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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  May 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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how'd you know? you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah! king of cash with top prizes of $100,000. [male announcer] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon, in the news the trial gets underway for a
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man accused of the murder of a philadelphia pediatrician. and honoring the men in blue that have lost their lives in the line of duty. >> and the big story is the search for a suspect that kidnapped and sexual assaulted a woman in fishtown. >> police have released a sketch of the suspect they are seeking in the attack. chad pradelli is live with the latest details. >> reporter: this sexual assault happened friday morning and police say that the suspect is calculated and he knows the area and police need the public's help because so far they received zero leads. police are on the hunt for this man, wanted for the gun point kidnapping and rape of a woman in fishtown. investigators say the man saw the victim drove around and concocted a plan and drover
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around east york street as the victim walked to work, he got out of the vehicle and acted like he was walking towards the residence. >> the man turns and producing a handgun and orders her into the vehicle. >> the victim was driven to an unknown location and sexual assaulted and released the woman at boston street. the vehicle is a 1990s blue dodge or chrysler minivan and the backseats are removed. police want you to take a close look at the suspect. he knows the area and how to get around and he is either from the area or works in the area. >> and police tell me that the suspect is also very careful when he dropped off the victim in a small alleyway he made sure to back up so she wouldn't get a license plate number. i'm chad pradelli channel 6 "action news."
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police in delaware are investigating a crash that kill aid pedestrian overnight. it happened on the southbound lanes of i-95 in wilmington at 12:15 this morning, a 1995 chevy impala struck the man and he was killed instantly. hughs stopped on the shoulder of i-95. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting overnight and police believe that three people were shot during a gun fight at the 3500 block, one man has died from his wounds and two other men are stabilized in critical condition. well, the front wall of a south philadelphia home came crumbling down this morning hours before the city addressed how its addressing that problem in the city. you can see the entire front wall of the home crumbled along
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south street the home was vacant and nobody was hurt and neighboring homes are being checked as a precaution and eva pilgram joins us from hunting park where city officials address how they will address this dangerous and ongoing problem. >> philadelphia is a historic city and with that history also comes aging buildings once useful warehouses like this one behind me at eighth and rising sun are now safety hazards and the city is moving quickly to take them down. >> another empty building is coming down and we are proud of our history and heritage but like most cities in our part of the country, we have many old buildings, that in many instances no longer serve our needs and some have fallen into disrepair and sometimes dangerously so. they hope that this scene today will happen plor and more and they tried to remove vacant
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warehouses that pose an issue for the communities they are in for the first responders that are trying to protect them. >> in 2012, two of our firefighters lost their lives fighting a fire not far from this building at second and york street. >> we were able to get out and do a great job of fighting the buildings that had violations and moves us forward to having a safe city. >> today licenses and inspections announced a partnership with the fire department to do joint inspections of vacant buildings more than 7,000 square feet, that comes with $5.5 million in new funding and 45 new workers to get the job done the idea is to expedite the process before trouble happens again. >> the force is unbearable to load and when the firefighters try to approach a fire from the floor level between the fire and deterioration of the floor
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it collapses and that is how you lose first responders. >> as they begin work to tear down this building they will by land take down the top two stories of this four story building and then they will be able to come in with the equipment to tear the remaining part. building down. we are live in hunting park, eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. turning to the weather this noon cooler more seasonable temperatures today after a couple days of summer like weather sky 6 hd taking a live look at the center city skyline this hour, the sun is shining again after a damp and dreary morning, some of you may see more of those showers this afternoon david murphy is at the "action news" big board where a look at your accuweather forecast. >> it's one of those days where the weather doesn't seem to decide what it wants to do. swret morning showers and early sun before and after those
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showers came through and another batch of precipitation makes its way through reading and into northern chester and northern montgomery counties and buck county picks up some of this as well. can you see how the secondary line is falling apart. and there isn't appear to be support for this and it's a light nuisance shower and doesn't last all that much longer as we look farther to the west, there isn't a whole lot behind this batch coming through and it's possible that some of this stuff survives over the mountains and drops in during the afternoon but whatever does hit it will be few and far between light stuff but by the time we get to dinner time it's all over for us. we are still warm, 70 in philadelphia and 72 in wilmington and a frontal boundary sweeping down past us light today and it's still on the warm side and not nearly as warm as it was yesterday, 85 in philadelphia and today only 74 close to the average high of 71
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notice how the low tonight though, a larger spread between the arm low and what we are going for. that is an indication that milder air is beginning to work its way in. we'll show you the numbers heading back up into the 80s tomorrow and we'll see if we can't carry that pattern into the weekend, check and get the updates forecast and weather warnings and live stormtracker 6 live double scan. >> new details this noon about the copilot on the doomed germanwings flight that crashed in the french alps, now they say he may have practiced the deadly descent a day before the crash. >> did the pilot make a test run that lubitz deliberately crashed the plane into the alps
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killing all 150 on board and now there are questions about the flight he piloted hours before that fatal flight he was alone in the cockpit for four minutes and for a time he set the plane on a controlled descent and left it there for three seconds before spinning it back to 35,000 feet and he again sets the dial at 100 feet and leave its there for a few seconds before leveling it out at 25,000 people. the pilot returns and the flight to barcelona. the exact answer may never be known. >> whether he was practicing or losing his nerve each time we don't know, on the return flight to dusseldorf germany, they say
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he intentionally crashed into the mountains. the adjustments he made on the first flight did not change the plane's trajectory. delaware police officers killed in the line of duty were honored this morning, the newcastle police department held their memorial ceremony this morning in minquadale, fellow police officers held a wreath laying ceremony at the memorial in the front of the building the newcastle color guard and pipes and drum group took part as well. the six can dates vying for democratic candidate for philadelphia mayor squared off in our studios. they all shared their thoughts on the city's economic future
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and its police force and education. our own jim gardner moderated the debate and tonight tamala edwards will modrate a debate in mt. airy that started at 7:00 p.m. still to come on "action news" at noon, two children are hurt when a tree falls on top of them as they play in a massachusetts park. the horrifying video. >> and how ordering a pizza saves a woman and her children being held hostage in their home. and david murphy has the cool accuweather forecast. and call to action volunteers are standing by right now to help you with any issue you might have the
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you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. this surveillance video captured the moment when this large tree suddenly fell at a playground where children were playing. it happened in a mark in chelsea, massachusetts on monday. at least six kids were playing under the tree when it toppled on top of them. two boys were rushed to the hospital and the 2-year-old has a skull fracture. the park is closed until the other trees can be inexpected. people have to kutd back on their water usage after a drought. this after unprecedented
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restrictions on how residents and biggss can use their water. the control board soez that urban water use fell less than 4% in march and the plan is to cut the water use by at least 25%. a small high school in west texas that does not offer sex education is dealing with an std outbreak. crane high school says about 20 have contracted chlamydia. they met to discuss their course of abstannance and now they want to talk about stds, they call it epidemic proportions the school board will vote to see if the changes to the sex ed curriculum should take affect. the governor in baltimore has lifted the state of emergency meantime they have asked the department of justice to investigate the police department.
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they will look into whether there is a pattern of police discrimination or excessive force this womans in the wake of the death of freddie gray and the violence that followed. and all police officers will have body cameras by the end of the year. it may have been one of the biggest fights ever but fans believe they were ripped off by the lackluster fight between pack yo and mayweather, they say that they defrauded people who paid to watch the fight. pacquiao did not disclose he had a shoulder injury the men are seeking at least $5 million in their lawsuit and more on this new fight for pacquiao coming up in a live report coming up on "action news" at 12:30. and why netflix is against a deal between direct tv.
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45 million people do not have a credit score at all. the consumer financial protection bureau found that 46,000 -- the information is so limited they are unscorable and minorities and people with no work history had a less rate. the infection of hepatitis c an infection of the liver can progress to liver cancer many patients are forced to stop taking the traditional medication because of side effects, at duke university they combined drugs and eliminated 90 percent of the virus. they still need fda approval. now the "action news" team is out working on news stories
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beginning tonight at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is here with more. >> coming up today in big talkers its 64 seconds of pure determination, you don't want to miss this video of ft. dix of a female soldier finishing a march that most fail. and the scarlet knight may be getting company, why the student assembly at rutgers university wants to add diversity to the mascot roster and they want to add fine food and gourmet coffee but they share dna, we'll introduce you to the philadelphia hip hop artist that put it all on the line to open a cafe with his mom and for his mom. i'll see you in the next half hour, we are talk about ing about a double elimination on dangsing with the stars.
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david is back with a check of the accuweather forecast, a shower came through the city earlier this morning and another one off to the north and west. looking at live stormtracker 6 live double scan most of the area is dry and if we zero in on the northern and western suburbs that is popping through reading and leaving reading behind right now, you see yellow in the middle of that, that could be a burge burgoing thunderstorming. and maybe catching green in the northern section of montgomery county. and as this pops through one more time i want to run up the lehigh valley way and there is more of that shower activity coming through. it may take longer than that to
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get through allentown. there doesn't seem to be too much out there south of lancaster, a blip on radar taking a look outside and we go to cape may and boy it's one of those freaky days where in some cases you get a shower and you go about 40 50 miles away you have bright sunshine and no hint of rain. 70 in philadelphia starting to get only warmd side and winds from the east at 13 miles per hour and your dew point at 46 an indication that the air in philadelphia is fairly dry and fairly comfortable 72 in wilmington and 71 in trenton notice the northern and western suburbs are cooler and in the 60s. same with spots down by the shore and a lot of spots down to the south will have trouble breaking out this afternoon, can you see that as we go between now and 3:00, we are mostly dry and could be more sprinkles and nuisance showers that try to pop
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through the north we can't rule out a thunderstorm popping here and there and you always take care from storms because of the lightning, and by 6:00 i think this is pretty much done but maybe the shore is dealing with additional shower activity. and by the time we get to 9:30 there may be stars poking out. and if you worry about things popping in you can check with adam an cecily tonight. a spotty shower possible obviously and down the shore clouds mixing with some sun can't rule out a spotty shower perhaps later in the day. and another one of those spots where we hold in the 60s, 74 in philadelphia with a mix of clouds and sun and a spotty our or thunderstorm can't be ruled out in parts of the region but generally speaking winds are dry and light. tonight we dip to 59 and partly cloudy and comfortable
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overnight. for the evening commute a slight chance of a shower and a good chance that it's dry and numbers not moving much from 4:00 and 7:00. going from 71 to 69 degrees, tomorrow we'll tell you there is high pressure off the coast that gives us a southerly flow that pumps us up to 71. a low pressure the next several days and if everything goes to one possible plan, that could be a subtropical storm of the year, anna is the name. your exclusive accuweather forecast 74 is today's high and for the dad vail, 85 for friday and saturday, and mothers day a chance of a late day thunderstorm. >> thank you. coming up at 12:30 tough news for new jersey governor chris christie, the numbers that show voter support for his presidential run continues to drop in the garden state.
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and the raid for dead beat parents, "action news" was there as suspect after suspect was broad into custody.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams sara bloomquist and meteorologist david murphy. hello again. the man accused of strangling a promising pediatrician inside of her home is on trial and opening
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statements are expected this afternoon. plus manny pacquiao could be headed for a one-two punch in court after losing the fight of the century over the weekend and police have few clues in an armed kidnapping and rape in the fishtown section and they are asking for the public's help. now the trial for the man accused of strangling a pediatrician, it's a bucks county exterminator. david henry is live with more on the trial. >> reporter: it was a case that made headlines around the world a chilling random murder that claimed the life of a talented young researcher and pediatrician at childrens hospital and the man that killed her allegedly because she insulted him is on trial here.


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