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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  May 2, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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rittenhouse row was packed with people on a beautiful saturday afternoon. the hundreds crowded into enjoy food and drinks from some of the best restaurants in the area. among the organizations taking part today were the palm, 19 and williamsonoma. time for a check of the the accu weather forecast. great day to go outside enjoy outdoor meals do anything. >> yes, whatever you want to do. tomorrow gets warmer for second half. >> don't you love may. >> i love it it is springtime. we will show you what is going on storm tracker six live double scan radar is dry and quiet. earlier we had very, very spotty showers in the city, and points to the north and west, all of that activity is long gone and we are enjoying the the rest of the sun. outside. we will show you the picture, outside sky six in hd looking from our temple
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university camera. at some of the tennis courts there at temple. you can see folks enjoying the fine nice, mild day overhead, here on our saturday and even donning some shorts and some short t-shirts because of this kind of day with these temperatures that well above average. we will go back in time a bit. 2015 so far, so far the month, up until april have been pretty cold. january, we were way below average. february 9.9 degrees below normal. 4.4 in march. finally for the the month of april we were above average and it looks like that trend is going to continue, as we press forward into the month of may. in fact today's high temperature 74 degrees. 4 degrees above where we normally should be this time of the year. it will get warmer wye sunday. outside early this evening at 73 in the city. same thing in trenton. the north and west in town. allentown 74. sixty-five in the poconos. only place where it is slightly cooler with that south facing win beach haven down to sea isle city,
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temperatures only in the lower 50's. definitely chilly there. fifty-two. heading inland we will approach 60's and 70's. here's satellite six with action radar. we have a pretty quiet sky across much of new england down a across mid atlantic region with the the partly cloudy sky overhead. it looks like high pressure to the south will take over for second half of the weekend and in fact, tomorrow we will mark the beginning of the big warm up across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. so here's set up for our sunday. lots of sunshine, gorgeous day to get out and enjoy. we have high pressure overhead and as we go through the of afternoon hours on sunday into the day on monday, this high pressure to the east, we will tap into that southeasterly wind which pumps in that milder air to the south, and the high temperature in philadelphia coming in at 79 degrees, in the 80's not too far behind, as we get into next week. if you are running in the blue cross broad street run we have you covered with the runners and race forecast, mostly sunny tomorrow, we have that northwesterly wind at three to
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6 miles an hour. eighty in that temperature. 58 degrees. and 9:30, 64 degrees. it will start to warm up. it will start to get warmer i should a at 11:00a with the a temperature of 07 degrees. no issues to the runners due to the weather for tomorrow. call from accu weather, mostly clear, seasonable. we will drop down to 46 in the suburbs to 51 in the city. the here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, sunny and warm, enjoy another beautiful day on our sunday, high temperature at 79. on monday, summer-like. up to 84 degrees, with sunshine and clouds, sharing the sky. on tuesday 84, it is a warm day but on tuesday we are tracking a cold front that will move on through afternoon shower or thunderstorm is likely and some of those showers could persist, into wednesday otherwise, it is a mild day with a high of 78. eighty for both thursday, so no cool air behind this cold front by then. on friday mostly sunny from beginning, dad vail regot no issues walter until tuesday
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and wednesday so enjoy it. >> don't you love may. >> i do, do i. >> i said it again. >> finally hundreds of men whether given a chance to walk in women's shoes. to be more specific, they walk in their high heels. they strap on those heels to help raise awareness and funds for rape and sexual assault prevention. walk took place at the park in worchester montgomery county. the these guys say it wasn't easy but this cause certainly made it worth the effort. world news saturday is next on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we're back here again on six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪♪
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right now? >> the biggest needs right now is a tent. and water. >> reporter: they've gotten no government help, but ishwor is counting their blessings. >> i'm really, really so happy that i could rescue all of the kids and be a big brother for them. >> reporter: a big brother watching over them. alex marquardt, abc news, kathmandu, nepal. >> our thanks to alex. back home now to the race of 2016. even more republican candidates expected to announce next week but new jersey governor chris christie so far, absent from that crowded field. tonight, abc's devin dwyer on the bridgegate fallout. >> reporter: he once seemed an unstoppable, but tonight, new jersey governor chris christie faces new political fallout after federal prosecutors charged three members of his inner circle with orchestrating that traffic chaos on the nation's busiest bridge. >> 10-4. we're getting calls from irate motorists. >> reporter: christie fired off
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on social media, claiming vindication, writing, "i had no knowledge or involvement in the planning or execution of this act." >> chris christie is exonerated in law, but he's not exonerated in politics. the damage has already been done. >> reporter: damage that comes just as the race for the white house heats up. senators rubio, paul and cruz already declaring against democratic front-runner hillary clinton. and this week, three more names expected to join the list. retired neurosurgeon ben carson, former arkansas governor mike huckabee and former hp ceo, carly fiorina, who would be the first woman in the republican race. the crowded field means chris christie will not only have to fight to stand out with his ideas, but also win over those critical donors. his aides say he'll make a final decision on whether to run for the white house in the next two months. cecilia? >> devin dwyer from the white house tonight. devin, thank you. we turn now to bruce jenner, back in the headlines just a week after revealing that he is in the process of becoming a woman. jenner now facing a wrongful death suit that claims he and
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others are to blame for a deadly highway crash. abc's aditi roy reporting in from los angeles tonight. >> reporter: former olympian and reality star bruce jenner, along with 50 other unnamed defendants, facing a wrongful death civil suit from the family of a woman killed in this four-car collision in february. >> we now have seven patients, including one d.o.a. >> reporter: the news coming just one week after the reality star's bombshell interview with abc's diane sawyer. in the suit obtained by abc news, howe's two step-children claim the defendants were "negligent careless and reckless." >> are you okay, bruce? >> reporter: the lawsuit alleges jenner's cadillac hit howe's vehicle. that impact it claims propelling howe's car into the path of an oncoming hummer. >> it's much more likely a verdict for liability could be wound in civil could be won in civil court here
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rather than a conviction in criminal court. >> reporter: jenner's publicist declined to comment. but jenner did release a statement the day after the accident saying, "my heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to the family and loved ones, and to all of those who were involved or injured in this terrible accident." this weekend, l.a. sheriff's department saying the criminal investigation into the accident which happened right here on pacific coast highway, is ongoing. meantime jenner may now face a court date in the fall of 2016. cecilia? >> aditi, thank you. we turn next to history at the ballpark. yankees slugger alex rodriguez tying willie mays' home run record hitting number 660, but will a-rod's tainted record of performance-enhancing drugs keep him from guesting the bonus he's due? here's abc's ron claiborne. >> reporter: when a-rod came to bat today, boston red sox fans let him know just how much they appreciated his milestone home run. [ booing ] this time, he didn't get a hit. no encore of last night's drama. >> that one is drilled to left field. is it high enough? it is gone!
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>> reporter: and with that laser shot over the left field wall, number 660 in his very checkered career, alex rodriguez tied the great willie mays. >> there's a lot of emotions going on right now. willie mays is -- he was my father's hero. he's one of my heroes. >> reporter: by contract, the yankees now owe him a $6 million bonus for matching mays. but they're expected to refuse to pay, citing his use of performance-enhancing drugs. >> they're now saying since he used steroids, since he was suspended all last year, it's no longer a milestone. it's not marketable. therefore they shouldn't have to pay. >> reporter: even with this distraction, the aging slugger has played well this season, to almost everyone's surprise, including himself. and even if a-rod does not hit another home run ever, he still stands to make a cool $60 million in salary over the next three years. >> it is gone! >> reporter: ron claiborne, abc news, new york. we have much more ahead on "world news tonight." up next could someone be trying
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advertising a three-bedroom, two-bath house, with a big backyard for rent for just $750 a month. the only problem -- amy hagans's house is not for rent. >> i opened the door to see a lady standing on my porch, reading the sign on our front door. >> reporter: the hagans's even had to put up a sign, saying, "our house is not for rent," to warn renters who had fallen for the scam. one woman even lost a $275 deposit, after receiving the ad on craigslist. it's called scraping. scammers create fraudulent rental listings using photos and details from legitimate postings already online. in this case, taking images from a real estate company's website where the hagans's were legitimately selling their home. >> it's very easy to hijack an existing listing. >> reporter: scams like these costing americans nearly $20 million in 2014. and the fbi estimates the actual number of cases could be ten times higher.
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well to make sure you don't fall victim experts say never wire money. use a credit card instead. also try a reverse image search for the listing photos on a site like google. if they pop up, renter beware. finally, cecilia, if a rental price looks way too good to be true, it probably is. >> good advice. if it sounds too good to be true, right. linzie, thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight," avenging the avengers. were you among the millions who watched? how the sequel is now on track to becoming an even bigger hit than the original.
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"the avengers: age of ultron" brought in $85 million on its opening day. the film by our parent company disney did even better on its first day than the original did. and it's now on track to break the record for top grossing weekend opener ever. next, from fantasy to history. hundreds today retracing abraham lincoln's funeral procession in springfield, illinois. there they are in costume, marking the 150th anniversary. many actual descendants of those who accompanied lincoln's coffin in 1865. lincoln's funeral is said to have been the largest public event at that point in u.s. history. about a third of the population held memorials. and to a very 21st century public effort to track down this man, kissing a woman two weeks ago at the boston marathon. she says it was a dare to kiss a handsome stranger, saying that kiss gave her wings in her shoes to finish the race. now, the race is on for the woman's daughters, who want to track him down.
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the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. finally tonight, a picture worth a thousand words. the famed tower bridge in london, awash in pink lights, celebrating the arrival of
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britain's newest princess, just hours old and she is already elbowing a pretty famous prince out of line for the throne. here now, abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran with what it means to be a modern-day princess. >> reporter: every baby is a royal baby to their families, but this little girl actually has a claim to the title. at the moment she arrived in the world this morning, she immediately became a princess, thrust into a life of royalty, of pomp, privilege, an insane level of media scrutiny and duty to her country. >> may our princess be long lived, happy and glorious! >> reporter: she is fourth in line to the throne, after her grandfather prince charles, her dad prince william and her big brother, prince george. she bumps uncle harry down to fifth. and remember, there have been shuffles in the line of succession before. queen elizabeth wouldn't be kweern today, if queen today if her uncle edward viii hadn't given up the throne, making his brother, the queen's
6:58 pm
father, the unexpected king george vi. and because of a new law that just went into effect a few weeks ago, this new baby is the first royal princess in 314 years who can't be pushed aside if a little brother comes along, or if harry has a son some day. that's feminism royal family style. such a strange destiny to be a royal princess. but as this newborn slept so soundly in her mother's arms today, that destiny was far off, and she was just a baby we all cooed over. a royal baby. like every other child in the world. terry moran, abc news, london. >> feminism royal family style. our thanks to terry. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. i'm cecilia vega in new york. enjoy your saturday. good night.
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