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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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middletown and townsend also three light mic anyone strikes associated with it. , see how it's really just sitting there. we have a frontal boundary that's laying there and is moving very slowly so that means ringing out a lot of moisture in a short period of, as much as 2-inches in that area so the national weather service just about 30 seconds ago has issued a flood advisory for central and western new castle county until 8 o'clock. again, one to 2 inches of rain has already fallen. more will likely fall so this is a good time to remind our viewers turn around, don't drown. if you drive into an area were the roads are flooded you really do want to turn around and go the other way. the reason why we have this all focused south and west of philadelphia is that a front moved through, a back door cold front and this has brought a tremendous temperature difference. trenton is 62, the boardwalk in atlantic city is 65 degrees and a very stable air mass. however, wilmington delaware it's 76 and lancaster currently it's 79 degrees so
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that's why all that focus right now is across delaware. now a wider view on double scan live showing once this frontal boundary washes out in the overnight hours, if you look to the west, you can see a lot of scattered activity across central and western pennsylvania and this will be moving in during your morning tomorrow. details on what this means for your morning commute and when we finally dry things out coming up in the full accuweather forecast. monica. >> all right, cecily, thank you. of course stay ahead of the changes in the weather by checking you can always find live storm tracker six radar in that seven-day forecast also get the very latest from our team of meteorologists. >> in other news the search is on for a man seen breaking into several businesses in south philadelphia. police say the suspect has taken money and cell phones and in each burglary he's worn the same disguise. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at police headquarters tonight with that surveillance video. chad. >> reporter: hey, rick. all the commercial break-ins happened this month and this thief is good at concealing
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his identity but police want people to look at this surveillance video. this is surveillance of the first break in on may first around 2:30 a.m. after trying to work the lock for 20 minutes at the cell phone store on the 600 block of washington avenue, he decides to just kick in and shatter the glass dorm he made off with several cell phones. the next morning he busted out the back door at city pizza on oregon avenue. his loot there a few bucks in change a soda and a bag of chips. >> there's no need for it. the guy's going to spend more time in jail for breaking in stores and getting pennies than what it's worth. >> reporter: police say he last struck on may tenth. after struggling with the register for several minutes he ran off empty handed. linda star cone says it's the first break in in 97 years and an inconvenience replacing the glass door. >> around $900 and the two new
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registers, that's going to be five, 600 more, all for nothing. didn't even steal a cookie. [laughter] >> reporter: in all the crime the thief is dressed head to toe to conceal his identity and prevent police from getting a good description. he also wears a small backpack. >> we have increased patrols in the area. hopefully looking for the individual and coming across this individual but again it's one of those things where we can always use the help of the public if they see an individual like this. >> it's just a shame that it's like this any more. everywhere you go you hear things. it's just getting worse and worse. >> reporter: and while it is tough to get a good look at that suspect police say when you're out in the early morning hours especially the way the weather is getting it's getting much warmer and you see someone dressed head to toe like that, call police. i'm live outside of police headquarters, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> thank you, chad. new information tonight on the deadly train derailment last week in philadelphia. sources now tell "action news" officials have concluded that damage to the train's window
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was not caused by a bullet and that the excessive speed of the train combined with the force of the sudden brake led to the derailment that killed eight people. this comes the same day that amtrak trains began rolling again between philadelphia and new york. "action news" was broadcasting live video as the train departed philadelphia early this morning. federal regulators ordered amtrak to expand the use of their automatic train control system to northbound trains near the crash site. today two center city law firms announced the first lawsuits against amtrak from seriously injured passengers. their clients include a new york city ad executive that was in the first car that overturned. >> somehow he ended up below the train. he's not exactly sure why. it fractured his ribs bruised his lungs knocked out his teeth. >> the attorneys represent a total of four passengers hurt in last week's derailment. today they called the engineer it's actions "unfathomable and
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unconscionable." >> nine people killed several others hurt in a gun battle in the parking lot of a restaurant in waco texas. several biker gangs were behind the deadly violence. officials say the twin peaks restaurant has been shut down following yesterday's brawl. more than 150 suspected gang members were arrested in the incident. each suspect is charged with engaging in organized crime and each is being held on $1 million bond. we'll have a live report with the very latest coming up in our next half hour. the u.s. marine corps says one marine is in critical condition tonight, three others hospitalized after an osprey crashed in hawaii over the weekend. one marine was killed in the training exercise. 17 others on board were treated for injuries and have been released. the expeditionary unit hasn't released the alternate. marine killed. military officials say the incident is under investigation. >> one community in delaware county is dealing with hundreds of dead fish.
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they have been showing up along the shore line of a neighborhood lake. it's raising questions but also creating a foul odor. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is live tonight at the lake in ridley park with more. sarah. >> reporter: sharrie every so often there's a faint fish odor in the iran you can see just how pitch black the waters of ridley lake are right now. people live around here say that's not normal at all. and all along the edges of this lake there are dead fish everywhere. residents noticed the problem yesterday and called "action news" today hoping we could help them get some answers. >> just see a lot of dead fish. >> reporter: the waters along the banks of ridley lake are filled with fish all sizes, trout, carp. >> looks about 30, 40. all up and down the bank and all so. >> reporter: this is a popular park here in ridley park. people come here to fish and hold family gatherings. today they couldn't help but notice the dead fish and that
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foul fishy odor in the air. >> it smells really fishy and gross. >> reporter: this afternoon borough workers were out skimming the surface of the water trying to clean up the lake of the dead fish. jessica gray lives nearby. she called "action news" when she couldn't get an answer from officials as to what was going on. >> i'm worried about what's going on in the lake. i'm worried about the fish. we have a lot of wildlife here. we have a lot of birds that eat the fish. turtles, frogs. >> reporter: borough councilman james glen met us at the lake. he said the department of environmental protection came out yesterday and took samples. they've determined that recent runoff from heavy rains brought an abundance of nutrients to the lake fueling the growth of algae. the algae and fish compete for oxygen and right now the algae is winning. >> it can be runoff from vegetation that could stir it up, lawn fertilizers and things like that in addition to if the streets are hot rain hits that heats the water and you're dumping warm water
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into the lake which activates the algae in the lake. >> reporter: back here live as we look at the other end of this small community lake there's a small found dane and what they call bubblers. the dep says they can't compete with the problems caused by the runoff and the okay jen demand for the algae that results. officials say there is nothing in the lake that is toss toxic. the fish are suffocating but otherwise are fine. they tell us it is still safe to fish there. they're hoping the worst of that it is fish kill is behind them. live in ridley park i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> sarah thank you. in tomorrow's primary election the philadelphia ballot will include a question to get more toddlers ready for school. philadelphia district attorney seth williams was surrounded by preschoolers at city hall today. he is encouraging voters to say yes tomorrow to ballot question number four. it will create a commission to create a city wide plan for
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universal prek. williams said studies show getting a student prepared for school before first grade leads to higher graduation rates. and we will have complete coverage of the pennsylvania primary tomorrow. you can find results on "action news" and also on 6abc's twitter feed and the league of women voters will be staffing a special hotline right here tomorrow between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. tomorrow for anyone who has questions or concerns. that number is on your screen. >> time now for a check of our "action news" traffic report monday night. >> that's right. let's go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. how was your weekend matt. >> great. how about you guys. >> very nice. >> good. the race home this evening is a little more tortoise style than hare style. creeping along on the schuylkill expressway eastbound because this guy isn't creeping along at all. disabled suv taking out the left lane here on the schuylkill just east of route 202. so you know what this is doing. it's backing things up onto
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those ramps connecting 202 and 422 with the eastbound side of 76. on 95 south of the airport the whole way down to the exit for the commodore barry bridge but the disabled vehicle that caused that extra heavy jam is now gone. speaking of bridges burlington bristol bridge goes up within the hour. if you want to start heading for the turnpike connector bridge instead. in blackwood camden county there's an oil spill this afternoon along the black horse pike nearly a mon necessary son road by the walgreens and in vineland we had a really nasty crash. in fact a medical chopper was on the scene along landis avenue at delsea drive by the day's inn so that, too, is a spot you don't want to head to this afternoon. we'll check it again rick and monica, in the next half hour. >> all right. thank you matt. see you then. much more still ahead on "action news" at 5:00. the federal government is now banned from providing local police departments with certain equipment. details coming up. >> and a new report rates the best smartphones and the results may surprise you. consumer reporter nydia han tells us where your phone is on that list.
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those stories and also cecily is back with the latest from accuweather. it's all coming your way next. >> ♪♪
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>> president barack obama has taken the wraps off of a
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surprise when it comes to supplying aid to local law enforcement. the federal government is now banned from providing military style yes. >> reporter: to local developments it comes amid criticism over the so-called militarized police response to unrest last sumner ferguson, missouri. among the equipment banned, bayonets grenade launchers weaponed aircraft and tank-like armored vehicles that move on tracks. >> health check tonight words of warning on stem cell treatments. experts say the business is booming but no one is watching what's legitimate and what's not. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman at the big board with more details. ali. >> adult stem cells taken from bone marrow have become an established treatment for some cancers and there is hope that they may help treat other diseases as well but critics say hundreds of doctors are now promoting them for uses that may be bogus. stem cells are being offered for treatments from vision loss to face-lifts. but have never been scientifically proven for
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these uses. there are more than a hundred 70 stem cell clinics around the country many in large for profit centers. the fda has taken action against a few of these centers but watch dogs say that it needs to step in more. the american college of physicians has issued new advice so people and their healthcare providers can determine which cancer screenings are worthwhile and which ones to skip. about a third of all health scholars in the u.s. are -- dollars are spent on tests which aren't needed or can lead to unnecessary treatment. >> the studies have consistently shown that both physicians and their patients underestimate the potential harms or benefits of screening. the trade-offs are not well understood or discussed between physicians and their patients. >> reporter: the screening intervals may be very different for people with average risk compared to those who are high risk so it's best to talk to your healthcare provider about your risk so that you can have the right test at the right time.
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also today, it was a very special delivery for the torres family in corpus christi texas. we have cat lean at a scarlet humana rare identical triplets and two are conjoined at the hip. the babies were delivered by c-section. it was a difficult surgery but all three girls are doing well. all weigh 4 pounds 11 ounces. their parents say they are close like a gift from god. sharrie they'll have to wait at least six months before separating the two. the chances of having identical triplets with two conjoined is one in 50 million. >> wow. special delivery for sure. >> uh-huh. >> okay, ali thank you. philadelphia mayor michael nutter proclaimed this ems week in the city. the declaration is to raise awareness of the importance of learning cpr as demonstrate dad right outside of city hall. starting cpr before a medic arrives increases chances of survival. ems week also teaches the importance of knowing when to
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call 911. as part of today's event philadelphia regional ems offered free blood pressure screenings as well. >> ♪♪ >> still to come on "action news" monday night a huge recall has prompted one ice cream maker to lay off hundreds of workers. we've got details. >> reminder when you see breaking news or severe weather we want you to join the action. e-mail us your photos and videos to join the action at or use the #6abc action on social media. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> blue bell creamery is laying off hundreds of workers after a recall of all of its ice cream. the company will eliminate jobs for 750 full-time employees and 700 part-time workers. they'll also furlough another 1400. the ice cream was linked to an outbreak of listeria last mon the process of cleaning the plant is taking longer than expected. the company has no time line for when it will start making ice cream again. these are the first layoffs in the 100 year history of the ice cream company. a dangerous problem in a major retail chain across the can't tree has now hit home in delaware. the action cam was outside of the dollar general store in bear today. you can see merchandise blocking several emergency
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exits which is against federal law. federal inspectors found four safety violations at the store last year leading to more than $120,000 in penalties. dollar general has gotten more than 40 safety citations nationwide since 2009. >> the ceo of nissan says it will have a self driving car ready to go in five years. carlos wilson said today while the technology will be ready by 2020 it will be up to government regulators whether folks will be able to use it. several automakers and companies outside of the auto industry such as google have been working on building cars to navigate on their own. he says nissan's autonomous vehicles will be built more to add to driving pleasure and that a totally driverless car is not in the plan. flyers have introduced their new head coach dave hakstol. he has never coached in the
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nhl. flyers general manager ron hextall says the new coach gets the most out of his players. one of his former players is hextall's son brett. we'll hear more from the coach coming up at 5:30. >> ♪♪
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. meteorologist cecily tynan here. unsettled weather for a lot of
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us tonight. >> exactly. that's going to happen again tomorrow, especially early tomorrow. double scan live showing we've got a line of thunderstorms just west of our viewing area. that line is not moving east. these are book door cold fronts moving to the west. this has been triggering showers and thunderstorms but the activity over delaware is really beginning to diminish. no lightning strikes associated with this now but we do have some heavy downpours moving through middletown right now just north of townsend crossing route 13. it really has diminished in intensity but we did have some heavy downpours over chester county earlier today and these downpours are really not moving quickly at all so you can see this area near west chester, 2-inches of rain in a fairly short period of time, about an inch and a half south of chadds ford across south of route one and also salem county, new jersey, about an inch and half of rain. we real dollar need the rain. most of our region not getting it but those who do kind of too much too quickly. erin posted this on facebook
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from west bradford pennsylvania. you can see the fairway of that golf course is really just soaked with that rain. and we'll see more of this activity tomorrow afternoon as the front moves in from the west. right now with this back door front what a difference from earlier today. the front is right about here, so philadelphia we were 87 degrees earlier today. now we're down to 71. trenton is a little bit chilly 62 degrees, still 75 degrees in wilmington but tomorrow with that front washing out we get back in the humidity and the heat and the dewpoints, they actually feel really good in philadelphia right now 61 degrees. but the dewpoints are high in wilmington and dover 71 degrees. that's where all that humid air mass is. that's where the front has moved through yet. so double scan live much wider view showing that tomorrow the back door front washes out kind of a complicated forecast and then there's another cold front that will move in from the west. so what that will do is bring us some more activity and get us back in the heat and humidity for one day.
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and there is a possibility of severe weather tomorrow with some damaging wind and even hail really north of the pennsylvania turnpike and most of this will be occurring during the morning hours. we have what's known as a cluster of energy so future tracker showing 6 o'clock in the morning that activity again mainly north of philadelphia and as we head into the afternoon we see some sunshine and with that cold front could have a few spotty showers and thunderstorms in the late afternoon hours. looks like most of the activity, though, in the morning. association the five day at 5:00 back in the heat tomorrow 87 degrees but wednesday a breath of springtime 72 degrees, low humidity. on thursday clouds in philadelphia and south, more sunshine to the north 70. friday as we kick off the holiday weekend 78 degrees. saturday beautiful 74. but we are tracking some changes for the second half of memorial day weekend. adam will talk about that coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. a lot going on. >> all right, thank you cecily. much more still to come in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00 tonight. a frightening experiment that
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revealed major holes in the security of airplanes. we'll explain what a cyber security expert was able to do. >> i'm nydia han. consumer reports is out with its list of best smartphones and i think the winner will surprise you. find out where your phone is on the list coming up. >> all right, those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" tonight a fight between rival biker gangs ends in tragedy in one town in texas. we'll explain what happened. plus, a robbery victim turned the tables on his would be attackers and it was all captured on tape. and the flyers have a new head coach tonight. ducis rodgers will have much more on the surprise selection. >> now the details. a fight between several rival biker gangs escalated into an all-out war in awake company texas, restaurant and when the dust settled, nine people were dead and dozens more put in handcuffs. authorities say the violence may not be over. abc's landis live in new york for us. good evening lana.
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>> reporter: good evening, monica. that's right. police remain on alert they say concerned about retaliation against them and other rival gangs. at least 170 biker gang members are under arrest in waco texas after a brawl left nine bikers dead and a community shaken. >> we had wounded inside. we had people stabbed. we had people shot and we had people beat. >> reporter:. >> it was really scary. we didn't know if somebody was going to come back. it was scary. >> reporter: police say for the last two months they've had trouble with biker gangs at twin peaks but the restaurant management they say ignored their warnings. >> they have some answering not only to do to y'all but to our community as well. >> reporter: the local restaurant disputes these claims and now the corporate office says they're revoking their franchise in the wake of what is now a capitol murder case. >> this is a criminal element that came in here yesterday and killed people. they didn't come here to eat and have a good time with their families.
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they came here for a reason we think part of that reason was a criminal activity. >> reporter: it all happened shortly afternoon yesterday. an argument in a bathroom spilled out into the parking lot where rival gangs began fighting with clubs chains, knives and guns. just a few feet away innocent families and shoppers were cleared away as off duty officers ran in to help control the bloody chaos. and among the injured there were at least 18 people sent to local hospitals with gun shot and stab wounds. police say that there were at least five rival gangs in the restaurant. many of them coming from out of town. live in new york, lana zak channel6 "action news." back to you rick. >> lana thank you. in other news tonight a cyber security expert says he took control of the passenger plane he was on while it was in midair. chris roberts claims he hacked into a plane's in flight entertainment system. he told the fbi he was able to briefly change the plane's course as well making it fly
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sideways. roberts claims he infiltrated in flight entertainment systems more than a dozen times since 2011. he was kicked off of a flight last month about tweeting about his efforts and electronics were seize. >> my laptop ipad, bunch of usb drives. >> senior law enforcement officials tell abc news there is no credible evidence that the hack ever happened. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on this cyber security threat to airlines as well as the biker gang war in waco, texas. you can watch that at 6:30 tonight following "action news" at 6:00. >> septa officials are speaking out about trains being hit by rocks and they say it is nothing new t officials held a news conference just a short time ago. they say people mostly children have been throwing rocks at trains for years. trains are built to withstand that kind of impact. >> luckily our trains are built rather sturdily. when they're hit with rocks
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there tends not to be damage. windows usually don't shatter. >> a septa train was hit by an object on the night of the deadly amtrak derailment. generally officials say crews don't even report these types of incidents because they happen so frequently. jury selection began today in the murder trial of a man accused of killing a pregnant woman and her little four-year-old daughter. according to prosecutors marcel johnson stabbed he ebony bailey and rmani rankings in november 2013. he allegedly set their levittown apartment on fire after the killings to cover up the murders. the trial is scheduled to begin next wednesday. johnson could get the death penalty. >> philadelphia police are looking for two armed robbery suspects tonight after an attempted heist ended with shots fired. surveillance video from last thursday shows the victim insides of a chinese restaurant in the city's juniata park section. police say the two suspects followed the victim out of the restaurant down the street and up a nearby driveway. there one grabbed the victim and the other pulled a gun.
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while the robbery was taking place the victim who has a firearm license pulled his own gun and started shooting. the suspects ran off. no one was hurt. if you have any information you're asked to call philadelphia police. and this reminder when you see breaking news or severe weather we want you to join the action. e-mail your photos and videos to join the action at or use the #6abcaction on social media. it's how you can be a part of "action news." >> the reward for information leading to the arrest of a man who kidnapped a woman and raped her now stands at $2,500. u.s. marshals and philadelphia police have been looking for 24-year-old manual cintron since they identified him as the suspect earlier this month. they say cintron abducted a 22-year-old woman from the 2000 block of york street here back on may first. he's also accused of trying to kidnap another woman in the city's logan section an hour before the attack. if you have any information on cintron's whereabouts please
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call 911. lower moreland high school in montgomery county reopened today less than two days after it was damaged in a deadly crash. a truck plowed 150 yards right into the school janitor's office. the driver, 32-year-old phillippe andre pinto silva of huntingdon valley was killed. while crews made repairs including work on some burst pipes the cause of the accident remains under investigation. >> police across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware have started the click it or ticket campaign. from now until june 7th officers will have zero tolerance for anyone not buckled. everyone will get a ticket, not a warning. in south philadelphia, chris talked about being briefly paralyzed and in a coma following a crash at the age of 22. he was driving under the influence and was unbuckled. >> every single day i have problems with my brain with my memory, with my actions with my behavior control. it can happen to you.
5:37 pm
it always happened to somebody else. welling i am somebody else. please don't be somebody else. >> his brain injury has prevented him from living a life long dream as a history teacher. he told everyone that it takes just three seconds to buckle up. >> good advice. time to see how traffic is rolling monday night. >> matt pelman back in the "action news" traffic center with an update. >> ticket to a good ride home tonight don't take the schuylkill expressway in king of prussia. it's a mess because of this broken down suv still not out of here in the left lane just east of 202. so, trying to get on the schuylkill from 202 and 422 is no easy feat. there's a ton of jammed traffic headed toward this db which appears should be gone soon. chester county just 9 miles per hour on the southbound side of the route one oxford bypass because of a crash approaching tough kenamon. overturned vehicle on route 82, creek road. do you understand tree in the southbound lanes of 95. right lane out of commission. latest on the rail situation of course amtrak back in
5:38 pm
business today but we still have some effects from the derailment on septa's trenton line. no trains are stopping at north philadelphia. if you're trying to get to bridesburg tacony take a train to holmesburg and from there they're offering shuttles to those two stations. rick and monica, back over to you. >> okay. >> thank you sir. still ahead on "action news" the flyers introduce their new coach. ducis rodgers will have more on his background and his plans for the team. >> also, with a slew of new smartphones hitting the market which one gives you the best bang for your buck? consumer reporter nydia han has details. adam. >> rick, scattered heavy downpours around the region but the biggest concentration is the central part of pennsylvania along a cold front. that pushes through tomorrow. i'll let you know what that means in the accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> an update to a story "action news" told you about last week. eagles linebacker emanuel acho traded his jersey for a tux. he talked to rachel ray about the special request. we'll hear from him when
5:39 pm
"action news" comes right back.
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children. >> if you're looking for the best new smartphone turns out you might already have it. >> consumer reports is out with its lit of the best smartphones. actually an older model beat out a into your one. here's consume are reporter nydia han with details.
5:42 pm
>> reporter: according to consumer reports newer isn't always better. it just completed its rigorous testing of samsung's latest smartphone the galaxy s6. turns out consumer reports likes its predecessor better. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: samsung's ad campaign tout the all new design of the galaxy s6. consumer reports has put the smartphone through a battery of tests for everything from he's ease of use to camera quality. the test results are in and the s6 landed below the older s5 in consumer reports ratings. it's rare to have a new phone lower than the phone it's replacing. >> samsung gave the s6 a all new design of metal and glass instead of plastic. got rid of the removable battery and card slot for extra storage. loss of these features and shorter battery life are some of the reasons the is that the six fell behind. >> reporter: the new design also isn't watery assistant like the s5 although it does
5:43 pm
offer wireless charging that works with both major standards power mat and chi. galaxy have typically beaten out. iphones. >> they're essentially tied in our ratings when it comes to things like ease of use messaging and web browsing. >> reporter: the galaxy s5 remains consumer reports top rated phone and its base price is less. $500 without a contract. compared to $600 for the s6 and $650 for the iphone 6. so the samsung galaxy s5 has the top spot in the best list. the lg3 rank number two and the apple iphone 6 and the galaxy s6 tied at number three. consumer reports will test lg's new g4 as soon as it's on the market. i'm nydia han, channel6 "action news". >> turning to sports, the flyers introduced their new coach today. >> that's right. ducis rodgers live in the ax
5:44 pm
news sports center with more. hey, ducis. >> hey guys. trust your gut and that's what ron hextall did today. he named dave hakstol a relatively unknown man head coach of this flyers tomorrow. hakstol was produced this afternoon. he team was quick to laud the work he's done at the university of north dakota. he led that school to 11 ncaa tournament appearances. his program produced 20 nhl players but he has never coached in any capacity on the nhl level. hakstol knows it's a different game. >> there will be several adjustments along the way. number one i believe in what we do and i believe in the things that i done i'm not going to change that as i come to this level. i think maybe the delivery of the message may be a little bit different certainly, you know, the fact that i do not have experience at this level
5:45 pm
you know, i'm in the going to pretend that i do, but i do have an awful not of confidence. >> in the end when you're making decisions like this, you take all of the information, you process it and it was a process and you weed through it and you make a decision with your gut. this is a gut decision and i feel extremely comfortable with it. >> two time champion. >> no one saw this coming. no decision can be made without ed snider's approval. once hextall made his case snyder was on board with this unconventional hire. >> ron said he spent, you know, parts of four days, i think he spent even more time than that with dave and no one could have been more thorough in their, you know, investigation of what we thought of dave and then i was introduced to him and he's a solid guy and i think we're really lucky to have him. >> moving on to baseball now. five wins in a row for the phillies we can call that red hot.
5:46 pm
tonight they visit the colorado rockies. the phils are coming off a sweep of the arizona diamondbacks their first sweep of the season. darin ruf belted his third home run of the year and recently called up miguel franco smacked his first career home run. he had a triple. phillies banged out 11 hits. the five game winning streak is a season high. >> everybody is chipping in. everybody getting a chance to play, contributing and i think it's real good for the morale of the team and the quality of play that's being done, so we also had a chance to work on some things here at home and so i think it's a good combination. >> sixers big man nerlens noel may have come up short in the rookie of the year voting but he's still picking up a pretty big award. noel has been named to their nba all rookie team. he average 9.9 points and 8.1 rebounds a game. he will represent the sixers at the nba draft lottery. more from the flyers new head coach.
5:47 pm
sharrie over to you. >> eagles linebacker emmanuel acho. month ago a teenage intervirginia got to clever and took to twitter to invite acho to go to prom with her. he said if she could get 10,000 retweets he would go. she wasn't sure if he was serious or not. >> talked to the school board but would you like to go to prom with me. >> he was serious. virginia high schooler hannah delmon at any literally started crying when acho surprised her at her school. he even presented her with a birds jersey. the rachel ray show was there with cameras rolling when acho picked her up. hannah is a big time eagles fan so her dress was eagles green they enjoyed dinner, pictures and of course they went to the big dance and apparently had a blast dancing the night away. acho says he was actually a little nervous about going to the prom. he explained to rachel ray why. >> i went to an all boys school in dallas, texas so i
5:48 pm
did not have a prom so this was my first prom interaction. >> i can't believe it. this was your first prom, too. that's so adorable. >> it is adorable. so all these years later emmanuel acho can say he finally went to prom. looks like it was a fun time for both of them. remember, you can see rachel ray monday through friday right here on 6abc at 10:00 a.m. okay, turning now to tonight's prime advertisement it may also fill your heart with the premiere of the bachelorette and it's a new twist to this one. two women brit and kaitlyn will have to compete for the affection of 25 men in order for them to stay on the show. them being the women. so after the initial meeting the men will decide which bachelorette will actually get to stay and compete. that's at 9 p.m. tonight on abc. and if that's not enough excitement tonight is the two night -- two hour finale of "dancing with the stars." it looks like it's going to be a big race to the finish.
5:49 pm
so maybe it's two nights not two hours. it starts at 8:00 right here on 6abc followed by the two hour prem near of the bachelorette. after that of course it's "action news" at 11 o'clock. we'll be right back.
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5:51 pm
>> meteorologist adam joseph here with a closer look at that accuweather forecast and some folks saw some rain today. >> yeah, some saw close to 2-inches of rain during a certain amount of time while most of us didn't see a drop of rain because it's been scattered but very heavy hitting where they have been
5:52 pm
popping. as we look at storm tracker six live double scan a few ling showing showers through parts of delaware new castle county as well as kent county. chester county hard hit especially in the southern end and we're watching a line just to the west of lancaster and reading. as we close in the double scan live 148 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes so these storms are pretty powerful as they're moving away from harrisburg and as you can see trying to work their way to lancaster. however number one they're moving very slow. number two, as they push to the east, they're encountering marine air an easterly wind that's coming in to stabilize the atmosphere so this line will fall apart as it pushes to the east. flood advisory in effect until 8 o'clock for middletown and townsend until probably another let's just say couple of hours to three hours at the most. were town twinges of rain in this area with slow moving downpours and thunderstorms earlier and a flood advisory mean just be cautious if you're traveling around as there's some extra runoff because ground has been so dry. it can't really soak in the
5:53 pm
rain very quickly given how hard it is falling this afternoon in spots. but we're all sweating it out. many of us didn't see the rain but we're all seeing the heat and humidity the last three days. 86 saturday, 84 yesterday, 87 today with our average being 74 degrees so this is more like july and august weather with the heat and humidity not late may. temperatures though there you can see that marine air pushing in. 61 right now in quakertown, 62 in levittown. chilling off in center city. 64 degrees after hitting 87 today. and as you head into browns mills the boardwalk only 63 while hockessin still 77. all the numbers even west of the city will be dropping into the 60's as we go over the next couple of hours. and that's going to choke those storms to the west from pushing in but there is a cold front west of pittsburgh and that is our next round of some scattered storms tomorrow morning. so for tonight any of those scattered downpours or thunderstorms early will kind of fall apart. otherwise it's very mild, 59 to 65 overnight.
5:54 pm
any severe possibilities for the day tomorrow, if it is it's anywhere nearly a town, trenton, off to the north and east and still at that it's a very low risk for wind and hail in these storms and the storms will be scattered tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. north of the turnpike. that's the best zone to see them early tomorrow morning and then in the afternoon at 2 o'clock sun and clouds, another warm, very warm day. but again just a couple of scattered popups throughout the afternoon into the early evening before we really dry it out here midweek. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast will show one more very warm and slightly humid day especially in the morning of 87 degrees with a few scattered storms around and then it's bright and breezy low humidity on wednesday, 72. a lot of clouds being thrown in here on thursday with a system to the south. any pops of sun would be farther to the north to the lehigh valley, only 70 for a high but then we rebound pretty quickly on friday. nice low humidity. if you're heading to the shore early on friday a perfect day. saturday looking equally as
5:55 pm
nice at 74 with low humidity and then clouds will increase sunday its a dry day of 81 and then a chance of some pop-ups again on memorial day itself at 86 degrees. so, not too bad as we go into the holiday weekend especially the first half of the weekend. >> okay. >> thank you so much. >> and of course stay ahead of changes in the weather. we'll take a quick break, be right back. stay with us.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories next at 6:00 amtrak gets back on track in the northeast corridor. plus new developments in the investigation into that derailment. also president obama makes a stop in camden to tout community policing. >> also an exclusive look at the new view of philadelphia. we'll take you on a tour of the one liberty observation deck. that and much more coming up next at 6:00. now for meteorologist adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody monica malpass i'm rick williams. have a nice evening. good night. >> good night.
5:58 pm
there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's
5:59 pm
right for them. >> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪♪ >> monday night wilmington residents oppose a new charter school moving in. and hundreds of fish turn up dead in a lake in ridley park. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the city and the cry of all aboard on amtrak between philadelphia and new york. we were on board the first amtrak train to make its way through the curve at frankford junction this morning since the accident last tuesday night and chopper six was overhead. the train left 30th street at
6:00 pm
6:07 this morning which, by the way, was 14 minutes late. as for the investigation word is that the marks on the front windshield of the train number 188 were not caused by bullets. officials don't know what did cause them. but not bullets. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live at 30th street station. john back to the commuters. perhaps some were slightly anxious travelers today but overall i imagine everybody was glad to see service back online. >> reporter: yeah, there were some anxious travelers today. but most folks were not. they had been waiting for this to happen as you say the train left little after 6 o'clock this morning. there is a regular sort of cad dray of people who use amtrak to commute from 30th station up to points north. they have been waiting to get service back. the first northbound train departed with 109 people on board. >> no, no.


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