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tv   Action News  ABC  April 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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t west philadelphia. the officers have captured the suspected gunman who is also wounded. we have live coverage coming up next on "action news" tonight >> thursday night the big story on "action news" tonight is the philadelphia police officer shot tonight at 52 and master in west
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philadelphia a quad ron of police vehicles converged on 50 street hours ago going with word that a cop was shot. he was rushed to penn press tier yab and he has been stabilized and five minutes ago came cord a suspect was apprehended. >> first let's go to the scene and "action news" reporter annie mccormick. any. >> we're at 5 and master and in the past couple minutes we believe this all began 51 and master where the officer was shot. he was shot in the thigh. here we'll zoom down between 5 and 51 and master and police officers are still here on the scene down the street they're holding the scene. i'll move out of the way when the officer comes out of here so we don't get hit by a cruiser.
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taking a look at this scene video right now is that alleged suspect was found 52 street north 51 street found shot and he was also taken to the hospital. we don't know what the confrontation was. camper than we initially got out 10:30. that's when we saw pac air philadelphia police helicopter in the air with lights shipping down in this area and looking for the suspect. we also saw police officers from probably every district in the city flying out here with lights and sirens on. back out here live jimmy can tell you a different mood out here feels calmer. we're seeing a lot of police cars rushing out here. we're seeing the three cruiseers
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leaving the scene nowch the latest update now is that the police officer was shot in the thigh and possible suspect also shot. but again in custody at the hospital. and that's where we're live, 52 and master in west philadelphia, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news," jim. >> well for more on the medical situation let's go live you to sharee williams at penn presbyterian what's the latest there. >> jim, of course we know this officer was brought here for treatment with this now being the latest hospital to be the trauma center. we'll give you a live look at the police presence that is happening here. police, of course, have roped off the area. and they're keeping the media back. as, of course, they tend to one of their brothers. we're told this officer was wounded and shot in the thigh. that is initial report. he is receiving treatment tonight said to be in stable condition. we also have some video of the suspect arriving for treatment as well. we are also told the suspect was
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wounded. this is video that we captured in the last half hour of the suspect in question arriving via ambulance at hahnemann hospital. these are the images we have at this point as the story continues to unfolded. this the occasions happened 10:00 tonight involving this officer and this suspect in question. the altercation ended with the police officer being wounded as well as suspect in question. live back out here now where we are at penn presbyterian medical center where the officer is being treated. you can see the police presence and the conversations happening here as those in uniform are also trying to gather as much information about the officer as they are concerned as well. we have seen several of the deputy commissioners arrive here so we, of course, are waiting to get any other updates we possibly can get from police to make it official. but again this officer wounded tonight said to have been shot in the thigh and receiving treatment as we speak.
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we're live university city, sharee williams, "channel 6 action news," jim. >> sharee thank you. as we go back up to chopper 6 over 52 and master we urnl you to stay with "action news" for continuing coverage of this police-officer shooting and we're gathering new information as quickly as we can. of course it will be accurate and we'll post to as well. please counts on updates from us as they happen. >> other news tonight, the name joseph derosa was well known and much tonight a fire took him out.
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>> right now family, friend, neighbors are def stairtd on the loss of this well-loved fixture in the neighborhood here. he was a long-time family friend of former city councilman frank decheeko that grew up open the block with him as we learned this this exclusive interview. >> joe, i'm a little too -- emotional. >> this has got to hit you hard. >> frank dicicco devastated of the loss of derosa a long time family friends. news of his death spread quickly. a relative came home here in the 1100 block of federal to find the house on fire shortly after 5:15. >> responders found a senior adult male second floor rear bedroom at that time the senior adult male was viable. >> he would later be pronounced dead and his friends say he was a smoke he and suspect it may have been accidental. >> considering there were
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working smoke alarms in the home we believe they activated. the occupant was up able to get outside in time. >> derosa faeming of two six grandchildren was reg at la kas adele plasi a social club open the block. >> i'm very upset. last year we did a lot together when his family was away down the shore. >> what will you remember the note about joey? >> you know him coming out in the morning with that cigarette smiling and cracking jokes and stuff. you know? he was a fun guy. >> he was a crazy guy in own way and fun guy to be with. and he's like a brother. i never had a brother. he's the closest i ever had to a brother. >> again tonight the fire is under investigation. funeral arrangements for joseph joey derosa are pending tonight. we're live in south philadelphia, i'm dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> all right. dann thank you. in another section of south
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philadelphia tonight it is water causing missry. water could be seen gushing from a main break at 10th street between tasker and morris pavement caved i in and now that stretch is blocked until further notice. >> police camden are investigating the discovery of a first fetus at the camden county community recycling plant. it was spotted on the conveyor belt today. they will perform an autopsy tomorrow. we learned today that u.s. drone strikes this past january in pakistan inadvertently killed american and italian both hostages held by al qaeda. they said in the fog of war and fight against terrorism deadly miss days occur. "action news" monica malpass is live at the big board with the full story tonight monica. >> jim the president strategy of often using drones like this twoun target terrorists is
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questioned now tonight. intelligence showed the compound was freak entered by al qaeda leaders and did not indicates there was were any hostages inside. but obviously they were wrong. hostages warn whine strain of maryland and gee veeny la porteo was inside and died and the president was apoll getic for that mistake. >> since 911 our vevrts prevent add tacks and saved innocent lives. both here in america and around the world. and that determination to protect innocent life makes the loss of these two men especially painful or all of us. >> also killed in the strike two high ranking al qaeda representatives. there was no other way to capture terrorists and they're reviewing procedures to make sure the strike fell within the counter terrorism guidelines. there's 400 suspected drone
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strikes in the last 11 years using drones like this one and they also have killed al qaeda and taliban members as well. jim sdmrxt also killed in a separate strike in pakistan adam gadon the notorious american trader that became a spokesman for al qaeda he was only american citizen charged with tree son since world war 2er ra. still to come on "action news" tonight is it smart policy or nickel and dimeing. philadelphia city skouns now weighing whether to charge you pocket change every time you get a bag at checkout. and changing the channel. the biggest cable dealer in america seems to be on the verge of breaking up tonight. cecily. >> widespread freeze wrarngz posted tonight including parts of our region i'll have the latest near record colts setsling in. >> an action news hidden camera investigate uncovered in a case of shocking greed investigative reporter wendy saltzman joins us with the story.
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>> do you ever wonder what happens to the food you donate. we went undercover and cameras were rolling as paid employee at one local charity stopped with a truck full of canned food and other supplies. see what happens when we catch him red handd ducis rogers shows up and if the phillies can salvage one against the mar lips. that and more when "action news" continues tonight
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cox cast will abandon its bid to buy time warper cable. several reports say it's because of resistance from government regulators worried about one mega company controlling so much of the cable and internet market.
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philadelphia-based comcast is currently building a second, even taller skyscraper at 18 and arch center city 4,000 workers and made deals to buy language diagonally to that site 19 and arch. there is spec tlaition may be for third tower. nothing has yet ban announced. >> power could be back on at revel by tomorrow. new owner glen strawb struck a temporary deal with the you'lltyty. he's find 5,000 a day for the fwooingt weeks for safety violations. he'll pay acr energy for two mega twoots get the fire suppression systems running again. should you pay five cents every time you get disposable bag at the check in and out philadelphia. that's what would happen in one city councilman gets his way. councilman says it would cut down on litter. council projected outright banz in 2007 and 009.
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she was forces to wait more than five months. loretta lynch is confirmed as attorney general of the united states. she will be the first african-american feel to hold that job she'lling sworn in next week. senate vote 66 to 43 number of republicans voted against her because she refused to deannounce president obama executive agencies and i will legal imgrants. >> an action news investigation tonight is sxoing employee eyes at a local charity supposed to be feeding the hungry up stayed they were taking food for themselves. wendy saltzman daughter all on camera. she sxwroyps us tonight with an exclusive report. jim, we all know that food pantries are supposed to help the needy homeless, struggling family and little or no income. there was a tip that an employee bragged he had not bought grossyes for years.
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he was taking food rights out the charity backdoor. >> friday, march 20 when philadelphia area was hit with 8" of snow up in lansdale "action news" found this main street employee scott luke ins personally stocking up for the storm packing up his car not just once, not twice gut we watched as he walked out of the charity four times with bags. >> if he was there for the needy people he would not steal from them. >> working on a tip from this man asked not to be identified he watched him on five separate days. >> he kept doing and and doing it. >> mostly meats big item hams and pork chops. >> march 26 we waited as he arrived at work 1:45 in the afternoon empty handed and few yours later walked out with a sack full of stuff. again march 30 hidden cameras caught him leaving with bag in mandz and april it was big shopping day for scott after taking in donations off his
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truck he decided to take something for himself. he put a backpack into the back next to another plastic bag left there. he returns the second time and put a box in the truck bed and third time to put another bulk box of food up front. >> i think he puts himself above needy people. he was taking turkeys at thanksgiving time like they were free. >> our tipster says he complained to management and nothing happened. >> i witnessed families turned away with little children and i said i need to do something about it. >> wenessed on several occasions taking food out of the food pantry mean your truck you can tell me why that is. >> give me a minute. >> he had another bag tucked under his arm and quickly bolted back inside. hidden cameras discovered boxes of graham crackers and bulk box of juice and bags of canned noodz supposed to go to clients being ludeed by luke ins and with that hot on your heels he
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fled. >> he's trying to shove us and slanl the prizeer door shut. the cold hard proof. >> it's shrimp. >> this is what i say k you see. >> bags of shrimp three bags of slim. >> luke ins was not the only one we caught on camera ra. mana on main had this employee taking boxes and boxes and sodas and drinks confessed to stealing from the pantry. >> when we learned of the ips dents we did internal investigation. we took this seriously. >> mana on main straight executive director says lukins confessed and was terminated. they won't tell us what happened to the other employee but say they're building in safeguards to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> we'll be working with expert in inventory control and we know when he with doing a good job being good stewards of
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everything given to us. >> we asked manna on main street if they're taking criminal charges with employees and they refused to share that information with us. i contacted lukins again his reply was -- the metropolitan area neighborhood nutrition alliance based here in philadelphia. >> great report. you can be a tough lady when you want to be. >> when i need to be. >> thank you wendy -- from west philadelphia to chopper 6 no this is ground camera. this is the scene where a philadelphia police officer was shot in the thigh tonight. he's now in stable condition. at penn presbyterian. the trauma septemberer at penn presbyterian and a suspect who was also shot and taken to hahnemann university hospital. we don't know we know the
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officer is in stable condition and close call front for philadelphia police officer shot in the thigh during some kind of confrontation. we will learn more did that overnight. >> we'll have the latest on "action news" at 4:30 and as we know as we learn it, it will go rights to 6abc dom >> let's get the latest information from accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> jim, we have a cold night on the way. stormtracker 6 double scan said he'll take care of conditions down there and this is allowing temperatures to rally drop. 44 in philadelphia, millville 43. wilmington 4. allentown and reading down to 40. wind chills in the 30s right now. it's satellite 6 and action radar the reason loy pressure west of main upper level low is sitting there and this is what it spinning down that cold air straight from danica. overnight lows getting close to record cold.
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within two to three degreece 30. >> wind chills in the 20s and with winds you won't get frost developing but likely you'll have a killing freeze across our far northwest suburbs. freeze warns in effect and northern bucks county all areas north and west and they dropped temperatures below treating and govern up your manslaughter if you have them and bring them interested in. this is not the lasts of it. very close to philadelphia tomorrow night except for philadelphia and delaware county, cape may county and state of delaware these likely will become freeze warnings tomorrow as emtemperatures drop below 32 sgai morning so. tomorrow morning we'll wake one wind chills in the 0s and it will be a cool day. high 55. partly sunny keep winds out of the north west, 10 miles an hour and saturday this high pressure
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moving east and sunny start to the day increasing high clouds and not as chilly, 6 0. saturday nights through first half of day on surprised i'm track low pressure. it difficulties south of philadelphia so others south ever city could have showers saturday night to sundays morning depending open the track of that low so the exclusive accuweather 7 someday forecast, it stays wundy and cold tomorrow. not quite as cold adds today and still a chill. 55 dpe degrees. 689 normal time this time of year. surprise high, thin clouds of six a high when speaking mostly cloudy temperatures turn milder, 6 of 6 degrees. and wednesday and thursday finally more seasonable. temperatures up to the advertisement of 60 degrees. >> don't want to forget the
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winter coat. >> just as you began we heard from 34r50es that a second suspect has been arrested in the shooting of a philadelphia police officer tonight. swup at hahnemann university hospital with gun shot wound and second suspect is in police custody and "action news" continues in a
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>> philadelphia deputy commissioner richard ross is talking to media. but we'll listen in. let me bring up to date this was narcoticices investigation
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tonight and police officer daniel costic member of the bike patrol is officer shot in the thigh. let's listen in. >> anything else? >> thank you sgloch take care. >> thanks. >> well, we were a little late to this game. but he is from the 19th district it daniel costic. he is a member of the bike patrol. as you can see deputy commissioner richard ross walking a way from reporters who are at the scene at the hospital. he was certainly not somber but more than serious because yet another philadelphia police officer was gunned down tonight. but fortunately daniel costic is in stable condition. let's two to ducis rogers and latest word on phillies. >> not good right now jim phillies are struggling collection of 1 games represented a tenth ofen season. right now phillys are not a good
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baseball team. wrapping up with the marlins this afternoon at the park no score fourth inning. he smacked a two run single. he goes 4-4. 2-0 marlins. still a till he drives in four. sixth inning john carlos absolutely crushing this baseball. phillies lose 9-1 to fall to 5-11 on the year. >> to me the fundamentals of the game we're not doing very good right now and you know, when you're not doing well those are the things you have to do. it's going to keep you in the game maybe when you're game. >> still to come, we'll talk eagles and hear their mind-set heading into next week's nfl
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why are dwight evans, marian tasco and so many other leaders backing jim kenney for mayor? because jim kenney's the one they trust. jim kenney's the one with a real record of standing up for public schools and he'll bring philadelphia together.
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it's kenney who will expand pre-kindergarten... and partner with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs. so join leaders we trust in supporting jim kenney the block by block mayor philadelphia needs.
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>> a week ebb before nfl draft and eagles offer insight to their approach. vice-president of player personnel ed man visits asked how franchise was able to move up getting special player versus leaving book bear. >> the more opportunities you have to get great players and if there's a great player up there it makes sense from come pen tition perspective we'll look at those avenues as well. but you know philosophically we have eight picks now and want to make eight picks or more not less. >> we will be all over the draft. next thursday and friday, we'll bring you draft specials, jamie jeff and i will breakdown when the eagles don't do and to do. >> villanova knows a thing or two about relays. >> that's sports. >> thank you ducis.
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>> philadelphia police corrected an earlier report. police officer daniel costic was shot in the arm not leg as first reported. he's in stable condition. >> some young ladies in south philadelphia had very special dates this evening and this is police athletic league third annual father daughter dance. nearly 100 girls and dads or father figures danced the night away at swan caterers. tonight's event all for the participant of pals, positive images mentoring program. snimy kimle live followed by "nightline". "action news" con didn't at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. and now for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner goodnight
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>> dicky: from hollywood it is "jimmy kimmel live." from scandal, guillermo diaz and kevin james plus music from earth, wind and fire in eaching chicago. with cleto and the cletones and now, as always here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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