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tv   Action News  ABC  May 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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through the warton state foret and dog owners beware of potentially deadly treats next on "action news" tonight >> thursday nights and the big story on "action news" is the first few of the new jersey pine barrens off route 206 warton
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state forest. 206 was closed much of the day and it's now reopened. this is shamong township, firefighters all auto round have been called in to battle the blaze. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the zion ranger station. dann, what's the situation now. >> reporteer: well, jim, these firefighters almost 100 of them made tremendous progress in battleing a fire which stretches 710 acres. they report tonight the fire is 50% contained as efforts continue. >> new jersey forest fireers rushed to attack the fire on all fronts. in the air a hughie helicopter 225 ball on buoy bucket brought back and forth water from the lake. >> a lot of this area has not burned since 20s or 30s it's dense. >> they were fighting fire with
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fire lighting backfires around the fire to stavb it of fuel. >> it's a great feeling when what's happening on the ground and what happens in the air comes together. >> as night progressed and firefighter effort continued the plume of smoke rose hundreds of feet into the new jersey sky. >> all sides of the fire were being drawn in together by burnout operations. and by the main fire. they're all coming together. >> at that point the fire was imploding and firefighters had hoped. >> right now we're mopping up hot spots and keeping the fire contained. >> fortunately the wind conditions favored the fire fighting effort. light winds today. they continue to monitor and patrol the area and put out hot spots that may pop up overnight. live zion park ranger snaix shamong, dann cuellar "channel
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6 action news." >> we're getting the first look at surveillance from the moment a septa bus crashed on to the tracks in south philadelphia with a train approaching and it happened tuesday night columbus boulevard. a conrail train was blocking route 2 bus as tasker so the driver tried he to go around. she makes a u-turn dickinson and spins the wheel too far losing control and falling out of her seat because she's not buckled n bus goes wild driving up and over the median and passengers go flying from their seats. they and driver were hurt. the train stopped and workers came in to help. >> fbi agents and local italian police combine forces overnight to conduct rage in town of calabria in southern italy. they arrested people with links to wilmington delaware and chester, pennsylvania. this is video from last october at the port of wilmington when
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agents italian agents uncovered millions of dollars in cocaine. the cocaine was stored in warehouses in wilmington and chester. the headquarters of the operation for all of this, a pizzeria in queens, new york. >> a huge fight involving 25 to 50 students erupted in frankford section of philadelphia this afternoon and 1-year-old boy was stabbed in back. "action news" reporter annie mccormick was live at st. mccormick was live at st. christopher's, annie what are the details here. >> jim that 12-year-old boy remane at st. christopher hospital upgraded to stable condition. authorities say he was stabbed in back during that large fight while he was protecting his sister. >> witnesses say the fight involved school students and included mostly girls and one boy. it played out on grounds of macvein park in the frankford section of city. according to police the 12-year-old victim goes to nearby zeigler elementary
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school. >> there were screams and maybe 25 to 50 kids. >> can yell runs after school familiar in park and got young kids in program to safety and called 911 her co-worker did not want to be on camera and described the melee. >> there was a lot of blood on his back and girls and grown ups stand around extremeing. >> police transported two witnesses reported to be juveniles to northeast detectives for questioning. the victim was stabbed in the back with a knife but they did not recovery a weapon. >> and there's no surveillance cameras at that park. police need witnesses to come forward. if any witnesses do have information they should contact northeast detectives. live in hunting park, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you annie. philadelphia police charmed 18-year-old robert robert in connection with a hit-and-run that city beingly injured a temple university student rachel hall. police say surveillance video shows hall going through a stop
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sign when truck. roberts told police he panicked and fled. paul goalie on the lacrosse team was to graduate tomorrow. >> a soldier die frdz injuries suffering from a humvee crash on new jersey turnpike last friday. 25-year-old john leavelis was one of four hurt when a vehicle tried to pass the military convoy hit the humvee sending it off the road to a tree. they were on their way to joint base mcguire lakehurst from fort drum in new york snrk. >> authorities released dashcam that shows dover, delaware police officer kicking a suspects in the face. the incident happened august of 2013. but corporal thomas web stert fourth was arrested this past monday after a grand jury ib indicted him for second degree assault. the charges are the results of lawsuit by aclu that after another grand jury declined to indiet webster last year.
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>> perhaps you heard the saying everything old is new again. that's definitely true about drexel university mad dragon music program. students are reaching back 50 years to reviv unfinished songs using modern technology. monica malpass is here with more and it's her series, phillies, leading the way. >> this is part of iconic philly sound that drew great to center city decades ago. smaller lanes got left behind when business changed. until now. it's a song no one, including the siners, has ever heard brx the group finishing touch recorded in 60s under philly groove label at sigma sound a world renowned recording city this is their old web site they closed 2003 and label terminated in 1974 leaving 275 unfinished songs in the files.
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now, drexel students take uncovering the philly groove get to the act at mix masters finishing classic r&b and soul songs recorded after they were born. they decide houvrp drum, strips and vocal stoz use on their new digital equipment. >> in the old dares hartists were still in the same room recording together something not done now and difference in the sound is stunning. >> it's really organic and teaches them how these materials go together and how do artists react to each other. >> students are starting 16 songs now. 32 others later and it's been a classroom exercise because of copyright issues until now. reservoir a new york city label bought the copy rights and is partnering with drexel and together they're releasing and all bum this fall of old but new songs. >> we're constantly thinking about the how do we reintroduce
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these songs. >> the business side we're involved with all the marketing of it and out reach, blogs -- >> how cool is that real life assign at some time truly reviv the classic songs of the city for this generation. >> still to come on "action news," new jersey is considering raising taxes on millionaires and fbi issues urgent warning over alleged isis terrorists already inside u.s. borders. >> another day of tornadoes touching down in southern states. we'll show you tonight's damage. cecily. >> first storm of atlantic hurricane season formed. we'll let you know what we have in the forecast. >> wendy sals man has a warning about a popular pet treat that two local women said killed their dog. >> fda issued a warning about some treats and they're still allowed to be sold at stores.
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where we found them stocked on store shelves and heartbreaking family of two families and fine print and make sure your fet safe. >> ducis rogers with eagles top draft pick signing on the dotted line.
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>> fbi issued urgent warning for isis followers in united states. the terror group launched unprecedented social media campaign directed at hundreds of followers here. the alleged followers are called to join isis and iraq in syria and if they cannot, simply to kill wherever they are. isis claims that elton simpson the man behind attempted terror attack in texas was one of the operatives. at least three confirmed tornadoes touchdown in north texas northwest of dallas. two just within the last hour.
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the storm caused severe damage in towns of rome, boyd and north fairview. fortunately, there were you no injuries reported. forecaster say north tem text can expect more severe storms tomorrow and saturday. >> a popular pet treat is being blamed for the deaths of more than 1,000 dogs. but an action news investigation found some of these treats were still open the shelves in spite of fda warning about the dangers. investigative reporter wendy saltzman is here and has the exclusive story. >> if you walked into a pet store and saw this bag you would never think twice about quality writing in english and packaged in feign im. but the next time you may want to look closer at exactly what you're buying. >> this was me and sammy when we first got him. >> angela was 4 years old when family rescued this dog named sammy. >> even at 12 years old he
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played like a puppy perfectly healthy. >> one small switch one mistaken changed everything. >> he had one on saturday. we gave him another treat sunday. >> she says she gave him this spet smart teething ring made in china. >> he kept drvrpinging and drinking and drinking and not eating. >> six days and multiple trips to the vet later sammy died. >> i had him in my arms watching him pass away. >> few miles down the road and one month later tammy fed her young chihuahua two turkey treats made in thailand. >> i gave her one. she came running baca round and gave her a second treat and that is the last thing she aits. >> gigit would not eat drank more and more water. >> there was not a whole lot of time from the time i fed her that treat to the time she died. >> marshall took gigit to the vet. and to the care emergency hospital. >> she said she's in complete
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organ failure. >> was not just sammy and gijet. sdeen afrom san diego passed away in january four days after she ate authority chicken treats. the owner of this dog from canada said she got seriously ill and fortunately did not die. >> there were 5800 ill ns and more than 1,000 canine deaths associated with chinese made chicken treats. >> why would you put -- leave it open the market. >> marshall and popluzio complained to pet smart. we found they were still stocked on store shelves. they initially removed them where they bought this back and then. >> five days later they were back on on sale. you can kill your dog at a discount. >> fda took her in for neck crop sixt her kidneys were drying
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from inside out. >> normally when you see acute kidney failure you think about poisons, toxicities. >> fda declined request for interview and instead provided us with this consume are video while failing to answer questions of whether all treats from asia should be recalled. >> we know the illnesses and deaths report ready mostly linked to jerky pet treats with ingredients imported from china. >> at this point even after testing experts cannot confirm authority brand treats were direct cause of sammy and gijet pets. pet smart provided us with this statement as of march this year we removed all dog and cat treats mavred in china and the fda did not issue a recall. >> how many dogs have to die? >> fda only issued a limited recall of the chinese chicken jerky streets but does not include pet smart brand. for more information go to our
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web site at >> you're saying these treats from thailand are still onselves. >> they're still onselves and what fda is telling us is that they cannot -- manufacturers are not obligated to tell you where ingredient came from. >> don't buy them. thank you. >> new jersey lawmakers will debate whether to raise taxes on pillon airs. steve sweeny introduce aid bill to hike income taxes on people earning oaf a million a year from current 8.97% to 1.75% through the next three years. and the democrat says it would generate 675 million for the state next we're year alone. governor christie opposes any income tax hikes. >> drivers that get pulled over in new jersey won't needed to show insurance card anymore. instead of piece of paper they can now use digital copy on phone or tablet. governor christie signed a bill into law today and makes it
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clear police do not have a right to search other information on the electronic device. they're counting votes in britain and national exit poll is predicting some surprising results. prime minister david cram ron conservative party is seen winning more sneets parliament than expected and the party partner the liberal democrat party is expected to lose most of the seats. that according to this pollch the poll shows labor party taking a beating. ♪philadelphia community activists got their chance to see where the candidates for mayor stand tonight, where the democratic candidates for mayors. vote for hospitals coalition held a candidate for numb center city most were there and had representative there's and forum focused on homelessness and hunger. the group says solving those problems is the key to a better future for philadelphia. >> let's see the 7 day future
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for accuweather forecast. >> dry and warm weather pattern continues. no rain out there at all. temperatures definitely on the warm side. philadelphia 65 degrees down from high of 81. allentown even warmer feeling like summer night there. 69. and reading 6 as you can get closer to ocean with winds out of south east it's cooler, 56 in millville and 53 sea isle city and with south easterly wind people in langhorne bucks county tell me they actually smell the smoke from woreton state forest fire. with that wind as well it's pulling in moisture from the atlantic and this means just like this morning there will be some fog tomorrow morning at the shore. so national weather service posted dense fog advisory until 8:00 for extreme southeast new jersey and central and southern delaware. visibility drops to less than quarter mile and inland tomorrow morning we could be dealing with low clouds and patchy fog.
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satellite 6 along with action radar showing we see what the bubble of high pressure does. it's a ridge. all the clouds really forced high up north. we're dry and it's also really going to be protecting us from the first named symptom of season. this is subtropical storm ana like a tropical storm but has cold corinne stayed of warm core and thunderstorms are far removed from the inside and what this will basically do is me ander there. maximum sustained winds 45 miles an hour barely moving north 2 miles an hour it's not strong. it's 170 miles south, south east of myrtle beach. if you have weekend plans to myrtle beach that's where heavy rain could be could be 6 to 8" of rain and moves inland and dissipates. as far as moisture from it tuesday, with a cold front. perhaps tap into tropical moisture bringing much needed showers and thunderstorms.
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at that point we will not be affected by the storm over the weekend. this is why the upper level pattern showing that with that bridge of high pressure the stormyness across the plain states like yesterday tomorrow, and saturday, likely, we will see mortar mid to anesthesia across the planes. 11 reported there today. and ana will be suppressed south. what this means for us the big story here will be the warm temperatures. temperatures running 10 to 15 degrees above normal. so you like summer. you will really like the next five days. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow after patchy fog in the morning and dense fog at the shore mostly sunny skies and it will be very warm. 85 degree so definitely take water and suncreen if you head to aberdeen dad vail regatta. winds go to the eat and drops temperature few degrees 82. some with some clouds and mother's day looking warm. the warmest mother's day in 24
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years. 87 degrees on monday. possibility of a few scattered afternoon thunderstorms 87, and tuesday is when we're really in the steam badge. 88 degrees with cold front moving through. hopefully subtropical moisture and behind that system feeling like spring wednesday. school, 6 and thursday partly sunny 7. we need rain not only for forest fires but pollen can i barely talk. >> you're doing pretty well. >> i'm a little gruff. >> "modern family" star sophia vargara is member of hollywood walk of fame next to ed o'neal star they play husband and wife on "modern family". real life fiancee joined her for the ceremony today. and tomorrow her new movie hot pursuit hits the theaters. everything is happening at once. "jimmy kimmel live" at 11:35
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after "action news" here's jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks, jim hello philadelphia, here's a snippet of what we're up to tonight. >> i was riding through outer face with scott folly. we were not open rocket ships. we were
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>> aberdeen dad vail regatta take over tomorrow and largest collegiate rowing event in united states. it means detours for drivers. parts of kelly drive are now closed until saturday 6 p.m. traffic is detoured through fairmont park. eagles first round draft choice
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nelson agalar now in the nest. >> can i not wait until he gets on the field and see what the coaches think about his progress on the field. they have to get all the rookies signed six draft picks and four signed to the team. latest being top pick nelson agalar has a four year deal with nearly $9.5 million. eagles begin a three day rookie mini camp tomorrow. >> it's been a day since we learned about lesean mccoy's comments about chip kelly. in case you missed it lesean mccoy said he got rid of the plaque players the fastest. he pointed to deshawn jackson as example. jackson was asked for his thoughts in the matter. >> i don't want to get too caught up on what is going on there in philadelphia. lesean mccoy is a great friend and great running back one of the best in the league and i look at myself one of the best
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receivers in the league. as far as being removed from think don't understand why you would get rid of the best players on your team. it's their lost loss. >> alex rodriguez reaches a milestone. patriots latest cheating scandal patriots latest cheating
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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>> tom brady made a good living dodging pressure. let's see how he handle the latest patriots cheating scandal. nfl released 2 40 page wells report that determined brady was generally aware of the likely deflated balls used in championship game. brady was asked about it like a blitz he side stepped the matter. >> it's only been 30 hours when i guy guest it i'll let you know
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how i feel about it. >> are you that slow a real estateer. >> my athletic career has been better than my academic career. used to reading x's and o's this is longer. >> phillies had the night off. tomorrow they host first place hets. cole hamels against matt harvey. alex rodriguez exing his name in record books home run number 661 breaks tie with willie maze and moves him to soul possession of the list. >> opening round of player's championship from saw grass. tiger woods' round all over the map. five birdies two double bogeys shoots 1 over 73. jason bone his approach shot from 134 yards out money. also eagle. he's 1 under. sharing a tie for the lead at 5 under par. that's sports. >> thank you ducis.
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>> fantasy and science fiction came together and came to live at the pennsylvania convention center witnessard world comic con opened tonight. fan got to meet favorite stars or they shopped for own fantasy gear such as this zombie makeup. and delaware valley one of delaware valley main movie makers who has a movie coming out in september called the visit spoke to comic con attendees tonight. comic con in philadelphia "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline". "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. now for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. good
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yee. dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jason schwartzman, from "pitch perfect 2", hailee steinfeld this week in unnecessary censorship and music from brandon flowers with cleto and the cletones, and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. than


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