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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  April 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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tough commute. lets get started though with sara bloomquist live at city hall. >> reporter: are starting to see the first signs of a crowd gathering together and people are milling about and the philadelphia police bike patrol is in the distance, this group is expected to be on the move through the city and organizers are calling for a peaceful gathering, calling for this event philly is baltimore. they want to show the problems in philadelphia and show solidarity with baltimore. they moved tables out of the way in preparation for the solidarity march for baltimore. >> everyone has the right to protest and demonstrate there is a lot going on in this country, we believe in the right to demonstrate as long as you do so
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peacefully. >> a group called coalition for economic or real justice. >> the people are organizing and i think it's important for people to organize and organize together there are problems in this country and we need to pull together as one and get the problems addressed. >> those gathers are expected to march and that is expected to cause considerable problems for commuters during the evening rush. >> it's unclear if they will go north and broad or south on broad or east on market. you should expect road closures and detours in center city. behinds are expected to attend this evening's rally. i'm sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> now to matt pellman in the traffic center with more on how to get around tonight's rally. >> reporter: so shirleen as sara
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just said we don't know exactly where they will go but like market and broad you'll expect detours and delays and stay several road as way from city hall some of the numbers streets fanning out from city hall. we expect detours from the septa bus routes that run through penn square and city hall. we expect the congestion caused by the demonstrations to spill back on to the vine street stacked up eastbound traffic. on the expressway, the westbound is starting to stack on the schuylkill expressway and we see the normal afternoon delays speeds like 13 miles per hour westbound by south street and a bad crash along 95 lets check it out live in the penndot camera you can see it here a
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couple of vehicles are involved and we are facing several delays in each direction the travel times are 20 minutes behind where they should be we are waiting for an ambulance on the scene and restrictions on 95 in the work zone, lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report and you can download the waze app for free and track the closures around city hall the gridlock already 7 miles per hour if you travel in that neck of the woods. >> lots to check on thanks matt. meanwhile today in baltimore police have finished their investigation in the case against freddie gray, they are outraged about the actions that led to po tests across the united states. >> about 300 members of the force here in pennsylvania are headed to baltimore to help keep
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the peace and here is one more look at center city, that rally is slated to start at 4:30, and it's unclear where they are headed and which direction they are going in as we track the rally throughout the afternoon. monsignor william lynn is back in prison this afternoon the 64-year-old was found guilty of child endangerment for how he handled complaints of sexual abuse in the catholic church he was on house arrest since 2014 pending appeals by the pennsylvania state court and yesterday the court reinstated his conviction and the judge revoked his bail and sent him back to jail. a mother was arrested after a camden county police officer spotted a screaming 4-month-old inside of a hot car the officer
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rescued the baby outside of the cvs at 5th and mickle there is glass left on the parking lot and the baby was sweating and crying when the officer pulled it from the car the mother has been charged with child endangerment. >> in delaware dover police are trying to find a gunman after a man in his 20s was shot to death near the pine grove apartments, it forced an elementary school to go into lockdown and the schools had to cancel all outdoor activities, this is on on going investigation and a search for the suspect is underway. >> updates as we get them at charges expected soon against an 18-year-old who police say hit and seriously injured a temple student in northeast philadelphia this after his own parents turned him
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in. david henry is live now with all the details. >> reporter: yes, he live just a couple of blocks off campus with his parents, she spent years here on campus just a week away from graduating and their lives collided here with tragic questionses for both. 22-year-old rachel hall remains in critical condition. her father says she was riding her bike home to study for finals, she was rundown by the driver of this car and witnesses say he stopped for a moment and sped off. police searched for the 18-year-old suspect throughout the night. >> sometime this morning, he came forward and cooperated. we are glad the son cooperated, the suspect's father called them when he realized his car might
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have been involved. when the suspect showed up he confessed. >> the young man had a permit, and he was afraid and panicked and left and he came clean today and gave us the details. >> rachel hall from mullica hills, is a goal keeper for the lacrosse team and a law and justice major and now lays in critical condition in the hospital with an uncertain future. there were two other suspects in the car at the time and they will not be charged. the suspect we are not releasing his name yet until he is formerly charged. live in philadelphia david henry channel 6 "action news." now to our first check of the accuweather forecast on a really beautiful afternoon. cecily tynan is in for adam at the big board. >> reporter: the last afternoon of april and sky 6 hd taking a
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look at the center city skyline showing nice conditions in philadelphia breezy and high thin clouds and 70s earlier this afternoon and temperatures dropping down into the 60s but there is one isolated cell across south jersey and one lightning strike associated with this and it started in millville and gradually migrated to the north and west and it is over salem county and moving into delaware over the next half hour the problem with this is that it's moving so slowly it has been dropping some heavy rain right around millville and northeastern cumberland county 1 to 2 inches of rain, a flood advisory what this mean fz are you driving, the roads are covered with water you do not want to drive through the flooded roads. a wider view on double scan live we have unsettled weather and upper level low through ohio and this joins up with the low
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pressure in the carolinas and that means we get the winds in the northeast and that makes a big difference in our temperatures. i'll have a look at that in the full accuweather forecast. >> we are just four hours and counting from the first round of the nfl draft the question on everyone's mind, will chip kelly manage to snag quarter back and oregon duck, marcus mariota. jaime apody is live. >> the key here is nobody know what's is in store for the eagles tonight, nobody except for chip kelly won you love to be inside of his head right now, i would. can they pull off a move for mariota, do they even want to? most likely draft picks this year and next year and maybe even the year after and current players too.
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you and i are not the only ones wondering what will happen tonight and being excited. mark sanchez wondering if he will get a quarterback tonight. >> you go in thinking one thing and it's a sure thing, you be disappointed or surprisingly excited. but who knows and that is fine it's only good for us i think. >> sanchez and malcolm jenkins spend the day delivering gift baskets that gives toys and games to sick children and they were at saint christopher's hospital for kids. you don't want to miss our "action news" sports special tonight, draft break down we'll tell you what happens, we can't wait to find out ourselves
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tonight after "action news" at 11:00. this is the place to be at the nova care complex, i'm heading in now to see if i can find anything out. i am not going to be told anything i'm sure. >> we know you'll get in there and ask the big questions and we want to know what you thought about the eagles first pick, do you think the eagles hope to draft marcus mariota and should they. >> he said i certainly hope we don't we could spend our money on defense and the offensive line. this from chad, yes mariota will thrive in kelly's offense, since nab, and get your man kelly. and rick had this simple message on twitter. yes #~ in chip we trust. you can use the #6abcaction or
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email us at, no short able of opinions on this one. >> is there ever a shortage of opinions when it comes to the eagles. >> not with our amazing fans. >> there is much more ahead today on "action news" at 4:00, another stunning story of survival in nepal. the boy and girl pulled days after the earthquake decimated the region. >> and heads up for credit card users, about their security measures that could mean trouble for your privacy. >> avengers super fans had questions for their super heroes and i took them straight to the star studded cast. coming up.
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[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. a 15-year-old boy was rescued from the rubble in nepal today nearly 6 days after a
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building collapsed on top of him. an american crew helped to dig him out and he thanked each and everyone as he whack taken to the hospital, the nepal army pulled this 11-year-old girl from beneath the house she was covered in dust but otherwise okay. >> those stories are providing a rare glimpser of hope as nepal tries to recover from that disasterer. the weather in the capital is behindering relief efforts where it is so badly needed. more than 5,000 are confirm the dead and that toll is expected to climb. >> vermont senator, bernie sanders announced is he running for president today. >> we are in this race to win. sanders served as an independent in congress for years but is he running as a democrat.
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sanders planning his first formal campaign event next month. here at the big board now don't shoot the message, the dow lost 195 points and the nasdaq tanking 82 and the s&p losing 21 points and because of that markets in the red for the year. tonight stores across the country are being encouraged to update their security and 90% of credit card readers are using the same password and has been used since 1990, that means the hackers can get ahold of the readers and the credit card information. and new planes may be headed to philadelphia international airport, american airlines are making preparations to fly its new plane the boeing 787 next week and the new dream liner will offer passengers something different, the windows can be
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darkened or lightened by pushing a button and each seat as an electrical plug to charge the phones and they are in the process of merging with u.s. air. now we need good wifi on those planes shirleen. >> that would be nice. former nfrl player and new jersey resident plaxico burress is indicted after not paying his taxes after his electronic payment did not go through, he had insufficient funds when he tried to make an e payment of $48,000 it's the same as if he passed a bad check. he faces up to five years in prison. tonight on "action news" at 11:00, protecting your money any time disaster strikes, people in our community open up their hearts and wallets to help but before you give to an online
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campaign or sites like go fund me, consumer reporter, nydia han has a warning. >> we don't wa to discourage people from giving but we want to make sure your hard earned money goes only to legitimate causes and making sure the cause is the real deal is tricky especially online. crowd funding has raised millions of dlarsz for all kinds of causes throughing a long list of legitimate local ones, but before you click to give beware of bogus campaigns. >> anybody can tell any story and there is no verification whatsoever. >> what you need to know to protect your money. a special consumer report tonight, tonight on channel 6 "action news" at 11:00. dance students got a taste of broadway today and more than 100 dancers for the school for performing arts performed the broadway musical kinky boots.
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they performed the show while donning their favorite boots and the cast was on hand to give them pointers. i like all the different boots i'm seeing some doc martins and all kinds of stuff. >> so beautiful and i felt like dancing, seriously smiles all around cecily tynan is tracking a one day change though in our forecast. >> yes exactly can you get away with the kinky sandals and tomorrow the kinky boots live-showing most of our region is rain free, there is one cell moving out of cumberland county and into salem county and this has been activated since 2:00 this afternoon six lightning strikes associated with that and you are probably hearing a rumble of thunder and it's right over salem county now and beginning to move across the delaware and as far as the rainfall amounts we are looking at heavy amounts of rain in
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millville and northeastern cumberland county under a flood advisory a half inch to inch and a half of rain, heavy downpours with this one cell and elsewhere we are looking dry and temperatures are beginning to cool off. an effortly flow is pulling in winds off the ocean and ocean temperature is 53 degrees, right around the beaches, it's 54 and 55 degrees philadelphia earlier this afternoon in the 70s, already dropped down to 75 degrees think lancaster the fartherest away from our viewing area is holding on to 70 and temperatures are dropping as we welcome the month of may. 2015 so far showing up a first three months we are well below normal and february 10 degrees below normal. february was brutally cold but april what a difference, temperatures running 1.3 degrees above normal. we are going out on the mild side of april but coming in on the cool side of may satellite
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6 along with action radar showing the reason why, see the spinning over the ohio valley the upper level low continues to drift to the south and east and then move offshore so we will not get a direct hit by the coastal storm but what we do with this circulation around the low it pulls in the colder air tonight the clouds increase and an isolate the thundershower possible and 48 degrees in philadelphia and allentown 43 and millville 46 and wilmington 48 degrees, future tracker showing as we head through the day not a lot of rain, rainfall is not the impact with this easterly flow, it's the cool air, 3:00 temperatures in the low 60s, lots of clouds and a few peeks of sunshine and again a scattered shower possible. so somewhat of an ugly start to may. but it won't stay that way. tomorrow a cool breeze and mostly cloudy skies and a scattered shower is possible and most of the day rain free the high is only 63 degree more than 5 degrees below normal and
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saturday high pressure builds back in and that means comfortable with a high of 70 great weather for the union game and sunday for the broad street run it's dry and warm and when the gun goes off at 59 degrees, and by the afternoon 78 degrees and monday even warmer with a high of 82 degrees, i'll be working the channel 6 water stop and you are racing on sunday don't overdress, short-sleeves and shorts. >> racing is a stretch. >> you'll be running, if you are wearing long sleeves be prepared to ditch them, they are selecting and given to the homeless. >> wear layers. >> you'll be there with the water. >> yes. we have breaking news we are monitoring right now out of los angeles, this is apparently in lynnwood los angeles where people are in pursuit of what we are told is a silver nissan,
4:24 pm
this car driving wrecklessly to say the least it's driving on the wrong side of the road and going around cars and going through intersections and going through stoplights and something there on the side of car we don't have any indication of why this person is fleeing the police but a dangerous situation in california. we'll keep you posted.
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tonight's prime time lineup here on 6 abc will surely tug on your heart strings if you are not feeling it from last week. a two hour episode of "grey's anatomy" anatomy", we'll see how they deal with derek's death that episode starts tonight at 8:00 followed by american crime and of course "action news" at 11:00 and join the action on twitter
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it is 4:30 and "action news" continues, a california man is ordered to pay child support for a child that isn't even his. and under pressure as if there is not enough going on in the
4:30 pm
delivery room. a new show wants moms to answer trivia questions in between contractions, what is behind the quiz show turning labor pains into labor games. >> and they say this was no accident, it was arson, and why the woman did it will leave you scratching your heads. >> and now a story developing now in center city philadelphia a live look from chopper 6 hd at market street where dozens of people are starting to march towards city hall. for a peaceful event dubbed philly is baltimore. the group hopes to call attention to problems locally and show solidarity with people protesting in baltimore now. lets go live to dann cuellar, who is in the midst of the rally that is it expected to get bigger they are telling us that this group will meet up with a larger group waiting at
4:31 pm
dillworth plaza and this will get bigger and have an impact greater than this. they are tying up traffic on market street now and we don't know where they are going or how big it will get. we don't have dann cuellar we'll get to him in a moment. but this rally is expected to have a major impact in and around center city. matt pellman will give us a break down of possible routes and closures coming up. now the owner of an auto body business is coming to terms with the loss of his garage and his prize possessions at least eight vintage vehicles burned when his shop went up in flames overnight. john rawlins is live with more on this. >> reporter: what a mess here, this is one of several buildings
4:32 pm
in this complex, behind me now you see a garage where they work on all sorts of cars, but these are cars that rolled out of detroit 40 to 50 years ago. >> that is a 64 falcon. >> the owner was describing the vintage cars that burned overnight including this barracuda now a scorched beige. >> that is one of my personal toys i had here. >> a surveillance camera caught the blaze that ripped through the garage/storage building. they extinguished hot spots and attempted to locate keys to move the cars away from the fire. >> they were in the key box and the key box was melting. >> firefighters saved two of the three buildings including this
4:33 pm
one where mechanics were back working today. in edition to restoring muscle car they repair and restore newer vehicles but the passion here is rebuilding detroit machines this 67 mustang was a mess and now driven out of the other building its v 8 rumbling happily. >> they could not put a price tag on the building or the cars inside but he will rebuild. >> this is a set back and thankful and bless that nobody got hurt. >> nothing suspicious about this fire it appears to have been an accident though it was a very, very hot fire, so hot that investigators told us they may not be able to pinpoint the cause this have blaze. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. one person has to be rescued after a wall collapsed on them
4:34 pm
in philadelphia's brewery town section today. details are limited right now and officials confirm that one person was trapped under the rubble for a short time. it's not yet clear if they were hurt and the cause remains under investigation. >> a two-car accidents sent a philadelphia police officer to the hospital this morning, it happened along the 4700 block of tacony street and the 15th district officer patrol car reended a minivan this morning. she was treated and released. police have not said whether the other driver was hurt and the accident remains under investigation. >> a trash can gives you an idea how big a sinkhole in the wissinoming section is this was early in this morning, crews put caution tape around the hole to
4:35 pm
make people aware of it. the city has not yet said when this will be repaired. students and staff alike were honored for their accomplishments in the classroom and on the field the delaware county council recognized 80 teams and teachers at ridley shool for various academic and athletic accomplishment. including the best of class award and the jv cheerleaders that placed third at nationals and the boys basketball team for their central league championship. >> a berks county man and vietnam veteran lived most of his life thinking he was an american citizen and then learning he wasn't he began a journey to make that happen. now here are the details of this touching story. >> it was not until he applied for social security benefits he learned he was not even a u.s. citizen and is originally from
4:36 pm
poland and came here as a child he served in the u.s. army and was told at that point he was a u.s. citizen and how this all came to a happy ending today. and 3-d printing a popular tool these days and at one michigan hospital they saved one baby with life-threatening conditions. brian and shirleen see you at 5:00. >> thank you. that 3-d technology is astounding. and getting better. the day has done that. but things get worse overnight. >> for one day and then improve over the weekend, it's nice for a cloudy day over the weekend, looking at temperatures we are beginning to cool off a wind out of the northeast has dropped temperatures into the mid-60s in philadelphia and 65 degrees and
4:37 pm
low 70s earlier and the wind has been cooling us off i am tracking the one cell moving into newcastle county and salem and bear delaware and no lightning strikes associated with this, this is a pocket of heavy rain that continues to push up to the north and west and not a lot of rain going to be happening over the next 24 hours, any shower can drop some heavy rain. a flood advisory has been posted for northeastern cumberland county you already got an inch and a half of rain, some roadways are flooded, and i'll talk about the cool down tomorrow and track a taste of summer next week. mid-80s for one day. a group of ducklings are safe and sound thanks to crews
4:38 pm
the adorable siblings were in for a ride at the market place yesterday and township crews were able to rescue eight of the ducklings yesterday and just this morning the crews were able to rescue the final duckling, there they are because their mother was not present, they are staying at the mer ser county wildlife center. alicia gives stars a chance to answer super star questions. if you go gaga for gouda or cherish your cheddar some scientists say the key to losing weight is eating more cheese. >> and it promises to deliver prizes to expectant mothers, what is behind the new show turning labor pains into labor gains. >> oh boy. and another live look at center city philadelphia where marchers are tirning their
4:39 pm
progress to city hall thank is the philadelphia is baltimore rally, it is not that large right now, just a few dozen people making their way to city hall, it is expected to get significantly larger once it does get there it will have traffic implications all of that coming up for you as "action news" continues after this.
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that mom chooseteen joined the riots in baltimore. this is the video of michael singleton hit and yelled at several times by his mother tanya graham. he was told to go home from school instead he grabbed a rock and joined in and focused his anger on police this morning he explains his actions on "the view." >> i went because in the past my
4:42 pm
friends were killed and hurt by the police and i went down there to fight for what i stand for. >> he also said he was grateful to his mom who was embarrassed by this. and tanya has now forgiven her son. >> officials say a woman that couldn't get a smoke decided to set fire to a gas station they caught the woman approach a stranger and ask for a cigarette and he said no and she retaliated by using her lighter to set the gas nozzle on fire, they ran for their lives and neither was hurt and she was arrested. they is undergoing a psych at trick evaluation. we have good news for cheese lovers it may be a pathway to
4:43 pm
the heart they have a healthy bacteria in their gut and they think that it reduces substances in the body linked to heart disease, it could explain the french paradox, despite diets high in saturated fats, so bust out the cheese. lots of action in the heart of center city and matt pellman is live looking at that and joins us live with an update. >> we are checking out the protesters live over dillworth plaza by city hall, you see a pretty sizable crowd at this point right to the right of city hall to the west side of it the spot where we had the ice rink over the winter the protesters are here and some marching down market street making their way toward this area, a pretty big
4:44 pm
crowd at this point we expect this to impact the traffic already as you saw earlier market street was blocked off heading westbound to city hall and we expect the local streets to be blocked off or be congested by the protesters this afternoon. lets go to the maps and see how this is affecting the vine street expressway, we see extra gridlock here in center city eastbound on the vine is packed and westbound heavy traffic and we are getting detours on the septa bus routes 77 and 24 and up to 10 minute delays across the board this afternoon on the regional rail lines into and out of center city. not sure if it's because of nice day or people coming into the protest this evening, but across the board expect 10 minute delays. a crash from 30th street to the westbound side of the schuylkill and still the wreck on 95 near
4:45 pm
cotman a serious one take out the left lane approaching wood haven to cotman. over to you alicia. >> thank you. it's already an international hit and avengers age of ultron hits theaters tonight and when i sat down with the star studded cast members the hulk and black widow and captain america and crew, i brought some of your super fan questions with me and we got answers. >> you feel like you got an invitation to an exclusive club? >> yes. >> that is a great way to put it. >> ivy league. >> it's the question for elizabeth olson and eric taylor olson, that bring scarlet witch and quick silver to the screen. >> are you bruce banner. >> don't mention puny banner. >> do you see anything in
4:46 pm
yourself in this character. >> i can get very angry and be withdrawn, i know on a smaller scale what banner is kind of going through and maybe what the hulk is going through too, although he is a much harder nut to crack that generated a sentimental question from this soul searcher. you hope to see shadows of captain america in your every day life, he is a far better man than me at this point. he speaks different languages, australian it's other worldly who talking about transitioning from dramas to super heroes i can't imagine we would have found ourselves working together in something this huge. >> we were in the indy world. >> like the real indy world. >> i like picking up after you
4:47 pm
boys. >> is hawkeye aiming for his own stand alone film. >> the hawkeye movie they said that has to be the next. >> i'm like 50 in tights and finally the big question -- are you comic book fans growing up. >> not these type, does archie comics count? my husband is a crazy marvel crazy comic book guy, when this when down i became more attractive. >> others like how does james spader's kids feel about him playing the bad guy and tonight on "action news" at 5:30 the super heroes secrets of the avengers avengers. we'll be right back.
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another live look with a
4:50 pm
rally, that continues to grow at city hall, it started out with 75 people marching down market street now that they are to their destination, there is easily several hundred people it's called philly is baltimore in solidarity of the death of freddie gray in baltimore, we are sure that this is going to continue to grow and have traffic implications we'll keep you updated on this story. >> they have not told us were they plan to go they could stay there or tie up traffic all throughout the city, we'll keep ourize on this one. we change our focus to the accuweather forecast why not on a stunning day like this. we have a one day hiccup exactly. sound effects very nice, let me show you where the action cam was today in center city, as brian keeps hiccupping and showing high thin clouds and breezy conditions today with a good amount of sunshine and
4:51 pm
temperatures relatively mild but we'll be cooling things off. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that most of the shower activity is missing us to the west and there is this one cell that i tracked out of cumberland county moving through salem county and moving into newcastle county and no lightning associated with this and this is starting to peter out and we have a line of showers from salem to bear, and this continues to track to the north and west, and in newark, delaware showers as well. as well as glasgow, that is the only shower out there locally right now temperatures are beginning to fall, 65 in philadelphia and 67 in millville a rain cooled 60 and reading 69ling lancaster the farthest away from the shore the easterly flow cooling things off a nice 70 degrees. low pressure and upper level low
4:52 pm
is spinning across ohio and this is dropping down to the south and moving off the coast as a coastal low and we will not get a direct hit but with the low pressure you have counterclockwise circulation and the easterly winds, the clouds are thickening and an isolated shower or thunderstorm and breezy and seasonably cool and 43 in the suburbs, and 48 in center city, and future tracker showing tomorrow we are looking at a guy amount of cloud cover and winds off the ocean and temperatures in the 50s, and a few peeks of sunshine here and there and mostly cloudy and a few scattered showers possible and not a lot of rain but temperatures will be on the cool side, normal high for this time of year is 69 we'll likely only make it up to 63 degrees, that is one day and then a big change in the upper level pattern on sunday and monday and really into tuesday, high pressure is building off the eastern seaboard this is a pump high,
4:53 pm
winds from the southwest and temperatures by early next week will be rising into the 80s, the warmest weather so far this year. the bluecross broad street run looking nice, on the warm side at 8:00 and mostly sunny when the gun goes off and 64 degrees at 9:30 and 11:00 68 degrees and light at 6 miles per hour and winds are not a factor it's dry and warm. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, mostly cloudy tomorrow with a cool breeze and 63 degrees and on saturday, comfortable and up to 70 and saturday we warm it up to 78 degrees and monday warmer and 82 degrees and tuesday feeling like summer 84 degrees and a front will bring us late day showers and if that front gets held up on wednesday and thursday, and that mean a chance of a couple more showers and 76 degrees on both days. if you like the summer-like weather you'll like next week. >> thank you cecily. big talkers next.
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here at the big board big talkers in north carolina a man is in court over child support payments he says not only is the boy not his own, there is no way he could have been and here is why. when he married the boy's mother he already had a vasectomy, making it impossible for him to be the father and tests confirmed his inability to pro crete. if have you been through labor it's a good chance you know it's hard to remember to breathe no less answer trivia questions a new cable show promising to deliver big laughs women
4:57 pm
experiencing labor pains in between contractions. >> is d the answer you both want to deliver -- >> california couples who are clearly okay with cameras in the delivery room it looks more like a game show set and flashing lights and music and they get prizes and money for baby's college education. >> that will do it for us on "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot alicia vitarelli and adam joseph and cecily tynan i'm brian taff.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. thursday night and the big story on "action news" is a developing story in center city, where a rally continues tonight and the group is still gathering here at dillworth park and they plan to march throughout the city and they plan to shine light on the social issues here
5:00 pm
in philadelphia and show solidarity with baltimore. >> matt pellman is standing by in the traffic center but first to sara bloomquist live at city hall with the latest on the rally. >> reporter: rick, the crowd is growing now and has been since this event started at 4:30 this afternoon can you see them there across dillworth park, a short time ago a second group came up market street and joined them here on dill worth park so the group is growing behind me this is very peaceful thus far, we were right in the center of the crowd and lets go to some of the video this is organized by the philadelphia coalition for racial economic legal or real justice. this is a peaceful demonstration called philly is baltimore. they are expected to be on the move in center city. they are


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