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tv   Action News  ABC  May 8, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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so on "aion ws" is th frsf of the new rsey pine brns off route warn sa fost. 26as closed muchf the day ad 's now reopen. tiis shong wnshi frefhters l auto roda ben cl to batt the ba. "con ns" rert dann cuear is let e zion rnger stion dan what's the tuation w. >> rere we jimhese frights alst 100 of th mdtremendous proe in btei fehh stretches 70 acre tey reptonig the fi is 5%ontained asfforts cnnue >> new rs fort fiers rsd ttk the re on all fros. in thair a huie helicopr 25 ba on oy buet brought bck and rth water fr th
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lk >> lot of this area has not burd since 20s 30s it's dn. > th re fighng fire wh frlighng bafes arou te fire totavb it fue > 's a great feeli wn wasapping onhe grod adhat happens in t ai cm tetr. >> night pgrsedn frefhter efrtontied the pu of sme se hureds of feet in the nejersey sky. >> a des ot fe we bi drawn in gether by burno erations. ad by e main fe tere all mingogether. > athapoint feas ipding and fefighters had hp. >> rit nowe're moing up hotpots a keeping the fire conin. > fouty the wi contis favored the fire figing efft. lght wis ta tey ntinue to nit and ptl the ar and putut hot so that m pop up overnht.
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lvzion pa rger snx samo, dann cuell "ann 6 aion ws." >> 're getnthe firslo a rveillce om the mome a sep bus ashed to the tras in sohhadelia wth arn apoaching andt happed esday ght coluus buvard. acrail trn wablocking ru 2 bus as task sohe dir tried heo gorod. seak turn dickinn an sinshe whl tofar sing cnol anfalling ouof her seat beuse she's not buced n bs es wi drivi upnd over thmian anpassgers g flng fm the ses. teand drerere hurt. te tra stped and woers cme in to hel > fbagents and local itian pole coine forces eight t couct rage inown of clria inoutherntaly. tey arst pelwh s
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t lmington dewarend ceeresylvania. tiis vio fromasoctober a the po of itown aes itian agen uncored mlons ofollars in cocae. teocaine was oredn wrehses in wmgt and ceer. te heauts e oeraon for a ofhis, pzria in qunsnew york. > a he fit involving 2to 5 udents erupt in frankfd sectionf phadphia this atnn an1-year-old bowas saed in c "con newsrorter e mcorck was live as mcmick wasive at st.hristoph's, annie wt arehe detailhe. >> m, that 12ear-oldoy rme st. ristopher hspilpgd to stle cntn. atrities s he w aed i ba during atae figh wi he w procti his sste >> itness say thfig ivvedchltuden and incded mosyirls and on by. it pled out on grounds macin park thfnkford secon of city.
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acding to pi the 1-yearld vict goes to neay zeler enry schl. >> eree seams a mae 2 ds. > n yelrs aeschool fmiain pa and got un kds inrogramo safe an cld 91her coorker did no wnt to bon cama and desibed e me > tre waa lot of blood hsack and rls a grn ups sta around ereing > leransported two witsses rerted to be jvenes to nthet dttives r questioni. te viim was stbed in the bacwh kne but tyid nt revery a weap. >> d ere's nsveillance cameras att park. pole ne witnesses to come frrd. i y witnses do ve ifoaon they shld ctt nreast dectis. liven hting pa ane mcmi "chann 6 action news,jim. >> tnyou, ane. pidelphia pice chmed 1-ar-old rort robe in cnction wi a hit-and-run tat cyeingly jed a
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tme universi stent, rcl ha. ple sasurveilnce video so hall goi toh a op sign en tc robts told poce he panied ad ed. paul alie onhe laosse team was to graa torrow. > a ldier difrdz inrs sufferingrom a huee crh on nw jsetupi last fray. 2-ar-old john leelis was oe ofouru when a hicl tied to ps the miliry cny hit thhumv seingt ofhe road to a tree. tewere onheir wato joi base mcgui lahur fr frdrum ineyork rk. > auorits relsed dacam tat sws dover deware pole offir kickg a sspes inhe face. thencident happened augu 2013. bt cporal thas web stt fouh was arreed this pa mony afr a gra ry ib indictehimosend dree aslt. teharges a thresus of
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lwit by ac that ter aoerra jury deined to idiet wet lt ye. > rha yoheard the ying eetnold w agn. tas defitely truebt drexel irsi mad dron ms prra stuntsre rehing bac50 yea to rev unfished sos using morn tenology. mna malpa is rwitme ad it h sees philes lang the wa > th is partf icoc phil su thadw grt to center ctyedes ago. small les gote bind whebuness chaed. until n. i'a song onencluding te siners haer hearbrx teroufishi toh recded in 60s under philly groe lal at sia sod a wrld renoed recoing cit this is thr d web site th
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clod 23 and l termined in 19 lei 275 unfished son in t fis. nw drel stunts take ucering the phlgroe ge t e act atixasters fnhing ass r&b and so son recoed afr they br tey deci hvrp drumstrips adocaltoz use on the ne digit eqpment. >> in the d dares haists wre stl t sa room rcoing tother something t donnow and fferen in the sunds stning. > 's really ornic an taes them hothese marials g togeer and w artists racto each oer. > udes arsrng 16 son no 3 he ler anit's been caroom exercise beuse of cpyrht sues unt n. resvoir a neyork city labe bught the co rights anis prerinwith drel and
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tgetr th're releasing and alum is fall of d but n sngs > 're cotantly thkg ao thhow doe retroc te songs. > e biss si ' invved wi all the rting of and out reh, bgs - > h co is ttealife asn mtime truly v telaic songs ofhe city frhis geration. > stl to comen ctn new" new rs coiderin ring x on milliaes ad fbissues urnt waing ovealled isis teorts ardy side u. bords. >> otr dayf toadoes tuing downn uthern sas. w' sh you tonit's damag ccy. > fit sto atntic hurcane seas foed. we' t you kn wh we ve i e forest > ndy salsan has a warn ao a polar pet treat th two locawomen saikild te dog.
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>> a ised a waing about sme tatsnd th're ill alled beold at stos. we weod tmtock on so shels and hetbreang fmily ofwo filies anfin print d ma sureour fet sf >> cis rogs th eags top dra pick signon the dted
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> fbissued uent warnfor iis follers innid states. teerr grp lached unpcedented soal media cmign rect atundreds of flwers here. te aeged lwers are call t iis and aisyria ad ifhey caot sily to killhever th ar iis clas th elton sim tean bend atmed terr atacin tex s onof the opetives. >> ateast three nrd
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trnaes toudn in noh tx rthwest of dall. toust thin lashou tetorm caed sere dage in tos of ro, boyd and noh fiiew. frnately tree you no ijies rerted. frastesay rttem te can pect more sere stos tmrow and sarday. > a popular pet trt is ing bad for e dehs of mo tha1,000 dogs. btn acon news instigation fou somef these trts were si on t shees in spe o fdwarning out the danrs ivtigave poer wendy sltzn isere and s the excsive stor > ifou waed into p sto and sathis g you wou nv thk twe about quity wing innglish anpackaged i fen . bthe next meou may t lo cler atxact wh you'rbuyi. >> is wame d sammwn we fr gohim. >> ga w 4 years olwhen
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fmilreued is dog named smmy > event 12 yearold he plad like a puy perftly hahy. > onsma stchne staken caed everyi. > he h o on sarday. w ga him anotr trt sny. > s ss she gave him th spet srt teetng ri me in ci. >> he kt vrpinging d diing and drinki and not etin >> x da and multlers t e t later say di. > i had hiin myrms wahing hm pa away > few mil wn the ad and one moh lar y feh you chuahua two turk tres men thaind > i ga her she meuing ba round and gvher send treat anthat i thlast thg she aits > git would noeat drank more d me war. > there was t a who loof tmfr t te feher tatrt to thei she die
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>> marsltoogigit the vt. ad toheare emeey hostal. >> shsaid she's in compte og faure. > was nojust sammy and jet. se afrom san dio paed away in jaarfour days afte se ate auority chken tes. te owr of th g fr cna said shgot seriously il fortate did not di >> there were 580ill nsnd mre an 10 canine dehs asoatewi chese made cien trts. >> why u u pu-- lee oen e mk. >> mahall and pouzio cmained to pet smt. we undh were stl scd o ore elves. they initlly remod tm where theyout this ba and te > fi ds ter they we back on on le. youan ki your at a
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dsunt. >> fda took her inor ne cp sxher kidns we drying fom inde t > normly wn yosee ace kdy ile yothi out poins tocie > a deined reesfor intvwnd insteaproded u th is cou a veo wile faili to aner queis of wtrll treats foms shlde recaed. > now t lnesses an das port ready most lind jey pet trts with igdients ioed from cna. >> th point evenfter tsti experts cannot coirm atri brand treats we direccause of say and gijet pt pt srtroded usith th stament as of marcth ye w remod all dog and ca tes maed in chinand th fa did not ise a rel > w ma dogs ha to d? >> fda lyssued aimid
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rcl thehinese chken jerky rts b doesot icde pet smt brd. for me ioation go tour wbite at 6abc. > u're yg the trt frothailand are still osels. >> ey' ill onselves an watda iselling is that tey nnot -- nacturs are ntbliged to tell yowhere igdient came fr. > don't b the ta you. > nejsey wmake wi dbe whether to rae taxes on pln airs. se sweeny inoduce aid bi t hi ince taxes oneoe earng oaf a lon a ye fom cuent 8.% to 1.75% thrgh the xt the years. andhe demratayst wod gnere 67million fothe sta nexte're year ale. govnor riie opses any iceax hike >> ivs thatetulleover i w jersey won'teededo show inrance card anor
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iste of pcof par they canow use gital co on po or tabl. gvnor christieigned a bill intlaw today anmakes it ce police do n have a right to search oth inrmation on thelectronic dece. tere countg vosn biin and natial it po is predting some surising rests. pi nter vid cram ron cnrvate rty is sn wnng mo sneets paiame tan excted and t rty prtn the libel decrat par is pected to lo mos o the ses. thaaccdinto ipoch the po shows lab par tkg being. ♪pidelph commity atists got eir chce to seehe the candidates for myor sta togh e e demratic caates for mys. votfor hospa alio hla caidate for nu cter cty mostere therand ha reprentavthere's and fom fced homelessns and hnr. te grp says solng thos poemsshe key to a beer
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fte for phadelph. >> les e the 7 day ture fr auweather forest. >> y and rm wther paern cnns. n in o there at al temratures define on t wrm si. pidelphia, 65egre down fom highf 8 alentnvewarmer feing lksm night ther 6. and reing 6 as you c ge cor to oceanith wis ou o sth ea it coer, 56 in mlille and 5s isle city ad wi soh easterly nd peoe in lahn bus couy te me they actuly sme e smoke fromoreton sa fost fe. wtthat wi well it pulnimoisture from the altic a th means just lke is moing, the ll be somfog tomoow morning at the so. s tion weh rvice psted densfog adviry until 80for exeme soutast ne jrseand central ansouthern
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delare visility drops to lesshan qaer mi andnland torrow morng uld be ing with lowloudand tchy fog. stlite alg th aco rd shing weee at the bubble of hhressure doe it'a rie. al thelou rely forced hgup noh. we' dry d it's also ally goi to be precnus fm te fit nam mpm of san. tis surocal stm ana lika troc storm buhas clcie sted of co andhunrosre far rmedrothe inde and what tiwlasicay do is me ad the. maxum sustned wis 45 me a ur barely mong noh 2 mil an ho it n stng. i's 17mis sohsth east of myrt beh. if u ha weekend ans mreeh th's e hvy raicould be cod be 6 to" o ra anmes inla a dissites.
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as r as msture fr it teay, wh a cold frt. prha tap torocal miure ging mu nded sows and thundstms. a at point we wi not be afted by t stm ov t wend. tiis why e upr level patternhowing th withhat brie of hh presre the sormesao thpla statelike ytda rr and satuay le, we wi seortar mito anthesia acrs the plan. 1 rerted the today. ad anwille suppssed suth wath mns for us the g sorher wi the warm tmrature tempetures ruing o 15 degre abo nma s you ke summer yuillely li the xt five day s e exusive acweher 7d focast morr ter patc fognhe moing and dn fog athehore most sun s d it wi be ve wr 8 geo dene take wt and sureen ifouead to abdeen dad vl regta. wn go to the eaand drops tmpare few deees, 82.
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sme wi selds and motr's yoing warm. the warme moer's dain 24 ya. 8 grs on moay. pssilityf a fescted atnn thunrstorms, 87 and tesd ishenee real in te stm bae. 8 grees wh co frt mvg throh. hpel subocal moisre and bend that syem feeng lksprg weesday. shl6 and ursday ry snny. w ed ra t ly f rest fir b poll can i barely tl >> u're doing prey we. > m a lile gruf >> "mern family" star sopa varra is memrf hoywood wlk of fe nt tod o'nl sar th play huanand wife on "mern family ralife fiane joed her fo teeremony toy. ad torr her new movie ho
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prit hits the thters. eething ihpening at once. "iy km live" at 115 ater "aion wshers jmy wta prevw of toght's sow >> anksjim, hello, phidelphia, here's a snippet o wte'repoonht. >> i was ding thugh oer face wi sco foy. w re noop
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i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver. i'm kevin nealon comedian. and i'm arnold palmer, professional golfer. know what we have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. me, when i had a blood clot in my leg that could have traveled to my lungs. that's why i took xarelto®, too. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. i took xarelto® for afib... an irregular heartbeat that can lead to a stroke from a blood clot. xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. hey, well i'm glad we got together. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin there is limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. i tried warfarin before, but the blood testing routine and dietary restrictions had me off my game. tell me about it. let's see,
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golf clinic, or blood clinic? ooh, that's a tough one. not this time. not with xarelto®. anything else? i'll have another arnold palmer. ok. make mine a kevin nealon. really, brian? hey, safety first. like all blood thinners, don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor as this may increase your risk of a blood clot or stroke. while taking xarelto® you may bruise more easily and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto® may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto® can cause serious bleeding and in rare cases may be fatal. get help right away if you develop unexpected bleeding unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto® watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle-related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve, or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto® tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® has been prescribed more than 11 million times in the u.s. and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring,
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and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. > aberen davail gaa tkover tomr largest clgia rong event in uid state i andetours rre. par of key drive arno cos until satuay 6 m. taic deur through faiont park. egs first round aft chce nels arow in the ne. > can i nowtntil ts on e fid d e wh the caes thk about hiprogress o e fid. tehave to get l throoks sgd six draft c and ur signed to t team.
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latt beg top picneln aar has a fo year deal wi neay $9.5 miio egs beg a thr y rookie mni camp tomoow. >> it a day nce we laed about lean mccos comnts aut chip kell in se yomissed itesn mc sa heot rid of the plaq plershe faest. h inted to deawn jacksoas eamp. jacon waasked r his thoh in t tr. >> don't want to geto cug up onhat is goi on te in philadelphia. lsn mcy is a gre frie andre runni bacone te bestn the ague and lok mylf onof the be rcvers the leue. a f as beg mov from tink dot derstand whyou wu get rid ofhe best pars on yo team. i's eir lo. > al rodruezehes a mlesne.
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> tom bry made a od livi dodng prsur lt see hohe hale t ltt patrts cheing sand. nfl read 40 page lls rpt th deteid brady wa gnally e of the kely dfted bas us in caionip game. badyas aed abouit li a bi heidstepd t
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mtte >> it's on been 30ours when i guy est it ll leyou ow hw feeabout it >> e you that sl a real eteer. >> athlet caer has been btr an my acam caree used to reing x's and o'this is loer. > phli had thnight of tmrothey ho first pla ht cole hals agnst matt haey. aeroiguez exing hiname in rcd bos home numb 661 bres tiwitwlieaze and movesim to soul poession of theist. >> openg round play's campnsp fmaw grs. tiger wos' round all er the mp. fve biies, two dole bogeys sos 1 ov 73. js bone his apoach shot fom 1 rds out moy. aso eae. h's 1 unr.
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sharina e fothe aat und pa thas spts. > anyou, dus. >> ntasy anscnce fictn cmtogether andame to li at e pesylvania coeion cnr, tneard worlcomic cnped toght. fn g to meet vite stars o ey shped for own ntasy gear such as th zombie makeup ad deware vaey o of dlare vaey main e mks whh a v comin outn septembecall e vsit o to mic con attdees togh com n in phadphia "jim kml live" ne foowed by "nitle". "cti new coinu at 4:30 with ma edrds, matt odonll metrolist david mury and kan rogers with traic. now for cily tyn, ducis rogs andhe enre "aion nw team i'm jim gardner. goo
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