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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 4, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, terror in texas. armed islamic extremists opened fire at a free speech event. a cartoon contest to draw the prophet muhammad. officers scramble to take down the two men. hundreds trapped inside. >> i just need everybody to we main calm. >> the home of one of the suspects being cinched this morning by the fbi. what we are learning about the attack right now. an abc news exclusive. a new challenger set to take on hillary clinton in the race for the white house. will this person be the first woman to be president of the united states? the big announcement revealed only on "gma" and it's just minutes away. horrifying inferno. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> double decker bus on fire. you might want to get another engine. >> a packed double decker tour bus bursting into flames.
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bystanders racing to the rescue. this store owner carrying a ladder to get passengers off. what started this dangerous blaze. ♪ >> and "star wars" secrets. only on "gma." never before seen footage from behind the scenes of the most anticipated movie of the year revealed this morning. the first look at some brand-new worlds and some old friends. a worldwide celebration as we say may the fourth be with you. and we do say good morning, america. we hope everybody had a fantastic weekend and do we have a busy monday morning for you. we want to start with that news breaking overnight from texas. there's a look at the scene this morning. two heavily armed men opened fire rat an event featuring a cartoon contest to draw the prophet muhammad. >> the fbi there as we learn
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more about the extremists behind that attack. we have team coverage starting with abc's ryan owens in garland. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, to you, george. that is the event center behind me. this is an active scene. you might be able to hear the helicopters up above. the bomb squad, all these hours later, still looking at the suspects' car. they're very worried it could be packed with explosives. just before 7:00 a hail of gunfire outside a civic center east of dallas hosting a controversial art exhibit. >> get back in the building. >> reporter: people scatter as officers scramble to take down two men who drive up get out of their car and open fire on police. >> we hear boom boom boom. >> reporter: a group called american freedom defense initiative knownotorious for its anti-islamic views hosting this award ceremony to give $10,000 to the best cartoon
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depricketting the prophet muhammad. the main speaker at the event, allegedly on an al qaeda hit list. this event was well publicized and the group's founder, seen here posing with the s.w.a.t. team before the shooting shelled out 10 grand for extra security. >> this is an assault on freedom of speech very much like the "charlie hebdo" jihad slaughter. >> reporter: here in texas, one member of that security team school resource officer bruce joiner was shot in the leg. he's already out of the hospital this morning. >> officers that were close by engaged the two men, shot and killed them both. >> reporter: back inside you can actually see the uncertainty as the event is streaming live. >> we are going to move y'all into the auditorium here in just a minute. i just need everybody to remain calm. >> reporter: people trapped there singing to calm their nerves. ♪ and the rockets' red glare ♪ >> reporter: the two suspects' vehicle reportedly heavily armed. s.w.a.t. teams and a bomb squad
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with robots spent all night working around the car. the suspects' bodies still on the pavement nearby. and they're still working at this hour. it should be no surprise to hear that there were plenty of threats against this event given the context of it all but we're told nothing specific. meanwhile, george investigators working very hard to identify the two men and their motive for what certainly appears to be an attempted terror attack right here on american soil. george. >> thanks ryan. we are joined by eded by our reporter on the scene much you were just outside the center when this went down. what did you see and hear? >> we were outside. me and my photographer outside getting exterior jobs of the event. a cartoon contest of muhammad. outside the event getting exteriors when we started to hear what sounded like firecrackers. three to five very faint shots.
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we now know those were handgun shots and then after that some high-powered gunshots and as soon as that happened officers started to tell us we needed to get down or get inside the building so we started to -- they started to usher us into the building and then they put us in that secure room. >> reporter: a lot of security. they were prepared for something like this no question. >> yeah you know we knew that there was going to be security at this event. we were actually outside the barricades when we were taking these shots and kind of almost joking to each other, hey, look look at all these, these barricades and no protesters here. but then of course reality hits and we see what's happening here and we realize that -- you know hats go off to garland pd and the s.w.a.t. team. i think they did an incredible job responding to this situation. >> how about the event itself the organizers said it was organized to take a stand for free speech.
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is it fair also to call it anti-muslim? >> i think you can assume that. just hearing people off the podium thisser saying you know islam doesn't belong in america and after they were saying these things there was -- there were loud cheers in the room there so i think you could assume there was some anti-islam sentiment going on in that -- at that event in that room. >> well thank you for your time thanks for your testimony on what happened yesterday. robin. >> all right there, george. now to abc chief investigative correspondent brian ross learning more about the attackers and brian has some exclusive information for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, robin. this morning fbi agents are searching the phoenix, arizona, home of a man they say is one of the suspects in the texas shooting. a senior fbi official told abc news the suspect's name is elton simpson, a 30-year-old man convicted five years ago in a terror investigation but placed on probation and allowed to remain free. fbi agents and a bomb squad this
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morning are outside the suspect's home at an apartment complex in phoenix. officials said they are awaiting a search warrant to enter the apartment. officials say they believe that the suspect, simpson, is the person who set out several twitter messages that appear to have come prior to the texas attack sunday. the bro with me and myself have given bay ah to amirul mumineen. followers of isis had been sending messages about the event in texas for more than a week calling for attacks. about ten days ago "the brothers from the "charlie hebdo" attack did their part. it's time for the brothers in the u.s. to do their part." another wrote just last friday "brothers in garland, texas, please go to there with your weapon bops or with your knives. threaten your enemies and the enemies of allah." some residents at the phoenix apartment complex have been told
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to leave their hopes until the fbi bomb squad can give an all-clear about the suspect's apartment. the suspect, simpson is well known to the fbi. he was convicted of lying to agents in 2010 about his plans to travel for jihad in africa but a judge ruled then the government adequately purchased he was going to join a terror group and put him on probation instead of sending him to jail. >> the security officer shot already released from the hospital. >> that's right. >> we turn to that scary fire on a san francisco tour bus. smoke seen blocks away when the packed double decker went up in flames but thanks to some quick-acting witnesses everyone managed to get off safely. abc's kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: a flying inferno in the heart of the san francisco tourist district. watch as this double decker tour bus packed with dozens of passengers bursts into flames sunday morning. >> we have a two-story tour bus on fire no victims, fully
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engulfed now the engine compartment's going up. >> reporter: the raging fire leaping from the back of the bus. >> oh my god. this is crazy. >> reporter: this surveillance footage capturing bystanders chasing the bus, one of the first to reach it timothy parker seen here carrying a ladder to help the passengers get off. >> i climbed up the ladder and the people that were on the top deck started to exit. >> reporter: the tourists on board scrambling to get out with only seconds to spare. >> this lady is like the bus is on fire you guys teed to go down, go down go down. >> reporter: the flames blowing out windows and twisting metal. >> double decker bus on fire. >> reporter: everyone on board miraculously escaped unscathed. this morning officers investigating what triggered the blast that left this charred bus a burned out shell. >> i've never seen a tour bus catch on fire. it was definitely a first. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kendis gibson abc news los angeles. >> our thanks to kendis.
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now to a disturbing airport security breach. a man arrested in nevada after allegedly stealing a small plane going on a joyride. this incident is raising concerns about the use of small planes as weapons. abc's david kerley has that story for us. >> why don't you come down please? >> reporter: an air traffic controller sounded more like a hostage negotiator after a small plane like this was stolen and was in the air. it was saturday night. that big night in las vegas for the historic fight. >> i've already committed enough felony felonies. i can't believe i'm never going to get to do this again. >> you will you will. >> reporter: the joyride after midnight with 27-year-old evan grant, allegedly at the controls. he'd reportedly taken flying lessons. the controller even offering to meet the rogue pilot for a meal. >> we'll go grab something to eat. we'll talk about this. >> reporter: after an hour up in the air grant finally lands. >> since you've kept me company i'll just make it easier for you and i'll just come down.
7:11 am
are the police waiting for me down there? >> reporter: they were and he was arrested. the question now, how could this happen and are we at risk from these small airports? now, officials have been concerned about big airports like this and jetliners since the 9/11 attacks but one federal official tells me there is growing concern about these small planes and small airports and, robin, the official mentioned that gyro copter landing at the capital as an example. >> you can see it in the background. now to amy with the other top developing stories and another quiet night in baltimore. >> the first night without a curfew has passed. the national guard leaving and six police officers facing criminal charges in the death of freddie gray due in court may 27th. police say during last week's violence, 113 officers were injured. 200 businesses destroyed. well nine americans remain unaccounted for in nepal after that devastating earthquake.
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the u.s. military beginning relief fights using osprey aircraft. the quake death toll tops 7200 people. one man reportedly 101 years old was rescued from the rubble eight days after the quake. back here in this country a dramatic rescue on a california freeway. a biker was hit and became pinned under this truck. other drivers pulled over to help and urged the pan to stay calm. one of the first people on the keen was a firefighter heading to work. he propped up the truck with a jack and eventually slid the biker out. he is recovering from his injuries. and new fallout from the boxing match in las vegas this weekend. more fans are calling for a rematch after what critics called a lackluster fight between floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao. several cable companies now offering refunds because of a pay-per-view glitch. mayweather's win was good for $100 million. but he could make twice that once all the receipts are counted. and finally, we often see
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people stuck in strange places but nothing quite like this. a half naked man who got his foot caught in a basketball hoop in seattle, more than a dozen police officers tried to get him free. police tweeted he may be arrested for property destruction or at least goaltending. no word on how he became stuck there but i personally believe this could be a fantastic ad for just say no. >> i think you're right there. thank you there, amy. thanks so much. now over to george with a special guest with a big announcement in i'm here with carly fiorina, the former tech ceo republican party leader has been traveling the country exploring a run for president tweeted out last night she's coming on "gma" to make some big news so welcome to "gma." let's get right to it. are you running for presidenty why are you the best person for the job. >> yes, i am running for president. i think i'm the best person for the job because i understand how the economy actually works. i understand the world. who's in it. how the world works and
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understand bureaucracies. that's what our federal government has become a giant bloated unaccountable corrupt bureaucracy. i understand technology which is a tool both to reimage government and to re-engage citizens in the process of government. and i understand executive decision-making which is making a tough call in a tough time with high stakes for which you're prepared to be held accountable. i don't think you read about that. you learn it by doing it. >> you laid out owl your experience. almost every single president has held elected office and how do you convince the voters you have the relevant experience. >> what you said is true over the last 50 or 60 years but it isn't how our nation started. it was intended to be a citizen government and come to this place in our nation's history where we think we need a professional political class. i don't believe that. as i've been out there across the country people don't believe that either. they're kind of tired of the political class. and they believe that we need to return to a citizen government.
7:15 am
this is a pivotal point for our nation so i think it's totally reasonable to look outside the political class that's been in washington for a really long time. >> you know, as you've been traveling around the country you've had tough things to say about hillary clinton, not trustworthy, flawed character. doesn't know what leadership means but back in 2008 you called her a focused intel jeps and powerful leader. what changed? >> she is focused. she is empathetic to a degree and highly intelligent, hard working, dedicated her life to public service. all of those things are admirable so i have a lot of admiration for hillary clinton but she clearly is not trustworthy, has not been transparent about a whole set of things that matter. she wasn't trans parent about benghazi in fact just the option peddled fiction about it and hasn't ben transparent about her server and e-mails and now we see all these foreign government donations to the clinton global initiative at a time when she was secretary of state and at a time when she said she would disclose those
7:16 am
donation all of those gets to trustworthiness. >> sounds like you're ready to take her on. just announced you're running. you'll come back later to talk to robin about your brand-new book "rising to the challenge." thanks for coming in this morning. now over to lara. >> thank you so much george. all the excitement over the new royal baby. kate and william are back home with their new baby princess. so much exciting surrounding the little girl. the big question now, what is her name? abc's bob woodruff with the latest. >> reporter: baby makes four an heir and now a spare. kate and william showing off their 8 pound 3 ounce sleeping cutie to the world. and gorgeous george mastering the royal wave visiting the little princess for the first time reminiscent of his dad's visit 30 years ago. just two days old, this morning the couple reportedly heading to admiral hall their country home where they'll see the queen who is at san drink ham.
7:17 am
>> i'm sure she's desperate to see the princess. >> reporter: uncle harry reportedly spoeng to them by phone to congratulate them. the palace releasing a statement for harry who is down under, she's absolutely beautiful. i can't wait to meet her. yesterday it was a royal family affair. fit for two kings and future queen kate introducing the day-old princess to their nearest and dearest, grandpa carol and auntie pippa followed by a very proud prince charles and ka mail la and grandpa middleton middleton. the big question what will she be named. diana, the sentimental favorite. >> diana is still one of the bookies' favorites, it would be too great a burden there's talk of. i'm not sure that's true. could be a great inspiration. >> reporter: it is true that there's a possibility that this little baby will get the name diana but the better the gamblers believe the most likely are alice, charlotte and victoria. hopefully we'll hear that later
7:18 am
on today. lara. >> hopefully, thank you very much, bob. i personally am rooting for diana. >> that would be nice. a beautiful day there across the pond. not so much in the midwest. >> not at all. another day of severe weather we have 50 severe storm reports including this hail in minneapolis and southwest of winston, nebraska. the storms are up, the atmosphere is agitated through western texas and illinois select stills brought to you by walgreens.
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>> reporter: hi, everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. nothing showing on storm tracker 6 live double scan. information we look outside bright sunshine and blue skies and clouds here and there. temperatures comfortable in the 50s in most neighborhoods. this afternoon it will be warm, in fact warmer than yesterday. we'll get up to a high of 85 degrees for your afternoon in philadelphia with sun and clouds. tomorrow another 85. but in the afternoon we'll be looking at some thunderstorms. possible from des moines to ft. stockton, texas. coming up here on "gma," bruce jenner back on tv for the first time since his groundbreaking interview. what he said and the new challenges he's facing. the out-out search for this man caught on camera winning a
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hard stools, and straining and help people with chronic constipation go more often. don't take amitiza, if you have a bowel blockage or severe diarrhea. tell your doctor, if your nausea or diarrhea, becomes severe, or if you experience chest tightness or shortness of breath. the most common side effects are nausea diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:26 monday may 4. let's go over to karen rogers starting on the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: good morning, tam we're looking live at the boulevard, eastbound traffic heading toward center city.
7:27 am
we're seeing the schuylkill expressway heavy from city avenue to the vine. we had two accidents on i-95 one southbound at girard has cleared, but that left lengthy delays. northbound we have an accident approaching bridge that's on the shoreline. look at the southbound travel time from woodhaven to the vine it's a 47 minute ride. we have a single-vehicle accident slammed into the barrier, northeast southbound past lansdale. another one where a vehicle ran off the road at trooper road oakland drive. we see these in the winter, today, no good reason all kinds of accidents. elites -- looking live in hd from the temperature university camera a beautiful day. it's going to be nice all day long. >> reporter: yes it is the sun is up on the horizon. the numbers are responding,
7:28 am
57 degrees in philadelphia. we're zooming from there. this afternoon accuweather says it will be warmer than yesterday. 85 is for the high. sunshine an clouds as the day goes on, but bright and nice. tomorrow another 85 more humid in the afternoon and evening there's a chance of a pop up spotty shower or thunderstorm. wednesday, 70s and 80s on thursday. >> sending you back to "g.m.a.," don't forget when we're not on air we're always on at
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good morning, america. right now fbi and police on the scene in texas this morning investigating that terror attack by two armed extremists. also right now, bruce jenner back on tv last night for the first time since his revealing interview with diane. news about his new fight this morning. and the search is on for this mystery lottery winner. he hit the jackpot but officials say he has no idea. >> could you imagine? we do say good morning, america, to you on this may 4th so you know let's say it in unison. >> all: may the fourth be with you. >> all right, thank you. yes, it is that time again. a holiday for "star war" fans an the world and that huge exclusive reveal. brand-new pictures from "vanity fair" and we are celebrating
7:31 am
with a stormtrooper takeover. look at all those super fans out in times square. so many great secrets just ahead. forgot to mention the smoke machines. >> that too. >> come in early in the morning and see these guys getting suited up in storm trooper uniforms. first bruce jenner as you said back on tv for the first time last night since his emotional interview with diane sawyer. now he's facing a wrongful death lawsuit for his role in a deadly car crash earlier this year. abc's chris connelly has the story. >> we have this great urge to get out of the house. >> reporter: bruce jenner back on keeping up with the kardashians sunday night offering fatherly counsel to scott disick to spend more time with his and kourtney kardashian's three kids. >> reporter: jenner's first appearance since that interview with diane sawyer. >> for all intents and purposes i am a woman. >> reporter: but jenner the subject of legal drama. a wrongful death lawsuit filed
7:32 am
on friday by two stepchildren of the late kim howell the 69-year-old who died february in a head-on collision on pacific coast highway in malibu allegedly after her lexus was struck behind by jenner's cadillac escalade and propelled into oncoming traffic. >> are there any injuries? >> i'm going to say, yes, it looks pretty bad. one car is destroyed. >> reporter: seeking unspecified damages the sibling suit alleges negligent, careless and reckless behavior. >> in california the law requires you to drive with a safe following distance. so you can react and brake and stop in time. >> are you okay bruce? >> reporter: jenner who passed an on-site sobriety test has not been charged in connection with the incident but the sheriff's department says its investigation continues. >> it's much more likely that a verdict for liability could be won in civil court here than a conviction in criminal court. >> reporter: the wreck took place days after the form he
7:33 am
olympian sat down with diane sawyer for that interview. a statement from jenner released at that time saying in part "my heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to the family and loved ones and to all of those who were involved or injured in this terrible accident." this morning his representative declining comment about the lawsuit. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, new york. >> thanks to chris for that. let's bring in dan abrams now. no criminal charges filed against bruce jenner yet. what are the legal questions in play. >> three key question number one, did he cause the accident? i think the answer to that is probably going to be at least in part. but that's only part of the question. the most important question is okay, even if he did, was he negligent? meaning did he do something wrong? did he fail to show a duty of care when he was driving? you need that. you can't just say someone caused it therefore, they're responsible. there also has to be a level of negligence. number three is going to be damages. remember, these are stepchildren suing. so there are going to be a lot of questions as to what was
7:34 am
their relationship and actual loss in terms of the numbers in if they prove negligence these could be huge. >> they could be enormous if the family is able to demonstrate that this was a real loss for them, they had a close relationship i know it's an ugly thing to talk about but when you're talking about wrongful death suits that's what you talk about when discussing damages, how much did the people actually lose. >> but finally the police say they're still investigating. criminal charges really likely? >> it's unlikely. not that it's impossible. the question again comes back to the negligence question which was how negligent was he? if he had been texting or drunk or if he had done something else, that could have led to criminal charges. that would be determined to be gross negligence and you could see criminal charges here because none of that seems to be at play i think it's unlikely you're going to see criminal charges and i think the fact that they're filing the civil suit now also indicates that it's unlikely there will be criminal charges. >> thanks very much. >> now to the search for that lotto winner who walked away with only a fraction of the cash
7:35 am
he was owed. take a look at this surveillance video. this man getting $75 for a winning scratch-off ticket at a los angeles area gas station. well the catch is it's really worth a thousand times more. abc's tom llamas has the story. >> reporter: this morning the hunt is on for a mystery man who hit a jackpot. the manage cashing in after scratching off a straight flush on this wild west lottery ticket. his prize, 75 grand. but the clerk behind the counter in a palmdale california gas station initially reading the prize incorrectly giving the man just $75. now the clerk realizing his mistake wants to find the customer last seen leaving the gas station driving a large truck and wearing a backward baseball cap to make sure he gets the right prize. when it comes to winning, there are simple steps you can take to protect your lucky ticket. >> we advise strongly encourage
7:36 am
all players to turn that ticket around sign the ticket in ink. that way it's yours. >> reporter: the man the store clerk says is the winner has at least six months to claim the $74,925 he's still owed before the ticket expires. for "good morning america," tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> i like that. lessen $75 he already has. >> i think he'll turn up. >> i think so. i think you're right there. that's a beautiful scene behind you, begin sfler looks so pu can see the little people here that gives you an idea of how big the waves are at the newport beach. a cruise ship had to dock in san diego. high surf alert in place, you could see waves up to ten feet plus temperatures to tucson,
7:37 am
seattle, portland, 69. >> reporter: along the east coast, we're in the 50s. dry on storm tracker 6 live. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 85 degrees very warm. fair amount of sunshine, 85 tomorrow, spotty storm. 83 today. miami is going to be 78. that's right. it's happening. >> winning. >> hey, ginger since you showed us that video good time to tell everybody about the dramatic rescue. the man caught on camera fighting for his life in the ocean. what everyone needs to know about safety in the water. and we are counting down to those "star wars" secrets. the first look at the new worlds in the blockbuster. big reveal just minutes away.
7:38 am
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♪ there are 16 fresh-picked oranges squeezed into each bottle of tropicana pure premium. and absolutely no space for added sugar, water or preservatives. tropicana. we put the good in morning. 7:41. back now with "gma" on the lookout. this morning, beach dangers.
7:42 am
one florida man lucky to be alive after being pulled deep into the water by a powerful rip current over the weekend. it is a frightening reminder as the weather warps up and more of us head to the beach and abc's gio benitez is at rockway beach in new york with more on this. good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: good morning, lara. a few surfers have wiped out behind us. those unpredictable rip currents are on beaches everywhere. this morning we have the warning and the tips to get out alive. "gma" aon the lookout. ♪ deep in the ocean and in distress, 31-year-old shawn huffman swept away saturday by a powerful rip current along florida's cocoa beach taking him 200 yards from the shore in just minutes. watch as his head dips in and out of the water. struggling to gasp for air. helicopters arrive with a flotation device as rescuers
7:43 am
race him to shore. >> rip currents they'll pull you out and if he was sdwiming directly against it trait toward shore it probably wore him out. >> huffman collapses on the beach but survives. he's lucky. rip currents kill 100 people every summer. they're the ocean's most deadly threats, more than lightning, hurricanes and tornadoes and occur when waves break fiercely at the shore. a stream of water moving away from the beach forms taking an unsuspecting swimmer with it. >> wave. last year i wanted to see just how powerful these rip currents can be. >> that's hard. >> give me your left hand. >> reporter: and was nearly washed away. you feel your heart racing. >> definitely. >> and especially with all those wave all that water hitting you and swallowing that water. >> it's disorienting. >> reporter: what should you do? experts say first always swim in the presence of a lifeguard and always watch for rip current warnings. >> turn around and wave your arms and call for help. that's going to help you stand
7:44 am
out from the rest of the people. >> reporter: if you are ever found caught up in these deadly currents expert say always swim parallel to the shore, never towards it. and here's another thought. you might be tempted to go out there to try to help a friend or relative or anyone else who might be in trouble but the truth is you've got to go to those lifeguards. they are trained. they know how to handle these rip currents lara? he do indeed gio. good advice. the big royal mystery. will the newborn princess be named diana? and how did kate get to look so beautiful just hours after labor. the best kept secrets in the galaxy revealed. an exclusive look behind the scenes of a new "star wars" and our stormtrooper takeover continues. ♪ the new s6 hits the stores and i'm like... whoa. open the box and... (sniffing) new phone smell. jump on a video chat with my friend.
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just living life. and milking it. start every day with the power of protein and milk life. ♪ we're going to head outside to lara with "the speed feed." a big "star wars" exclusive. you got great company out there. >> i do. i do. as you said robin, it is may 4th and the
7:49 am
#maythefourthbewithyou is the top trend on twitter. the excitement about to grow. look up at the jumbotron right there, guys. roll them. come on. work with me. okay. the new "vanity fair" "star wars" cover is out. we have the exclusive first look at what's inside revealing some tantalizing new clues about the movie straight from the set and for more on that here's mr. nick watt. >> reporter: yep, right now you're behind the scenes on "star wars: episode 7." annie liebowitz taking the pictures for "vanity fair" and adam drivers previously of "girls" fame is commanding snowtroopers loyal to the first order. judging by the dots on her face lupita nyong'o is playing some kind of computer enhanced character in "the force
7:50 am
awakens." >> my favorite shot is a group of characters hanging out in the castle that is apparently owned by lupita nyong'o's character and it's an array of space villains i think similar to the characters you saw in the cantina scene in the original "star wars." >> reporter: hang on s that a female kind of c3po looking droid? they gave us snippets without sound. "star wars" secrets are that closely guarded. here's j.j. abrams directing daisy ridley on a speeder in the deserts of abu dhabi. >> as i understand it what they're aiming for is you know a new film but with some of the flavor of the older films. >> reporter: yes old school x wing and hans chewy on the millennium falcon. i think the message is clear. >> chewy, we're home. >> reporter: for "good morning
7:51 am
america," nick watt los angeles. >> how cool is that harrison ford just sitting there? for more on this go to "star wars:episode 7:the force awakens" hits theaters on december 18th. coming up emeril's breakfast in bed brought to you by tempur-pedic. to moms everywhere. you're important, sleeb like it. love your fans at tempur-pedic. if i get four hours, i'm happy.p like it. love your fans at tempur-pedic. that's yours to help you sleep at night. shut up! this is my bed? oh my god! no, it's not. you can't put a price on what just happened. you can't.
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:56, monday, may 4. let's head over to karen rogers this time she is starting with i-95. >> reporter: we have a jamup on i-95. we had two accidents that have cleared. this is approaching allegheny southbound traffic is jamming past academy to girard. northbound approaching bridge we had an accident that cleared, 47 minute ride from i-95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine. accident in fairmont park, lincoln drive southbound is closed. watch for this. stick to ridge avenue or boulevard instead. an accident there is causing the problem.
7:57 am
also on the northeast extension we have an accident where a vehicle ran off the roadway. unusual thing with the roads clear and dry. this is southbound past lansdale causing slowing there. i-95 so slow on trooper road at oakland drive we have an accident that's causing problems as well. it's busy this morning tam. >> let's go over to sky6 live hd take a live look at the airport, beautiful out there david. and that's the story of the day. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely gorgeous to start out i'll be able to lose the suit jacket soon. 61 degrees in philadelphia. with the sun on your shoulder it's feeling warm. we zoom to 85 with the high, sunshine sharing the sky with clouds. tomorrow, sun and clouds mix high of 85. humid, in the afternoon and evening there's a chance of a spotty shower arena thunderstorm. wednesday not as warm, 74 the high, another shower or thunderstorm around, but the
7:58 am
front is back to the north on thursday and we get back into the 80s friday and saturday looks great for the dad vail are a got at that. spotty chance of thunderstorm on sunday. >> coming up on "g.m.a.," how princess kate had a baby in the morning and looked gorgeous in the afternoon. we'll see you in 30.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ so wake me up ♪ good morning america. scary rental rampage. the couple who rented out their home through a popular website and came back to this. unbelievable damage. now, would will pay? and a little princess for will a and kate but how about kate look so great just hours after labor? and what's the name for prince george's new little sister? will diana be a part of it? new details from inside the family's big weekend. ♪ this is going to be the best day ♪ we're kicking off "gma's" megamom week. an incredible morning 16 years in the making. >> now it's time for the big surprise. now this morning, emeril is cooking up our biggest breakfast in bed not one but two moms and you'll never believe their incredible stories. get the tissues out. it's our favorite morning of the
8:01 am
year only on "gma." >> can i come in? ♪ welcome back, everyone. the huge coast-to-coast may the fourth be with you celebration is on happening right now in times square with "star wars" super fans. uber fans. >> they are here. it has been called the greatest holiday in the galaxy and we've got stormtroopers with a little special delivery. >> oh, wow. >> a little coffee this morning. very nice. >> here we go -- >> stormtroopers. >> smoke machine again. >> we have some fans outside. >> thank you. don't fall. >> no. >> well, thank you. >> thank you. >> oops, sorry. >> thank you. >> who is getting the princess leia makeover right now? there it is. >> see how that turns out.
8:02 am
>> it's megamom week too also on "gma." oh excuse me, stormtrooper. we have some huge stars, huge events and some special guests all week long celebrating you guys moms across the country. >> yep, that's coming up this sunday. we won't forget about that. a special day that comes once a year, as well. emeril's breakfast in bed. here's one of our favorite reactions, do you remember judy surprised by emeril a few years back? >> the squeals of delight. the surprises, well this morning's story just may top that. >> pretty special. >> many surprises ahead. >> it is a great one. also a lot coming up but right now let's go to amy with a rundown of the morning's news. >> good morning, guys. the big story, two gunmen killed outside a contest where cartoons of the prophet muhammad were being judged. it happened near dallas the car driven by those suspects remained outside the ven shoe to be checked for possible explosives. the shootout started when the gunmen opened fire on a guard.
8:03 am
local police then shot back killing both men. the fbi is searching the phoenix home of one of the suspects. and happening now former hewlett-packard ceo comfortable self running for president made the announcement on "gma" telling george she understands the economy, technology and how to make tough decisions and came out swinging against hillary clinton accusing her of being un untrust worthyun trust wort trustworthy. also happening now, people across baltimore waking up to relative calm after the first night without a curfew. the national guard is pulling out following a week of unrest over the death of freddie gray. now to our quote of the day. there was barbecue sauce on the ceiling. that quote is from the people who rented their home through a popular travel website then later found it completely trashed with tens of thousands of dollars in damage. abc's reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: mark and star king thought they could rent their home out to make a little extra cash but they never imagined
8:04 am
coming home to this. >> this is awful. >> reporter: the calgary couple renting their home through airbnb to a family in town for the weding. >> we went through the house rules. wouldn't have kids that would stain the furniture. >> reporter: within hours a massive party with nearly 100 people started and wouldn't stop for several days. >> i pleaded with them pack up your stuff and leave my home. i'm begging you. i have babies that live here. this is my home. >> reporter: police responding to several complaints finding this food garbage scattered across the floor, smeared on the walls, spilled drinks staining furniture. in all causing at least $50,000 in damage. >> broken glass everywhere. there's barbecue sauce on the ceiling, mayonnaise covering our sofa cushions piled on the couch. everything is contaminated. >> airbnb covers them up to $1
8:05 am
million but damage is extremely rare. the company saying "we have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and we are working quickly to reimburse them." >> we're so grateful that airbn. b. as been very cooperative. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news london. >> reena, thank you. now to our big number this morning. $187 million. that is how much money the "avengers" sequel made at the box office the second biggest u.s. movie debut ever. new this morning, picture this. john kerry's new friend. the secretary of state practicing his selfie technique with a baby elephant. he tweeted made a new friend. kerr are i is in kenya for high level security talks. finally trending up this morning, the little bruce lee. check out the 5-year-old who can perform all the moves from lee's movie without looking at the screen. he handles nunchakus like a pro even wearing the same black and yellow outfit. and supplying the sound effects,
8:06 am
really impressive so if they ever remake a bruce lee film hollywood, i think they know who to call. he's got it down doesn't he? >> he does have it down. >> so good. >> i know. >> so you'll get some exercise now going back and forth. >> love that. >> thank you, amy. >> sure. >> thousand a check with the "morning menu" with lara. >> thank you very much. coming up on "pop news," or in "pop news," kate's stunning appearance just hours after giving birth to the new princess and a lot of people asking wow, how did she look so good? then the family mystery for sheryl sandberg. her husband's sudden death at just 47. why jamie foxx and the spice girls are trending big this morning. we are kicking off megamom week with princess leia makeovers because what pom doesn't want to wear the buns? we've got that and "star wars" surprises coming up here in times square. hello, gentlemen and ladies.
8:07 am
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rules here. no rules on aisle four! our new sweet heat is cooked according to our secret family recipe with a sweet and spicy chili sauce. did you get a can of bush's beans? yes, yes i did. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor? ♪ "heat index" and this morning's hot button story. royal baby number two. a little princess born saturday morning. and something else a lot of people are buzzing about. how kate managed to look so good just hours after giving birth. abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: this morning, a pint-size princess for the word to swoon over. william and kate proudly showing off their growing family saturday. duchess catherine stepping out with her newest bundle of joy
8:12 am
ten hours after giving birth with flawless hear wearing a jenny packham dress and three-inch high heels. >> she stepped out looking that beautiful, i think there was an audible gasp. >> her picture perfect presentation causing jaw dropping reactions from momly bloggers one writing kate looks like she spent the day in a spa and got a baby as a thank you gift. another reminding, we can't compare ourselves to kate. our reality is completely different than her reality. >> all these moms have to remember there was a glam squad involved. not a huge hollywood one, but amanda cook tucker who is kate's go-to hairdresser came in and took care of her hair. >> reporter: this morning new details from inside the lindo wing, part of the team who helped see the duchess through her healthy labor. doctors giving kate the all-clear to take her baby girl home the same day she delivered. >> british practice for second
8:13 am
and subsequent births i think so long as there are no medical complications mothers encouraged to take their children home. >> reporter: while the new family of four is getting to know each other, said to head to their country home the rest of the world is anxiously abating the new baby's name. >> william has given kate his mother's engagement ring both he and harry frequently recall their mother's memory so i wouldn't be altogether surprised if diana were one of the new baby's names. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news new york. >> i know lara you keep voting for that. yes, you do. joining us now with more abc news royal contributor victoria murphy is in london looking great and our senior medical contributor dr. jen ashton is here in new york. so a lot of people are commenting about the fact that kate leaving so soon. >> yeah. >> ten hours or so but that's not highly unusual there in the uk. >> in the uk correct, it's a lot more common than it is here.
8:14 am
let's look at the numbers. there was one study dong of 11,000 women. they found that 42% actually left the hospital within a day of giving birth. so in the uk it's not as unusual. here it's pretty much a land speed record. >> what is it here? >> you know most women tay in the hospital two nights because that's what most insurance plans cover and they want every minute of that time. they need the rest especially if they have babies or children at home and let's face it. not everyone has a full staff to help her when they get home so for moms that don't they need that time the support the nurses can give the baby and most women go home in 48 hours. >> i don't want to speak too much for ali. hamper our second baby than elliott, our first. is that common. >> every pregnancy, every labor is different but history matters and big generalizations with a second baby. second babies tend to be a little bigger which is not
8:15 am
always a great thing. >> exactly the same size. >> good for you, ali. and then the labors tend to be much, much faster. we saw thaw in this case. three hours. we don't know if she was at the palace but they go faster. the bad news there does tend to be more cramping postpartum. >> harder to get your body back after the second one. >> a little bit. >> you're so tired because of the first one. i want to ask if we can bring in victoria and ask you, we have been talking about the names. what are the chances in your opinion of diana making the cut? >> good morning. yes, two days ole and still no name for this little princess. polls in this country today suggest that diana is the people's favorite the sentimental favorite. and we do know that william likes to involve diana in his family life. he gave kate his late mother's engagement ring. however, i think that the smart money is on a traditional royal name for one of the first names and on diana being somewhere there possibly in the middle
8:16 am
name. >> and victoria we heard jen referring to kate and william's staff who will be helping them with this little bundle of joy. can you tell us what that looks like? >> well yes, kate looked so fantastic when she left hospital. she looked amazing. you couldn't believe that she had just given birth less than 12 hours earlier. so that of course is down to a little help from her staff. she had her hairdresser visit her in the hospital and maked sure her hair looked perfect. we know she had a visit from the midwife which is customary when they're discharged and we know she has george's nanny maria and of course her family are incredibly important here. she has her mum carol who is going to have a consistent presence over the next few weeks and, of course sister pippa. >> auntie pippa. that's right. i think you're rooting for the name victoria because of your namesake so you're out of the running in being able to vote.
8:17 am
>> of course i'm reaching for the name vick toia. a traditional royal name and i think it has every chance. >> wonderful to see you. thank you for that jen, thank you, as well. you'll be answering questions on twitter because people are curious about this in they sure are. >> thanks jen. >> we have to switch geers to sad news. the sudden death of dave goldberg. 47-year-old silicon valley star husband of sheryl sandberg was a lifelong advocate for women and the "lean in" author called him the love of her life. >> the team needs to work. >> reporter: beloved silicon valley entrepreneur dave goldberg, the husband of facebook coo sheryl sandberg and father of their two young children died suddenly friday night. he was just 47 years old. this morning, the cause of his death is unclear but memories are blooding social media. facebook founder mark zuckerberg a family friend calling goldberg
8:18 am
an amazing person. goldberg's brother, robert writing "we mourn his passing and remember what an amazing husband, father brother, son and friend he was." but the minneapolis native is also being remembered as a lifelong advocate for women. his relationship with his wife a central tenet of her best-selling book "lean in" which has helped so many women in the workplace. >> big counterintuitive but the most important career decision you'll make is whether or not you have a life partner and who that is. >> reporter: her 50/50 relationship with goldberg at a now famous speech at barnard four years ago that launched her campaign to lean in. >> if you pick someone willing to share the burdens and the joys of your personal life you'll go further. >> reporter: it's a philosophy she shared with abc news as well. >> when i entered it their relationships are stronger.
8:19 am
>> reporter: summing it up best in the pages of "lean in" writing "dave is my best friend closest adviser, dedicated co-parent and the love of my life." now she begins this new chapter without her partner. gone far too soon. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis abc news, new york. >> and, of course our thoughts and prayers go out to sheryl and the entire goldberg family. next though in our "heat index," one of sport's top power couples calling it quits. tiger woods and lindsey vonn and so many wondering what drove them apart. abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a surprising breakup. one of the sports' world most glamorous couples have announced they are splitting. both woods and vonn blaming their busy schedules, vonn saying on her facebook page i will always cherish the memories that we've created together. we both lead incredibly hectic lives that force us to spend the
8:20 am
majority of our time apart. they've been together for nearly three years. rumors that they were dating first surfacing in 2013 when woods reportedly sent his private plane to vonn in australia after the champion olympic skier suffered a scat strofk injury on the slopes. from then on they were captivating on the red carpet and supporting each other at sporting events all over the world. on the italian slopes in january and most recently seen together just weeks ago with woods' two children sam and charlie at the masters in augusta, georgia. in their statements both talked about the children. woods saying that vonn has been amazing with sam and charlie and my entire family. the former couple seemed to enjoy a good relationship with woods' ex-wife elin nordegren and frequently spotted together with the children. as seen in this picture captured by tmz sports. vonn even saying. woods and his beautiful family will always hold a special place in my heart. for "good morning america," mara
8:21 am
schiavocampo abc news new york. >> and we'll head out to ginger with a check of the weather. ginger. >> this crowd is all may the fourth be with you. let's start in chicago where this morning it is nice in new york. in chicago it's a more rough rainy conditions around and will be through the day. you'll see temperatures already at their high temperatures. they are in the low to mid 50s that's all you'll get today. as well as, heavy rain possibly. over 4 inches of rain in parts of new mexico and west texas. we're watching a disturbance tracking up the east coast of florida. thursday it could become a subtropical it could be named a storm. that's the big picture, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: warm and nice today in the northeast ginger we have nothing on storm tracker 6 live. as we head outside lots of
8:22 am
bright sunshine across the region and temperatures climbing in the 50s currently. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll keep climbing this afternoon going all the way up to a high of 85 degrees with a fair amount of sunshine and then tomorrow another 85 with clouds and sun mixing and the possibility of a spotty afternoon and evening thunderstorm and back to the 70s for wednesday. if this doesn't make you smile, the little pup economies with the bow ties on poco and tia maria. >> hello, tia maria. thanks so much ging. doing "pop news" on our new set relaxing comfortable. thanks so much elton john. benny and the jets as in ben affleck and just about every other slen and their jets causing a very expensive traffic yam at the airport in vegas on saturday night. thank you. you like that. >> that was good. >> thank you very much george. private planes sandwiched wing
8:23 am
to wing at mccare ron airport thanks to the mayweather/pacquiao fight. the airport saw record volume and had to divert some to nearby fields. i have to go to another airfield in a private plane. tom brady was there, beyonce was there, jay z. nicki minaj, there's ben. there's tom. i mean you name it. there's -- i mean i'm just -- >> mark. >> clint eastwood went for goodness sake. >> tom brady flew from the kentucky derby to the fight. >> they did. >> the fight is good for him. get on in here. jimmy kimmel took it to the next level. >> pacman ringside. and then mayweather's corner was justin bieber. that guy you see, he's the one celeb who lucked out. jamie "foxcatcher's" rendition of the fat anthem only received a smattering of applause and a
8:24 am
lot of heat on twitter. >> i got to admit i was sound asleep. what did he do that got everybody -- >> i think it was more the ending and said hallelujah at the end -- i didn't think it was that bad. >> but apparently it was like crickets when he finished. >> no one was clapping in on twitter, on twitter somebody wrote that the real fight last night was foxx versus the national anthem and foxx got his but whooped. that was some of the comments happening. it was just what you said the hallelujah maybe freestyling? >> a little freestyling. >> also the fight was running late. people were probably like -- >> i wish we could have seen jimmy kimmel. that was funny. >> try to imagine jimle kimmel dressed up run dmc. straight faced. >> bouncing around. >> i'm sure we had the video but -- hey, guy, also in "pop news" this morning, i'll tell you what i want. what i really want. i wanted scary spice to show up to this spontaneous spice girls
8:25 am
reunion that happened at david beckham's 40th birthday party. what a party it was. try to imagine the spice girls surround david beckham. there they are. it happened in marrakech, morocco. beckham's wife partied with all the girls except mel b. who couldn't come in. eva longoria subbed in. never a dull moment. i'm sure it is not for david beckham. happy birthday. finally the "avengers" may smash the competition at the box office but another superhero. you know the symbol used to mark ladies rooms. a new campaign is imagining that dress as pants and a cape. just in time for mother's day. this campaign is called it was never a dress has been launched by a software company getting amazing positive feedback on twitter. one woman posting, brilliant. >> i'm afraid --
8:26 am
>> they might get confused because men's capes will start coming in. >> exactly. >> can't we try to find -- >> we have plenty here every single day. >> "gma" especially. >> that's true. >> we do have a lot of "star wars" action figures come to life. >> that's it. anyway that's what's happening in the world of "pop news." >> this is the most comfortable couch we've had yet. >> thumbs up. >> let us know what you think. our new living room. >> let us know what you think of reese witherspoon. she'll be here live in times square. >> reese. >> there she is right there. new movie out with sofia vergara.
8:27 am
>> good morning forestry fire crews are on the scene of a number of brushfires in browns mills pemberton township. crews have the fire contained and they pose no danger to any people. 8:27 monday, may 4. let's go over to karen rogers. >> reporter: we had an accident only the blue route, why not not have one on the schuylkill expressway. you may see extra heavy delays. live at the boulevard eastbound traffic jammed from city avenue to the vine. westbound jammed, as well. you can't win in either direction. we have a problem in burlington county all morning long that road is closed mean union mill and haynes important --
8:28 am
hainsport mount laurel road. elbow lane is a good alternate. cruise on the scene 70 westbound lakehurst road pemberton burlington county, watch out for the crews out there today tam. >> david you said not to flick any cigarettes. >> reporter: no, we have red-flag warning from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. we're climbing in the 60s in a couple of neighborhoods. 85 is the high. sunshine and clouds as the day goes on. cy mentioned it's breezy. 85 tomorrow, spotty afternoon shower or thunderstorm. we ease back to 74 before bunching back up into the 80s on thursday. >> coming up on "g.m.a.," they
8:29 am
spend time with reese wither democrat spoon talking about -- witherspoon talking about her new movie. we'll see you be back here at 9:00.
8:30 am
♪ oh here we go ♪ >> welcome back to "gma." emeril's epic breakfast in bed happening for 16 years. best one yet is come up. can't wait to see the incredible surprise. meet the moms behind a truly remarkable story. that is just minutes away. >> and kerry washington will be with us later this week. a proud supporter of neutrogena true skin health campaign all to raise awareness about skin cancer and this morning, marks melanoma monday. kerry and newt tree jean in spreading the word. so important to stay safe and educated on this subject especially as we hit the summer months robin. >> oh goodness gracious. i'm just so enjoying being here with taya kyle right here an exclusive live interview. she's opening up new memoir
8:31 am
called "american wife" about her life with a man so many know as the american sniper but to her chris, loving husband, a dad, he was killed by a troubled former marine as you know in 2013 but his commitment to fellow veterans lives on. so good to have you with us. people responded to friday and really you let us in. you really did and you said that the reason that you have written this book primarily you want people to know the chris that you knew. why is that so important to you. >> you know i just feel like there's so much to him and there's a small part that people already know but there's so much more to him as a husband and a father and i feel like that's true with a lot of veterans. >> reese witherspoon is back in the social square. i'm sorry about that. they're having a good time back there. but also when you talk about chris, and your role as the american wife and we've talked about this because military brat proud of it that you really want
8:32 am
families military families to know that they are -- that we get you. >> right. >> what is it that you want to say because it's really difficult, those deployments are so difficult. >> right. >> for you all went through. >> yeah and i think it's true for first responders too. when you have one of the people in the marriage of the relationship or family who are experiencing evil like we've never seen and hopefully never will have to they carry a big burden and sometimes you can feel like you're all alone because you don't want to talk about or they don't so this is a way to not feel so alone. >> i'm glad you're doing that. when you didn't want chris to go back and you were torn and there's so many spouses who feel that way and it's almost like thank goodness i'm not the only one that feels that way. >> right, right, i didn't know i wasn't the only one. when i was going through it i felt like i might be the only one and felt ashamed of that almost. >> no. to be fair a lot of people support you, support chris. but also there are critics
8:33 am
especially after the movie came out about your husband's role in the military as an american sniper so how do you respond to those people who say, your husband was not an american hero. >> right, you know i think that chris actually taught me that too. he felt like people have a right to free speech and that's part of what we love about this country. this ef a right to say that. and fortunately for them they don't have to face the evils that other people are doing on their behalf. and i'm grateful that we have people that will face those things so that we can have the time and energy to criticize things that aren't you know right in our face hurting us personally. they have a right to. >> you address that in your book. you don't shy away from that at all. you with your foundation you want to help the people that you were just referring to and not just the veterans that are coming back. but also the first responders and tell people why that is part of the foundation. >> it's been such an honor to get to know so many people who are in that world and i feel like people don't know that their father manicallies are
8:34 am
going through a lot too. they have unpredictable schedules and see evils we don't see on the news all the time. woo he see some of it but we don't see some of the horrific things they see every day and have their own frustratings with staying married and spending time with their kids and i want to help them too. >> well thank you for just being so open so transparent and just really helping so many people and your two angels are doing great. >> so good. thank you. >> you ready for this book tour? in i'm here. i'm doing it yeah. >> people are very excited. happy to meet you. >> i'm excited to meet them too and you're wonderful. >> we have to get on horses again. >> "american wife: a memoir of love, war, faith and we newal." you can read anners certainty on on yahoo! another check of the weather with ginger. >> you have to see all these people out here. behind me one of the
8:35 am
that is part of a rainbow in in albuquerque. severe weather chances hail, damaging wind. let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: a nice day building ginger, in the delaware and lehigh valleys. we have no rain on storm tracker 6 live, as we look at the afternoon call, 85 degrees, sun and clouds. 85 tomorrow with afternoon showers and thunderstorms. the moment is here. celebrating moms this weekend and this morning three "star wars" loving moms had an out of this world experience full princess leia makeovers from an expert team. there's the shot before. i this we just saw it. come on out, ladies. these are the fully transformed.
8:36 am
oh they look so nice. >> very nice. >> now -- >> oh. >> little baby r2d2. >> soaking in all the may the fourth sell brakes. >> how do you feel? >> amazing. >> thank you. >> the force is strong i see. >> we've got the new york jedi here to make it extra special. all the people thanking them and hair and makeup team from tina did it. >> tina did do it. >> for making these perfect princess leias. >> happy early mother's day to all of you. thanks for being here. speaking of mother's day it's all part of megamom week on "gma" and now we have an epic mother's day surprise and asked you guys to nominate the megamom megamoms in your life for a delicious breakfast in bed from emeril lagasse. one of the ways we've honored them and you'll meet an extraordinary mom who gave her friend the ultimate gift of motherhood.
8:37 am
♪ >> reporter: as the bed is made and breakfast is about to arrive a few dozen people have turned out deeply touched and even excited by our story of motherhood. a story like no other. >> never in a million years would i think that this would be my life. >> reporter: renee redmond and amy dubuc have been the best of friends since high school. >> amy is the most special person in the world to me. >> reporter: through thick and thin at each other's weddings they grew even closer. in their 20s though life took them down different paths as amy started a family renee battled breast cancer. >> they told me i might not be able to carry my own child in the future. that was the worst day of my life. >> reporter: as amy's family grew and grew her dear friend
8:38 am
fought to survive her illness not once but twice. after treatment renee was cancer-free but unable to carry a baby. >> it was heartbreaking to know we might never get our turn. >> reporter: renee and daniel researched adoption and saved some fertilized eggs for a potential surrogacy. >> we were never going to ask anyone because we just thought that was too much to ask. >> reporter: then something amazing. >> there was an awkward silence for a few seconds and then mike said you know i know somebody who may want to help you have a family. >> reporter: even with four children under the age of 6, amy volunteered to be renee's surrogate. >> it was just the biggest gift to us. >> we sometimes joke about, you know their bun in our oven. we got this. >> reporter: amy now 8 months pregnant includes renee every step of the way, every doctor's appointment, every kick. >> she sends us videos because
8:39 am
the baby goes crazy at night. we can see all the movements. it's the most selfless thing that you can do in the word. i can't imagine anything that would ever come close to it. >> reporter: emeril's breakfast salute has arrived. >> and now it's time for the big surprise. >> hi. >> are you amy? >> yes. >> hi i'm emeril lagasse with "good morning america." >> yes. >> yeah. >> do you know why i'm here? >> no. >> can i come in? >> sure. >> at the tells her renee has nominated her for breakfast in bed? we're just honored to be able to give this to them. >> hey, renee, are you there? >> hi. i'm so sorry. >> oh, i'm crying. >> renee, what do you want to say to amy? >> you're changing our life and everybody in the word just needs to know what an amazing person
8:40 am
you are. >> reporter: then on to the surprise outside. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. >> there's a few -- watch your step. your family. your friends. everybody is here. amy, every day should be mother's day for you. but it wouldn't be breakfast in bed without breakfast. it wouldn't be new orleans without a little chicken and waffles. don't you think? >> there we go. >> reporter: this morning emeril lagasse and "good morning america" honor two friends and the incredible gift of motherhood. >> after carrying twin this is is a breeze. we wanted to share this story with everybody in hopes it inspires somebody else to do something great for somebody. >> what an incredible story of friendship. what a gift. and the baby is due any day and we have another surprise. amy is on the phone right now. good morning, amy. >> good morning. >> happy mother's day a little bit early. how did it feel to be honored like this? >> oh my goodness.
8:41 am
we're still kind of in shock for something that really was such an easy decision for my husband and i. >> an easy decision but how has it been the pregnancy, has it been easy all along the way? >> yes, the pregnancy has been wonderful. the baby has been kicking. it's ready to come out and meet its momma. >> oh well we can't wait to hear. will you keep us posted please. >> yes, yes. >> i love it. hey, we have a surprise for you. you know you will need some sleep. everybody needs their sleep. we're all moms here in the studio. we've got some women laying on a bed. it's our sponsor tempur-pedic. they're giving you the most cushy comfy cozy bed to ensure you get lots of sleep and rest. and we just want to say we love you and thank you for being such a wonderful friend and such a wonderful mother. >> oh, thank you so much! >> i want to see a picture of you snugging up in that bed enjoying breakfast and in the studio we have some other moms who are also enjoying breakfast
8:42 am
in bed so cheers ladies and cheers to all of you moms across the country. we'll be celebrating you all week long on "gma's" megamom week. amy, our love to renee, okay. >> thank you, thank you. >> all right. coming up another gorgeous momma with us. reese witherspoon is here to talk about her new film and so much more on "good morning america." ♪ emeril's breakfast is in bed brought to you by tempur-pedic. to mops everywhere.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
♪ you got that -- oscar winner reese witherspoon joins forces with sofia vergara in the new comedy "hot pursuit." take a look. >> you have to tay here till backup arrives. >> i am a sitting goose out here. >> come back. i am warning you. i did not want to have to do this. you're forcing me to take extreme measures. it is my mission to protect you. it is my mission to get you by dallas by 8 a.m. >> it is such a funny movie. reese witherspoon here with us now. welcome. >> hi. >> you and sofia never worked together before but did you click instantly. >> i mean, we did. i was such a huge fan of her on
8:46 am
"modern family." when i got to sit with her and started talking about what movie we wanted to make i was so charmed by her. these adjustshe's just as lovely as she looks on tv. >> i understand though there were a lot of crazy stunts in this movie. did you each injure each other? >> oh my gosh. we had fight scenes and, yeah she would throw me around the room and i ended up in the emergency room one night but -- did somebody shake you really hard because -- and i said yes, sofia vergara. >> must have been fun. >> at least you had fun being injured. there's a lot of physical comedy including how you look. channeling your inner justin bieber -- sofia called it jose bieber. >> i have to dress like jose bieber to get into it. it's silly. one of those funny movies we got to do all this fun comedy. she and i were laughing the
8:47 am
entire movie. >> i was laughing. >> kind of like lucy and ethel the whole time. >> yes, that's a very good example. you guys were amazing together and i want to talk about the girl power in this film because obviously you and sofia, you have a female director a part of your initiative. why is it so important to you to make sure women are making movie, starring in movie, writing movies. >> yeah i mean i just looked around three years ago and just didn't see a lot of strong female roles so started a company to produce more movies -- >> it's done pretty well. >> we did "gone girl" and "wild" and this is our third film. i have a daughter almost 16 and it's so important she has -- ceecees herself on screen and little girls out there like her that want to see themselves you know. i'm really excited for sofia and the latin-american audience loves movies and i'm so excited to have her as a role model out there, you know starring in movies. >> you're certainly a role model as well. happy early mother's day. in thank you so much. >> plans? >> i'm hosting "saturday night live" on saturday night.
8:48 am
>> wow! >> i'm so excited. >> a little something. then my kids are coming and, you know i'm expecting breakfast in bed, okay. i tell them all the time. have you thought of my mother's day gift? i was your first friend. remember that. >> very good indeed. reese, thank you so much for joining us. the movie is great. "hot pursuit" in theaters this friday. coming up we have more from carly fiorina.
8:49 am
yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm.
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8:51 am
with your battle with breast cancer that you successfully won. take us back to february 2009. >> well i had a regular lay scheduled physical with my doctor and had found a lump under my arm and she reassured me i don't think it's anything because i just had a clear mammogram and i went into her office and she was late which was unusual and she came in and sat down looking very pale and said you have cancer. we don't know what kind. we need to start tests immediately and, you know for anyone who's heard those words you have cancer you just -- i remember just willing myself to be calm. >> and you did that and you got great advice talking to friends, doctors, great support. you know as a presidential candidate people are always wondering about health so what is your health right now? how is it? >> my health is truly excellent. i'm six years out. >> you wrote about it being
8:52 am
transformative. how. >> i came to realize that life isn't measured in time. life is measured in love and in positive contribution and in moments of grace. >> and you -- you said when you wrote about oprah and said you took her advice and you don't read any of it. the good the bad but your husband frank does. >> i know. well i always say to frank, he's you know -- he's such a men mensch and such a huge part of my life and success. i mean he's my rock. he really is but he reads every word of it and he's an italian and gets all upset. >> is he set for this run for the white housy. >> yes, he is set. he is set and i tell him every day, don't read it. don't read it but -- some of it is wonderful. but, you know, with the good cops bad. >> and i have to say this you started the book and it really touched me because it's something that has affected my family and a lot of families addiction and your beautiful daughter lori you dedicate the
8:53 am
book to her and her tragic death and the hopelessness that you saw in her eyes and you said you also see that in people around the country and that really touches you. >> well, you know lori who was such a beautiful and talented young woman died of addictions and people get a certain look in their eyes when they lose hope. and i've seen that look in too many people's eyes. people get nover look in their eyes when they feel as though their life is filled with possibilities, when they are doing more than they thought they were capable of. there's a different look and for me that look is fuel and that hopeless look motivates me. we shouldn't see it in as many people's eyes as we do in this country. >> our thanks again to carly
8:54 am
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(female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. ♪ our thanks to and our great stormtroopers that are here. >> have a great monday, everyone. >> good morning 8:56 monday may 4. i'm tamala edwards. let's head over to karen rogers
8:57 am
with a last look at traffic. >> reporter: we have problems mount laurel road is closed we had an earlier accident that brought down a pole and wires. stick is to elbow lane or walnut to get around that. in new jersey, burlington county we're talking about the brushfire, you may see smoke on 70 westbound past 530 lakehurst road. we have two different accidents on i-95. we have ten mile an hour on i-95 southbound approaching girl. we cleared out 55 at cottman. you see the slower speeds on the schuylkill expressway eastbound 19 near girard, westbound 10 past the boulevard to bell month. a slow go this morning. >> let's get a last look at something you will enjoy and go to dave for the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: temperatures continue to climb take a look we're up to 66 in philadelphia. we'll be in the 70s over the next hour or so.
8:58 am
continuing up from there. that were accuweather says it's going to be another warm one high of # -- 85 degrees, sun to start out. pretty nice from start to finish. tomorrow, 85 could be a spotty shower or thunderstorm. wednesday a front is past us sitting to the south and we're back in the 70s. the front comes back on thursday and into the 80s. >> crews are battling brushfires in burlington county as a red-flag warning is in effect across the south jersey and southeastern pennsylvania. we'll have live report at noon. "live" with kelly and michael is next. i'm tam edwards, have a wonderful week.
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new comedy, "pitch perfect 2," elizabeth banks. and television, broadway star darren criss. plus, we'll meet a fantastic educator from pennsylvania as we kick off "live"'s "top teacher week." a brand-new game and a brand-new look. get ready for our "glow wild travel trivia." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are the emmy award-winning duo, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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