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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  May 18, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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>> good morning, everyone, 6:00, monday may 18, tam it off nydia han joins us and here's what's happening. >> chopper 6 live over amtrak northeast corridor trains are running for the first time since
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deadly derailment. >> president obama will visit cam don't discuss how police are working with the community. >> accuweather is tracking threat of popup shower or thunderstorm today. >> details from david murphy and accuweather and karen rogers has a look at roads. >> it's a good looking morning so far. sun getting ready to break behind clouds. minimum of clouds and some blues showing. satellite and radar showing you that. sprinkles down south. not amounting to everything and falling off the map quickly. later today, clouds mixing with sun and popup shower or thunderstorm possible. so far so good on that score. as we look at temperatures. 71 degrees in philadelphia. still 65 allentown. 69 wilmington. it's a little bit on the muggy side across the region. and as we roll through the afternoon we stay humid and we get real warm by noon, 84 degrees. high today 85 around:00 and by 3bg, 83. notice how i have placed a thunderstorm icon at 3:00 and 6:00 really any time after lunchtime spotty hours to or thunderstorms are possible.
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we also have pollen treating us better over the next several days. we're in medium range today probably low range tuesday and wednesday and popping back up on thursday. so ponl season not done certainly a break coming up. we have a break in the general weather pattern come around wednesday. i'll have details on that in the accuweather 7-day. karen. >> all right. david, big news today amtrak is running again between philadelphia and new york city. the first train left at 5:53 a few minutes ago and trenton line will also run today. here's the difference. it's not stopping at the north philadelphia station and outbound trains are not stopping at the harer ford or bridesburg station or tacony. bridesburg or tacony trenton line not stopping. because of that we expect delays the first train left 35 minutes late and those delays will spill out on cherry hill east line we think because a lot of trains that run on trenton line stop at cherry hill east.
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here we're looking the attack owny palmyra bridge. stick to turnpike connector bridge. looking live ben franklin. westbound traffic headed to center city. we have ongoing construction blocking right lane. no delays yet. as you look in this picture a touch of fog in the area. so we expect reduced visibility through the region, matt. >> thank you karen. amtrak northeast corridor is fully operational. this comes less than a week after the derailment disaster that killed 8 people and injured more than 2 0 0. "action news" has full coverage and chopper 6 is live over 30th street station where paerms are boarding amtrak train 110 which bill take them to new york city for first time in six days and "action news" reporter katherine scott is live inside the terminal with more on that you good morning katherine. matt, mayor nutter was here greating passengers as they boarded train this morning. i checked the board. it's still posted as boarding. it has not taken off yet. it should soon.
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that is where passengers are reporting this morning. you can see the lines are gone. everyone is getting on the train. but it's scheduled to take off at 5:53 it's running late this morning. late yesterday afternoon a service was held at the site to remember the 8 people who lost their lives and more than 200 injured. the investigation is underway into what caused train to accelerate to more than twice the speed limit as it approached the curve and then derailed. they're looking to reports something may have struck the windshield before the crash. on friday federal regulators were told to use automatic train control system to trains near northbound side that's not fully operational on northbound tracks but long been in effect on the southbound stretch. we spoke with passengers about what they felt like getting on the first train to new york. >> we travel very efficiently and very cost effectively and in a very busy corridor. i'm a believer in amtrak and the
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people who work at amtrak. i believe they did the right safe things to get us back on track to new york. >> yeah most people i spoke to this morning felt confident. they also felt even more sure now that additional safeguards are in place this morning. right now they're looking live at amtrak train information board now. it's posted on boarding and it looks like this is supposed to take off in the next couple minutes. it was set to take off 5:53 obviously running late this morning. live 30th street station. katherine scott, >> thank you katherine. 6:05 i 295 is back open this morning after deadly box truck crash. new jersey state police say the single vehicle crash in the northbound lanes caused the truck to catch fire. one person was killed. the crash on highway closed for hours overnight. >> investigators are still searching for cause of massive fire in plymouth township.
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flames tore through philadelphia flooring and suntech blinds early yesterday morning. residents were told to shelter in place. one firefighter suffered a hand injury and he's expected to be okay. >> happening today jury selection is scheduled to begin in trial of buck county man carriageed with killing a pregnant woman and her 4-year-old daughter. and investigators say dna evidence links marcelle johnson to killings of ebony talley and her daughter ramani rankins they were stand to death in november 2013. also tally's unborn child did not survive the attack. john season set the apartment on fire to try to cover up the murders. >> president obama pays a visit to camden new jersey today. the president will meet with camden county police officials to discuss how police are forming better relationships with the community. camden was recently designated one of 8 federal promise zones. a grant program meant to reduce
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crime improved public health and boost economy. >> pennsylvania prime aarry is tomorrow on ballot the democratic primary for philadelphia mayor. and democratic primaries for superior court and commonwealth court justices stay it "action news" and for complete coverage. >> planes are expected to be backed people preferring to pick the exercise to pravel i mean travel. liver at the nasdaq in times scare. >> good morning you to matt, book summer travel times now. airlines say this will be busiest travel time ever. they estimate 222 million of us will be on an airplane between june and august. >> it seems target is getting health conscious. retailer says process food sold by draft craft campbell soup and others will move up the
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totem pole. >> talking stocks. stocks ended week mixed and that's the direction futures look like they point to as we start the week. due thought week housing sector picture. and gloucester premium outlets want to hire 800 people at the new mall. they will be holding a hiring fair june 12 come camden county college blackwood campus. nydia always nice to see new jobs. >> absolutely. >> it's cooler. >> ever hear of that. >> no. >> check out. >> lots of preemious outlets. >> i will. stormtracker 6 live double skap. we're mainly dry across the region. we were tracking a couple light sprinkles and showers popping down. now a little further down to south jersey falling part. light nuisance stuff. as we look outside clouds mixing with sunshine across the region as sun is in the process of
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popping up over the horizon and little mild and little on muggy side this morning. 71 currently in philadelphia. still 69 wilmington. mid 6 0s allentown 'and reading and lancaster and 68 trenton and 68 readings on the boardwalk in sea isle city. future tracker hows us clouds and sun through the morning and up to 12:00 on the lookout for spotty showers between 12 and 3 however you can see how the stuff begins to develop better in the what we call convective portion of afternoon. warmer portion where it's easier to pop downpours. we will in some spots see downpour producing showers and thunderstorms. more of the same by:00. evening rush hour dry. some of you may slum it down because of downpour activity and later tonight 11:00 through wee hours of the morning we'll be on the lookout for additional showers and thunderstorms and could be overnight where you
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hear a rumle of thunder or woken up by. it tonight 10:00, channel 7 and here on 6abc at 11 both adam joseph and cecily tynan will track this stuff for you and let you no he what it looks like and whether or not you can expect something overnight. by 4:30 tomorrow morning we're back here on the air and we may have a little to show you on stromtracker. up in allentown today, warm and on the muggy side. spotty thunderstorm as you just saw can't be ruled out and we'll go for high of 80 in the lehigh valley. down the shore cooler, next to cooler ocean walter. high around 73. mix of clouds and sun. also a bit on the muggy side and chance of thunderstorm still exists in the afternoon. 85 the high in philadelphia. clouds and sun. humid, thunderstorms at times. and wind running east at 6 to is 2 himes an hour. not all that blustery unless you're ahead of downpour pour and then you can get brief blustery winds. warm and humid today, tomorrow two more days of this before a cold front comes in and sweeps
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it offer the wooingt. mid 80s chance of spotty shower or thunderstorm both days. behind this on wednesday beautiful weather. 7. much cooler below average temperatures wednesday and thursday and pleasant conditions. and then we're back up to 78 friday. holiday weekend starts out great. 74 saturday. sunshine. 81 partly sunny on sunday. and memorial day probably ifest of the three days and we'll have a return of humidity and long range forecast is for maybe a popup shower or thunderstorm. >> okay. thanks david. >> 6:11 and chopper 6 is live around 30th street station where yes, amtrak's northeast corridor is now officially fully operational with the first train there leaving for new york city in nearly a week. karen. >> that affects so many people. better news right there. looking outside live in delaware county blue route near route 3 seeing traffic moving nicely here. live to chester county when "action news" comes right back.
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>> chopper 6 over amtrak train 110 roll around northeast corridor leaving 30th street station from fold new york in six days since of course deadly
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derailment of amtrak train 118. >> they're doing it one day early. tuesday, apping today so important for commuters. >> so many affected by that. amtrak septa line back up and running. we'll go live to the schuylkill. breaking news. accidents coming into us now. can you see the car totally facing sideways on the schuylkill. this is eastbound at girard. just happened a couple minutes ago. hard to see from the chop. police are on the scene with this accident. and it's all blocking left lanes. you see traffic squeezing by in one lane on the schuylkill expressway eastbound looks like a single vehicle accident with car facing sideways across the roadway. schuylkill eastbound girard coming in expect delays there. we have other problems here newspaperer darby township line road near west chester pike. we have a fracture trailer fire and it's now extinguished and we have crews on the scene with that. expect some delays there. and university city, it's penn's commencement 10: 15 you will see
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extra congestion as you head out. in port richmond small street closures remaining because of amtrak investigation and repairs through there. we want to look at another accident shut down in montgomery county, douglass township between tlush and varmay drive use route 100 good test around the problem. eastbound heading to downing up to. no 345eu78 or delays at this point. i would say if coming in from parksburg or coatsville you're looking good. i say it's impacting traffic right now. let's look first at the visibility reports five mile visibility philadelphia international and 2.5 lancaster and that's improvement. two mile visibility and stormtracker 6 double scan and sprinkle near khardz fort route 1 media bypass and say em49
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andelmer near route 40. and accidents keep coming in >> new video of heavy flames in blocked mode billowing into the sky. oxford made a hard landing in awahu yesterday. the extent of injuries is not known. >> consumer reports ranks new smart phones and those made by apple are not on the top. here's today's "tech bytes". >> consumer reports released latest smart phone rankings. >> samsung galaxy s 5 debuted over a year ago and took the top spot. lgg 3 took top and galaxy s 6 tied for iphone six for third place and lgb 3 second place.
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>> the tech giant about to have a buy button. it's expectsed to roll out over the next few weeks and chilis is changing the way it serves food in order to make it more visually appealing on instagram. >> changes include placing fries in stainless steel containers and serving burgers on more photo againic buns. >> he everybody as a picture of your food you want it to look good. >> we eat our food. 6:18 gonzalez, 15 years after custody battle. cuban adult speaks out about the childhood rescue that made him fame us in "abc news" exclusive.
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>> 6:0 monday morning. >> all aboard check it out. >> chuck at "action news" has this technology giving you live signal from moving amtrak train. that's train number 110 and you know what might be kind of passing around that area where that horrible accident took place yes approaching curve just in a couple moments here now. i'm sure all the passengers on the train all headed to new york city are probably going to have moments of reflection as they see the site which is now obviously all cleaned up but which we saw that horrible, horrible derailment take place almost a week ago. bottom line here, northeast corridor service now fully restored and amtrak train number 110 taking first passenger from philadelphia to new york city. >> things starting to get back to normal. >> right. >> affecting so many people
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having no service on amtrak. search a good deal. let's go over what's resuming here. amtrak resumed. fine between philadelphia and fork city. trenton line also resumed. we're expecting problems because we have a one our delay.pect delays with trenton line and chestnut hill east line and west trenton running okay. big problems schuylkill expressway looking wide at the schuylkill now. just ahead accident involving vehicle facing sideways and blocking two left lanes only one lane gez by. eastbound is jammed past city avenue to girard. >> on the big board we're starting out with temperatures in the 60s. it's humid out there again today as we get to afternoon in particular there's chance of popup showers or thunderstorms. high today 85. early did the nay 2bg.
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temperatures dip. humidity stays in place and that thunderstorm chance is out. there and checking wide view across the country. showers down south and western tennessee western kentucky and parts of southern states everybody else just a little spot spotty precipitation main focus is severe weather in texas. on the big board all green aircraft no major delays or sign of rain in any of our most frequently traveled destinations east coast and great lakes. nydia. >> thank you. "healthcheck" this morning new data shows many parents wait too long before mentioning child's behavioral problem to doctor. doctor's at cs children's hospital university of michigan says one in five u.s. children experience behavioral or mental health problem. doctors say you should note possible signs like difficulty organizing homework and one month of sadness or tantrum worse for other people.
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katherine scott is live at 0th street station you'll hear from
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>> new on "action news" violent outburst at a weekend party in lehigh valley led to several arrests. 200 block creek road badge to find a brawl had broken out. dozens of people were on the street in the northampton county community. two of them were stabbed.
6:27 am
a third person had a head wound and expectant mother went into labor. they were all taken to the hospital. police arrested three people for simple assault and disorderly conduct. >> 15 years after gaining international attention elian gonzalez has message for american people. "abc news" jim avala has exclusive interview with gonzalez. they seized him from a home in miami and returned him to his father in cuba. the 21-year-old is opening up about present situation and future. >> i want to time to give my love to american people. >> soo l see the interview on "good morning america" following this newscast and watch it on world news at one time david muir and "nightline". >> amtrak takes a big snep road to recovery.
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>> full service restored along the northeast corridor and septa lines impacted by last week's train tragedy. complete coverage is next.
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>> breaking news and happening now on "action news." all systems go for amtrak and septa lines that were disruned by last week's deadly derailment on the screen on left is live action cam shot from inside that very first amtrak train to leave 30th street station and on right, chopper 6 live over that same train. a dispute among motorcycle gangs turns deadly outside a busy texas restaurant. now police there are worried about more violence. >> school bus drags a little girl down the street leaving frantic neighbors


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