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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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in 2010 when we had a serious accident involving a duck boat, one was in the delaware river when it was struck by a barge, two hungarian tourists were killed in that accident. >> the investigation is well underway right now and we'll have more later on "action news." live here in center city, i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you dan. firefighters have contained the wild fire that burned more than 700 acres in shamung township. officials say that dense fog this morning helped effort to fight the blaze. here is the journey of mary lee. so who or what is mary lee. she is a great white shark and scientists are following here
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for years she pings when she hits the surface because she has been tagged. >> kenneth moton is on the mary lee watch. >> we are told this is not a jaws situation. people are looking through the fog wondering where is mary lee the shark. fishermen were trying to reel them in and they want nothing to do with mary lee. >> that is a nice name and i done want to run into mary lee, i fish a lot on this beefrp i don't know what i would do if i caught it. >> a 16 foot long great white shark swimming off the jersey shore. >> jaws out there somewhere. mary lee was tagged by nonprofit o search she was 10 miles east
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of prig teen this morning in atlantic city. >> they were doing this for eons but we didn't know it we have the technology to know, it proves they are not interested in us. robert has been on o search led expeditions and these squiggly lines show her journey up the coast. she likes to come to the surface. >> we see the daily lives of these sharks being played out and understand more where their critical habitats are and what needs to be protected. >> mary lee may be scary up close. >> i would run. >> but she is popular on social media, 17000 followers on twitter and soon she will have more, it's possible on this mothers day weekend mary lee is carrying pups, yes baby sharks.
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>> the biologist says mary lee is a snow bird following the warmer waters and should be off the coast of new york by sunday and soon summering in cape cod. kenneth moton channel 6 "action news." a bethlehem woman is facing an attempted homicide charged in connection with the stabbing of three women police say that genesis ramirez stabbed three people on east mechanics street and a 16-year-old girl is among the victims, all the victims received multiple stab wounds that required surgery today. the teenage prisoner that escaped while still in handcuffs is back in police custody tonight. hasheem singletory is back in custody after turning himself in, he escaped from a rental car. and the lives of 10 fallen
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wilmington police officers will be remembered whenever visitors enter the wilmington police officers the associated of retired police unveiled a wall today on walnut street that contains a plaque with the names of each officer that died in the line of duty. temple university sent over 9,000 graduates out into the world today. "action news" is at the university's 128 and graduation today. the graduating class included 6300 students that got their bachelors degree over 1800 getting graduate degrees and almost 1,000 getting professional degrees, and 28 members of the class celebrated birthdays today. but for one family this was an extraordinarily bitter sweet day john rawlins is live at temple with that story.
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>> hi jim one of the members of class of 2015 could not make it here today she remains hospitalized after being hit by a car child she was riding her bicycle. >> she dabbed her eyes with a tissue and held a mortar board on her lap. >> rachel hall, double major under criminal justice and sociology. rachel hall graduated with honored is hospitalized after being hit by a car a few blocks from here. her mother accepted her certificate and her mother congratulated the rest of the class of 2015. >> it's been a really long time and tough road and i fought hard and i'm ready to fly. >> did you get through in four? >> i did. >> i'm happy. >> they are very happy about that. >> i chose temple and my children chose temple and we'll
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keep coming to temple. >> today's commencement speaker, espn anchor kevin nagandy, he concluded with what he is hoping will be a tradition here. i believe we have won i believe we are done. >> well, a festive day for thousands of folks here no doubt, there was an unusual note as far as conditions were concerned. no sight of bill cosby he did resign from the temple board last december as he faced mounting accusations of sexual misconduct in the past. live at temple university, john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. the childrens hospital of philadelphia cut the ribbon today on a new surgery center in
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king of prussia, it's on goddard boulevard and replaces an existing one nearby the new facility is 135,000 square feet and allows children to have same day surgery close to home. they held an official ground breaking today for a high-rise about to open near drexel university. it will have 212 rooms the building at 33 and chestnut has a restaurant and meeting space the hotel is scheduled to open in the fall of 2016. >> coming untonight a mulenburg student back from nepal shares her experiences with the tragedy. and jeff skversky is live where new eagles showed up today. >> first day on the job for the new eagles rookies some guys believe they can make an impact in week one, we'll hear from them coming up in sports.
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hot out here i need a pool. >> come over my house it's warm this weekend, we'll have severe storm warnings out west and what we can expect closer to home.
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many american college students take a semester to study abroad and not many go to nepal and survive an earthquake that kills thousands of people but that is what happened to one
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woman. >> ely elliot is back with her sorority sisters, talking about finals. last week she was in nepal in the midst of devastation. >> i literally thought i was going to die. >> elliot remembers the moment the earthquake hit. all of a sudden like within the bed it just started to shake and i was like wow something may have exploded downstairs and then it escalated and everything started to shake. >> the home she was staying in was no longer stable or safe, so for three nights she slept here with her host family, the red sleeping bag is hers. the school crumbled and these are pictures she took and the walled collapsed. she was able to call home to her parents.
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>> i said there was an earthquake in nepal but i'm okay. >> four days after the earthquake her study abroad program was able to get her to a safe stable house and then to the canadian embassy where they were evacuated with other students to india she has returned to college life she can't help but think of all that she left behind. >> they are okay but i'm sure food supplies are dwindling. they are trying to get back on their feet like the rest of the country. jury duty is an important part of our democracy but it doesn't get much love. but it was a different story. this was jury appreciation day they showed up for duty receiving a free coffee mug and a prepep talk from philadelphia's top legal minds it was a way to thank jurors for
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their service and the importance for the need to respond for duty. >> lets give a hand for mr. anders a science teacher. >> he learned how special he is to his students and physical oh teachers today mark enders was honored this morning as a phillies teacher all-star. phillies catcher, and the fillies phanatic came to give him all-star treatment. enders was nominated by a fellow teacher and says he remains dedicated to his students despite his second bout with cancer. and he will be recognized on the field at citizens bank park.
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing.
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and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. day one of the 77th aberdeen dad vail regatta is in the book, rowers from more than 100
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colleges are participating this year and dad vail regatta is the largest collegiate rowing event in the united states and kelly drive remains closed until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. can you watch coverage tomorrow here on channel 6 beginning at 1:00 just join matt o'donnell karen rogers and erin o'hearn for all the action on the schuylkill river tomorrow. the dad vail regatta. eagles rookies on the field in south philadelphia today. >> they call it rookie camp but there are a lot of guys on the field. >> the rookies and the free agent pickups. chip kelly will see firsthand what he and the team acquired. jeff skversky is live now with action from the first day of camp. >> reporter: it's not every day that you ask your top rookie draft picks to make an immediate impact. usc wide receiver agholor could
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be a week one starter. let look at agholor and roe, they were going one-on-one in practice and whether they liked it or not, they have big shoes to fill, agholor they drafted 20 and overall will hopefully fill in for jeremy maclin and roe could be the starting corner or the starting free safety both rookies say they are not worried about making an immediate impact. >> my mentality is to progress, i want to be a better player today and better player tomorrow, i'm not worried about saying i'm the guy right now. i want to get bet zblir want to better myself i can't say i'll be a starter week one, have you to earn your spot and respect your respect like a freshman
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coming into college you have to learn from the people ahead of you. >> yes great attitude to have from the eagles top two picks when i asked them whether or not they wanted to be on the field for the monday night game in four months against atlanta, slow down they told me it's only day one of eagles rookie camp they are trying to learn the play book and get to know their new teammates. >> thank you jeff. last place versus first place, the phillies host the mets the phils are 8.5 games back a good pitching match-up. cole hamels faces matt harvey and ryan sandberg hopes to rally the troops and hopes that the two days he gave chase utley off pays dividends. he feels he has run into bad luck. >> to do things well and have your routine and scare up balls
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and not getting anything to show for it that is sometimes discouraging, a series or a week or 10 days getting rewarded for hitting the ball hard, that is what chase needs. >> the flyers needs a head coach and the red wings have given mike babcock permission to speak to other teams he has been in detroit for ten years and last year they did not reach a contract extension. this season has not gone well for the union they are preparing to visit vancouver tomorrow night despite the struggles, this team still fights. >> we are still together and we are going to fight to try to get a result in vancouver a tough place and you know nothing really galvanizes a team than winning together. that is the only solution at this point. >> they need a win, just 1-6-3
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thus far. the dad vail regatta taking place this weekend but for those not quite cut out for the athletic demands of rowing there is this. the college of new jersey in ewing held its annual cardboard boat regatta students built their own boats from cardboard and duct tape, some were sea worthy and others the combination of paper and water just didn't mix.
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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traffic is being disrupted tonight through a good portion
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of center city philadelphia because of that -- a pedestrian was killed at 5:15 tonight when he or she was hit by that duck boat. this happened at 10 and and arch in chinatown the duck boat has tourists on it and those tourists had to stay on that duck boat for a sustained period of time and now they are allowed to leave but the yellow tarp is covering the victim at 10th and arch traffic is blocked off from that street and surrounding streets in center city, a tough night indeed there. lets get the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan? >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we have rain free conditions out there and i want to go live on sky 6, looking at the back bays of atlantic city, we are dealing with low clouds and fog at the shore through the day and now
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the sunshine is breaking through and temperatures today really depend on your location with winds from the southeast allentown a balmy 83 degrees, cooler in millville at 75 and boardwalk in atlantic city 66 and sea isle city 56 and temperatures at the shore will be stuck in the 60s this weekend. a wide view of radar shows once again we are dealing with severe weather in the plains tornado watches in affect in oklahoma and texas and to our south we have ana just spinning here is the view of the visible satellite. it's technically a subtropical storm you can see how it's not moving north at all.
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it's just spinning high pressure is blocking it from moving north and it's spinning through the first half of the weekend and making landfall on sunday at north myrtle beach and then it moves to the north and east and maybe if we are lucky we'll tap into some moisture by tuesday with showers and thunderstorms until then we are dealing with a southeasterly flow with ana to the south and high pressure over us and that brings in a lot of clouds and fog in the overnight hours, by 9:00 in the morning, not a bright and sunny morning, a lot of slow clouds and fog, a dense fog advisory posted for i-95 corridor and shore and state of delaware along the i-95 corridor it expires at 9:00 but it takes long toward break up at the shore the dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m., visibility dropping to a quarter mile in spots be careful driving late tonight and
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tomorrow morning, temperatures back into the 80s, 82 degrees in philadelphia, and breaks of sunshine tomorrow and 80 in allentown and millville 78 and atlantic city and cape may cool and cloudy 66 degrees, mothers day once again fog in the morning and sunshine by the afternoon and warm and it will be noticeably more humid keep mom cool, at 8:0072 degrees by noon 80 degrees so the exclusive accuweather forecast 82 degrees tomorrow sunday the same scenario and monday gets more humid and 87 degrees and could get an isolated thunderstorms and better chance of storms on tuesday ahead of that though the warm of the day of the year so far 88 degrees and if are you missing spring time weather, it's back on wednesday, the winds of change from the
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northwest 74 and wednesday 70 and feeling like summer definitely this weekend. a sign of spring a mothers day weekend tradition is in full bloom, this is the 19th annual wilmington flower market. aside from the flowers and plants for sale, there are rides and games and merchant booths and admission is free the wilmington flower market runs through tomorrow. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6, "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rogers and then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, millions bracing at this hour. the mother's day mess. the first named storm, swirling up the east coast. heavy rain and winds. plus, the tornado terror. the alerts up right now as we come on the air. we are live from oklahoma tonight. the deadly plane crash on a very busy american interstate. everyone onboard is killed. our team on the scene with what we're learning right now. breaking news. the fbi, and the stunning reveal about isis already in america. after the texas chaos, they say, hundreds of followers in the u.s. the urgent steps tonight. parents accused of trying to smuggle their 8-year-old boy across the border, in a suitcase. and, unbuckled. this bus driver falls out of her seat. the passengers thrown just as


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