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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  April 29, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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wednesday afternoon and i'm brian taff. the big story is the sickening situation that left dozens of people feeling ill in hammonton, sara bloomquist is live on the scene. >> reporter: brian and shirleen these are the administrative offices for a health care company called home solutions as you know it's warm today and it's believed that the a.c.c. system may have kicked on and million functioned. the odor made people feel sick and eight were taken to the hop to be checked out. emergency crews were called to the health care solutions at noon. >> around lunch time people didn't feel well, either nauseous or headachy or that kind of thing. paramedics assessed 32 people on
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the scene and eight went to hospitals for other observation and to were lifted to hospitals on a helicopter. >> because of seriousness of that nature any serious respiratory injuries are taken to a trauma center. county management and hazmat units started looking for the cause of odor. it is believed to be in theduct work caused by a malfunction. >> maybe a refrigerant or something possibly from the hvac system. >> now this company manufacturers and ministers eight iv therapies but no medical products or chemicals are stored here. the company will work to figure
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out the source of the odor and clean out the airducts if needed. there are no readings in the building for several hours now. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we have breaking news just into us here, chopper 6 hd over the merge between route 40 and route 322 eastbound at hamilton, according to police a tractor trailer struck a pole and took down the wires in this area but the occupant of that tractor trailer got up and fled the scene so police are there trying to talk to witnesses trying to figure out where that person went to. police are trying to track that driver down and you are asked to call hamilton police all eastbound lanes of route 322 will shut down right now and police expect this to take sometime at least five hours to get this scene cleaned upright now, several traffic lights in
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the area without power and some local power outages south of this accident scene right now we'll keep you posted on this breaking news from hamilton township, new jersey today. police are still looking for the person that shot two women as they walked on a wilmington sidewalk. martise brown the mother of two has now died and the second woman remains hospitalized. police believe that they drove up and shot the victims a large crowd surrounded them as paramedics performed cpr but no no avail. >> you hit two innocent females. you didn't even get your target. >> police are hoping that one of cameras in the area captured images of the suspect's car. >> a chester county man is
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facing charges today after prosecutors say he took his own father out of care home and then let him die. edward o'brien is charged with theft and other crimes he was the caretaker for his father who died in 2013, investigations show he removed his father from a care home and let him die from neglect and that he took $30,000 from his father's bank account, the victim was a veteran and would have been eligible for free health care. eva pilgram will have more on this at 5:00. a simply stunning day full sunshine and a warm one as we get a check of the accuweather forecast. adam joseph is live at city avenue. we say this one is a winner. >> i think in everyone's book, sunshine and a light breeze and above normal temperatures, look at the mid-atlantic one of warmest spots in the eastern
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half of the country right now in philadelphia we are coming in at 76 degrees in new york city 77 and 76 in washington and richmond 75 and a whole lot cooler, buffalo and binghamton in the 50s and 60s there as we look at satellite and radar we are squeeze played to the south north and east. we are wedged in the sunshine this wednesday. changes come tomorrow sunshine and pleasant and low humidity 75 at 7:00, and even at 5:00 the temperature still at 72 looking ahead to the full accuweather forecast, it turns cloudier and cooler by the end of the week and the possibility of isolated showers but 80s are back in the seven-day forecast we'll let you know exactly when in the full accuweather forecast. i guess when i have to come back inside guys. >> get in here.
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>> thank you adam. thousands of police and national guardsmen continue to keep the peace in baltimore. major league baseball came back even though fans weren't allowed to see the game. >> reporter: things are getting closer to normal here in baltimore. >> he want to get people out there and going about their business, we think there is no question in my mind that the city is now safe. >> tourist spots like the national aquarium all reopened. the baltimore symphony held a free concert in downtown baltimore and after two consecutive canceled game the baltimore orioles were back in action. but this game made baseball history, it was closed to the public, the gates were locked no fans were allowed in.
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>> there is civil unrest going on in the city. the city wide curfew that went into effect last night was effective. >> we have 35 arrests, of those 34 were adults and one was a juvenile. >> it took time to clear out the street, police used smoke and flash bangs after protesters threw bottles and the show of force worked and the crowd thinned out and as they continue their cleanup efforts, they continue their pleas for calm and the focus should be on justice for freddie gray. we are looking for swift answers and swift justice in this city. >> oriole fans were not allowed at camden yards you the orioles were suppose to play a three game home series against tampa bay and all three games were moved to florida. karen travers, channel 6 "action news." a family in new jersey is looking for answers today after a 4-year-old boy was left alone
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on a school bus, it was several hours before anyone realized what happened. correspondent, nora muchanic is live in trenton. you spoke with that family today? >> reporter: i did indeed, no one knew the boy was left on the bus until he showed up on it late in the afternoon at pickup time and now his mom is asking for answers where he was all day and how this could possibly happen. >> his first words were i'm sorry it's all our fault. >> that is what a school bus driver told molly, after her son tiler was left on a bus for four hours. he never got off the bus. >> my son rides a small bus and there were only 10 to 12 kids on the bus, he had been on the bus for six hours he went to the bathroom on himself nothing to eat or drink and my son is
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asthmatic. >> he tried to get out of bus part of the delaware valley bus line fleet. the driver is identified as bill and the aide as denise. >> i was trying to open the door and i can't. >> you conopen the doors? >> no. >> did you yell for anyone? >> no. >> he was spotted by a teacher that had known he was not in school. >> they never called it in and never called the police. if his teacher had not noticed him on the bus would they have dropped him off and made like he was in school all day. >> managers there would not comment or confirm that the two were terminated. trenton police are investigating the incident and parents are appalled that the preschooler was left on the bus for the
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entire day. >> you should check the bus before you get off. >> the district takes safety seriously and they clearly put the child in jeopardy they praised how the teacher and principal handled the situation and now she wants her son on a new bus route with a different company. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. from our delaware newsroom, a small fire forced high school students out of their classrooms today and this came on an already trying day chopper 6 hd was over delcastle high school as students gathered outside the spokesperson said it started in the locker room of the carpentry area, but students where are doing state testing and making up s.a.t.'s at the time. seniors were getting their caps and gowns and nobody was injured here. >> time for the "action news" traffic report on a thursday
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afternoon. matt pellman is live now with an update for us. >> the drive home will test our patience and we are looking at the normal delays this afternoon one here on the roosevelt boulevard, the northbound side backing up on the schuylkill up to broad street, just normal afternoon stuff here. on the big picture, slow speeds in the normal spots and a crash in lower marion and cherry lane and a pair of them in lower moreland county and one along welsh road at huntington pike and an accident at camden county at independence boulevard. and an accident involving the tractor trailer that mowed down the pole and wires in hamilton township atlantic county, the crash happened on the ramp from 40 to the east side of the black horse pike, 322, the ramp from mays landing out of a.c.
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remains blocked as does 322 itself. a short chunk and that will cause problems at wrangleboro road and if you head towards the shore use the expressway and the white horse pike instead of 322 lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon, we are talking about more potholes, one on north 63rd street with normal slow speed as long city avenue. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. iron man captain america thor the hulk all coming back to the big screen in a big way with new justice fighters on their team and a new villain, i had a chance to sit down with the whole cast in los angeles, and they say it's not just bigger, but deeper action packed
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and packed with heart humanity and humaner. >> i will save the world. >> i don't think any of us really expected how huge the first one would be so it can tim date you a bit. >> when you catch up with the avengers this time around it's like hanging out with old buddies with a few more super powers. >> the first film was like high school and this is like a high school reunion. >> they are not just fighting for justice, they are down right funny. >> i have been seen the film yet. >> i did you are funny. >> really funny. i laughed. >> how do you make it relatable, humor may prove a laugh.
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and when we are flying on the screen larger than life. even the villain ultron has ultra hilarious moments. >> i love that you are an ultra funny villain. >> that is what i loved about it. >> there is heart. super sized. >> the first avengers romance. >> nothing lasts forever. >> nobody at marvel ever said boo. we won't spoil which super heroes find a love connection. here is a sneak peek. >> it's a good love story. >> it is because the characters seem unlikely on the outside but they are two people that have an understanding of each other. >> it's a deep film about humanity. >> at what point do we become
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monsters or does power make us something less? >> so you have a love story and you have longing and loss and big fight sequences and it has a pace and a heartbeat. >> avengers age of ultron opens friday. super fans had super questions for the superheroes and i asked and you asked and they answered. you have to be here to hear them straight from the cast in los angeles, very exciting. >> you got to meet the avengers pretty sweet. >> pretty super. five candidates for philadelphia mayor gave their thoughts on creating jobs, including republican, marissa marie bailey and lynn abraham and and any williams. they talking about ways to
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develop philadelphia's workforce, the and non-profit host that breakfast forum. >> the power is back on at revel casino in atlantic city after three weeks in the dark. new owner said that the electricity turned back on yesterday under a to week deal with a utility company and straub needs to work out a long-term deal and is not sure when revel will reopen it won't be ready by memorial day and is hopeful that part of it can reopen during the summer. >> to business now taking a look at the closing numbers on wall street the dow jones tanking 74 points and the ncaa back 31 points s&p 500 losing close to 8 points on the day. the u.s. justice department seeking criminal charges over lumber liquidators. they found that they were
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bringing in laminate flooring from china, that had high levels of formaldehyde. they posted a loss for the first quarter this year. it's a troubleshooters case that is sure to get people talking about what is fair when it comes to company policies. >> this traumatic accident prevented a local woman from jetting to florida for a family vacation. >> i thank god i am here. >> this local mom always lost her life but the airline won't let her use her tickets for a later date, find out why. an "action news" troubleshooters case with an ending you may not expect. well, today you may have noticed people out walking during their lunch break near center city, not because it's so nice out but this is national walk at lunch day rittenhouse
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square and blue cross but shield hosted this the point is to show people that it is easy to fit regular exercise into their otherwise busy schedules and lifestyles. get out there and get walking. >> perfect timing on their part. >> give people a reason. you don't need a reason. now more on the exclusive accuweather forecast. a one day hiccup in our otherwise nice stretch of weather. >> it comes at the end of the week and before the weekend and we'll get it over with before your saturday and sunday as we take a live look sky 6 hd in cape may new jersey the only three we can see is the seagulls, a couple of sitting basking in the sunshine and the waters are relatively calm the temperatures show its a beautiful day to take a stroll at the boardwalk and get your
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feet in the sand, sea isle city and the same for the boardwalk and 76 for philadelphia and north and west and allentown we are coming in at 76 degrees. thinking about warmth and sunshine and what is just around the corner a bunch of holidays. memorial day 26 stays from today, summer begins 53 days from now and the fourth of july is two months away and the heat of the summer and humidity is just around the corner as we look at satellite and radar low pressure and energy heading away from charlotte to raleigh, and cape hatteras and that system we say will remain to the south. and energy to the north. it will give you showers at the end of the week. 48 in allentown 54 in philadelphia and cape may 52 degrees as we look at future
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tracker tomorrow not as britd or sunny but patches of sunshine with the cloud cover and the winds switch out of the northeast and cooling the numbers down 60s at the shore and 69 in philadelphia and western suburbs near 70 degrees and the energy dives in frtd west on friday, the best day for cloud cover and cool temperatures and upper 50s to low 60s and even a couple of showers that will be isolated passing through by the end of the week. cooler on friday and 61 degrees and a lot of clouds and showers around and then we are winning here this weekend. saturday we come in at 69 degrees turning milder with sun and clouds and sunday it's sunny and warm and back up to 76 and similar to today and if you want it warmer than that, although summer doesn't begin for another 50 plus days, it will feel like
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it in the next week. we'll talk about that coming up. ppl park in chester is about to host the eagles but not the eagles are you thinking about. the u.s. rugby national team the eagles will play at ppl park in august and the team will take on thearrell quinns. it's the patchup of usa rugby. college students robbed at gun point, we'll vtd latest on that investigation. and a cargo ship spinning out of control on its way to the international space station.
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and big talkers, a family that when to court does taking your 11-year-old to a pink concert make you a bad mother.
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three temple university students were held at gun point during a home invasion one suspect forced his way into the house on north 15th street he forced the students to lay on the floor when a second man entered the home and demanded money and the students were forced to open a bedroom safe that had $5000 in cash and a quarter pound of marijuana. they took the money and drugs and took off. nobody was injured in this. people that work with the township got a special award today there was a ceremony to award them who helped them make several arrests.
4:26 pm
>> incredible joy in the midst of incredible tragedy, see new images of a baby and a deadly earthquake in nepal. >> we told you about the montgomery county father that got in trouble for taking his kids out of class this morning the dad talked to the principal about their unexcused abexception policy and coming up he talks to us.
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"action news" continues with alicia vitarelli shirleen allicot and brian taff. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with the reason that an ocean county judge was forced to answer this question, are you a bad parent if you take your 11-year-old child to a pink concert. >> and bud light is taking labels off its bottles, why some say that their new slogan endorsed date rape. >> and a man when from crawling to stealing in the matter of minutes. what this not so smooth criminal is accused of taking from a center city parking garage. first a followup to a story we brought you yesterday. 24 hours ago we told you about mike rossi a runner and dad of twins that accidentsly sparked a huge parenting debate by posting a letter to his school on facebook, after his kids were
4:30 pm
slapped with three unexcused absences for traveling to watch him run the boston marathon well rossi sat down with the school's principal and then our own walter perez. you have the story today. >> reporter: well, rossi said the meeting did not change anything and both sides spoke their piece and the facebook post developed into a national debate. >> i don't regret it and would i do it again in a heartbeat mike rossi is talking about pulling his kids from school for three days. so his kids would see him run the boston marathon. >> he went to where the boston tea party was and the freedom trail, we tried to make it educational as well. even though he notified the school of the plan, abington district officials sent him this letter letting him know that
4:31 pm
they were unexcused absences. he found the letter offensive. . 4r6sh8g9sdsed ltsds so as many people do he took his gripes to social media and said the policies are silly and said our kids had a once in a lifetime experience, not one that can be found in a classroom or resident in a book. it went viral and has the rossis fieldsing interview requests august over the country. >> i believe it is our job as parent to make sure our children under the importance of rules and rules should be followed and consequences for breaking it's rules. >> some parents in abington agree with the school's decision but many say that they agree with the rossis.
4:32 pm
>> have you to break the rules sometimes and think outs side of things we don't learn in school. >> give parents a lot of credit i think they know their clirn children so i think it's parents had something positive to give to their children. >> now rossi also stressed to us, he loves the school and the principal and that his only regret were some of the cruel comments coming to the school and principal he says that was never ever his intention. >> thank you. of course we are following this story closely since it was posted on our "action news" facebook page, we'll continue to update it on, that is also where you can read the entire response from the abington school district and rossi's original letter. it appears the northeast philadelphia man accused of murdering his wife last summer is prepared to plead guilty.
4:33 pm
murray's attorney says his client will enter the plea during a pretrial hearing next month. he reported his wife connie missing last august but when her bodiesy shows up in pennypack park he confessed to strangling her. one temple football players accused of beating another student is now cleared. they were charged with several felonies back in january. but today all charges again reddick were dropped due to a lack of evidence and dawkins were reduced to misdemeanors and he is held for trial. they were arrested for allegedly kicking another man in the face for an off campus party fracturing his orbital bone. and a woman admits to collecting benefits for her dead daughter she plead guilty to all charges and concealed her
4:34 pm
3-year-old's death to continue receiving federal assistance, the payments were sent to her house on lloyd street in south philadelphia. she defrauded the government out of $26,000. now the video emerged of the avalanche on mount everest, after the earthquake in nepal. 19 people died and the massive wall of snow knocked the tents over and buried the victims. to american climbers were among those that died there. all the survivors have been air-lifted to safety. >> and there was cause for celebration today as rescuers pulled a 4-month-old baby from beneath the rubble in katmandu the child who is alive was trapped there for at least 22 hours, the army initially left the baby thinking it
4:35 pm
survived. >> and a california family finally got in touch with their 21-year-old son, he was on mown everest, and this is how they reacted when they learned he was alive. >> oh! spencer dickinson was on a trek across asia and had not spoken to the family before the massive quake struck. so many families getting that word today and all too many families getting the opposite news. now to the accuweather forecast, back here at home. >> pretty quiet here and sunny and warm and changes coming at the end of the week but we'll take it now. sky 6 hd on our center city camera, the dew point is nice and low and it's really dry air, not humid with the northwesterly winds at 12 miles per hour and atlantic city we are looking southbound towards ventnor and
4:36 pm
margate just a few puffy cumulous clouds and today 70s with the wind coming off the land and not coming in off the water that is very chilly at 54 degrees if we take a look at the temperature the warmest air is in the mid-atlantic right now, mid to upper 70s and you can see a cold front has slipped through boston and burlington vermont and boston right now 48 degrees with the wind off the water, the temperatures will tumble some over the next couple of days. we'll talk about how cool they will get. any shower threat for the end of the week and summer-like warmth in the seven-day forecast guys. something for everyone. >> thanks adam. philadelphia police want your help tracking down an alleged auto thief who thought he could out smart surveillance cameras, he was crawling through the parking garage early sunday morning once he made it past the parking attendant's booth and
4:37 pm
then he made off with not one but two vehicles. septa officials are hoping to make its public transportation better for everyone with a major push for safety. rick williams is live in the newsroom with more on this. hi rick. >> hi shirleen hundreds of volunteers met septa riders handing out safety pamphlets this is the third year for the safety aware and event and this year is respect the train. and coming up tonight at 5:00, find out the kind of behavior septa says poses the most risk to its ridesrs and mothers milk is said to help diseases and now they applied that to a new medical break through. ali gorman will talk about that in health check. until then back to the studio.
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>> see you shortly rick. newcastle county police are adding some four-legged rookies to their team. champ, nitro and axe will join the squad this coming july, each has a specific job. champ and nitro will sniff out drugs and axe will specialize in bomb detention. they started their training in january and they will complete the program with practical exercises throughout the next few months. and then you'll see them out on the streets. still ahead pop music and parenting in ocean county, a judge decided if a local woman's choice to take her 11-year-old to a pink concert made her a bad mom. >> and budweiser accused of promoting rape culture with its new slogan. and you won't want to miss how an iraqi cellist created
4:39 pm
something beautiful in the wake of something ugly, terrorism.
4:40 pm
there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
4:41 pm
nasa officials are trying to figure out how to get supplies to the crew of the international space station, this is why the view from the russian cargo capsule spinning out of control after an and begin exploded. it was carrying 3 tons of food and supplies to astronauts including three americans the cargo ship's failure makes the next supply critical. the last second warning from a police dispatcher saved a family from disaster on the side of a houston highway. >> be advised we have a possible
4:42 pm
dui coming into your situation. >> they were stopped on the shoulder while an out of control car was careening toward them and they spotted the vehicle on traffic cameras and realized it was on a collision course they radioed the tow driver who did not hesitate and pushed the family out of the way just before impact. >> it looks like you are on a railroad and the train is coming at you and there is nowhere to go. several tense seconded while the dispatchers waited to see that everyone was alive. a big about face buy an hizer bush for a slogan that critics are calling a big no no. here is the slogan found on bottles that is taking social media by storm.
4:43 pm
it says, the perfect beer for removing "no" from your vocabulary for the night. twitter was on fire with people slamming budweiser for them condoning sexual assault and date rape. it's part of their up for whatever campaign. it featured 140 messages on bottles and admitted this one missed the mark and the company regrets it and its pulling those bottles from the shelves. it's a big parenting question that made it all the way to a judge for a decision in ocean county. does taking your 11-year-old to a pink concert make you a bad parent. one father was so angry he took mom to court. dad felt mom abused her parental discretion. >> so how did lawrence jones rule, he cited with mom while
4:44 pm
pink has some suggestive moves and lyrics she is an artist whose work is not necessarily inappropriate for preteens and finally the sound of bombs going off in baghdad, a sad dangerous reality. after a car bomb lit up the skies killing 20 people in its path another sound followed one far more powerful. along with the sounds of sirens there people picking up the wreckage as well. iraqi simnonist walked into the blast center and pulled out his cello, when things are abnormal and so insane we have to be dedicated to making life
4:45 pm
sustained. a beautiful and potent moment there. >> it certainly is makes me think of baltimore with the arc extra playing this we'll get through it thank you alicia. lets get another check of the roads right now. matt pellman is here season thursday the last time i talked to you is it hump day? >> thursday would be fine with me if you have clout to move this along. >> apparently i don't. >> wish the traffic was moving quicker as well. here on the vine street stacking approaching the schuylkill expressway and eastbound is slow farther east from broad street to 95 and eastbound is where we have the overnight construction tonight coming off the schuylkill and expect the re restrictions at 10:00. better news in lower providence, early this morning they reopen
4:46 pm
the south park avenue after it was closed for the last couple of days. back in business there normal westbound slowing is starting on 422 and then you get out on 724 it's partially blocked because of a crash and word from penndot today starting next friday they will close the ramp from 724 to the eastbound side of 422 for a couple of years while they rebuild the interchange get ready next friday it shuts down eastbound side approaching cooper landing road taking out the right lane and hamilton township, the earlier truck accident mowed down wires, we are without 40 eastbound stick with 30 eastbound instead. we'll have more coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> they are still looking for the driver that fled the scene there. meteorologist, adam joseph is back with the exclusive
4:47 pm
accuweather seven-day forecast.
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4:49 pm
all right we are inking toward the weekend and it's going to be a good one. >> we are halfway there. >> tomorrow clouds build and then friday is a cool, cloudy day with a couple of showers but wait until the weekend arrives. we'll turn the corner pretty quickly, look sky 6 hd live over philadelphia international airport no weather woes today in the mid-atlantic. double scan live radar shows and confirms no precipitation area wide and that should be the case through most of the day tomorrow as well. >> north and west quakertown
4:50 pm
saint davids and kennett square and the high country tannersville coming in at 72 degrees, to the south and east the wind is coming in off the land where you don't have the sea breeze kicking in and 73 on the boardwalk in atlantic city, sea isle city and the same for stone harbor and the same for delaware in the mid-70s right now. as you look at the sky deeper cloud cover with the front blasting through and boston only 48 degrees right now as the system is gathering and guy and also precipitation off the carolinas and that will get a kick of energy at the end of the week to develop a storm off the coast and won't bother us all that much and a thunderstorm off the keys of florida, 5 inches of rain down there. locally at home, patchy clouds and seasonable and 54 for center
4:51 pm
city and the energy is the west and an isolate the shower and overall a mixture of clouds and sun and as the energy continues to dive down to the south a lot of clouds and a better chance for an hour or two and a high of just 61 degrees to end the week. the exclusive accuweather forecast, 70 poem and cooler here friday at 61 and the best chance for a shower or two and turning milder with the sun returning on saturday at 69 degrees and sunday for the broad street run a little mild at 58 degrees and by 11:00 quickly jumped into the upper 60s and it will be toasty as we rundown broad street but very light winds and a taste of summer monday and tuesday between 82 and 84 degrees a couple of thunderstorms tuesday afternoon
4:52 pm
and then not as warm on wednesday but above average and on tuesday you may sweat a little because the humidity may come up for the first time here as well. >> you going to run with me or leave me in the dust? >> i want to finish fast. >> poor brian. you need to know before you shop for a family car after the break.
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sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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if spring weather has you thinking about upgrading your wheels make sure it meets the needs of you and your families. here is a checklist. spring gives new life to the auto industry especially after a long winter and buying a family car can present different challenges kelly blue book managing editor kelly says start with safety ratings like those from the highway safety administration for used car shopping also review recall lists and then when headed to the showroom. >> take your child's safety seat with you and test for yourself to see how difficult that seat is to get in and out and even
4:56 pm
the booster seats too because the belts are hard to work around, for safe hi outside of the vehicle, there are so many systems available with blind spot detention you want a backup camera and sensors around the vehicle, those are in many cases can be life savers. an extra row of seating comes at the expense of store able space and notice the height of the lift gate and if the hatch can be opened hands free and look for rear seat entertainment options to get ready for the summer road trip and the rest of road ahead. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for alicia vitarelli and shirleen allicot, i'm brian taff. we are back tonight for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here is a look ahead at 5:00. >> thank you coming up next on
4:57 pm
"action news" at 5:00 tonight, a rapper movie and tv star set to perform at musikfest this summer. a big name coming to the festival. and why some say that the tattoos are keeping their apple device from working.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a chester county man is accuse of abusing his elderly father by abusing him in his home and leading to his death
5:00 pm
and officials say the motive may have been money. the latest on the arrest of a plan that was suppose to be caring for his father and now he is charged with his murder. eva pilgram is outside of the courthouse tonight. >> reporter: the man is accused of neglecting his own father who died in his care. edward o'brien iii is facing manslaughter and murder charges in the death of his father he is suppose to be caring for his father in his west white land township home. he did not supply acute medical care but any medical care. >> he had congestive heart failure and was suppose to be on medicine that he did not receive after moving in with his son in 2011, and 2013 he called 911 to report that his father had


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