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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  May 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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good afternoon we're following breaking news in south philadelphia where a police van overturned during a crash before 11:30 a.m. chopper 6 is live over the 2000 block of south newkirk street. two other vehicles were involved in the collision. police have not released the information yet of any possible injuries or what led up to the accidentment we'll continue to update this at in other news ten people are missing after a possible tornado in texas. a vial rent storm killed a young -- violent storm killed a young couple in arkansas overnight. elizabeth hur has video of the aftermath. >> reporter: scenes from van texas after a tornado touched down overnight. dozens are injured and many are missing. rescuers fear people might be
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trapped under debris. >> i don't think we were going to make it. >> reporter: it was a weekend of violent twisters, flooding and snow in the central united states. watch as this funnel cloud in lakecy iowa lifts the roof off the school. >> there goes the school. >> reporter: in dallas, dramatic rescues as the national guard get people to safety trapped by flash flooding. even this woman who was watching a friend's baby. >> it was scary. >> reporter: families releerveld after a harrowing -- relieved after a horror harrowing ordeal. a tornado damaged 30 homes in delmont. in colorado blizzard-like conditions and nearly 2 feet of
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snow. and just to give you an idea of the power of the storms, take a look at the car totaled and closer look there's a piece of wood that pierced through the metal roof of the car. the storm may be out of this area today but clearly there's a lot of work ahead for so many. elizabeth hur abc news, oklahoma city oklahoma. the national weather service said 50 million people are under the threat of more severe storms today. for more on that david murphy at the "action news" big board. >> reporter: sarah when you take a look at the national map your eye is drawn to the central portion of the country and houston, texas. we've seen watch box in and out of play this morning. as you look at this currently it's down below little rock and louisiana and texas. around dallas look at all the lightning strikes that are highlighted on storm tracker 6 live double scan. the flashing you see beneath the
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rain is recent lightens strikes. we have a cluster to the west where we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect. farther to the east you can see some of at least storms that we turn on the side and use storm tracker 6 live double scan technology you can see purple turk up that's the indication that the storms are forming ice in their storm and maybe getting ready to dump hail and hail is one of the many features the storms will produce today. if we look at the aerials of the -- areas of the county where we expect to see the storms, 60-mile an hour storm gusts in that area there i just showed you around houston and dallas, and this large area to cincinnati, southern michigan and new york state. atlanta in that zone. large hail a possibility of we
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showed you how the southern storms might dump that pretty soon. we have a threat of tornados, from michigan the southern half of that state. cincinnati ohio, indiana kentucky, tennessee and straight ward houston texas. if you take a look at the airport here in philadelphia, no major delays yet to any of our more frequently traveled destinations. 86 and potential thunderstorms in atlanta but no delays yet. the only place we're seeing precipitation is chicago o'hare and that's not thunderstorms it's just showers. when i come back we'll talk about the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, guys we're looking at a humid one around here, bus stop not as much precipitation. >> in kensington investigators on the scene of a deadly fire that killed one and left five others hurt.
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>> four of the surviving victims are in critical condition. katherine scott is live at the scene in kensington. catherine. >> reporter: sarah the fire department said the victims did not have any advance warning they did not find any working smoke detecters inside the buildings. three people jumped from the upper floors to escape the intense heat. one of the people died from his injuries. >> i was sleeping i heard someone screaming throw the baby out the window. >> reporter: panic at this kensington buildings around 6:15 as the fire spread. >> no lights, no alarm. we just heard people saying fire fire. >> reporter: the flames were feelers, the smoke thick as the fire advanced residents looked for wayses to escape the building on the 3200 block of kensington avenue. some crawled out windows to the back room. >> i opened the door, black
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smoke was pouring in. >> reporter: by the time firefighters arrived three people had jumped from the you meaner floors. firefighters rescued three people including a young child. >> they put her out the window and they put the ladder, they grabbed her and ran down. >> i got it. >> reporter: the owner was on scene speaking to fire investigators. the investigation is on going as to weather these builds were licensed for apartments. >> it's an occupancy issue, we should have smoke alarms and weapon didn't find instead from my initial investigation. the buildings owner is robert mitchell he has no comment. 18 people have been displaced. we're live in kensington, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. another fire in mercer
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county destroyed homes overnight. the flames engulfed 15 units at the windsor castle apartments on devon shire drive. a firefighter hurt his ankle and another was forced to jump from a second-story window. >> the fire spread throughout the building and took off the whole roof. it was pretty bad. >> the red cross is helping 20 people forced out of their homes, the cause is under investigation. an autopsy is underway on the toddler who died after police say his mother threw him in the lehigh river. 1-year-old perry died saturday after the police pulled him from the water. his mother jumped in, but she survived. she is charged with attempted murder, the police expected charges to be upgraded following her son's death. a burlington county woman is accused to selling tickets to a fake concert. investigators say kelly brian
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fabricated a show featuring sheryl crow in fed ford. police were planning security, but learned crow was never booked to perform. bryan admitted to scamming and theft by deception. >> police are looking for a thief who put champagne in his panels. he opened the box of bubbly and put put it down his jeans. if you recognize him contact philadelphia police. phillies star is making an invest in 8 philadelphia schools. pitcher cole hamels and his wife gave $53,000 in grants.
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the remaining donations will be divided among search other schools for science robotics and reading and music improvements. this year marks a major milestone for the hamle also -- hamles foundation, to date it donated a million dollars. another group is give back to philadelphia awarding $120,000 in scholarships to help pay for college. they accepted the donations pacifico ford in southwest philadelphia. a mother plans to sue after her family was kicked off a flight. the reason united airlines removed a girl with autism from the plane. >> a blood test that's making cancer treatment easier for doctors and patients. >> reporter: meteorologist david murphy will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right
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traffic stop saturday night. at atate's sister said he watched over her. >> he made sure i was there to protect over me. >> a memorandum arm for officers dean and tate are expected for this afternoon. dean was a married officer of two and decorated office of the year. lick will -- liquori tate had a lifetime dream of joining the force. united airlines could face a lawsuit after a girl with autism were removed from the plane. the family was returning from disney world with 15-year-old juliet who has trouble communicating. she became hungry during the flight. the flight attended agreed to bring her a hot meal. she calmed down and was watching a video when the pilot made an
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announcement. >> we were shocked to hear him say we're going to make an emergency landing in salt lake city. we have a passenger in the back of the plane who has behavior issues. police forced the family off the plane the mom demanded statements from other passengers to prove her daughter was not being disrupted. united airline said it was for the safety and comfort of other comers. a high school -- customers. a high school principal is apologizing for what some called a race i also outburst. today she apologized because she said nobody was listening. >> it was not a statement of racism. it was my frustration and when i
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said it i told my husband, i felt like the deviling wams in the house -- was in the house because it didn't sound like me. >> many are calling for the private school to lose its acredittation. a south carolina ten-year-old saved a classmate's life after he began choking on his school lunch. thomas had almost finished his last chicken nugget when his friend couldn't learn to breathe. he learned the heimlich man -- manuver and jumped into help. >> my mom is in nursing school and she showed me how to do and it came to mind when he started choking. >> a toddler is alive today because of his mother's intuition and observations what she noticed in pictures of her son that saved his life.
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and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at >> memorial day the roads could be more crowded than they've been in a long time. travel over the holiday is expected to reach a memorial day high. 37 million americans hitting the roads. lower gas prices and falling unemployment are encouraging more people to spend on travel. a new type of blood test is
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transforming cancer treatments. the liquid biopsy are the first noninvasive way to fight cancer. they capture cancer from the flood instead of the tumor. the method spares some patients the surgical and needle biopsy to determine their care. thomas jefferson university has used it on 120 breast cancer patients so far. a mother's sharp organization saved her child's life after she noticed in an iphone photo. she saw a white glow in his eye and remembered it could be a sign of cancer. he had tumors covering 50% of the eye. it was caught before the cancer spread to his blood. he is now cancer free. the "action news" team is working on news stories tonight
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beginning at 4:00 p.m. let's check in with alicia vitarelli. >> reporter: wait until you hear what's coming up in big talkers fail to take your clothes off and prepare to fail the class. you won't want to miss that. coming up, no coffee, pasta or sugar for ten days, that's the basis of a not so sweet challenge that has dieters cut pounds and cut cravings and lose weight. from spaghetti sauce to ink a local laundry guru shows us how to remove stains. if you have kids or pets you'll want to see this. take us with you on the go if you downloaded the 6abc free new
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news app, you can watch it on your smart phone or tablet. >> we have a lot of stains around my house. >> the accuweather forecast coming up when we come right back.
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>> david murphy here with a check. accuweather forecast on this warm and muggy day. >> reporter: feels like summer as you were just mentioning. >> it does. >> reporter: is it there and rest for a bit. we've got a little bit of precipitation creeping out of south. you can see in the neighborhood of smyrna, delaware, it's firing up a little bit. we might see lightning bottle and small -- lightning bolts and small thunderstorm. i'm not going to say it will
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make it north of middletown. we have other cells popping up through near right 55 and elmer. mays landing said goodbye to one and hammonton picking some of that. on the action cam we would morning clouds, there's fairmont park and memorial hall. now as we go into the noon hour we have neighborhoods that are getting sun through the clouds. 79 degrees in philadelphia. the dewpoint is high, 67 anything over 60 is humid. winds out of south at 8 miles per hour. let's check out the temperatures and the dewpoints across the region. 80 in allentown. 08 in trenton. 80 in reading. we talked built documents dewpoints, anything over 60 is humid. anything over 70 is oppressive. and we have that in central and southern delaware. 69 in millville and wilmington
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also indicates very humid air. in philadelphia, 67 degrees dewpoint, humid here, as well. what that tells you if you're going out for a walk or doing gardening anything like that today keep the cool drinks handy. clouds and sun the rest of the way, any precipitation that rights march up from the south again, for the most part will have a tendency to fall apart we might get a pop up cell here or there. generally speaking it's clouds and sun most of you stay dry. in allentown i'll call for a spotty shower, 84 degrees, the big story is the clouds and sun mix with the humidity higher. down the shore not as warm. high of 73, but still a bit humid and uncomfortable with clouds and sun mix. in philadelphia, we're going for a high of 85. warm and humid a spotty shower can't be rule out. 66 is the overnight low partly cloudy and warm, muggy overnight. for the evening commute we're
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maintaining a warm and humid picture, 83 by 4:00, 79 by 5:30, 76 by 7:00 p.m. for the phillies pirates in town for the first of four. it will be muggy but dry. 76 are the first pitch and 71 degrees in the 9th inning. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 85 today dry, humid. tomorrow, warm you can 87, spotty shower possible. i think the humidity in the afternoon will start to die away a little bit. and then we get set up with cooler rare. 70 all we'll see on wednesday winds and cool. 72, pleasant on thursday, friday, 76 another nice day. for the weekend saturday a bit of rain every now and then. sunday, clouds hanging tough highs in the upper 70s and leftover spotty shower. >> there's much more still ahead in the next half-hour of "action news" at noon. police are looking for this person caught on video stealing
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a purse details of where it happened and what he got away with. a father at a phillies game catches a foul ball with his baby strapped to him. those stories and more next.
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gunfire erupts during a fight in delaware county it's caught on video. police are increasing process. -- patrols. new developments in the boston marathon case. and see why families want the cemetary to take action. >> a person jumped out a building in kensington. 6 people in the hospital, some critically injured. others were rescued by firefighters. 18 residents are out of their homes. fire commissioner said no smoke alarms were found in the building. >> we didn't find any alarms or alarm system. an occupancy of this type should have an alarm system and smoke alarms. we didn't find neither. >> the owner of the property has spoken with fire investigators. at this point nobody has been charged and


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