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tv   Action News 11 PM  ABC  May 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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saturday night i'm walter perez. we will begin with breaking news from west deptford, new jersey where the body of a six five-year old man has been discovered in the ravine near the ground of manor care health services rehab center where he was a resident. "action news" reporter annie mccormack joins us live with the full story what do we know at this point. >> reporter: walter, this one we're told at this is a death investigation but not sus fish us. they do not believe this is criminal at this time. we do know police, and also, staff from in manor care an
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assist ted living facility did make a discover are the behind me after they noticed a patient was missing. take a look, this is video from the scene, at the intersection of forest creek and wood hallow drive. staff at west deptford's manor care an assist ted living facility for short and long term patients called police just before 7:30 after they noticed a patient was missing. the within ten minutes they discovered a six five-year old man in the ravine 5 feet off of the property. detectives from the gloucester county prosecutor's office ape also west deptford police responded, police say that this is not the a suspicious death and not criminal, at this point they do not believe that, and he was there shortly after employees, made a discovery. >> i seen, one of the cna workers, she was over there it looked like she was scared. she was trying to get i guess, she scene the guy's body that was there.
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he called up another co-worker. they were there. police officer arrived. and they found the body of a five five-year old man that was over there. >> reporter: and back out here live investigators just cleared the scene moments ago. manor care has not return our calls for comment at this point. police say they are in the releasing the name of the man discovered because they are still waiting to notify next of kin. for now live from west deptford new jersey, annie mccormack for channel six a "action news". >> thank you anni. police in philadelphia are searching for a gunman who left a man critically injured in strawberry mansion. it happened on the 2800 block of lehigh avenue. rick tim is a 11 year-old man shot in the stomach and rush to temple university hospital in critical condition. so far in word on a possible mote any of this case. we have a sad update to the story we brought you last week even. a baby who was thrown in the lehigh river allegedly by his mother has died. one year-old za mere perry was pronounced dead at lehigh
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valley hospital one week after police say his 19 year-old mother toss him off a bridge and jumped in her early is. rescuers pulled the baby from the river about 700-yard down the stream, but the mother, survived and has been since charged with attempted murder. in word if those charges will now be upgraded. tragic story out of the delaware county where a father lost control of his vehicle and ran over his teenage son on the family driveway. chopper six in high definition over the scene in upper darby. today we learned that the victim is a 17 year-old rayjoy rangi. the his dad lost control of the car and crashed into this car pinning the teenager. jay kennedy heard the screaming two doors down and he called 911 and ran for help. >> someone dressed in nurse scrubs light blue nurse scrubs, i don't know if she was related to the family. she looked like she was trying to resuscitate the boy. the father seemed to be holding him in his arms and
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laying in the big pool of blood. >> police have not said if any charges may be pending. family and friend of the christopher dean gathered tonight in audubon, new jersey for a vigil. it has been exactly one month since dean was killed during a hit and run. he was left to die there on the side of the road and so far police have not been able to identify any witnesses and they don't know what type of vehicle was involved. >> we tried to stay firm in our faith in god and do our best to be patient, to get answers to exactly what happened. >> dean's family said he had a rough life and was looking forward to the brighter feature after moving with his fiance recently. we now know identity from the victim from that accident yesterday involving a duck both in the chinatown section. she's 68 year-old elizabeth car nicki from beaumont, texas. she was looking down at some kind of electronic device and walk out against the light when she was struck and killed. the driver of the duck boat
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has not been facing any charges. five people were injured during a six car crash on roosevelt boulevard. it happened at intersection of the boulevard and tyson avenue in the city's mayfair section. it is not known who was at fault but all five people were taken to the local hospital, each listed in stable condition. the boulevard was shut down for a while, as police investigated the scene. it was a rough morning for passengers on board a british airways flight supposed to land last night at jfk but their flight was divert todd philadelphia because of fog but passengers ended up stuck on the plane for three hours before they could get off. when they finally did, it didn't get any better. passengers said they had to wait for hours for customs officers to arrive. many ended up sleeping inside the airport. we will have have much more on this story on "action news" at 11:30. a little girl who was shot in the head last weekend during an apparent road rage case has been released from the hospital. tonight is there a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person,
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responsible. eight year-old aniyah curry was shot sitting inside her parent's car on the 5400 block of haverford, in west philadelphia. aniyah behind her two little sisters were in the back seat when someone fired a gunshot in the car. bullets shattered rear window becoming lodged in aniyah's skull. once again aniyah is out of the hospital tonight. follow action long southern section of the eastern seaboard are getting ready for ana a tropical storm warning is in effect for parts of the south carolina coast and some areas are already feeling effects as you can see there rough if surf and rip currents are high wind and rain is till not keeping people away from the beach but still crews are suring up coastal communities creating sand berms and keeping any potential flood what the's way from road and homes in that region. and some breaking news out of texas where officials say one person has been confirmed dead and three others were injured after tornado touched down in the town of sysco texas. fences trees power lines and
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a lot of structures were heavily damage in the area and also localized flooding as you can see. hard to assess damage right now because it is still raining heavily in that region. time for a check of the accu weather forecast. it was chill think morning but warmer in the afternoon after a sun made a late appearance in our region. meteorologist melissa a magee is at the "action news" big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast. >> hi there walter. we will have a repeat performance by mother nature getting in the second half of the weekend. it wasn't a a bad finish to the day. high in philadelphia was 79 degrees. the right the now in at 70. sixty-three in trenton a long the coast in sea isle city, 60. fifty-nine in beach haven. definitely cooler on the coastal communities. i want to show you wind speeds across the the region. sustain from 5 miles an hour in allentown to as high as 13 miles an hour in wilmington. the wind are not a factor but notice the win direction there, coming in from the southeasterly direction, so that helps to press and more
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moisture coming from the atlantic and it does help to create that cloud cover overhead. so there is a dense fog advisory that has been posted, it stays opened until 9:00 a.m. this ace cross coastal sections of new jersey from lakehurst down to wildwood and extend ago cross other than delaware. there in rehoboth beach included in that. visibility could be down to less than a quarter of a mile. so, lets talk about what is ahead. areas of fog tracking during those overnight hours. the slightly humid for mom. on mothers day for sunday. we will have an update on tropical storm ana details with the full and exclusive accu weather seven day walter. today was a seventh seventh annual aberdeen dad vail regatta the on the schuylkill river, the the biggest day of the year in collegiate rowing drawing thousands of spectators all across the country. "action news" reporter kenneth moton was there and brings us details from the time honored tradition. >> reporter: grandstanded were packed all day with fans, parents and athletes after 77 years, this regatta has become
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a fixture in philadelphia and this year it did not disappoint. it is a premiere rowing event aberdeen dad vail regatta took over kelly drive and thousands of collegiate rowers went to work on the the schuylkill river. >> i love it, great. >> every year it gets bigger and better a lot of fun. >> reporter: 3500 student the athletes, more than 120 colleges and universities, from the u.s. and can inadequacies, competed on this river race course. so many schools represented and our local guys and girls were right there. we could not miss those drexel dragons, last years champions who came with quite a few fans. >> they work hard every day. they are out on this river first thing in the morning. they make it a priority. they just work their hardest. they deserve it. >> reporter: those temple owls and women's rowing team got a big win in the finals. they got nice hardware around their neck to prove it. as tradition would have it their constant, the person in charge of the steering, the coxswain, was thrown right in the river.
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for fifth year in the row six abc has been proud to broadcast this historic regatta our own matt o'donnell anchoring the live coverage and showing off those heart pounding races. >> you just yelled ring your cow bell and pray a little. >> reporter: it was all business on the water but on the banks of the river it was a party. convenientors lined up to feed spectators who were thrilled to be cheering on these amazing student athletes. >> i cannot imagine a better attitude, so many people, so many people cheering, it could not be any better. >> reporter: it was a thrilling day on and off the river, it was an overcast start to the aberdeen dad vail regatta but the sun came out just in time for the finals. this years champion for the third year in a row, drexel university. reporting along the schuylkill river, kenneth moton for channel six, "action news". much more to come on "action news" tonight, first lady delivers an inspirational address touching on tough topics what she called graduating seniors about race relations in the u.s.
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plus some tourists at yellow stone national park got too close for comfort with an angry momma bear. plus jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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many families there lost loved ones during confrontation was law enforcement. their march took them down pennsylvania avenue to the department of justice where they delivered a message to a representative there that something needs to be donna cross the the country. well nfl's number one draft pick is counter suing a woman who accuses him of rape. jameis wins exton new quarterback for tampa bay buccaneers, is filing a counter suit against a woman who says he sexually assaulted her three years ago. erika kingsman filed a civil suit. wins exton maintains the the sex was consensual and criminal charges were never file. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum hinted he is close to announcing if he will run for president. santorum was among a number of presidential hopeful hossa dressed conservative activist in south carolina today. the scott walker, rick perry marco rubio ted cruz, even donald trump spoke at the owe called freedom summit in greenville. santorum will hold an event at
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the end of the may in his hometown of butler, pennsylvania to announce his decision. first lady of the u.s., delivered the the commencement against today at tuskegee university and michelle obama talk about the recent racial controversies playing out in some cities across the the country. >> while we've comeau far the truth is, that those age old problems are stubborn. and they have not fully gonna way. >> mrs. owe bam invoke story history of the university as she urged new graduates to face their fear and doubts with courage and conviction. she told 500 graduates to trust themselves and chart their own course toes leave a positive productive mark on the world. it was also graduation day for a whole bunch of colleges and universities across our region. here at chestnut hill college hundreds of graduates some with brightly decorated caps received their degrees. several honorary doctorates also awarded. at harcum college in bryn mawr it was a procession of
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purple for these graduates. hundreds of graduating seniors marched down montgomery avenue making their way to commencement. in a gwynedd valley it was the 66th commencement. class of 20 is 15 gwynedd mercy's largest graduating class with 1880 students.
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at pains park on 24th street this event serves as a fundraiser for a fund used to pay for the creation of skateboard parks all around the city. >> wow. >> that was impressive. >> yes. >> i do that i would break my hip . time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee and looking good for mothers day. >> it will be nice for mom tomorrow walter but humidity might increase. >> yes. >> exactly. if you take her out to brunch be careful with the hair tomorrow. storm tracker six live double scan radar is showing dry and quiet. no issues with precipitation. i to want to show you this picture outside that tells the the story. down the shore skies six live in hd in atlantic city. it is kind hard to make out what is going on here. you can see lights but we are locked and socked in with the cloud cover overhead and this is the case with the dense fog advisory that has been posted. it stays up until 9:00a m across coastal new jersey and into delaware. you look at the visibility, we
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are down to just really a hard to make it out in beach haven and atlantic city down to a half mile in dover but notice that the visibility does start to increase as you head inland. nice and clear conditions in philadelphia but down to 1.7 there in wilmington. so this fog along the coast and patchy as you head up to the the north and west. temperatures outside, 70 in philadelphia. sixty-three in the poconos. sixty-six in allentown lehigh valley. sixty in sea isle city. 58 degrees in beach haven. we have wind coming from the southeasterly direction making it cool along the coast but traveling inland we have 60's and 07's popping up. whole lot going on in the weather map here. we will show you satellite six with action radar we have a partly cloudy sky across the mid-atlantic region but severe weather breaking out down across the plain states where we're seeing so far tonight there have been 47 reports of a tornadoes. now all that activity has been confirmed, but it gives you an indication rather of the
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severity that is going on across the plain states and getting hit had hard in texas and oklahoma at this hour. now we will go down across the the coast tropical storm ana wind sustained at 60 miles an hour moving north and west at 3 miles an hour. fairly stationary but just off the coast of south carolina this will shift to the north and east as we go throughout the overnight hours and at that time we expect weakening with that storm system here. but as a result of the an a and southeasterly wind we have fog to contend with once again for the the first half of the the day tomorrow. so, mothers day forecast, morning fog and then clouds to some sun. by the afternoon. 8:00 a.m. that temperature 67. seventy-six at noon time. eighty-two is the number at 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon. call from accu weather for tonight turning cloudy we are track ago this fog that will continue to roll role in during the overnight hours. the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you early fog to sunshine tomorrow. good day for mom. high temperature coming in at 84. warm still on monday, and at
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84 degrees, cold front moves through monday afternoon isolated thunderstorm is likely, we will keep that thunderstorm threat in there on tuesday and with a high temperature of 89 it is very warm by then and then in the wake of that front a northwesterly wind dries us out, cooler mid week. seventy-five. in the 07's thursday friday and even into next saturday, walter no complaints for mom tomorrow no complaints. >> yeah. >> thanks, melissa. tourist in yellow stone national mark got a good scare when family of bears started to running toward a crowded bridge. mother and three cubs looked agitated there doing what they could to discourage those tourist from sticking around and it work some did try snapping a selfie but they quickly decided that is a really bad idea. don't make them angry. up next on "action news" jeff skversky has sports but now though tonight's pur ball numbers.
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in wilmington delaware young baseball players paid tribute to the men played when segregation was still normal. all of the players from the naamans little league wore uniforms reminiscent of those worn by members of the the negro leagues. they wore number 42 in honor of the great jackie robinson. organizers say they did to it teach these kid that while baseball is great character is that much more important. our time for check on sports, jeff skversky is here ape chase you the thely is struggling. >> he is having a tough time. out of the line up for third time in four games. chase utley is off to the worst start by a big leaguer
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in over a hundred years. yeah phillies star woke up this morning hitting .099. hall of famer mike schmidt says utley should not the think about retiring and utt will turn it around. the you the liz and ryan howard are out of the ryne sandberg's line up against the the mets. down one in the sixth carlos ruiz down left field line. phillies get two in the inning and take a one run lead. the but then in the seventh the birthday boy aaron harang ouch. this is not the what he wants. a two run shot to the left. get out those rally hats. chase utley gets a standing ovation, as he comes up as a pinch hitter in the ninth. how about this, he singles to center field. he snaps his zero for 19 slump. average up to .109. next batter ryan howard pinch hitting too, he hits to it center. could it be, no. just misses. phillies lose three -two. they have dropped eight of 11. phillies fans loved to hate bryce harper but boy can
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he hit. nationals star hits his sixth home run over past three games including a walk off winner in dramatic fashion to beats braves today. how sweet is this, afterward getting curved in hershey's chocolate syrup. got milk what a night in washington. did you see this. eastern conference semi finals? washington down one to atlanta, no time left. paul pierce with three guys on him. wow. banks it. pierce called the game, as he hit the the shot, washington, wins by two, they have a two-one series lead. will the eagles reclaim the nfc east title. desean jackson doesn't think so. former eagles receive ever says the redskins who by the way, only won four games last year desean says they are the best team out there. he takes a page out of the jimmy rollins book, listen. >> if you want to be political and say on paper i think, you know, all of the espn guys and all of the bloggers will
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probably say dallas cowboys but, once the the season starts, i am not going to put too much pressure on us but i think we will be the team to beat this year. >> the team to beat, um, all right, then. eagles well they tell linebacker michael kendricks to beat it. we caught up with kendricks at comic conn. he has been mentioned in trade rumors this off season in the final year of his deal. eagles traded for kiko alonzo the former second round pick could be the odd man out. >> this is the team where i have been drafted. i bet you they will bring trent cole back because he was drafted here. >> fans love it. kendricks was second in the team intact else despite missing four games with the calf injury last year. still to come in sports tough week for tiger and we are not talking about his love life, we will be right back.
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