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tv   Action News 1130 PM  ABC  May 9, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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and just like that the snow is gone. and parkas become jackets. and sweaters go down for a long nap. and off you go. and your backyard gets a whole lot bigger. and you're running... and climbing... and your gear gets lighter and trimmer, and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second spent willing this day to come is just a warm fading memory. ♪
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eleven games, one win that is it union are kicking themselves after the slow start, only one team in major league soccer is off to a worst start. tonight in vancouver union give up two goals in the first half, bad soccer bad call, it looks off side, pedro morales beats ryan sylvesteri, 12 minutes laters. union defenseman ethan white taking down by riveria no call boom, goal, union lose
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three-nothing. his hearties not the only thing broken this weekend, so is tiger wood game. just how tough are things for tiger at players championship? he failed to drive the ball past the ladies t today. take a look at tiger on the second hole t shot barely goes 100-yard. doesn't even reach ladies t box. he double bogeys the hole. finished 75. worst score on course. tied for 68. chris kirk has a one shot lead. delaware drexel, and temple, monk mens leaders at the dad vail regatta coming in the final race. mens varsity eight on the schuylkill river florida tech edges out michigan. drexel comes in third and it helped them clinch mens title. drexel wins dad vail regatta for third straight year, how about dragons dominating on the schuylkill. >> tough, tough. >> "action news" at 11:30 continues next, juror who forced a mistrial for accused
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killer of etan patz speaks out. he gave enough doubt to let pedro hernandez goes free. mother can remember a woman gave birth to conn join twins last year, what she will be celebrating and pictures of the little girls who are now separated. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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saturday night i'm walter perez. here's is what happening on "action news" at 11:30. a travel nightmare. routine flight from london to new york ended up with hundreds of people stranded inside philadelphia international. plus a young man who over came huge odd on his success. teen went from living on the streets to graduating college with honors today. a little girl who many consider a medical miracle is finally going home just in time for mothers day. but first tonight it was an overnight or tiehl for passengers of what started as a routine flight from london to new york city. they ended up in philadelphia and becoming stranded in the middle of the night sleeping in the hallways of philadelphia international airport. "action news" reporter annie mccormack has more. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a direct flight from london's heatrow airport leaving at 8:30 p.m. and
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arriving at new york's jfk. bad weather caused the pilot to circle around jnk and ultimately divert to philadelphia where the flight landed at 11:32. then, things got worse. passengers and the crew, sat on the tarmac for several hours. >> you know, you know, in economy it smelled. it smelled. there was no fresh air. it was cramp. we were all very tire. on people had children. >> reporter: around 2:30 in the morning passengers were let off the plane and even then they were not free from the epic travel nightmare. they still had to go through customs and customs was closed and not expected to reopen until 5:00 a.m. >> when we got off the plane a lot of people were angry because who wants to sit on the floor. >> reporter: they sat on the floor and took to social media and vented their frustration including a deleted tree from jeremy pevin who said british airways holding us for seven hours on the ground when immigration opens, holding us all hostage.
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the odyssey to passengers final destination continued even after they cleared customs. british airways said in a statement they helped people board other planes, trains, and automobiles and safety is always their top priority. >> a captain has absolute discretion on making the final decision on whether or not to divert and nobody should be questioning that. >> reporter: annie mccormack for channel six "action news". authorities in gloucester county are investigating a nasty crash in washington township tonight. accident took place reported on the westbound black horse pike just west of the tuckahoe road at about 10:00 o'clock night. the driver of the vehicle lost control, went off the road, hit a pole and the car burst into flames. everyone inside though was able to get out before the car caught fire. and exactly what happened to six year-old etan patz in new york city decade ago remains a history. the juror who forced a judge to declare a in mistrial in the case this week is speaking out. after nearly three months of
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testimony and 18 days of deliberations, adam stand tipped scales. pedro hernandez confessed on camera to kidnapping and killing six year-old etan in 1979 but he says that he simply did not find hernandez guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. >> i feel very badly for them but not because of my decision. i'm sorry because etan was a beautiful boy and and what happened to him should not have happened. >> he questioned how hernandez confession was obtained by police as well as his mental state. a tip led police to hernandez of maple shade, new jersey, who worked at a shop by etan's school bus stop at the time of his disappearance. world health organization has declared liberia free ofe bowl, 42 days have passed without any new cases. liberia's president says for some survivor, quote the pain and grief will take generations to heel. the out break started in march of last year and since that
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time has claimed more than 4700 lives in liberia. the the white house congratulated liberia but urged vigilance to prevent another out break. one of the formally conjoined twin girls separated in texas was discharged from the hospital, just in time for mothers day. natalie left texas children's hospital today after doctors declared her healthy enough to leave. national the lee and her sister addaline were separated during a 26 hour surgery back in february. the the family will a stay in houston until she's able to go home as well. it is expect to happen sometime this summer. from homeless to college graduate today was an extra special day for a student from loyola mar mount in california. kenneth chancey proudly walk across the stage to accept his difficult prom a he lived with his father and sister on the streets in l.a.'s skid row for years and then moved in the shelter when he was 15. despite that chancey maintained a 4.0 grade point average all through school.
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>> i said yes it was harder then mess people given resources but it is not impossible. >> along with chancey's good grade he was very involved in school as a member of the track, football and swimming teams. it was a local businessman who volunteered to pay for chancey's college education how about that. some bride to be well certainly be looking good on their wedding day and they helped a great cause along the way. today was annual brides against breast cancer wedding gown sale in olde city. "action news" reporter kenneth moton has more. >> reporter: they were all types and all different shade hundreds of wedding dresses ready to be pick out the by that soon to be bride. >> finally finding the dress. >> for them, maybe. >> i think now it is just coming to reality like i'm getting married. >> reporter: this wasn't just any bridal show inside wyndham historic district hotel this saturday, but this was all
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part of the brides against breast cancer. >> that is why i decided to check it out. i really appreciate the fact that it does have a cause and it is raising awareness. >> reporter: proceeds will benefit health support which provides services to those fighting the disease. the last year brides against breast cancer and its nationwide tour of gowns raised more than one million-dollar. >> we fund free cancer support programs which is for not just cancer patients but their family. we help anyone going through the fight during their journey. >> reporter: gowns on these racks are heavily discounted, $75 is cheapest, 1800 is most expensive. say yes to the dress can be emotional for any soon to be bride but we found some women here because of how cancer has impact their lives. there were a a lot of tears for north philadelphia resident jackie ramirez and her bride made. ramirez and her sister lost their mother to cancer. they were wearing pink down to the socks to honor their mom and her battle.
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>> what do you think of your sister. >> she would love it. she would love it. i know he would. >> reporter: for ashley from washington d.c., her mother a breast cancer survivor, could not be here. >> so my sister is here with my really good friend. they are all here to support cause. it was fun to do it. >> reporter: she's thankful her mom will see her take that walk down the aisle. reporting from olde city, kenneth moton for channel six "action news". mar y lee the great white shark is still hanging out the at the jersey shore. she was seen swimming around long beach island this morning. that, by the way, is where at tax occurred that inspire the movie jaws. mary lee was tagged three years ago by a organization tracking her ever since. she has traveled over 20,000 miles since then and experts say she will probably, make her way to cape cod eventually. still to come on "action news" tonight the eagles may want to keep an eye on this guy, potential big time d lineman in 20 years. we will tell you how much this
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really big new born weighed in. there was a very special guest at comic conn in center city, crowd went nuts when hollywood icon burt reynolds showed up, melissa? walter, turning cloudy tonight. in fact a dense fog advisory has been posted for coastal new jersey. we will let you know in the fog and moisture lifts for second half of the weekend and for mom on mothers day. details coming up with the accu wetweather forecast.
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hundreds spent their saturday painting and hammering to make sure the school playground and recollect centers look great
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with summertime right around the corner. action cam was on the scene at mcclure elementary school in hunting park where play ground was getting a make over. they painted murals and refurbished the schools classrooms as well. love your park week, began in philadelphia, and today they clean up and planted trees, all along the the powe questioning creek trail in the northeast. cities department of parks and recreation are sponsoring events like this one for one week. volunteers will spruce up 100 city parks over the next seven days. time for a check of the the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee and your mothers daze forecast. >> mom will be happy tomorrowy love when mom's happy. >> when mommies happy everybody is happy. >> amen. >> ain't that the truth. >> double scan radar is showing you it is dry quiet no issues with precipitation. the fog will be a problem once again as we go throughout the overnight hours and into the day on sunday. outside we will go, sky six live in hd looking at the
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center city sky line, on this saturday night we've got a lot of cloud starting to move on in. you can see that we can make out, the the buildings but the tops of the buildings covered with clouds and moisture already starting to move on in. so that dense fog advisory has been posted. it is really for areas in lakehurst, ocean county, all the way down to cape may county on west ward into southern delaware and rehoboth beach, as well. visibility down to less than a quarter mile, so advisory stays up until 9:00 a.m. ites dense along these locations but patchy heading to the north and west. speaking of north and west we have you covered with our numbers north and west of the town. sixty-two in tannersville. same thing in martin creek. sixty-six in saint david kenneth the square 65. same thing for center city and chester at this hour. down across new jersey in browns mills 63 but chill any toms river in at 58 degrees, sea isle city 60. hockessin in the upper 60's.
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i want to show you dew point temperatures early in the season to break out this map but it does give an indication of the level of moisture that is not at months fear at this hour. whenever we have dew point temperatures in the lower 60's, you can feel, the the humidity overhead, so the moisture will be around as we get into the second half of the weekend on sunday. satellite six with action radar, shows you it is dry but clouds are starting to build and thicken and here's part of the reason y we will take you down across tropics. tropical storm ana winds sustained at 60 miles an hour. still a good 50 miles to the south and east of myrtle beach south carolina but this will continue to move north/northwest by rest of tonight and during overnight hours, over the next 48 hours really it will shift to the north and east and at that time, it is expect to weaken. the a as far as ana is concerned for our region, minimal indirect impact with the storm system here. we have prolong southeasterly win, morning fog once again
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but some of those locations it could be dense. breaking out for some sun in the afternoon and noticeably humid as well for sunday. other than that it is looking good for mom on mothers day. early fog on sunday, then some sun by the afternoon at 84. still warm on monday, and at 84 degrees but thunderstorm is likely monday afternoon as cold front rolls on through. on tuesday still very warm high of 89 with a thunderstorm around. once that front breaks it is cooler on wednesday 75 degrees, and it looks like we will stay in the lower 70's as we get into thursday, friday and next saturday, walter. >> looks good. >> it does. >> thanks, melissa. movie legend burt reynold was in town and was the crowd siked to see him. take my word for it. they pack in the room at pennsylvania convention center or the room where he was to hear burt offer a few word. he is one of many celebrities at wizard worldcom i can conn.
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earlier in the day we spotted philadelphia eagles michael kendricks we saw just a moment ago. that is burt reynolds. event runs through tomorrow night. and, a mom from western pennsylvania definitely deserves some rest on mothers day. earlier this week he she gave birth to a happy healthy 13-pound, 10-ounce baby boy. oh my. baby isaac is almost double size of your average new born, in fact, he is already wearing clothing for six month-old. officials say this is not a world record by any stretch but baby isaac is the biggest baby even born inside their hospital. coming up in sports, later, best prom date a prom date could ever have have, teenager from indiana who proves he is a world class gentlemen when "action news" comes right back.
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both chase utley and ryan howard on the bench tonight to start the game phillies manager ryne sandberg didn't want them facing mets lefty jonathan niece who has dominated them over the years. phillies could win their first series over mets in a year with a w tonight. seventh inning up one and until this, aaron harang out, on his 37th birthday, juan loggeras tags him with the two run home run. harang has not allowed a run in 19 innings. carlos ruiz, bases loaded, one out, six four, three double play. phillies lose, three-two. eagles rookie camp continues this weekend the fact, there has been quite a few new kid at team headquarters late liz including a big eagles fan. earlier this week, he was tank tall during a really difficult time. >> what a day for a ten year
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old kid hanging out with tim tebow and the eagles. it is a day hatfield native dominic, will never forget but there had been a lot of days in his life he wishes he could forget. fifth grader at culp elementary in montgomery county has been getting bullied in school. >> at kid kid have been calling me shirt and it really started hurting my feelings. >> reporter: instead of fighting back dominic went to his instagram page and revealed reason he is shorter than his classmates chemotherapy stunted his growth. dominic was diagnosed with leukemia at three and underwent treatment for a third of his life. >> he had a bad day a at school. dominic hardly ever cries. he went through three and a half years of chemo and didn't cry. he started balling his eyes out that night. he showed me what he posted. i started crying. i said you wrote this are you another just. >> reporter: message went viral and so inspired eagles defensive end brand on bear
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invited dominic to the eagles practice facility to lift his spirits. dominic, hoist in remission also learned a few drills. >> you come and aim it there. >> i'm 6 feet six and i'm looking up to a ten year-old kid. it is awesome. >> it was so much fun. i saw them all practice. i got signatures, and everything. it was really cool. >> reporter: maybe coolest part a identify from the autographs and his own personalized number 93 eagles jersey meeting one of his favorite players pro bowl running back darren sproles who also grew up, being told that he was too short. >> for somebody to bully him like that, that is in the right. >> kid and people like him inspire us all. >> reporter: finally a perfect day for this big eagles fan. >> what a day at team headquarters. dominic brown down huddle at practice. he is in remission. plans to get checked up one more time in august, at chop
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lets hope everything checks out okay for dominic. walter, back to you good he is awesome, thanks jeff. teenager from indiana says he was a hit after taking his nine three-year old great grandmother to the junior prom. drew holmes said when he first asked grand mom catherine she said no but then she change her mine. she looked great in the blue dress and they shared a show dance together. drew had to leave prom early to get his great grand mom home in time for bed at 9:00. if kid. castle is next here on channel six. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with nydia han eva pilgrim and chris sowers. for melissa magee jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, have a good night and we will see you right back here tomorrow night. >> ♪♪
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