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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 20, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- tornado threat. twisters roaring across texas, tearing apart buildings and homes. leaving widespread damage. new video just in. plus the flood concerns overnight. and a late spring snowfall as well. oil spill. a long slick coating an american shoreline. animals starting to come to shore, covered in oil. this morning, the concerns growing. massive recall. the biggest in american history. air bags that explode, like a bomb some say, in your car. and fit first lady michelle obama showing off her workout routine with a serious message.
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well a good wednesday morning to you. breaking overnight, the latest round of extreme weather hitting the plains. >> heavy rain hail dozens of tornadoes to report. all over the past 24 hours. at least 27 reports of tornadoes. 20 of them in texas alone. like the one you're seeing caught on camera here. this is in mineral wells, texas. one man injured at a hotel near austin. >> elsewhere in texas, torrential rains triggered flash floods. the dangerous weather remaining relentless. this powerful tornado touching down in mineral wells, texas, just west of dallas. >> oh ya, look at it now. >> reporter: residents in awe. the damage is being called extensive. >> i see the roof peeling off. boards are flying through the air. that's when we had to get inside. >> reporter: one buildin pretty scary.
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>> reporter: it's the rain causing problems in other parts of texas. in 24 hours, san angelo got the most rain it's seen in 35 years. more than 20 drivers trapped in sinking cars. in colorado, flood concerns remain overnight after a deluge. clayton sandell is there. >> here in downtown denver the waters are rising too. the river and creek have overflowed their banks. normally it looks like this. >> reporter: in the rockies, a snowstorm, just a month away if summer. that severe weather system heading east. >> this is the latest radar. storms stretching nearly 1,000 miles. >> west texas in for more severe storms today with those showers stretching across the midwest,
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packing damaging winld, hail, the possibility of more tornadoes. another developing story. efforts under way to clean up a large oil spill along the california central coast. estimated 21,000 gallons of oil from a broken pipeline flowed into the pacific ocean about 20 miles west of santa barbara. that oil stretched about four miles along the beach. some sea birds coated in oil. all happened at a beach that is popular with campers. the coast guard on the scene monitoring the cleanup. whiles could be seen near the oil at one point. workers attempting to push them away. unclear how long it might take to clean up. several tense hours overnight for a choose ship and its passengers. the norwegian dawn with nearly 4,000 people on board got stuck on a reef. high tide eventually freed the ship. it was anchored for the night. the ship is expected to be back on its way back to boston after
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an inspection this morning. we turn to the largest auto recall ever triggered by defect defective air bags that can explode in your face. the air bag manufacturer did an about face dramatically expand expanding the recall to 30 million cars. we get more from bazi kanani. >> reporter: exploding with too much force. sometimes shattering a metal inflater sending pieces of shrapnel toward passengers. that is the frightening defect leading to the largest air bag recall in history. >> up until now, t a rks kata has refused to acknowledge that their air bags are defective. that changes today. >> reporter: the recall affecting 11 different car makers that sell in the u.s. japanese manufacturer takata has been testing the infaters pulled from cars with alarming results.
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nearly 1 out of every 100 fractured into shrapnel when ruptured. the defect has killed at least five americans and injured so many others. >> when i seen the blood, i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: this morning, car dealers are getting another round of calls from concerned customers. >> i wanted to make a call about the the recall. >> reporter: and a wait. >> you have kids. you don't know what will happen. >> reporter: it is such a large recall, it could take up to two years to get the air bags replaced. go to safer and type in your vehicle identification number to see if your car is involved. mcmchillary clinton addressing the private e-mail issue. she's urging the state department to release the
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documents as soon as possible. >> i have said publicly i'm repeating it. i want them out as soon as they can get out. >> she's been under scrutiny for using private instead of government e-mail when she was secretary of state. instead of a january release, the federal judge ordering ale roing timetable. joe biden's son facing new medical challenges this morning. beau biden undergoing treatment at the walter reed military medical center. no word on what caused him to seek treatment. in the past he suffered a mild stroke and had a small lesion removed from his brain. police say an uninvited group showed up at the restaurant where five motorcycle gangs were meeting and someone ran over a birk's foot. about 100 guns have been recovered so far, as well as dozens of knives.
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all nine people killed were shot. police are calling for a truce. an update now on the deflategate scandal. the new england patriots will not be appealing the punishments happeneded down by the nfl. team owner robert kraft waved something of a white flag yesterday. he says they'll not appeal their fine and loss of two draft picks. that doesn't mean tom brady won't appeal his four-game suspension. a new champ on "dancing with the stars." noah galway rumer willis and riker lynch. >> only one couple could walk away with the mirrorball trophy. noah took third. season favorites rumer and val taking it all. they're flying to new york as we speak. the major change to the scoring system in the nfl. and a car plows into a home driving right into a nursery.
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a baby sleeping in that mangled crib making an amazing escape. a paddle boarder's brush with a mass i have killer whale. a little too close here.
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late consumer alert this morning. more and more people are having their debit card information stolen. the information is being stolen at the highest rate in at least 20 years. compromises in atms located at banks were up nearly 175% in the first quarter of this year. as opposed to 2014.
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at nonbank atms, those compromises soord more than 300% over last year. proponents of boosting the minimum wage have major win on their hands in l.a. they've agreed to raise the limit to $15 an hour by the year 2020. los angeles is the largest city in the nation to adopt the increase. swiss bank ubs has agreed to pay the u.s. $545 million to settle charges it rigged the the currency market. it will plead guilty to wire fraud in another case. ubs is the first of five banks to enter into an agreement. others are expected to follow suit. kfc is counting on a blast from the past to boost sales. the chain bringing back, there he is colonel sanders. hoping the world-face pitchman will stand out from the crowd.
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it coin sides with the 75th anniversary of kfc. they're balancing the throwback mascot with newly remodeled stores and new items. i wonder if they have a new biscuit recipe. >> you on don't care about the chicken on the mascot? >> i like the biscuit. cancer charities accused of fraud. people opening their pocket books to fight the devastating disease. where that money was really going. plus breaking a sweatover night. the first lady showing off her workout routine. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d ...which up to 90% of people don't get enough of. ohhhhhhh. the sunshine vitamin! ensure now has 2x more vitamin d to support strong bones.
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all right. take a look at this. this is a picture of the air force's minispace shuttle, set for launch today at cape canaveral. the fourth trip to space for this vehicle, which always carries supersecret pay lodes. it will stay in orbit for awhile and then return back to earth. flooding conditions across texas today. wet roads into the ohio valley. wet along the southeast coastline into florida, the pacific northwest, with mountain snow over the rockyiesrockies. airport delays possible in denver, dallas, kansas city, and memphis. millions of americans across all 50 states have been donating noun make a difference in the
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fight against cancer. >> the only difference many have made is lining the pockets of charity executives. the cancer fund of america and three other charities have been accused of bilking people out of $187 million. using the money for vacations, meals, even lingerie. >> some charities use donations to send children with chancer to disney world. in this case the children's cancer fund of america used donations to send themselves to disney world. >> oh investigators say only three cents of every dollar donated to fund the cause. two charities have settled. two others are fighting the allegations. a parent's biggest worry. a child getting hit by a car. in bellvie wurks washington, d.c. it almost happened to a baby boy. he was sleeping in his own bedroom. a woman learning to drive reportedly confused the gas and
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the brake. she hit into a house. now some sports. starting in the nfl where extra points are going to look a little different in the upcoming season. . the league's owners will look different. they'll be snapped from the 15 yard line instead of the 2 yard line. two-point conversions will be snapped from the 2 yard line. the defense will be able to return a blocked extra point attempt or a turnover for two points. you followed all that this time, right? >> sure. >> the nba is easier to understand. they held the draft lottery last night. minnesota timberwolves will have the number one pick in next month's draft. we get last night's highlights from espn. >> i'm robert flores. two big playoff games in the nhl and nba tuesday night. let's start in the nba. western conference finals. rockets and warriors. game one.
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from the bay area. fourth quarter. james harden. ties the game at 97-97. out of a warrior time-out. harrison barnes. a beautiful set play designed from the golden state warriors. steph curry wide open from shaun livingston. who was huge for golden state. curry, 34 points. warriors win, 110-106. to lead this best of seven. blackhawks taking on the anaheim ducks. ducks came in with a 1-0 lead in this best of seven. second overtight, blackhawks on the power play andrew shaw has won it with the header. hold up. wait. that's not allowed. you can't do that. you can't use your head. to kind of head the puck into the net. we go to triple overtime. marcus kruger. his second goal of the playoffs. blackhawks win, 3-2.
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longest game in blackhawks history. we're tied at 1-1. next "sportscenter," live coming your way 9:00 a.m. eastern. have a great day. we'll see you. >> one more item in that golden state warriors victory you saw. it happened last night after the game. >> you know -- >> that's too loud daddy. >> i know hold on one second. okay? >> be quiet. >> we're both supposed to help our team. >> he's the league mvp, but that's the star. that's riley curry. she's almost 3. that's league mvp steph curry. she told him to be quiet. she took over the news conference. she was yawning. waving to reporters. playing -- you see her there. >> he purt her down. the next time she was seen was when she lifted up the covering on the table. she knows how to steal the show. >> that's fantastic. >> we should bring her in to
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want. you can go to any line that's running, and pull a box of cereal. alrighty. we just like cereal, we make it, eat it love it, live it. (laughing) all right. time for "the pulse." we start with the first lady working out in impressive fashion. the first lady jumping rope. looking like she's about to take on manny pacquiao. this is all part of her let's move give me five campaign. >> she's doing squat jumps and working with a medicine ball. there's also weight-lifting. 35-pound dumbbells and boxing. >> she's dishing out some
4:23 am
punishment to the heavy bag, both with punches and kicks. there sit. there sit opinion. >> danger. >> people always talk about how fit he sloox. this is how she does it. >> impressive. >> very impressive. going viral. a new jersey teen bent of getting a picture perfect selfie with the president. >> an 18-year-old. ajulia capelli. she's angling her phone. snapping the best shot on her fourth attempt. she's so excited. the president oblivious to what is going on. >> julia said she had to get a good selfie to post online for her friends or they wouldn't believe her. >> for her friends. does that count? he had no idea it was happening. >> you don't have to know. we turn to cliff diving now. there's nothing quite like throwing yourself into the water from more than 90 feet up
4:24 am
right? this is what we do on the weekend. >> they were jumping from a tower along the entrance to a harbor harbor. crazy stuff here. spins. turns. flips. >> this was a red bull sponsored event. we're trying to get them to sponsor our show here. 75,000 turned out to watch the event. the next event is in texas a week from this coming sunday. finally, another of nature's wonders caught on video off the coast of new zealand. >> a 27-year-old paddleboarder here. you see him. grab his board. he's out. everybody has a gopro camera. look what he runs into. he's surrounded bay pod of six, actually six orca whiles. >> one of them hung around him for nearly ten minutes. even trying to get his attention attention, by grabbing the board with his mouth. >> that will get your attention, right? >> that will definitely get your attention. good he didn't try to go in for
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>> ♪♪ >> good morning, every win, it is wednesday, may 24. 4:27 on the clock. i'm matt o'donnell. we have a story you need to see before you hit the road. air bag maker warns its products in more than 34 million vehicles could explode. details on what is the largest auto recall ever. amtrak engineers say they want another safeguard on the northeast corridor in the wake of last week's derailment in philadelphia. new this morning we have a big announcement about jay-z's made in america festival. more comfortable conditions courtesy of accuweather. traffic, much more news all coming up. >> ♪♪ parts of the mountain rockies. there's a new queen of "dancing with the stars" in the ballroom. she got her hands on the here ror ball trophy last night.
4:28 am
>> the season finale was jam-packed. brandi hitt has the details. hello the you, brandi. >> reporter: good morning reena and t.j. she was one of my favorite from the start. rumer willis is the "dancing with the stars" champion. she has the charisma confidence and the moves. capping off an exciting season 20. ♪ a star-studded "dancing with the stars" finale. ♪ everybody juicy wiggle ♪ >> reporter: all 12 celebrities returning for a final spin. ♪ copa cabana ♪ >> reporter: and a special performance by noah galway and amy purdy. ♪ ten feet all the ♪ >> reporter: finally, with just 24 hours to rehearse, the top three contestants orchestrated their final fusion dance. beginning with army veteran noah. >> you have been one of the most inspiring people. 9. >> reporter: then riker lynch
4:29 am
hit the floor. ♪ >> this, to me you're a superstar. >> reporter: and finally actress rumer willis wowed the crowd. >> you are as good as anyone that's ever been on "dancing with the stars." >> 10! >> reporter: their scores added to last night's results in determining season 20s "dancing with the stars" champions. >> the winners and new champions of "dancing with the stars" are -- rumer and val. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: what a night for rumer. did you notice that was a special gold mirrorball trophy for season 20. all three finalists are on the way to new york city right now to appear on "good morning america" this morning. reena and t.j. in. >> we're looking forward to that. i think bruno said it was indroebl watch how dancing transformed rumer. >> we have the red carpet rolled out. we'll see them shortly. you'll see them as well on "good morning america." that's it for us.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> we are following several developing stories on this wednesday, may 20th. a disagreement between two neighbors leads to gun shots and a brief standoff. >> candidate for philadelphia mayor gets the nod from the democratic party in a landslide victory. >> a kitten killing grandmother is behind bars. hear why police say she did it. >> good morning, it's 4:30 now here on this wednesday. let's head right over to dave murphy to take a look at accuweather and karen rogers has your traffic. good morning. >> and a big change under way overnight and now into this morning. first of all you see a lack of


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