 and lancaster 41 degrees, i'll let you know when we warm up to seasonable levels coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> put on the winter coat tonight. thanks very much, we have breaking news that is just handed here this from camden today and chopper 6 has arrived over the scene this is where officials tell us they are responding to a report of a deceased fetus found at a camden recycling plant this plant at 2200 block of mount ephraim avenue, detectives had not arrived on the scene and they are investigating preliminary reports now and there are people on the scene people that work at the recycling plant and officials are in route right now
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to investigate at least one report that there is a fetus inside of one of the recycling boxes there inside of that plant. we'll continue to follow this one closely. we'll bring you any new details as this newscast continues. a woman was arrested after allegedly abandoning her quadriplegic son in the woods "action news" was given this photo of nia parlor she allegedly left her son in the cobb's creek woods earlier this month with a blanket and a bible and went to virginia to see her boyfriend she was extradited to philadelphia where she is expected to receive murder charges. a man tried to rob him the philadelphia officer was walking his dog on malvern avenue on overbrook he spotted the suspect with a gun and drew his
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own weapon and fired eight shots, leaving bullets holes and a front window of a nearby home and the suspect did run away and they are not sure at this point if he was hit. it's a tradition that dates back to 1895, the penn relays kicked off today and the nation's oldest track and field competition, katherine scott talked to athletes. >> reporter: with the sound of a shot the penn relays were underway at franklin field more than 1,000 high schools and 200 colleges are registered this year at this three-day meet in university city, the atmosphere is awesome. >> athletes from 36 different states, eight different countries are represented in the 12 1st relay carnival and the competition is fierce athletes
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take part and spectators take on. >> for you not be a professional athlete and to be involved is exciting. >> some athletes are here from jamaica and says the weather is colder but each year they come for the experience and the opportunity to be seen. >> an opportunity for student athleteses to get the exposure and for the coaches to see them. >> a lot of people and a lot of exposure, that could mean pressure but they know want to do. >> once the gun goes off it's time to go. >> once they hit the gun it all goes away. the competition goes until saturday. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." we have some developing news now root 401 in chester county has just reopened in the last few minutes after a dump truck fell on its side today, from
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chopper 6 hd you can see it in a ditch off the side of the road and this happened at 11:30 this morning on fellowship road, that just reopened in the last few minutes and nobody was hurt here. that is just one of several issues, lets get a first check of the traffic report with matt pellman. >> you know it's going to be a busy thursday afternoon for sure, a couple of different reasons we do know this, first off the phillies game just ended a lot of people headed out of south philadelphia on 95 and the schuylkill expressway here in university city and before too long people will likely be leaving the penn relays that katherine was talking about that creates a mess on 76 and already we are looking at heavy traffic from there to university avenue on out toward the vine street expressway. just getting reports of a crash
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on the platt bridge headed towards philadelphia approaching 46th street and one lane is blocked and a wreck in darby along main street and concord road and on the bucks county border a vehicle flipped over here on the ramp from the south roosevelt boulevard to wide haven eastbound, the ramp is block as is the outer side of the boulevard they are crunched in there to go to route 1 and a delay on septa's chestnut west and are you boarding all trains from the inbound platforms. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday, one of our friends just passed the crash in northeast philadelphia and took a picture of the backlog along byberry road, a mess there and elsewhere. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> very good thanks. we have a grim update to breaking news we passed along a few minutes ago. we have just been told that
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authorities found a stillborn fetus at a recycling plant the 2200 block of mount ephraim avenue chopper 6 hd is over that scene live, this is in the preliminary phases police told us about this when they were on the way to investigate it of reports of possibly a baby found, we can confirm a stillborn fetus found on the property here a recycling facility in camden 2200 block of mount ephraim avenue. no word on the cause of death or how this baby ended up there. we are told that it appeared to be 3 months old, the camden county prosecutors office is working on this and we have every interest of getting every detail. what should have been a regular day at the laundry mat was anything but. video of the attack of a dallas
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man in his own business now going viral. the confrontation began when hadid approached a woman with an infant saying she loaded a dryer without paying a dime. he said he had to pull out a broom to defend himself, when the woman grabbed her clothed he when after her to get the license plate number and was attacked again. >> two months i agonized over there and i decide i have to do something. >> just recently he decided to post the video of the february incident on social media he hopes that it will serve as a warning to the community. an exclusive "action news" undercover investigation exposed theft at a local food pantry. >> i'm investigator reporter wendy saltzman this man was
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suppose to feed the needy but instead fed himself. >> our cameras were rolling when he stocked his truck full of food and supplies. >> watch tonight as we catch him red handed. find out what the charity has to say about his grocery grab, don't miss my investigation coming up on "action news" tonight at 11:00. it is time now for business we take a look at our closing numbers for the day. and it was green arrows all across the board, the dow closing at 20 points and the nasdaq getting 21 points and the s&p getting 5 points. it's time for a chip kelly check of your accuweather forecast adam joseph is keeping an eye on the cool down and feeling it firsthand. are you in haverford township
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having fun. >> reporter: yes despite that it's cold, we are having fun we are playing a game, this is blue on the ground and this is water have you to go across and if you fell grew to the sharks that is what i used to do as a kid here. >> what do you think about the cold weather being back. >> i don't like it. >> but we'll run around and have some fun. >> this is the freedom playground at the haverford research an awesome playground built by all volunteers, soccer fields and baseball fields and a dog park. come on buddy you want to follow us? >> this playground has a lot of different things for kids to get good exercise and to stay warm. lets look at double scan live radar now and we have got the chill and dealing with showers around the region. a couple in chester and lancaster county and a few in new jersey near surf city and in the southern parts of new jersey, they are just some
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spinning showers and sprinkles temperatures it's not spring like whatsoever, 51 in philadelphia allentown 43 and millville 53 and you add the winds which had been brutal all day, wind gusts in philadelphia 32 miles per hour and allentown 23 and millville is high at 30 miles per hour. as we look at satellite and radar, the low pressure center near the hudson bay moving over to northern new england, bringing unsettled weather from the ohio valley to new and, and scattered showers are around and snow showers near the great lakes. overnight tonight it's brisk and cold and you know what, unfortunately we are dropping to near record lows, 30 in the suburbs and 36 in center city with the northwesterly wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. and we have the freeze warning in affect in the light blue area chester and bucks and montgomery county and lancaster county and a freeze watch for
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the rest of the region with the exception of delaware county. if you have tender vegetation and you jumped the gun to plant anything this could be a killing freeze either bring them in or drape them with the cover overnight. windchills on top tomorrow morning. mid up toer 20s is how it feels when you step out the door tomorrow morning, north day for the jackets and gloves and mittens and scarves. the four day at 4:00, windy tomorrow and cool, 55 degrees sunshine giving way to afternoon high clouds with a high of 60. still below average and a lot of clouds and it stays cloudy on monday with a possible shower and a temperature of 62 degrees, pretty hard when you play baseball here because the wind is going in this direction. so they have to hit the ball pretty hard if they want to hit it into the out field or try to get a home run.
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guys you want to go down the slide? coming up in the next half hour -- one two three you beat me! in the next half hour we'll meet a volunteer that helped to build this playground and you may recognize him. stay around the next half hour for that. >> ha, ha, ha he is always having fun. >> we have more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" today. three philadelphia police officers are in hot water over three separate cases the charges those men are facing including a 23 year veteran of the court. a sun dress controversy that sent one infuriated dad to social media why this 5-year-old was accused of breaking the dress code. and a major attraction, an email error that led to an apology from school officials.
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here at the big board if you are like me and need your job picked up off the floor and like your scandal, wait until tonight, there are two episodes left and papa pope is on fire. so we know that jake ballard has been taken down, sorry if that say spoiler we give you a full week to catch up and this week the team is taking down b 16 including olivia is in serious danger and forced to take drastic measures and a brand new "grey's anatomy" at 8:00, this is the episode america will never forget and then at 8:00 a brand new "american crime" and then we are tweeting with you tonight during the show use #~
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#~ 6 abc scandal. it's on fire. american crime is also a great show. still ahead a chester county high school is hit with a nude photo scandal involving students, we are live with details on what was being shared. it's sure to put a smile on your face, a nurse watched her paralyzed patient walk for the very first time. >> i'm nydia han and i found a great new way to save money buy a gift card to pay for your purchase all you need is a smart phone.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot and brian taff. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a houston father that is taking his daughter's school to task over their dress code and why they ordered his 5-year-old to cover up. and from animal abuse we detail the charges that landed three police officers on the wrong side of the law and later a pregnant mother of three is out of a job for what she did during an armed robbery, why she was fired for refusing to pay back money stolen from her during a robbery. and our breaking news story out of camden today and authorities are on the scene at
4:30 pm
the camden recycling plant at the 2200 block of mount ephraim avenue. they don't know why it ended up there but that is the question they are trying to answer at this hour. a first trimester fetus found here at the recycling plant at 2200 mount ephraim avenue. now to another nude photo scandal rocking an area high school pennsylvania state police have confiscated several cell phones. but it doesn't stop there some teenagers could ultimately face charges.
4:31 pm
eva pilgram is live now in north coventry township. eva you have the details here. >> it's an issue we are seeing at schools across the country, students sharing sexual picture themselves via text messages and other students sharing the pictures as well. students here are seeing firsthand how serious an issue this can be. >> philadelphia police are investigating reports that a 16-year-old student was sharing nude pictures with other students. >> it's sad now that cell phones are used for emergencies and things we need to look up and now we have this kind of issues it's sad. >> they have the technology to do stuff like that i would have probably done the same thing in high school. >> people did it in my high school and it leads to stuff. >> it came to the attention of the police in march that a student shared a collection of naked pictures and they were
4:32 pm
pictures of other students that attend the school. >> they think it's like a game or something like that. >> but this is far from a game, investigators are looking into what happened to see if any charges will be filed. they have take and the devices as evidence in their case. >> if there was it will -- let the kids be kid. >> you don't know who is going to get it. >> the parents need to be involved and ask questions of your kids. >> the school district tells us that they have offered counseling to the parents and students involved in this situation, they have tried hard to drive home the message that the digital footprint is permanent, they hope that this situation will be a learning moment for everyone. eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. animal cruelty and theft and
4:33 pm
perjury are some charges in connection to three separate cases, roderick walton is accused of keeping his severely injured dog in a damp and moldy basement although rescued it had to be euthanized. officer holmes is facing charges for false statements he made under oath and on paperwork the alleged crime occurred on the narcotics strike force. >> and 9 year veteran christopher jackson is accused of stealing a witness's cell phone when taking him to be interviewed. drexel university is apologizing to hundreds of students that were accidentally sent emails congratulating them on getting in even though they didn't.
4:34 pm
it was intended to remind students of a reply deadline. it when out to 495 students that were denied admission or did not finish their applications. >> the institution issued a correction and apology today. leaders got up from the state level to protect the city's paid sick leave law. vincent hughes called on harrisburg to vote down the bill that would effectively undue the law and the senate passed the bill that would no longer require businesses to provide workers with paid sick leave and it goes before the house and governor wolf did not say if he would veto the bill. >> the worker that fell asleep in the cargo hold, anchor rick williams is live in the newsroom with more.
4:35 pm
i guess he was really tired rick. >> that worker spoke exclusively to abc news to tell about his nap that forced hi 737 to make a money landing. his name it willa junior and he woke up when the bag hit him in the head and he talked about what it was like to be in the cargo hold and the scary thoughts that when through his haeds at the time. coming up tonight grab a bike and go philadelphia is the newest city to adopt a bike sharing program. how it works and how much it costses, that looks like a great idea. back to the newsroom. >> thanks rick. today at city hall officials announced the return of one of the largest and most prestigious conventions it's been years since they hosted the bio engineer convention, it's slated
4:36 pm
from june 15th when people from all over the country and all over the world will come to philadelphia officials say this event will bring $43.3 million to the economy. it's time now to head back outside and back to meteorologist, adam joseph and today's outdoor adventure has him playing at the freedom playground in haverford township. >> remember there are sharks down there. >> i'm trying to hang on but i'm too big for the climbing of the rocky step here's. are you huffing and puffing but it's keeping you warm and it's warm like a fireman pole, this is the freedom playground a great place for the kids even on a cold day like today. not just here but also new england new york city 48 and syracuse 35 burlington 43 and low pressure just to the west of caribou, maine look at the
4:37 pm
record lows, philadelphia 33 degrees, and allentown 29 and wilmington 30 degrees set back in 1930, we'll be a few degrees from the records by tomorrow morning. coming up in the accuweather forecast you guys want some warmth? how warm would you like it? >> 70s. >> i would like 70. >> are you lost sir? >> i am trying to find darby road. >> just down the road. >> thank you very much. >> how are you buddy hey i'm doing well. >> everyone knows dave roberts. >> stick around and we can interview you in a little bit. >> why not. >> and we'll talk to the kids as well. >> you look great. >> david you look great. >> he looks good. we miss him around here, and now if you can find mr. 6 we would
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be thrilled about that. >> a delaware police officer that became an online singing sensation is back and better than ever. >> the officer gained fame by singing taylor swift's "shake it off" he promised an encore he is joined by his brother in blue demetrius stevenson with a bunch of hits. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> those guys are fast. both men took a turn in the spotlight and they nailed it the new video has 190,000 views and before too long, it too will be as viral as that last one. >> we should try that one next
4:39 pm
time. we make a good duo. >> we can do it. >> we'll post one. >> still ahead a father is lighting up the bloggersphere after his 5-year-old was ordered to change daughter's clothes. and a mother was fired for not returning $400 to the store she worked in but she did not steal it someone else did. why the store was holding her responsible for an armed robbery. and adam joseph with more and dave roberts. next at 4:00.
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i used to be able to have students come in and we do a social studies project and it was connected to language arts and it was connected to math. we educated in such an interdisciplinary way that educated the whole child. the testing shouldn't be in the driver's seat. i should be in the driver's seat. i should be directing my students in a way that's helping them make connections not just for an assessment but for life.
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here at the big board with the big talkers, in houston, texas, a manager at popeyes was fired because she refused to pay back money after the store was robbed on her watch.
4:42 pm
you can see the robber in this surveillance video force her and other employees to the ground demanding money she says she handed over $400 from the cash register her boss's said she violated policy by leaving too much money in the registers in the first place and was given two choices, pay the money back or lose your job. >> in houston, the dad that has the bloggersphere fired up with him. this dress got her in trouble in kindergarten, why? because spaghetti straps break the school rules and the school made her cover up with a sweater over top and jeans underneath. she said the immoral shoulders
4:43 pm
of my 5-year-old daughter dress rules only persecute my daughter and he can't believe he had a conversation about sexuality with his 5-year-old daughter. and the video that has people weeping tears of joys. watch this incredible reaction as one nurse reunites with a person that suffered complete paralysis and watch as she gets out of her wheelchair and walk. >> ah! oh! >> thank you lord thank you. after 11 days of an unexplained paralysis from the waist down, bailey was able to get up and walk again. >> i love this and she comes wheeling down and just stands
4:44 pm
up. lots of props to the nurse as well. the single moment when you realize a nurse is so important so crucial. lets get another check of the roads right now, matt pellman is in the traffic center with an update. >> are you catching this at the right time. the fire truck is just pulling away they had both eastbound lanes blocked near 26th street, because of a cleanup from a crash, just cleared off to the side and both are reopen. the backlog coming away from the airport is clearing out soon, it's not going yet, backlogs around the region and the phillies game is over and people leave the penn relay. 13 and 15 on 95 as you travel through the work zone not great there, and a crash along old eagle school road. and we still have this wreck in
4:45 pm
northeast philadelphia and it's looks mostly cleared off from the ramp itself to woodhaven road they have traffic moving ahead in the traffic southbound. things ease up and we have a delay. a wreck to avoid in hockessin delaware along lime road and a broken down vehicle from 95 northbound to the black horse pike. we'll check it again in the next half hour. adam joseph is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, live from haverford township and that familiar face. coming up n. >> can't wait.
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going back to our outdoor
4:48 pm
adventure again adam joseph is live in haverford. what a small world dave roberts was wondering around the playground. what is going on out there? >> well, we will making some music here and along with making music, i'm looking at this poor girl, where is your jacket? >> i forgot it. >> you forgot it? did you not watch me yesterday, let me give you a big hug. what do you think of this playground? >> it's cool. >> what is your favorite part? >> probably the monkey bar. >> are you strong let me see that muscle. >> we have a few showers now look at double scan radar, they are not too heavy just light and adding to what is a raw feeling day with the wind and clouds and the chilly temperatures, right now in philadelphia we are coming in
4:49 pm
at 51 degrees 43 in reading and 52 in atlantic city and 51 in philly and 37 in the poconos. look at the radar and satellite from this morning clear and sunny and then once the sunshine went to work with the cold temperatures, the clouds developed and a few showers this afternoon quite a change from this morning. overnight brisk and cold and near record colds and 36 for center city and the freeze warning is up for the far north western suburbs and chester and buck county and lehigh valley and a freeze watch for the rest of the area with the exception of philadelphia and delaware county where the temperature gets low enough to see a killing freeze. northwest wind 10 to 15 to 25 miles per hour. with the main low over new england and then high pressure comes in from the tennessee valley a little more sun tomorrow than today as we look at the accuweather forecast it stays windy tomorrow and cool at
4:50 pm
55 degrees and then saturday sunshine and afternoon clouds to 60 and clouds and sun and 0-degrees staying cool through the weekend and maybe a shower and 62 and turning milder on tuesday 66 and then pretty much seasonable here wednesday and thursday and temperatures of 68 degrees and some sunshine. i love your little plaque. the grandchildren, kallie and griffin. >> that is my maiden name. jayden will be 13 and bella will be 6 pretty soon. >> you and patty helped to build this, with volunteers. >> we were help of the volunteer team and local builders came in and was a great effort five or six years ago, and i was cutting wood and nailing things, i don't do that at hom but doing it here.
4:51 pm
it's a beautiful community here in haverford and this is little adam paul our producer's son. wave to daddy he is watching. >> hi dad. >> we had molly in here but molly started to cry. >> she is starting again. how is retirement. >> i miss the honkers it's so quiet. >> on city avenue. >> retirement is great you do whatever you want as long as you want at any time. >> everybody asks about you wherever i go. >> where is what's his name. >> and mr. 6. >> mr. 6 is long gone, i want to say hello to everybody back at the station, i love all you guys. >> nothing but love for that man right there built that play ground and helped to build the
4:52 pm
police station. >> paul stand in the background the rest of the family is there. saving with 6 abc is next.
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"action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. thursday night and the big story on "action news" is breaking news out of camden, new jersey, where there was a disturbing find at a recycling plant where a fetus was found this afternoon. annie mccormick has the latest. what can you tell us tonight? >> a disturbing discovery made by a worker at this camden
5:00 pm
recycling plant a live look from the ground and a number of detectives left the scene and officers remain here taking statements with employees here in camden, two tractor trailers are here dropping off recycling as we speak some work is back to normal here. here is a look from chopper 6 hd we are told that the discovery was made at 3:00 p.m. today by one of employees here but we are waiting to find out a number of details like where in the facility they made that discovery. we are told that the discoveries of a fetus and they are unable to determine how old it is but in a case like this they have to rely on the medical examiner and the autopsy that will be performed to find out the manner and cause of death was in this situation. now back out here live again like you said there are still


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