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tv   Action News 11 PM  ABC  April 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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nepal. a community remembers a promising young man shot and killed on the streets of camden, next up on "action news". the life of a promising young man is cut short by a gunman's bullet on the street of camden, at school, on and
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off the football field, he is being remembered as amen for and leader and after his final moments you can add the word hero. saturday night i'm walter perez. the big story on "action news" is a community in mourning after the murder of a promising young football player. eighteen year-old jameer bullard was gunned down earlier this morning. bullard was a young man who made quite an impact on and off the field during his life and ended in yet another act of senseless violence. "action news" reporter kenneth moton joins us live from camden with the full story kenneth. >> reporter: walter, we spoke with jameer bullard's distraught family and former coach who called him a hard working student athlete. tonight camden county police have given us few details about the murder of this high school football stand out. camden teenager jameer bullard wanted more. he was fight to go get it using academics and the football field. but that was all taken away on this block where he was shot and killed i loved him to
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death. i don't know why they did this to him. >> reporter: camden county police a gunman opened fire on the 200 block of mechanics street around 12:30 a.m. saturday. jameer was walking with this 16 year-old friend whom we are not identifying for his protection. he said jameer yelled run and then push him to safety. the 18 year-old didn't know he was hit until he collapsed. >> he saved my life. that is my hero. i cannot thank him enough, because if it wasn't for him i could have got shot too. >> reporter: one street over saturday afternoon jameer's mother father and family mourned loss of the wood row wilson high football star. linebacker and running back who had dozens of college offers including one from temple university. >> they wanted me to tart playing football. he was more than my big brother but he was my best friend. my right-hand man. we were in it together. >> growing up where he grew up at and being around certain situations at certain times you know, certain things and all that but he was a
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definitely a good kid. >> reporter: jameer's father did not want to show his face because his son's killer is on the loose. a gunman who was just weeks from graduation and planned to change the lives of his family. saturday night loved ones place aid memorial where jameer was shot. >> he was family. he was worried about his family man. this came unexpect, man. we didn't expect this man. >> reporter: police have not released information on the suspect but we know they are trying to figure out a motive for this shooting. anyone with tips should give them a call n a statement tonight the superintendent of camden schools, called the killing, tragic and says the district is closely supporting students, staff and family during this difficult time, walter. reporting live from camden tonight, kenneth moton for channel six "action news". >> kenneth, thank you. four people were shot and wounded tonight in trenton. it happened around 6:00 at unit block of wood street. details are still coming into "action news" but we do know
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that all of the victims were taken to local hospitals for treatment, and there is no word just yet on the extent of those injuries, or if any arrests have been made. overseas now and frame tongue search for survivors after after massive earthquake in nepal. 1800 people have been confirmed dead and that number is speak he can to continue to rise. quake measure 7.8 on the richter scale and strong enough to be felt across parts of the india bangladesh, tibet and pakistan, impacting millions of people. it is believed to be the worst earthquake in nepal in 80 years. u.s. has released a million-dollar so far for humanitarian assistance and send nothing urban search, rescue team to some help look for possible survivors. we will have much more on "action news" at 11:30. four students from muhlenburg college from allentown who were studying were uninjury. three students were in katmandu the capitol at the time but fourth had traveled to india on assignment. they are spending the spring in semester in asia as part of the program with the school of
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international training, and studying tibetan and himalayan culture. school officials say they were able to get information about their students, quickly considering the the situation. >> we were in creek contact not only by e-mail but also with one of the representatives that is on stateside, that we were able to have a conversation over the phone and then, of course, one of the mothers already face timed with her son in india. >> no word tonight when they plan on coming home. an 18 year-old man has been arrested in connection with an attack at the spring garden septa station this week. andre bodiak is facing a string have of charges including carrying an unlicensed firearm, simple assault and disorderly conduct. the massive brawl broke out tuesday after school, nobody was injury, but more arrests are expect. and police in philadelphia have arrested three people in connection with this vicious beating at a gas station in olney back on april 7th. the the three of been charged as juveniles with attempted
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murder and aggravate add assault. surveillance video shows seven people from the minivan and relentlessly pummel a 51 year-old homeless man with the fist feet, piece of wood and hammer 36789 women are in custody. two people have been charged with abducting an 86 year-old millville veteran and his girlfriend in southwest philadelphia couple was forced in the car thursday morning. investigators say kidnappers forced the couple to rent cars and open up a debit card account at a local victim names. investigators believe they intended to use card and debittard for criminal activity. they were released uninjured. suspects are 23 and 25 years old. police say that more arrests are expect. well family and friend dedicated a new mural in honor of the mother and three children killed in the tragic crash last year. "action news" reporter ann mccormack has store friday philadelphia's tioga neighborhood. >> we are just celebrating
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their life, their legacy what they set out to do before the tragedy hit. >> reporter: for past year there was nothing beautiful about the corner of germantown and allegheny streets in tioga until today. the last july, this was the scene when a carjacked vehicle slammed in the fright stand run by siblings 15 year-old key ara williams, nine year-old joseph reid and seven year-old terence moore and their mother keisha williams. the family was trying to raise money to build a play ground. today family and friend played in the very spot, where the city create a i mural in their honor. >> my cousin, doing something to help the community, we wanted to continue on their legacy. >> on behalf of everyone at mural arts i want to pay our respect to the williams, reid and moore families. we are honored and humled to create this mural as a service to you and the entire community. >> reporter: in addition to the july 21st tragedy the city honored murder victim michael kevin williams, also killed in the same lot a year before. the city of philadelphia mural
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arts program created the loving memories mural projects. the memorial project was designed by amber art and design with family and community input and painted by youth violence reduction partnership members. family members prayed, and sang on sat take and tell thaws they are hoping that thinks all a place they can go to to remember the loved ones lost in this spot. >> doing this project we will keep a little piece of our family members with us. >> reporter: in tioga annie mccormack for channel six "action news". moving on to local politics. candidates that want to be philadelphia's next mayor gathered for another forum 56789 candidates spoke at the the temple university, about how they will move the city toward and more sustainable economy this event was connected to the sustainable business network policy platform. that organization says that they are committed to building a green, thriving economy for the greater philadelphia area. it it was a big reunion for dozens of people in montgomery county.
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southeastern chapter of the big brothers, big sisters held its first ever alumni reunion in lafayette hill. it is in honor of this years 100 anniversary. this reunited more than 200 business and littles. the two pairs were recognized for maintaining a relationship for more than 40 years now. officials formally announced launch of the the new alumni association. a very special little girl was granted a big honor today at temple university but those who were there say the honor was their. four year-old lea still flipped the coin for temple's annual cherry and white spring football game. lea is the the daughter of the cincinnati bengal devon still. lea is in remission after treatment for stage four neuroblastoma a she spent most of the past year at children's hospital of philadelphia while she was under going treatment her dad who is a native of delaware, needed a place to practice and work out and temple stepped right up. so today lea showed the players how it is done breaking for daylight but her favorite part so far was.
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>> cheering with the cheerleaders. >> she wants to be a cheerleader bad. i don't have to worry about her trying to play football good she is just too much. >> in may lea is scheduled for a stem cell procedure. players and coaches at temple say having lea around is an inspiration and reminder of true great and courage. much more to come on "action news" tonight hundreds of protesters flood the streets of baltimore demanding answer about how a man died in police custody. but first an amazing story of survival, two sisters survived two weeks stranded inside an suv stuck in the snow melissa. and walter, lots of cloud around tonight and we are tracking some showers mainly south of the city during the overnight the hours. we will let you know if that clears up for the is second half of the weekend. details coming up with the accu weather forecast. thank you, melissa. plus phillies take on the braves tonight at the bank. jeff skversky tells fuss they can pull off the win coming up in sports when "action news" comes right back.
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have a real story of survival tonight. two sisters went missing for almost two weeks in michigan were found on friday. leslie roy and in marie wright were on their way to visit some relatives when they got stuck in the upper peninsula with no cell phone services in that area, the sister survived on girl scout cookies and cheese puffs. yesterday a pilot noticed a reflection off their ford explorer.
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he landed nearby and found sisters, one clutching a bible. >> they were very cheerful, they were grateful, and i described them a as even almost in shock that it finally was happening. >> the two say they are just happy to be eating something other than snack food and melted snow. hundreds of people packed the streets of baltimore in the day long protest over the death of a man in police custody. as you can see demonstrators briefly clashed with police and smashed windows of the several patrol cars. they are demanding answers in the death of freddie gray who died earlier this month from a horrific spinal injury after being arrested. tense situation held up fans meanwhile at orioles game. protesters block an intersection at camden yard in baltimore for several hours and had a tense standoff with police in baltimore. investigators advised fans to stay inside after small groups
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of protesters turn violent. protesters cleared the intersection and fans were able to leave the stadium. in her first public remarks freddie gray's sisters asked protesters to please stop the violence. a family grieving is coming to you for help tonight. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighters report. >> the family of tyrone moss says he lived for his two kid. >> everything that he did, he did it for his kid. no matter what it is or was. >> reporter: on tuesday july 82,014th the barber stopped by a friend house in the 900 block of winter drive-in bristol township bucks county. >> and we don't know what happened after that. >> reporter: around 2:45 police were called to the scene for a shooting. moss was found dead inside the home. his friend was also shot, and died later at the hospital. >> if anyone knows anything, can they please, inform the
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police we want to catch whoever did this, to my nephew. >> reporter: citizens crime commission is administering a $5,000 reward for at rest and conviction of the person responsible. all you need to does call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> it is just tearing our community apart not knowing who did this. >> reporter: for crime fighters i'm rick williams for channel six "action news".
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children and a adults dressed as their favorite
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story book characters at the police touch museum. action cam was on the scene there in fairmount parkas guests were transported to enchanted village is a and make believe land for the story book ball. our very own sarah bloomquist was on hand reading stories dressed as cinderella a's wick stepmother. it benefits the literacy program. >> czar ace not wicked she's more like glennda got witch. >> time for the accu weather forecast. >> it will be chilly again tomorrow walter but we are tracking, some showers. the she's a sweet person. >> i agree. i will just not touch it. >> storm tracker six live double scan radar you can see we've got some showers mainly across some south jersey and delaware. we will go in tighter on street level and storm tracker six live double scan, and you can see that we have some light rainfall there in fortecue and cape may and into area have of dell was wear
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smyrna dover milford, and lewis. we will track moisture, that will, continue as we go throughout the rest of the overnight hours. the and we do have some, gradual clearing for second half of our weekend. this is sky six live in hd as we are's giving you a shot from temple university, we're looking at center city sky line. and you can see we've got a in mostly cloudy sky overhead, especially with this moisture that is mainly south of philadelphia. and outside today, we have got very chilly. high temperature today only at 58 degrees. 67 degrees is average for this time of the year. once again tomorrow, we will be below average. it is 50 currently in philadelphia. forty-nine in trenton. forty-one in the poconos. forty-eight in sea isle city. 46 degrees in dover. and here's satellite six with action radar. lots of cloud moving in across the the region. there is that disturbance that is really curbing to the south of philadelphia, it is a system heavy if not moderate rain across washington d.c. richmond virginia. and a lot of this moisture
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will stay suppressed to our south with the exception of the extreme south jersey and extreme delaware. something to keep in mind, however as we go throughout the overnight hours. is there a frost advisory that has been posted a at 3:00 in the morning right through 8:00a m on sunday for lehigh northampton and upper bucks counties. temperatures during the overnight hours for these blue shaded counties here will drop down in the middle 30's. so good idea to protect any sensitive vegetation you have outdoors. here's the setup for our sunday. that area of low pressure that disturbance that is drape to the south of us, it is moved off shore by tomorrow morning. so, showers to the south a and then breaking for clouds, and then some sunshine by the afternoon. high temperature in philadelphia, only coming in at 60 degrees. and call from accu weather for rest of the tonight turning cloudy we're tracking that moisture mainly south of the city, 45 in philadelphia, for the overnight low and 36 degrees, in the the suburbs . and here's the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. cloud with sunshine for sunday. high temperature up to 60 degrees.
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a few scattered showers around, on monday, and at 63. and then, tuesday sunny and windy, in at 65. it is a touch milder by wednesday, and then at 69 degrees. thursday, some showers are possible, in the at 66 degrees. friday sunshine and cloud and 65. and clouds and some sunshine, as we get into the start of the next saturday, with the philadelphia union at home then and then a high temperature of 68. so not bad tomorrow but still below average at least we will be dry for the majority of the day. >> thank you melissa. normally, this is when we bring you winning power ball numbers but because of the technical reason those numbers have have in the yet been drawn. sorry about that. as soon as numbers are drawn we will let you know. so up next jeff skversky find out if eagles quarterback mark sanchez is worried about the flood of big name quarterbacks new on the bird roster.
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well, today was great day to get outside and watch lacrosse. dozen of teams competed in the 15th annual katie sam on festival right there at radnor high school. katie is a radnor graduate who went to play at middle bring college. team won a national championship in 1999 but following winter, katie suffered a spinal cord injury while sledding and now is quadriplegic. she plays wheelchair sports now all as a organization has raised 1.6 million-dollar.
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that money goes toward research and programs to help individual with spinal cord injuries. time for a check of sports. jeff skversky there and phillies giving us one more reason to look forward to football. >> let's go, let's play some football. baseball is tough to talk about. phillies have been anything but a hit. half of their every day line up hitting under 200 including chase utley carlos ruiz, ben reveer and ryan hour. phillies have gone cold turkey at the plate. the tonight trying to carve up the braves. bottom of the fourth, what is this? what is this. ryan howard, two run shots. phillies take a two to nothing lead. david buchanan, no hit ball in the fifth. he gets defensive help as well. freddie galvis. and their best hitter and best fielder. what a play to end the sixth. wow. he was shaken up on the the play but he stays in the game. galvis doesn't come close to getting that glove on this thing. the in the seventh simmons with the solo shot off
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buchanan have the braves on the board. down by one. buchanan out in come james diekman. he cannot get them out of the seventh. chris johnson with the rbi single. we are tied at two. buchanan 13 straight start now without a w. next batter eric young junior, down the left field line. rbi double. they give up the the lead. they never get it back. phillies lose five-two. they dropped ten of 13. buchanan has not won since last august is beating himself up. >> what happened there was it is just unacceptable. i have to figure out what that does and what it is, you have to do to throw strikes that much and then that cannot happen. that is just not really explainable. >> tough loss. that is quarterback mark sanchez advice to anxious eagles fans worried about next season. it sound like sanchez is taking his own advice when it comes to whether he will play
11:28 pm
over sam bradford or tim tebow. >> let's roll. i feel like i was excited with nick being here, to compete against nick and some ways i feel like, it is really an advantage having the system, under my belt i just got to continue to separate myself and then establish myself as a starter and i will do that. well, what in the world will chip kelly a and eag dolls in thursday's draft? we are just days away. will marcus mariota be an eagle. find out with our "action news" sports special draft break down thursday and friday at 11:30. the at least for now eagles pick 20th in the first round, for now. still to come in sports, what are a pair of 90 year-old doing at penn relays today. wait until you see this race coming up next.
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