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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 12, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- breaking now. nepal rocked by another massive earthquake. just two weeks after thousands of people died in another quake. the details just coming in. tom brady benched. the nfl coming down hard on perhaps the game's biggest player. punished for deflategate, along with the patriots. what his teammates are saying on twitter overnight. mass destruction. debris scattered across towns and buildings flattened. the close look at the damage from a tornado outbreak. where the wet weather is heading today. fascinating flight. a jet-packed duos going through the air. you get to go along for the ride.
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good tuesday morning, i'm marci gonzalez. reena ninan is on assignment. >> hello to you all. a breaking story from nepal once again hit by another major earthquake. that country still recovering from the 7.8 magnitude quake that hit just two weeks ago, killing more than 8,000 people. this morning, 7.4. centered in a remote area near the chinese border betweent. everest. >> water sloshing out of tank in pictures from tv. terrified residents rushed from their homes into the streets. for the latest on the earthquake, tune in to "good morning america." the other big story here at home. the harsh punishment of quarterback tom brady and the new england patriots. >> brady, of course is arguably the nfl's biggest star. forced now to the bench by a
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suspension that could force him out of action for a quarter of the season. the organization paying a hefty price as well. >> reporter: the nfl superstar. four-time super bowl winning quarterback, tom brady on his knee this is morning, taking a big hit for his role in the deflategate controversy. a four-game suspension beginning next season without pay. he has no plans to stay down. his agent making it clear that the superstar quarterback will definitely appeal. the nfl told brady, your actions clearly constitute conduct detrimental to the game of professional football. the 243-page deflategate report released last week was damning, finding it was more probable than not that tom brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities. back in january, just after the balls in question were used in the afc championship game
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against the indianapolis colts, brady denied guilt. >> i would never do anything to break the rules. >> he impeded the progress and the process of the investigation. this will be part of his legacy as well. >> reporter: brady has said little about the nfl's report. the chairman and ceo of the patriots released a statement saying today's punishment however, far exceeded any reasonable expectation. it was based completely on circumstantial rather than hard or conclusive evidence. the patriots will be fined $1 million and are losing two draft picks. >> the nfl is serious about not messing with the integrity of the game. >> reporter: susan saulny abc news, washington. >> players from around the league quickly taking to twitter, commenting about brady's suspension. >> his teammate le garret blount saying this is ridiculous. >>ierry rice saying to win four super bowls is outstanding.
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i feel sorry for tom brady and patriots nation. >> this from sean weatherspoon. tweeting you think the suspension is warranted. they came down hard on the organization though. meanwhile, michael strahan and jesse palmer will weigh in on "gma." another major weather story. a major tornado outbreak in texas and arkansas. >> at least five people were killed including a couple shielding their baby girl. more from elizabeth hur. >> reporter: home after home destroyed and many more damaged. >> inside! >> reporter: this is the work of an ef-3 tornado packing winds of up to 140 miles per hour. clinton lock was in his car when the twister hit. >> once the windows got busted out, stuff was coming all in so unbuckled and went to the back of the seat and got in a little ball and rode it out.
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>> reporter: the storms so powerful killing two in texas and two others in nashville, arkansas. >> mass destruction. you couldn't see anything. it was raining. we could hear people hollering for help. >> there goes the school! there goes the school. >> reporter: violent and wild weather left more homes and buildings flattened. >> the house is gone. the house is destroyed. >> reporter: elizabeth hur, abc news van, texas. >> accuweather meteorologist justin povick tells us what's in store for today. good morning to you, justin. >> t.j. and marci, thank you and good morning. while the northeast deals with wet weather, the south plains dealing with more soaking showers and thunderstorms. this is a huge concern. we have had a lot of rain already. flooding woes continue. south of dallas on tuesday. and then later on tuesday night, this entire mass lists its way back to the north. the remainder of the southeast dodging downpours as well.
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t.j. and marci, back to you. >> thank you, justin. breaking overnight, a shooting near the university of california santa barbara trig eerred a lockdown on dorms and residences. people found three injured men in the isla vista neighborhood. one man took off in a white sedan. it's a reminder of a deadly rampage there last nay when elliot ronler killed six people and himself. george zimmerman now involved in another shooting. he was shot at yesterday during a road rage incident yesterday in florida that left a bullet hole in his pickup truck. an attorney for the driver claims he shot in self-defense. he says the the two men have had two other confrontations in the last two months. two mississippi police officers gunned down in the line of duet day have been remembered at a memorial service.
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four men have been arrested -- i should say three men and a woman have been arrested in kex with the shooting. the mother of one of the suspects says her son is not the monster he's made out to be. she blames drug use. secretary of state john kerry is in russia this morning. it's the first time he and president putin have met since the relationship hit a new low. kerry is trying to con for instance put on the try to help remove president assad from power. official confirmation that the barack obama presidential center will be built in chicago. it will be located on the city's south side where the president launched his career in politics. expected to cost more than $500 million. all-new crash tests for suvs. the results are not looking good for most models. also emergency landing. a plane touching down with just half of its landing gear.
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new video of this dramatic moment. plus racing to the rescue. good samaritans pulling man to safety after a cement truck falls on his car.
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sunset there, looking very different on mars than it does here on earth. the images were sent back to earth by nasa's mars curiosity rover. a very fine dis on the martian surface affects the way the light penetrates the atmosphere. that's why it looks so dark. shell oil can start drilling this summer off the coast of alaska. scientists believe the region
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could hold up to 15 billion barrels of oil. environmentalists thought that a spill in that area could do more damage than the bp still in the gulf of mexico. an insurance industry group tested seven suvs. only the murano and the jeep wrangler got the highst ratings. others were rated marginal or poor in the test. this may not be a surprise to anyone who has take an flight lately complaints about airlines are skyrocketed. those are up 55% in march compared to last year. flight cancellations, missed connections and delays made up more than a third of the complaints. american airlines had the most followed by united. a new move to win back customers at olive garden. the bread sticks will be used for something else.
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sandwiches. olive guarding saying meatball and chicken parm sandwiches will be on the menu started june 1st. whatever works. when we come back a huge exploergs. flames and smoke and windows blown out. the wild scene on the side of the highway. also code crackdown. a school announcing rules for prom dresses. some students saying it will ruin their big day. join red nose day, a national event to help lift children out of poverty. it's easy: support red nose day at walgreens and start making a difference. it's a good laugh for a good cause. and it all starts at walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy®. across america people, like basketball
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finally drying out across the rockies today, after drenching downpours swamped parts of colorado. flood waters near the wyoming border shut down the highway for hours. rapidly rising water forced the evacuation of a campground as well. morning road conditions. wet highways across the pacific northwest. slick and stormy in southern texas. roads slippery at times from northern minnesota into michigan. spotty storms for new england. if you're flying weather-related airport delays possible in houston and dallas. praise for a skywest pilot in morning after some tense moments at l.a.x. >> he was forced to make a belly landing. the passengers said they were told to assume the crash position. the plane skidded for 30 seconds along the runway before finally stopping. the landing actually turned out the be a lot better than what
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people on board were fearing. >> it was an incredibly smooth landing. it was smoother than some with all of the landing gear down. really kudos to the pilot. >> the plane was quickly evacuated. there were 43 people on board. everyone was okay. a disturbing sight on the massachusetts turnpike at rush hour last night. yep, a bus on fire. windows blew out. you'll see it in a second. there it is. this is a bolt bus. it was traveling from new york. it was almost to boston when the fire started. 46 paepgs on board, all of them got out okay. and they got their luggage. another bus arrived and took them on to boston. an amazing and narrow escape for a driver in atlanta when a cement truck overturned and landed on top of him. a witness recorded this scene as other drivers rushed to pull the guy out of his car. just mildly injured, though. former atlanta mayor and u.n. ambassador andrew young who is 83 was in a second car that
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tangled with the cement truck. he managed to walk awa fires put out the fire. owners were working on the the boat that originally caught fire. the north carolina police officer who sued starbucks after he spilled a free cup of coffee on his lap will get nothing. a jury in raleigh sided with starbucks, saying the company was not liable for lieutenant matthew kohr's burns. he claimed the cup collapsed. he and his wife were seeking $750,000 in damages. a couple in new jersey charged with stalking in an alleged attempt to get the coach of their son's high school basketball team to quit or be fired. the couple accused of sending harassing e-mails and letters to the coach and administrators.
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an attorney for the couple calls the charges baseless. as for professional basketball the l.a. clippers could move into the finals with another win against houston tonight. >> meanwhile, last night's highlights from our guy at espn. good morning i'm chris hassel. we had a couple of one seeds in the nba on nond nightmonday night who had to win. let's start with the hawks. they didn't have to face john wall, who is out again for the wizards. but nene throws one down. in al horford's face. paul millsap comes back the other way. he had a big game. the hawks were really playing like they did during the winning streak. jeff teague was one of the main reasons why. he had 26 for the game. paw pierce with a chance to tie it late. he was so open he hesitated a bit and missed it. and the hawks eefb the series at 2-2. the warriors also down two games to one on the road in
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memphis. steph curry's team had not lowe's three straight games all season. he was not going to let that happen on monday. end of the first, vintage curry. warriors up eight. he was hot in the second. they left him wide open. he was 4 for 9 from three-point range. in this one. after shooting under 20% from three if games two and three. third quarter, klay thompson left open. splash bra. 101-84. the warriors even up the series. so both of those are even at two games apiece. bulls-cavs later tonight. game five from cleveland. i'm chris hassel. have great day. >> thank you, kind sir. up next, the oldest working nurse in the country. she's still on the job at the age of 90. and the most expensive painting ever sold. wait until you hear the price on this one. better things than the pain, stiffness and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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all right. time now check "the pulse" stories you'll be talking about today. dress code drama in connecticut, just as prom season is getting under way. >> days before the big dance, at shelton high school, the headmaster is making it clear that certain dresses won't be tolerated. opportunities are being told to cover up hair shoulders, knees, and backs. nothing see through. >> it's sexism. i don't see the issue with our backs. >> this is not an individual event. it's a school-sponsored event. as a school system we have the right and i think we have the responsibility the set a standard. >> students and parents who have already spent hundreds of drars on the dresses argue that the
4:23 am
dress code for the school day shouldn't be the same as the prom. some are calling the rules flat-out stupid. >> that sums it up. today also international nurse's day. one nurse we want to highlight. c.c. her name is florence. she's the oldest working nurse in the country. she turned 90 on friday. her colleagues at tacoma general hospital gave her the royal treatment, tiara and all. >> she started as a nursing student back in 1946. and she is still working there two days aweek. she joked that when her alarm went off on friday it hit her, wow, i'm 90. then she got up and went to work. >> she looks good. moving well. good for her. now to the eye-popping price tag paid for a picasso. >> it sold here in new york for just over $179 million. yep, the thing you're seeing there. it's called women of algiers,
4:24 am
version "o." the highest price ever paid for a painting. >> the previous owner said to be a saudi arabian diplomat. he paid just $32 million back if 1997. wow. what an investment. >> my goodness. i gotta get into art. finally, a wild ride through the air with a guy who goes by the name jet man. you'll see why. this time he has a friend along for the ride. >> it starts with them falling out of a helicopter. then soaring across the incredible cityscape in dubai. they call this the first ever human jet flight formation. >> those jet packs they're wearing, they each weigh about 120 pounds. we're told that a new model is already being developed. >> jetman. the best they could come up with? >> oh wow. for some of you, your local news is next. for the rest of you, think of name besides jetman and tweet
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>> ♪♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it's tuesday may 12 and we're on breaking news this morning. nepal has been rocked by yet another earthquake just over two weeks thereafter first quake which devastated that asian nation. a live report coming up for you. the nfl punishes tom brady. he faces a four game suspension over deflated game balls. new on "action news" a brave little boy makes a bold decision to escape a carjacking out west. sweaty sticky and yet another summer-like day is ahead but accuweather has word of relief coming up very soon. "action news" is up in two. finally, "dancing with the stars" is in its 20th season and you think it would be hard to surprise people that this point. >> but we got a surprise last night.
4:28 am
one contestant made a move we have never seen on the show before. >> reporter: in the "dancing with the stars" semifinal, singer riker lynch scored all 10s monday night. so did olympic gold medalist nastia liukin. actress/singer rumer willis just two points behind them. two points behind her, war veteran noah galloway who did something much more important than winning the trophy. it was a primetime surprise. >> would you marry me? [ cheers and applause ] yes? >> reporter: noah proposed live on television to his girlfriend jamie. she said yes. >> it blew my mind. when he said he's like i have to do this here. i was like, are we going to dance? what's going ho happen. i was like oh my gosh. i had no words. >> i was holing the ring. i was completely freaking out that i would drop it.
4:29 am
i've not been that nervous in a really long time. >> all of saweden i hear noah from behind me go babe because we're here i gotta do it. i was like wait a minute. oh, my gosh. >> i want to send them love and wish them the best. you're such a beautiful couple. >> and if you need a good wedding band i know one. >> we have that on film. we can back that up? >> done. >> reporter: will noah and sharna make to it the finals? we'll find out tonight. >> did you see that. rumer was almost as excited as his fiance. >> only one winner last night, really. the dancing wasn't the highlight. >> true. >> congrats to them. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a wofrl tuesday.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. we're working on some breaking news stories on this tuesday may 12th. another major earthquake has hit nepal just weeks after a deadly quake killed more than 8,000 people. we are live with the latest details. >> the nfl sacks super bowl winning superstar quarterback tom brady. we have a deflate-gate for all new this morning a north jersey couple is facing several charges after police say they spent years stalking their son's basketball coach. what's it all about. we'll break down the details. >> good morning, it's 4:30, it is tuesday time for weather and traffic with d


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