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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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us at the "action news" big board with the details. >> tomorrow spring like weather is returning after four days of very summery conditions temperatures temperatures over the weekend in the 80s and today 83 and it's muggy and a cold front moving in from the west and typically cold fronts bring showers and thunderstorms, but double scan live showing one isolated cell i'm tracking through chester into newcastle county some reports of wind damage and hail, it's moving to the southeast at 20 miles per hour, to elsmere and fairfax and pennsgrove are all in the panel of this storm. we had 21 lightning strikes in the last is a minutes, and this storm is strengthening and crossing the delaware into salem county, but what is the only cell right now tonight we are
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not looking at a lot of activity we could use a lot of rain but widely scattered isolated thunderstorms most areas will remain dry and the biggest threat with any storm the heavy downpours, the air is saturated but gusty winds and perhaps some small hail. the winds of change tomorrow 83 in philadelphia right now, but you can see chicago it's 49 degrees so get ready to give your air conditioning units a break. i'll let you know how long that lasts in the accuweather forecast. >> of course stay ahead of the weather by checking, you can fine live storm tracker 6 radar and the seven-day forecast and get the latest from our team of meteorologists. a vigil is held at 6:00 tonight for an 11-year-old girl struck and killed by a driver if lehigh county, abigail was hit by a car last night at sixth and chestnut streets, she was taken
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to the hospital where she died. a 10-year-old maya was also hit, witnesses say that the driver did stop at the keep and no charges are filed and the vigil at 6:00 is held at the crash site. a former pennsylvania state trooper has pledad guilty if the accidental shooting death of a colleague 26-year-old trooper, david keddra was killed. he faces up to years in prison. a man was left dangling eight stories up on scaffolding. and chad pradelli is live now where it all happened with details. >> reporter: hey monica it's bank of america building is just behind me i want to show you
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where that man was hanging from, he was all the way up there between the 8th and 9th floor. the people down below were more scared than he was. these are photos of jason suspended eight floors up just a harness keeping him from crashing to the ground. >> it's not the first time. >> it's 9:00 a.m. and he and a co-worker were power watching the building on king street when the motor that raises and lowers the scaffolding malfunctioned. >> there is not much to do i can just hang on. he was dangling above the bustling downtown wilmington for near a half hour, but bowlston has been doing this work for in years. >> you can't panic have you to
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be experienced and get your training. >> everything was rigged safely and everybody was tied up and had their hard hats on but we had failed equipment. >> the 59-year-old was brought down safely to solid ground, he will be back to work tomorrow he says eight floors are nothing, he was once suspended 38 floors high. >> this was scary. ha, ha, ha. i can guarantee you that, that was scary. >> reporter: he tells me and his co-workers go through a tremendous amount of training and that paid off this morning. >> chad thank you. voters continue to go to the polls across pennsylvania for today's primary election. the statewide ballot includes primaries for the three open seats on the supreme court and democratic voters in philadelphia are choosing from a
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half dozen candidates in the mayoral party abraham oliver street and williams. if have you probleming casting your ballots today the league of women voters can help, you are looking at volunteers here at 6 abc they are taking phone calls from concerned voters the number on your screen is 1-877-940-6222. the hot line is open until the polls close at 8:00 tonight. and stay with "action news" for complete coverage we'll have a wrap-up tonight at 11:00, we stream them live at and update races as they are decided on twitter. and now they are buzzing about a rare seal sighting on a quiet creek a couple in willingboro saw the seal on their very own dock and captured the moment. >> my neighbor is at the front
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door and says there is a seal on your dock. >> michelle looked in the backyard and indeed there it was a big, fat harbor seal sunning on the doc. he snapped the picture and it's grainy because he stayed far away. >> they are so ungainy on land, their fins barely touch the ground they are so fat. >> but it spent the day on the dock? >> two or three hours in the morning and then when foo the water and came back in the after foon. >> what is a seal doing in fresh water 30 miles up the river from the delaware bay. >> the animal found a hot spot and a lot of food and what is why it's relaxed up there. bob handled sick and injured sealed regularly, this one was
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hit by a boat and paralyzed. >> this one was looking for dinner. >> probably following herring that migrate into fresh water to spawn. >> it's probably headed down creek by now but the first time in a decade that anyone heard of a harbor seal being this far north. >> i loved seeing it and i never thought i would see it here, i was flighted. >> federal law prohibits contact with these animals to enjoy it from afar. now the push is on to better equip the men and women in but that are escorting dignitaryies around the city. they are purchasing 14 new motorcycles for the philadelphia police department, these are
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wheels on the street but some need to be retired and the campaign is being spearheaded by the police foundation and the foundation already secured two of the bikes and the goal is to have them if place before the papal visit in september. >> we expect corporations to buy a motorcycle but maybe regular people that are proud to have the papal visit here and they will be willing to give $10 or $20 each new bike costs about $18,000 and what is a reduced price, given by harley davidson company. they call it adopt a motorcycle effort, the police department don't have the funds themselves in the general fun to purchase them outright and that is why they are asking for help. can you learn more by going to >> they are beautiful. thank you sharrie. >> time for a check of the "action news" traffic report tuesday night.
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lets go live to matt pellman now. >> we don't have the fun either when we get stuck in traffic on the schuylkill expressway and right now delays could be worse we are looking live from south street, heavy traffic in both directions the earlier westbound problems have cleared out and in the neighborhoods a few accidents this afternoon one along east norristown and one in limerick and one near charlotte street 633. and the southbound lanes of 202 at the concord pike, what is the area that the storms are starting to head toward expect wet conditioned as well. we expect a bring opening at at burlington bristol bridge, head for the turnpike connecter instead. and you are building all trains
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from the inboard platforms because of downed wires. we'll check it again in the next half hour. still ahead under pressure from u.s. safety regulators, one airbag maker is recalling over 30 million defective airbags. >> and coming up a new study finds out who protects their skin more men or women and how much? cecily tynan has the full accuweather forecast coming up next.
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every saturday, mrs. tanner connects with her free transit ride at 10am which takes her to storytime at the library across town, where she connects with some of her
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biggest fans. when older pennsylvanians make the most of programs supported by the pennsylvania lottery, like free and reduced-fare shared rides, we all benefit. learn more at the pennsylvania lottery benefits older pennsylvanians every day.
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president obama has taken a big step signing the national blue alert. the system would warn police departments of threats made against them. and the blue alert act is named for new york police officers, rafael ramos and wingin lui. they were shot in their patrol car last december. and coming up a woman
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assaulted in a parking garage is fighting for a change and is only telling her story to "action news." here is a review. >> on new years day 2014, the unthinkable happened to a young woman in a parking garage in broad daylight. >> i thought it was a joke and this couldn't be happening to me. >> was literally stripped naked in a parking garage and nobody noticed. >> how safe are philadelphia parking garages, that is coming up you tonight on "action news" at 11:00. time for health check we know that too much sun exposure can set the stage for skin cancer ali gorman is at the big board with that story. >> i fine this very surprising the survey is from the cdc, 14% of men and 29% of women
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regularly put sunscreen on their face and body such as the arms and hands and the number is better when it comes to applying to your face, 42% of women and 18% of women do that. of course dermatologists get the word out that this is not enough one in five people will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. melanoma is on the rise and this is a reminder it's that time of year make sure to protect your skin, that goes for men and women and children and adults no matter if you have light or dark skin. preschoolers are making their way on to the list of inactive americans. researchers who followed kids in ten preschools for a month and a half found they got 48 minutes of exercise a day and that falled short of the hour recommended for them. the kids spent most of their days eating and napping and
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doing sedentary activities. students with more free time got more exercise. >> and a new report is out ranking the most fit and healthy cities, philadelphia including camden and wilmington was ranked 22, d.c. got the top spot for the second year in a row and indianapolis came in last at 50. here is what we are doing well, a good number of city parks and more farmers markets and many people walk or bike to work, we have a low percentage of people meeting the cdc exercise guidelines and less people eating healthy vegetable and a high% able of people overweight or who smoke and last year philadelphia ranked 20th and we have gone down two spots so more work to be done. room for improvement. >> "action news" at 5:00
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wal-mart says it's recent
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pay hikes is to blame. they raised their pay to $9 an hour but the increase will only help in the long-term because they will have more to spend. they blamed a drop in international revenue for the slump. the coffee chain starbucks announced a deal with spotify. they will provide them for all-star bucks locations across the u.s. and they will get a premium subscription and help to choose the music in their stores from the app and select songs for the coffee house play list. it's the start of app era at the boys and girls clubs. they are starting an $8 million investment to help pay for renovations. if you can't get the to beach
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why not bring the beach to you they are doing that here at valley forge casino resort crews brought in 25 tons of sand to create a new outdoor night life area, the 5 million$5 million renovation includes a fire pit and more, the day pass by the way is 10 there's.
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students in seasonal got a lesson from one of our meteorologist, chris sowers talked to them about severe weather and hurricanes, it was part of the student's book club activities, right now they are reading the big, black plaqueout what happens when a hurricane knocks out power. now at the "action news" big board cecily tynan is here, what is changing in our forecast? >> well, there is one thunderstorm cell moving through wilmington, sky 6 hd is looking at wilmington delaware a lot of rain and clouds chad pradelli needed his umbrella to report from wilmington. this is one cell with a lot of lightning with this, 22 lightning strikes, it's
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beginning to cross the delaware memorial bridge and pennsgrove you are seeing it and the most intense part of this storm is the southern part of the wilmington crossing route 13 and route 9, 19 lightning strikes and heavy rainfall and where you see the red is where the rain is falling at the rate of 2 inches per hour and had is the only cell we have out there right now. ahead of a cold front that will bring us a big change in our air mass. currently it's warm and humid in philadelphia 83 degrees wilmington a rain cooled 68 degrees and allentown 83 and sea isle city and the boardwalk 78 degrees. when we have dew points in the 60s it's muggy 65 in philadelphia,p 67 in dover and 65 in allentown and wildwood.
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those dew points are dropping quickly in the overnight hours and cooler drier air moves in from the west and tomorrow morning you'll feel the difference in the air mass and dew points in the 40s and 30s, there is a dry air mass and sunshine tomorrow and instead of temperatures in the 80s, they will be knocked back down to the low 70s, satellite 6 along with action radar showing us that the cold front is moving across central pennsylvania and most of the activity down to the south though, we are missing out on most of the rain with this system and we could use a good soaking but tonight temperatures are dropping down into the 50s, mainly dry and isolate the thunderstorm and 58 in philadelphia and 57 in millville and 57 in wilmington so if you don't have allergies a great night to turn off the air conditioning and open the windows pollen unfortunately is medium high tomorrow. future tracker wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures in the
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70s and 60s, the five-day at 5:00 showing spring time returns and 73 degrees and brush with clouds and a southern system and more sunshine up to the north and friday it's nice, and 70 on saturday and sun 78 degrees and how about memorial day, adam will have to tails in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. more to come in our next half our of "action news" at 5:00, officials announce a second round of recalls in faulty airbags that could explode. it's much bigger than first thought and they are taking a step to save lives with at risk youth, that is coming up.
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now a developing store write, what is called the biggest recall in history. 34 million vehicles are under recall because of faulty airbags. they previously recalled 17 million units and now it dubbed. many can explode with too much
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force sending shrapnel into the vehicle. more than 100 injured and nine have died. federal authorities say there is no time to waste. takata has not identified the root cause of the defect. we cannot let that delay our actions today. drivers who cars are impacted will get recall notices in the mail, you should immediately make an appointment to get your car fixed. also, developing tonight four nationwide charities are accused of bilking consumers for $470 million, one of the largest actions ever against charity fraud. it's involves all 50 states and washington, d.c. nydia han has the details gl.
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>> reporter: if these allegations are true they are absolutely disgusting, they say that these four so-called charities are shams. cancer fun of america and cancer support of america and children cancer fun of america. and the breast cancer society. the executives used the vast majority of the $187 million on themselves and their families. sfl there is no end to greed in our society, what is just horrendous because people outs of the good and of their heart are trying to help awful diseases. >> the ftc says that the so-called charity solicited fraudulent donations nationwide through websites and phone calls
5:32 pm
and they took in 30 million from 2008 to 2012 the childrens fun. the breast cancer society said you are helping with financial aid but the vast majority of the money was spent on luxury yachts and trips and sporting events and tickets and dating site memberships. >> it's a horrible thing there are so many people in the world that need that help. >> the breast cancer society ran one of two hope supply stores on the 3900 block of miller road in edge more county it claimed to help thousands of breast cancer patients by donating all kindses of items from the store and they say that the claims were exaggerated. >> i'm shocked because i never
5:33 pm
would have expected anything like that. >> there are people coming and going all the time and it looks legitimate and i see women coming that look like they are ill and people in the back unloading and loading things. >> there were kitchen appliances and shampoos and bedding and pillows and sheets. personal products. >> under the proposed settlement orderers, the executives of these groups are banned from fundraising and charity efforts. and they will be dissolved. but on its website breast cancer the executive director says they are not guilty of any wrong doing and saying that our board will work tirelessly to continue the services that have benefitted many patients for years. we put a call you into the shop but have not heard back. we have more information at thank you. in other news, an amtrak
5:34 pm
conductor injured in last week's trail blazer derailment is suing the company. his lawyer says his complain remains in critical condition with two broken shoulders and brain injuries. >> he was in no way responsible for the operation of the train he was not the engineer he was not driving the train and had no responsibility whatsoever. >> meantime railroad unions are urging amtrak to put a second engineer in every train two engineers would serve as a check and balance on each other bostian was alone when the train derailed. we have more at you can follow the latest on the ntsb's investigation and see
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photos and read more on the victims of this tragedy. a police officer was injured while taking down a suspect in kensington it started at front and wishard when officers spotted a man on an a it. v the suspect was spotted and later caught. authorities are not releasing many details but the officer suffered a knee injury and two other officers responding were slightly hurt. and a bucks county man confessed to killing a woman in a bensalem motel, mcfadden is accused of beating a woman last week, he tried to make it look like a suicide. and he admitted it and his dna matched that at the scene. this is where the wild ride came to an end on frankford
5:36 pm
avenue near oxford street investigators say that the driver of the van allegedly hit other cars before coming to a stop. the driver is expected to be charged in that incident. authorities are looking for a thief who stole a cell phone from a south philadelphia target while holding a baby, this is surveillance video from inside of the location on mifflin street, the victim placed her cell phone down on a glass counter while listening at an ear phone display. and minutes later a man walked up to the counter and handed the child to a woman he was with and took the phone and walked out. we posted the video on so you could take a closer look low income children in accepter city will have a chance to make a head start. grown broke on the newest head
5:37 pm
start center the facility will feature 20 classrooms and multiple playgrounds and space. super storm sandy heavy damaged four head start centers in and around atlantic city, and the center is expected to be ready by the end of 2016 with the first classes starting the following year. time for an update on the highways and byways tuesday night. we have typical tuesday afternoon crawl from the southbound direction from 29 to 401 in the work zone, happening at chester brook and 401 working both ways at 8:00, watch out for the restrictions and possible delays there. continuing south on 202, a crash at silver side road, an area could be getting wet right now
5:38 pm
in chester county, west goshen near five points road one along west whiteland and one at horsham county and the rest of the nights this week in white marsh they are closing joshua road for construction starting at 7:00, head for butler pike or flour town roads as alternates. coming up a big night for the sixers. jaime apody has the report. and schools were rewarded for their commitment to the vim we'll show you. >> a summer-like day warm and muggy and 83 degrees and fresh changes are pushing in with the cold front a drop in temperature from mid to end week. >> it all comes down to tonight as three finalists hit the dance floor for one last shot at the mirror ball trophy. i'll have a free view of the
5:39 pm
season finale of "dancing with the stars."
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police in texas say that a shootout with a motorcycle gang started with a parking dispute.
5:42 pm
it started when a vehicle ran over his foot and that start aid fight that continued at a nearby restaurant and that fight spilled outside and nine people were killed and 18 were injured and sniper were on the scene to protect investigators. details in washington d.c., about a house fire at an upscale neighborhood. the four people found dead inside may have been murdered before the fire was set. three of the four people suffered blunt force trauma but would not say which victim sustained the injuries d.c. police have released video of a so-called person of interest this person may have taken the homeowners porsche from the crime scene. world news tonight will have more on the d.c. mansion murders as well as the investigation into the biker gang shootout in
5:43 pm
waco texas. turning to sports it's all about the luck of the draw for the sixers tonight. jaime apody is live in the "action news" sports sinner with more. >> cross your fingers and toes and grab your lucky rabbits foot because the luck of the sixers could come down how the ping-pong ball falls they have the chance to land the top overall pick and the lakers and heat overall pick if the balls fall correctly. that in itself is exciting, the lakers pick and miami pick and how high is our pick, there are all of those things swirling around and just the excitement that we'll get a high first round pick serves me quite well. >> last year dr. jay was their lottery luck charm and tonight
5:44 pm
nerlins noel will represent them brown says with so many possibilities tonight is big with the franchise. >> all the cultural things we build with the players we have been add some talent and some future possible corner stones then it gets real exciting it gets real and then the pain and the patience and those types of words we have experienced to date nights like tonight matter. >> huge news regarding deflate-gate, owner will not appeal the $1 million fine or the draft picks they were penalized. i do not want to continue the rhetoric that has gone on for the last four months i will accept reluctantly what he has given to us. and not continue this dialog and
5:45 pm
rhetoric. the appeal for tom brady's four game suspension is still alive however. >> the phillies looking to win their seventh in a row tonight. they play the rockies, cole hamels and his beard helped them to win last night in colorado. hamels allowed one run and six hits and herrera broke the tie in the sixth and they beat the rockies 4-3 and are no longer in last place in the nl east. 108 days until kickoff. i know who is counting temple and penn state fans, it opens at the linc on september 5th. with one year under his belt he perfected the art of the selfie. what is the key to having a successful second season they
5:46 pm
are older and wiser and having 4-more scholarship players. >> it's a man's game and last year we were the last team in college football and playing with 17 and 18 and 19-year-old guys and others are playing with 20 and 22-year-old guys it makes a difference, i think you'll see a change and growth and we are confident in that. >> you may even see an all big defensive player tackle a tree, so what does the coach say when he saw anthony zedle take on the timber? you'll want to see that at 6:00. tell me that tree was already uprooted. we'll find out. we are just a few hours away from the season finale of "dancing with the stars," that is here on 6 abc and after a dramatic night of performances, last night anticipation is
5:47 pm
building it's whittled down to three, it's anyone's guess who will win tonight. noah galloway and riker lynch and rumer willis will have one more chance to wow the judges and they will be added to last night's vote. and one person takes home the coveted mirror bill trophy but first we start with the bachelorette and that kicks off prime time and the results of last night's season premier of the bachelorette the winner spends time with her potential love matches and followed by "action news" at 11:00.
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green heroes at six schools got a big check a thank you for their environmental endeavors, they got 15 million dollars in grabs. and beck middle school were all commended. good for them. meteorologist adam joseph is here now hot and humid today and a big change tomorrow frmg the heat will drop and the humidity will drop and a nice
5:51 pm
midweek day. one downpour turned in a thunderstorm back to a downpour passing through wilmington on double scan live radar most of the area is quiet and that downpour no longer a thunderstorm as it really is weaken and falling apart as it pushes away from wilmington heading south and east at 25 miles per hour and woodstown getting a quick downpour and north of salem 0 lightning strikes but some of the towns it will move over to give a little rain, union grove, 5:52 and watson's corner 5:56, but as it passed through wilmington it brought rain briefly, it was a full blown thunderstorm at the time but a live look right now at our sky 6 hd camera in wilmington the sunshine is back out with the fresh water on the ground adding to the steam this afternoon with that very
5:52 pm
summer-like air. 83 is the high so far in philadelphia well above the normal of 75 degrees and far off the record of 96 set in 1962, sunsetting at and hoke no sea breeze today if there was a sea breeze these numbers would be well back into the 60s so with that wind out of the west-southwest right fow we are getting a lan breeze at the shore. there is a cold front with most of the energy with speckles to the north and new england that is where more of the energy is with this front getting the triggers going with the
5:53 pm
mechanisms and the wig story tonight is the dropping humidity with lows going back into the 50s with winds switching out of the northwesterly direction sunny and breezy and low humidity and 68 degrees and that refreshing air make its to the shore mostly sunny and northwesterly wind 12 to 20 miles per hour, no sea breeze again with the temperature at 72. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast wall-to-wall sunshine on wednesday and we get brushed by clouds on thursday and future tracker in the afternoon at 12:30 the decent sun is north of the city, and maybe a sprinkle far southern zones of new jersey with a high of 69 we warm above average on friday with low humidity of 78 and pleasant start to the
5:54 pm
holiday weekend and clouds looking good and breaks of sun and cloud cover for memorial day and scattered downpour of 34 and muggy tuesday with a scattered thunderstorm so as we move forward, no real rain threat so to speak that will be widespread, pretty win-win here. check the changes in the weather at get the latest from our team of meteorologists. from our new jersey newsroom, a young cancer survivor was honored in burlington county, young a.j. lost his leg battling bone cancer he had the spirited service award in delran. a.j. was recently recognized in washington, d.c., he helps chop an organization that makes
5:55 pm
dreams come true for cancer patients.
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5:57 pm
there you read it thank god i made it. that graduation cap at the kimmel center they took pictures of the milestone so proud of them, best of luck to all the graduates. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories. police issue an alert after a man lures five boys away from a popular skate park in philadelphia. and an update on the race for philadelphia mayor and ten bridges in cumberland county are undergoing emergency repairs. how long that work will take. for adam joseph, cecily tynan sharrie williams rick williams, i'm monica malpass have a great night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. tuesday night a fiery crash closes the new jersey turnpike for the morning commute. but the big sorry on "action news" tonight is the effort to track down the man that successfully lured five young boys from philadelphia's payne park. it has just come to light and lawmen not to mention parents want police to find this guy now
6:00 pm
you. sara bloomquist is live now you. what do police know. >> reporter: at this point jim they don't know the motive this skate park is always busy, skateboarders telling us there is never any trouble here, they were surprised by this encould youer with a man and a group of boys, he offered free cokes and sandwiches and in return he took pictures of their feet. kids come here along the schuylkill river trail to practice and show off their skateboarding skills, they come from all over, all ages and some quite young and they take pride in taking care of each other and the youngest told us he never feels unsafe. >> i pay attention and i just ride around. i have had people steal my phone but nothing


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