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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  May 13, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. >> a chilling description by mayor michael nutter in the wake of last night's deadly amtrak disaster. >> this is a view of the aftermath from chopper 6hd. rail cars are flipped over, others torn apart. right now we know at least five people are dead, dozens more are injured. the ntsb will arrive at the scene today to begin its investigation into this deadly amtrak train derailment. we have live team coverage coming up. >> good morning, it's 5:30 now on this wednesday may 13th. first off let's check in with meteorologist dave murphy and with karen rogers. good morning. >> over the last hour or so a new weather issue popped up much as expected the national weather service has posted a red flag warning this afternoon up until 6 o'clock in the state of new jersey.
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i would also and a little careful about the same issue in southeastern pennsylvania and delaware. breezy conditions today, low humidity and a lack of recent rain are combining to enhance the chance of brush fires starting and spreading so be careful of that. satellite shows a little bit of morning cloud cover but it's thinning out. over all we expect a transition to sunny skies. the mid-50's in allentown and reading, 58 in trenton, 58 in wilmington and now down to 62 at the shore in sea isle city and ac. heading out the door to the bus stop this morning might want a sweatshirt for a change. 67 degrees by 6 o'clock. and actually it is going to be more like in the 50's and up to the low 60's during that bus stop period. 62 degrees right now on your storm tracker six app. possibility of going down 58 in philadelphia by 8:00 but then we climb from there and this afternoon we get a high of 69 degrees. of course, karen, with yesterday's 88 today is going to feel much cooler. >> all right dave we want to give you the latest impactn
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the rails dealing with the train derailment. >> septa regional rail will not be running today. west trenton line they're adding extra cars to help you out to use as a possible alternate. chestnut hill east line running on time. chestnut hill west at first we were told it was not running but it is running but expect delays. also if you take the market frankford line, septa is telling us they want you to drive to the frankford transportation center. amtrak service not running in the northeast corridor between philadelphia and new york city. all service canceled at this point. we don't know for how long. running on modified schedule between d.c. and philadelphia and between new york city and boston so you can take some trains at this point with amtrak between d.c. and philadelphia, new york city and boston. if you can get to trenton you can use your amtrak tickets because new jersey transit is honoring amtrak tickets between trenton and new york city. this is also affecting the
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atlantic city rail lines so you want to know between 30th street station and pennsauken. those trains will not run so a lot of cancellations a lot of modifications. this is also impacting the roads. i'll have more details on those detours in a few minutes matt and tam. >> thank karen. now hundreds of fire and police officials are still there on the scene of that amtrak derailment right now. federal officials will be arriving later this morning to get going on their investigation into what caused this crash. >> here's what we know so far. at least five people are dead, 65 passengers were taken to numerous hospitals in philadelphia, six of the patients are in critical condition. >> this is train 188. it was headed from washington d.c. up to new york city, a regular route but it derailed in the port richmond section around 9:30 last night. six cars and the engine all off the tracks. >> we begin our live coverage from the scene itself. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is near the tracks in port richmond. chad. >> reporter: matt, the chaotic hustle from last night has turned into a step by step
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methodical recovery operation. moments ago a crane was brought in to help move some of these derailed rail cars to get to the demand i'm told by police that two of the bodies have been removed. the medical examiner took those away. we're about 200 yards from the wreckage. you can see some of the flashing lights and some of the crews going to work there. obviously this was a devastating situation last night. at last check, five killed, six remain in critical condition. 243 passengers were aboard that train and more than half were injured. passengers say the derailment came without warning that it sounded like shopping carts smashing into one another. >> to be honest i was just watching -- you know, playing with my phone and then suddenly the train went dark and then it seems like someone had slammed the brakes and everything started shaking. >> reporter: passengers emerged from the twisted metal startled and stunned.
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many with gaping wounds and blood stained clothes. train 188 bound from washington, d.c. to new york derailed in port richmond just after 9:30 p.m. emergency responders flooded the scene. 65 of the 243 aboard the train were transported to area hospitals. triage centers were set up outside the roughly half dozen hospitals to deal with the wounded. >> 65 transports, still six considered critical and unfortunately a confirmed five individuals deceased. >> the incident has been placed under control. we're starting the family reunification process. we're working with amtrak, our hospitals, all of our human service agencies. >> reporter: so far the cause of the derailment is still under investigation. the department homeland security is on scene and the national transportation safety board will lead the investigation. >> ntsb as i mentioned earlier
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has already deployed a team. they are on their way to philadelphia with a full team with equipment. >> reporter: governor tom wolf arrived from harrisburg and said his thoughts and prayers are with all impacted. he called it a devastating situation. >> anything the state can do to help we stand ready to do that. the state police are here to help. >> reporter: and at last check mayor michael nutter said not all of the passengers had been accounted for but again this is a very fluid situation. there was during our last briefing so we're not sure if anything has changed over the past hour or two. the mayor also says that it's unclear how many of those passengers were from the philadelphia area. he says likely most of them were from the washington, d.c., new york and new jersey areas and they're now working to figure out and use the manifest to check with that passenger list. the mayor also says that if anyone is looking for a loved one they are urged to call amtrak. i'm live in port richmond, chad pradelli, channel6
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"action news." >> we have the number to do so on our web site. thank you chad. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at hahnemann hospital where doctors are treating many of these injured passengers. katherine. >> reporter: matt, more than half the people on that train were injured in some capacity. around 30 of them came here to hahnemann university hospital. four of them were admitted but most of the people who came here were walking and talking their injuries relative minor. they had a number of different injuries. some have gone home. others are still being treated. >> no, it happened in seconds. >> reporter: passengers describe the chaos the terror as amtrak's northeast regional train 188 derailed in port richmond around 9:30 last night. 243 people were on board the train bound for new york. some were trapped. others climbed through windows to escape. >> seemed to be minor injuries on the back of the train. the rough part was in the front. >> reporter: this was declared a level three mass casualty incident. the fire department said 18
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medic units were brought on scene. six people were taken to the hospital in critical condition. some nearby residents describe the destruction. >> you can see the whole tracks about four, five cars, they were laying on their side and there was about one -- one of the cars that we seen where it was really badly like damaged. it was basically ripped in half. >> reporter: those with less serious injuries could be seen at the hospitals climbing out of police wagons or exiting septa buses. some toting luggage. others dirty or with ripped clothing. several people were carried from the train on stretchers. others were able to walk on their own but were limping or appeared unsteady. >> there were so many people worse off than me right now. >> reporter: 140 people were taken to area hospitals to be treated or evaluated at some of the hospitals. they brought in exat a staff to help out. we're live in center city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you for that. and the red cross has set up an emergency shelter at webster elementary on frankford avenue for passengers who didn't need to go to the hospital to be treated.
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they have counselors there there's also a charging station where passengers can go and power up their phones and other devices so they can stay in touch with their loved ones. amtrak as opened a hot lane to find out about friends and family who might have been on train 188. >> "action news" coverage of this deadly train derailment continues on the air all morning long and also on high pressure at >> time now to turn to dave murphy to talk about accuweather. >> yes, and it is a mainly sunny but windy day ahead. storm tracker six live double scan shows you that at least we're dry and that's a good bit of news for the recovery and rescue efforts still going on in port richmond. as we take a look outside we have sky six and the camera every now and then bouncing because in parts of the region we have seen those winds can can kick up into the teens occasionally this morning and they'll get more blustery than that as we get past sunrise and a little later into the morning. temperatures slip to 62 degrees in philadelphia. your winds right now aren't too bad in the city, 10 miles
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per hour but in some neighborhoods we're in the mid teens. satellite shows that you there is some cloud cover but we're starting to see breaks in those clouds and generally speaking i think most of what you see on the map cloud cover-wise today is going to evaporate and we'll wind up with mainly sunny conditions. 58 degrees by 8 o'clock, 64 by 11 o'clock. this afternoon is going to be a lot cooler than yesterday. yesterday we got to 88. today we're only going for a high of 69 at the airport with some urban centers possibly getting up to 70 or 71. that 69-degree high probably around 3:00 or 3:30 this afternoon. high temperatures across the region a couple spots probably hit 70. 66 is all we'll see in allentown, 67 reading. down the shore looks like up are 60's between cape may and atlantic city. windy and cooler today. for the ball game tonight 65 degrees for the first pitch, 59 in the ninth inning as it is going to be cool, probably still breezy and you might want to roll back the calendar about a month and dress a little warmly for this evening with that jacket and a couple can of layers at the ball game. windy and cooler today
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69 degrees in your accuweather 7-day, sunny and nice tomorrow, 74 so we start to add to that afternoon high in the afternoon. friday a nice day partly sunny and 76. for the weekend saturday clouds mitts wind gust sunny breaks and a high 82. in the afternoon could be a scattered shower or thunderstorm. i know a lot of you have outdoor plans i wouldn't cancel them. i would keep that storm tracker six app handy on my smartphone and keep your eye on anything that does pop up in the afternoon. not a washout. clouds and sun on sunday a high of 80. we have to allow for another pop-up shower on monday. monday and touts early part of the next week's work week looking good dry highs more or less around 80. >> thanks, david. 5:41 now. crews remain at the scene of that train derailment making sure all passengers have been accounted for while commuters can expect fewer options on the rails and that is where karen comes in. >> we're looking live on i-95 here at allegheny. this is live in port richmond where we see traffic move okay
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:44. the sun now up here along philadelphia international airport. it is 62 degrees on city avenue. >> let's head on over to karen rogers take a look at your commute, a little bit of your weather. good morning. >> good morning. we're looking at the closures in port richmond related to the train derailment. traffic getting by on
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frankford avenue between torresdale and castor. a lot of extra crews on the scene and you could stick to arming yo' avenue richmond street or 95 as your alternate. we're seeing a lot closures in areas that intersect frankford in this area. place you might want to avoid like pike street wheatsheaf buckius sedgley butler corral and sepviva street. we see a lot of crews and restrictions in area and what about with the rails. we have no service running at this point. amtrak northeast corridor between philadelphia and new york city all service canceled at this point but running with a modified schedule so trains are running but modified between d.c. and philadelphia and also between new york city and boston. you can take new jersey transit if you get to trenton you can take new jersey transit up to new york and they'll be honoring the amtrak tickets so that's one way to get there. atlantic city rails are affected. the rail line between 30th street station and pennsauken also canceled through this area.
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the trenton line is canceled. it is canceled today and they're saying possibly even the rest of the week so we'll have to see how long we're dealing with these closures at this point. the west trenton line they've added extra cars to the west trenton line to help you out with that and also the chestnut hill east running chestnut hill west running but now on a drive you can drive to the frankford transport porttation center take the market frankford line to get around some of those restrictions. let's take a look at the temperatures. it's dry and 62 degrees. we've got a mild day but cooler than yesterday low humidity a high today of 69, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. let's head over to annie mccormick. she's live for us at 30th street station. a lost people wondering whether they should go there and what to expect if they do. good morning annie. >> reporter: good morning. very busy morning and it has been overnight. as for people who are now coming to 30th street station because they were passengers of train 188 they are coming from the hospitals. those people with minor injuries and also some people
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from the shelter that they did provide are expected to can come here on a bus. we've been expecting them for the past hour or so. now, what's going to happen is once they check in with the red cross they will be accounted for. you heard in chad's story him saying that the mayor said that not everyone was accounted for at that point. so it's important for them to check in and do that. their next step then is to get help to get to the next destination. people slept overnight at 30th street station many on trains with canceled service due to the accident. the red cross has 50 volunteers standing by at their center. they're also taking in people from temporary shelters and some with minor injuries from the hospital. miriam is from brazil. she talked to us in spanish today. she told us that she just want at the find her kids in those terrifying moments after the accident on the train which luckily she d now a number of people who were not aboard
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train 188 but scheduled afterwards on another train could not get to their final destination. those are many of the people staying overnight. around 3:00 this morning amtrak did arrange for buses of them to head to new york. >> almost like actually about 9 o'clock, just sitting on the train, very cold train sitting on the train. they offered us, you know, a few things but not much. >> reporter: and what are you doing now? >> well, can actually getting ready to load the bus trying to get the new york 'cause now we finally making some progress trying to get back to new york. >> reporter: again people from the hospital that have minor injuries that are able to be released today but need the help from amtrak to figure out where they're going are going to head here first. it's important to note if you have a loved one you believe was on that train they do want you to call the 800 inn number 185-23-1901.
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reporting live from 30th street station annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> this train derailment in port richmond will put the spotlight on rail safety and in fact a u.s. house appropriations committee is scheduled to debate proposed transportation turning in d.c. later today. in the current proposed 2016 budget amtrak stands to lose more than $1 billion in funding. last time congress passed an amtrak bill aimed at infrastructure and rail safety was back in 2008.
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>> we 22 check the roads and rails and talk about the problems related to this. let's take a look right now at the cancellations we have. the trenton line at this point
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not running today and septa says it may not even run the rest of the week. so what tear doing is adding extra cars on the west trenton line to help try to alleviate some of that traffic. chestnut hill east line is running on time. chestnut hill west was shut down for awhile it's running but expect possible delays with that and also of course we have no service between philadelphia and new york city with amtrak. all service along the northeast corridor between philadelphia and new york city canceled dave. >> karen it's a windy dry day out there with an enhanced chance of fires starting and spreading so be careful not to flick any cigarettes out the car window or do any off-roading. if you do see a problem out there with smoldering get on that phone right weigh and call 911. looking at at that in the 50's. a couple spots in south jersey and delaware up to 60. it's cool and breezy dress the can kids with a sweatshirt this morning maybe a jacket this afternoon a lot of areas staying in the 60's. >> let's go to the big board erin o'hearn with more on the derailment today. >> reporter: the images are
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frightening disturbing and shocking. when you think about how massive these trains are and how solid they appear it almost seems impossible the cars could end up like this. so, if you think about taking a tin can and just crushing it, that's exactly what this train looks like. now obviously this is one of those front cars and those suffered the most damage. many people in the back cars actually escaped without any injuries at all. let's take a look at this picture because this is one of the cars that flipped over. and you can actually see the belly of the train and of course that itself looks mangled. and a shot of the crews who have been working so hard throughout the night. they have an arduous traffic in front of them both physically and emotionally being on the front lines witnessing the dozens of injuries and of course there were five fatalities. let's take a listen to the 911 call made almost immediately after the train derailed. >> we classify this as a mass casualty incident.
5:54 am
can you immediately notify amtrak to deenergize these lines, shut down the entire corridor by order of command by order of battalion 10, the incident commander. >> copy initial five additional medical units. i'm going to need another five for a total of 10 medic units. >> again that was the 911 call made from the scene. ntsb is of course gathering information is that expected to be on the scene this morning. guys, back to you. >> thank you, erin. time right now is 5:54 and we'll continue to follow details in there deadly amtrak train derailment on the air and on
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> a couple of cars overturned. deputies responding to frankford. we'll classify this as a mass casualty incident. >> it is 6:00 a.m. and breaking this morning this ugly scene this catastrophe that struck when an amtrak train goes off the tracks in philadelphia. >> firefighters arrived to find seven cars and the train's engine either turned over or upside down. at least five people are dead, dozens more are injured. we have live team coverage right here on "action news". >> reporter: rescue and recovery efforts in port richmond will be done under the sun but there will be a


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