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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  May 9, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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d. ready, set row, the biggest event in collegiate rowing is underway on the schuylkill expressway. we'll have those stories but first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be a nice one once the fog is out of here. >> reporter: it's cooperating for the rowers for the dad vail regatta you don't have the sun blasting you temperatures are nice and comfortable. there's the view at philadelphia international airport, where we have lowered the visibility down from four miles that has come up. we're improving. doesn't look like it, but trust me, we're improving unless you live in northern atlantic county this is the area that's seeing the wet weather. it's stationary, every now and then we pick a heavier cell along route 9 along the garden state parkway coming out of atlantic city you may encounter a couple of showers here, a lot of that should fizzle out in the
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next 45 minutes or so. big improvements north and west, 10 miles allentown and reading. millville, 70 miles. the dense fog advisory has been dropped by the national weather service. .3 in atlantic city. wildwood, # miles that's not too bad. 11:00, 11:30 most areas climb above 5 or 6 miles when the skies brighten up and the blue skies. morning fog and slight increase in humidity. this is the latest on sub tropical storm ana is tropical storm ana. latest traffic information coming in, i'll have it for you in about ten minutes. today is the biggest day in collegiate rowing. this is the 77th annual dad
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vail regatta. drexel's men's team was in the first heat. there are 120 colleges and universities in the u.s. and canada competing. kelly drive will be closed until 6:00 p.m. due to the races. join us for recoverrage of the dad vail regatta -- coverage of the dad vail regatta at 1:00 p.m. on 6abc. police are searching for the man who held up a 7-eleven at gunpoint. it happened in lower merion at 1:30, police say he had a dark hood pulled over his face and got away with cash and last seen in a blue minivan. this is what's left of a car that slammed into a pole in camden county. it happened in front of the choose landing fire company in
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gloucester township. both victims were taken to the cooper university hospital in camden. duck boat tour rides is once again in the spotlight after a woman was hit and killed full of tourists in chinatown. >> reporter: tourists were enjoying a beautiful evening when tragic struck out of nowhere. i appears the victim a 68-year-old tourist from texas never saw it coming. the horrific scene at 11th and arch. police had to use a yellow tarp to cover her mangled body who was struck by the duck boat. >> medics pronounced her dead at 5:27 p.m. >> reporter: police say the duck boat being driven by a 72-year-old man was carrying 28 tourist and a tour guide. witnesses say the duck boat had
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the greenlight. >> the 68-year-old female was crossing the street against a steady red light. >> reporter: the woman was looking down and doing something on her ipad and did not see the duck boat coming upon her. >> put your cell phones down and ipads down and be aware of your surrounding. >> reporter: it was back in july 2010 we had another serious incident involving a duck boat. one of the boats was in the delaware river when it lost power it was struck by a barge. two tourists were killed in the mishap. this mishap left visitors in the city shaken. >> the duck came along, it is sad day. >> it's a tragedy. >> reporter: the matter is being handle by the accident investigation division of the philadelphia police, as it stands now no charges are pending against the driver. it appears to be a tragic accident. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> police in delaware county say a freak accident led to
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crash that killed a pedestrian. chopper 6 was over the scene in drexel hill. a driver lost control and rode up the driver way and crashed into the garage. the victim was caught in the pathful vehicle and killed instantly. the driver was not hurt. no word on what caused the driver to lose control. police have identified the suspect they are looking for that led to a kidnapping and sexual assault in fishtown. the minivan is an early style dodge arrest chrysler. police think cintron tried to attack another woman an hour earlier in the city's logan section. she was able to fight him off and call for help. an fbi agent was shot in the leg by a robbery suspect.
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the suspect fired two shots at agents who did not fire back. he then shot and killed himself. the fbi said the agents were serving a warrant for a suspected bank robber wanted in connection with 6 bank robberies in the denver area. 6 baltimore police officers charged in connection with the death of freddie gray are asking the judge to toss the case. the officers say they are the victims of an over-zealous prosecution riddled with personal an political conflicts of interest saying the state's prosecutor should be taken off the case. in the meantime, loretta lynch will conduct a civil rights investigation into the police department.
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chris christie said the arrest of two former political allies felt like he was hit by a 2 by 4. he added that leaders can't guarantee that the people he hired will never make mistakes, he said he acted decisively at the time of the allegations and it's time to move on. christie is considering a run for the white house. in case you haven't heard there's a shark wilmington off the jersey and it's a big one. mary lee was last seen within ten miles of brigantine. scientists have been following her for three years. kenneth moten has more on mary lee's journey. >> reporter: we are told this is not a jaw's situation we are not only the menu for the great white. the last time they heard a ping was hours ago. on this foggy beach day
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fishermen were trying to real them in, they don't want anything to do with mary lee. >> i don't want to run into mary leon what i would do if i caught it. >> a 3500-pound 16-foot long great white swimming off the coast of the jersey shore. >> that's what i thought about jaws, being on the beach. jawls is -- jaws is out there someone. >> reporter: mary lee was tagged by nonprofit o-search she was tracked ten miles east of brigantine of atlantic city. >> they've doing this for eons and we just didn't know it. it proves they are not interested in us. marine scientists said the
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squiggly lineses show where she has gone up and down the east coast. >> we are finding out critical habitats and what needs to be protected. >> reporter: she may be feared but she has 17,000 twitters. it's possible on this mother's day weekend mary lee is carrying pups yes baby sharks. she also somewhat of a snow bird following the warmer waters she should be off the coast of new york by sunday and soon summering in cape cod. reporting in atlantic city, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> not a bad place to summer. much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. can your cargo the distance? we'll show you which models are likely to pass the 200,000-mile
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park. one country hardest hit by the outbreak of ebola is free of the disease. we have patchy fog and increased humidity and temperatures skyrocket next week, i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast right after this.
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>> u.s. military newest fighter jet was flown for the very first time by this woman here, this is air force lieutenant colonel christine jet can reach
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up to speeds of 1200 miles per hour and go as high as 50,000 feet. >> that's a nice quick trip to florida. >> that's insane. >> reporter: let's talk a little weather here let's go over to the radars, this is storm tracker 6 live double scan, most of us are dry this morning, we have that patchy fog out there a lot of low level clouds, as we assume into northern atlantic county they are seeing showers and heavier downpours traveling eastbound on route 70 past tabernacle you'll encounter heavier showers warren grove and speedwell. this will continue for the next 20 minutes and then it will pull away. we're up to 65 degrees, we're
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socked in pretty good, win are light out east, northeast at # miles per # -- 8 miles per hour. down near cape may, this was the picture earlier on, we were really socked in good, now the visibility is better here than in philadelphia. go foirg -- figure out that out. the winds are seeing the denser fog inland locations are seeing more of it. dover, 66, wilmington, 65. and millville 66. the everyday you'll wake up to patchy dense fog and humidity increases each and everyday, on the dewpoint scale this is the way we measure the moisture in the air when we are in the 60 to 65-degree range we're
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slightly humid. when you get into the 70s that's down right oppressive, not bad but considering how comfortable it's been, you'll notice the increase in humidity. once the fog lifts you can see there's nothing going on all the shower activity goes up into canada and doesn't affect the delaware valley. one or two isolated showers may develop this afternoon and once again tomorrow afternoon it has nothing to do with the that up there, it's instability showers. ana is spinning off the coast of carolina, 150 miles southeast of the myrtle beach it's moving toward the north/northwest at 5 miles per hour. the pressure has risen a little bit, that's a weakening sign. we expect ana to weaken as it
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makes landfall in myrtle beach and makes the rnld turn and -- right hand turn and goes out to sea. this is not a big deal, the carolinas have obviously seen much worse storms than this right here. future tracker 6 morning fog afternoon sunshine promises to be a nice day. be on the look out for one or two showers developing this afternoon. i'm not sure you'll see that. most of the time we're dry but allow for that if you have outdoor plans sunday, same thing, fog in the morning hours we'll increase the sun by afternoon, same drill one or two showers developing late in the day. 80 degrees, sun and clouds by afternoon, see the gradual increase in sunshine 78. by 6:00 p.m., 78 degrees topping out at 80. mother's day looks fantastic. fog during the morning sun in the afternoon 84 degrees, you'll notice the increase in humidity.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast the temperatures soar next week. monday, 84 a heavy thunderstorm is possible during the day. tuesday the cold front arrives 88 degrees, there are forecast models that suggest 90 degrees for tuesday, we clear out wednesday and cool down, 73. thursday we may stay in the 60s. that makes me feel sweaty thinking about it. >> extraeodorant extra sunscreen. more severe weather may be brewing for the southwest today as tornados blew through texas. here's video of hail pelting a town in oklahoma that's with itself states threatened by possible tornados and thunderstorms today. flash flooding is possible. rivers and creeks are swollen. some homes and businesses are already without power.
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>> the nation's jobless rate is at the lowest point since may as employers added # 23 jobs, the gains signal that companies are confident enough to higher. but it's not doing much for worker pay average hourly wages jumped 3 cents last month. mother's day a day away and many people are shelling out big bucks to celebrate moms is as they should. according to the national retail federation, spending is expected to top $21 billion that's an average of $172. most people surveyed said they would buy a greeting card while two out of three planned to by flowers. cars are lasting longer than ever. the average age of cars on u.s. roads is over 11 years. if you buy the right one you can
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save big bucks in the wrong one passing the 200,000-mile park is getting more popular with consumers. >> reporter: lux -- lexus 250 is going strong with 230,000 miles on it. consumer reports asked why they made it past the 200,000-mile mark. most credit tlc. >> i do oil change and make sure the pressure in the tires is good. >> reporter: consumer report identifies which models reach 200,000 miles per hour. the top ten are toyotas or honda, prehe crv and civic.
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those owners spend an average $550 on maintenance and repairs last year. consumer reports says by the time a car hits 200,000 miles you should think about replacing it. >> 200,000 miles most cars hard life on the roads is taking a toll on the structure and key components and don't have the newer technology that occurred over the years. consumer reports said another advantage, newer models have advanced steel and structural architecture that take the impact better. >> the phils get a win over the mets, plus the newest eagles rookies report to camp. sports is next.
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>> good morning, sky6 live hd actually this is the action cam taking a live look at the schuylkill river at the aberdeen dad vail regatta that's happening starting at 7:00 a.m. more than 100 college and university teams from the across the country are competing in the largest rowing competition in the country. floyd mayweather says he will not fight manny pacquiao at least anytime soon. pacquiao said he fought with a shoulder injury. mayweather said enough with the excuses, he is a sore loser and
9:26 am
coward. next we have sports. >> reporter: good morning, cole hamels is locked in and howard finds his swing. howard honored pregame for playing the most franchise games at first base. hamles in a jam in the 4th. that's a wild pitch. the game is tied at 1. later in the inning, hamles gets out of the jam. bases loaded, strike out allows one run 4 hits. howard gets deep for the soaked straight game. 2-1 phillies. paplebon comes in for hamles. phillies win 3-1.
9:27 am
to football, chip kelly gets to take the new guys for a test drive. eagles opened a three-day rookie camp yesterday for the rookies and free agents. defensive back mike row from utah both could be startsers -- starters when the season against. >> i want i want to be a better player today and tomorrow not worried about i'm the guy i'm about getting better everyday. >> i can't say like i'm going to be a starter week one definitely in the envelope that's not how it work, you have to earn the spot and respect. just like a freshman coming into college you have to learn from the people ahead of you. >> reporter: while we wait for envelope football, the seoul are tearing up the arena -- the soul are tearing up the arena football league.
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a roucous crowd at the wells fargo center. soul win 62-48. they are averaging 39.9 points per game. -- 59.9 points per game. that's a look at sports, you have yourself a good weekend. we have much more coming up including "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: i'm along with finn in the it's a rough life rescue. that's coming up next on "action news." plus meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" "action news" at 9 continues.
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>> happening now on "action news" saturday at 9:00 a.m. a 12-year-old boy who was stabbed while trying to protects sister is speaking out about the attack. authorities in australia say they have broken up a terror plot targeting a major city. park visitors in montana forced to run to safety from a momma bear and her cubs. the incredible video coming up. first let's head outside with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. aren't you glad you're on the balcony. >> reporter: yeah, it feels really good out here, the humidity has come up, we have a nice little breeze and we're starting to see peeks of
9:31 am
sunshine. there are a small percentage of us out there waking up to showers mainly areas close to the shore. eastern burlington county, southern ocean county, west of barnegot you can see showers right now south of route 70. actually this is good news because it's close to where some of the forest fires are earlier in the week a little gift from mother nature. 65 in philadelphia. millville, 66. reading, 67. allentown, 66 degrees. here's future tracker with the temperatures. accuweather lowered the temperature from yesterday yesterday we were thinking 82, today we're thinking like 80. the way things are starting to clear wouldn't be surprised if we hit 82. if we get more sunshine, the temperatures will respond. cooler numbers closer to the shore. ocean temperatures in the mid 50s that means places like
9:32 am
avalon and sea isle and cape may. if you're heading toward the shore. be prepared for cooler temperatures make sure you're bringing along something with sleeves. once the fog lifts we'll expect a combination of sun and clouds this afternoon. day planner, 65 areas dealing with the patchy fog lunchtime 73. the sun peeking through. wall-to-wall blue skies and cumulus clouds in the afternoon temperatures holding steady in the upper 70s low 80s. nice start to the weekend the humidity starts to climb you'll notice that, and then the temperatures climb as we get into monday and tuesday it's in the seven-day forecast i'll have that in just a few minutes. >> today is the biggest day of collegiate rowing this is the live look at the 77th annual dad vail regatta the event got underway 7:00 a.m. drexel's men's team was in the first heat. there are 120 teams competing in
9:33 am
the regatta. kelly drive is closed through 6:00 p.m. due to the races stay with 6abc for live coverage of the dad vail regatta starting at 1 perform matt o'donnell, karen rogers and erin o'hern will have all the action from on the schuylkill river. as many as a dozen patients from a philadelphia drug rehab center were rushed to the hospital after overdosing on sin they sin -- synthetic marijuana. chopper 6 over the scene henry avenue in east falls. patients were taken out of the facility and loaded into ambulances. 12 patients had bad reactions from k2 synthetic marijuana. >> cops everyone, ambulances everywhere people overdosing on k2. >> the patients were taken to
9:34 am
temple an einstein medical center. a 12-year-old boy who was stabbed in the back protecting his sister during a fight is out of the hospital. >> how do i tell my son it's okay when it's not. floyd divine got the call his 12-year-old son was stabbed protecting his sister from a group of girls who tried to attack her on the sidewalk. the siblings were leave school and go to their grandma's they spoke to us and asked us not to identify them. >> i thought it was a dream i thought am i really getting jumped. >> they were punching me, i know they had a knife but i forgot. i thought they punched me and i looked at it was a knife. >> reporter: i -- the attackers mistook the victim's sister for
9:35 am
someone else. without hesitation he knew what he had to do. >> to protect my sister. >> reporter: only police arrived to bag potential evidence, frustrated no evidence was recovered, divine went to the park and found two pieces of a knife the blade left behind the free and blood left by his son. dad is proud of his son and said his kids loves school but not used to violence like this. >> my daughter doesn't want to go to school no more. >> reporter: police believe a female was involved in the actual stabbing, but they believe there were more involved in the fight from local high schools. there are no surveillance cameras around the park, so they are looking for witnesses to come forward. reporting outside northeast detectives, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> new on the 9:00 a.m. police
9:36 am
in australia say they arrested a 17-year-old suspected terrorist who was planning a bomb attack on the city of melbourne. authorities say they found three homemade bombs which were destroyed by the bomb squad. the arrests come one months after five australian teenagers were arrested for plotting an isis style attack. >> we have young people who are influenced by radical thinking. something we're dealing with as a law enforcement body. >> police don't know what the target was but they say the plot was to be carried out soon. here at home, the threat level has been raised at military bases across the country. bases are at the bravo. it's not because of a specific threat but a heighten threat
9:37 am
environment. the boost will likely mean heightens vigilance and random bag or vehicle checks. one of the countries hit hardest by the ebola outbreak is free. liberia is free of ebola by going without any cases. the other two countries hit hardest, reported new cases this week. a woman in california stole a pick up while churn were in the -- children were in the truck. she dropped them off stay restaurant. she drove 100 miles an hour through streets and freeways in ontario. when officers got the truck they pulled out the driver and watch the truck was in drive.
9:38 am
it began moving forward an officer jumped in and stopped the truck. the woman faces charges including kidnapping. a mama black bear and her cubs got close to tourists at yellowstone national park in montana. she took a run at the family. wildlife officials are sending out the warning. >> these bears wake up with warmer weather, they are thirsty and hungry and they come out at this time of the year. >> you're advised to stay a football field away from them. the bears made it safely back to the forist. it's the latest health trend to gain traction. the how healthy is bone broth we'll take a look. families are flocking to see this, there's a giants kite.
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there's a -- there's a giant kite. there's a special meaning behind the attraction. we'll have more on the accuweather forecast when "action news" returns. what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying?
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this is one kite you can't miss this carpet streerm -- streamer is more than 300 feet long and 700 pounds in honor of children's day. the kite was made by local residents. it's so big a train had to be use to lift it off the ground. take a look at this, it's not a cloud or rain, this is snow over the grand canyon. this is picture was taken
9:42 am
yesterday and posted on the national parks facebook page. the national park said a cold front is moving through the region and visitors could see more snow or rain this weekend. >> reporter: speaking of snow, and i put this graphic in the forecast just for you wait wait until you see what's going on across the front rage right now you have to laugh because -- front range right now, you have to laugh because if you don't -- >> reporter: we have fog in air area obviously the visibility has been reduced. there's double scan live, showers in southern ocean county petering out and pulling away. temperatures are on on the comfortable side, i'm sure if you've been out and about you notice the slight increase in humidity. philadelphia, 67, same thing reading and millville already closing in on # -- 70.
9:43 am
visibility has come up this morning, we were less than a mile in south jersey and delaware. now we're at 10 miles, ten miles in millville and 10 in allentown. satellite and radar absolutely nothing going on just the way we like it. different story across the missouri valley look at this huge squall line pushing into western portions of condition -- tennessee and kentucky. southern plains another huge tornado outbreak develops. this north of the tornado outbreak this area is expecting severe weather, you get into the front range of the rockies this is one to two feet of snow that will fall to the southeast of casper stretching across western
9:44 am
and north an south dakota. crazy weather across the country. of course, our eyes are on this, this is tropical storm ana drifting toward the northwest eyeing up myrtle beach it will take a turn north an pull to the right and out to sea. it's nothing more than a super inflated rainstorm with just a little bit of wind to it, not a big deal. it's had a difficult time pulling to the north behave this guy this high which brought us the love lip weather. it's kind of blocking ana and that's by it's sitting there across the carolinas. the high will pull away and make the trip to the nowhere -- north and pull out to sea. it's not a big deal for us, maybe fog over the next couple of days and isolated shower that's about it. 1:30, mid to upper 70s clouds breaking for sunshine. nice afternoon.
9:45 am
the model is hinting toward one or two showers accuweather puts it at a 20% chance that's about it. tomorrow morning similar to what you saw this morning. patchy dense fog scattered drizzle along the coast, brief shower and skies will open up nicely we'll see sunshine during the afternoon, temperatures in the mid 80s increase in humidity and with that increase in humidity runs the chance of a couple of showers even that doesn't look like too big of a deal. minimum and indirect impact coming from ana the prolonged southeasterly wind, morning fog some of it will be dense. 80 degrees, morning fog sun and clouds millville 76. cape may 68 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 84 tomorrow, 84 monday, maybe thunderstorms during the afternoon better chance on tuesday as the cold
9:46 am
front approaches. ahead of it we're in the upper 80s, higher humidity levels it will feel uncomfortable. one or two storms could be strong but the payoff is wednesday, beautiful 73, no humidity and lots and lots of sunshine. very summer-like this weekend feeling like spring like it should by next week. >> we were laughing is this good golfing? >> reporter: perfect for me, because i'm so bad. you were good at losing because remember that. >> reporter: that was a bad bad day. >> now it's time to feature this week winningest rescue group in this week's "shelter me rescue of the week." it's a rough life rescue. >> we turn into happy endings that's what we want to provide 0
9:47 am
for them. i meant started out in a bad situation. >> reporter: the rescue is dedicated to saving the under dogs. >> the dogs that no one wants pregnant dogs, blinds and deaf dogs, dogs with cancer. >> reporter: in just a year and a half the rescue saved 400 dogs and operate as a foster network. >> they are so well socialgized when -- socialized when it's time for adoption. >> reporter: hansel and grettle were found together freeze freezing. the. >> he is a goof ball. she is calmer and happy to play with other dogs. >> reporter: renegade suffers from seizure and needs daily medication. he takes one pill a day. else a big love bug.
9:48 am
>> reporter: ity bitty was an 8 kwr-r8d that wawa found as a stray. >> she is very sweet and quiet and calm. this is finn, a 7-month-old bit -- pitbull, he had a rough start, he was found with by the marks, but he is healthy now and ready to be adopted. vote for your favorite shelter or add a rescue group to our list by going to the "shelter me rescue of the week" of the "action news" facebook we'll feature the top vote getter next saturday morning an "action news," with finn i'm matt o'donnell channel 6 "action news."
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children. sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses...
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he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> good morning to you action
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cam taking a live look at the schuylkill river at the aberdeen dad vail regatta happening right now. more than 100 college teams from across country are here competing, we'll have live coverageful -- coverage of the final starting for you at 1:00 p.m. kelly drive is closed for the races. it's love your park week you're invited to take park in a service day in northeast philadelphia. volunteers will be cleaning up and planting for spring. it's happening from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on mechanicsville road. millville wings and air show takes flight it's the only police place you can see the air force thunderbirds. gates open in ten minutes at 10:00 a.m. in "healthcheck" at 9:00 a.m., a century's old recipe is becoming a hot health trend. more people are drinking bone
9:52 am
broth claiming to boost immunity and reduce achy joints. >> there's a lot of ways to make bone broth. >> reporter: registered diet technician and chef is asking about bone broth. >> it's a traditional broth made by cooking bones for a long time. there's no scientific satisfied but many believe that the collagen extracted can boost immunity and decrease inflammation and reduce joint and bone health. we know it's ridge in nutrients. >> to make it at home use high quality chicken beef, pork or lamb bones. >> reporter: here we have beef marrow bones.
9:53 am
precook them, add water bring the pot to a boil and skim the fat and drain the water and cook it again using a slow cocker, you can add vegetables. this will add from a flavor without adding sodium. then you ever to wait. chicken bones have to cook for 24 hours. all others, 48 hours. once ready all ingredients will be strained leaving a clear drinkable broth. >> i think one of the greatest things about bone broth there are all these so-called benefits, the best things there's very little risk. >> reporter: ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> up next, meteorologist chris sowers will take a final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ >> let's get straight to it. >> reporter: there you go. all right our forecast for today, morning fog afternoon sun and clouds, 80 degrees, you'll notice a slight increase in humidity this afternoon, but more so tomorrow, the 84 will will feel like 86. morning fog and afternoon sunshine. down the shore onshore wind expect clouds, limited sun cooler highs in the upper 60s today and tomorrow. patchy dense fog in the morning hours. 84 tomorrow in philadelphia. 8 # for monday, maybe a quick-hitting thunderstorm and tuesday that's the warm one we're up to 88 degrees, normally we should be at 72. it will like 90. maybe a thunderstorm late. >> tomorrow for your hair not a
9:57 am
good day. >> reporter: even mine will frizz. >> [laughter]. thanks chris jack hanna's wild countdown is next. don't forget to catch the dad vail regatta at 1:00 p.m. perfect a texas teen scores a protecter score on his now for chris sowers and the axe "action news" team, have a great saturday!
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hey, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo. welcome to "wild countdown." mother animals are some of the most caring, fierce, and all around incredible creatures i've ever seen. how's yours doing, sue? sue: oh, my goodness. i don't think i'm going home. jack: but the mama at the top of my list is my wife, suzi hanna. sue: oh, there it goes. now i'm happy. jack: she's not only the mother of my children, she also travels the world with me. sue: oh, my gosh, that's beautiful.


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