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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 8, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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this is a subway in boston the orange line. kids train surfing, 18 years old. boston transit police are reminding everyone this conduct is extremely dangerous it can be deadly so don't do it. they had problems, too, where one of the kids was ride on the top of one of those. >> five cars were stolen during the commercial break. that's according to statistics by the fbi. that's one every 44 seconds. >> that's frightening. a lot of security systems don't stand a chance. abc's clayton sandell with ways
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to stop the thief cold. >> watch this thief walk you have to an audi and presto the door unlocks. he gets away from a suitcase and a custom $15,000 bicycle. how did he do it? >> it's believed he used an unknown electronic type of device or remote to open the car doors electronically. >> it could be a device transmitting signals that mimic a car's key fob, tricking the car into unlocking the doors. these high-tech versions of the old slim jim are popping up from long beach, california to chicago. another technique uses a radio amplifier to in theory unlock your car from much further away than normal, say after you've already gone inside. to help defeat this particular ruse the experts say you can put your keys in something metal to block the signal like your freezer. >> the best prevention is to lock your car, take your valuables out of it park in a well-lit area.
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>> reporter: high crime going high tech clayton sandell, abc news denver. >> i have never been so happy that mine doesn't work. i actually have to put the key in. >> old school. >> what do you drive? >> a four runner. it's the best. >> i can totally see that. really respect level for you has gagner up. >> my forerunner in high school was a stick shift. >> i can see that, too. we're going to turn to another blond now. mariah carey, the diva. >> transition. >> blond to blond, not diva to diva. >> i'm not one. >> this one, not that one either. mariah carey, let's talk about mariah carey. she started off her las vegas residency. >> she's talking about the show and being a single mom. she's up there with michael strahan.
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tt2wút+o@pd4 bt@q%jp tt2wút+o@pd4 "a@q5f4 tt2wút+o@pd4 bm@q>m8 tt4wút+o@pd4" dztq xvh tt4wút+o@pd4" entq (r( tt4wút+o@pd4" gzt& 1up tt4wút+o@pd4" hnt& ![< tt4wút+o@pd4" iztq k2d tt4wút+o@pd4" jntq yb$ tt4wút+o@pd4" lzt& a/x mariah carey will be back on center stage in caesar's palace in las vegas tomorrow and sunday as well. >> she's just getting started out there. has a two-year residency.
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she's perform more than 50 concerts. in vegas, though she's starting a new role in life. you know, she and her husband, nick, are divorcing. so that's going to be an adjustment for her and the kids and everybody. >> her role as a single mom. she talked about all of that with abc's michael strahan. >> and we can reveal you. >> this is hot. >> just kidding, just kidding. ♪ like honey ♪ >> reporter: attention sin city they're the new diva in town. mariah carey kicking off her next chapter with a larger than life vegas show and album mariah number one to infinity. >> it says ss throw me on and touch my body. >> reporter: and we got the backstage pass up close and personal. ♪ i will carry you wherever you want to go ♪ ♪ congratulations on your show
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entitled mariah one to infinity. do you think it's your next job? >> it's like a clean slate. that's the show. it's the album, number one to infinity. it's the show number one to infinity. and it's the place i'm at in my life which is a brand-new moment for me. >> her new single infinity an anthem for love lost she and actor nick cannon divorcing earlier this year. nick post posted a nice thing on instagram. so proud of you, loves your song. he said you are the hardest working woman in show business. >> it's even hearder now. as a single mom, it's like i'm going to go out and do this or that. occasionally i will but it's much more about watching mu voo vies with the kids and having fun and reading them stories. >> her kids joining her on this new vegas journey. >> are they able to take this in as well? >> they do. monroe wanted her own mike. she said mommy, i like microphones.
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>> and now rocky, he's very -- he loves music. >> reporter: when she's not playing mommy -- ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: she's center stage, performing all 18 number one singles night after night. >> this is my quick change room. the quick change room. just sent this in from paris. we have all different designer. he sent this beautiful dress in. no reveal. >> reporter: you can't see that. only people in the show like mariah and myself know the set list. don't try to ruin our show. i'm michael strahan in las vegas. >> i feel like he's going to make a cameo in her show. >> i wouldn't be a surprised. >> he makes a cameo in
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everybody's show. he'll be here next week. >> insomniac theatre is coming up next.
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>> we start with america's most beloved bird, not talking about the bald eagle here but the giant yellow one, big bird we all know and love. it's called i am big bird. and it's kind of cool. chronicles the "sesame street" character and the man who plays him. for an incredible 45 years spinney played big bird and oscar the grouch by the way. this traces his journey from bullied child to childhood icon. >> at first, he was a very goofy guy, kind of a country yokel. >> you're not a bird.
2:56 am
birds are big. >> then i thought he should be a kid, he just happens to be like a big kid. the producers agreed. >> oh hello. >> big bird why are you doing that? >> just because. >> the scripts all of a sudden were big bird and oscar. they were terrific. >> spinney is now 80 years old, has no intention of slowing down. "the new york times" says "i am big bird" gets a little spir ruppy at times but mr. spinney is forthright and engage throughout. also the "toronto star" said the film will remind audiences of the important role big bird and the man in the yellow suit played in shaping culture and children's education, even politics. >> that's a cool story. much different from the film i have to tell people about. taking a bit of a turn here, folks. to a movie called "hot pursuit." it stars two hotties. witherspoon is trying to protect
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viggiar a's character. >> this is racial profiling. she's so unattractive and talks like some tiny little robot. let me tell you something, she's my tiny little robot. and i love her. >> what are you doing? >> trying to show him that i love you. distracting him so he won't call the cops. >> her t-shirt said butter my biscuits. i don't know why that caught my attention. >> i have no idea. reviews for "hot pursuit" haven't been kind. the tendency to belabor the lazy laziest gags. probably hit the target audience of the mainstream girl's night out crowd but that's it. >> i didn't pick that clip.
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this morning on "world news now" isis's advanced recruitment methods setting theirsights on american radicals. how the u.s. government is trying to beat them at their own game. >> breaking his silence. tom brady taking the stage and facing questions for the first time about the new deflategate report. could all this take away from his super bowl win? >> absolutely not. >> his message to his detraek detractors. >> an expert thief busts right into this house taking thousands of valuables. what you need to know about protecting your home. friday may 8.
3:01 am
hey, folks. good morning to you all. it's friday. you made it. well i say you've made it. you haven't made it yet. >> that sounded like a threat. >> well, not a threat. we just started. we'll wait until you get to the end of the day. kayna whitworth has been here all week. it's been a pleasure. >> that wasn't even in the teleprompter. >> i thought i would throw you a bone. i've been giving you a hard time all week. >> i'll hold on to that. >> but in all seriousness, it has been a pleasure to have you here. folks, we have some social media to talk about, but not the way you're thinking. isis a click away from impressionable minds across the globe. they're counting on social media now to captivate thousands. it looks like it's been working here. the fbi is warning many of those recruits are right here in the united states and they're urged to travel overseas or start killing right where they are. >> reporter: the examples keep
3:02 am
piling up. a woman in philadelphia busted by the fbi through her social media account. there she told a known isis fighter that becoming a martyr would be amazing. and earlier this week, terror in texas -- the two men who aing thatted an event featuring cartoons of the prophet mo holm med, both active on social media. 30-year-old elton simpson wrote in a twitter message on april 10 time is short. and on april 23 he wrote of the upcoming event in texas, when will they ever learn? >> luckily, sunday's attack didn't mature in the way that the attackers wanted it to. but i think that is a har binger of what we will see in the future. >> reporter: there's evidence the texas attackers were in contact with a mysterious isis recruiter known online only as miskey. messages indicatemiski called for the attack. and he writes, one individual is able to put a whole nation on to
3:03 am
its knees. >> it's difficult to separate sometimes wheem wor just talkers and doers. >> reporter: lawmakers tackled this issue. cory booker said what isis is doing online is much more persuasive than what the u.s. government is doing. >> the videos they're doing are incredibly slick, fan sirg and attractive. look at their fancy means compared to what we're not doing. >> reporter: experts say there's no real way for u.s. officials to monitor everything on social media. and the real fear is they won't know who's serious about an attack until it's too late. kayna, t.j.? >> all right, thank you so much. the other big story today. it's tom brady. and he spoke. i don't know if we want to say he spoke out. he certainly spoke. it's the first time, though since the findings that he was at least generally aware that footballs were underinflated in the afc title game. >> he was a chatty kathy that brady. >> about some things. >> he was talking about that
3:04 am
report. he arrived by helicopter actually by salem state university. this was last night. yes, he was taking part in a preplanned question and answer event. that's jim gray on the right, experienced veteran broadcaster there. so again, this event was on the books already. so he did his thing. he still delivered, he showed up. give him credit for that. but when it came to questions about the nfl report he scrambled a bit with a little verbal footwork if you will. >> it's only been 30 hours so i haven't had much time to digest it fully, but when i do i'll be sure to let you know how i feel about it. so much is about the ups and downs, and certainly i accept my role and responsibility as a public figure and i think a lot of it you take the good with the bad. >> has this however, detracted from your joy of winning the super bowl? >> absolutely not. >> 30 hours. you need more than 30 hours to
3:05 am
go through 240 pages. >> when he was asked about it, he said i know more about the x's and o's. >> what do you do. if i was tom brady, i wouldn't say another word about it. suspend me for a few games. this is done. this is over. i probably cheated? i wouldn't say a word either. i don't blame him. >> a lot of people said this is his chance, if he wanted to say i didn't do anything maybe that was it. he had a room full of supporters. >> his agent put out a statement but never said brady didn't do anything wrong. tried to pin it on other places. >> moving on it's being called one of the worst natural disasters in lincoln, nebraska, history. officials are calling for voluntary evacuations in the wake of major flooding there. some businesses sent employees home early. more than seven inches of rain
3:06 am
fell in one night. there you see creeks are rising to historic levels. and the next 24 hours they say will be critical. >> a sheriff deputy in south carolina shot a owner after the homeowner made a frantic 911 call to report that two intruders were in his house. the homeowner was hiding in his laundry room before the officers arrived. police say he was shot in the neck after refusing to drop his gun. the homeowner undergoing surgery. he's black, the officers white. state officials now investigating. it took place about 20 miles from north charleston where walter scott was shot and killed by an officer last month. >> disturbing police dash cam seen here. this is just released. shows, once again, a white police officer kicking a black suspect in the case even after the man obeyed orders to get down on his hands and knees. the suspect knocked unconscious. suffered a broken jaw as well. the incident took place nearly two years ago, but the officer was just indicted for assault this week after the aclu sued on the suspect's behalf.
3:07 am
>> the faa has launched an investigation after a frightening incident aboard a delta jet. it was forced to make an emergency landing after the cabin filled with smoke. with more on those pictures here's abc's david curley. >> smoke and smoke alarms aboard a delta md-88. the cabin filling fast. >> oh my god, the plane is on fire we're going to die. that was my first thought. >> there was no panicking but passengers were told to put their head between their legs to limit the amount of smoke they inhaled. >> i was really scared because i don't know what's going on. the plane was full of smoke. i could barely breathe. >> it was an engine problem that caused the smoke. the flight diverted to charleston where it made a safe landing and firefighters were waiting. one passenger tweeted, thanks pilots. never a dull day. the faa is investigating the engine problem and smokey cabin. david curley, abc news, washington.
3:08 am
>> russia's space agency says that unmanned russian spacecraft that's been lost in space more than a week burnt up this morning over the pacific ocean so you don't have to duck. >> i was concerned. >> i know. >> the capsule blasted off last week. it was filled with food and other supplies for the international space station, but shortly after takeoff, it started spinning out of control. a full report about why the mission failed is expected next week. the white house fence is getting another security upgrade. hopefully this one works. a second layer of spikes is being added, starting in early july. it's called pencil points. they will be clamped on to the existing fence at a 5 degrees angle. there have been a series of embarrassing security lapses. the most serious is the one you're looking at now. a man carrying a night got over the gate and got into the front door of the white house. >> meanwhile president obama, he's on the road this morning delivering a speech on free trade to nike headquarters in
3:09 am
oregon. then the president travels to south dakota, completing his mission of visiting every state in the union as president. the president becomes one of only a handful of presidents to visit all 50 states. >> dramatic rescues in the north atlantic ocean with boats. there was four yachts and they capsized off portugal when the storm blew up overnight. so a dozen people had to be rescued. that included a family and their 6-year-old little girl died from exposure. she and her father spent 7 1/2 hours in the water and they say the waves were as high as 33 feet. >> a different close call to tell you about on the high seas as well. take a look. a camera crew filming a nature documentary off south australia surprised by -- can you call this a curious onlooker? this is a great white shark there. >> they said it was 15 feet long. and they also say it wasn't being aggressive. when you look at that picture, that doesn't look incredibly aggressive. they say it was just checking
3:10 am
things out. >> that's not aggressive? >> that one. >> that's not aggressive? >> that's what they said. i would probably pass out. it was about a yard from the camera man and they were joking. it looked like she, by the way. they called her smiles. toothy smile. >> can sharks be cute and friendly looking? >> not a great white. coming up next here we've got mother's day for you. including what moms really want. plus sophia viagarra she says this is the last time she will talk about her frozen embryos. and she has harsh words for her exfiancee. >> breaking in is just too easy. what we found in our experiment will make you think twice about how you lock up.
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>> see yeah! >> a-rod, is it okay to vote for a h of rod yet? [ clapping ] >> it is. okay, a yankees fan. why did you make that face kayna? that was career home run number 661. he's now moved past willie mays into fourth place on the all-time home run list.
3:15 am
the yankees acknowledge that achievement on the scoreboard last night. but that is going to be the extent of the celebration. because they don't plan on paying him $6 million they owe him in a bonus. they think they can get out of that because of the steroid suspension. why are you making these faces? >> no one else can see my face. >> i am describingtrying to describe to the people what i have to deal with right now. you earare making faces. tiger woods, can i cheer for him? >> i don't think anyone cheered for him on this one. poor guy, had a rough day. >> here's the opening round. well, here we go. tiger woods is not supposed to do this. first time on the eighth hole. his ball found the drink. same thing on 18. but get this -- he ends the round one over par. things could have been worse.
3:16 am
he's six stroke back of the leaders. so that's not the worst thing in the world. >> no. and if you did that you would be one in the 12 people who ever hit the ball into the hole on hole 8 there. i had to read the stats. that was interesting. >> so sophia viagarra. you might think she just had enough of the whole frozen embryo controversy. >> she spoke can her amy robach. >> reporter: sophia viagarra with her new fiancee getting her star on the hollywood walk of fame. but make no mistake. she is saying enough is enough. this is the last time she'll talk about that battle with frozen embryos. >> there's baerps signed. there's a court date. he shouldn't be creating something so overly out of nothing. >> she says her exfiancee is using her star power in the fight and the bottom line they had a signed agreement.
3:17 am
the exnick lobe making his case in "the new york times." >> these are lives that have already been created. >> he says he wants to create a family on his own. she says it's simple. they signed not one, but two contracts with the fertility clinic. and she adds something more. those embryos were made when they were together and happy what a baby deserves. >> more than a mother needs a loving relationship of parents, you know, that get along. >> hurt? embarrassed? angry? >> no. i don't want to allow this person to take advantage of my career and try to promote himself. >> more on that to come. well, coming up, protecting what's most important to you. >> you think your home is safe. it's a fortress against thieves. you're probably wrong. common sense tips on keeping them out. >> ahead of our next half-hour, a teenage girl followed an attack in her own home. california police are asking for the public's help to catch the suspect.
3:18 am
3:19 am
>> you may have heard of the saying a man's home is his castle. >> the question is how do you keep all that stuff in your castle. how easy it is to get inside and get it oit. >> a home burglary happens every 16 seconds in the u.s. how easy is it for a burglar to get into your home. therro arington has been convict convicted of burglary and theft. but now he wants to help you protect yourself. this homeowner doesn't think arington stands a chance. >> she can't get in, i'm sure of it. >> reporter: a police will usually case a house.
3:20 am
we allow him to do just that. >> normally what you would go for is? >> jewelry first. >> sate's under five >> under five minutes, go ahead. >> he sees the opening and takes it. a garage door opener plain sight. within 45 seconds he's inside the garage and finds the door to the house unlocked. he quickly makes his way upstairs to the master bedroom where he finds a jewelry box. >> 2 1/2 minutes. you did it in half the time you thought you would be able to do this. >> key, garage door opener. i mean they'll leave -- they won't think about it in a hurry to get into the house. >> we asked arrington if he says any other ways in. this time he wants to break a window. >> let's see how quicklying lyly you can do it. >> he pops the screen and tapes the window to minimize shatter and noise. he's through the house and in the same unlocked door.
3:21 am
this time he's in and out of the house in three minutes. >> how do you think he got this? >> oh my gosh. >> the car was totally open. >> kathleen beatty's first tip, take your garage door openers inside out of a thief's sight. >> thaf ear watching ingthey're watching and waiting for that moment. >> exactly. don't make it easy. >> reporter: two, make sure your landscaping is low. >> they have all the time in the world hiding back there. >> reporter: third, if you're headed out of town lock up that garage. >> you want to disengage the motor of your garage door opener and then manually shut your garage door and bolt lock it so no one can open it from the outside. >> 73% of home break-ins are by kicking in a door. beatty says there's an easy solution. >> you see how it's just wood on either side here. this makes it so flimsy right? that's why you want to install a strike plate. >> reporter: that additional metal around the lock makes it more difficult for thieves to kick in the door.
3:22 am
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>> there was a mom expecting a child at any moment. and it would be her 13th child. the couple have 12 kids right now and they have 12 boys. >> oh, my gosh. >> they have 12 boys in the house. well not all in the house. they range in age from 22 to 2. now, the mom says she's not really pulling for a girl. she would be okay with it but it's fine. dad, though said if i could put my order in i would take a girl. they have 12 boys. here they are. one of the boys asked what's the best thing about being one of 12 he says you live with 11 of your best friends. >> she would have a lot of older
3:26 am
brothers to take care of her. what does your mom really want for mother's day? don't ask him this. what do you get your mom's for mother's day? >> send flowers. >> that's a better answer than before. what moms really want is apparently they want someone to pitch in with their house work. >> that makes sense.
3:27 am
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>> fighting back embattled nfl superstar tom brady letting the world know how deflategate is affecting him. what he had to say about the cheating allegations and where he goes from here. >> tornadoes threatening millions this weekend as much of the midwest is reeling from damaging twisters and record flooding wreaking havoc as the storm watch continues. accuweather has that forecast. >> a shocking scene caught on camera. an alleged sexual predator following a teenage girl right into her home. how she managed to escape him. also the search continues for that suspect. >> also the sound of silence. sorry, fans. that's all you'll be getting from singer sam smith anytime soon. the superstar canceling his tour. the reason why. well. >> talk about that why later in
3:31 am
"the skinny." it's friday may 8. >> good morning. is this friday-- this is kayna kayna whitworth. >> you're a huge fan of tom brady, right? you have been talking all week. now you got nothing. >> what do you want me to say? i worked in boston. saw them win the super bowl. >> she's been a chatter box all week and now she's got nothing. tom brady did make a public appearance last night. it was the first since the nfl report surrounding his likely use of deflated balls came out. >> right. he made an appearance in front of a very friendly crowd at
3:32 am
salem state university. as you saw there, it was a preplanned and sold out event. it sold out in something like 20 minutes. when it came to the nfl findings brady said that he's better at reading x's and o's than he is reading a 243-page report. abc's ryan smith has details. >> reporter: he's one of football's most famous quarterbacks. the toast of the nfl. tom brady, a four-time super bowl champ married to a supermodel with a picture perfect family. but facing the fallout of deflate gate. speaking at salem state university about the scandal. >> has this however, detracted from your joy of winning the super bowl? >> absolutely not. >> the scandal at the afc championship game against the indianapolis colts, the nfl allegedly received an e-mail from the colts general manager expressing concern about the game ball's air pressure. his agent on the offensive, attacking the nfl itself,
3:33 am
alleging it light allegingallege alleging it likely conducted a sting operation, an issue he said is buried in a footnote on page 46. quote, what does it say about a league when it allows one team to tip it off to an issue and no league officials or game officials notify the patriots? but the report states there was no sting, no change in inspection protocols. the report implicating brady as more likely than not aware of deflated balls. quoting text messages from an annoyed locker room attendant to a patriots equipment assistant. tom sucks. i'm going to make the next ball an exploetive balloon. even threatening to overinflate the ball if he doesn't receive gifts in kind saying better be surrounded by cash and new kicks. still, brady's father tom brady sr. coming to his son's defense in an interview with "usa today," saying this was framegate right from the beginning. and i don't have any doubt about my son's integrity. >> when asked about his reaction to the nfl deflategate report
3:34 am
tom brady said he didn't have one, hasn't had a chance to fully digest it but when he does he'll be sure to let us know how he feels. let's turn now to new concerns over isis becoming increasingly skilled at using social media as a recruiting tool. the fbi is warning that more than 1,000 online followers of the terror group may be living right here in the u.s. they point to elton simpson, one of the men behind this week's attack in texas, saying there are more likely out there just like him. they say recruiters are being told to join the fight in iraq or syria or kill right where they are. >> it's very difficult to separate sometimes people who are just talkers and doers. >> intelligence officials believe isis and its supporters are issuing nearly 100,000 postings a day worldwide. loretta lynch may be
3:35 am
starting an sbegsinvestigation into the baltimore police department. an announcement could come as early as today. it could lead to sweeping changes there in baltimore. >> a federal appeals court is calling on congress to decide the limits of domestic spying. the court ruled yesterday that it was illegal for the national security agency to collect millions of americans' phone records. a collection of those records was first made public by nsa whistleblower edward snowden. he remains exiled in russia. >> a new york city police officer killed in the line of duty is being laid to rest today. more than 30,000 officers paying final respects to 25-year-old brian moore, many of them attending a wake for him yesterday. moore was shot in the head last weekend after stopping a suspect who had a gun. well even as they clean up residents in five states are facing more severe weather this weekend and that includes tornadoes. may is the peak of tornado season in what's known as tornado alley. but flooding is responsible for
3:36 am
the death of one from this week's storms. abc's ryan owens has more. >> the toronto is on the. you can see the winds starting to pick up. >> reporter: as tornadoes bear down on communities near oklahoma city josh grabs his wife and three kids and heads to this underground shelter that still has water inside. >> the rain is coming in filling up real fast. it's cold kids freaking out. i was scared. >> reporter: his family huddles here for two hours as the storm destroys the home just above them. >> i was just holding him as tight as i could letting them know it would be okay, we were protected. >> reporter: here's the view of his master bedroom, but at least his family made it out alive. an oklahoma city woman drowned, trapped in her storm shelter. this area got more than seven inches of rain wednesday, a new record. a storm so saturated this storm shelter apparently installed incorrectly popped right out of the earth. >> made it across the highway.
3:37 am
more than 40 tornadoes made it across the planeins wednesday. >> right when it came over us it came right through the park and destroyed everything. >> reporter: also a scare at this zoo. when storm-slammed tiger safari the owner thought some big cats might have escaped. fortunately he was wrong. those animals are safe. ryan owens abc news, bridge creek, oklahoma. >> just how bad is the weather going to be today? justin povick joins us. >> this will by far be the most active and potentially several intense tornadoes west along interstate 35 in the morning. later on in the day, eastbound, oklahoma city, tulsa, dallas, ft. worth, abilene and san antonio all impacted by this dangerous weather which will continue right into the
3:38 am
overnight. over the southeast, we'll get battered by large swells and some gusty winds. soaking shoupers expected along the carolina coastline and then over the southwest, very unusual we're dealing with shoupers. and also some snow into the sierra nevada. >> justin thank you. as he mentioned there, there is actually snow in the forecast for the mountains and northern california. look at this. higher elevations in the sierra nevadas already have snow on the ground. people on the highways are required to put chains or snow tires on their car. >> unusually strong earthquake has hit a rural area in north texas. 4.0 in magnitude centered on mountain creek, about 30 miles southwest of dallas. the tremor was shillsboro. the cleveland cavaliers are apologizing for showing a video
3:39 am
during sunday night's playoff game. it showed a man throwing a woman because she was wearing a chicago bulls jersey. the team insists the video was meant to be a humorous spoof of a commercial showing a couple re-enacting a scene from the movie "dirty dancing." the cavs say the team takes domestic violence very seriously and they did not mean to make light of it. >> another person behind a wheel of a philadelphia bus that nearly hit a train earlier this week was not baltimore county buccaled in. here's some surveillance video that kind of confirm that. shows the driver losing control and thrown out of her seat. she tries hanging on to that steering wheel, but the bus veers into the median, barely missing the train. a spokesman said if she had been wearing her seattle belt the likelihood of an accident would have been diminished. >> it wasn't as exciting as the kentucky ki derby or a nascar race but the results are in for a robot race in cambridge,
3:40 am
massachusetts. a 100-meter dash. >> that's a dash. that's a dash. that's a slow roll. the. >> the entries came from local tech colleges and high schools. okay this is not -- they're not trying to win the race. just having a good time. which is okay. >> what's with the red cup? this is your beer delivery race. >> that would be my robot. >> i feel like that would win. a manhunt for an alleged sexual predator all caught on a home surveillance camera. it's terrifying video. >> also millions millions what was the number? 17 million something like that that watched, saw bruce jenner talk about his transition with diane sawyer. but now, this is having an effect on his youngest kids. an emotional new look coming up.
3:41 am
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so this is terrifying video. a young girl in san jose california is nol lowfollowed into her own home and then attacked. the man involved is still on the loose. >> yeah, police asking for the public's help now, hoping even social media could help them find the suspect. aditi roy with the story. >> police asking for the public's help now, hoping social media can help them find the suspect. >> reporter: an alleged sexual predator at large in northern california. his latest attack caught on home surveillance camera. watch as he follows this 13-year-old girl home from school then forcing his way through the girl's front door. police say he attempts to sexually assault her right there and then, but she fights back, pushing him away. the suspect then flees. the teenager speaking out. her family asks that we not show her face. >> i was just trying to get him off of me. so i pushed him back. at one point i slammed my flat palm into his face and i think that's what scared him off. >> after he leaves she said she hid in the closet and texted her
3:45 am
father. daddy come home now. some guy tried to rape me. police say the same suspect followed a woman into a grocery store restroom last month and attempted to sexually assault her. releasing these surveillance photos from that incident. do you believe he'll hit again? >> without a doubt. these guys are predators. >> reporter: aditi roy, abc news news. >> when we come backer we'll lighten up the mood for you a little bit. friday edition of "the skinny" and one of pop music's most popular acts sidelined a little bit. >> yeah it's sad. also somebody helping out teachers in the south. one hint -- the word truthiness. one hint? the rude truthiness.
3:46 am
3:47 am
3:48 am
>> i asked if they were taking pictures of each other in the >> i asked the first day i was here if they were taking pictures of each other in the open of "the skinny." couldn't quite figure out who they're taking pictures of. i think the answer is yes, let's go with that. we start with grammy winner sam smith, taking a little time off. i'll read longer so you can swallow there. >> this is hard to hear here. the "stay with me" singer has been covering from this vocal chord hemorrhage we heard about. now he's going to have surgery. he had to cancel phones in japan, australia and philippines, as well as france. >> you might be thinking what? no. the deal is the surgery will happen next week. he's expected to fully recover, but he can't even speak for three full weeks after the procedure. so his first show after he recovers is set for early july. >> nothing you want to hear. a guy that young with that voice.
3:49 am
you don't want him to have problems with his vocal chords. adele had those issues but she came back. >> hopefully he's in the best of care. >> chris brown now, never a dull moment with this guy. but he's not the one in trouble this time. >> he arrived in his home wednesday night and he found a woman that he didn't know in his bed and she was naked. she had apparently been inside his home for a couple of days. >> yeah, the woman reportedly believed she's brown's wife. during her stay, she vandalized his cars. according to his instagram account, he said, quote, she wrote i love you on the walls, she threw out my daughter's clothing, as well as my dog's stuff and all these weird voodoo things around my crib. that's what he said. >> wow. so she was arrested and is being held on $50,000 bail. to be in his house for a couple of days is terrifying. >> never a dull moment. but something is going on with here clearly.
3:50 am
hopefully she gets some help. >> right. up next here, bruce jenner, his transition into a woman continues. and we're all about to get a look inside at how his family is dealing with that. >> this will continue for a while. who knew the kardashians, they reality show would be this sounding board now and a place that people are going to go to learn about transgender issues. a two-part special on the e! network. take a look at this. >> these are my secrets that i have to deal with on my own. >> met him on a blind date and it was kind of love at first sight. >> two, three, go! >> we want to understand his struggle. >> whatever happens, i always want you to know that daddy loves you. can i have a kiss? >> we see the kardashians growing up. jenner admits he's never been as scared in his life as he was being honest about himself with the kids. that special starts monday may 17th. >> diane sawyer's interview with jenner on abc last month, this
3:51 am
will do rather well this summer e! will also focus on gender transition. >> in south carolina, we think a lovely place, myrtle beach, charles charles charleston, gamecocks, whatever. but one of the palmetto state's favorite sons is stephen colbert. >> he's a product of south carolina's public schools. and now he's giving something back as a thank you. he is funding every grant request by south carolina public schoolteachers and he's doing this on a crowd funding website. >> we're talking about 1,000 projects. his contribution is $800,000. it includes an auction of his old anchor desk. he said while contributing this money, enjoy the learning, south carolina.
3:52 am
that's awesome. way to go, colbert. looking back at the week that was. our friday rewind is just ahead. you're watching "world news now." everyone loves the way dark clothes make them feel... and no one wants that feeling to fade. that's why there's woolite darks. without harsh ingredients, it keeps darks vibrant for over 30 washes. so your love for dark clothes doesn't have to fade. for the love of darks. woolite darks. leftovers. they get re-heated. re-nuked. and re-baked. even when they're done... there's stuff left over. new dawn platinum power clean. powers through tough
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it's kayn a's first full week on the broadcast. we wrap up "the week that was. >> i lived in a hotel all week. >> it was a nice hotel. >> it was. >> you're welcome. >> i have you to thank for that? oh thanks t.j. i had no idea. i really appreciate all the clean towel es as well. also i learned that you don't get a lot of sleep. you're hiding five-hour energy over there. you don't get a lot of sleep on this show. it was a little tough, but it was good. >> you survived. >> here's our "friday rewind."
3:56 am
we heard boom, boom, boom, then we saw the cops everywhere. >> they drove up, got out, and open fired on the security officer. >> pushing for violence for many months, as long as we've been following him, he's been pushing for people to commit individual acts of violence. >> to watch people come together and be as determined as the city of baltimore has been to reclaim the city, rebuild the city and make it again the great city that it has always been has been inspiring for me. >> i think i'm the best person for the job because i understand how the economy actually works. >> i'm not a politician. i don't want to be a politician. [ applause ] politicians do what is politically expedient. i want to do what's right. >> government in washington is dysfunctional because it's become the roach motel. people go in but they never come out.
3:57 am
>> what will you do when you're not president? >> i was thinking you and me could play some domino's together. >> domino's. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ hallelujah. >> ho, ho, ho! >> what is this? >> anybody get $500 yet from him? >> i don't know. they had some good ones out there, though. that's a big man to be taking a fall. >> and what size is his shoe? >> a 17 or something like that. 23? sorry. >> it's like a swimming pool.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning -- urgent warning. isis telling its members to kill americans on u.s. soil. and the staggering number of simple thirzs the fbi believes are already here. one storm sparking a massive fire at a gas well. much needed rain on the west coast as the first named storm of the season churned off the eastern seaboard. and late may snowfall? we're tracking it all. super scandal. tom brady in the hot seat. making his first public appearance since the report was released. patiently waiting. an american couple beating the odds. they have 12 children. all of them are


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