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tv   Action News  ABC  May 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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n coming freight train and a little girl faces brain surgery in the morning innocent victim of a likely case of road rage, next these pictures tell story of the close call on columbus boulevard, a septa bus tried to detour around a freight train, and it didn't end very well.
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the bus became stuck on the tracks and oh, yeah, the slow moving train managed to stop just short of hitting bus tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is ative rent kind of bus accident in south philadelphia. the driver of the route 79 bus, thought that he could cross over columbus boulevard but she got stuck on the tracks and she and two passengers ended up going to the hospital. live at the scene tonight columbus boulevard and dick inn on is "action news" reporter dann cuellar. dann? >> reporter: well, yes jim investigators still trying to figure this one out trying to figure out how a septa bus driver missed a cross over and instead jumped the curve here narrowly missing an on coming csx train. >> it was just something unbelievable. >> reporter: frank berk and other witnesses could not believe what they were seeing around the dinner hour that a csx freight train was blocking cross over traffic on columbus at tasker as it was hooking up boxcars. witnesses say septa 29 bus was traveling north trying to get around the train and was
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making a turn at dickinson. >> the bus actually crossed over where you can drive over from the track and then pulled a u turn and went in the train track and then got caught upright in front of the train there. >> reporter: witnesses say train was traveling north bound at a slow rate of speed. >> it came narrowly from hitting the train by about 10 feet or less. >> i thought maybe they were going to collide and cause a big, you know, explosion. >> reporter: berk says thankfully the engineer was able to stop the train. >> i saw it in time and was able to stop before major catastrophe. >> reporter: the the driver and two passengers on board suffered none in life threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment. witnesses are at a loss trying to understand how the the bus driver thought the she was going to get over concrete barriers separating the tracks from the roadway. >> i thought for a second someone tried to pull a sick move and take a u turn and then i realized a septa bus probably shouldn't be doing that. >> reporter: septa spokeswoman says that the accident is under investigation. they are talking to witnesses
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and reviewing video from cameras on board that bus to figure out what exactly this driver was trying to do live from south philadelphia, dann cuellar for channel six "action news". a little girl escaped her north philadelphia home this afternoon and preceded to go on a urban adventure. she rode a septa bus near 18th and dauphin, to the york dauphin el stop in kensington a leather septa employees realized the six year-old girl was traveling alone and took her aside to take care of her. all she would say is she was going to the doctor. her panicked parents realized she was gone and reported her missing to philadelphia police. they were able to reunite after 5:00 o'clock tonight. philadelphia detectives are on the hunt for a sexual predator who kidnaped a woman at gunpoint and then sexually assaulted her. this is a sketch of what the man looks like. investigators believe he is 21 to 25 years old 5 feet seven to 5 feet ten 160-pound. the attack took place early
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friday at 5:30 a.m. in fishtown as victim was walking on the 2,000 block of east york street. the suspect's early 90's dodge or chrysler minivan was caught on surveillance video. police say man drove the victim to an unknown location where he assaulted her and then dropped her off at almond and boston. police are trying to track down bandits who stole 12 bins of medicine from this non-descript liberty van at a rite aide this afternoon. it is not even clear that the thieves knew what they were stealing. typically looking for prescription painkillers but it is just as likely they got away with cholesterol medication. today's theft happened at 3601 in mid veil in east falls. another happened at levick and frankford rite aide last week. in each case the the bus driver escaped unharm. philadelphia police are now saying it may have been a case of road rage that ended with an eight year-old girl in the hospital with a bullet in her head.
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"action news" reporter kenneth moton is live at children's hospital tonight. kenneth? >> reporter: jim aniyah curry's family and police are baffled by what appears to be a random act of violence. aniyah's pain say she is a straight a student to loves to sing and dance. she's full of life. tomorrow doctors will try to save that young life with a surgery to remove that bull fret her head. one look at aniyah cure any her hospital bed and she looks fine. what you don't see is 22 caliber bull he will lodged in her skull. >> she's eight years old. she didn't deserve any of this. she didn't. she's a good child. >> reporter: aniyah's mother le keisha robinson and their father were outside children's hospital pleading for information after the apparent road rage shooting that injured the girl saturday at 9:00p m in west philadelphia robinson said she and her boyfriend double park outside their home on the 5400 block of haverford avenue.
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aniyah and her sisters age three and four, were in the back seat. police say ate appears the that the family was not moving fast enough for the driver of the black sedan, who was angry enough to fire once. the bullet, pierced the window and hit aniyah. >> i don't know, it was not minor, this is a another just incident. she's still in pain right now. she could have died. >> whoever fired this gun need to the right thing, be a man turn yourself in, except responsibility for what you did. >> reporter: that boyfriend behind the wheel of the chevy is father of the other two girls, including little jayla. >> if you know anything just please step forward and just pray for them, pray for my daughters and my kids. >> reporter: while aniyah prepares for tomorrow's surgery here police continue their investigation. they believe that two people were in that black sedan, they are looking for surveillance video, and tips tonight jim. reporting live from university city tonight kenneth moton for channel six "action news".
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thanks kenneth. six homes burned in reading this morning, one person suffered an asthma attack after the blaze at 7:30. it happened on the 900 block of east laurel street. it took fire fighters two hours to get the situation under control. they needed to call in reenforcement. as many as 20 people are out of their homes tonight. that fire that killed three members of the same family yesterday was apparently sparked by carelessly discarded smoking materials. fire marshall in west caln township chester county made that determination today. the blaze spread quickly from trash and recycling bins and engulfed the dwelling. victims, all of whom actually live in colwyn, were trapped in the rear of the house. more than a dozen citizens crime fighters were honored in delaware county tonight. the radnor police department's first ever citizen police academy class graduated tonight. officials say the academy is a
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great way for people to see what police training is all about and what officers face on a day to day basis. six democratic candidates for mayor of philadelphia came to channel six tonight to take part in their final broadcast debate before the the may 19th primary. we tried to cover a wide range of topics, issues concerning education and the relationship between police and the community did seem to dominate. "action news" reporter sharrie williams is live at the big board tonight. sharrie, tell us what happened here tonight. >> reporter: jim, for the most part each candidate stayed on message. over all the hour long debate was tame but there were moments when candidate called out their opponents. >> so let's begin. >> with that the mayoral debate opened up a hot topic on the night leadership at the philadelphia police department all six candidates said they would put an end to the department's stop and frisk policy. as for keeping current police
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commissioner charles ramsey. >> commissioner ramsey is out of here. number two, we will hire someone from within. >> i like him, would i keep him, question is would he stay. >> if he stays or if he goes the the new commissioner in my administration will be within the police department. >> the current commissioner would be change. >> reporter: other big issue school funding kenny and abraham says real responsibility is on harrisburg but both touched on raising fund through taxes. anthony williams said he would not raise taxes insisting the answer is in managing the cities assets better. nelson diaz said it is time to shift who get taxed. >> we tax the wrong people in the wrong places. we should be taxing the commercial real estate taxes. we should be reducing our wage taxes. >> reporter: as for the the debate over dividing dollars among public schools and charter schools doug oliver raised a bigger concern. >> i think conversation about charter schools verse district schools is the wrong argument.
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i think it needlessly divide us. the better conversation is higher perform schools and under performing schools. >> it was civil and straightforward but anthony williams and jim ken write call out the the most. >> you can't believe a word senator william says. >> tony williams campaign is supported by billion air and millionaire of wall street and jim kenny's campaign is funded by special interest and union movement. >> reporter: just a few jabs here and there. six contrasting candidates running on the democratic side. primary election is tuesday may 19th. >> thanks, sharrie. due to our broadcast of the debate tonight, six abc will be airing tonight's yeply at 2:10 followed by wheel of fortune at 2:40 a.m. still to come on "action news" tonight aster wrist claim responsibility for the texas attack, word tonight that the the gun man were secretly communicating with a third american who was still on the loose. plus boxing fans hope to deliver a legal knock out to manny pacquiao saying he pulled a fast one before last
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week even's big night cecily. scattered showers and thunderstorms moving through tonight and this will usher in a within day cool down, i'll have details in the accu weather seven day forecast. victims of the fatal fire escape collapse are sitting down for their first television interview when "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltsman, 43-foot collapse took the life of albert sue, now we're asking if up expects laws are to blame and what officials are doing to protect the people. that and much more when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ norwegians are free to do everything under the sun. free to cruise at their own speed... free to explore their own way... free to discover a new world of taste... free to smile wider... applaud louder... free to live fuller, deeper, and closer... that's how you cruise like a norwegian. (sing-out) cruise like a norwegian book now and choose from four free offers,
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a tanker truck carrying more than 8,000 gallons of gas, caused this massive inferno on the new jersey turnpike today. this was the scene near woodbridge middlesex county. tanker overturn on a ramp near interest change 11 and burst into flames.
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officials say driver suffered severe burns and was flown to the hospital. the white house says it is still too early to say whether the islamic state is responsible, for a shooting outside of a prophet mow ham it cartoon contest in texas. two gunman opened fire outside the the event on sunday night. both were killed, by a police officer. meanwhile, abc news has learned about secret messages between one of the attackers and mohammad hasan, an accused isis recruiter. hasan, an american from minnesota, has been wanted by the fbi since 2009. rescuers in nepal are digging through thousands of tons of earth after last month's massive earthquake triggered a mud slide. this dramatic new you video was taken by an american tourist, hike ago long the popular trekking route bordering tibet. the historic collapse around all around it after the earthquake hit. fortunately, the the man survived. many others in the area did not.
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here at home a candle light vigil was hell at drexel, make that university of delaware, for the victims of the earthquake. dozens of students, residents and members of the delaware medical relief team came together tonight to express solidarity, with the the people have of nepal. as expected former arkansas governor mike huckabee join the race for president today. huckabee became the sixth republican to enter the race. this is his second bid he made the announcement in his hometown of hope, arkansas. huckabee is none as a conservative populous and he pledge to eliminate the internal revenue service. tonight the pressure is on for philadelphia law make tours tighten lacks inspection laws which critics warn has resulted in catastrophic fire escape collapses across the city. for the first time on camera the the survivors of the fatal accident in center city, are speaking out to "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltsman saying death of
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22-year old albert su should have been prevented. >> reporter: laura o'brien says after surviving a 43-foot free fall she could hear the screams, o'brien and her roommate nantz write seriously injured, albert su was dead. a year and a half later there are still in requirements for fire escapes to be inspect in philadelphia. remnants of the police tape in the alley on between the second and locust mark spot where one life was lost and two others narrowly survived a devastating collapse on the night of january 12th, 2014. >> it was like the loudest rumbling, crash i had ever heard. >> reporter: it was laura o'brien's first time standing on the makeshift balance conn which two roommates. during a party for a friend's birth the day. but the celebration quickly turned tragic. >> my arms went over my head, i went straight down so quickly. >> reporter: o'brien survived the fall but broke her back. when another roommate was seriously injured. >> i could hear my roommate
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nancy yelling. >> reporter: albert su was not the so lucky. >> first thing i thought was that is not possible. >> reporter: his older brother men, spoke with us through tears. >> i lost my brother. >> reporter: albert was just 22 years old. >> this fire escape does not fall off. >> reporter: then april 11th, 3 months later city council's committee on public safety held a hearing on the collapse. >> it is a statement to me that our fire professionals won't even use fire escapes. >> reporter: it was reruled there are absolutely no requirements for inspecting emergency escapes in philadelphia. even structures that are 20, 30 even 50 years old. >> we don't need any more tragedies here. >> these are accidents waiting to happen. >> reporter: attorney spector represent o'brien and su and suing land lord who says he is not responsible. spector questions why philadelphia has not adopted the current, 2012 international fire code which requires an inspection every five years. the the city still follows an
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outdated 2009 version which lacks any inspection standard. >> they are taking their life into their hand and this is something that need to be addressed and addressed now. >> reporter: depositions revealed fourth floor fire escape had not been inspect in at least 12 years and most likely may have malfunctioned in the case of an emergency possibly carrying multiple tenants and even first responders. >> it was grocery structurally unsound. for to it collapse with only three people on it. >> reporter: we took those concerns to the public safety chairman councilman curtis jones. >> we will do something so it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: jones agreed that the fire escapes need to be inspect at least every five years. >> absolutely. >> reporter: question hoist will do the inspection and who will pay for it. any idea how long we will be wait forgo significant change on that. >> not long. >> reporter: we push jones on a date for that new law. he thinks he can get funding starting july 1st and hopes to pass a bill within the fiscal year. at issue is who would pay for the inspections. the council is considering the landlord who would pass that
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expense on to the renters. but over a five-year period with multiple tenants, spector estimates the the cost should be minimal pennies a month to ensure residents safety. i'm wendy saltsman for channel six "action news". on health check at 11:00 paging doctor watson. the super computer has been hired to help treat cancer. cutting edge oncology therapies can be targeted to a individual patient's dna and the the tumors genetic make up but it normally takes weeks to identify the the right drugs to use. watson can do it in minutes. super computer can blaze through a vast database of scientific papers and clinical trials to find a needle in the hey stack. fourteen american and canadian hospitals will pay to access watson's processors, though ibm says half of the time watson cannot suggest anything better than traditional chemo and radiation. paging doctor watson.
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let's go to cecily tynan and accu weather forecast. >> we have showers and thunderstorms as cooler air. it is not that cold. storm tracker six live double scan showing that there is two batches i'm watching. more significant one is at the jersey shore right now just moving north of oceanville, crossing the garden state parkway, atlantic city and we have had one lightening strike with this in the past 15 minutes. if you live down the shore don't be surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder. we also have more scatter activity, just in the north of philadelphia and south crossing i-95 right now in the west of coatsville. it looks like this cell moving out of lancaster county license moving into kent county delaware. three lightening strikes in this view over the past 15 minutes. the most of our region is not get anything rain. they are brief, they are widely scattered and this is where the push of cooler air, but right now it is still very warm out there. philadelphia is 75 degrees. finally dropped south of 80 where we are at 85 today this
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afternoon. million willville 67. trenton 70. reading 70. wilmington 72. sea isle city at 61 degrees. the satellite six with action radar is showing a cold front that is moving through doesn't have a lot of moisture to work w so the showers will be few and far between and they will be mainly out for morning commute. future tracker showing 7:30 tomorrow morning lots of cloud and very warm, temperatures already in the 60's and nothing more than just a brief shower mainly south of philadelphia, but we don't warm up much from there. instead of temperatures in the 80's like past few days, by 5:30 we will reach a high of 74 degrees in philadelphia that is 3 degrees above normal but compared to today's high of 85 it will be noticeably cooler. that is one day in the 70's. then we're backup in the 80's on thursday. the the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast more cloud and sunshine tomorrow but we will see peaks of sub shine by the afternoon. cooler with occasional showers, isolated, 74 the high. best chance of the shower
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would be in the morning. thursday partly sun which a high rebound to go 80. friday and saturday for aberdeen dad vail regatta 85 degrees both days, mostly sunny and for mom on sunday it will be feeling like summer, 87 degrees. monday temperatures trend down a little bit. eighty-four with a mixture of cloud and sunshine. tuesday, finally a chance of more widespread showers and thunderstorms, still warm with a high of 80 degrees. we have not had a good soaking rain in two weeks new so our gardens and lawns would like a little bit of rain. >> we have some fire danger out there. >> yes exactly. yesterday we had that red flag warning good thanks, cecily. it was a celebration of reading and literature in montgomery county tonight. the students brought their favorite characters to life during a reading night at willow hillel meantry school in abington. there was a book swap table where students could bring in an old book and swap it out for a new one.
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and just like that the snow is gone. and parkas become jackets. and sweaters go down for a long nap. and off you go. and your backyard gets a whole lot bigger. and you're running... and climbing... and your gear gets lighter and trimmer, and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second spent willing this day to come is just a warm fading memory. ♪ phillies trying to make it three in a row in atlanta. >> not a good result, jim. chase you the thely and chad billingsly, one by we are accustomed to seeing day in and day out. the other we have yet to see suit up for phillies. utley given the night off
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batting .103. ryne sandberg said he will likely sit him again tomorrow night. billingsly pitching in his first game in more than two years. that might be rough. that is not coming back. freddie freeman with the two run shot the in the first inning. fourth inning, kelly johnson that is a three run moon shot. he makes it six to nothing atlanta. phillies and billingsly give up six runs, five runs on eight hits in five innings of worth. shelby miller pitches a complete game three hitter. he strikes out eight. phillies are beat, nine to nothing. the eagles off season work out program continues this is an early opportunity for all of those new face toes gel. last year at this time mal conn jenkins was one of those new faces. the safety fit in well and quickly. jenkins knows how important his team is together. >> this is where it starts. thinks where we begin to get back to the basics, fundamentals, the work outs, the team building. now that the draft is over and
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free agency is all done we know who we will bring into this season and it is just good to be back. >> still to come, hear why tiger woods says he has in the slept in three days, plus are you upset you spend hundred dollars on the pacquiao/mayweather fight some fans hope to get that cash back.
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well brutal. that is how tiger woods has described the last few days. woods is preparing for this weeks players championship. sunday marked ninth anniversary of his father's death. on top of that wood revealed he and his girlfriend skier lindsey vonn are no longer an item. >> this three day window is really hard. i haven't slept and it has been these three taste march 3rd and -- sorry may
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third through the fifth to day, it is brutal on me. with obviously what happened on sunday, it just adds to it. >> a class action lawsuit has been filed against manny pacquiao, two boxing fans say pacquiao and his hand letters frauded people paid to watch the fight against floyd mayweather your because pacquiao did not disclose a shoulder injury. day before the bout pack ohio check no box on the questionnaire from the nevada state athletic commission asking if he was injury. pack ohio is expect to have surgery on time this week. the that is sports. >> my shoulder is okay. >> i was wondering. >> through go. we're getting true. we are getting a first look at plans to spruce up three may ground in the city of wilmington. designs were unveiled during community meeting in the woodlawn library. these improvements are coming to the playground at fourth street, mcconnell street and tucker parks. all 36 old outdated equipment, mostly in disrepair but that is getting better.
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supporters of the philadelphia a parks received special recognition tonight. eighth annual sin tenial celebration, held in fairmount park tonight. mayor michael nutter was on hand honoraries were singled out for their generosity and dedication to the parks system. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line jimmy's guest julie bow even adam divine and music from imagine drag. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner good night. >> ♪♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- julie bowen. from "pitch perfect 2", adam devine. and music from imagine dragons. with cleto and the cletones. and now, like always here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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