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tv   Action News  ABC  May 9, 2015 1:36am-2:11am EDT

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> isriday nht d th bgtory onactione" tonit s major medical eeencat a phadelphia drug rhab ceer tonht. coer wasverhead whi we saw paen beak t ofhe facily and loed in abanc. tis w twhos ago at t gdzia diaost and reer has beeceer hey aven esfas. surc on t scene td "con ne" as ma aswelve patnts d d rctis k 2wch is syhetic,arua te sicken patits were tan
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to temp aneitein mecal cnrs. terwere 30ourists on bod te ck bo when a destrian ti to cross archnd ceer ctagain the ght. te er dn't orouldn't see t wom d ran r over the tousts cou only sit te as the 68-yr-old woman was prounc de. dancueais le at 1an ach reet danyou have thfu sty. > that right jitouright cino were enreing a baiful eveng en tredy srk nhe. i prs a vtim a 68ear-d tust fr texas ner saw it comng. teorrific ene 11nd ah pole hato use a yellotarp t ver the ngd bo ot vcm stck by the du bo at e hite of rh hou > the 68-yeao fema was tapp unrhvehicle dics ponnd hedead 5: p.
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>> du bo driven by 7-arld m treling wesod on ar cayi 28 tourts and to gue witsses tell poli t du boat had thgreen lit. >> is 68ear-old maleas crossg stet again steady roelt. >> appears the man was long dowdoing somhg on hr ip andid t see the ducbtoming upon her. > iw back in ju of 010 with anotr seris incident wth a du bo. 2w in the dewe rir an lst por antwo we kill i t mi pahapp. td's accidents le visitors t e ty shegn shs coing stet and duckame ao. i's satuay. > th ju a tragy that soda nev haened >> now theaer isandl we te acdentnvestigation divion of thphiladelphia
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ple ashings snd w the's noharg pendi aast the dre tis ju appears e ac accent. w' ve chatown i' dnn cuell "chn 6 action nw" > thk you, da. >> pedestrn w ll in fe aint tonight in drel hl deware coty a drer lst nol 30block of keell ro:00 tonit an rad a ive y ancrashe ito a gage. te viim was caught inhe patot vecle. tat pers han bee publiy idtifi. teriv s noht >> plelia poce say th man 24-yeaold cinois t manhatiapped a woman off fisown strt ansexuay aslted her it hped la friy 5:25 inhe mni th mni van ce sahe used wa cug on sueiance eay model doe or chryer. -ye-old vt was aued fom gun pot fm the 20 blo ork seet a cintn
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tri the sa ing to ather wmann hr fo 1 and rssce in loo se waable to fig the attker ofand run r he. i you ow whe cintn is yuerged toall 11. >> we fst td you s story last g a 12-ar-old boy tyg to proct his sier was saed in the backurg a fg involving 25 50irls in frkfd stionf pidelphia. whi he was reased fm the hstal toy anwe're hri fom h s er anfather tonight. lvet nohea tectes "consrorter annie mcmkne? > d jim, that 12-yr-ol saing viim is home rcering nh he lls us him d his 1-ar-o sist hano ideas wo the groupfttacrs were temev itas a se msken enti and they i t stop t fight fromappening bt byhen the puhes we alrea being thwn.
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>> w do tell myon it okay en 's no yunow, desite safe > fld di gothe ll ysrday his 12-yr-o n ws stabbewhile oductingis sigturerom a grp of gis tatried to atck r. theiblings we leaving zier and gointhe grbed mms. theypoke us and asd not todentify th. > i ought iw a drea am i rely gting june. > i knowhey h a kne. ifg th they haa knif and th he hatotab me. ithoht they pub ded mend when i oked taand se the fvi took it ou 150 ki. h miss to the vior f smeo el. > on "aion ne" was the when poce arred toag potenal evence. furated aft heing no
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wan was covered dine went to e park and fod in tw pes ble left nd by h sn andale by the trea h lled poce. i'unclear if tt ishe wan tt w ed. dds broud ofis s and sa hsids lo scol anare not useto vience byhat. >> we'rtryi tooh we can do to make my chileneel btr mdaughter depot pesinawant tgo t schoono re my sonoest wnt too goo more > anpolice have noauns ned anarrestin is ca. tebelve tre was a fele rsnsibility fothe acal staing trwas a rge grp posbly fr multlechoo i e area. te's no sueiance in and aod ththat corrt. tey' looking f an wtsses to come foa. live ouide of nohea dtgt tivities, an p, "chnel 6 aionews," ji > thk you, annie. dzs dogs are on the ad to revery in ocn coty new jry tonight after reued from deicle
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condio. ail corolsffics removed te 40 nine from this dilided gaage fied hoe smr stet lake hood thhome waso filthy seral dogted to cape by eating throh itior was. nw tt th're in gdands they' been baed fe state scsa theog owr is liky to face anilrl carm >> re than 90tudts gaduedromempleniverty tod. this remo was tied with stss f famila friend of oeradte at could t the. > chel hall liein hostal room unnscious afr a h-and-r la wk st a fewlocks from campus. rcl aduated cuadue crinal justice and soogy her moth ak sentd the dim lom a. >> we weome rachesother kat lswro
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us toring rcl'presence tohe cerony and recee the diplo. [ches a applse ]. >> e notable aee today tme am us bilcos wh rsned his on thboar o ustees amid sexu abe aletns. >> tathe maplhade peo hrndez enred inung jury tey coessed in 0 murd ee of an pa. it z. h s one of e firsmissg prso to occ a mi crn. tey sod in fav anone wa enoh for hung ju. thajuror sa he haa nuer o obls wi the case incding confeson. > fe at t inial p pycian there were lotof isss ruing cuody, surundg minda rits.
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sre is oding thft itas ntided for six even hu. > at's tr saide has no du abt t glof hrnaez. > i'm coinced pedro hrndez kiapd and lled m soon y 25 197 > trwill a thd trl fr heanz the's no incaon yet when terial wod ben. ecuri at ta bases trouout north erica has been ineased. theecurity lel hagone from apha ro and tss the fr ti 's be at at levelince the teh anivsary of 9/. teecurity ge ca hours aterhe fbdeor stled are thoas sis foows on-ne in the it stat. the head of u. nohe commdayse sres th fbi and ccerned about the pttial thre posed byome go viole tremis. > u.s. atry gelotta
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lnch toy announc the jste dertment will conct a brd investigion intohe bltimore poce. i comes wake of ris an urtn baimore. ln ys thprobe l ideify laenforcement pactes uncotituon an votes cil rh a vestigation is uerway itthe game of fred ye ay > commsi coiier ramy s back inhe so t lg receing an ard o black l enrmt exetes ad noe. may wiiams hasaide ll ntsk rsey tay on wlams is ected wa shul to be apker tnht and rertedly wru to avo being a distction. >> iladelia lice so gatred inrano tog to rmber fallenfcer. kllein t nof duty. tiis 9 pl anversy of the dath of gy you skers caie
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was ot and kl while rsndinto roery at this cntion. pats cafe on casto avue. te srch for a killer i fod i sang a life seence. > ere iso apf tt. aphilalph gi tells uso hr ipne sile, smoked and clfi giving hesecon dege bus. >> l anles, a ste yoca snk yo teeth into. w ve eatest lotion on thereat whe shk th so mny pele are lking about at te jeey shore. pus on "hlthcheck" how caing adees could also caeo waistle. cecil >> btropical ana ll cc adpin anhow ts impa yur everdaweend in the aceather focast. >> taki on the me tonig in theagl oeamp when
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i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver. i'm kevin nealon
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comedian. and i'm arnold palmer, professional golfer. know what we have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. me, when i had a blood clot in my leg that could have traveled to my lungs. that's why i took xarelto®, too. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. i took xarelto® for afib... an irregular heartbeat that can lead to a stroke from a blood clot. xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. hey, well i'm glad we got together. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin there is limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. i tried warfarin before, but the blood testing routine and dietary restrictions had me off my game. tell me about it. let's see, golf clinic, or blood clinic? ooh, that's a tough one. not this time. not with xarelto®. anything else? i'll have another arnold palmer. ok. make mine a kevin nealon. really, brian? hey, safety first. like all blood thinners, don't stop taking xarelto®
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without talking to your doctor as this may increase your risk of a blood clot or stroke. while taking xarelto® you may bruise more easily and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto® may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto® can cause serious bleeding and in rare cases may be fatal. get help right away if you develop unexpected bleeding unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto® watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle-related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve, or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto® tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® has been prescribed more than 11 million times in the u.s. and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring, and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost.
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> it sa to goacin e wt. asrk is geina lot of bz at prowng la few days. she is noclose csing dnr to peop. sitist kn this ptilar aim ry we. tetagged her in 13 ne cpe d annader ma le they vbn tracking her ever sncever thousands ofil of mgrio mry lee ca toithin about 1/2 mes ofhe she of biente toy and theast pnr upde from rtificate sho the shk made ahp trn out to s and ae siing back uth t urs ago. om noheast piladehias sminher wus tonight fling victim t ipne medown literay. "ctions" rertesree wllia live at t bi
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ba with the sty, she > frigeningiation fo tiyoung girl anher story is raisg coern most pele are awa othe applsnure work. yu don't want yo celhone to lolike th it caught fi on iswn unptey an atulbued a hole her jea. > was shoed itappened. > alis rola can lieve hppened he seas walng scho when hrellphone ma a ydz but i s not ri or text > i s ju anng ere and teit just went li i heard shand th was smok >> thsmoke d to a sharp pai >> i ftt rng. ad ei to that and was o re. > h ple ho p 5 litally cght fi w in hr ba pocket wh it stard song. > it w in my poet i didn't tuch it. >> meed low lf oframe
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adued up ti or hat so innsit brpd hole trgh the ck poet eveans adnjured the 12ear-ol brng heskin. tis shows her iuri abe hratne. te my went to e hoital whereoctors told exis sh sufred ndegree burns. >> ner, ner, nev have i sea phone set on fire like ti >> yeserivera is a family fie and ce wked for a mjorellphe coany she sa the clone cahi fire is a bg concn. >> i thinkh is czy inne. this a kis pne anwe buy it foour ki to ke in tc wtthem d to may hrthem sca. >> "aion news" contacd ape adhe mpany says this te o fe indent is mmon. that a qte. jim e sa it now unr sssi light. sae. tha yo tiwas thsnon ietate nar atnta this morni aft
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a sml ple leray drped fom the grazed hood of tu ancraekling all fupeople oboard. telane took f fromearby airrt a rerted troue soly afr tha wtsses y e drir on t busy highy amm on thei bikting to avoid e cras the's ilnword what caud the ane to go do. > "hlthec a11 re a nmr th matte f etg tas number how ma pods you weigit your zip co. rsrchers at e natial istute of heth traed peop over yes and fod tathe w ved ta niborhood with lower inme addutionevs gained sgnicantly mo ight the sudyid not enti thext causes buthey beevet reled to lsction os frus a vi tabl hahier reaurant. pr and otr amenies fod i hier inco nghborhoo i cent city it w a win win
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frris hopingo lo grt andake ffen onhe wedng day. tis is bres against brst cnr natnwide to of gns a e wi ham diork diri ht and signer and wrped nme weing dpnz re for salet disunt pris ana proce toelp suor ntrk whh hes caer ptnts and thr falies. >> rors areang over the shuylkl verh weekend forhe 77 anal aberen d vil regaa. crew a fm moreha170 colges anunersity a u.s. an cadare comping th weend is evt is lge egg rttgvent ofhunid sas. kel dve islosed thugh pm. torw nit. of cose yocan tch liv cvage the d vail gta fnals here on chanl 6 bgng at 1. bing tt o'doell,aren rgers anerin oearn for
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atn on the schuylll rir. >> tiful, aiful epially when uook do from chper 6. > stmtraer 6 dole sc showingo ra is llowing fom the sky. builwhave moisture mong i wor live sky6 atlaic city fog rlng inndh continu to psinland as ead through teverght hos. dn fog aisory poedot aont shorbut inaonghe i95 coidor d it burn oenor st to soueast. wlno glaboro, mounts hoy. dn fog fted 9 pbg inhe mrng but nounl 11:00 it eds atho andse fo mea visibility lesshan quaer mile beareful you dive la tig early tomrow morning jog e oron bikg yowon't be le to s
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wll. rghtow wa 67. i iladelpa alnwn 71. tenton 65 dege but lllle 69 a sti ol at the orwi wind ofr the oeanoceatempete 59. air tperatu atlaic city mtchg tt also 59. stei 6 anactiorar shong hi pssu stl bnd rit over us. tis wlring us a dry weend ad it also suressg ana to t sth. it is jt spinning he. sme of the t in bands tuchg the she ofhe carinas and iwill betang te t abt sundaa suny will movendnd in nr mylbch anwhat th mea itilnot g rect htrom itut coin to binus win out southeast plli in that low vel miure. 9:00 toow mornlots of cloud fo as headoh dy we wi see peaks of snine mixinwitcuds. tisws aew shers. i thk this is rely or dn butt shows th we'll the 80s in pladelph d ao the she, whe you ha tho peisnt cuds anlow
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fge're lking a tmratures holding the s trgt day tomorrow. adunyot oler on the baes. mth'sathough moing fog gvg wayo afrnoon snine. it wi be wa d nobly mo humid 8: 72. b noo 8 ad 50 8drees mae tkmom to r contned rstaa suay. s excli accuather 7day foca morning fo aegeunsne torrow 82. same onunda w bpigh up to 87. mony, more hud, 87 isated tuersrm poible. btrhan of sctere tuerstorms le on eay as teoldront mos throu ae of us. wrstay of the ye. 8 dre. bhinit theindcnged back t spng by wnesy. 7 degree w dr dowto 70 onhursday ad iday. adary sun and deees. we' got focast th somethi f evyon h kes mr and ll ke theeend eay nteek a lke spng and it rur
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mde of next we. > eping us poed. lte ra to > go, whh weeed. >> do > thanyou, cely. > willgboro nejeey room runid with a prized psssion she thght was ne frer ju? tmfor mh's day. 0yrsgo dia jones wilams was oudother of a ttle grl whwas a z on ller skas so she hat ughter's tny skes brz. rectly shmeand h kethem in storage herld hme. af mont ago the burgr cmin and tookhe skat. hr 5-ar-old grt, grea gand nie was oner wato schooanspotted something vry famiar > shwent pt a useh ws being redeled. ad on thelo itas e sas anshe said ohmy god mmthey looked like grdmom's sas. >> ey were onhe floor th dor was noshut. > willms sa she doeso crwhtook them anshe
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> weend ri gets thme ad not a bad way to stt. >> gre atsphere. clhamels cked n an howa find h ing a rk has a buzz inhe air anli ol tm i st the me. rently ue the s gm in frchiseiory at first ba. ges to wk init innina hitshugh theht tori i frdie gal vin. 10 phli and hals in bases lad fourth inng do t hl wilwit es the ge a1. latein t h. bses load. hmels out it wi a game
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sreo. 7 innis allows one ru botm of four. hwargoes deep for seco strght ga. six of an. ft batng.53ver lasfr gam 2-1 phlies. ppeln for hame. tehs win 3- rynsanberg and hord's rsurnce. >> see aswing to le centefield fr wie it's he's rely starting to lo godnd haveood swis and he hdoos ba againshvey ad it ke momtum on our sd >> ip kly takes the w guys fr test dre. egs op a thr darookie mni camp dafor okies and feagent sign he a l of atntion lls onwo da pick neln aglor out of u d dfei ba mikeowe fr
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uah both cod be srt therz san anthey're not woied abo king imdiate ia tewantoet bee > met tallty progss i wa toe a beer plar today,nbteplar ta ntored about sayi i'the gy right w. im abtetting bett evy dy > can't salike i'going to b a artere on dfinily nfthat not hoit wr. yu rntot spoa reect. lka frhman inolle yo koy ve arn ft poe aad of yo > cpuns thugh e wend si ahdsl ntinues to racup poin and tir woods flis with culine at the payer trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure.
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we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at
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> thsoul are teing uphe alan foball leue. cro athe fel fargo cenr dnlkg f rco thas. nce 30ard tch. ce this ou sul ws 62-4avagi 59 pi per me. > nbplaf lls and ca. tein thfinal mites. cigo hetown he o the glass for e wi bul ta it 996, 2-1 yarls lg. > n't tell robt alle tat's a cco ne to him. op oh bo h now has netales to te.
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> ger wds on fil hole for bre. woo just mes the t at even pr. klly lea at thas spt. have a od ween >> "m mmelive" next folwed by "nhtle" and "con w conties at 5:30 forhe tire "actn ne" tai'm jim jmave a grt nightnd gooweekendnhappy mthes day
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ooh. great shirt alert. yeah? no. i just made up that phrase "great shirt alert," and it's really fun to say. (chuckles) oh, well you should have said it to andy. i mean, come on. great shirt alert. yeah? no. i just wanted to try saying it. jules, you're right. it's so fun! i have had the worst writer's block. this is the only song i've been able to come up with in the last three weeks. ♪ writer's block, writer's block, writer's ♪ ♪ writer's, writer's, writer's, block, block, block, block ♪ (hammering and sawing) hear that? that's what your stupid songs sound like in my head! why do we still have to hang out here when your bathroom's being remodeled? my kitchen is our hangout. it's--it's our turf. it's our clubhouse. our... (rolls tongue) barrio. why did you teach her how to roll her r's? molly... (rolls tongue) ringwald. i'm really sorry. oh, come on. the construction's not t


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