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tv   Action News  ABC  May 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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train tragedy and school crossing guard you have to see and hear to believe. next. >> we want to show you surveillance video that we obtained exclusively of train number 188 speeding down the track. passing left to right, seconds before it de rails.
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and then, you can see the flash of the train screening off the tracks at over 100 miles an hour and here's similar video taken from other side of the tracks. the train now going right to left and a different angle but the fate of the train and all 243 people on board is the same. the big question now why according to ntsb, was train accelerating as it approached the curve. why did the speed soar from 70 to 106 miles an hour. it's thursday nights and the big story. on "action news" tonight is the world from ntsb lead investigator that amtrak train 188 sped up for the final minute before t its catastrophic derailment. at the site tonight the train cars are gone. amtrak is faced with repairing tracks so it can reopen the route between philadelphia and new york. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the scene.
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dann, it seems the questions that must now be answered have all to do with engineer brandon bostian. >> reporter: that's right jim brandon is now agreeing to talk to ntsb. they really want to hear his side of the story and also, tonight, a look at where the engineer was sitting and how an engineer brakes. you can see the train speeding by in this exclusive video obtained by "action news" and ntsb says engine camera recording shows speed increasing from 70 to 100 in last minute and engineer applied brakes before the curve. >> mere seconds into the turn we can see the train tilting approximately 10 degrees right and then recording went blank. >> ntsb says train left 30th street station on time and inspection records show no problems with train or tracks. investigators expect to speak with the engineer in the next few days. his attorney says he's banged up
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and has little memory of the accident or why the train was traveling 106 miles an hour, twice the speed limit. >> i believes a rut of concussion he has absolutely no recollection whatsoever of the events. >> he was in the cab in front of had high tech engine on left throttle hand toll increase speed, red alerter button the engineer has to hit every couple minutes or it goes to emergency shut down and lcd screen a sped only ter telling him how fast he's going and to right red handle train brake fush forward to stop the train. this is one of the newer models of engines they're put into service. >> this locomotive was put into service over a year ago. >> interestingly investigators reveal there are no signs top res duce speed ahead like you see on roadways. >> there is no sign alongside the track. that is part of the engineer's qualifications that they're supposed to know. >> now the ntsb says he gave
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blood samples as required by law and toxicology tests for drugs and alcohol were not completed and amtrak meanwhile is hoping to restore service here between monday and tuesday at the latest. live in port richmond i'm dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you dap. an eighth victim was found among the wreckage today 45-year-old bob guilder sleep of baltimore that celebrated his 18th wedding anniversary two days before the cash and identified today laura finamore returning to new york from a memorial service. jim gaines worked for the associated press. abid gilani was a wells fargo executive. derrek grif inch was a college dean. rachel jacobs ran a philadelphia startup company. giuseppe piras was an italian on business trip and mid shipman justin zemser was on break from the u.s. naval academy. the first lawsuit has been filed tonight. bruce phillips of southwest
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philadelphia is treated at temple university for brain and spinal injuries. he is actually an amtrak employee who was catching a ride for free while off duty. the federal lawsuit is seeking damages in excess of 150,000 from amtrak. no charges will be filed against the engineer of a metro north commuter train that crashed in new york in december of 2013. four people were killed. 707 others were injured. the train flew off the tracks at 82 miles an hour on a 30 mile an hour curve. the bronx district attorney said the engineer william rockefeller suffer from acute sleep apnea and simply nodded off at the controls. one commuter train us is spended by derailment will be resuming in a few hours from now. new jersey transit says that a stretch of the atlantic city rail line between philadelphia and cherry hill will return to service beginning with the 4:33 a.m. train leaving atlantic city and the 5:37 departing from
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philadelphia's 30th street station. the "action news" morning team will be on beginning at 4:30 with how the commute is shaping up and your alternate transit options and of course our coverage of the train derailment continues on-line at and there you can follow latest on ntsb investigation and see photographs and read more on the victims of this tragedy. and six former philadelphia narcotics officers were found not guilty of stealing 400,000 in drug money and beat suspects and lied to win drug convictions. live outside the federal building tonight is "action news" reporter annie mccormick. annie mccormick you have the full story. >> jim it took jurors more than a week to come to their decision. now comes the officers according to head of fop they will begin the arbitration process to get their jobs back. >> joy outside a federal court
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with a not guilty verdict in all 2 counts for six former philadelphia narcotics officers part of an elite squad accused of robbing and using excessive force on drug suspects over a spap of years. >> a lot of people said a lot of things about us. and glad the truth came out. >> my son is coming them to his wife, his children and his badge amen. >> the mother of the only one of six to serve nearly a gleer jail liciardeli, they continued their celebration at the fop. >> it's not a party but get together for families and officers they worked with just to be able to get reacquaintd soon after the charges commissioner charles ramsey stripped them of their jobs and da's office drops hundreds of cases linked to the six. ten clients long time defense attorney were relieved to have their cases dropped. >> to ask my clients they're
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disappointed with the outcome. so it's a mixed bag. i'm sure the police officers are pleased with the outcome. >> the prosecutors case hinged on testimony of dozens of admitted drug dealerers and former colleague convicted last year. >> and prosecutor said today that he knew this was a hard case from the beginning. but they felt it was one they had to pursue. and they have no regret. the district attorney's office did not return our request for comment and commissioner ramsey has said all along he will not support those officers to be reinstated to their jobs. they have to do the arbitration process. reporting live outside the federal process, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you annie. 16 people were indicted in connection with a string of violent robberies in philadelphia and montgomery county. prosecutors say the suspects use torture get what they wanted. two suspects are captured in this surveillance train a julie
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store in center city and in other cases the suspects water boardp and beat victims during home up vacations. >> president barack obama will visit camden monday. he'll bhet camden county police about their efforts to forth better relationships with the community. and camden was also recently designated one of eight federal promise zones a grant program meant to reduce crime and improve public health and boost economy. >> hockessin delaware has first new school in decade and namesake was on hand for tonight's ceremonial opening. william f. cook junior elementary school was named for long timed cater and former principal of the brandywine spring school who everybody knows as buzzy. this 16th school in red clay district will be able toybl hold 600 students, kindergarten through fifth grade. >> now philly leading the way. if you cannot get to the philadelphia museum of art this spring the art museum is coming to you. it is a new outdoor program
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nationally funded by the night foundation and philadelphia's only major city in the northeast, too have it. monica malpass is at the big board tonight in philly leading the way and monica sounds leak a great outreach program by the museum. >> it is, jim, so exciting. iconic art museum is trying something new to bring classical art and make it part of your over day life. the deal is it's a two year program that spans 2 different local neighbors, free, casual, around the corner, it's called inside out. >> mo'ne and szan are leaving neighborhood of art for a nibd here you this spring new program called inside out where reproductions are hung outside on courthouse walls schools restaurant, banks and in parks. the idea make art less formal, less intimidating and more fun. something you come across unexpectedly as you go about
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your day. >> they can encounter beautiful mo'ne on their way to get coffee in the morning or lunch break and they can see other artist and it's about casual fun interactions with art. >> five communities have 11 or more paintings each this spring. in media, delaware county, newtown bucks county, haddenfield, camden county, chestnut hill, east mt. airy and east passyunk avenue. the art will stay for three months and then the pieces moved to five newtowns in the fall. and each community has agreed to host at least one event and most will is weekly tours. >> from the biking tour and some at the dog walking tour. >> reproductions are to scale with period. frames and have marine grade finish to withstand the elements and heech has a description why cure ateers love it no art mystery something to reed for a few minutes. the home is to entertain folks that are too intimidated to visit the museum of art. >> what do you think it adds to
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neighborhood feeling. nice charm pretty. very pretty. >> beautification suitly. >> absolutely. ten more communities will get this art in 20 16 locally and folks in every neighborhood are being offered free admission to the art museum certain days. only detroit miami and ohio have similar programs. >> we're flood join the party. thank you monica. still to come on "action news" tonight, next, you can tell the difference between these men? confusion sentence the wrong one to prison for decades. and tonight we'll see minimum walk free and latest on tom brady after the deflategate deadline tonight. cecily. >> temperatures will inflate as we head into the weekend. i'm also tracking much needed rain and vile details on timing in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> and "action news" investigative reporter wenldy saltzman is looking into concerns that some children's safety may be at risk on their way to school. >> and jim we took hidden cameras to one of philadelphia's busiest intersections with
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tipster told us this crossing guard did everything but help kids cross the street on the way to school. see what we caught on camera and this public servant surprising response up next. >> and moms and mothers to be in south jersey get showered from gifts from the community tonight that and more when "action news"
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>> a virginia man is free tonight after spending 2 years behind bars for a rain he did not commit. michael mcalister was convicted in 1986 after the victim picked his picture out of a lineup. but, take a look at the man who really committed the crime. that man is serial rapist confessed and mcalister says he's looking forward to going fishing. >> parental most see this as a rule of nature.
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our kids should feel safe walking to and from school. but tonight "action news" goes undercover to investigate claims that the lives of certain students may be at risk. and there is a dangerous intersection where no one seems to be watching out for the kids. and investigative reporter wendy saltzman is here with sdlusive report. >> we witness young kids dart ago cross the road in front of cars and buses on their way to school and the shocking part is one person who you pay to make sure that walk is safe was not doing her job to protect them. >> it is 8:30 in the morning this bustling intersection and for kids that go to nearby schools it's a day of dodging traffic on this busy street. >> get out of the street girl. >> for crossing guards that's means it's prime time. >> they whistle. stop traffic and direct students to make sure everyone gets to class saferly that is unless you're this crossing guard at this highly trafficked corner.
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>> honey. >> no. i did not cross any children today. >> four four days and last three weeks we watched as crossing guard failed to cross a single student. >> i whole bunch of them crossed and did fine. >> some students bolt add cross the street. crowds of kids cross add loan. time after time. she pulls out her cellphone but never pull out a stop sign and never walks anyone across in facts never makes a move except to talk to other people walking by. >> you have ever seen her cross a kid. >> no. never. >> this tipster contacted us after he says he called the school district twice. >> i never seen anything like this day day in any life. she's standing on the newspaper stand all morning and don't even move. >> his daughter was killed crossing a different street when she was 1 2. now he's fearful another child may face that same fate. >> i want no parent to the go through what i went through you. >> when we approached her for a response she defended her technique saying in 7 years
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she's never had an accident. >> i'm not really interested in what you think. okay? i'm not interested. >> but we figured she might be interested in what her boss thinks. >> what i saw on that tape was unacceptable and against policy and training. >> we took our video to chief ininvestigate spore carl holmes who employs crossing guards with philadelphia police. >> we're disturbed and will address that employee. >> we clarified basics like they're charged with crossing children and walking with parents, too. >> i'm not in change of anything but me. that's who i'm in charge of. >> and that job sdpription requires stopping and directing mask i'm not standing out there in the street and stopping traffic. are you serious. you get out there and stop traffic. >> holmes promised immediate action as well as retraining for other crossing guards. he says even one day of not crossing kids is one day too many. >> it takes one day, one minute, one second for a child to be seriously hurt or killed and
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change people's lives forever. >> the guard are paid employees of the police department. they work four hours a day and make $58. police would note tell us if they were aware of previous complaintsing a saying it's a personnel matter. the day after we spoke with them the guard was on the job. we placed a number on where people can call in if they have complaints about crossing guards. >> i would not be surprised to hear some complaints about this crossing guard. >> we've heard some on-line already. >> thank you wendy. >> mothers and mothers to be turned out tonight for a community baby shower in sicklerville, new jersey. the event offered everything that parents need to know about raising little ones in addition to advice parents received product for children up to years old. it served a great networking opportunity for moms to meet other moms. >> in philadelphia leukemia and
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lymphoma society cut ribbon on new offices, north 20th street. they are dedicated to improving lives of patients suffering from blood cancers and helping to raise money to find a cure. let's get the latest on the accuweather forecast from meteorologist cecily tynan. >> did you enjoy today? >> it was a gorgeous day. >> we've got another one tomorrow. >> tomorrow? >> yes and get out and enjoy it because it does not last for the weekend. >> we don't deserve this. >> we do, we do. stromtracker double scan showing what we need is rain. none on the way tonight. we do have some clouds beginning to move in. and high, thin clouds and temperatures pretty comfortable out there philadelphia, 59, down from high of 72. and allentown 54. wilmington 58, millville dropped to 48 and sea isle city 56. if you have allergies good night to crack the window and let the please blow in. nice comfortable cool air and
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low humidity. we're seeing clouds advancing from southwest. they're thin clouds. so, tomorrow we'll see fillederd sunshine and not quite as bright as today but a nice day. 8:00, 59, we jump to 69 by 11. 2:00 73 and by 5:00, 77 degrees. a little warmer than today. but humidity will below. that's key. 46 degrees dew point tomorrow. that's very low. but that's it for a while. look what happens over the weekend. dew points into the 60s. 70 on monday and upper 60s tuesday. we have humid air on the way and some very warm air and unfortunately deja vu this is same exact setup last weekend. trough out to the west that jet stream causing severe weather across the planes could have outbreak of tornadoes across the heartland and strong ridge over our region winds out of the southwest. temperatures in the mid to upper
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80s. very humid with spotty thunderstorms in the afternoon. and saturday morning with warm front moving through we could also see showers. not a washout of a weekend but will be a little unsettled. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast nice day tomorrow. high clouds, but fillederd sunshine. low humidity. that's key. 78 degrees. on saturday, warm and humid with thunderstorms. high of 8. future tracker showing 5:00 you can see scattered thunderstorms not everyone will get them and those who do though will get a quick downpour with high humidity in the air. sunday repeat performance humid with afternoon thunderstorms and 88 degrees and on monday winds southeast bringing cooler air, humid, drizzle. 73 degrees. showers and thunderstorms tuesday with a cold front and back in bright sunshine with low humidity a day like today on wednesday and thursday. mostly sunny. beautiful again with high of 74 degrees. so enjoy tomorrow because things will change as we head through
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the weekend. >> really, really do deserve it. >> we do. >> absolutely. >> police athletic league held one of the biggest events of the year in center city philadelphia. police commissioner charles ramsey spoke to more than 800 attend hes and anythinger honored several local business leader for their contributions in helping philadelphia's young people. history came to life at iingt more i stone middle school in norriton tonight. students got dressed as historical figures and told stories to visitors this is only place on earth you could find any oakly and katherine help
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and it was the birth of b613. it's not the big gun. it's the only gun worth firing. i'll do whatever you want me to do. fitz: do you think i'll make a good president? i think you'll make a great president. we have one goal. to bring down my father and to shut down b613 for good. to do what is to do what is to do what is to do what is to do what is to do what is to do what is
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to do what is to do what is >> afternoon baseball phillies evening up series. >> jim, everyone once in a while phillies show signs ever brilliance. one of those days. when aaron har answering was signed it was an afterthought. now let's give it more thought. harang tupd out to be the most consistent start they are season. phillies taking on vance worley and pie rots. it's 2-0 phils harang on point. 8 innings of shutout ball. he strikes out 6. how about ryan howard? in the fifth inning. to do what is to do what is to do what is to do what is to do what is to do what is to do what is to do fullys win 4-2. hours goes 4-2. >> when a player like ryan can get hot and do things the rest of the lineup can settle in and chip away and do the things they've been doing. >> phils host arizona tomorrow.
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eagles are ahead of the game now have all six of 2015 draft picks signed. jordan hicks agreed to four year deal today and third round selection out of texas was surprise pick considering number of inside line backers eagles already have. >> nfl player's association is holding one tom brady union filed an appear on his behalf and trying to get the four game suspension over turned. union is asking an independent arbitrator rule in the matter not commissioner robert guidele and per the agreement he can appoint himself to be the arbitrate traitor and according to reports tonight he will indeed do so. >> still ahead the nba playoffs lebron james does it to bulls again.
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as teachers, we're on the front lines fighting to give every child the education they deserve. every child in every kind of school. jim kenney is the one we trust to be a mayor for all our kids. jim kenney. he's committed to providing pre-k in philadelphia and he'll work with communities and parents to turn around poor-performing schools. i trust jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. he'll be a mayor for all of philadelphia. there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters.
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i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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>> sixers will send nerlens noel to midtown man at an to represent sglem ky limit e irving misses most of the game with an ankle injury. lebron finishes high of triple double. cavs win and will face washington atlanta series winner. second time lebron sent the bulls home for the summer. >> finally tonight talented young musicians gave a concert to remember tonight ♪is spring concert at overbrook school fort blind and theme of show tonight i am here. it was a celebration of life and courage in juniata park tonight more than 100 men and women that survived cancer were honored at an event at the cancer treatment centers of america in addition to recognizing those that bravely battled the disease tonight's dinner also served as a message of hope for those who continue to suffer.
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>> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". jimmy's guest amy shumer, chris ludicrous bridges and music from jose gonzalez. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good
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♪ from hollywood! amy schumer, chris "ludacris" bridges, and music from jose gonzalez! here's jimmy kimmel! ♪


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