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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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e national transportation safety board is expected to give you a live update in the next hour. lets begin the coverage with "action news" reporter john rawlins live in port richmond. >> reporter: good evening, we are waiting for the latest briefing from federal investigators and it was scheduled for 5:00 and earlier today we heard from the ceo of amtrak that is of course the railroad in the middle of all of this as well as the mayor. >> we must now report that we have confirmed eight deceased from this horrible tragedy. the remains of eighth victim found this morning in the first car and found by the fire department it came as the investigators combed for evidence that would explain why the train was traveling at twice the posted speed limit. now they can account for all the
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people on board train 188. >> amtrak is heart broken they raeked that this high speed derailment might have been avoided if this point of the northeast corridor was equipped with a safety system called positive train control, this footage indicates it employees gps and can override an engineer stopping or slowing a train remotely. amtrak has already spend $100 million in installing ptc the cosaid this today. >> i am committing to meeting the requirement of positive train control that will happen on the northeast corridor by the end of this year. >> reporter: well, back in 2007 congressman dated it be up and
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operated by the end of this year he said that would not likely happen because it was an expensive complicated technology but in the wake of this tragedy they will have it up and running on the northeast corridor by the end of this year. we have exclusive video from right before the train derailed on tuesday night right there the train is speeding down the tracks and moments later flashes of light. the ntsb says the train was running 100 miles per hour during the time of the derailment and officials say that the money breaks were applied before the train went off the tracks. lets go live to chad pradelli outside of the office for the train's engineer you have the latest the person with whom everyone wants to speak is brandon bostian the engineer but nobody has been able to get
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him. next in line is his attorney. we are here for most of the day and nobody has been able to get him here, he has not shown up anywhere but abc spoke to the attorney earlier this moshing. the lawyer for brandon bostian says that his client doesn't recall anything from the critical moments before the crash of amtrak 188. >> the last thing he recalls coming to and looking for his bag and finding his cell fon and turning it on and calling 911. >> bostian has not said why the train was going twice the speed limit at the time of the derailment. >> he remembers coming into the curve and attempting to reduce speed and after that he was knocked out and thrown around like all the passengers on
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train. >> he is a nice guy and looking to help people and looking to help people. >> jason went to college with bostian at the university of missouri and they stayed in touch on facebook and that he has been a compassionate caring guy and becoming a train engineer was bostian's dream job, it's a special situation for everyone involved. for the whole city of philadelphia that is reeling from this to brandon himself and his family and the unfortunate victims that lost their lives and been injured. >> sources tell me that it's believed that bostian has return to the new york area and investigators are in constant contact with his attorney. i'm chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we do know now that all the names of eight victim tonight. laura finamore, abid gilani and
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derek griffith justice zemser. several injured in the crash remain in the hospital tonight and ali gorman is live outside of temple university hospital with an update on that. >> and rick at last count 35 patients spread out among seven hospitals and 11 minutes remain here at temple if you look at the types of injuries and the severity of those injuries of those opinions, some had surgery and some are in critical condition and some may not even be aware of what happened. >> dozens of passengers injured on derailed train 188 are being cared for at local hospital at temple that includes eight in critical condition and patients are improving many suffered
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broken bones and arms and ribs due to falling or being fell on. >> people were hurled violently against each other and there was luggage flying around and among them is eli colt, a popular philadelphia chef, he suffered serious injuries. >> i never had it with something like this. >> an area torresdale they say they were triaging patients in the parking lot. >> the process worked well early notification and we ramped up our staff as well as the physical space to be prepared for the patients. >> and at torresdale, currently they have three opinions and two are still in critical condition as for the most serious injury there's, the doctor tells me there were spinal injuries and internal bleeding and punctured lungs and broken bones.
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that is the latest on the injuries ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> thank you ali. our coverage of the train derailment continues online at there you can find the latest and see photos of the victims. >> there is another train derailment but this one had no injuries, it happened in pittsburgh today officials say that the cargo train was navigating a bend when the freight cars came off the tracks all the freight cars were empty at the time and the crash shut down at least one road in that area. again there was no injuries, and the cause of derailment is under investigation. and more than a dozen people are facing serious charges after they were arrested with a violence home invasion ring, official asnounced the charges in philadelphia, that stemmed from the thefts in the city and montgomery county including
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this jewelry store heist back in july of 2013 when thieves disguised themselves as police officers, and sara bloomquist will back down the charges coming up at 6:00. >> now a check of "action news" traffic report tonight. lets take it to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> the volume on the schuylkill this afternoon could make you wish you could untether the 6 abc zoo balloon but you can't stick with the traffic on 76 especially westbound as people head home from the phils game well over an hour ago, on schuylkill and 95 and traffic on the mlk drive and the kelly drive is closed through saturday evening this time through the stotesbury regatta and the northeast extension northbound because of an earlier crash approaching landsdale the delays are not gone. in newcastle a wreck approaching
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273 and of course we have the problems with mass transit, no trains running on amtraks northeast corridor between here and new york city and the latest we are hearing is that the service will not resume until next week, monday or tuesday and the a.c. rail lines still not running from 30th street to pennsauken. they are running buses instead. more coming up in the next half our. >> "action news" at 5:00 continues next and a local police department is equipped with the medication for those that overdose on drugs. we'll have details next. >> picture perfect spring weather and sunshine and low humidity and comfortable and i'm tracking the return of heat and humidity and storms details in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. >> that and much more when "action news" at 5:00 continues in just a moment.
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the sentencing phase continues in the trial of boston marathon bombing trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. earlier today the jury asked the judge a couple of questions, during their deliberations, they
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are deciding if he will get life in prison or the death penalty. they asked about aiding and abetting and how to fill out the verdict slip. three people were killed and 260 were injured in the bombing. and an investigation in concerns over children and their trip to school "action news" reporter wendy saltzman has a preview of this exclusive report you'll only see tonight at 11:00. >> reporter: this is one of the busiest intersections in the city and you pay for someone to stand here and look after your kids, these are the potential dangers on hidden camera. this tipster contacted us after getting no results and this public servants shocking response. >> i'm not standing out there in the street and stopping traffic, you get out there and stop
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traffic. >> it's an investigation you'll only see here on "action news" here at 11:00. >> police officers in newcastle county are carrying a life saving tool. officers received training for narcan, the drug can revive someone overdosed on heroin or oxycodone. they have their officers armed with narcan including philadelphia police. illness born from e. coli are now on the way down, cases have dropped by a third since 2006 they credit better food service awareness and practices the most common sources for e. coli are leafy vegetables and beef, infections from salmonella have remained the same. sticking with concerns over bacteria, health and consumer advocates got a big victory in
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stopping microbes in beef, they ruled that lightly tenderized beef must be labeled. they hammer the meat with dozens of needles to tenderize the meat but it can drive bacteria into the products where it can survive if you cook your meat rare or medium rare. well, anyone that tried to quit smoking knows the challenges that come along with that but a new study says the secret to quitting is in the brain, they found that people that had stronger connections between two regions of brain one involved in reward and others in controlling impulsive behavior are more likely to give up smoking they hope to identify smokers with a harder
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time quitting to give them more support. and now more aware and to an auto immune disease that affects millions of mornslupus. in the tri-state region 40,000 people are living with lupus. when you see severe or breaking weather we want to join the action. email your photos to or use #6abcaction on social media.
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wal-mart stores will test a new shipping service for online shoppers this summer, the prescription for the service costs $50 a year and orders arrive in three days or less, that is lower than the $99 that amazon offers this new shipping
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program shows how serious wal-mart is in expanding its online business. and now a job fair for helping people get on their feet and back to work, this is the ninth annual job fair in center city. darryl clark was a cosponsor of the event and dozens of employers were there greeting thousands looking for jobs. >> some people went over the edge literally for a special cause today. check it out nearly 80 people repelled 70 stories down the pnc bank building for the fifth annual over the edge fundraiser for the special olympics each participant had to raise $11 million and on the right is special olympic athlete chris trudeau. who raises $11,000. >> wow. two philadelphia teens are now headed to the odyssey of the
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mind world finals students from masterman school and the independence charter school qualified in state competitions and lawmakers honored them with citations and they head to michigan to compete in the world finals next week. >> good for them. still to come, we'll check out the forecast for you looking outside at sky 6 hd in atlantic city, it looks beautiful. cecily tynan has details. tina!
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time for accuweather, cecily tynan is here and what a glorious thursday night. this is a perfect 10 or a 9.5. >> you are tough. >> looking live on sky 6 hd from the pagoda, you can see the bright sunshine and blue skies and comfortable it felt like summer tuesday 88 and the warmest day so far this year, yesterday 72 and today's high so far 71 degrees normal high 73 and this is where we should be as far as temperatures this time of year, right now in allentown 71 and wilmington 72 and
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millville 70. you notice the sea breeze has kicked up at the jersey shore and sea isle city only 59 degrees, chilly there. satellite 6 along with action radar showing what is going on we have not one but to high pressures right over us that causes the sinking air and the cloud free conditions and the high pressure begins to move off and we have warm clouds tomorrow but it will be dry tomorrow heading into the weekend and this is not good news, the drought monitor shows this is through western pennsylvania up through new and, this is just short-term, lawns and gardidn'ts so far the reservoir is okay but if we don't get much rain in the next month we are looking at the possibility of a drought, no rain and clear and
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cool and comfortable and 55 in philadelphia and 44 in allentown and 50 in wilmington and trenton 49 degrees, future tracker 6 showing tomorrow not the bright blue skies we'll have the high, thin clouds in the morning and temperatures by 9:00 in the low 60s and upper 50s, we'll see peeks of sunshine and it will be warmer than today temperatures rising up to the mid to upper 70s and a lot warmer for the weekend. the five-day at 5:00, another nice day high, thin clouds and a high of 78 degrees, this could bring us a round of scattered showers in the morning and warm and humid and 87 degrees and pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoon and we need the rain and it's not all that widespread and again the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms 88 degrees and a big cool down on monday, 73 degrees and it's cloudy with showers and tuesday showers and thunderstorms with a high of 73 degrees, this
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afternoon perfect weather to be at east goshen park with adam joseph working hard eating. adam you are on. >> yum. you got to eat when are you running around a park, this is the perfect park to run around but today it's about the farmers market. this is their strawberry rhubarb pie and grilled cheese sandwich with chips. good job, and also we have all the venders here at the farmers market until 7:00, every thursday afternoon until 7:00. people are waiving and saying hi. there are plenty of forks, if you want to try the pie. the accuweather forecast coming up in the next half our. >> artichoke and crab grilled cheese, i think i'm in love. more to come in the next half
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our of "action news" at 5:00, the coverage of the train tragedy continues as we await an update from the ntsb. >> one of the women killed in the pier collapse on the delaware river shares her thoughts 20 years after the tranl.
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"action news" at 5:00 continues now with the latest on the amtrak train tragedy. we are awaiting an update from the ntsb. we know the names of people that lost their lives. mayor michael nutter announced that all 243 people on board are accounted for. the philadelphia fire department says it searched the first passenger car with a cadaver dog and the remains of an eighth passenger was discovered. jim gaines bob gildersleeve and rachel jacobs and justin zemser. the lawyer for the engineer
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brandon bostian has little recollection of the incident and he has turned over his cell phone and given a blood sample. they are thoroughly scamming all the evidence and as for the people in the area hospital 10 remain in critical condition but all are expected to make a full recovery and amtrak says that limited train service should resume monor tuesday at the latest. >> today philadelphia lawmakers paid tribute to the victims of the deadly derailment. they led a prayer, and honoring the first responders that helped the survivors. earlier this week a republican led house panel approved a measure that would cut amtraks
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funding by 18% that outraged some and house speaker boehner quickly dismissed that argument. >> are you really going to ask such a stupid question. they started this yesterday and it's all about funding, all about funding, obviously it's not about funding, the train was going twice the speed limit and the house passed a bill earlier this spring to reauthorize amtrak and a lot of these programs it's hard for me to imagine that people take the bait on some of the nonsense that gets spewed around here. >> they responded saying that investing should be common sense. >> platforms are living updates on the train derailment.
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twitter and facebook go to abc action news and click the like button. >> a man accused of a stabbing made his first appearance in court today. moore was allowed into the school by an employee that recognized him and once inside police say that moore attacked a 50-year-old worker in the kitchen and used a septa train to get away and was later arrested. moore faces charges including attempted murder, the employee that allowed moore into the building has since been fired. >> from our delaware newsroom now, grief counselors were at smyrna high school after one student was shot and killed in dover, police say it happened before 9:00 last night 19-year-old gary adams lying on the grown with a gunshot wound
5:34 pm
he later died at the hospital what led up to the shooting is still unclear. dozens of gang members and guns are off the streets, thanks to a collaborative effort between buck county officials. >> we are here to take back the streets we will not let thugs terrorize our community and run rough shod and run wild. >> the d.a. announces that 34 gang members were arrested in an operation called war ready. it focused on the rivalry between two gangs in pottstown and warrants were issued for 13 others and they showed off a mass of weapons cleaned up after the sweep and they were warned in an effort to terrorize and fright and residents. this man is identified at kirkland, he was behind a scam where he claimed he was helping
5:35 pm
people pay their overdue bills but was keeping the money for himself allegedly. he has a tattoo of a scorpion on his left forum and a panther on his left shoulder. >> workers hit the picket line in delaware. >> about two dozen workers chanted and held picket signs on quigley boulevard this afternoon, the current postal contract expires next wednesday and if i new agreement is not reached, they will go into arbitration. can't drive 55 then there is good news for you can drive faster on 95 in delaware they are raising the speed limit from 55 miles per hour to 65 miles per hour in both directions from the maryland state line to the
5:36 pm
i-495 split the signs will begin the changes on monday and should be completed by next thursday. 15 years ago today the news was on the schuylkill river when three women died when the peer collapsed. one victim is still trying to cope with the loss. >> a day this family will never forget. >> when you lose a child it's so unexpected and you are really not prepared for it. and everybody's life changed and we know that love and pain can live in your heart. at the same time. >> may 18th pier 34 collapsed into the delaware river three people died and one of them was deann white. we are transitioning through life without dean inform and we
5:37 pm
find it difficult at times. >> her mother has scrapbooked every detail of what happened on that tragedy night the owner of the property and manager of the nightclub plead guilty to not fixing the 90-year-old structure her mom remembers the video deann made for her that last mothers day. >> mom i'm so glad you raised us the way you did and i wanted to say i love you and she said you never know how much time you have on this earth. >> four days later she died. if deann taught us nothing else you never know what your last words would be. >> she keeps her memory alive by giving scholarships in her name. >> one thing for certain we have each other and the love and support we get from each other keeps all of us going on we say
5:38 pm
where would deann be now in her life. >> her birthday was two days after the pier collapsed and this year she would have been 40. >> okay. time for an update on the highways. matt pellman is here in the traffic center. >> the good news is you won't feel lonely look at the company on 95 by allegheny avenue jammed solid in both directions, northbound bad in both directions it should be 14 people are taking to the roads because they can't use the rails, it's busy since the phils game ended at 4:00 and you condition use the kelly drive because it's closed for the stoets stoets stoets regatta.
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of course amtrak is not running from here and new york, we are hearing from next week, until tuesday, rick and monica back over to you. >> thank you. we are waiting that news conference by the ntsb with an update on the investigation into the crash of amtrak 188, adam joseph is live in east goshen with this week's outdoor adventure. >> we are in east goshen park a great place to walk the dogs and take a run but they have a great farmers market and they have a bouncy house and hula-hoops and they will have a color run 5-k here next month show them what this is all about. i'm staying clear away from that. but i can do something, throw something extra in the air. there you go. you toss a bunch of cornstarch
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with food coloring in it it comes out don't worry. i'm staying clear of the color because very to go back to work. we'll have the forecast coming up in a bit. >> you look good with that color hair. >> a powdery mess, triple the suspense and intrigue here on prime time on abc. "scandal" and american crime a preview when we come back.
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters.
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i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children. turning to sports now, the phillies took on the pirates in south philadelphia today. jaime apody is here with more. >> for the second time in less than 24 hours, the phillies gave the fans something to cheer about, how about that. lance on the mound he let this grady sizemore single and that gave the phillies a 2-0 lead and then this hit was mishandled. and he went eight scoreless innings allowing own five hits and striking out six. ryan howard hit his seventh home run of the year, he when three for four and the phillies split
5:44 pm
the series with a 4-2 win. >> lets say overall he has pitched real consistent. the whole season. really feel like we have a chance to win when he goes out there and sets a good tonight and fielders are on their toes and waiting for action and today the early runs goes a long way with him settling in and hitting his spots. >> last night jonathan papelbon became the phillies all time saves leader but needed help. caught the foul pop-up and then gunned down the potential tying run at the plate. that was papelbon's 100th all time save. >> oh man i don't know what just happened.
5:45 pm
you know i guess if there is one way to do it that is the way to do it. go out in an exciting way. >> as an outfielder you live for that moment i knew it was pap's big one if he got it for the save, it was a good win. >> the eagles 2015 draft class is signed sealed and deliver jordan hicks inked his contract the fourth and final member signed the deal, he is someone we didn't think the eagles needed but chip says he was too good to pass up. deflate-gate continues tom brady officially appeals his four game suspense and the patriots started a website to dispute the findings the lawyer says the deflator nickname
5:46 pm
referring to a locker room attendant was something they referred to him as because he was trying to lose weight. tonight is packed with suspense and intrigue with season final is. "grey's anatomy" and then "scandal" at 9:00. >> there are a few causes that are important to me and perhaps important to you. >> absolutely that is what i'm here for damascus. >> what is papa pope up to and what does it what to do with melly. and twists and turns in tonight's season finale of scan al and 6 abc producer aamanda asked him to sum it up and he
5:47 pm
said, unhinged. >> beautiful. >> racists and haters we are beautiful. and we deserve to live like that. >> they are not real. >> the criminal case comes to a shocking end in tonight's season finale tonight at 10:00 we'll get a glimpse of what life will be like for everyone involved. that tonight's season finale of american crime. of course "action news" at 11:00 is after that, be sure to live tweet tonight. all right thank you. as we head to break we are awaiting a news conference right now a news briefing from federal investigator with the ntsb to update us on the deadly derailment. that will happen any moment now, there is a number of media there awaiting for federal investigators to arrive.
5:48 pm
he has been in philadelphia a couple of days and updating us on the status of the investigation. lets listen in to the ntsb. >> i'll provide an update and take your questions. >> well, good afternoon i'm robber somwalt, an investigator with the ntsb, it had been reported that the engineer of the train would not talk to the ntsb but i have been trying to beat the rumors down for the last day or so i'm pleased to report that we have contacted the engineer and he has agreed to be interviewed by the ntsb and we look forward to that opportunity, and we will be meeting with him in the next few days. while we are talking on topic of interviews we have started
5:49 pm
interviewing passengers who were injured, passengers that are currently in the hospital we want to find out their perspective of things and find out where they were seated. and their injury patterns so we can start correlating their seating with the injuries for accident survival issues and crash worthiness issues. i've said before that there is a forward facing vo-techcly called the track image recorder and we got some back from the review of that we have good quality video up to the point of derailment. we can see the track being illuminated by the track's headlights and it also shows the
5:50 pm
speed of the train and so that has been what we have been able to do from that, is create somewhat of a timeline. 65 seconds before the end of recording, the train speed when above 70 miles per hour. 43 seconds before the end of the recording the train speed exceeded 80 miles per hour. 31 seconds before the end of the recording the train speed was going through 90 miles per hour. and 16 seconds before the end of the recording the train speed was going through 100 miles per hour.
5:51 pm
just before entering the curve is when the engineer applied the engineer induced braking to put it into emergency braking and i'll describe it as seconds mere seconds into the turn we could see the train tilting approximately 10 degrees to the right and then the recording went blank. some other things we have been able to do today we have developed tested inspection plans for the rail cars and the locomotives. we have examined the predeparture inspections for train 188 before it left union station two nights ago. which includes the predeparture brake tests and there are no
5:52 pm
anomalies noted in those inspection records, we'll continue to examine all the inspection records for the train. today we interviewed the manager, the amtrak manager in charge of training and qualification of railroad engineers. and also interviewed the train dispatchers involved in dispatching this particular train. we are reviewing the track inspection records, one of the records we have is the track geometry records you may recall that the day before the accident a track geometry inspection vehicle ran over the rail rail 2, track 2, that this train was traveling on. and there were no anomalies
5:53 pm
noted with the track inspection, track geometry inspection. we have completed the on site laser scanning of the first two cars, those were the cars that were damaged the most, the business class and the quiet car. one of the things i said we would be doing would be to test the signals. the train control signal as long side the railroad track. we have tested most of those the only ones we have not tested were those that are not in the vicinity of the railroad site. we will test those tomorrow with
5:54 pm
the track signals that we have already inspected or downloaded the recorders from, there are no anomalies noted with those recorders, with those signal recorders with the signals themselves no anomalies noted. the ntsb released the site back to amtrak. one of the things we'll be doing in the coming week, we have to wait for the track to be repaired. one of the things we'll do say site distance test that is where we take a train under similar lighting and environmental conditions, take a train and see how far out that curve would come into vision.
5:55 pm
people have asked if this train was operating on time, and train 188 departed philadelphia the 30th street station, it departed philadelphia on time, from 30th street station and it was running on time at that point. somebody asked earlier today one of my one-on-oneinterviews, what type of locomotive it was, it was an electricity locate mote, it's called an acs 64 that is amtrak city sprinter this is one of the newer models that amtrak is placing into service and this was placed into service just over a year ago.
5:56 pm
i want to thank all the first responders we have received excellent cooperation from the parties to the investigation which would include amtrak the federal railroad administration and also the city of philadelphia for everything they have been doing. i want to thank the mayor's office and in particular mayor nutter, we appreciate all their support and assistance. just a moment i'll call for questions and be glad to take your questions, if you would raise your hands and state your name and affiliation. lets start right here. >> have you been able to determine [ inaudible ] that someone increases speed? >> matt wants to know if the speed increases if we can tell were done manually we don't know that at this point but when we interview the engineer
5:57 pm
we would like to find out those types of things but just from the track image recorder it shows the speed alone it doesn't tell how the speed got there. the question right here. >> wall street journal. there is a lot of talk about the [ inaudible ] traffic enforcement -- would that have prevented you [ inaudible ]. >> to make sure that i get the last park -- >> you are listening to the ntsb summarizing what they have accomplished thus far and the brake recorders appeared normal and showed the increases in the train and the engineer has agreed to be interviewed in the next few day this is streaming live at quick break and "action news"
5:58 pm
with jim gardner is next. good night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. every passenger and the crew have been accounted for, but the finality comes with yet word of another death and we have new surveillance video of the train speeding by and 11 seconded later we see flashes from the catastrophic crash lighting up the sky at frank ford junction. it's thursday night and the big
6:00 pm
story is the latest on the amtrak tragedy, an eighth body is found and recovered from the crash site. the body of bob gildersleeve the vice president of eco lab was discovered and recovered this morning and laura fillamore of new york. and guiseppe piras. john rawlins is live tonight. he was at the ntsb press conference. what is the status of the investigation. >> reporter: jim from our


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