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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 4, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," fatal gunshots at a cartoonists convention near dallas. police say they killed two suspects taking aim. at a controversial meeting. why the drama may not be over and why this convention was targeted. >> addressing tensions on the streets of baltimore. the mayor lifts the curfew after an unforgettable week of unrest. what's next for the city trying to rebuild trust. >> get out. why homeowners had to get rid of stranger after stranger looking in their windows. how they got in the middle of this scam and why they are not the only victims. >> and later on the skinny," sour notes. jamie foxx singing the national anthem at the fight of the century. the critical comments on social media but a version of this patriotic song absolutely never heard before.
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it's monday is may 4th. captions paid for by abc, inc. from abc news this is "world news now." >> oh, my gosh. if you're going to sing the national anthem and you start doing this, you know you've gone too far. i think that's the key. >> the finger waiver? >> yeah, stop. >> as long as you get all the words right. >> good morning on this monday. i'm ryan smith. >> i'm kayna whitworth. reena and tj are on assignment this morning. we do start with some breaking news from dallas. or near dallas i should say. two gunmen dead outside a gathering where cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad were being judged. >> depictions like that are considered blasphemous by muslims and led to deadly violence in the past. ryan owens has the details. >> people run for their lives when gunfire breaks out outside the curtis culwell center just east of dallas. police with guns drawn swarm the
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scene. >> we hear boom boom boom and a whole bunch of gunshots and andthen we see the cops everywhere. >> a group was holding a contest at the center to award a $10,000 prize for the best cartoon depicting the prophet muhammad. >> they drove up, got out and opened fire on the security officer. >> reporter: the officer was shot in the leg and is already out of the hospital. >> garland officers that were close by saw what was going on, engaged the two men, shot and killed them both there at the scene. >> the bomb squad was called to the scene and nearby businesses evacuated. back in january, 12 people were killed by islamic gunmen in an attack against the paris office of the newspaper "charlie hebdo" which had satarized islam and used depictions of muhammad, considered blasphemous by muslims. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> this conference was being live streamed on youtube last night when the shooting took place and it was showing a man being interviewed.
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watch this when a heavily armed s.w.a.t. officer makes his way to the podium and orders everyone into another more secure room. the mood in the room changing instantly. we have the latest details on "america this morning" and "good morning america." >> an escaped inmate remains on the run this morning after breaking out of jail in eastern oklahoma. authorities say frank potter climbed through a hole in a chain link fence saturday afternoon and scaled two other fences before driving off in a stolen pickup truck. potter was being held on assault and weapons charges. police say he's a survivalist who can easily handle living outdoors. >> now to an parent turning point in baltimore, the overnight curfew lifts and national guard troops gradually pulling out. the violent reaction to freddie gray's death has been replaced by prayers and songs but the call for justice continues. more from abc's jim avila. >> reporter: sunday in west baltimore is a day for church, especially this sunday. ♪ a day of prayer and reconciliation after a week of
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protests and violence ignited by what the baltimore city prosecutor says was the illegal arrest of freddie gray and his death at the hands of six police officers now charged with a range of crimes from official misconduct to manslaughter to murder. outrage that even led to more arrests as police tried to enforce curfew. ♪ like me ♪ >> while demonstrations were again peaceful there were reminders that the state's attorney who according to an inside the investigation story in baltimore sun, surprised the task force looking into freddie gray's death with the speed with which the police were charged and now, she has to prove her case. >> please do not confuse an indictment with a verdict. >> the next flash point may 27th when the six officers make their first court appearances. but for now baltimore settled down enough for the mayor to announce she is lifting the 10:00 curfew in effect since tuesday. >> right now i'm very confident.
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what we saw over the past few days is not just the resiliency of our city but also our communities coming together. >> at the epicenter of the riots relief and rebuilding. streets quiet but still bearing the scars of looting and purposeful property damage, federal fire investigators on the scene sifting through the ashes of the corner pharmacy and six others suspected riot related blazes. the governor says more than 200 businesses were destroyed before the curfew. jim avila, abc news, baltimore. >> testimony resumes today in the sentencing phase of dzhokhar tsarnaev's boston marathon bombing trial. it was delayed last week because of a sick juror. his defense attorneys are expected to call five members of the convicted bomber's family to the stand. those witnesses will not include his parents. the defense is trying to convince jurors he should be spared the death penalty and serve a life sentence. >> the relief effort in nepal's earthquake zone now includes
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u.s. military muscle. four osprey aircraft and helicopters are flying missions to remote villages which haven't gotten much aid since that quake. they're carrying food and shelter to those areas. temporary housing is desperately need the right now because nepal's monsoon is about to begin. the death toll has climbed to more than 7200 people. in the mediterranean sea, italian authorities rescued more than 4500 refugees on at least 15 different ships over the weekend. calm weather is encouraging fleeing ago poverty in the africa. they wait in limbo but say they're the lucky ones. you might remember it was two weeks ago, some 800 refugees died when their boat capsized near libya. >> utah police have no plans to charge a man who fatally shot a would be carjacker. the man was parked nearby when he heard a woman screaming at a man trying to steal her suv. so he shot the suspect when the man lunged for his gun.
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police say the shooter had concealed weapons permit. the suspect was wanted in connection with an assault and auto theft a short time earlier. >> a crowded tour bus caught fire sunday morning in san francisco's haight-ashbury neighbor and the driver had not a clue. two people chased him down to let him know. about 40 people on board were evacuated safely. thankfully no one was hurt. firefighters put out the flames but the bus was destroyed. >> there's a price for warmer weather in the upper midwest. severe thunderstorm warning for 11 minnesota counties and a few in wisconsin, as well. the area is getting heavy rain, damaging winds. you can see there that hail. it's the result of a jet stream bringing in air from the gulf of mexico. you don't think warmer weather hail go together. >> no, you don't. i know a lot of people like that warmer weather though. i sure do. here's a look at your weather. there will also be severe storms in the southwest. and the rain extends across the midwest to the great lakes. rain is also in the forecast along the california, nevada border and the appalachians. >> summer like temps in the
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80s for the east and the lower midwest. 70s around the great lakes. denver only reaching 61 degrees though. 60s along much of the west coast, as well. >> 60s sounds good to me. >> more sports starting with the new mvp in the nba. word is it's steve curry golden state warriors. the official announcement is expected to come today. curry eclipsed his own three-point shooting record this past season hitting 286 shots behind the arc. poured in 22 points yesterday as the warriors beat memphis in their western conference second round playoff game. this guy did it all. look at him. >> a lot of people thought harden might. >> curry's team. >> lights out. >> absolutely. his team, number one in basketball. >> okay. so here's a great moment from baseball over the weekend. it happened at dodger stadium in los angeles. >> that's right. this is the guy. he's in left field seats. he was shooting when aaron hill of the diamondbacks hit a line drive and he caught it. when is the last time you saw something like that? >> the guy's name is bobby cosby.
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he has a youtube channel showing some of his other on camera catches, only in l.a., by the way. the day twice as nice and the rest of the dodgers fans watched their team beat arizona 6-4. >> i spent 20 years going to baseball games. never caught a ball much less caught one while i'm videotaping the game. >> like i said though only in los angeles. watch me do this. i'll show you. >> typical. yeah, i got it. now i deserve a movie deal. >> coming up in the skinny tiger woods is getting more experience in heart break. >> first though homeowners who found strangers in their front yard. the strangers were hoping to just move right in. how they got caught in the middle of an awkward online scam and they're not the only victims. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought
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topping our health headlines this morning, a new alarm is being sounded over keeping medical marijuana out of the hands of children. experts from johns hopkins are recommending strategies used in the past for alcohol and tobacco. high taxes, limiting the number of retailers and restricting their locations and child proofing packaging. >> also in health headlines is delaying pregnancy a growing number of american women are delaying having children till later in life. also fewer teenage girls are having children, as well. a new report in the journal of immediate ticks shows a record low in birth rate of moms in their early 20s and a steady
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increase among women over 40. >> turning to business headlines, all eyes on mcdonald's this morning. new ceo steve easterbrook will unveil his plan to put the shine back on the golden arches in its worst sales slump in more than a decade. mcdonald's has been taking the brunt of the protests over minimum wage. there are no details of easterbrook's plan yet but investors are optimistic. >> also seeing healthy growth unfortunately is a new kind of real estate scam. it's called scraping. >> scammers list homes for respect online and make off with the profits and deposits. lindsey janice explains. >> came downstairs. >> reporter: this indiana woman still shocked by the rental scam targeting her home. >> people were getting out of their cars ringing our doorbell, looking in our windows. >> reporter: those people responding to an online posting advertising a three-bedroom two-bath house with a big backyard for rent for just $750 a month. the only problem, amy's house is not for rent. >> i opened the door to see a
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lady standing on my porch reading the sign on our front door. >> reporter: they even had to put up a sign saying our house is not for rent to warn renters who had fallen for the scam. one woman even lost a $275 deposit after seeing the ad on craigslist. it's called scraping. scammers create fraudulent rental listings using photos and details from legitimate postings already online. in this case taking images from a real estate company's website where they were legitimately selling their home. >> it's very easy to hijack an existing listing. >> reporter: scams like these costing americans nearly $20 million in 2014 and the fbi estimates the actual number of cases could be ten times higher. lindsey janice, abc news. new york. >> so they're saying the actual scraping comes from scraping pictures from a real listing like a house that's for sale and
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then they're able to use those pictures to promote a fake rental property basically. >> experts have tips. they say never wire money. always use a credit card. that's good advice. this is kind of the wild wild west these days with renting your property. it really is. with all the scams out there, it's hard to know what's real and what's not. >> the too good to be true thing. that's always hard. when you're renting you think you found a place, oh it's going to be so perfect but if it's too good to be true, it probably is. >> so tough somebody gets caught. don't wire, credit card, stay safe. when we come back, why so many sports fans this morning aren't really that happy with jamie foxx. >> then a sports power couple going their separate ways. "the skinny" is next. >> "world news now" continues after this from our abc wó
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♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> taking pictures of each other? >> yeah, they do. it's like a reverse paparazzi thing. i've wondered about that. thank you for bringing that up. that's why we need you here. time now for "the skinny" and topping this morning's headlines, so funny that you said that, what happened before the big fight in las vegas that's got so many people talking. >> oscar winner and singer jamie foxx performed the national anthem. reaction at best has been mixed. we'll let you be the judge
3:49 am
though. ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ ♪ the brave ♪ hallelujah. >> there he's done. what happened at the end? one person commented on twitter that foxx's national anthem had more twists and turns than the fight. even paul stanley and the rock band kiss tweeted, what was that? >> trying to show his range. >> beyonce was sitting right there. wanted her to see. >> your next album. what is going on with people trying to uh -- have you ever sung the national anthem. >> me? no i don't sing.
3:50 am
i would never do that to people. >> you wouldn't? >> i would never force anyone to listen to me. >> bring back roseanne. >> yeah. i think even she would be better than jamie foxx. meantime also, before the fight, manny pacquiao had an unexpected guest joining him for that walk in the ring. >> yeah, it was our own jimmy kimmel turned quite a few heads including ours when he joined the boxer's entourage on saturday night. >> what is he doing? it's all part of a gimmick he's reacting to justin bieber's escorting floyd mayweather out to the ring. kimmel donned up the black fedora. got the blazer, the gold chains. look at him. he's having trouble pulling it off though. >> he's hysterical. has anyone ever belonged at a fight less than justin bieber? >> it's how he gets his street cred you know because he's so down and tough being from canada and all. >> oh, my. >> sorry canadians. >> now it's time for a celebrity breakup. >> this is sad.
3:51 am
breaks your heart, huh? tiger woods, lindsey vonn. you've seen them together, folks. this was just a few weeks ago at the masters. so wonderful. they've announced they're going their separate ways. >> the alpine skier said in a facebook post that their incredibly hectic lives have forced a wedge between them. she will always admire and respect tiger. >> that's always the way it is. >> tiger posting on facebook said he will always cherish their time together. i know we have hectic schedules. let's not break up as co-anchors here, please. >> we're pretty new at this. i don't know where we're at. >> i'll see where it goes. faen it's hard to believe that it was 21 years ago that the spice girls first burst onto the scene. how old am i? this weekend they held a reunion sort of. >> celebrating the 40th birthday of david beckham in morocco. all the spice girls except scary
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well, it was a dramatic and unpopular end to a highly controversial war. operation baby lift evacuating thousands of vietnamese babies in the final days of the vietnam war. >> and now decades late area one of those babies has been reunited with the father who was determined to find her. abc's mara schiavocampo has her story. >> reporter: as military personnel pulled out of saigon in the closing days of the vietnam war 40 years ago, another kind of evacuation.
3:56 am
operation baby lift. thousands of vietnamese orphans packed on to planes, flown all over the world. >> this is the building and the site of my former orphanage. >> 40-year-old tricia houston was one of those infants believed to be an orphan fathered by an american. just six months old, she was quickly adopted by a family here celebrating her first birthday, living in the u.s. ever since. but that happiness was met with uncertainty when houston took a dna test in 2012, learning she was not biracial after all. >> i came back 100% southeast asian, vietnamese. that's a little bit of a shock. >> reporter: another shock, she was not an orphan. all along, her father had been desperately looking for his daughter including on facebook even taking a dna test himself. then a match thanks to an organization working to reunite these families leading houston
3:57 am
to her father after four decades. >> this man has such a raid on his heart and such a raid on him that i could ease his pain just to write to him and say i've had a wonderful life. >> now she has been back to her homeland twice, her story airing on vietnamese tv, finally getting to know her father and so much more of her own story. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> it's incredible, right, to be brought together being worlds away like that. >> to be looking for each other the whole time and have no idea. you come to terms you think this is your past and it's completely different. >> it's amazing. some 3300 infants were evacuated from south vietnam back then but it's nice to see those two come together. >> hope there are more stories like that one. >> absolutely. >> don't miss our updates on facebook at we'll be right back. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, two men opening fire outside a contest for cartoon depictions of the prophet muhammad. the action scene in a texas town checking the seek for explosives and investigating the suspects. who is the controversial organizer of the event? earthquake relief. the first wave of american military arriving in nepal to help in the recovery effort and a man over 100 years old is pulled from the rubble alive, a week after the devastating earthquake. frightening inferno. a tour bus packed with people bursting into flames. bystanders chasing the bus down while it was on fire. why didn't the driver stop? and quite the catch. a baseball fan going


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