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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 12, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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good thing i'm not a bitch. oh, yeah.
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oh look at that, folks. you don't want to see that a bus on the side of the road smoking. this is on massachusetts turnpike. see what just happens? it's engulfed in flames. windows then blown out from the heat. this is a bolt bus as you can see from the side of the bus driving from new york it was almost to boston when this fire started. there were 46 passengers on board. everybody got out and yes this he got out with their luggage. another bus arrived, took them to boston and we understand it got there the without smoking. next we turn to some new beganets to help you find your keys. do you lose keys all the time? >> it's not just keys. it's everything. >> listen up then. >> i am going to. a growing number of hi-tech trackers aim to keep you organized and save you time. becky worley put them to the test. >> how often is your morning. >> where are they. >> wrecked by this. >> has anybody seen my keys?
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>> reporter: technology to the rescue. well maybe. >> thanks to these babies we don't have to remember where we left stuff. >> reporter: in our how to tech series david pogue vice president of yahoo! tech looked at six of the new tracking devices that pair with your phone and use an app to track your lost things. generally household items but meow. >> did you really put one of these on your cat? >> no. >> if not for finding felines what are they for. >> these are tiny coin sized bluetooth trackers. you stick them on your keys or luggage or your purse or coat or something that you misplace a lot. >> the devices chirp to an alert you the to their location. david has instructed our production team to hide my purse, my keys and my wallet around the house, all with trackers attached. >> okay. i'm going to fire up the tile app. i hear them. aha. bingo. >> most of them go for six months to a year without
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changing the battery and they're about 25 bucks. >> ta-da. >> reporter: and there are visual aides too. >> most of them have what they call a radar. so the app on your phone shows a graph that grows as you get closer. so it's like warmer warmer. >> now it says i'm right on top of it. ta-da. found it. david's top picks are the pro tag duet and the tracker bravo, and yet, he feels the user experience still needs some refinement. >> from the instructions to the design to the software there's a certain roughness to them. >> but he says the investment may be worth it for chronic key losers like me. becky worley abc news oakland, california. >> are you sold? >> i've been waiting my whole life for someone to invent this. >> your whole life? seriously, could you use it. >> completely yeah. >> all right. >> done. >> coming up here folks, george clooney, man of the future. >> the star telling us what tomorrow may hold and why he
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refuses to join twitter. you're watching "world news now." >>
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all right. oftentimes when an a list movie star is appropriating a new film they have to sit through some interviews where the questions can get personal. it can get awkward. lucky for us george clooney is a pro. >> he's not afraid to talk about
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his recent nuptials and social media and his new movie. he sat down with our own nick watt and we are up all night line. >> the clooneys are the spring's a couple. forget peth kimye, jamal so hot right now. did you see them at the met ball. >> george i made the mistake of being in venice when you got married. >> i'm very sorry. >> i was shooting a travel shot unrelated and everybody came up to us george clooney. >> it was funny because we had not told odd anybody where we were getting married and it was just thousands of people out. and it was crazy. i was like you know what? this is what it's going to be like for the next three days. >> what if there was a place. >> dad, i just need you to look at this. does it look weird? >> a secret place. >> his latest project "tomorrowland"" a movie that defies categorization.
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>> the pen. >> eagerly anticipated highly secretive. >> how much are you allowed to actually tell me about this film. >> listen nobody's stopping us. everyone dies in the end. >> not true. he plays a disillusioned dreamer in what the director describes as a sci-fi action adventure road movie fable made by walt disney. tim mcgraw plays dad to brit robertson, a dreamer recruited to save our planet. >> have you actually seen it. >> i haven't seen it. >> no. >> shall we tell him he's not in it? >> you're completely framed out of this shot. >> tomorrow land" in the title is a parallel world and image of an ideal future from a 1964 perspective, monorails and leather suits not the future we're now in. >> when we were kids we weren't dreaming about staring at a phone. >> i have three dots. i would like to see their faces
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occasionally. >> clooney doesn't do twitter. >> i think it may be the dumbest thing a famous actor could do because there is nothing to gain from it. more people aren't going to see your movies. you know, if they did, then kim kardashian would be the biggest movie star in the world. for me the only thing that could happen is bad. right? i have two drinks. i go home. and i make a mother teresa joke. and i wake up in the morning and my career is over. >> so thank goodness he's sticking to the acting, popping up in gems like this a movie i'm still thinking about and unraffling five days after i saw it. i'm nick watt for night line in los angeles. >> pretty smart those tweets get some people in trouble. >> have you -- how many times has that happened? an somebody's out having a good time you say something stupid try to delete it the the next morning, somebody's got a screen grab. >> i'm not into the sci-fi but tim mcgraw and george clooney, say no more.
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there you go. >> had to explain that one. >> i think we will. we're supposed to be standing up for this shot. t.j.'s not properly dressed. we'll sit here and tell you the story. >> tell them the truth, i'm not wearing pants. >> that kind of show. it's the middle of the night. don't have too much of a dress code here. with summer around the corner this is a place you can go without pants, the beach. so when you take a swim though and the jellyfish show up most people are out of will. >> but not ginger zee. thee she takes us to a place where swimming with jellyfish sounds like a good idea. >> majestic magical, mysterious a swirling color pallet of blue waters teeming with the magnificence of marine life. welcome to palau.
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a string of over 300 tiny green islands in the north pacific ocean southeast of the philippines. it is home to a fluke of nature called jellyfish lake. and i'm about to find out why. >> oh yeah. we're getting into it now. as we swim out, i spot a few. and then boom. jellyfish nation. oh my god. there's so many. but get this. the miraculous thing about these jellyfish will, they don't sting. sting. >> not only is custom to multiply but cause them to lose their stinging cells. >> like floating through a living lava lamp.
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swirling globes of golden marshmallow puffs. but the truth is, whether you come to palau to snorkel at this sunk.ship turned barrier reef scuba dive with the smashings and napoleons or swim with the jellyfish, just being in this place witnessing the wonder of nature will make you feel like a kid again. >> beautiful sunset. so long, palau. let me thank you. >> why don't i get assignments like that? that is pretty cool. >> well, because, apparently ginger hasn't showered yet. now, this is -- i mean this information out. i'm not giving you behind the scenes stuff. she's out in the middle of nowhere. >> ginger hasn't showered. >> it's the new abc, people, hang on tight.
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this morning on "world news now," cracking down. the nfl punishes football superor star tom brady and the new england patriots accused of deflating footballs. >> i would never do anything to break the rules. >> the reaction coming in overnight. the impact on brady and his team and what happens next. >> fighting back. the family of a man who lost his battle with a superbug takes action demanding justice. >> it's hard to lose the love of your life. and especially because of an infection. >> the heart breaking case with a surprising legal twist. and pricey painting. the picasso masterpiece auctioned off just hours ago. who's writing a check for a jaw dropping record amount? it's tuesday, may 12th.
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from abc news this is "world news now." >> hey, everyone. good tuesday morning. i'm marci gonzalez in for reena ninan. >> hello to you all, i'm t.j. holmes. we'll get into the pricey painting in a minute. how pricey was this punishment for tom brady? a lot of people are questioning. some say it was too harsh, some say not harsh enough given what he did. it's all the rage right now. >> oh it is. everyone's talking about this. >> we've been talking about deflategate for a while. now we finally got the penalties. quarterback tom brady and the new england patriots being punished. brady is getting a four-game suspension. he will not be available to play for his patriots until october 1th. that will be against the colts. >> and you mentioned the patriots also fined $1 million and losing two future draft picks. abc's karen travers has more. >> reporter: the nfl hit tom brady hard suspended the first
3:02 am
four games of next season without pay for what a league investigation found was his involvement in what's now called deflategate. the nfl told the super bowl champ your actions clearly constitute conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the game of professional football." the 243-page deflategate report released last week was damning finding it's more probable than not that brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities involving the release of air from patriots game balls. according to the report just minutes before brady took the field for the afc championship game against the indianapolis colts, locker room attendant jim mcnally reportedly carried the game day balls out of the official's locker room to a bathroom. 18:40 later he brings them to the field deflated. brady denied guilt. >> i felt like i always played within the rules. i would in never do anything to break the rules. >> but the reaction was harsh.
3:03 am
>> they need to suspend him for a year. >> the press cried out for him to be punished. >> it was the way he continued to conduct himself once everything was found. >> and the nfl agreed. >> >> patriots fan who's roared entirety for brady last week now facing a code autumn in his absence. karen traverse abc news washington. >> but he's going to appeal this thing. his agent came out yesterday with a fairly strongly worded statement, as well, no doubt ob confirming brady will appeal the suspension. the two the staffers accuses of doctoring the game balls have been suspended indefinitely. owner robert krat put out a statement yesterday and said "despite our conviction there was no tampering with footballs, it was our intention to accept any discipline levied by the league." tom brady has our unconditional support. our belief in him has not wavered." how much is this going to cost brady financially. >> tom brady is scheduled to make million in base salary this
3:04 am
season. so a four-game suspension will cost him out of pocket $2 million. >> four games. $2 million. that's four sundays he has to sit at home with gisele. boar guy. i mean poor baby. even when he loses he wins. i love this guy. that million dollar fine matches the largest fine ever handed out by the nfl. brady has three days to appeal and again, like we said he will do so. our coverage of his punishment the deflated football scandal not going to end here. a lot more reaction in our next half hour. >> former patriots player aaron hernandez faces more legal trouble charged with trying to silence a witness in a double murder case by shooting him in the face in 2013 and leaving him for dead. hernandez who once had a $40 million nfl contract is serving life in prison without the possibility of parole after being convicted in a different case. and closing arguments in the
3:05 am
sentencing face of the boston marathon bombing trial take place tomorrow. the final witness to take the stand for the defense yesterday was death penalty opponent sister helen prejean. she testify during discussions with the defendant, dzhokhar tsarnaev he expressed genuine sorrow for the bombing victims. after tomorrow's statements by both sides, jurors will begin deliberating whether he will be put to death or serve life in prison. >> nasty, deadly weather and the lives shattered after that tornado outbreak in the midwest and the plains. at least five people killed in texas and arkansas when fierce winds raked over their in i towns. among them a young couple trying to she had their daughter from the storm. they didn't make it when the trailer flipped over. the baby girl though survived. more on this nasty weather now from rob marciano. >> inside. >> reporter: an ef-3 tornado with winds up to 140 miles per hour hitting van, texas just
3:06 am
after dinner on mother's day. home after home nearly half the town in tatters. from the air at this vantage point, you really see the expanse of the damage. over 140 tornado reports since the outbreak began. including this ef-1 100-mile-an-hour winds ripping the roof off this high school in lake city iowa. >> there goes the school. there goes the school. >> reporter: in krum texas, responders using a basket to the rescue britney pregnant and holding a friend's baby. coming back from her grandmother. in sanger texas, two teenagers plucked to safety by national guard blackhawks. back in van, reality for christie setting in. >> it's unreal. i grew up here. this is my hometown. and it's devastated. >> reporter: and we're under a flash flood watch now for another system coming into texas as if they haven't had enough
3:07 am
rain. more rain 4, 5 inches across central texas. this storm so strong with severe weather, it has been pumping up the heat for the northeast, even warmer across the i-95 corridor. temperatures in the 80s and near 90. rob marciano abc news van, texas. >> we have details just coming in of a shooting near the university of california santa braush blah. a domestic disturbance. three injured men. another man fled in a white sedan. all dorms and residences put on lockdown for a short time. last may, elliott rodger killed six people and then himself. >> passengers are describing some tense moments aboard a sky west plane that made a belly landing at l.a. xfrg coming in from monterey when the left main landing gear didn't extend. that's when the pilot told everyone on board to assume the crash position. but the plane ended up coming down smoothly.
3:08 am
no one was hurt and passengers gave kudos to the pilot for handling the emergency so well. >> george zimmerman back in the news. you remember him, acquitted in the death of trayvon martin. he's been involved in another shooting at parent victim in a road rage incident. matt gutman with these details. >> zimmerman tangled up in another shooting. >> an officer was flagged down by george zimmerman. he reported he had just been involved in a shooting. >> this time the man to shot martin in 2012 and anquisted of murder was the one shot at. in the same honda pickup he used to follow martin. you can see that bullet hole through the passenger window the truck being towed. an eyewitness saying the shooter apparently calling 911 on himself. >> heard him say i'm matt apperson. this is an ongoing dispute. this is the third incident. i saw a gun and so i shot zimmerman. >> zimmerman's lawyer telling
3:09 am
abc news the man was tailing zimmerman, flashing his lights and honking before he shot at him. zimmerman was unhurt and released from the hospital. he's had a slew of run ins with the law from speeding to domestic violence in florida. >> you put your gun in my fricking face. >> those charge wlz all dropped. we've learned he was in fact carrying a gun during the incident. police still investigating whether or not he brandished it. matt gutman abc news, los angeles. >> the north carolina police officer who sued starbucks after he spilled a free cup of coffee on his lap will get nothing. a jury in raleigh sided with starbucks saying the company was not liable for matthew kohr's burns. he claimed the cup collapsed on his thighs when the lid popped off his hot coffee. he and his wife were seeking $750,000 in daniels. >> the most expensive painting ever sold. investors are willing to pay
3:10 am
more and more for these things. i can't believe how much this one went up. >> case in point. this picasso sold for a record $179 million. my goodness. at auction here in new york last night. this is a record high. this painting is called women of aljer version 0 sold in 1977 just $32 million. the identity of the buyer not being made public. >> underbly. >> how did that thing appreciate over $100 million in 20 years? how does that happen? >> that i could not answer for you, about you but someone is very smart. very smart whoever bought that for $32 million. >> that's $179 million right there, folks. we've got "the mix" come your way. america's oldest working nurse. she turns 90 years old and she's got a lesson for us all. >> also ahead, the heartbreak and the legal surprise as family members of a superbug victim
3:11 am
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born facing each other with their liver, bile duct and intes tins joined. after a day long surgery, the 5-month-old twins are finally sleeping in their own beds. doctors say the boys are expected to live normal lives. >> is the widow of a man who died from a superbug infection was suing the hospital where he was treated and the company that made the device used in the procedure. >> then yesterday, the hospital teamed up with her to sue the company saying they were wronged, too. abc's brandie hit explains. >> reporter: teresa bigler's husband richard is one of at least 11 patients who died at v.a.t. mason medical center after contracting the super bug known as cre. >> it's hard to lose the love of your life and especially because of an infection. >> at first, bigler sued both the hospital and olympus is, the maker of the medical scope used that allegedly spread the dangerous infection but now she's teaming up with the hospital in a single suit against the scopemaker.
3:16 am
>> i hope that by joining with us it will strengthen our fight for changes and safer medical practices and safer devices. >> it's the latest case involving hard to clean medical scopes spreading super bugs in pittsburgh chicago and los angeles. where nearly 200 patients were exposed. >> there's literally no antibiotic that can be used to treat these infections. >> virginia mason claims oh preliminary pass knew the design eb made them zlif to clean even when they used their own cleaning guidelines. >> opus failed to inform about the safety risk. their silence was unethical, irresponsible and put patient lives at risk. >> olympus did not respond to our request for comment. the devicemaker is facing several lawsuits including many filed by patients in los angeles. brandy hit, abc news los angeles. >> apparently this was known this happened over in europe. they have had an outbreak having
3:17 am
to do with the scopes and the u.s. hospitals weren't given a heads-up about this. >> should be a fascinating case. >> we will follow that one, folks. coming up a little later, everybody say good-bye to dave. it's that time. only a few shows left. so what did howard stern do to letterman that had the late night legend trying to run off his own set? plus we've got our own special sendoff for "american idol." the iconic show now canceled. we'll remember its best and brightest. >> i don't know. how to make your own gleek yogurt. the tasty treat with so many health benefits. we'll get a special lesson from one of the world's premier chefs coming up next in insomniac
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>> if you're looking for a heart healthy diet plan that still tastes good then the mediterranean diet might be what you're look for. >> one of the key ingredients, you need greek yogurt. we were surprised to learn you can make your own at home easily. let's head into insomniac kitchen with genevieve shaw brown. >> so it is mediterranean diet month. i bet you didn't even know there was such a thing. i'm here with the guru of all things mediterranean diet. the chef maria loy. what are we doing today? >> yogurt. number one for the mediterranean diet. this is a recipe of my great mand mother. >> you're going to share this recipe with us. >> of course. you take this yogurt and mix it in here. >> that sounds like something i can do. under your supervision. i can mix it. >> slowly. so a little at a time?
3:20 am
>> yes. i am putting it in the bowl here. that's what you're going to do the an home. >> what's this fancy stuff. >> this is cheesecloth. >> so this is the yogurt that wasn't strained. this is yogurt that has been strained. let's take a look at the difference. >> for me this is the real greek yogurt. >> whoa. wow. that is a big difference. how long did it take for this to become this? >> we put it on the side. we cover it with a blanket. don't move it. after six hours, you move it into the refrigerator. at least for 12 hours. i want you to taste this. >> okay. i'm ready into how is that. >> i've been waiting the whole time to taste it. >> sit down by the table. we have our fabulous yogurt. >> of course. you were saying that this is bread. this is actual bread? >> dakos. >> a little yogurt right in
3:21 am
here. look at all this delicious honey we put on here. put a second scoop in because you know i can. >> let's see. >> oh my goodness. >> isn't it heaven? >> this is the best greek yogurt i have ever had in my life. this tastes a million times better than anything i've ever bought in the store. >> thank you. >> good. >> all right. genevieve shaw brown shoo she looked like she was loving it. >> here you go. >> you're not participating? >> you have to trade off here. she's enjoying. now, thanks again to chef maria loy. her restaurant in new york. but get this from the mayo clinic telling us a million and a half healthy adults whether used in the study. they did an analysis and following a mediterranean diet they all showed a reduced rick of death from heart disease and cancer. >> hmm. >> so eat up. >> gave us some -- >> i have no idea.
3:22 am
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all right. time for "the mix." up first someone who inspire. i'm telling you about a 90-year-old woman, you might think a nurse is taking care of her but she's the nurse taking care of everybody else. this is the country's oldest working nurse. look at her. looking good. there she is. >> does not look 90. >> her name is cici. florence is her name out in tacoma washington. they're honoring her at the general hospital where she has worked almost 70 years after graduating from the course there. but she has been recognized as the country's oldest working nurse. she says i know i'm a pain in the you know what. thank them all for being so wonderful to her, but she works just two days a week now. that's okay. working her whole life. but still getting it done at 0.
3:26 am
moving well. >> yeah. >> 90 years old. >> the only thing cuter than that maybe would be this video you're about to see. this orangutan in myrtle beach, south carolina adopted kind of these three tiger cubs because he was watching the caretakers there bottle feed these little babies and was like you know what? i got this. take a break. i can totally handle it. so that's it. >> okay. bk, our producer is liking this video a little too much. >> it's adorable. look at the love. how can you not love that. come on. >> i love the big cats. i love the big cats. >> but -- >> i'm trying to figure out, i mean okay. >> little babies. that is sweet. >> okay. >> i can't believe i'm convincing you, really? >> to our viewers before we come off "the mix," we decide who is going to do which stories. i volunteered to give that one up. >> an animal story, all right you're doing it. done. i'll do the cute ones. >> this is the one i took.
3:27 am
we can just show you the video. trick shots with a frisbee. brody smith in southern utah. wow, he's feeling himself on that one. they were doing trick shots with the frisbee. i'm seeing these for the first time myself, as well. he just tossed that. all right, then. yes, they have this online and they're doing their thing. it looks a little difference and a little fun. it takes some degree of skill to get that done. >> do you think. >> we've got 30 seconds. >> the only thing better than this yogurt that i'm totally loving, olive garden bread sticks. they're going to make sandwiches with the bred sticks as the bread. this is starting on june 1st. and the sandwiches will come with unlimited bred sticks. so, yes, bonus. totally sold. >> that's what we need. that's just what we need. >> i'm not complaining. are you kidding me? they're doing the chicken parmesan and the meatball. judgin
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a this morning on "world news now," suspended. punishment for superstar tom brady and the new england patriots. how the league dropped the hammer over deflategate sending quite a message. new reaction just in. >> life or death. drama in the boston bomber's sentencing phase and the roman catholic nun who is defending him. what's happening in court today before the jury decides his fate. >> nature's nightmare. the human toll in the tornado zone where twister after twister tore across the landscape. why some hard hit areas could be in for more bad weather today. >> and later, surprises on stage at last night's dancing with the stars semifinals. the big upset, the perfect score we even saw a marriage proposal. that's all in the skinny on this tuesday, may 12th. captions paid
3:31 am
for by abc, inc. from abc news, this is "world news now". >> good morning. i'm marci gonzalez. reena ninan is on assignment. >> yes, and hello to you once again. >> marci is going to be here with us all week. marci is going to be here with us all week. >> great to be here. >> i'm t.j. holmes. deflategate, the punishment is in for arguably the biggest superstar in the nfl. quarterback tom brady. he got punishment and the new england patriots being punished. his agent saying there will be an appeal of brady's four-game suspension. >> the $1 million fine matches the largest fine ever handed down by the league. more now from abc's ryan smith. >> tom brady, sacked, suspended for four games without pay. >> $1 million fine and the potential, what was it, the draft loss too? i mean, they're trying to make an example. it's really not fair. >> i love the team and i love the sport. but the league as a whole is a
3:32 am
joke. >> reporter: the nfl telling the four-time super bowl winner your actions clearly constitute conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the game of professional football adding the balls were intentionally deflated in an effort to provide a competitive advantage to tom brady. his agent firing back saying the discipline is ridiculous and has no legitimate basis. brady refused to address the league's report. >> i don't have any reaction. >> reporter: in the past he denied he cheated. >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. i feel like i've always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> reporter: a bold punishment for one of the nfl's bright shining stars. the new england patriots also fined $1 million and two draft picks. >> it is huge for a team who does such a good job in the draft, it's going to affect the way they pick people and fill out their team through the draft being they're one of the best teams in doing it. >> i think it is about integrity
3:33 am
and you have to follow the rules. so if someone's breaking rules, i understand you're going to get punished for it. >> while patriot fans are fired up about this decision the nfl claims this is a matter of integrity, saying "the playing rules exist for a reason." t.j., marci? >> thanks, ryan. brady and his agent now have three days to file their appeal. if his suspension is not reduced, he won't be eligible to ply until october 18th. that's the game against the colts which is the same opponent they face inside the afc title game when the deflategate scandal began. he won't be paid during his suspension which will cost him 2 million bucks. one thing that's clear is how seriously this case was taken by the nfl. >> there were people in the league office who felt that this was akin to taking a performance enhancing drug without taking the performance enhancing drug. >> the two patriot staffers accused of deflating the game balls have been suspended indefinitely by the nfl.
3:34 am
a statement from the owner of the patriots says the team's belief in brady was not -- has not wavered. stay with abc news as we get more reaction to brady's punishment, more insight from pro football insiders later on "good morning america." >> a breaking story, a shooting near the university of california santa barbara. cap pass police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance in the isla vista area. they found three men injured, one considered a suspect. a lockdown at all dorms was later lifted. the shooting an eerie reminder of that deadly rampage last may when elliott rodger killed six people and himself. >> now to the clean-up following the deadly twisters that hammered texas and arkansas. the tornado outbreak is being blamed for killing at least five people, injuring dozens of others. winds hitting 140 miles an hour, ripped off roofs and blew out windows leaving neighborhoods in ruins. some people were caught off guard forced to ride out the storm in their cars. >> once the windows got busted
3:35 am
out, stuff was coming all in. so i unbuckled and went to the back of the seat and got in a little ball and rode it out. >> texas and the great plains still not completely in the clear from those severe storms. here's justin pavek at accuweather. good morning, justin. >> thanks and good morning. while the northeast deals with wet weather on this tuesday, the south plains unfortunately dealing with more soaking showers and thunderstorms. this is a huge concern because we've had a lot of rain already. so flooding woes unfortunately continue. south of dallas on tuesday and later on tuesday night, this entire mass lifts its way back to the north. the remainder of the southeast dodging some downpours, as well. with travel delays. t.j. and marci, back to you. >> justin, thank you. the police chief in garland, texas is defending his handling of security at that draw the prophet muhammad event. the fbi had indicated it sent a
3:36 am
bulletin about one of the men killed at the event elton simpson but the chief says he never saw such a bulletin and it wouldn't have changed anything even if he had. simpson and nadir soofi were killed after opening fire. a memorial held in mississippi for two police officers who were gunned down on saturday during a traffic stop. nearly 1,000 people gathered to remember the men. meantime the mother of one of the suspects says her son is not a monster that he's being made out to be and she blames drug use. >> no more witnesses to take the stand in the sentencing phase of dzhokhar tsarnaev's boston marathon bombing trial. the prosecutors and defense attorneys have today to put the finishing touches on their chloing argument -- closing arguments which will be delivered tomorrow in the sentencing face. tom llamas with details at the end of this testimony. >> tsarnaev's lawyers arguing the young man making that obscene gesture feels true remorse calling as their final witness anti-death penalty crusader sister helen prejean.
3:37 am
>> he did a terrible thing. terrible thing. >> the roman catholic nun portrayed by susan sarandon in the film "dead man walking." sister prejean who met with the tsarnaev five times testified he's genuinely sorry for what he did and says he feels for hisses telling her no one deserves to suffer like they did. the defense on a mission to the defense on a mission to humanize the bomber showing it these childhood photos painting him as a lost little boy under the influence of his big brother tamerlan, the real jihadist. they only have to convince one juror to save his life. tom llamas, abc news, boston. >> a high stakes meeting today in russia for secretary of state john kerry. he'll sit down with russian president putin for the first time since relations hit a new low over the kryss in ukraine and syria. he will be trying to enlist putin's help in forcing assad to leave power. syria and russia are long time allies. former president jimmy carter has been seen in public
3:38 am
for the first time since cutting a trip to south america short. the 90-year-old carter told the crowd at the carter center in atlanta that he came down with a cold but that he is feeling better now. >> a major victory for big petroleum companies. the government says shell oil can start drilling this summer off the coast of alaska. scientists believe the region could hold up to 15 billion barrels of oil. environmentalists argued against this saying an oil spill in the pristine waters could do far more damage than the bp spill in the gulf of mexico. in california, water restrictions are a good thing, well, at least for one car wash. ecogreen auto clean is doing some booming business these days washing cars using a nontoxic chemical spray. it takes them about one cup of water per car. they say for basic cleaning it gets the job done. weekend business tripled now that people are seriously trying to conserve water. hmm. >> all right. here in new york, a couple of waitresses are a whole lot richer than they used to be
3:39 am
after a big tip from a millionaire who died last summer. they both work at donahue steakhouse on manhattan's upper eastside. >> maureen donahue peters and her niece maureen berry were both left $50,000 in the will of at that time art collector, bob ellsworth. he say he was one of their best customers and ate there every day. one of them told our news station in new york she would rather bob still be a customer instead of having the money. that's awfully nice. >> you're always good to people, you never know how it's going to work out. clearly they made an impression on him, put them in his will >> they said that he was there is every day for lunch, ordered the same thing every day. the other customers all knew him. he was part of the family. >> good for him actually for doing that. coming up can here, we're going to turn to dancing with the stars. there was an upset of sorts last night. also howard stern's attempt to kiss david letterman. the awkward moment in "the skinny." and we've got a bonus round, as
3:40 am
well. >> but first, it looked like a special effects scene from a movie. a bus exploding on the side of a highway. the search now for answers. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. weather brought to you by lysol. lysol knows the soft places we love could be home to thousands of bacteria. but lysol disinfectant spray can help protect your family because it can also be used on soft surfaces. it kills 99.9% of illness causing bacteria won't stain and leaves your soft surfaces with a light fresh scent lysol the #1 pediatrician recommended brand.
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emergency officials first evacuated nearby homes. a tanker truck full of toxic chemicals crashed and landed on a hill briefly catching on fire. officials evacuated nearby homes. it took them three hours in the heat to cut the driver out of the crushed cab. he was injured but conscious. and flown to a hospital for treatment. >> tense moments board this sky
3:44 am
west plane. that's it you're seeing there. they had to make a belly landing at l.a.x. it lost its left landing gear and it had to skid on the runway for some full 30 seconds before stopping. nobody hurt here. passengers praised the pilot's skill. one woman saying the belly landing was smoother than some regular landings. >> wow. >> doesn't say a lot for those other pilots. >> a bus ride from new york to boston turned into a scary ordeal when the bus caught on fire and exploded in flames. >> the passengers escaped. watch as the bus turned into a fireball while rush hour traffic on the massachusetts turnpike came to a standstill. here's gio benitez. >> it's a miracle no one was injured. watch. dramatic video of a bolt regional bus exploding on the massachusetts turnpike in newton just before 5:00 p.m. look closer as the windows blow out. the bus engulfing in flames. long before this, other drivers had seen smoke coming from that bus, alerting the bus driver who
3:45 am
evacuated all 46 passengers safely. the video reminding us of lady antebellum's tour bus burning up on a texas highway. >> that thing is the real deal on fire. >> front woman hillary scott asleep inside with three others near dallas when one of the tires catches fire. thankfully in massachusetts, firefighters putting out that the blaze. >> just an unbelievable ride from new york to boston. officials are still trying to figure out how this fire started. that's important to know because so many people across this country use regional buses just like that one. t.j. and marci? >> thank you. the passengers heard a noise for a little while like a ticking noise and they smelled something. the whole thing sounds scary. >> i've seen the movie "speed 2" now. you remember that movie? there was a bomb neath. no suggestion of anything like this. everybody made it out all right but a heck of a scene on the highway. >> coming up lindsay lohan back
3:46 am
home in the u.s. now but running a little behind on that community service. >> also, howard stern kisses david letterman good-bye literally. well, he tried to. "the skinny" is coming your way next. >> "world news now" continues af
3:47 am
th ♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> all right. time now for "the skinny." leading us off, try to control your excitement. i know you're loving this.
3:48 am
the semifinals of dancing with the stars". >> it's almost over. we're down to four couples. last night it appears the tables turned just a bit for the top competitors. rumer willis the front-runner for a long time it seems. she pulled in perfect scores last week but she came back down to earth a little bit. her viennese waltz got her a score of 38 out of 40. that's still pretty doggone good. plenty of straight tens from the johns last night though. >> lynch had a perfect night and nastia lukin pulled in nothing but tens from the judges. their performances leveling the field just like that but the best performance of all goes to noah galloway. he went down not during the dance but afterwards, he dropped to one knee and proposed to his now fiancee jamie boyd. she said she was speechless at first but managed to get out a heck yes.
3:49 am
>> this is -- we get two reality shows in one here at abc. boy. we can make it work. >> a love story mixed in there. >> congrats to him. we'll see if more congrats will be in order when they start voting people off the show here in a little bit. congrats. turning now to david letterman. the count count down continues. only a handful of shows left. he brought out an old friend, howard stern. >> the host brought out the new issue of "rolling stone" magazine and wanted to clear up a few points related to letterman's retirement. stern so overcome with emotion for fear he'll never see dave again decided to leave him with something to remember him by. >> come here. >> no, what are you going to do? >> come over here. come here, come here. come here. come here and hug me. give me a hug. >> no! >> kiss me, kiss me. >> no. >> kiss me! >> kiss me now. >> stern has credited letterman -- did he get the
3:50 am
kiss? i don't think he did, did he? >> that is awkward. >> what do you do here? stern credited letterman for helping him onto the national stage back in the '80s and has always been one of the more memorable guests on the show. >> see why. the rest of the week we'll see george clooney, oprah winfrey, and former president bill clinton say their good-byes to letterman. probably no kissing there. his last show is next wednesday, may 20th. >> but you never know. lindsay lohan, she's made her way back to the states. thank goodness. we missed you around here. she's looking to continue her court ordered community service here in new york city. the 28-year-old actress was in london performing on west end but couldn't finish the community service there. in order to meet the may 28th deadline, she'll be working with children at a preschool in brooklyn and ordered to complete 125 hours in february but so far she's only gotten around to doing nine hours and 45 minutes. >> it seeps like he's ready to get to the work. she posted a caption happy to be home in new york city with my family and friends, ready to
3:51 am
help. >> fans of the sex and the city franchise are buzzing this morning as it now looks like a third movie is in the works. >> is that a good thing, jack? >> why not? >> jack's clapping. it must be a good thing. yesterday sarah jessica parker who played the lead character carrie bradshaw hinted at the ground breaking hbo series becoming a trilogy. slow clap. >> a trilogy. everybody's got to have a trilogy. who started the trilogy thing? was it "star wars"? no "godfather"? who did it first? it was widely believed the second sex and the city movie was going to be a finale. but parker posted this shot on instagram with the caption "i guess the cat's out of the little brown bag." she then refers to a strict gag order but will keep fans posted on details whenever she's able to do so. >> interesting, the first sex and the city movie received a 49% on rotten tomatoes. the sequel only has a 15%. they've been going downhill.
3:52 am
maybe they'll redeem themselves with number three. >> we've got a bonus round of the skinny coming up though. bonus round of the skinny coming up though. unlike ordinary diapers, pampers has three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier. so your baby can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love sleep and play. pampers move free ultra. the smallest joint health pill. with a triple action formula for joint, cartilage and bone. move on... to move free ultra. and now... ...try new move free night. the first and only... 2-in-1... ...joint and sleep supplement. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance
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♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> all right. bonus round. we needed to say good-bye to one of the most successful television shows in history. yes, "american idol" is going bye-bye. fox announced after the conclusion of the 15th season next year, the show will be no more. "idol" was the number one show for an incredible eight years and at its height pulled in 30 million viewers an episode. now we will take a look at some of those aspiring singers ha turned into household names. thanks to the show, of course, there's kelly clarkson jennifer hudson carrie underwood, phillip phillips. the list goes on and on. here in "the skinny," we would much rather some of the other breakout stars starting with season three. ♪ but she stings like a bee like
3:56 am
every girl in history ♪ ♪ she bangs, she bangs ♪ >> thank you, thank you. okay, that's william hong. a lot of people remember him doing the ricky martin she bangs. he got a good run out of this thing. he had his 15, 16, 17 minutes of fame even, but he would tour around. people would invite him. i was at a professional basketball game. they invited him in to perform that doggone song, "she bangs." he got something out of it. we haven't heard from him in seven years. he might sound good compared to this next guy. >> for that we're going to go back even further to the season two. ♪ ♪ didn't know how lost i was until i found you ♪ >> oh, goodness. >> that is keith. i haven't seen this before, doing "like a virgin, by
3:57 am
madonna. something like that i guess. simon called him the worst singer in the world. >> simon was great on that show. >> i second that opinion. that's painful. >> let's go to someone the judges enjoyed. this was an atlanta audition. general larry platt doing an original ♪ pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground ♪ ♪ with the gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways, pant hit the ground, call yourself a cool cat looking like a fool ♪ ♪ walking downtown with your pants on the ground ♪ >> he had a good run, as well. people liked his performance but they liked his message, as well. talking about pull your pants up essentially is what he's talking about. >> it never gets old. >> that one doesn't get old. >> i can do without the she bangs but pants on the ground. >> play it again. >> put that to some music. let's do that. it again. >> put that to symptom music. let's do that.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning -- breaking now. nepal rocked by another massive earthquake. just two weeks after thousands of people died in another quake. the details just coming in. tom brady benched. the nfl coming down hard on perhaps the game's biggest player. punished for deflategate, along with the patriots. what his teammates are saying on twitter overnight. mass destruction. debris scattered across towns and buildings flattened. the close look at the damage from a tornado outbreak. where the wet weather is heading today. fascinating flight. a jet-packed duos going through the air. you get to go along for the ride.


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