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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- severe weather sweeping across the country right now. the system spawning tornadoes. flooding rains. it's not over yet. where the dangerous conditions are expected today. the hunt for an american accused of being anisis recruiter. the new twitter trail that shows him playing a key role on an attack in texas. special order. a woman and her kid he would hostage in their own home. the hidel message in a pizza order that saved them. and face of jesus. the new image claiming to show what he looked like as a young boy.
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>> okay. good wednesday morning everybody. i'm kayna whitworth in for reena ninan. >> hello to y'all. i'm t.j. holmes. we begin with severe weather overnight. if latest radar shows the weather picture at this hour with a cluster of storms stretching 900 miles from houston to omaha. >> those storms spaund this tornado in rural west texas. it was part of a supercell. it spawned a number of tornados in the area. no reports of injuries or damage from this tornado. >> let's go further west. this funnel cloud was caught as well on camera. this was over roswell, new mexico. a cold air funnel cloud which destroyed a shed. it's the middle of the country in the cross harris. here's accuweather's meteorologist paul williams. good morning, paul. >> good moor to you, t.j. and
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kayna. we have warm air coming off the gulf. dry air coming out of the west. these two air masses will get along like the hatfields and mccoys. they're not going to get along. the result? storms where you see the red. in the area of red, torrential downpours and the possibility of isolated tornadoes. back to you. for the first time ever the state of california has put into place mandatory water restrictions. the waterboard has approved emergency drought regulations. the new rules will encourage home owners to let their lawns die. also limit watering in public property. it's not clear how violators will be punished. to texas and the investigation of sunday's attempted terror attack. despite a claim of responsibility from isis, it authorities say it was probably more inspired by it than
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organized by it. brian ross reports. >> reporter: isis claimed responsibility for these scenes of america under attack. bullets flying. police scrambling. the terror group said the two heavily armed men killed in the attack elton simpson and that deer soofi were what it called isis soldiers. there is new evidence of the critical role of a mysterious isis recruiter. the man posing here with a snake. an american from minneapolis known online as miski. >> he's been pushing for individuals to commit acts of violence as long as we have been following him. >> reporter: authorities say his real name is mohammed hassan. he left the twin cities as a teenager to join terror groups in africa. messages obtained by abc news between miski and simpson show miski pointing to the texas cartoon contest and calling for
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an attack. it's time for brothers in the u.s. to do their part. he wrote. two days later, he writes one individual is able to put a whole nation on to its knees. the day before the attack miski posted this picture, may allah protect us from the snakes of the hereafter. simple sop tweeted back amen bro, amen. miski has so far radicalized and recruited at least 16 americans and a dozen other westerners. brian ross abc news new york. hillary clinton is staking out her position now on immigration. speaking at a high school in las vegas, she said any overall must include a path to full and equal citizenship to millions of immigrants here illegally. no republican candidate has such a plan. also former arkansas governor mike huckabee announced
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yesterday he's running for the gop nomination. he told supporters in his hometown of hope arkansas that power, money, and political influence have left a lot of americans behind. huckabee hopes to be a reformer. >> government in washington is dysfunctional because it's become the roach me tell. people go in, but they never come out. >> huckabee also pledged the elimination of the irs. he calls it the biggest bully in america. let's turn to baltimore now. struggling to get back to normal following the unrest over freddie gray's death. one of the police officerers arrested is demanding inspection of the knife seized from gray. the officer claims it was an illegal weapon.
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lor loretta lynch went to maryland. she sat down with the police commissioner and greeted officers on duty for last week's riot. that guy, prince is heading to baltimore. he surprised fans by announcing a special rally for peace on mother's day. the audience being asked to wear gray as a tribute to freddie gray. still ahead, investigators find an escapee after being on the run for six decades. a new fight for manny pacquiao. this time outside the ring. the legal battle the boxer is now facing. and a plea for help in the form of a pizza order. a family is saved after the mother's quick thinking.
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well wells fargo customers checking their starmt as the megabank is sued for fraud. the city of los angeles suing after an investigation revealed that employees pressured customers to open unwanted accounts. in some cases they damaged the customers' credit scores. federal safety up vest gators want to know if nearly 1 million suvs made by chrysler have been properly fixed. 900,000 jeep grand cheroke rks s and the dodge durango. there's a fire risk in the sun visors. the investigation is being launched because several fires have broken out inside the cars that chrysler recalled and
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repaired. all right. a lot of folks trying to book their travel to cuba. it is going the get easier soon. for the first time in 40 years, the federal government has approved a ferry service between the u.s. and cuba. a jetblue charter begins in july. still, only certain u.s. travelers will be allowed to go. general tourists are still restricted. pizza hut will start testing this delivery service next month. it's called pizza hut nav. short for navigation. it will be tested in the dallas-ft. worth area. customers will be able to track their pizzas from the time they're ordered until the drive sir on their street. the service is considered pizza hut's attempt to catch up with dominos deliveries. i feel like so many people will be standing on tear doorstep. >> you seem excited about this. >> i guess i like to know where
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dozens of families driven there their homes by a wildfire about 50 miles north of new york city are back home this morning. more than 2,000 acres have burned near poughkeepsie. the fire is about 80% contained. investigators believe it was started by someone burning debris outside, which is violating the burn ban. drivers can expect flooding across a wide swath of the midwest. wet roads across the ohio river valley and the inter mountain west. down into most of texas as well as a whole lot of folks in florida. if you're flying airport delays possible in denver miami, kansas city and dallas. so boxer manny pacquiao will have surgery on his injured shoulder this week. then he has to get ready to fight a lawsuit. >> boxing fans have slapped him with a $5 million class action suit. they claim they were defrauded
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when they bought last night's fight. this was on saturday. he fought floyd mayweather. and people didn't know about his injury. >> he could be fined. his recovery from the surgery could last up to a year. a courtroom in new york city. man who aimed a laser pointer at planes over laguardia has pled guilty to a new federal charge. the disabled former heroin dealer with a history of schizophrenia faces 2 1/2 years in prison. a convict on the lam since the eisenhower administration is back. they created a ruse and had him sign papers. he admitted his true identity. he's expected to be sent back to ohio where he was originally
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sentenced after violating a manslaughter charge. check out this huge fireball. workers were there at this closed gas station when this explosion happened. three workers suffered serious burns. two children suffered serious injuries when a tree fell on top of them at park in the boston area. eyewitnesses say they heard a loud crack. then the massive tree comes crashing down. two boys, aged 8 andwere hospitalized. the 2-year-old still in the hospital this morning with a fractured skull. experts are looking into why the tree fell down. the park was recently renovated. there is talk of bad weather being a factor as well. meantime, outside of phoenix, arizona, a school bus drive sir being investigated for locking his students inside the bus for allegedly misbehaving. the surveillance video shows parents trying to pry the door open. the driver refused to budge.
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>> your kid will get off the bus when i'm done with them. >> let the kids off the bus. >> the driver drove the bus back to school forcing parents to follow. and to call 911. the arizona school district is now reviewing the weather. but has not yet decided in the driver acted irresponsibly. an amazing rescue situation in florida. the woman was able to get help. the comment box of the receipt. please help. get 911 to me. lower, it says 911 hostage help. the workers at the pizza hut recognized the mother as a frequent customer and called police. we'll follow up on that one. turning to sports. if you thought there were too many college football bowl games, think again. three more are being added. a record 42 post-season games. >> you don't want to leave
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anyone out. i can't wait to hear the names of the games. for last night's pro playoff game highlights for you from espn. he's stan. i'm neil. we're professional sports casters. >> we're here to tell you about the nba playoffs. it's been awhile since the gold. state warriors lost at home. they took game one against the grizz plips they have the mvp, steph curry, showing his trophy to the folks in oakland. curry, 7 for 19. mike conley returned from a three-game absence. he got hit in the face in the series against portland. needed surgery. he was 3 for 6 in triples in the game. zach randolph led memphis with four assists. hooks up courtney lee there. conley was the hero. that three was huge. the grizzlies heading home for game three with a split. boy, anaheim looking like a steam roller baby. gonna roll all over you. rolling on calgary.
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going to take a 3-lead matt millessky. ryan kesler. second line doing its thing. we got about 30 seconds left. a 4 on 3 and an empty net. it's really 5 on 3, and johnny guidreau they call him johnny hockey. anderson never saw this. backlund with the game winner in overtime. the flames come back to 2-1 with a 4-3 overtime win. the hawks beat the wizards. that series tied at a game apiece. >> other scores unavailable. all right up next in "the pulse." worst possible prize. it's a big win on "the price is right." it's being called the most awkward ever. also an olympic champion's trick to removing a loose tooth. you get the idea there, folks. their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal.
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all right. topping "the pulse." detective work in italy has revealed a new view of jesus. >> investigators started with the shroud believed to be the burial cloth of christ. from there, they used age regression to show what he would have looked like as a boy. >> so this is what they think a 12-year-old jesus would have looked like. the shroud is expected to draw millions of visitors while it's on display for the next couple of months. now to what may be the most awkward moment in game show history. and this woman, wait where is she? >> here she comes. >> this woman right in the middle of it. >> this woman, danielle perez in a wheelchair since an accident years ago. she made it on stage. things got a little
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uncomfortable. >> george what do we got for her. >> a couple of prizes. we've got a pred mill and a new sauna. >> yeah folks. a lady without legs had, yeah, a walk-in sauna and a treadmill. she kept thinking this was a joke. she was a good sport. saying she still wanted the treadmill despite the fact that she couldn't use it. >> she tweeted out, when you win a fred mill on national tv but you have no feet. her best friend says the whole thing is proof the show is not fixed. >> that was cool. she was a good support about it. >> she was. >> it's live. stuff happens. having a former olympic gold medalist as a dad has its benefits. maybe you can save a trip to the dentist. >> this is how former world champion brian clay handled his daughter's loose tooth. the caption, what you use a javelin for once you retire.
4:24 am
see hat? his 5-year-old put on a brave face. the tooth came out. no tears. >> he's amaze-- she's amazing. he tweeted out it was his daughter's idea. he said the tooth was fafly turned pillow for the tooth fairy. finally, romance is dead. nah. when you post a sign like this one you're going to see, surely sit not. >> it was posted in the houston area intersection by a guy named adam. he writes -- to the beautiful girl in the banal car, i'm the guy if the black truck. call me. left his number. he seems to think that they had a moment when they saw each other. so he's going for it. a little low-tech style. >> she left an impression on me. i couldn't figure out another way to possibly meet her. soy just painted that sign and stuck it out there on the corner in hopes of her maybe seeing it and call me. >> he has not received a call just yet.
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>> ♪♪ >> hey everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. 4:27. it is wednesday may six. we're following deadly stories including a deadly triple shooting in philadelphia. police are on the hunt for a man who kidnapped and raped o woman in the fishtown section. we have key clues police want you to see. developing overseas, disturbing details emerge about the pilot who investigators believe deliberately slammed a packed plane into the alps. giant tree comes crashing down on children in massachusetts. astd outbreak hits a school that does not have sexual education classes. all next. there are now four couples that is still dancing on "dancing with
4:28 am
the stars." >> yeah the crowd getting smaller and smaller. after two guys who you have seen on other abc shows, well they were september packing. george pennacchio with the details. ♪ a little party never killed nobody ♪ >> reporter: "dancing with the stars" broke up with the bachelor. >> chris and whitney. >> and sent the shark swimming back to his day job after last night's double elimination. >> it's a mixed blessing. i wanted to dance the waltz next week with kym. but i'm happy to get my life back. >> he's just the most amazing person. he embraces every situation he's in. especially in the dancing, he embraced every single dance. he just threw himself into it. >> it's been -- you know, cool to be able to show america how much drive i do have. not just the -- i'm a hard-working middle america guy that's just -- you know came here and gave it my all. >> i feel like this season has been the most rewarding out of all the seasons that i've ever
4:29 am
done. i took someone who had no dance experience no performing experience. we made it so far. we made it to week eight. >> this has been an incredible experience. >> reporter: we move on to the semifinals next week with the judges more involved. ♪ we're gonna dance until we drop ♪ >> oh yeah. >> reporter: each one with team up with one of the remaining couples. >> a 10, baby! >> a perfect night. >> reporter: to become the creative director for one of their dances. >> i like the passion, the drama, the full-on intensity. i know. you know. >> reporter: in los angeles, george pennacchio for abc news. >> rumer, riker, nastia and noah. that's what's making news in merng this mork. stay with us for "good morning america," everybody. have a great wednesday.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. we've got several breaking stories here on this wednesday may sixth. one person is dead and two others injured after a barrage of bullets explode in north philadelphia overnight. >> police say this man kidnapped and assaulted a woman in fishtown. now they need your help putting him behind bars. >> a small high school in texas is coping with an std outbreak that health officials are calling of epidemic proportions. >> good morning. 4:30 on this wednesday. let's can check in with dave murphy and karen rogers for weather an


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