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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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to custody at 29th and colonial. we do know that four philadelphia police officers were injured today just trying to do their jobs. tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight, breaking news from the streets of philadelphia, "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live in west oak lane and dann cuellar is live outside of einstein medical center. john lets start with you. >> reporter: well, we spoke with the suspect's girlfriend moments ago and spoke with officers and us before heading to the hospital after all the chaos on the streets of philadelphia and even after getting shot the suspect made his way home on west colonial this vehicle they say was used to injure several of their officers. >> the dramatic cell phone video captured by a viewer, shows the scuffle between a man and police in olney.
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he jumped back in the vehicle and dragged and hit three officers. he is identified as rudolph. >> he doesn't cause no trouble, i'm trying to see what is going on myself. >> campbell says that kidd suffered a heart attack recently and that it caused the out of control violent encounter with police. >> he could have had a seizure and was disoriented. i think that is what happened. he was trying to come home. >> i can't tell you why this male did this and what prompted it, we don't know much more than that at this time. >> the second scene at 7th and chu where a fourth officer was struck, a few blocks away at stenton and ogontz officers opened fire and hit the man in
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the chest. we found his heavily damaged chrysler and scene. >> i hope they know he was not trying to hurt them. everybody is in my prayers. >> here is a live look at the burgundy chrysler here at west oak lane and colonial he is in surgery for the bullet to the chest and right now police are continuing to hold the scene where the suspect's vehicle and home are located. we are working on getting more updates on the scene and we'll bring you updates here on "action news." kenneth moton channel 6 "action news." >> thank you kenneth. now the dramatic moments of the chase were captured on police dispatch. here is a snippet. >> backing up every clear out of the road from the accident -- clear out he is heading towards everybody, get out of road! >> do not go head on with him he
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is going to take you! >> now to dann cuellar, at einstein medical center. >> three of the 35th district officers are being treated and released for various injuries minor injuries but one officer is waiting for the results of a cat scan. >> have seen all four police officers and talked to all four police officers they are pretty banged up but in good spirits. >> mayor michael nutter says the officers suffering back injuries and leg injuries and scrapes and bruises. >> the individual used the car as a weapon against our officers. >> officials say that one officer underwent a cat scan test and is wearing a neck brace. >> three of the officers are together and they are in good condition. the deputy indicated and i saw
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them they are banged up with scrapes on their legs and arms and one officer has a pretty sore shoulder. >> officials say a number of pedestrians had to run out of way and the suspect hit a fire truck while trying to flee. >> and indication of some of the dangers that philadelphia police officers encounter on the streets of our city trying to do their job and make sure the city is safe. >> meanwhile, as for the suspect he is undergoing surgery and listed in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the chest. i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. offer coverage of this story continues at and we urge you to stay with us for updates. schools in the bridgeton school district went on lockdown and lockout today.
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because of a phone call that came to the main switchboard. david henry is live now with more. an anxious day for the kids. >> reporter: yes even though the call came from a machine instead of a human this all started at 9:45 this morning, bridgeton police are trying to trace the call that triggered the lock down and it appears to come from a computer and this is one of three local school districts that got the same generic call. >> it was not school specific not directed at any individual or persons but a general threat that harm may come to the students. >> the call came in to the main switchboard at 9:45 this morning and they immediately called police and locked down all the schools. >> i am flabbergasted that someone would contact our school district and interrupt the educational process.
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>> the police used k-9 dogs to search all the schools and the administration building and they found nothing suspicious. parents were relieved to take their children home safely at end of the day. >> what did your teachers tell you? >> be quiet. >> where did you stay in the school? >> the cafeteria. >> were you afraid. no. >> the kids were safe but worried parents flooded the police and schools with frantic parents. >> they are concerned about the well being and safety of their students. >> the called in threat appears to be a computer generated automated message and that schools were locked down in the linwood and may wood district. the police are investigating a possible link, i got contacted by one jurisdiction that had a similar incident this morning.
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whether there are tieins, i don't know at this point. we'll continue the investigation. >> these kind of calls the automated threat calls have plagued west coast districts over the past few weeks live in bridgeton, david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police have identify a young man that drowned in a sadsbury pond today. the body of 22-year-old arrington williams was pulled from the water at 1:30 this afternoon. police say the man from coatesville was spending the day with friends, and that he dove off the bridge and struggled to get back to the surface, efforts to save him failed and dive teams were called in to recover the body, the struggle continues between the new owner of the revel hotel and acnr energy
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partners. the two week deal to supply the power from acr could expire tomorrow if it's not renewed revel owner glen straub says will he go bankrupt if he is forced to use acr for its power they got a temporary court order forbidding straub from connecting to any other source. more than 1500 jobs are up for grabs today for philadelphia international airport. the philadelphia police and tsa and private contractors are all seeking workers. >> community and faith base leaders gathered for the fourth annual prayer breakfast in center city this morning. the organization was founded by philadelphia district attorney seth williams, since 2011 it has given $20,000 to nonprofits that
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support children and crime prevention. coming up tonight, another strong quake rocks nepal and there are new details on the devastation and we'll hear from a west reading doctor that survived the first disaster. and a temple university doctor gets ready for finals that and more next in sports. so far the hottest day of the year, 88 degrees but get ready for a change tomorrow. >> those story and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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chester county fire crews are battling a two alarm blaze at a downingtown strip mall, the five broke out at 5:00 on wallace avenue the fire was showing from a florist and spread to a pizza shop and 100 volunteer firefighters from around the region are battling the flames. no reports of injuries. a new earthquake spread fear and injury throughout katmandu in nepal today. it was midway from katmandu to mount everest. and killed 48 people the earthquake on april 25th claimed over 8,000 lives. walter perez spoke to the doctor that just returned today. >> reporter: dr. neil cheston simply loves nepal it was his
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fourth trip there when the quake hit. and now news of another earthquake is almost hard to believe. the doctor says it's an experience he will never forget. >> i was in a town and had just walked into a tea house and that is when the quake hit. >> it was april 25th and dr. chessin was one of the few americans that was in nepal. and that left him heart broken for the people and culture he has come to admire. that is why the news that the 7.3 magnitude quake hit today hit him like a punch in the gut. >> it's upsetting after everything they have been through and to see this you have got to be kidding. >> last month's earthquake took more than 8,000 lives with hundreds still missing and
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dozens more were killed today not including 17 others killed in neighboring india. dr. chessin says that while last month's quake hit them in the knees this one serves for the last swift kick. >> they lost their livelihood because trekking and tourism is a big part of the economy for the people than has ground to a halt and with monsoon season around the corner the timing could not be worse. >> a lot of people are without food and there is no shelter and the monsoons are about to start and it's really devastating experience that everyone is living through there. >> the monsoon season in that region begins next month that is why dr. chessin is urging everyone to support legitimate charities of nepal during this time of great need. >> thank you walter. world news tonight with david
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muir has the latest situation in nepal. several teachers in the philadelphia school district are receiving top honors tonight and one teacher from each public high school took home the 2015 linckback distinguished award. for contributions to their schools and communities.
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game two of the series between the phillies and pirates tonight. the phillies get to see an old friend, a.j. burnett his 1.66 era is third in the national league he took less money to leave the phils for the pirates in the offseason and led the majors with 18 losses but has fond memories of the phillies and his old pals. >> it's always good, you never
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push them aside even when you play against them, once you share a field or clubhouse with quality individuals, those are the things you remember forever, i told them i'm coming after them and it's good to see howie and the young kids and everybody came over and it means a lot. >> following last night's game, he was optioned to aaa lehigh valley to turn him into a left fielders this cleared the way for the third base man to be called up. >> i am surprised i mean i can only say surprised but i understand i will never stop believing i'm a big league baseball player and is 100% whatever challenge comes my way i'll handle it fine. and be back in the uniform soon.
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>> lets meet the sixers we are saying that a lot this season and we are talking about the logos, these are the new logos the team is beginning to use immediately, the second one on the right is both cool and menacing the same time the team plans to unveil new uniforms on may 18th there are other sports there producing top notch athletes jaime apody meeting a player writing history in the books at temple. >> the junior golfer, brandon matthews, finished top 10 in the 12 term manies he played in and i'm happy to work for hi coach all the time he is such a great guy. >> would you say he is the great of the temple golfer of all time? >> there is no question.
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he is the greatest temple governmenter of all time. >> last year he was the first temple golf toward qualify for the ncaa championship and will tee off this year with the hopes of making it to the finals. >> i'll have to play well, i can't go out with my c game and make it. >> he wants to one day make the pga tour, considering his drive to succeed he has what it takes to make that happen. >> he will be a great great player for a long long time. and i think he has an amazing career ahead of him. >> want to be one of the best that ever lived. that is the bottom line, that is what everyone zrifs to be if you are a competitor or athlete you want to be the best that ever lived. >> jaime apody channel 6 "action news." >> jammy
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the phillies at citizens bank park are teaming up to fight hunger, manager, ryan sandberg and the phanatic kicked off the fans feeding families it helps families in need throughout the lehigh valley and fans are encouraged to help out and the citizens bank park foundation made the first check for $40,000 today. i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to
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improve education for all of our children.
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might have been a bead of perspiration today. >> it was hot. i broke down yesterday and put on the air conditioner, i didn't want to do it in may but the
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con combination of heat and allergies. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we do need rain and nothing more than a couple of sprinkles in southwestern cumberland county and the action cam was in atlantic city, a day like today makes you think of summer and memorial day weekend is only a week and a half away. we are almost there and the accuweather highlights though you that it has felt like summer and it had a warm start to may and tomorrow we are have an increased threat of forest and brush fires. the past ten days a whopping $9.9s above normal and the temperatures have been in the 80s and barely a drop of rain, with tumbling temperatures and windy conditions and low humidity tomorrow the weather service posted a fire weather watch for new jersey and across our viewing area you want to be
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careful around the open flames and cigarette butts tomorrow because everything is very dry this is the reason why the past three weeks the rainfall deficit closed in at 2.5 inches and trenton and wilmington close to 2 inches below normal and we need the rain and it's not happening tonight and the possibility of showers and thunderstorms over the weekend, right now right ahead of the cold front it's still very warm, 86 in philadelphia and 85 in millville and winds off the water a little cooler at the shore and the boardwalk in atlantic city and sea isle city 75 and wilmington 84 degrees but the front moves through and changes the wind direction, satellite 6 along with action radar shows that there is not much moisture with this, most of the showers are moving north of our region and not more than a sprinkle and the winds shift tonight and they pick up in the overnight hours. patchy clouds and seasonably school and 51 in the suburbs and
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60 for center city and high pressure is building in that means the heat and humidity we are experiencing is pushed to the south and plenty of sunshine and bone dry conditions it will be cool tomorrow and temperatures only in the 60s for highs and future tracker showing it will feel cooler than that with wind gusts at noon up to 22 miles per hour i wouldn't be surprised to see wind gusts of 30 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast spring time is back tomorrow windy and cool and the high only 69 degrees and a mixture of clouds and sunshine and thursday is the pick of the week, the high pressure is right over us and the winds diminish and wall-to-wall sunshine and seasonable with a high of 72 degrees, and friday increasing clouds as a warm front moves in and 76 degrees, cloud cover as we head into the afternoon and then the warm front could trigger showers and thunderstorms on saturday not a washout day but scattered
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showers and thunderstorms especially in the afternoon with a high of 80 the front will move down to the south on sunday, still a chance of a scattered thunderstorm with a high of 80 degrees and monday clouds and sunshine and 80 and tuesday it stays warm with the possibility of a shower and a high of 80 degrees, temperatures tomorrow close to 20 degrees cooler than today. not going need the air conditioning. >> thank you cecily. world news with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rogers and join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. the urgent search right now. the american military helicopter missing. six marines among those on board. the chopper helping after a second massive earthquake hits nepal. while on the ground tonight, the race to save the newest victims. here at home the emergency landing. passengers staying on the plane as they race to extinguish the engine. harsh words for tom brady. tonight, the lead investigator for the nfl comes out swinging. you'll hear what he's saying now about the quarterback. breaking news. homeland security agents raiding a clothing drive in the middle of the country. finding guns weapons, they say headed overseas. the rescues tonight. the massive flooding. lifted into helicopters. and, the celebrity chef revealing her very personal health battle.


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