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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  May 12, 2015 11:35pm-12:38am EDT

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to be alive and here to tell us about it. back to you, dann. >> sharrie williams is live from hahnemann university hospital in center city philadelphia, sharrie, we just saw some of the first victims from the accident scene, to arrive in hahnemann what can you tell us about that. >> the response is a massive effort. number of hospitals to be told to be on stand by to help with the wounded. i'm told so far at least a couple of dozen people have already been brought here to hahnemann hospital for treatment. we just had actually a an ambulance pull off, but the staff as you can see behind me literally in wait for whoever may come here and need medical treatment. the philadelphia police department is also working in this effort. i asked what are you being asked toe do. he said their mission toys come to the hospital and get names, ages, date of birth. they want to account for
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everyone who is coming and going and family members, of course, looking for their loved ones. we are also expecting another bus to arrive, i'm told a septa bus should be coming with at least 20 more people on it, on board, presumably with minor injuries and they are coming here, of course, you were watching from the video of some of the stations being brought here for treatment at hahnemann university, but this is right now, an information gathering portion that is happening, as well as treatment. they are more than anything, trying to identify and get names, at least to account for everyone, on that passenger train. that is what is happening here at hahnemann and that is how the staff is here in wait. we are waiting for another bus, to arrive here. i actually spoke with a father, who came here to hahnemann because he found out, his daughter was on that train. he had no idea that his daughter was on board: she gave him a phone call to tell
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him that i'm's okay. and she said i love you, i love you, i love you. these were her first word. so he lives in delaware. she called on her cell phone to say she's okay. that she will be on that septa bus in route here at hahnemann university. she's okay. also with her, her husband, he's okay but there are family members getting word that their loved ones who are on the train, jim are being brought here to hahnemann so we are seeing family members arrive here, as they are hoping to see their loved ones when they arrive here. so that is what is had happening here at hahnemann. we are here, waiting to see that septa bus arrive, when those other passengers come but i'm told by officials that a couple of dozen people have already been brought here as we showed you the the images of people coming here with debris and dust on their face and clothes. their faces, in shock of what they experienced tonight. so from here, jim, it is
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really about trying to treat these people as they come. >> sharrie, thank you. let's again, tell everybody about that hot line, 800-523-now i cannot see the the last four digits because it was taken off the screen and the reason why is because police commissioner, there it is, 9101. if you need to know information about anybody you think was on that train please call that number, 800 -523 -9101. we see philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey who is almost ready now to address us and that means address you, so we will await the official information coming from the commissioner.
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>> yes, we have the mayor the -- >> dann, go ahead. >> we are here, with the deputy commissioner richard roth, commissioner ramsey and a few others here as well they are talking to make sure they get all of their facts straight that they have the right information that they disseminate to the public. they don't want to give out wrong information from this terrible calamity. so they want to get it right. they are briefing making sure they have the right information. >> do you see mayor nut inner that group, we cannot see him from our vantage point. do you see him. >> reporter: he is talking to everette gillson his deputy mayor, they are conferring on the information, to make sure they have the right stuff. we see joe sullivan here chief inspector joe sullivan who oversees home land security. he is here on the scene. all of the top brass is out here tonight, jim. >> this is their, the second time that this group has been
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together today, and they addressed media earlier today after four philadelphia police officers were hurt in an incident, where a motorist was then shot by philadelphia police after four cops had been injured when this man allegedly used his car as a weapon and now several hours later they assemble again, this time at the scene of a terrible train accident in the port richmond section of the city. as we have been telling you, we have been told between 40 and 60 people have been injured and as you say dann, it is, very important that what we are about to be told by officials in philadelphia, is accurate and so mayor michael nutter there heading his team to make sure that the information that they are about to tell us and therefore
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to tell you is responsible and is ago rate. >> good evening, mr. mayor. >> hold on, thanks. everybody ready. >> yes, we're live. >> thanks. >> alrighty am going to give you very preliminary information. every speaker is going to tell you that the information is preliminary, because it is preliminary. we will tell you what we have. obviously late this -- early this evening, rather amtrak train number 188 which originated from washington d.c., northbound, to new york city, derailed. officers gilli am will give you exact time but somewhere around after 9:00 p.m. this evening. that incident required a four alarm response from the fire department, fire department is
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in command in this scene. that resulted in 33 apparatus on the scene, a 120 fire fighters and other emergency management personnel responded. this went to a level three mass casualty incident because of the number of personnel. 243 individuals on this train. five of whom are amtrak employees. unfortunately, we can confirm at least five individuals deceased. this is a preliminary estimate, the trains seven cars, including the engine are in various stages of disarray, turned over, upside down on their side. we are still investigating what is going on. a total of 200 police personnel responded to this incident as well. most individuals were able to walk off of the train. many were transported. you'll get that from the fire
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department. ntsb, national agency is activated and investigating. amtrak personnel as you can see gentlemen standing next to me on the scene as well. full response, fire, police, department of home land security, septa, amtrak, and other, and the state police, i have talk to governor wolf and his chief of staff. they are very concerned about this incident given their full cooperation and support. all agencies, actively engage and evolved. i have been down on the tracks on the scene with my staff. it is an absolute difficult aster us mess. never seen anything like this in my life and most personnel will say that as well. to give you updated information we want our families, this was a north bound train from washington d.c., to new york city. many of these folks do not live in philadelphia. so we have information with regard to how people can get information on their loved
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ones, that will come from sam phillips, the director of the office of emergency manager many, sam. >> sure, as mayor said we are working to piece everything together right now. people in the philadelphia area looking for loved ones should go to the webster elementary school at corner of sedgley and ontario. start there. we will work with you. we have a team there ready to support. we have nt. b in route. we will work with our collogueness washington d.c. and in insuring to piece together family information but if your local start at webster and we will provide auditional information. >> fire department. >> as mayor said, at about 9:38, fire department personnel responded and encountered six overturned trains. we immediately struck a second alarm and declared it a mass casualty event. at 9:34 or 35 we struck out third alarm and at 10:24 we struck fourth alarm. as mayor says that brings 33 apparatus and 122 personnel. it is a level three mass
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casualty incident which means that 18 medic units were brought on scene. we have a total of six critical transports to area hospitals. those hospitals include temple university, einstein, torresdale, and hahnemann and total of 43 transports, septa buses and medic units for less critical injuries. others are walking wounded. >> police department. >> we have slightly more than 200 officers that responded to this scene. once this occurred and we realized the magnitude we have held over four to 12 unit. we called in our midnight shift early. there was a recall of people from swat unit, home land security unit and the like. the city was still covered for normal patrol. we brought in extra people and we extended shifts. we used a large number of tourniquets while assisting the fire department in triages, and some of the
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injured, and so forth, we will have more exact information for you tomorrow in terms of just how much of those devicees were used during this, but as mayor said everyone is here, everybody is responding and the investigation continues. >> amtrak? >> amtrak focus is on working with the local responders, to support all of their need and make sure passengers and crew of this train are receiving all of the assistance and attention that they need. for those of you who have families who have passengers, maybe on this train, you are concerned about that, amtrak has an emergency hot line that you can call the number is eight-523-9101. 800-523-9101. call that number if you are concerned you might have a relative or family member on this train. we can work with you to verify that, and, additionally northeast corridor is currently shut down and we will focus on bringing it back to service as soon as we can,
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once the scene is cleared for amtrak to begin work. >> hold on for a second. >> two last pieces of information, fire department is in command on this particular scene. all information again is very preliminary, we will do our best, to answer any questions, but i need you to understand if we don't have the information, we are not going to speculate. we do not know what happened here. we do not know why this happened. there is no information about that. we are not going to speculate about it. we will try to answer any other questions you might have, go ahead. >> how many people are hospitalized and is what the nature of their injuries. >> again, six were critical, a total of 53 were transported by either he medic unit or buses. they were less critical. but six critical confirmed. >> most of the injuries were they at the front of the train can you tell us where on the train. >> throughout the train there were injuries. we established a east and west division. early reports we had over 50 selfie vaces on east division
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and another hundred in the west division. as we established casualty collection areas on both side of the incident, we started to track the victim and them to the hospital good tell us about the state of some of those train cars, mayor indicated it was a devastating scene. >> i have never seen anything so devastating. they are in pretty bad shape. they have completely, completely derailed from the tracks. they have been destroyed. at loom number shell has been destroyed and overturn completely. i don't want to speculate on the cause, but it is a devastating accident. >> can you tell us about the difficulty getting to the victims on the train by fire personnel and police personnel. >> special operations are on scene right now. we have elements of pa service one. most people were able to selfie vac wait and that helped us out a great deal. ones trapped are special operations put tools in service on get them out. that took sometime. secondary searches are underway right new to make sure we have everybody out of there but our special operations people are doing
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tremendous job down there. >> reporter: did you have to cut out some of the cars. >> we used hydraulic tools to get to the people that could not selfie vac wait. there were several people entrapped. train cars are overturn. they are in horrible shape. just bunch of debris, sharp objects. it is a dangerous situation for responders, even more dangerous for riders down there. we were able to get them out with tools, yes. >> reporter: do you believe you have everyone out of the train. >> we will not speculate on that. we need to match up the manifest, from this particular train with all of the individuals who either walk off or were transported, at least five that i have confirmed here, based on our preliminary investigation who we know unfortunately are deceased. we will not try to speculate at the moment. any comparison between who the the number that we believe were on the train, and as compared to wherever one else is at this moment. let us do our investigation. we have train cars that are
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completely overturned, on that side, ripped apart. it is a devastating scene down there and we walk the entire length of the train area, and the engine completely separated, from the rest of the train and one of the cars is perpendicular to the rest of the cars. it is unbelievable. >> again mayor manifest indicated how many people were on this train. >> estimate at the moment is a total of 243, individuals. five of whom we believe are amtrak employees. that is your conductor, engineer. other personnel. and the rest we believe are passengers. that is a preliminary estimate. until we get an actual manifest we will not be a able to confirm that. >> una audible. >> reporter: were you able to talk to any of the passengers, while were you up there. >> no, i saw individual as i was tank in the street but difficult not talk to them. they needed medical personnel.
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that is all we have at the moment. that is all we got. that is all we got. >> reporter: that is situation here jim, you just heard 243 people on board this train, five people killed. we had as many as 53 others injured. the cause of the derailment, still unknown, still early in this investigation. >> let's repeat what the mayor said this is all preliminary information, but what is not preliminary were the descriptions that mayor nutter gave to us after seeing the situation on the tracks. he called it a disastrous mess. he said he had had never seen anything like it, in his life. couple things that we want to tell you, some people who have been or were able to walk off the train, may be at webster elementary school if you are local, and you want to know something about someone you
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thought might be on that train, first place you should look is webster elementary school and if we could flash that telephone number from amtrak that would be helpful. if you want to call the amtrak hot line, seeking information, about anybody who might be on that train, 800-523-9101. ntsb has been activated, the investigation, begins now. the injured have been taken to temple aria torresdale, hahnemann and einstein and i think it is worth repeating, that six people are in critical condition but 53 people were transported, and most of them came with relatively minor injuries. out of 243 individuals on the train, most were able to selfie vac wait but five people again, preliminarily, are dead.
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six are in critical condition. lets go back to sharrie williams who is at hahnemann hospital, sharrie. >> reporter: hahnemann, of course, one of the hospitals where the patients are being taken. i just spoke to an official here telling me that in total so far at hahnemann, 36 people were brought here. of course, we have been here over the last hour seeing these train passengers, coming in, some of them, walking, some being helped inside, others on stretchers, but we could see them visibly shaken up but their injuries for the most part being described, you know as minor for ones that we saw coming here. thirty-six is number i'm being given. i also got an update that we at first were expecting another 20 or so to come here on a septa bus, that bus has been routed, to a different facility.
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they are no longer coming and on train and this is where she was copping. he was ant aware, and he told us about the the the conversation, and her first phrase where is i love you, i love you, and so of course,philt is using the record to keep the record so to speak. and we are here to get their names, addresses, and so, they can report to the other officials on the investigation, who is accounted for, at this point, jim. >> okay. >> thank you, sharrie. a couple of points of
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information. authorities are, acknowledging that they cannot be 100 percent sure that everybody is accounted for and off the train. that mission has yet to be, completed. number two, northeast corridor, that means washington, to boston, and has been shut down by amtrak, clearly, we do not know, nor can we know, when train traffic will resume on the northeast corridor, and, we don't know whether that will happen, by the morning rush hour. want to give you that telephone number again, whether we can flash it on our screen, there it is, 800-523-9101 if you want to call the amtrak hot line. police commissioner charles ramsey made the point, that the midnight shift was called in early, 200 police officers, and, and we should point out that it is a fire department, jurisdiction, the fire department is in charge, of this scene, but obviously
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there is a major role for the the police department to play, 200 police officers are at the scene, and midnight shift was called in early and, ramsey wanted to make the point very clearly, that the city is covered with its normal patrol numbers because the the midnight shift was called in early. so there are no coverage issues any where else, in the city. webster elementary school is at sedgley and ontario, and if you have questions, about a loved one or someone who might be on that train, some of them will have been, taken to, or, asked to go to, webster elementary school at sedgley, and ontario, and you have been told by authorities there that would be the first, good place, to look if you have not heard, from a loved one. >> "action news" reporter kenneth moton is back live on the scene. >> jim, you know we have been getting this update throughout the night here and i want to show you exactly where, what is happening, when it comes
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to, the emergency personnel setting up here because they know this investigation and this response, will be go throughout the night. we have seen a number of out of service septa buses moving through this area right here. they have opened up this street that i'm standing in the middle of. i have been getting out of the way as personnel has been coming through but lets walk you this way and show you all the way down here is just a number of fire trucks, and emergency personnel, and i have been seeing a large emergency operation vehicle, being moved into light up that whole area back there where that scene is incredible. we have seen view from the chopper, and we have seen the video, and i just to the video from some, couple of guys, who were, who rushed out of here to help fire fighters, they were only just a few feet away from that train and jim, those overturn cars, their video is incredible. we sent that back and we will get it on as soon as possible. because as you just heard, mayor nutter mention this
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scene, to my left here that is behind all of these homes here in frankford i can tell you, that that scene is just catastrophic and it is incredible. the mayor was trying to give us, just some of the images coming out of there and trying to describe it but it is hard to describe, unless you can see that video for yourself but, obviously with it being night fall it is hard for us to see the the images coming from that scene, but they are on the scene. setting up a number of command posts, right there, at wheatshe have lane, call can see american red cross is on that scene right now. they are trying to feed some of the first responders out here, and some of those searchers who are still out here to make sure, that everyone is accounted for, because, this is a major, under taking. we now and have covered stories and we have covered them, jim, where we have mentioned where the the city trains for these mass casualty
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event. they go through, they train for them but obviously there is nothing, like the real thing. the address lynn pumping through these fire fighters and first responders as they reach for the scene and they get here. i want to take you right now to, some sound that we got early, this interview that i conducted, 20 minutes ago live on "action news" of two men, who were rushed out of here, and they live here in this neighborhood. we know how philadelphia is, people, it is a neighborhood town where people want to help, take a listen at what these guys did when they jumped into action to help, not only first responders but passengers on that train. >> as soon as we walk on, on to the track, they were on the scene and helping out everyone there was a lot of blood. as soon as we went inside on the track, we can see the whole track, four or five cars laying on their side and there was about one of the cars, that we have seen where it was really badly damage.
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it wases basically ripped in half. it was upside down like wheels were actually upward. so it was laying on its back. >> what went through your mind and what prompted you to come out here to help. >> we were actually first by the gates and we seen, like everyone, like fire fighters were asking for water a and nobody in the house has had enough water, so we just went out, to as many stores as we could and we bought water for, we could see that the water that we brought for fire fighters. we see empty bottles in there. obviously they were working and you wanted to help out. >> yes, we came here. they are doing a really good job, so we tried to do our fair share and help out as many people as we could as well. >> jim, you heard it right there, civilian first responders wanting to help and wanting to get involved, to help it doesens of people, injured, i will move out of the way so this philadelphia policeman can get through. i said earlier, as we seen it
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on our air where they were loading people up into police vans just like that one, getting them on the van and getting them away from that scene, getting them to medical facilities, getting them to the hospital, and helping, the ambulances and paramedics who triaged several people, back there, on wheatsheaf lane right there, and triage center just set up, just incredible scene in there and back to those two guys who i spoke with who are handing water bottles out to fire fighters a and first responders, making sure that they were hydrated because this was an intense situation, obviously they are professionals, on this scene, but, even professionals scene like that, you know, i'm sure they can take that water and took it in there and were appreciative but again, they were asking folks later on not to come out here because they had it under control, as much as possible. american red cross is set on this scene. we know a number of volunteers which is normal to see when
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there is a tragedy like this they respond, ready to go. they are providing food, they are providing assistance, they are providing whatever they can for those folks, who were injured, and also for the people, responding to this. as i mentioned just a number of houses along frankford avenue here. there were people who heard the crash. there were people who came out here to figure out what was going on. people didn't know that a train derailed at first but we started to get reports, we started to try to find out exactly what was going on and we reported it and more people started to come out but we have seen some people starting to disperse but jim, you asked me earlier what it is like right now, right now things seem to be, a little bit more organized, and i would say with an organized chaos, if that is possible but right now we have seen, things calm down just a little bit, and obviously for the commissioner and mayor nutter to be able to come and speak to us we know there was more control on the situation, and on that scene, after the the two top city officials surveyed the damage.
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just, several, several, yards away from where we are all standing right now. >> thank you, kenneth. i think we should make the point, well, let's go to dann cuellar also live at the scene, but dann, before, let me just say this to you, we keep talking about the the mayor, and the commissioner, and, by commissioner we're referring to, commissioner charles ramsey but it is important to understand this is not primarily a police department operation this is a fire department operation, and police commissioner charles ramsey is one of several department heads who contributed information to that news conference that we know commissioner sawyear is in in fact the fire commissioner of philadelphia is the lead official, in this entire event. so, when you say commissioner
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we should be referring to, derek sawyer and not charles ramsey, dann, what do you got. >> reporter: here's a recap of some of the important basic information, about what they told us here about what happen. we had 243 people on board that train, and from washington to new york city, and, in that train five people were killed, 53 injured, 63 critically taken to several hospitals, four hospitals in the philadelphia area for treatment. the scene, as the fire commissioner described, deputy fire commissioner is devastating, you yourself a alluded to it earlier from the scene we were seeing from chopper six. but this emphasize it is much too early to tell exactly what happened and what caused this terrible tragedy here tonight. let's hear some of what the mayor told us earlier tonight. we can confirm at lead five
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individuals deceased. this is preliminary estimate. seven cars including an engine are in various stages of disarray, turned over, upside down on their side. i don't want to speculate on the cause but it is a devastating injury. tonight they are securing the area, they will have a full scale investigation, at daylight, when all of these agencies gather here including the national transportation safety board, and a, to figure out what exactly happened. terrible tragedy jim in northeast philadelphia. >> dann, ntsb is already on the scene, and they will have to determine, what the cause of this event was, and we talk earlier tonight, with former bucks county congressman, path the trick murphy, who is on
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the train and who in fact, tweeted some pictures, some of the first pictures, that we had from the scene. former congressman, who tweeted some pictures from inside the train, the cars was destroyed. he said no, i didn't feel a collision. we are showing you two pictures, from, pat murphy, and these were on twitter, earlier in the night. so, what caused this? it is too soon, to speculate. and it is all things too soon to speculate but ntsb go team, will be here tomorrow morning, to begin, to unravel that question. how did this happen?
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why did this happen. and was there a collision. was there a explosion. what went wrong? again, there are five confirmed dead at this point in time, but as the mayor and everybody else who spoke reminded us, again and again, these are preliminary figures, and, one of the authorities, on the scene, could not say with certainty, that there was no one else, inside of the trains. so for the time being, the death toll here, is five, six critically wounded, 53 transported, to the hospital, and according to the words of the mayor michael nutter, a disastrous mess, i have never seen anything like it, before. cecily tynan is here with the seven day, accu weather forecast, and, what do you got. >> jim, fortunately the weather won't cause any problems with the
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investigation tomorrow, it will be dry, it will be on the cool side, here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, tomorrow it will be windy, much cooler then it has been, today's high 88. tomorrow, 69 degrees. thursday calm day with the wind, wall to wall sunshine and 72. on friday, cloud role in with the warm front 76 degrees. finally over weekend we are looking at some much needed rain, it is not a lot but scattered showers and thunderstorms, on saturday afternoon, 82 degrees the high on saturday, still a possibility, of a lingering shower, and, thunderstorm on sunday. monday clouds, breaking for some sunshine with a high of 78 degrees and tuesday, it stays warm, with a high of 82 degrees. windy, dry and cool tomorrow, jim. thanks, cecily. so let's see where we are, at about 9:07, train number 188, amtrak train number 1881, a arrived at 30th street station on its way from washington, to
12:09 am
new york, at summariesnable point after that. it pulled out of 30th street station. and, that is not the map that i want to use. i want the map that shows route from 30th street to the point of impact. it pulled out of 30th street station, across schuylkill river at girard and then, followed its normal route on the amtrak track, between west sedgley and west glenwood avenues, and then at about 9:30, 9:35, something horrible took place. and it took place, right there, at frankford avenue and wheatsheaf lane, six to seven cars, off the tracks, actually seven cars, including the engine, off the tracks, four or five of them, on their roofs, completely overturned, and one of them, was destroyed, in whatever exactly
12:10 am
happened, and we had ourselves a major crisis. in the port richmond section of philadelphia. 243 people on the train, that includes, five employees, of amtrak. at least five were killed, and six are still in critical condition, and a total of 53 others have been transported to the hospitals, and it may be that some of them have already been released because many of those injuries were relatively minor. a number of, in fact a majority of passengers were able, to walk away from this accident, themselves. but, there are those who did not survive, and there are those who are now, critically injured. some of those critically injured are at hahnemann university hospital and that is where sharrie williams is at this hour, sharrie? >> reporter: jim, update on the number of critical, brought here tonight, is one.
12:11 am
thirty-six people, have been brought here, for some measure of treatment. some less severe then others but of those 36, one person is said to be in critical, being treated here tonight, and speaking with the officials here, working the scene here at the hospital, we're learning that they just couldn't take anymore after getting those 36. we spoke of earlier that there were still about 20 people who needed treatment, and they had to defer those people to jefferson. those were the 20 or so that were on a septa bus, they were scheduled to come here to hahnemann but they had to make a change after hahnemann took in 36 people. we do know just in an update i just received in the last couple of minutes, that that septa bus that had 20 or so people on board, they were taken to jefferson, presumably their injuries were less severe, and that was the decision that was made. so far 36 brought to hahnemann for treatment tonight, one in critical condition, it is a busy night here, so much so we
12:12 am
watched the ambulances, come one of after the other. we have watched philadelphia police pitch into help transport, they used their police vans, to help transport people, from the train incident, derailment scene to the hospital. that is how much hand on deck, this has been tonight, it is hand on deck for these nurses and these surgeons and the doctors, who are here tonight, monitoring the people who were brought in one hospital official telling me, and, that being their highest level for a trauma incident. they didn't know who they would get. they didn't know what type of injuries they would see so they were prepared for whatever came, when the number reached, 36, they asked for some help, to move some other patient that is were possibly in route here, and jefferson hospital. it is still very busy, inside, and there has been no other arrival of any other ambulances, and, here at the hand map, but they are definitely busy inside, jim, in the er and tending to the
12:13 am
people, for 36 people to be checked out. philadelphia police are also helping, and take and family mens are looking through them and wanting to know that they are okay. jim. >> that explains why five hospitals were involved tonight. temple, aria torresdale, hahnemann, einstein and jefferson and you have and jefferson was brought in the picture when hahnemann was loaded up, and filled to capacity at trauma center was filled to, capacity. have you seen any of the medical personnel, come out, for a break and have had an extent opportunity to ask what is it like,. >> reporter: it is a sensitive situation. we are talking about conditions, and help for people, but, of course, i had to ask, there has been
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doctors, nurses, coming and going, also looking, keeping an eye out for many more patients, coming and they made it clear, that yes, it is busy, that is why they had to go to the level one trauma. of course, they have, the scale, of, what type of response, that they need to be prepared, to go in and when they heard of the incident they immediately, were notified, that they are on the list, of the hospitals, where you will be receiving patients, and, hahnemann, and staff, immediately, putting everyone on alert, going to level one trauma. i'm told when they go to level one trauma, that means, certain doctors and surgeons of expertise know, with every ambulance, that comes on the property, they are expected to be, at the door, to meet the patients, because they want the best that they've got to see these people as they come, and so that was the call when they went to level one trauma that those certain doctors. that means they are not going home. if their shift was about to
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end if they thought they were leaving at their certain time the the atmosphere inside is all hand on deck. we have these people coming. we are at level one trauma which means certain level of expertise of doctors has to meet and greet these patients as they come. they are busy. they are doing their job with these 36 patients and the words being given to me that they are filled to capacity and wanting to be sure that they are, fast enough, to treat the people that they have adequately, and that is why the other patients were diverted, elsewhere. >> i'm in the sure how many times a year hospitals do this but you know, as well as i, sharrie, that hospitals, trauma centers, and emergency rooms go through exercises, simulated, events, periodically, where they handle, disaster victims and this is why they do it. so that when the real thing happens, like it did tonight, they can act efficiently, and they can act productively without hesitation and their systems are in place, so
12:16 am
everybody knows, exactly, what to do. sharrie williams reporting live from hahnemann, thanks very much. we have some video now of webster elementary school which is at sedgley and ontario, and lets make a point again, everybody on this train, was not, it is not a resident of philadelphia this train was coming from washington, to new york, so understandably you would have people on this train who are resident of the washington area, of north jersey, new york city. they have no home to go to in the philadelphia neighborhood, and so they were taken to webster elementary school at sedgley and ontario in port richmond to wait out the night, to wait for, arrangements to be made to get them to their final destinations. so that, loved ones, where ever it is, that they do live could contact them here. the place wasn't -- they
12:17 am
weren't an overly large number of people, apparently who went to this facility, as you can see there, there are a handful here and a handful there. i'm trying to look through the window, at the large room where everybody is assembled, and it doesn't look like it was packed, by any means but it was, available and people are using that facility. this is raw video, of the track area, itself. this is video that was taken by an "action news" viewer, and given to kenneth moton who then, transmitted it back to the television station. this is the the actual track, scene, and the darkness of video, it is nighttime it makes it difficult for to us see just how damaged, these cars were, but as you can see something is giving off sparks on the tracks, and a scene that mayor nutter calls a disastrous mess.
12:18 am
a keen that both mayor nutter and within of his top fire officials, called, a scene that they have never seen, >> when daylight comes tomorrow morning we will see just how brutal this situation is, the physical situation, is on the tracks at frankford and wheatsheaf lane. this all happening, in the port richmond section of philadelphia. tonight. we will be right back with more coverage here on "action news". ♪
12:19 am
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not only will northeast corridor be shut down overnight and presumably well into tomorrow but septa announced a number of its routes for the morning rush hour will also be affect, we cannot tell you which ones yet but when that information becomes more specific, we obviously will put it on six and the morning team, will begin their coverage at 4:30 and they will
12:21 am
have that information for you. early on, in the evening, relatively early on, we were made aware of the fact that there were going to be some fatalities here tonight, we were hesitant to talk much about that, because we had yet to hear official confirmation from the highest levels, but later on in the evening, mayor michael nutter did come out and did give the information that he had, to the media, and mayor nutter, and fire officials, and police commissioner ramsey, home land security came out, septa came out, and amtrak, came out, to talk to us, and this if you want to talk about a cooperative operation, and a collaborative operation this is very much, something like that, although we again emphasize that the scene, the actual accident scene, is a fire department jurisdiction,
12:22 am
and they helped the the mission here tonight, and by tomorrow, the ntsb will be taking over this situation, and launching, the details of that investigation. but let's go to mayor michael nutter as he finally came out tonight, when i say finally, i don't mean he took longer than he should have but they wanted to make sure that every piece of information, every piece of information that they were giving the media and therefore you, was as accurate as humanly possible. so this was mayor michael nutter when he first, addressed the media at the scene of the accident tonight. >> we can confirm, at least, five individuals deceased. this was a preliminary estimate, the the trains, seven cars, including, the engine, are in various stages of disarray, turned over, upside down on their side. we are still investigating what is going on. >> i have never seen anything
12:23 am
so devastating. they are in pretty bad shape. you can see they have completely, completely derailed from the track. they have been destroyed completely. aluminum shell has been destroyed and overturn completely. again, i don't want to speculate on the cause, but it is, a devastating scene. >> that information from septa and i'm sorry, i don't have my glasses so this might be something of a challenge. septa's trenton and chestnut hill west lines, the writing is very small. chestnut hill west lines have have been suspended, it is anticipated that the trenton line will be suspended throughout service day tomorrow and possible, throughout the remainder of the workweek. and information may be available, available in the morning regarding when when service on the the chestnut hill west lines, will be restored. we have the the red cross on the phone. can someone tell me who we are talking to. or to whom we are talking? >> hi, this is anthony,
12:24 am
director of communications for american red cross. >> thank you, sir. >> we know you are on the scene we know you have been helping first responders throughout the night can you tell us a little bit, what exact liz you are doing. >> yes, red cross is opened a reception center at webster elementary, school which is on the 3400 frankford avenue and, you know, it is as you can imagine a chaotic scene. we are here to assist those impacted, and, not only from the city of fill from our area but also, the train was traveling from washington d.c., to new york city, you know, anyone in between that might have been getting off any where, that is where we are at. we are assisting in putting families back together. >> you must know everybody appreciate work of the red cross. we have come to rely on the red cross.
12:25 am
when there is a need red cross is on the scene doing what it can, only do, well. >> yes, you know. >> we appreciate it and so does everybody else. >> absolutely, and, today it is no different. we train for situations like this, we are prepared to help and assist those impact, throughout the night and into tomorrow. >> thank you, sir. very much appreciated. there is one passenger on the train, somebody familiar to local hip-hop lovers, yemen all world a music producer who works with the roots, which is the house band for the tonight show, and, he had his cell phone rolling, as he and other passengers were getting off the train. he suffered some minor injuries, and that is coming up next, can we see that? do we have that video? we do not have that video. but it did happen and he is was on the train.
12:26 am
victims now being attended to in five philadelphia hospitals, and temple, aria torresdale, hahnemann, einstein, and, jefferson. six victims tonight, have had critical injuries. fifty-three were transported but their injuries were not critical. but there are six people tonight, who were critically hurt and the the best medical care available in philadelphia, which is, very good, is now attending to those, injuries. there were 243 people, on this train tonight, and the the train from washington, to new york, and by way of philadelphia. it was from that philadelphia to new york way, it was on that philadelphia to new york leg, just minutes, after it left, 30th street station, when this catastrophic event took place. kenneth mote up is back, live at the scene, kenneth, is the
12:27 am
actual mission for tonight, the operation as we saw it tonight, is that for all intents and purposes over. >> reporter: well, jimmy want to say it is incredible to hear you layout the numbers. we have five confirmed dead. we hear the number of injured from this scene, to hear that five people are confirmed dead, yes, we knew that it was a mass casualty event. police officers going by right now. but just sobering to hear those numbers and know there was a loss of life, after this amtrak train derailment. this is a look at the scene here at wheatsheaf and frankford, earlier, we had that interest right with a american red cross official but i want to take you to earlier a few minutes ago i pointed out i aid american red cross is on the scene but... >> thank you, kenneth. if we have that video now i want to show it to you. it is video that was taken by someone who is, familiar to local hip-hop lovers, his name
12:28 am
is yemen all world, he is a music producer and works with the roots, and he had had a cell phone rolling, as he and other passengers, were exiting the train, under their own power. he suffered minor injuries. he is okay. lets see if we can roll that video. >> i got you, okay. >> keep calling, okay. go forward, sir. >> come on, man. >> i got you, okay. okay. >> keep calling, okay. >> no luck. >> crawl forward, sir. keep crawling forward. come on, man. keep calling, okay. >> crawl forward, sir. >> keep crawling forward. >> come on, man. >> keep calling, okay. >> yes. >> just a snip it of some of
12:29 am
the raw video from the scene and when i say raw i mean raw meaning uncut and raw that it is, difficult to watch, and, it makes one wonder what the situation was like, for all of those people had to get out of that train both under their own power, and with the the help of the the emergency personnel. one thing that we did hear, during the the course of that news conference, that the fire department special ops team was, quick to get to the scene, special operations and they had to use hydraulic tools to get a number of passengers out of this train, many passengers were able to get out on their own power, but, others were trapped, to the extent, that special ops fire fighters had to use hydraulic tools to stretch barriers, and to bend metal to get people out of this train.
12:30 am
this is video that we obtained that is right on track and next to the track and it is dark, but you can very much get the the suggestion of the mangled metal, and the mess sparks flying, and train cars, five to six to 71 of them, having left the tracks, overturn, one of them was all but obliterated and we don't understand why, at this point but that is, for the ntsb, to figure out, and that investigation has already begun. easier to launch it the the next day once we get daylight. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is again at the scene, dann, i think we have got as much of the facts that we're going to have, lined up pretty well at this hour but would i like to know from you, is what you saw, what you felt and what you experienced, as a reporter, covering this event
12:31 am
tonight, what was in the air, what was the the emotion, of being there, tonight, from your point of view. >> reporter: it was like a scene from a movie, it was all happening, you know how wee this these movies where you see a chaotic scene and people running, screaming, and, medical personnel, trying to assist people, bringing them up from the train called, and as quickly as they could because after all, we are talk about peoples lives here, and seeing all these unfolding just a few people away, as kenneth will see four or five people in a fire operation but we saw some of
12:32 am
them had bandages from the cuts cuts and bruises they suffered. cow remember what happened. some were still in the state of shock as to exactly what happened, with you it was just, really a surreal, situation, jim, to answer your question. >> i'm curious as to your, impressions of the the first responders who took part in this mission tonight, the fire fighters, the police officers, tell me how you thought they reacted to the scene. >> reporter: they reacted with professionalism, they reacted as if it were their own family members who were at risk, who were in danger, who needed help, they had this look of determination on their face to get them to safety and i was really impressed by that. you know, they just did it with great skill like they had great ability to get this job done and i'm sure, a number of lives were saved tonight, because of our paramedics,
12:33 am
because of our fire fighters and even our police officers, jim. >> dann, thank you. >> 800-523-9101 if you want to call amtrak and find out any information about someone whom you think might have been on, the train, tonight. cecily tynan is here with another look at the seven day accu weather forecast. >> jim, we're definitely, having a cold front moving through tonight and this will bring cold gusty wind. we will show you seven day forecast tomorrow instead of the high of 88, which we had today, hottest day of the the year, it will be windy, much cooler, 69 degrees, wind gusts up to 25, 30 miles an hour, thursday, and wind diminish, wall to wall sunshine, seasonal day. 72 degrees and then on friday a warm front will move in, that will bring up clouds in the afternoon, 76 degrees and that warm front will trigger, some scattered showers and thunderstorms on saturday, the best chance will be in the afternoon, not widespread, but finally some much needed rain,
12:34 am
82 degrees, that front will drift to the south, and the west, on sunday so that will bring us additional scattered showers and thunderstorms primarily in the morning, with a high of 80. we will dry things out on monday, clouds and sunshine 78 , partly sunny and stays warm with the possibility of the shower with a high of 82. >> thanks, cecily. needless to say everything we know about this and video from the scene and photographs, we have posted on our web site at six it is there for you if you want to update information through the night and of course, into tomorrow. night line is going to have extended coverage of this event tonight, and so that is coming up, after we go off the air and at 4:00 a.m., "action news" continues with the morning team. so thank you for joining us tonight, i'm jim gardner, now you want me to stretch a little bit. we can try to do that. the "action news" morning team will be on a half an hour
12:35 am
early, because of this event, obviously and we want to bring you up to date with the beginning of the ntsb investigation, and any updated, numbers that we have, and i'm or if i that sound harsh, but as of this moment, and we leave you with some of these statistics that what happened here tonight. five people are known to be dead, at this point and six people are in critical condition, cared for at philadelphia hospitals. so for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner good night. board derails.
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12:37 am
killing at least five, injuring several dozen. right now, the rescue efforts underway. the certainly for more victims and the search for answers tonight. plus, lifestyles of the frugal and famous. tonight, he's sharing his simple and surprising advice for what he calls a better and smarter version of luxury. >> this is so cool. and virtual porn,


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