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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  May 16, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning, 5:30 on this saturday may 16th. here are stories we are following for you on "action news". new focus in the investigation of the deadly train crash in port richmond why investigators are intently looking at one spot, on the the engine's windshield. philadelphia police investigate a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted a at a olde city restaurant. students from hundreds of high schools across the country compete in the stotesberry cup regatta on the schuylkill river.
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meteorologist chris sowers has a look at the what weather they will be facing head out this morning. >> june-like. very warmer temperatures. >> steamy. >> yes, lets go out live to sky six you will notice increase in humidity but this morning we are still comfortable. we have temperatures in the 50's and 60's and dew points holding in the 50's as well. it is more humid then yesterday at this time but when you look at the bigger picture it is fairly comfortable. fifty-six right now in trenton. the these are actual air temperatures. upper 50's north and west philadelphia. 60 degrees. millville 60. shore points coming in at 59. satellite six with action radar this right here the activity pushing by to the north, this is associated with a warm front that is slicing through mid-atlantic state this morning. underneath of it we have very warm and sticky air that will start sliding in. with that increase in humidity runs chance of hours and then are storms today and tomorrow. sun and cloud for accu wet they are afternoon. be on the look out for a thunderstorm late in the day after 4:00 o'clock.
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march from west to east. maybe in the city by seven or 8:00. muggy today. we are looking for a high of 85. tomorrow temperatures increases, a little bit. weekend doesn't look that bad. once again there is a chance of the couple showers and thunderstorms. seven day forecast when i come back in a few minutes we will continue up the heat. summer like humidity. numerous chances beyond sunday of showers and storms and much needed rain. i will have timing and details in ten minutes. eva. >> thanks, chris. the fbi is looking into the investigation into the deadly train crash amtrak 188. they are taking a look at a issuing will shaped fracture on the driver's left side of the windshield. the the question is did something hit the train, just before the the train accelerated and crashed in port richmond on tuesday night killing eight people. "action news" reporter dan cuellar has more on the search for answers. >> reporter: fbi was examining the windshield of the amtrak train 188, now located in the secure area in delaware.
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win healed was damaged during crash but there are a a couple of fractures that the fbi has been asked to focus on. >> windshield was shattered but there was a particular damage there that we want them to look at the. >> reporter: this comes after a conductor on the train reports hearing engineer talking on the radio to the engineer of septa trenton line train number 769 that had been struck by an object and had to make an emergency stop but there were no injuries. that was at 9:10 p.m. a five minutes earlier a a acela train had been struck in the same area as well. conduct's board train 188 now tells investigators this. >> she also believes that she heard her engineer say something about his train being struck by something. >> reporter: surveillance video obtained by "action news" shows train speeding by and then a few moment later at 9:21 flashes of light when train derailed. brandon bostian to talk with ntsb investigators. >> we found him to be extremely cooperative. >> reporter: engineer was asked if he recall having a
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conversation with the septa engineer about being hit by a projectile. >> did he not recall anything on have that sort but there again, he does not he reported that he does not have any recollection of anything past north philadelphia. >> reporter: fbi has been fanning outlooking for surveillance that might prove helpful to the investigation. meanwhile with the wreckage new removed amtrak has been moving full speed to restore service between new york and philadelphia, hoping to do so by tuesday. in port richmond i'm dann cuellar for channel six a "action news". a passenger on that southbound acela train hit by some sort of object is speaking out about the impact. the man said he heard a loud banging sound and saw circular pattern of shattered glass in the window. that happened when the train was just outside of philadelphia. he said he heard it was likely a rock or debris but he says, whatever it was hit with force. >> it was a pretty substantial
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shatter mark and with a noise that we were surprise at how deep that projectile that did run. >> when the train stopped and amtrak officer boarded and took pictures of the damage then the train went on its way. mid ship men from the naval academy gathered in new york yet to say good bye to their friend justin zemser, he was kill in the crash on his way home for break. you see the the future military men and with men are trained to be stoic but they could in the control their grief. stay with "action news" throughout the weekend for development in the amtrak train derailment investigation, and you can get latest information on six, and on our social media accounts. new this morning a woman says she was sexually assaulted at a restaurant in olde city. police interviewed her overnight. woman said at salt happened around 1:00 inside cuba a libre restaurant and rum baron south second street. we are told would the man was a customer, police have have not made an arrest.
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also new this morning police in cherry hill, new jersey are investigating a shooting at a motel overnight it happened at the inn of the do have, on the 700 block of cuthbert boulevard at 3:00 this morning. police arrived they found a blood stain shirt in the parking lot but no victim. they late are learned that a man was dropped off at cooper university hospital with several gunshot wound and he is in critical condition. police discovered a woman assaulted inn identify a car who was treated at the scene. philadelphia police are investigating a claim of the witness that a man tossed a baby off the railroad bridge at 68th and kingsessing. the search was suspended for the night surveillance video shows a man and woman walking away from the grid, at the same time the witness reported seeing a man kiss the baby, and then throw it off the bridge. the despite searching miles of track below police have found no trace of a baby. investigators still don't know what caused 14 people to get sick at the postal will
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facility on route 130 in hamilton township. hazmat came into take tests but there is in word what caused the super sweet odor. one person passed out while 13 others were treated at the scene. officials say they could not find any spilled powders or liquid residue. the 21 year-old convicted in the boston marathon bombing is now the youngest person, on federal death row. it took just 14 hours of deliberations for federal jury in boston to sentence dzhokhar tsarnaev to death the by lethal injection. the federal jury dismissed the defense attorney's notion that he was a kid who had fallen under the influence of the extremist older brother. they sentenced him to death on six charges, all related to one of the pressure cooker bombs that exploded at the race. tsarnaev showed no visible reaction the to the verdict. survivors and first responders, this was their reaction. >> we have justice now. he wanted to go to hell and he will get there. >> once the verdict came in it
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was like okay, we can start from here and go forward and really feel like it is behind us now. >> three people died in the blast, and more than 260 were injured. years of a appeals for tsarnaev are expected. an assistant football coach and teachers aid in the bethlehem area school district is now facing charges for allegedly having sex with a 15 year-old student. adam bednarik is charged with statutory sexual assault and related accounts. authority say he began flirting with the girl in the late 2013 and sent her inappropriate text. they had sex last august. former pennsylvania teacher a accused of having inappropriate contact with the student is now facing new allegations. twenty-three year-old coal mclaughlin was a middle schoolteacher for south allegheny school district in allegheny county. resigned last month amid allegations he hug kissed and sexed a 12 year-old middle school student. police say a high school
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student has come forward accusing mclaughlin of sending her nude photos, and fondling her in class. he is facing charges including institutional sexual assault. now later today thousands of rowers will hit the schuylkill river for eighty-ninth annual stotesberry cup regatta 180 high schools took part in day one of heat yet. final races will take place on the river today and a portion of the kelly drive will remain closed while rowers are racing. traffic is being detoured through fairmount park. much more to come on "action news" this sat the day morning, with the lower temperatures comes the bugs, consumer reports tested some repellants and we have result. plus where snow is falling, yes in mid-may chris. >> eve, those poor folks out west don't get a single flake of snow all winter long and we are midway and snows every three or four days out there. the but spring-like showers and thunderstorms this weekend. higher humidity levels.
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for long lasting protection and beauty. and i'm the only one who's got it. olympic elite. for exceptional beauty and protection that lasts. olympic. simply. done. exclusively at lowe's. introducing olympic rescue it! light. transform lightly worn wood and concrete into beautiful barefoot friendly surfaces. stop by lowe's and save $5 per gallon. at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between... ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. it is looking a lot more like winter, then may in parts of the arizona this weekend. more than 7 inches of snow fell in flag staff yesterday and that meant dusting off the snowplows, to clear the the city street. winter storm came just days after more than five and a half inches of snow a week earlier, most of the fresh
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snow was expect to dissipate by this morning. but i would be mad with snow in may. >> i think everybody else would be ticked too. >> wouldn't you. >> i have to be honest as much as i like snow, i would not enjoy tonight mid-may. it is funny how things are panning out they don't get any snow all winter long. some ski resorts cannot open because of the lack of snow and now we are in may and snowing there every three or four days. not talking about an inch or two but six or seven or 8 inches a pop. weather is not cooperating out there. for us out here, as we look live at sky six and view of atlantic city, it will be a nice weekend. it will be warm and sticky for may standard but fact that it is weekend and we are seeing sun, i think a lot of you will be happy with the forecast i am about to bring you. 60 degrees in philadelphia 57 in will allentown trenton. fifty-six. and shore points coming in at 59. due points have have come up from where they were yesterday at this time but these are
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comfortable. the as long as we stay under that 60-degree mark the with the dew point it remains comfortable. warm front is in the process of pushing through. it has now gone through d.c. and that will push north during the course of the the day. so these comfortable levels will increase during the afternoon. you will feel the thickness in the air thickness to the airy should say rather as we move on. following right have after lunchtime when we start to notice increase in humidity. later this afternoon in the evening hours we have a chance of the couple showers and thunderstorms. these are with the front that is arcing like this. these will pull to the north but in time we will see more showers and thunderstorms redevelop. all this out here radar starting to light up nicely here but this all should pass by to the north, in the poconos and lehigh valley maybe a quick hitting thunderstorm in the next couple of hours or a brief shower but then that pull is a way. everybody fair game after four or 5:00 this afternoon. surface maps looking like this warm front will punch through. we will get in the warm sector
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today and tomorrow. front can only go far because it will event they are cooler weather to the north and that will weigh heavily on the front. the front will return in the area as a back door cold front. we are on the warm side of that front come sunday so both today and tomorrow warm and soupy out there feeling more like middle of um iser. machine that front pushes through. we will pick up wind off the ocean again, temperatures drop back down in the 70's and we will see decrease in humidity. here's saturday and sunday, sun and cloud both days, showers and thunderstorms after four or 5:00 this afternoon. they will march on through from west to east. these thunderstorms have a possibility of drenching downpours maybe a good gust of wind 40, 50 miles an hour but anything we feel at this time should stay under severe criteria. we are in the looking at widespread severe weather just thunderstorms with heavier downpours. same thing for sunday, sun and included and one or two showers or storms, could pop up. forecast for today we will say sun, cloud sticky. eighty-five normal. we should be around 74.
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watch out for that thunderstorm late. wind southwest at 15th five to 15 miles an hour. couple evening thunderstorms around otherwise partly cloudy warm and sticky, 64 degrees in the suburbs. sixty-eight for center city. in the exclusive seven day forecast we are up to 86 degrees for tomorrow. both today and tomorrow mid 80's warm, humid couple thunderstorms around in the afternoon. monday, cooler with limited sun, we will see a high of 77 degrees. it will feel better by tuesday, even though temperatures are warmer, dew points come way down. showers and thunderstorms cold front battles through wednesday, thursday, and friday, all look nice at this point, sun and cloud each and every day high temperature in the mid to upper 70's. real summer like weekend coming up, warm, sticky and thunderstorm. >> pony tail weather. >> yes. time for high school graduations which means time for the the best of the class. matt o'donnell and tamala edward hosted the celebration of the high school valedictorian is a cross the delaware valley. tam has more on what they have to say about their future
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plans. >> reporter: how did they plan to change the world. >> it starts at all levels, so i hope, to become a doctor and help my community. >> reporter: some want to make their mark on medicine. >> i hope to be a doctor. i hope to have a career in biomedical engineering where i figure out alternative solutions and ways to help, people in the future. >> my sister is specializing in pediatrics and we want to open up a clinic, for the families that are less fortunate and do not have health insurance. >> reporter: or set on a career in science. >> hopefully, i will end up working with nasa, studying black holes and unravel those mystery and give back to the scientific community and get down history for something amazing. >> reporter: tamala edward for channel six "action news". you can hear more from these students on six abc best of the the class special tonight right here on six abc at 7:00 p.m.
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with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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now elsewhere this morning consumer advocates have a big victory, and mechanically tenderized beef will have to be and meets like steaks and roasts are tender icing it but that raises risk of spreading dangerous bacteria likee coal i. if you cook your meat rare, it could still be there. mechanically beef has to be cooked to a higher temperature
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to make sure that it is, safe. many survivors of the derail train accident in, port richmond, are still bat egg physical wound and many will also likely face, psychological issues as well. health reporter registered nurse allie gorman explains. >> reporter: remnants of the tuesday night's deadly train derailment are now being cleared from the scene but the the psychological effects for many survivors will likely linger on. this psychiatrist, with einstein belmont comprehensive treatment says that typically, after a traumatic event people are in shock, or disbelief the first few days. but by day three the symptoms of acute stress disorder, can set in. >> it might have recurring memories of the event so they keep thinking about it, or over and over again. >> reporter: some may have rear current dreams of the accident or even flashbacks. >> so, i'm almost feeling like i'm back in the train compartment, you know, going through the crash.
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>> reporter: he says these symptoms are common after a traumatic event. >> i think this was probably largest mass casualty event in the region. >> reporter: doctor gerald widerow said they combater alleyed what they are seeing first, adrenaline is running high so they can focus on treating patients but he says after tuesday night reality will set in. >> when we were talking among ourselves especially right after the event because people were pretty up it about just one of the volume of patient that is came from. it is very overwhelming for sure some people had very severe injuries. >> reporter: they say talking about what happened is one of the best therapies. but it is symptoms last for more than three to four weeks or if someone just can't function day to day, then it is time to talk to a mental health professional. allie gorman for channel six "action news".
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new report concerns that conditional malice taking longer to reach destination because the of the cuts to the postal service. agency says fewer letters bills and birthday card are arriving on time, only 63 percent of first-class mail is meeting delivery deadlines. the postal service blames financial troubles, and a snowy winter that grounded flights, and disrupted services. mosquitoes and tics spread diseases like west nile and lime disease and some are now carrying, new diseases, chicken gonna and and
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effective but without harsh chemicals. consumer reporter nydia han has the results. >> reporter: fine is important but most contain harsh chemicals. consumer reports went into more safer yet effective alternatives. consume are reports testers reached into a cage, filled with 200, hungry mosquitoes. all that defied disease free but they are ferocious. other testers exposed their arms to tics this is not treated this area is. the it is the repellant is effective tics make a u turn in the line. if it fails if two tics crossed over in the treated area consumer reports tested 15 different spray on formula some contain the the active inn greed yet deet. >> it is effective repellant but it can come with serious side effects like rashes, disorientation and even seizures. so our experts say you should
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avoid products more than 3 percent deet. >> reporter: consumer reports tested several non-deet alternative, these contain oils like lemon grass and rose marie. >> we found that the natural usual a repellants were not effective at all but we found non-deet products that really work. >> reporter: one of the best repel with lemon and consumer reports top rated this sawyer fisherman's formula that contained, 20 percent, which is similar to a compound found in black pepper plants. both are safer than deet and consumer reports found they protect against mosquitoes and tics for the at least seven hours. oil and lemon and pickardare in made in the lab and keep lemon from your eyes because it can cause, eye injury. also don't use it on children under three. a safer choice is pickdin but it can cause irritation to the eyes skin and lungs. i'm nydia han for channel six
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"action news". we have much more coming up on "action news" saturday morning. mad max is back and just as serious as before we will look at the new film hitting thief their includes a very bald theron. your own custom made potato chip bag. details on how to you can make your very own. stay with us, we will be right back. eucalyptus. pick card inn.
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good morning after the o'clock on this saturday may 16th who arer stories we are following on "action news". what is in that fracture on the driver's left window following deadly crash of amtrak 188 that is now the focus of a federal investigation in port richmond. and a car lands upside down after crashing into a business in hunting park, overnight, sending a woman to the hospital in serious condition. plus, we have a return of summer-like warm and muggy temperatures across the delaware valley. meteorologist chris sowers say we should be thankful it is not snowing right. >> yes snow in the mid of the may is wild. live on sky six, it is snowing out west, go figure but no, we don't have anything like that here around the delaware valley. it will feel summer-like


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