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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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6:07 this morning which, by the way, was 14 minutes late. as for the investigation word is that the marks on the front windshield of the train number 188 were not caused by bullets. officials don't know what did cause them. but not bullets. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live at 30th street station. john back to the commuters. perhaps some were slightly anxious travelers today but overall i imagine everybody was glad to see service back online. >> reporter: yeah, there were some anxious travelers today. but most folks were not. they had been waiting for this to happen as you say the train left little after 6 o'clock this morning. there is a regular sort of cad dray of people who use amtrak to commute from 30th station up to points north. they have been waiting to get service back. the first northbound train departed with 109 people on board. >> no, no. >> a little bit outyeah.
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nothing else going to keep me from getting on my commute. >> there's risk in driving risk in flying. i don't see any difference with the train. >> reporter: train 110 passed smoothly at about 45 miles per hour over the newly installed replacement track. amtrak was ordered to switch on an automatic device that can if needed prevent overspeeding along this northbound stretch. prior to last week's derailment it had only used the system on the curves southbound tracks. today attorneys suing on behalf of four injured victims including two spanish tourists and a new york executive question why the railroad waited until now to employ an automatic train control northbound. >> not only did you have an engineer going twice the speed limit but there was a system available to control it. >> reporter: the lawyers declared the report the train was hit by some sort of projectile a red her ring and said a priority will be to talk to the train's engineer brandon bostian who the ntsb says told investigators he could not remember the train's
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minute long acceleration before the crash. >> it always raises red flags when someone who has been involved in an accident going too fast has a sudden claim of no memory. >> reporter: well, both attorneys here only skeptical about the memory issue questioning when it came about asking at one point did it happen before or after the engineer spoke to his own legal counsel. their plan is to depose him that means to question him under oath and to do that as soon as they can. live at 30th street station john rawlins channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you john. friends and family said goodbye today to rachel jacobs. her funeral in her native michigan. the 39-year-old was among the eight victims killed in the derailment. she was a swarthmore college graduate and chief executive of a tech startup based in philadelphia. jacobs leaves behind a husband and a two-year-old son. 12 people are still in the hospital from the derailment.
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temple university hospital is treating eight patients. three of those are in critical condition. one of the three patients at aria torresdale is in critical condition and the one remaining patient at einstein medical center is in good condition. before boarding amtrak in wilmington going south to washington today pennsylvania senator bob casey and delaware senator chris coons expressed their sympathies for the families affected by the tragedy. both called for increased funding to improve infrastructure including amtrak. world news tonight with david muir will have more on the derailment and its aftermath and the investigation. that is next at 6:30 following our broadcast. president barack obama came to the promise zone today to hear about efforts to build trust between police and the community. this is the way it looked as the president returned to air force one at philadelphia international airport for the flight back. after what he hoped to be a productive and positive visit
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to the city, recently designated a promise zone. and that would be camden. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live in camden at the salvation army community center where the president spoke today. nora. >> reporter: hi there jim. the president's visit the camden is a tremendous pat on the back for this city. president obama said that police everywhere have to forge relationships with the people they protect and he praised camden for the progress here doing just that: the president got a warm reception from almost 300 invited guests at the kroc community center. that's where he praised the camden county police department's community policing program which has almost doubled the number of officers and significantly cut crime. >> it's not just crisis response,'s not after the fact there's a crime there's a dead body, there's a shooting and now we're going to show up. it's we're here all the time and hopefully we can prevent those shootings from happening in the first place. >> reporter: the president toured the metro division's operations center where chief
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scott thompson briefed him on how technology and officers interacting with residents has made a big dent in crime. >> we have to know the people and things that negatively define their lives for us to be able to address it in a meaningful way. >> they're all over camden. everywhere you go you see a police officer on his mark. >> reporter: the president pointed out that camden was recently designated as a promise zone which will help the city access a range of federal funding. >> as you know, we have the dubious distinction of being the most dangerous city in america, the most impoverished city in america but we're seeing that trend turned around. >> i've come here to camden to do something that might have been unthinkable just a few years ago. and that's to hold you up as a symbol of promise for the nation. >> reporter: before his remarks, the president met with police officers and some local students. >> i told him that the new police force they actually do a good job with the community. they interact with the city.
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>> reporter: crowds gathered in the streets to get a peek at the presidential motorcade. some held signs and cheered as it passed by. >> i thought it was awesome awesome for the president to come here to camden, new jersey. >> reporter: now, the president said there's still work to do. police force here has a high turnover rate that he believes the community policing is an important tool that will help ratchet down tensions between police and the public. live in camden, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news". >> ♪♪ >> election day now just hours away and philadelphia's d.a. has a message for voters. district attorney seth williams says he does not anticipate any problems tomorrow but he does say that authorities will be ready to respond to any allegations of voting irregularities. just today his office issued arrest warrants for four elected officials from the city's 18th ward for allegedly committing election fraud last
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year. polls are opened tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and the mayor's race six candidates are vying for the democratic nomination. please stay with "action news." and 6abc on twitter for complete coverage of the pennsylvania primary. we will have up to the minute returns on all the major races tomorrow night. residents of a wilmington neighborhood are voicing their concerns tonight about a charter school opening in august. the fieri charter school was originally going to operate at a location on front street. they switched to 14th street in the midtown brandywine neighborhood much those opposed to the school are concerned about parking and overcrowding. >> hardly any room as it is. now you're looking to introduce hundreds of people on a daily basis into tight neighborhoods. going to be very uncomfortable and going to compromise the quality of life for neighbors and residents.
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>> near 258th and ninth graders are expected to attend school when it opens in off. the school issued a statement saying it is committed to working with their new neighbors to ensure positive outcomes for the students. residents want to know what is killing the fish in ridley lake. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is live in ridley park tonight. sarah, what's the story there? >> reporter: well jim residents couldn't help but notice the odor of fish in the air. they saw the dark black color of the water here at ridley lake and of course they couldn't miss the hundreds of dead fish floating along its edges. they first noticed the dead fish yesterday. it's worse today. neighbors called "action news" hoping we could get them that answers. >> this morning we came out to have breakfast here and we noticed all the fish floating. >> reporter: hundreds of dead fish are floating all over ridley lake. sun fish catfish carp and trout. >> collected around the edges it smells like dead fish.
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the stench is pretty bad. >> reporter: this is a popular lake and a pretty little community park here in ridley park, a place before people come to fish and hold family gatherings but not when you have to see this. >> you don't want the kids to see dead things. they're going somewhere to hang out and have fun. >> reporter: this afternoon borough workers skimmed the lake of some of the dead fish filling up a front end loader. jessica gray lives nearby and asked "action news" to get some answers. i'm not a scientist at all but i'm really concerned about it its a beautiful place. people love to come here. >> reporter: borough councilman jim glen met us at the lake. he explained that the department of environmental protection came out yesterday and took samples. >> it sounds like the algae in the lake has been activated by an excess of nutrients in the lake. >> reporter: they determined that recent heavy rains caused runoff that brought the excess of nutrients to the pond fueling the growth of algae and depleting the oxygen the fish need to survive. >> we had a very similar problem three years ago.
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it was just after memorial day, not before memorial day but we had heavy rain and the neck morning we had problems with the fish struggling and some dead fish. >> reporter: you see across the lake there's a large fountain what they call bubblers but they can't do enough to counteract the effects of the runoff to bring things like fertilizer and warm water to fuel the algae and deplete the oxygen supply the fish need. officials say there's nothing exactly toxic in the water so it's still safe to fish here. they're hoping that the worst of this fish kill is behind them. live in ridley park, delaware county i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you sarah. coming up on "action news" tonight, a new view of the city of brotherly love. we will take you on an exclusive tour of the new one liberty observation deck. and the flyers have a new coach. he is a surprise pick. ducis rodgers with details on that. >> double scan live showing showers and thunderstorms that
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will be moving in overnight. i'll details on what this means for your morning commute and where to expect the heaviest storms in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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. >> there are a few spots in philadelphia where you can get a bird's eye view of the city and beyond but this fall a new tourist attraction will take to us a dramatic vantage point in the sky. "action news" reporter alicia vitarelli got an exclusive first tour of what will soon be the city's tallest observation deck. >> we're going call it philly from the top. >> reporter: when they say top they mean tippy top.
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>> 57 floors above ground, 883 feet. so, this is, you know, one of the most spectacular views in philadelphia. >> reporter: and beyond. it's a 360-degree tri-state pan ram ma with a bird's eye view that extends into new jersey and delaware. isn't it crazy that we haven't had something like this yet. >> it's -- yes. it is crazy. ever other major metropolitan city in the planet has observation decks. like new york has three we're finally putting one in philadelphia. >> reporter: this fall the one liberty observation deck will officially be the city's tallest standing attraction. >> this completes philadelphia's package of making it a noble destination. we got our first look at construction which is just under way and a first look at preliminary rendering. french based montparnasse 56 a global tourism company behind observation decks in paris chicago and other major cities showed us what it will look like with interactive exhibits to learn about every point of interest. >> there will be a giant video monitor on there with points
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of interest that will look look pin drops on your iphone and touch that pin drop and it will zoom on the you us s new jersey. it will give you a bio on the u.s.s. new jersey. >> reporter: they call this the missing piece, a special spot in the sky for both tourists and locals. >> there are a lot of proposals that happen in observation decks because it's such a different perspective and we expect that we'll get more than our fair share. >> reporter: there's one juicy detail they can't divulge just yet. we're going get a little surprise. he can't tell us too much but. >> hang on. >> reporter: hang on. >> hang on. be ready for a little bit of a push. >> reporter: the one liberty observation deck is expected to open to the public in october. alicia vitarelli, channel6 "action news".
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>> flyers have a new coach tonight a man most flyers fans have never heard of. >> they're going the same route that the eagles took when they picked a guy from college.
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reports that the flyers were going to make a move for detroit's mike babcock. that's a mute point now. dave hakstol is the man charged with bringing the flyers back to prominence. hakstol had been the head coach at the university of north dakota wildly successful there. 11 seed since he led that school to 11nca tournaments. 20 players reached the nhl with eight being first round draft picks but hakstol is zero nhl coaching experience and he knows that's what the critics will be focused on. >> i don't have experience at this level so i'm in the going to pretend i do but i do have a great deal of confidence in what we do in what my philosophies are and in the fact that they're going to be successful here. >> he's very direct. he knows what he believes in and like i said in the end it comes down to a gut feel, can dave handle an nhl player's schedule, the differences in
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the collegiate level versus this level and every time i ask myself the question, the answer was yes. >> ron hextall was taking a gamble with this unconventional hire but once he explained his thinking to ed snider the chairman was on board. >> ron thinks outside the box but he also is a very deep thinker and i have great confidence in this hire and the future under ron's guidance. >> i wasn't going to choose the coach that was the people's choice, the popular choice. i was going to pick the coach that i felt like for this franchise from today -- that year and moving forward here is the right coach and dave is the right coach for this franchise at this point. >> here's a little more on the 46-year-old hakstol. nineteenth coach in team history, seven appearances made in 11 seasons was the most of any coach during that span. what has gotten into the
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phillies? they just followed up a four game losing streak with a season high five game win streak. ryne sandberg and company is doing is working. phillies complete a sweep of the diamondbacks yesterday with a six-nothing victory. darin ruf smacked a homer so did franco. his is the first of his major league career. this is the phillies first sweep of the season. now they head out for a 10 game road trip beginning tonight in colorado. >> it's a good time for the out of if owns to be clicking going colorado. hopefully we can continue it. the coaching staff will do what they've done and get a few wins and keep this thing rolling. >> it's about time. >> thanks, ducis. >> cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast. the week ahead when we continue in just a minute.
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>> could be some election day showers particularly in the afternoon. >> that's right. particularly in the morning actually. >> particularly in the morning. >> that's okay. we could have a few in the afternoon as well. i'll show you what's going on right now on double scan live, showing the showers that it was tracking over delaware about an hour ago have completely fizzled out. there is a line just to the west of our viewing area. lebanon getting heavy downpours, 121 lightning strikes with this but you can see it's really having trouble moving to the east. it's encountering a stable air mass but i am tracking more on the way tomorrow morning as a cold front begins to move closer to us from the west. the accuweather highlights will show you, though, we had a much cooler afternoon than the morning and i am tracking some unsettled weather for tuesday. we definitely need the rain. today, though, the morning we
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were in the soup. at lunchtime 87 degrees. it was very humid. but then a back door cold front moved in from the east. so by 2 o'clock 81 degrees. by bye 4 o'clock 77. now 68 degrees. right now is about the hottest time of the day this time of the year but with that back door cold front temperatures really dropped. tomorrow the main concern with the storms that will pop up heavy downpours. could also see some lightning but a very low risk of any strong winds or hail or an isolated torn don't really the best shot at some high winds and hail will be north of philadelphia. temperatures right now show, though it's pretty comfortable in philadelphia. 68 degrees. wilmington 73. allentown 64. the boardwalk in atlantic city 63 degrees and winds off the ocean. the ocean temperature 58 degrees. this is a live sky six showing in atlantic city pretty murky out there. some fog in atlantic city, up
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to lbi and more of this will begin to move inland as we head through the overnight hours. satellite6 along with action radar showing you can see all these activities out to the west. what's going on? a back door cold front is over us right now. that will be washing out in the overnight hours but then a cold front moves in from the west tomorrow. so, we get back in that warm and humid air mass tomorrow and tonight temperatures will be on the warm side. 59 degrees in the suburbs, 65 for center city and an isolated thunderstorm mainly west of our region. future tracker showing tonight, though, 10 o'clock, perhaps a few thunderstorms across the lehigh valley, most areas, though, will be rain free. as we head into the morning hours, this is when we get that line of thunderstorms north of philadelphia around 6 o'clock. likely will impact the morning commute. as we head into the afternoon some breaks of sunshine but then by 5 o'clock with that cold front moving through we'll see a few pockets of some thunderstorms. they'll be isolated and behind this system on wednesday, high pressure builds in.
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wednesday will be a beautiful day, back to a very dry air mass. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, it will be warm it will be humid tomorrow with some scattered thunderstorms, again mainly in the morning. a high of 87 degrees. look what happens on wednesday, though. high pressure building in, bright sunshine, low humidity, comfortable temperatures, 72 degrees. it will be breezy, though. future tracker showing by 3 o'clock in the afternoon we're looking at wind gusts 20 to 25 miles per hour and that could create a high fire risk with brush fires and forest fires so do be careful on wednesday. thursday low pressure moving off the coast of the carolinas will bring us clouds in philadelphia in areas south areas north more sunshine, 70 degrees and as we kick offer the holiday weekend gorgeous weather on friday, low humidity, 78 degrees. saturday looking very nice as well 74 degrees. on sunday clouds will be on the increase. a little bit more humid 81 degrees. and memorial day it will be warm and humid with a risk of some scattered thunderstorms
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in the afternoon and a high of 86 degrees. so unsettled tomorrow but wednesday looking really nice and at this point the holiday weekend is pretty nice. >> pretty good. >> yes. >> thank you cecily. thousands of students at the university of pennsylvania have a new title tonight. graduate. about 5,000 students received their diplomas today at franklin field in university city. samantha power the u.s. ambassador to the united nations delivered the commencement address and she and six others received honorary degrees today. abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel six. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff shirleen allicott, adam joseph and ducis rodgers and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel six. for cecily tynan ducis rodgers the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, trapped in the middle. the deadly shootout. nine dead 18 injured. the fbi now called in. rival bikers and a bloody battle in a busy restaurant. tonight, video during the chaos. the emergency landing late today. 300 passengers. mechanical trouble. and the other flight. the computer expert who says he got control of the cockpit through the in-flight entertainment system. the fiery crash. the marine killed. there were already serious concerns about that aircraft. the cuban boy made famous in that tug of war. federal marshalls storming in. tonight here you will meet elian gonzalez at 21. his new message now for those marshalls. and the mystery fire not far from the vice president's home. tonight, the voicemails. the family calling from inside. you'll hear those calls. the fbi wants your help.


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