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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  May 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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confusion, there is cell phone video of this incident that started in olney. richard ross picks up the story. >> we received the radio call for an auto accident at 9th avenue and when they got there they saw a car that crashed into the wall they summoned assistance to get the male out of car and that male appeared incoherent and they got him out of car and the male started to fight with the officers that male got back into the vehicle a maroon car and he actually struck three of the officers with his car. >> then what happens is that man then apparently exited the area, the man in the burgundy car and flees and reappears and police try to subdue him again a
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police officer on foot had hands on car and trying to communicate but is he not stopping at that point, but a police source tells us they shoot at the car and the driver leaves again the area, there is a pursuit and he has finally located the burgundy car are located in the 1900 block of colonial that driver was struck in the chest we are told and taken to einstein hospital and we do not have a condition on him. police are here at stenton avenue. always at this stage of the investigation there is a bit of confusion and this is no exception. police are trying to sort out what happened in this incident. john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. now, lets go to dann cuellar, he is at einstein
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hospital. >> the officers at the 34th district are are listed as stable and one officer is getting a cat scan to look at the extent of his injuries. >> i talked to all four officers including the officer about to have a cat scan, he had a neck brace on the other three officers are basically together the deputy indicated and i saw them they are banged up they have scrapes on their legs and arms and one officer is pretty sore shoulder but again all talking and alert. >> reporter: again all the officers are pretty banged up but they suffered no life-threatening injuries and they are in good spirits and some of them visiting with their family members.
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i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news" back to you guys. >> thank you dan. >> again we want to show you the bizarre cell phone video as this entire scene unfolds and it's quite frightening you see police trying to pull the suspect out. they are trying to extricate him, but he fights off the police officer police officers and drives off in the maroon car and strikes three police officers and then shot and taken into custody at 89th and colonial he is being hospitalized. the conk of this story continues at and stay with us all evening long for the latest updates on this unfolding situation. >> time for a check of the
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accuweather forecast, for the tuesday afternoon lets go outside to meteorologist, adam joseph. >> big drop in humidity from this morning to this afternoon. the temperatures warmed this afternoon, 87 in philadelphia the hot of the day so far this year and temperatures running 14 degrees above normal. in fact if you look at the last 10 days we are 10 degrees above normal and nine days in the 80s and barely a drop of rain in philadelphia, a couple of suburbs saw rain yesterday but we are very dry, a cold front is pushing flew but little in the way of moisture you have to head to binghamton and new england to find rain and temperatures drop behind the front 72 in cincinnati and binghamton 67 degrees. the pollen levels remain on the medium to high side tomorrow thursday, friday and right into the beginning of weekend so no
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relief in the form of reducing the pollen levels because of the lack of rain and warm temperatures when i come back we'll let you know about a small chance of scattered showers in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. the time of year for coughing and sneezing and running noses and scratchy throats thank allergy season is not much different but we are still right in the thick of the pollen problems for more we go outside to health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman. >> reporter: i am glad i don't have allergies, it looks nice out here but for allergy sufferers, we have fighting a combination of allergies, the grass and the trees. the phone is ringing non-stop at the allergy center in blue bell. they say that may is especially
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bad, because tree pollen season is overlapping with grass pollen season. >> this is the season where everyone comes in with their itchy red puffy eyes. and they are sneezing. >> morgan kay was one of those patients a few years ago she had severe allergies and even called herself a nature hater, but decided to seek a solution her allergist started her on therapy along with other medications, the difference was like night and day. >> i feel no throat burning and i have been had any itching and my nose is not stuffed or running. >> for mild allergies first protect yourself from pollen keep windows closed and wear sun glassed and limit time outside when it's windy and when you come indoors change your clothes and wash your face, and hands
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and hair. and use a long lasting antihistamine, and take it every day rather than as needed. >> once your symptoms start that means there is already inflammation setting in and you need more to calm things down. >> if you are taking medication as prescribed or ordered and you are not feeling relief it's time to go see an allergist. there are three new allergy medications out this year and i'll have more information on those coming up on "action news" at 11:00. live in winfield heights, ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. from our delaware newsroom, one person was burned and two homes were badly damaged after a fire in newcastle you can see the fierce flames that ripped through the homes on dallas road in the simons gardens neighborhood. the homes are connected and the
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fires spread quickly. one man was taken to the hospital in critical condition. two large school districts will have new leaders next fall, neshaminy superintendant robert copeland steps down affective july 1st and an interim superintendant will be appointed until his replacement is made. they are searching for a superintendant since last summer. rowan university is putsing a spin on an old tradition, the school is having an entire commencements week with six ceremonies in four days 950 students in science, and math and health professions and math and science received their diplomas. time now forever the check of our "action news" traffic report this afternoon. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center.
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>> we'll commence the afternoon drive with pretty big problems here in camden an overturned tractor trailer we are watching northbound lanes of 676 past 42 and at this point no traffic is getting by the overturned truck as they attempt to overright it the traffic is needed to stay over on the walt whitman bridge and that is extra crowded. a broken down vehicle in the backlog but that is towed out the way. but i-76 in camden shut down because of overturned truck north of north-south freeway, that is something we are keeping tabs on this afternoon. here in center city, a broken down bus we are watching from the ramp on 23rd street the police are there now and people are getting by without too much of an issue and portions of
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colonial avenue is shut down. and trouble with the traffic lights this afternoon expect confusing situations along 611 near dwayne road. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. still ahead she pulled off a crime in the middle of a courthouse and police need your help to track her down. they are investigating a serial killer and they go back a decade. >> putting suvs to the test find out which models are safe and which did not make the grade.
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>> here now is the cell phone video one more time showing you how that scene began where four officers ended up going to the hospital and a suspect getting shot and going to the hospital, this is olney the police tried to get the driver the suspect
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out of vehicle and you see another door open and you see them trying and then the car drive off. we know what happens next after that at ogontz the suspect confronts more officers and that is when he was shot in the chest. >> we are continuing to follow the story and we have a reporter at the scene and one at einstein hospital. we are continuing to follow this story and bringing you more information on "action news" here at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. police say they identify aid serial killer responsibility for at least seven killers in connecticut. a hunter found the first three women dead behind a shopping plaza in new britain,est greaters will not identify the suspect but they promise the person is no longer a threat to the public the news came as a relief but brought back painful members for the victim's families. >> to find out there are more
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families involved probably thousands of people that are touched by this. just stimulates everything. >> the four victims who have been identified all went missing in 2003 and police are hoping to learn the names of others soon. police are looking for the woman that police say stole a wallet while in a courthouse, she was trying to use the stolen cards at various businesses along aramingo avenue, she got the wallet after stealing a purse from the woman's center. police are asking anyone that can identify this woman to call them right away. verizon made a big splash today announcing they are buying aol for $4.4 billion. the move is to help them compete in the online video market it gives them the advanced advertising technology and aol's
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content, including huffington post and tech crunch the deal is expected to close this summer and the current ceo tim arm strong will continue to lead the company. lets look at the closing numbers red arrows across the board and the dow losing 37 points and nasdaq losing 17 points and 36 for the dow that is and s&p losing about 6 points. alicia? well, if are you in the market for a new family vehicle or something with more space seven popular mid size suvs were put to the test and only three of them performed well in front end crash tests. the nissan murano received the highest or best, high safety pick twice because of the front crash prevention system breaks
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the suv when a crash is imminent. the jeep wrangler four door earned a top score in which 25% of a vehicle's front end strikes a barrier at 40 miles per hour, but the institute says that the wrangler only offers marginal protection inside for rear end crashes and a fixed roof and that is not the best protection in rollover crashes and the ford flex is behind them earning an acceptable rating and that falls short because it doesn't have automatic available. the dodge durango got fair. and the dodge journey got a poor mark the left side airbag failed to inflate and done says that one test cannot determine
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real world safety. and that the vehicle meets all safety standards. >> those are used by the insurance industry to insure better safety in vehicles. >> all right good to know thank you alicia. time now for the check of the accuweather forecast. another day we were hot and steamy. >> yes it is out there lets go to adam joseph, the hottest day so far, sky 6 hd right now, on the beach enjoying the afternoon with the winds switching out of the southwest and eventually north and west, sea isle city 70 degrees and millville 87 and now 86 and lehigh valley 82 and wilmington 82 and the humidity is dropping big time and eventually north-northwest.
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the dew points are down to 49 in lancaster and 58 in philadelphia and still humid in the southern areas mountain mid-60s but when they are below 60 you step out and say okay it feels comfortable out. as we look at satellite and radar, any showers or downpours in new england right now, a cold front passing through the west and it swipes through and comes through dry with just a few clouds, so we are still twiddling our thumbs most of us that doesn't see the rain saying when will we get a good soaking, we are down 2.33 inches of rain in philadelphia and reading down 2.5 inches of rain and trenton 1.84 and wilmington 2 inches deficit. >> we need the rain but won't get it the rest of the week and a fire watch goes into effect
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tomorrow at noon in the entire state of new jersey low relative humidity and we have the sunshine and it's very dry now and good kindling now unfortunately, if the fire spread it would spread fast, no outdoor burning in the state of new jersey tomorrow. the next chance of rain is not wednesday, not thursday 20% chance on friday that is not high and have you to wait until the weekend to see any significant chance of scattered downpours. tonight patchy clouds and breezy and cooler and cape may coming in at 59 degrees, and your four day at 4:00, tomorrow's temperatures much cooler than the last few days, only 69 for a high and windy up to 39 miles per hour and wall-to-wall sunshine and low humidity of 72 degrees, sun and clouds and 76 on friday and saturday some scattered downpours and thunderstorms around and it's far from a washout and far from the amount of rain we need but if you see a couple of drops of
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rain on saturday you'll be the lucky ones with a temperature comes in at 80 degrees, we'll talk about the second half of the week in the seven day coming up. >> thank you adam. the phillies are teaming up with philabundance to help fight hunger in the delaware valley, they were at the hunger relief center in philadelphia today, they announced the details of the fans feeding families campaign they encourage fans to help the needy in our area and citizens bank made the first donation a check for $40,000. speaking of the phillies you don't have to ditch your diet when you head to the ballpark. still ahead we count the calories on your favorite stadium food to make the healthy choice. up next a heart-wrenching announcement from tv chef, sarah lee. and what comes next. and mom's answer to her
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tv food star sandra lee is a lifestyle and personality and expert in all things kitchen and home today the 48-year-old chef and author made a personal and emotional revelation on "good morning america." she has breast cancer. >> i didn't even cry i was stunned. that is how fast life turns it turns on a dime. she has no family history and has always been healthy and had no symptoms or signals and this took her completely by surprise. she is now preparing for a
4:26 pm
double mastectomy. >> they did not have clean margins, so we suggest that we have a mastectomy, i said okay, if i am having one should i get one done? and they said you are a ticking time bomb just get them both done. >> she urged every woman of every age to get tested sharing her story of life saving power of early detention. a delaware county mailman was given a big stamp of approval thanks to his safe driving record. jerry o'neil was honored for going the extra mile, actually it was a million miles he traveled through his career and did it all without causing an accident. o'neil accepted the award with great pride.
4:27 pm
congratulations joe. congrats to him. we'll have the very latest on the four officers hurt by a fleeing suspect and a disturbing automated message that causes schools to shut down this morning.
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it is 4:30 now and breaking news from philadelphia's olney section. four police officers are at einstein hospital following this
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chaotic scene captured by an "action news" viewer. that was video showing a suspect trying to get away from police near the 800 block of olney avenue at 2:30 this afternoon, four officers were hurt in the melee and all are listed in stable condition at einstein and the suspect was caught at the 1900 block of colonial avenue after being shot by police and is he listed in critical condition, for more now we turn to wendy saltzman live in olney with the very latest. >> reporter: shirleen after that initial confrontation, a witness tells us that that suspect when around here and didn't realize this was a dead end so at that point he tried to turn around and hit thewity
4:30 pm
witnesses' jeep and here is the minutes before the incident here. here is the video "action news" obtained of the initial confrontation after the suspect hit the wall, you can see the suspect driving off an officer with him. and then a witness that did not want to be shown on camera told us what happened. >> i contell you what he looked like it happened really kind of fast, i was just kind of working here and i saw him hit my car. you can hear a car coming down, and i thought it was my dad pulling up or whatever and then boom. he hit my car turned around and hit the cop car and made a left out of the driveway. and the cop, we ran over to the cop car and he was leaning over and we helped him out and he
4:31 pm
couldn't stand up and we got him in the chair and got him water even the water he was shaking really bad trying to drink the water i gave him. like a nurse checking his pulse, he was sweating really bad and he was vomiting. >> the witness says he didn't see any blood and the suspect was apprehended at the 1700 block of west colonial where police officers shot him there they believe he may have had a seizure at the initial location so it's unclear why that stop was made although we'll have more details coming up live in olney, i'm wendy saltzman channel 6 "action news." >> thank you our coverage of this story continues on stay with us all evening long for the latest updates on this unfolding situation. turning now to cumberland county new jersey where they are uncovering an unusual threat
4:32 pm
to schools made over the phone the message led to a district wide lock down. david henry is live now with the full story. >> reporter: we have a unique situation the unusual threat that went out to the schools, a computer generated automated scul that when out to other schools as well. >> it interfered with the teaching process. >> it came in through the switchboard at 9:45 this morning and she called police and order aid lockdown of all eight schools and it was made by a computer. >> it was a computized voice and difficult to understand what was being said. it was an automated message and the person continued to repeat himself. the police brought in k-9 dogs
4:33 pm
to check out the schools before lifting the lockdown and they found nothing suspicious and panicked parents flooded the schools and police with phone calls and were ensured that the children were safe. first grader lewis said they stayed in the cafeteria and they were more bored than anything else. >> it was not school specific it was not directed at any individual or persons but just a general threat that harm may come to the students. >> fortunately all the students were safe but the hoax tied up critical police resources for hours and brought normal classroom activity to a halt. >> our students are here to learn and gain a high quality education and for someone to do that was a major injustice. >> now "action news" has learned that the lynnwood and mainwood schools when into lockdown after getting similar automated calls,
4:34 pm
these calls are something new here but they have been plaguing school districts on the west coast for the past few months. live in bridgeton david henry channel 6 "action news." >> david, thank you. we learned today that a mother accused of throwing her baby off a bridge is held without bail. perry was formerly arraigned on charges including homicide perry gave her is-year-old son zamir a kiss and threw him off the bridge he died on saturday. perry jumped into the river but made it back to shore. authorities have not released a motive. police are asking for more witnesses to the controversial death of a delaware plan that tye sawyer died last month after agree tods a fight at a newcastle party. they think that sawyer was
4:35 pm
harassed and beaten to death police confirmed that the investigation remains open and asking people with videos or pictures of fight to come forward. the burglary suspect could not keep himself off camera he was found to disability the system outside of marie's hair salon on east clearfield street and when that didn't work he smashed through the front door and when immediately into the supply closet and tried to take down another cam ran then stole hair products and the store safe before leaving. if you recognize hit him call philadelphia police. meanwhile meteorologist, adam joseph, here now. warmest day so far? >> yes 87 today. we are drying out with respect to the humidity this afternoon and still warm, 86 the dew point in the mid to upper 60s and near 70 yesterday has dropped to 58 with the winds switching to the west-southwest and drier air is moving in and
4:36 pm
it feels more tolerable when are you out and the heat index is the same as the air temperature, notice the warmth the summer like temperatures are being squeeze played off the east coast as cooler air is coming in from the ohio and tennessee valley and northern plains and chicago now just 53 degrees, if you are heading to the bank for a game this evening, 83 first pitch and 75 by the ninth inning and the winds kick up 10 to 20 miles per hour. a dry stretch and a small chance of much needed rain in the seven-day forecast. >> thanks adam. a homeless man as a pair of comfortable shoes after a random act of kindness in wilmington. >> that was benjamin jackson taking his jordans off his feet and giving them to a homeless client at the rick van resource center, he accepted the gift and replaced his worn out sandals.
4:37 pm
he used to be homeless and loves to help. >> he was really surprised and didn't know how to act he was really surprised, just the facial expression was awesome it made me feel like i have somebody, like an actual family. >> rose says that the sneakers will help him get back on his feet he was recently liar hired for a demolition job. one philadelphia boys and girls club has a new look this afternoon thanks to 50 volunteers monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more. >> hi that is right the bridesburg boys and girls club and the volunteers are from the local sherman williams paint club. they painted the classrooms and exteriors sherman williams has teams across the country taking
4:38 pm
part in community projects for national painting week. coming up tonight reporter katherine scott will tell us why this location is a special place for several of these volunteers. we'll have that and more coming up on "action news" at 5:00. >> see you then thank you. still ahead on "action news" this afternoon from hot dogs to nachos half of the fun of ball games comes from snacks of course but if you root for the home team regularly, those snacks could ruin your diet. we'll find you healthy alternatives at the concession stand. and you can't miss what she is lip-syncing to coming up and adam joseph has the full forecast coming up.
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here at the big board with
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the big talkers how is this for a mothers day gift, a homework assignment where the kids give them report cards rating their parenting skills smiley faces for a job well done this mom gets to work hard and make money for the family and not driving distracted. but bad scores for having an organized bedroom and being funny, funny faces for mom when it comes to reading and here comes the bomb, a big fat f for taking care of herself column that is getting hair done and taking bubble baths. this is going viral saying who has time for a bubble bath when are you busy being a mom right. and for any parents that survived a toddler tantrum, one california mom has had more than
4:42 pm
a few and can lip-sync-right along with and her hilarious performance is going viral -- you hate to laugh but it's funny, it's part of using humor as a survival technique, her daughter is sweet but gets into a rhythm when she has the tantrums this was brought to you by sheer exhaustion and a scratch on her leg. >> that mom needs a vacation. >> a bubble bath. thanks alicia. lets get another check of the roads, mat pellman in the traffic center. don't lip-sync this traffic situation. >> you'll hear me whether you like what i have to say or not.
4:43 pm
good evening, some drivers on the schuylkill expressway have the screaming reaction the delays, they are stuck here on the eastbound side trying to get to it from 202, the ramps are backed up we have a whole bunch of crashes, one along white marsh at ridge pike and spring mill road and traffic troubles in doylestown, drive ago lon 611 near dwayne road the lights are out of sync, and willow grove close to the mall at center avenue at 611, watch for a crash and for all the police activity. we have a few closures colonial street and the bigger deal is ogontz avenue. old york road, broad street 611 are possibly alternates around that. just getting word of a crash in belmont park and park side it's
4:44 pm
moveout day, and a chunk of spruce street is blocked off today, a crash in fullcroft near king avenue. over in camden better news, the overturned truck the last half hour, the northbound lanes of 676 are open. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> all right see you then. well turning now to diet detours baseball widely known as america's past time, along with the game, tradition fair like crackerjacks and hot dogs and a frosty beverage. >> that could add up you don't have to ditch your diet at the game ali gorman is here to tell us what what team is serving up on their money you. >> many teams are getting in the game of the healthy eating including the camden river
4:45 pm
sharks. >> play ball! >> from burgers to fries to cotton candy and nachos. the list of unhealthy food could hurt your diet. dietician christiana says all the snacking could app up to 1500 calories or more. but the camden river sharks are hitting it out of park, with their healthy plate concession stand, you can actually cut your calories in half. >> christiana says the stand is filled with snacks 1500 calories or less, for instance take nachos. >> having this is close to 500 calories get the same crunch and dip with pita chips and hummus, with only 200 calories it's a home run.
4:46 pm
>> next stop take a look at the regular burger. >> a tradition burger with no condiments it's already about 400 calories but swap it out with a veggie pita wrap with mushrooms and peppers. your diet is safe at only 190 calories. >> and of course it's not a day at the ballpark without a hot dog, but with over 300 calories and 18 grams of fat it runs your diet off base, instead opt for this chicken sausage. >> the chicken sausage is a lot leaner a lot less fat and sodium. just over 190 calories and a grand slam for your waistline and the river sharks have other healthy options, fruit cups and tofu dogs and a bag of carrots. >> we'll see what the phillies
4:47 pm
are serving up next. >> i open up my crackerjacks box and there is only tofu in there i'm going to be mad. >> thank you ali those are great options. adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather forecast coming up n.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
feeling like the thick of summer, it will change soon. >> changing now especially in the western suburbs the humidity is dropping and remaining low the rest of the week, as we look at the action cam, the sun is out and the summer is feeling like the shore -- >> that mine -- >> the little one? mine is the big one in the back, the yacht. if only. you can see a lot sun at the
4:50 pm
shore and that will remain the case the rest of the week, as we look at double scan live radar, nothing going on and there say cold front pushing through and it's moving through on the dry side, the hottest day so far for philadelphia 87 degrees was the high temperature and 14 degrees above normal and we are sliding backward in the temperature department tomorrow as we go back to more spring like levels. 84 in trenton and 82 in allentown and dover and notice the winds from the southwest now, a little bit of sea breeze kicking in and out of 60s where we were pretty much every day, over the last four or five days, lower 70s now and the wind shifting southwesterly and in the poconos 76 degrees, the cold front is progressing through and you won know there was one just a few clouds, all the showers in new england and all the energy stays to the north and dry this evening and dry through the overnight hours and patchy
4:51 pm
clouds and breezy and turning cooler and 51 in the suburbs and 51 in center city, and we are back to spring for the next two days and high pressure comes in from the northern plains and the great lakes and that will suppress the heat and humidity for the south wednesday and thursday, it's bone dry and sunny, the winds are kicking up tomorrow at noon time, 22 miles per hour in philadelphia and 22 in allentown and 20 in wilmington with the winds coming in from the northwest and they could even reach speeds of 30 miles per hour. looks great on paper when you look outside with the sunshine and dry air however, the fire threat goes back up so no outdoor fires tomorrow and make sure you dispose the cigarettes in their proper disposals and limit off road disposal especially in new jersey and if you see a fire somewhere, report it right away because the winds could easily spread it because the ground level and topsoil now
4:52 pm
is like kindling and on the parched side. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast wall-to-wall sunshine and 70 and 72 on thursday and 76 on friday and back to 80 saturday through next tuesday the best chance for rain comes saturday and sunday but even then, i'm going to express it's not a washout, they are scattered and isolated not everyone will see them but if do you, it's a weekend and you have plans but every drop counts and dry monday and tuesday. cool down midweek and then a small chance of rain over the weekend guys. >> thank you adam. more "action news" after the break.
4:53 pm
i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's
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also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. top three tools: hammer, screwdriver, front loader. happiness is a drive-over mower deck. a john deere dealer can teach tractors to anybody. in the right hands, an imatch quick-hitch could probably cure most of the world's problems. that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. see your john deere dealer for great green tag savings on the one family sub-compact tractors. bike season has just kicked
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into full gear and wearing a helmet is a must, something i know firsthand 90% of bicyclists killed in the past two decades were not wearing a helmet. to help you choose the right protection here is nydia han with what is the deal. >> consumer reports tested 23 helmets. joseph had a serious accident on his bike two years ago. >> broke my dollar bone and punctured my lung i'm glad i had the helmet i could have had brain damage anything. >> they tested crash helmets to see how well they protect you. a sensor shows how much force is transmitted to the rider's head in a crash and then a chin strap. one helmet. the cannondale toreno did not
4:56 pm
pass although consumer reports is not aware of injuries as a result of the issue. >> we don't mention buying that one. >> the top rated helmet. the scotts r plus for $150 it scored excellent in impact and fit adjustments and good in ventilation and it's a light weight helmet. buy buys are the razor cyclone and the schwinn merge. be careful how you handle your helmet don't keep it your car, because heat can hurt performance. and if are you in an accident replace your helmet even if you condition see any damage and the right way to fit a bike helmet, go to i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action
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news." >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot brian taff, alicia vitarelli, i'm rick williams. >> be sure to join me and the rest of the team for a full hour of "action news" on phl 17. "action news" at 5:00 is next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. we continue to cover our breaking news from philadelphia, the incident you see captured on a cell phone right here led to the injury of four philadelphia police officers this afternoon. it was chaos as the suspect tried to flee right there. but he didn't get far when police opened fire and hit the driver. >> the officers hit are all expected to be okay but the suspect is in critical condition, we have live team coverage this evening, dann cuellar is standing by outside of einstein medical center where the officers and suspect was take and. and first john rawlins. >> reporter: this incident played out on four locations
5:00 pm
two in olneyer and two on west oak lane. this is the third incident it is believe that two shots were fired by police and deputy commissioner ross picks up the story of the incident in olney. >> they got hit out of car and the male began to fight with the officers and a violent struggle ensues and the male got back into the maroon car and he struck three of the officers with his car. >> a "action news" viewer got some of the tussle from the initial incident with the suspect and then the suspect gets into his burgundy car and then hits an officer. it's second is in west oak lane where they confront the man for a second time and they tried to stop the driver and he refused and drove towards the officers and a short time later the burgundy car and driver


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