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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 7, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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feel free to be yourself all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond. whoa! [ bleep ]! >> a scary scene there near a busy new york city train station. a manhole blew up. a hotel and nearby television studio had to be evacuated because of smoke and lingering odor. the blast blew out tv cable, phone, and internet service for hours because underground cables melted. are you one of those folks,
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people do it every day, park illegally? maybe just want to run a quick errand. >> never. it is giving predatory tow truck companies the opportunity to kind of lie in wait for a chance to snap your car. so with help from our washington, d.c. d.c. station, wjla abc's paula ferris has details. >> reporter: it's called spotting. tow companies lying in wait for you to park your car in an illegal spot and as soon as you leave, they strike. take a look at this undercover video from our washington, d.c. affiliate wjla. two women park their car and head for lunch at a restaurant outside this parking lot. unbeknownst to the women, this man parked in the same lot for hours, sees them walk in appears to call a tow truck driver from arlington event towing. within 60 seconds of parking, their car is gone. spotting is perfectly legal in the state of virginia. and in this parking lot, advance towing is the designated tower. >> three minutes, five minutes,
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that is totally not acceptable. >> reporter: at least one state legislator would like to change the law. >> there really should not be that short of a time for anybody to be penalized. >> reporter: you may have heard about advanced towing from this viral video. >> yep, that's all you care about, taking people's money. >> reporter: espn report errant after her car was towed that resulted in her week-long sa pension. >> do you feel good about your job? >> reporter: mchenry is back to work. advance towing told wjla why they released the video. >> to show how it is for people in those kinds of the jobs dealing with members of the general public. >> reporter: and in fact in the last two years, 75% of the towing complaints filed with arlington county police were against advance towing. though the company tells wjla they provide service to more property owners in the county than other companies, and that is naturally going to result in a higher incident rate of
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complaints. the company adds those complaining are not our customers. paula ferris, abc news, new york. >> should it matter if you're 30 seconds or 30 seconds? if you park illegally you get towed. >> you don't get three-minute grace period. clearly not with advanced towing. >> should you? >> as long as the signage is clear, i don't think you should get a pass i guess. >> i've been there. >> i say that and it's so easy. when you live in cities like new york and boston you don't have to drive. l.a., you have to drive all the time. coming up here we're doing a "throwback thursday" for you. we have new technology. >> oh yeah. the wonders of the vcr. oh, it was supposed to be here to stay. where did it go? you're watching "world news now."
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all right, we have an entire generation of people who don't understand what it means to actually tape something, record something. before youtube, tivo, dvd, there was of course vhs. >> the good old days. "throwback thursday," we've gone back into the abc news vault and found a report from jeff green field on the budding new technology of the vcr.
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>> reporter: it didn't even exist as a consumer device ten years ago. in the decades since sony introduced the first half inch home recorder vcr sales have skyrocketed. >> i think vcr is a permanent fixture on the american television scene. i think you'll find that the vcr will stay around for a long time to come. >> reporter: but as with so many other new inventions vcr's impact isn't what was originally expected. it was supposed to let viewers record a program while they were out, viewing it later. in fact, relatively few viewers use the vcr for time shifting. but the vcr can do something else. it can let a viewer see anything at all that's been put on tape like movies. and that's created a whole new business. more than 24,000 retail outlets across america now sell or rent tapes of all kinds. for rates as low as $2 a day or less. that's made literally thousands of features available to millions of americans. >> when you combine a video
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cassette recorder with cable, pay cable, and remote-controlled hardware you have a couch potato's dream, a real-life fantasy of a single viewer in his own home programming his own television moving from broadcast channels to cable to pay cable. or with the flick of another finger he can move to a prerecorded tape on his vcr. everything from classic hollywood manufacture ease to x-rated fare. to diet and exercise guides. does all this choice threaten the big broadcast networks? not at all, they say. >> it allows people to view television, network television programs, that they would not otherwise have been able to see. >> reporter: in fact the vcr may be more of a threat to pay cable movie channels such as home box office. they're hitting hard times and the video cassette recorder may be one reason why. nobody really knows whether the
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video cassette reporter will add to viewing habits or radically alter them. what is clear is the vcr has given viewers far more choice about what is watched and when it's watched than could ever have been dreamt of by the first jen ray of television viewers. in that sense the vcr has already created something of a revolution. sam? >> thank you, jeff. coming next stone philips with today's sports news. >> wow, kind of wanted to see the sports. >> i was interested in that too. did you see the price tag on those? $700. >> it was revolutionary. >> a couch potato's dream. do we have some of these vhs tapes? >> you know -- it's funny. did you see that? >> there they are. >> where did you get those? >> here on the air. >> where did you get those, man? >> i was watching johnny carson. >> no you were not. really where do you find those? >> what do you mean i have them at home. >> are you serious?
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woolite darks. finally this half hour, hugh jackman's first interview about his health battle that he has fought three times now. skin cancer. >> he wants children to learn from his mistakes and avoid the pain he's endured. jackman sat down with david muir to talk about his new mission. >> reporter: hugh jackman. no movie, no blockbuster right now. instead, a far more personal script. a health scare with roots beginning as a boy. >> you were outdoors all the time. >> yeah. i grew up in australia. >> reporter: the youngest of five keeping up with his brothers under the blazing sun.
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>> sunscreen when we were growing up was -- i don't think my dad or mom ever bought it. the thing i remember most, the rule about being outdoors was you weren't allowed to swim within half an hour of eating. if you do that you're going to die, you will drown. >> it's not true? >> reporter: what is true he says, despite his love of the outdoors, is how dangerous sun can be. 1 in 5 americans will hear those two words from their doctor at some point, "skin cancer." filming x-men a makeup artist notices blood on his nose. >> i thought i'd hit myself, which is not unusual. and i casually mentioned this to my wife. he's like get it checked. >> reporter: he remembers the doctor's words. >> i said oh. it's fine. she goes i know it's skin cancer, i just don't know which one. what? >> reporter: basal cell carcinoma. it is still cancer. >> so i just grabbed my phone, picked it up literally took a photo, bang. i said i've got basal cell
2:57 am
carcinoma, don't be like me wear sunscreen. >> reporter: his doctor grateful for that message. >> sending instagrams basically to the world to warn them about the raf vans of skin cancer. >> reporter: in this texas factory where hugh jackman is helping make affordable children's sunscreen, pure sun defense, using cartoon characters, anything to capture young eyes and more importantly their skin. >> you try and put sun screen on a kid, it's like herding cats. >> reporter: hugh's children now looking out for him. >> they see it. they see the band-aid. >> of course. >> it worries them. they're always saying to me, dad, sit in the shade. >> reporter: that reminder from his own kids now a reminder for everyone. david muir, abc news, new york. >> i love that. sometimes the best attention that an issue can get is when it's a celebrity. people pay attention when somebody like that speaks out. something angelina jolie and a lot of what she did for bringing attention to issues. >> speaking out and making changes. i think that's great what he's doing with that sunscreen for kids.
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this morning on "world news now," the violent storm system sending twisters through america's tornado alley. we have a roof that just flew through the air here. this is a serious situation. >> the pad of destruction plus the watches and warnings expected in the hours ahead. nfl scandal. the new england patriots accused of cheating by useing deflated footballs. the new report is in and it points the finger at tom brady. >> this is going to be about discipline for the patriots quarterback tom brady. >> did the mvp cheat? what the report does and does not say. also later, suing starbucks. the police officer who says a spilled cup of coffee burned him so badly that he got sick went to the hospital. the new details from this hot-button case.
3:01 am
it's thursday, may 7th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. it is a busy thursday. good morning to you. >> good morning, good morning, everybody. everybody that's watched this show knows i'm -- i'm doing a lot better than most right now. they've got nastiness going on in the middle of the country. breaking news these severe storms hitting the plains. this has been going on several hours. happened for much of the day yesterday. still a threat right now. taking a look at oklahoma. it's been hard hit in particular. dozens of homes destroyed. southwest of oklahoma city is what you're seeing here. >> it's so bad the will rogers airport had to be evacuated twice when tornados were spotted nearby. and then so much rain has fallen in oklahoma city that a flood emergency was declared. by the way, that's the first time that's ever happened in the city's history. >> yeah also we got hail here.
3:02 am
looks like snow but this is hail covering a backyard. this is in utah. north of salt lake city. let's get the latest on all this nastiness from abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: a rash of tornados sweeping over oklahoma. >> the most significant of all tornado warnings that we can have. again, a tornado emergency. >> reporter: the storm system packing winds up to 150 miles per hour. meteorologists telling rush hour motorists to stay inside. >> i'm telling you, please stay at work do not get on the highway. >> reporter: twisters cutting a path of destruction just south of oklahoma city. >> it's a lot of damage out here and it's still raining. >> reporter: farms, houses all kinds of buildings destroyed. a shell is all that's left of the bridge creek fire department. >> buildings that are completely collapsed, power is out out here. >> reporter: the extreme weather system hitting nebraska and kansas. >> we have a large multiple-vortex tornado on the ground south of lincoln. >> reporter: sirens across the heartland warning residents of
3:03 am
impending disaster. >> we have a roof that just flew through the air here. this is a serious situation. >> reporter: the storm stretching all the way to texas. >> it's really getting stronger. >> reporter: flooding roads near austin. a handful of drivers needing to be rescued. clayton sandell, abc news denver. >> so you know this volatile system is in the middle of tornado alley. it could fire up even more tornados today. >> forecasters out there predicting tornado watches and warnings posted again in the central plains just a matter of hours. let's continue our coverage now with accuweather meteorologist justin povick. hello to you. >> t.j. and kayna, thanks and good morning. unfortunately it's going to be another active afternoon over the central and the southern plains. this go-around a hair further off to the west. so the line's going be oklahoma city and wichita, points westbound. tornados damaging winds large hail all going to be a possibility. we'll continue to watch a low pressure system off the southeastern coastline coastly, could become tropical.
3:04 am
next up the damaging report detailing who knew what about those deflated footballs used by the new england patriots in january's afc title game. so that report goes about as far as possible without directly calling quarterback tom brady a cheater. abc's ryan smith has those details. >> reporter: football's golden boy and super bowl champion and mvp tom brady playing defense. >> deflategate. >> deflate date. >> deflategate. >> reporter: nfl investigators releasing a 243-page report into the deflategate scandal, saying brady was "at least generally aware" about inappropriate activities surrounding those now-infamous deflated footballs. >> touchdown! >> reporter: the bombshell report revealing that minutes before brady took the field for that afc championship game patriots employee jim mcnally reportedly carried the game day footballs out of the officials' locker room to a bathroom.
3:05 am
a minute and 40 seconds later he brings them to the field. those balls later found to be deflated. perhaps most damning, a string of texts between mcnally and equipment assistant after brady complained about game balls in october. talked to him last night, he actually brought you out and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done. later mcnally calling himself the deflator. mcnally quipping about being compensated saying better be surrounded by cash and new kicks. >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. i mean i feel like i've always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> reporter: in the days after the scandal broke, the report says brady, who refused to turn over his text messages to investigators, called jastremski several times. while brady has remained silent tom brady senior defending his son, "i don't have any doubt about my son's integrity, not
3:06 am
one bit," adding this was framegate from the beginning. adamant schefter on espn -- >> this is going to be about discipline for tom brady, this is about discipline for two men in the locker room. >> reporter: patriots owner robert kraft disputes the document saying the time effort and resources it took to reach this conclusion are inprebsible. no matter what happens, the damage to tom brady's reputation may be done. ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> you know new england fans consider tom brady a national treasure. i know this is not welcome news to them. and he could face punishment. but the team could as well. >> in this report they put it all on the patriots whether it's an organizational thing everybody thinks back to spygate. but also the new orleans situation where they were targeting players. the organizational control issue. they got hit pretty hard. but he cheated, okay? fine. all right? the report says he cheated. this isn't about -- this is about a preponderance of
3:07 am
evidence, all circumstantial but still points to something, he cheated. he's still going to be a hall of famer. but it's a matter of cheating the game and that is important and it matters. so a suspension is coming according to the experts. >> right. so we'll see what happens there. i mean of course it's a dynasty and their legacy is on the line really at this point. especially for tom brady. >> yeah we'll have a whole lot more about this on abc news. more reaction more insight into the story. yes, deflategate ain't going anywhere. all of that this morning as well as on "good morning america" coming up later. the federal government may want a second probe into baltimore's freddie gray's death. the mayor is asking for a full investigation into the police department. the justice department is considering the request. it's already investigating the death of gray while in police custody. cbs saying it will rebuild the two baltimore drugstores that were burned and looted last week. employees of those two stores have been offered work at other cvs stores. the company plans to donate $100,000 to help the city
3:08 am
recover from riots. french investigators have revealed the germanwings copilot who deliberate ily crashed his aircraft appears to have rehearsed on an earlier flight. andreas lub bits seemed to be toying on the plane's settings on the flight into barcelona, the previous leg. he programmed that night into a sharp descent multiple times in a four and a half minute period. >> i think what this man was probably doing was rehearsing a little bit what he was going to do on the next flight. like somebody picking up a gun and loading and unloading it. >> later on that flight of course, lubitz actually changed the controls sending the plane straight into a mountain killing 150 people. so four oil tanker cars that burst into flames following a derailment have burned themselves out. we want to show you the scene now. look at that moments after the accident yesterday in rural north dakota. about 40 residents in a nearby town were evacuated as a precaution. it's the eighth major derailment this year even as new safety
3:09 am
regulations have gone into effect, including lower speed limits and requiring stronger tanks and better brakes. the former vice president at miller coors along with seven other people are facing federal charges accused of embezzling at least $7 million. prosecutors say the executives worked with the others to submit fake invoices for marketing and promotional events. the defendants are accused of using the stolen money for personal items and investments in an area arena football team. health headlines, food for thought. literally. a new report finds that eating the right foods may help fight off dementia and other cognitive problems. people eating more fruits vegetables and nuts are up to 24% less likely to show the effects of an aging brain than those who have a diet of fried food and alcohol. more research is needed before a direct link can be established. wendy's food chain they're selling off some restaurants. the company says it's going to sell more than 600 restaurants to franchiseees over the next
3:10 am
two years, meant to generate cash and reduce expenses. wendy's selling its bakery operation this month. did you know they had one? they sell sandwich buns to other wendy's stores and other restaurants as well. they plan to do that to save $500 million. >> we're not talking about cupcakes here? >> no they don't do the doughnut thing. sandwich buns. who knew. one of the ways mcdonald's is looking to change things up these days they have redesigned the hamburglar. you might remember the hamburglar. one tooth. >> he's a cute guy, cartoonish little guy. this ain't the hamburglar. >> that's the cute guy. >> that's the guy we know and love. that's replaced him. >> hipster hamburglar. >> that's not funny at all, right if this is a human hamburglar. they're calling him a hipster. first order of business to help mickey d's launch a new line of burgers. >> wow.
3:11 am
the hamburglar hasn't been seen on national television since 2002. a mcdonald's spokesman says is he's been lying low, living the quiet life joking he moved to the suburbs and raised a family. but that's not the kind of person i see living in the burbs with a family. >> some people saying he's hot. the hot hamburglar. we've got to turn to selfies. everybody wants to look thinner in pictures. you want to look your pest i should say. there's some expert advice on these selfies coming up in "the mix." the police officer claiming he was burned so badly by a hot cup of starbucks coffee he needed to go to the hospital. we have details about his legal demands now. also guys with so-called dad bods. slightly out of shape. now some women saying they're hot guys. maybe they'd think the hamburglar was hot too. >> you only spend your time on one website?
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okay how do you feel about this? delivery to your door by drone. it could be a step closer. amazon is floating if you will this idea with this video. it would make deliveries right to your door. the faa is giving the go ahead to several companies to
3:16 am
experiment with drones beyond where the people operating can actually see them. i feel like this is a great way for your amazon delivery to end up through your window and in your living room. >> you know what? i don't have to get off the couch then, do i? now we have to talk about this lawsuit so many people are discussing right now. a north carolina cop is suing over hot coffee. >> the officer claims he was injured when the top of a starbucks top popped off. he wants nearly a million bubs. steve osunsami reports. >> i didn't know it was that hot. >> reporter: this is a lawsuit over a hot cup of starbucks coffee and the coffee was free. but matthew core a raleigh police officer, says that when the lid popped off, the drink collapsed and hit his lap, it triggered his crohn's disease, doctors later had to remove a section of his intestine. >> frozen from the pain. i had to gather myself. >> reporter: in court he explained how initially he and his family were asking for $10 million.
3:17 am
but settled on $750,000. >> i thought it was worth $10 million. actually, i thought it could have been higher. >> reporter: lawyers for starbucks are fighting back reading long lists of doctors' visits that kohr needed for crohn's disease before that cup of joe ever entered his life. starbucks says they did nothing wrong and have seen only 59 similar incidents even though they serve 4 billion cups of coffeeosunsami abc news atlanta. dad bods the latest trend in body image. do women really prefer a mini keg to a six-pack? >> while the mom bod isn't getting attention the debate over this double standard is straight ahead. you're watching "world news now."
3:18 am
i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage. i think we learned something new together. the internet has been buzzing over the dad bod.
3:19 am
it's apparently not fat, it's not thin. according to many women it's just right. >> why should slightly out of shape only be reserved for men? could mom bods be next? we're up all "nightline." >> reporter: introducing the new "it" body type for bros. who needs magic mike bulging biceps? apparently what women really want as soft doughy dad bod. >> the dad bod is a healthy medium between someone who's a little bit heavier set, and someone who works out, really the average guy body. my friends and i saw this body type on a lot more guys and we were attracted to it. >> reporter: dad bod inspiration, think jason segel's nude scene in "forgetting sarah marshall." >> can i put clothes on? it's over. >> reporter: paul rudd downing cupcakes in "this is 40." it was this article, "why girls love the dad bod," written by
3:20 am
mckenzie pearson, that made dad bod an internet sensation. she says this is why. >> it makes girls i think feel a lot more vulnerable when they aren't with someone who's meal prepping every sunday and being intimidating. >> reporter: mega stars like leonardo dicaprio, jason segel seth rogen have been called dad bods. for zak rosenberg, he's in pretty good company. >> basically you're working with a lack of muscle definition across your chest and abs. which i definitely have. i have abs in there somewhere. i don't know how many there are but there's at least two. >> let me see yours. >> reporter: shortly after mckenzie's dad bod proclamation went viral there was a tidal wave of controversy. men were rejoicing. women started calling foul on twitter, using #mombod. i would love to live in a world where being a mildly overweight woman was found attractive. >> i think mom bod pride should become a movement. everyone should be able to be
3:21 am
proud of who they are in the skin they're in. because they are the one hot make their bodies sexy. your body doesn't decide whether or not you're sexy. >> reporter: rosenberg found the dad bod trend so amusing he created a fake diet plan to help fellow dads get that perfect flabby body. >> as part of the 38 dad bod challenge, if you want to participate, we have awesome stuff, pizza, cake tacos. >> reporter: and he says embracing a little flab may be good for everyone. >> i hope mom bod becomes a thing. moms should feel comfortable in their skin. >> it's a good thing it's cheat day. >> celebrate their husbands' dad bots. dads should celebrate their wives' mom bods. we can all be healthy and happy together and a little squishy. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm mara caf have a campo in new york. >> i like his gloves there in the end. >> that whole piece -- >> that's what i got for you. >> i'm being very careful here at abc news. >> going for a little squishy
3:22 am
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for everybody trying to perfect the selfie it's not your gig, mine either. there's apparently some advice. if you want to look more photo jepg, it could be any picture, doesn't have to be a selfie. someone put together words of advice. they say it's really all about the jawline. they're showing how to kind of move your head. and basically stick your jawline out so that your picture look better. what's great is you can't hear this guy but when the picture is good he goes sha bam! that's how you know. >> wait -- >> put your jawline out a little bit. >> what does that mean? >> not all the way out. >> chin out a little bit? >> or down depending on the size of your chin. do you want to practice?
3:26 am
>> i'm practicing. >> just moving your head around. move your jawline around. >> move your head around? >> there you go. >> what's that say? >> stick your chin up. >> good selfie. okay. >> i've got to get back to that one. >> okay take pictures of your food everybody's a foodie these days. >> i'm tricked into taking pictures of my food too? >> there are plates now that you can actually put your phone in a restaurant in tel aviv you can put your phone in the plate and take perfection pictures of your food. >> food porn on the screen? >> i saw that too. they did that so you would pay attention. >> you got me. i hope it's working with the people at home too. this is where we are now. people just -- we need plates to put our phones on to take pictures now. >> apparently you're considered a foodie if you just like to
3:27 am
eat. >> do you take pictures and post your food? tell the truth. >> no. >> what'd you say, jack? it's dumb. >> i eat my food i don't take selfies. >> we'll get a good selfie before you leave this week, get a good selfie in. >> okay. >> let's move to something else. this kid. let's put the video up. this irish cat here. this little guy is adam. and we're going to let it roll for a second. he's a bit of a pool shark, 3 years old, he can barely see over the table. you can see the kid's got skills. i don't know how much he had to practice to get this down but the kid pretty much makes every single shot. there are a couple of trick shots. he does it with very little effort. you can see he's not stopping and rehearsing and practicing and lining it. he's just doing it and doing it well. >> those balls are moving too. >> run into this kid in a pool hall somewhere, man, you know the money you can make? >> he's playing for quarters not candy. >> you took him to the bar with you?
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on this morning on "world news now," raging storms. the destructive tornados and flooding downpours barreling through the middle of the country. the hardest-hit areas and why the threat continues in the hours ahead. the latest in football, the bombshell report looking into the actions of the new england patriots and what its superstar quarterback knew. should the league suspend tom brady? ethics questions about bill clinton's foundation and hillary clinton's presidential campaign. as hillary clinton launches her bid. we're inside a lavish retreat in the search for answers. who is this person? george michael? it's not. it's another superstar singer rocking a look so new. a disguise? that's in "the skinny" on this thursday, may 7th.
3:31 am
>> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. we've got a busy one. a dangerous one, really. a nasty day of weather that continues right now. i'm t.j. holmes alongside kayna whitworth. thank you for hanging out with us, it's been great. >> thank you for having me. that breaking news has been awful to watch. video coming into our news room right now. extreme wither in the plain states. tornados have touched down in several states including oklahoma. twisters tore through hopes there on the outskirts of the oklahoma city area. dozens of homes damaged, even destroyed. cars have been flipped over. trees and power lines knocked down. >> so much rain fell in oklahoma city that a flood emergency was declared in that city. that's the first time it's ever happened there. the will rogers airport evacuated twice because of the severe weather. so far, no reports of serious injuries. >> the residents of central kansas right near wichita escaped serious injury when a tornado touched down. the twister destroyed a
3:32 am
100-year-old farmhouse and destroyed or damaged other homes as well. abc's ryan owens is covering it all in america's tornado alley. >> we have a large multiple-vortex tornado on the ground south of lincoln -- >> reporter: severe weather striking the heartland. several tornados reported in kansas. >> we have a roof that just flew through the air, this is a serious situation. >> reporter: tornado sirens sounding the alarm. >> this entire storm is spinning. >> reporter: oklahoma is also in the crosshairs. >> it got really windy. like sheet rain coming. wild, scary. >> reporter: near oklahoma city, streets littered with downed power lines. this building, what's left of a fire station in the small town of bridge creek, oklahoma. nearby, home after home flattened. this one torn right off its foundation. a roof torn off this barn, siding off this hotel. the parking lot of a strip mall, flooded.
3:33 am
this time lapse shows the storm from the top of that damaged hotel. even oklahoma city under a watch. >> this tornado is massive. this is easily a half mile wide. >> reporter: a half dozen tornados reported across the state of texas. >> there's a funnel! there it goes! >> it's really getting stronger. oh-oh. >> reporter: the storms are bringing badly needed rain to thirsty texas. but flooding overwhelmed some roads near austin. a handful of drivers had to be rescued. as you can see behind me, all of this water is doing great things for lake levels here in the state of texas. just in time for summer. but of course, with all the rain comes that threat of tornados. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> let's take a look at the trouble spots today. first of all, severe weather continues in the plains. chance of more tornados is low but not impossible. some rain, gusty wind, likely in florida. along with high surf as well. >> high temperatures in the east and south, mid 80s. cooler here in new york city.
3:34 am
75 in minneapolis and albuquerque. a high of just 64 degrees today in los angeles. now to our other developing story this morning. a damaging report about the super bowl champion new england patriots. >> yeah, that report says that guy, superstar quarterback, mvp quarterback, tom brady, was "at least generally aware" that footballs used during games had been deflated by patriots employees. >> as you know, they're calling it deflategate. the big question this morning is who will be punished over it? and how severely? abc's karen travers has that story. >> reporter: new england patriots and their star quarterback, known for their powerful offense, are reeling and on defense. with the nfl stopping short of calling tom brady a cheater. a newly released 243-page report concludes, it's more probable than not that two patriots staffers deliberately released air from the team's game balls after they were examined by the referee prior to january's afc championship. one employee, jim mcnally,
3:35 am
reportedly carried the game balls out of the official's locker room to a bathroom. one minute and 40 seconds later brought them to the field, deflated, breach of game protocol. even more circumstantial evidence points to employees altering game balls to brady's liking starting in october after he complained. these revelations are likely a hard hit to the quarterback's credibility, who says he did nothing wrong. >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. i feel like i've always played within the rules. >> reporter: even his dad now coming to his defense, saying of the report i don't have any doubt about my son's integrity. not one bit." but at nfl headquarters, the league says it's considering what steps to take next. >> the patriots potentially get fined. as an organization. i can see a case where tom brady might get fined personally. >> this may no longer be a laughing matter for the patriots. the nfl is considering disciplinary action against the two staffers and tom brady.
3:36 am
t.j. kayna? >> karen, thank you so much. patriots owner robert kraft says his team will accept any discipline handed down by the nfl. cleared in the report were patriots head coach bill belichick and his coaching staff. the report says there's no evidence they knew anything about deflating the balls. again, there's no smoking gun in the report but by nfl rules and standards, they don't need one. they need a preponderance of evidence to prove that a rule was broken and this report does show a preponderance of evidence that tom brady knew what was up and in fact was even directing it to some degree. so that's key here. it doesn't have to be guildy beyond a reasonable doubt, none of that. a preponderance of evidence, but no smoking gun. >> mr. kraft is holding on to that smoking gun, but it doesn't sound like need that at this point. >> wait for this one, there will be more coverage throughout the morning on the scandal all morning long. new details any time on funeral services are set in ft. worth for former lawmaker jim wright. wright served on capitol hill
3:37 am
for 34 years, including a tenure as speaker of the house. he was forced to resign after an ethics investigation over book royalties. wright had been ill for some time. he was 92 years old. ethics questions being raised about bill clinton's foundation as his wife hillary runs for president. our abc news team went to morocco, a foundation gala was being held. here's abc's brian ross. >> reporter: on the outskirts of marrakech, morocco, at a five-star luxury golf resort, the clinton foundation and privileged guests gathering over welcome cocktails and canapes to help the world's underprivileged. in his opening remarks, former president bill clinton brushed off criticism about the millions of dollars in foreign money the foundation received while his wife was secretary of state. >> i just work here, i don't know. >> reporter: now that hillary clinton is on the presidential campaign trail, far from the luxury of marrakech, the
3:38 am
foundation says it has put limits on future foreign donations. >> there's one set of rules for politics in america and another set for real life. >> reporter: the new rules include no more money from morocco. but the foundation event is being hosted by a controversial government-owned morocco mining company, ocp group, which gave $1 million. human rights groups say the company's phosphate mines in western sahara promoted in corporate videos violate u.n. provisions to protect the people who live there. >> any time human rights of a population are systematically suppressed in this type of way it's a serious concern. >> reporter: the company denies the allegations but is spending lots of money to gain influence in washington. according to michael isikoff of our partner yahoo! news. >> spent over $1.3 million since 2012 to lobby its case before the state department and other federal agencies. >> reporter: daughter chelsea clinton is also in marrakech with her father, telling supporters despite all the questions about the foundation's finances, it continues to do
3:39 am
good work. brian ross, abc news, new york. the grand jury investigation of former republican congressman aaron schock is moving into high gear. shock resigned from congress in march amid reports about his lavish spending on travel and his downton abbey-style office. his former communications director testified before the grand jury and at least two other staffers were seen at the same illinois courthouse. let's turn to pope francis now, a soccer fan as you know. but maybe a basketball fan as well. >> hoops yesterday thanks to some of the members of the harlem globetrotters. they got to meet with pope francis after a trip around st. peter's square and gave him a jersey with his name on it. and the number 90. >> they took pictures but they tried to help him out here. yeah didn't go so well with this trick, ball on the fingertip. but it's all right. it's the pope. one of the globetrotters admitted it was the most nervous he'd been in a long time. i would imagine it would be. that's cool, that's cool.
3:40 am
we've got "the skinny" coming your way. another secret being revealed by a member of bruce jenner's family. a woman in labor appearing on a game show from the maternity ward. we'll hear from the contestant. and medical experts are questioning the safety. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. knows the soft places we love could be home to thousands of bacteria. but lysol disinfectant spray can help protect your family because it can also be used on soft surfaces. it kills 99.9% of illness causing bacteria won't stain and leaves your soft surfaces with a light fresh scent lysol the #1 pediatrician recommended brand.
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take a look at this out of argentina. you see that plane? a very low-flying plane comes within inches of smashing into three men in a speed boat. the pilot manages to regain control at the last second. it appears those planning the
3:44 am
fishing tournament and those planning an air show failed to communicate. these were both going on at the same time out there on the water of argentina. that is a heck of a shot. >> you give somebody a phone call. got an air show, fishing tournament, worth a phone call. okay, so on the other hand, even a planned thrill ride can be horribly wrong. this is netherlands. seven people stranded upside-down for 45 minutes when their carnival ride the booster jammed midair. emergency crews finally freed them. as for the booster, it's out of service. who can hang upside-down like that? 47 minutes? >> that's the fear. this is always a fear when you go on those rides. it can malfunction. >> not into it. smartphone technology comes to the rescue of a florida woman and her children who were being held hostage by her boyfriend. >> we told you about this yesterday. now we know a lot more. she managed to convince him that they should order pizza. and that's how she found her way out of danger. abc's geo benitez has that story.
3:45 am
>> reporter: a mother's quick thinking, putting hidden messages within a pizza order, may just have saved her family. police say mom and her three kids were being held hostage by her boyfriend, ethan nickerson. at knife point, she couldn't call or next. but he allowed her to order a pizza for the kids. that's when she gets creative. she uses the pizza hut app on her phone and within the order she adds this special request. "please help get 911 to me." and "911 hostage help." there are those messages right there on the receipt. >> i've never seen nothing come through like that. so i immediately just took it serious. and we called 911. >> reporter: police arriving in time to rescue mom and her kids. >> i was very thankful my staff looked at that and they didn't just punch the button and send the ticket through. >> reporter: the pizza police perhaps helping save four people, leading to the arrest of the alleged hostage-taker. geo benitez, abc news, new york.
3:46 am
all right, coming up next here, kylie jenner reveals why her lips are so plump. down goes shaq. the big guy nearly breaks his leg. "the skinny" and the video up next. nearly breaks his leg. "the skinny" and the video up next.
3:47 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪
3:48 am
we begin right now, multi grammy award winning singing sensation, what a title that is, adele. >> she's earned that title. we haven't seen her, heard much from her, maybe she's hiding out in disguise. >> her last social media update was in march. so for her 22 million twitter followers her latest came as a huge surprise. she decided to celebrate her 27th birthday in style, someone else's style. i feel like she dressed up as british pop soul singer george michael. she did an awesome job. >> you can't recognize her very much at all in that picture. it was accompanied by this caption, thank you for birthday wishes, i had a wonderful time, i was my hero. #gottohavefaith. that's his hip song. the icing on the cake, george michael responded, wishing her happy birthday, saying he was flattered she would do this on her birthday. that's a great thing. a lot of speculation. kylie jenner, you've been hearing about this young lady's lips.
3:49 am
it's amazing her lips have gotten so much attention. >> and there's pictures of why. the 17-year-old social media maven has made her pout, something they've trademarked i guess. a lot of people claim she artificially enhances her lips something she's avoided addressing directly until now. >> i have temporary lip fillers. just an insecurity of mine. it's what i wanted to do. i'm just not ready to talk to reporters about my lips yet. because everyone always picks us apart. >> you remember this trend that was going on, ladies -- young girls online using shot glasses or glasses to do this suction thing. make their lips plump temporarily. it was causing some disfiguration, a dangerous trend. they were doing this because of this young lady. now we know those are not her natural lips. she gets injections -- fine, do what you got to do, plump them up, it's good she let people know that's happening. >> she addressed it for the first time directly.
3:50 am
this story -- you can laugh because he's okay, right? shaquille o'neal, a big man, you know what they say, the bigger they are the harder they fall. >> he went down hard. he was on set during halftime of the nba playoff game last night on tnt. he does this thing, kenny gets up at halftime, he runs to a big monitor to do highlights. well, shaq has started competing with him. getting up and running, trying to beat him to the monitor. they do this every night. tried it last night, this is what happened. >> oh! >> hey, hey, hey! >> earn 93! >> what do you mean, me? >> okay, ernie! >> don't blame me! >> yeah, he got called out. shaq, he's all right, he's fine. you see his boys making fun of him there. the boy in the background, he's trying to make sure the computer and the desk were okay. for those who don't know, he tweeted out saying, almost broke my damn leg.
3:51 am
but we can relate to this, we what you don't see under this desk we're sitting at we've got wires all over the place. that is easy to do. >> there's wires and a step. i have fallen off the set before. in boston i fell off twice. >> on the air? >> you couldn't see it but you could hear it. yeah. >> you could hear the collapse of kayna. kayna's collapse, 2015. >> i'm not good in heels by the way. >> you might learn to get better. >> i've got my sneakers on. >> wow sneakers on today. >> i do. >> shaq is offering $500 cash to whoever makes the best down goes but they actually did an outline. like a dead body at the murder scene. after he got up. but he's all right. he's what, 7'1", 7'2", gaining weight every year since he
3:52 am
retired. >> oh! >> he knows it. he's a big boy. love you, shaq. >> i like that his shoe is left stranded. unlike ordinary diapers, pampers has three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier. so your baby can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love sleep and play. pampers >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving
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non-stick. cascade. now that's clean. ♪ do you have one of though the over your kid's crib? >> i think this played over my bed most days. i could use that. what to you call those things? mobiles. >> we can make you a little one. feels like a t.j. sleep corner. >> oh! >> what little animal's hanging from those things? i should have a beer bottle hanging. >> absolutely. have a little tv with espn on it for you. >> yes. we've got music playing because we're hearing more about a new game show we told you about, "labor games." we previewed it last week. >> it features these contestants, they're pregnant, they're in labor. and they're competing for prizes in the delivery room. contestants are speaking out and medical experts are weighing in
3:56 am
as well. here's abc's abbie boudreau. >> oh, oh, oh, oh! >> reporter: labor pains. sure, that's what you expect when you're expecting. but labor games? not exactly on the birth plan. tlc's new game show sparking a massive outrage. >> oh! >> reporter: taking over the delivery room and surprising couples just moments before their baby arrives. for the chance to win some baby-tastic prizes. >> yes! >> reporter: jessica and aaron didn't exactly know what was in store for them. >> it's kind of vague. we knew it was a chance to win some prizes. so, i mean, why not? right? >> yeah, actually jessica was in labor 28 hours. >> welcome! to "labor games"! >> reporter: moments later their birthing room transformed into a full-fledged game show set. >> that's crazy! >> reporter: here's how it
3:57 am
works. for every correct answer to seven baby trivia questions, the couple is awarded loot for their bundle of joy. baby strollers, food, clothing. the grand prize? a $10,000 scholarship. >> wow! >> yes! that would be amazing. >> sure would. >> reporter: the show has not aired. but already has many questioning whether it's gone too far. and would the cameras stop rolling if complications arrived? >> during labor, emergencies can arise. this is one of the most important moments in your life. i think this is a really bad idea. you have a camera come in at that moment in your life? >> let's show what you've won so far. $200. >> i think people think we're crazy. but it was worth it. >> really neat life experience that our boy river can talk about the rest of his life. >> reporter: abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> you and your wife doing that? was that part of your birthing plan? >> no, she didn't even want me in the room. everybody get out. >> like, i've got this. got this handled.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning -- tornado outbreak. dozens of twisters touching down. record rain causing severe flooding. where it's headed now. zbrmplts deflate-gate bomb shell. a long list of evidence showing the new england patriots likely underinfated game balls. the team employee who calleded himself the deflator. and what did tom brady know. and rocker attacked. adam levine getting an unfreendly greeting before performing last night. and shaq goes down. shaquille o'neal taking a tumble on live tv. what the big man is saying about this wipeout.


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