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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  May 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> we are following several developing stories on this wednesday, may 20th. a disagreement between two neighbors leads to gun shots and a brief standoff. >> candidate for philadelphia mayor gets the nod from the democratic party in a landslide victory. >> a kitten killing grandmother is behind bars. hear why police say she did it. >> good morning, it's 4:30 now here on this wednesday. let's head right over to dave murphy to take a look at accuweather and karen rogers has your traffic. good morning. >> and a big change under way overnight and now into this morning. first of all you see a lack of
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clouds. we really didn't get a whole lot of showers or thunderstorms last night. there was basically one that popped up and that was it and now you can see a little cloud cover out to the west but basically clear skies and staying that way for most of today. 64 degrees in philadelphia. notice how the winds are no longer coming up out of the humid south. they're now drawing in out of the northwest and that has lowered our humidity so it feels a lot more comfortable as you step outside this morning. might even like a light jacket with a bit of breeze blowing through the region. on the bus stop this morning by particular clock 59, by 8 o'clock 60 degrees. at times it could be breezy but mainly clearly as we roll through the day, cooler, 64 degrees on your storm tracker six app, down to 60 by 8 o'clock, back to 66 by noon, 71 by 3 o'clock and a late afternoon high of 72 probably around four block back to 69 by 6 o'clock. so much cooler, bright and actually a pretty nice day from start to finish. we're looking at pollen counts rising a little bit over where they were yesterday so we're basically in the medium high range and probably staying that way straight into the
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holiday weekend. karen speaking of the holiday weekend i'll let you know the latest accuweather call on that. mainly pretty good i suppose. that's coming up in the seven day. >> i have off. i don't care what the weather s i'm just so excited to sleep. let's look at the schuylkill expressway under 30th street. we have construction out there that's blocking the right lane. you can kind of see those crews up there ahead but this should clear within the next half hour. not out there for too long. switching your camera view to i-95 and what a view it is. maybe we'll switch one more time. this is the big picture i-95 approaching cottman no overnight extra construction, no delays, 55 miles an hour, looking pretty good and 50, 51 on the schuylkill, no problem there. i-95 southbound near penn's landing we had some construction and that is clear as well so looking pretty good. in bucks county on the turnpike eastbound near bensalem we've got construction blocking the right lane and the center lane, matt there thank you karen. we begin with a developing story here. a neighborhood dispute led to a shooting and a brief police standoff in southwest philadelphia. officers say the gunman was
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fighting with another man over a car and shot him in the foot. then police say the shooter ran into his house on windsor street and would not come out. a swat team arrived and convinced the suspect to surrender. it is the largest auto recall in u.s. history and you might be affected. takata is nearly doubling the size of its already massive he recall of air bags. at least six deaths have been tied to the air bags not working properly, sometimes exploding. here is "action news" reporter kenneth moat town it's a massive and historic recall defective air bags that could explode and send shrapnel toward the driver and passenger in millions of vehicles. >> that's kind of scary. very scary. i don't know what air bags are made of but i know whatever it is it isn't good if it's not working properly. >> reporter: takata and the u.s. department of transportation announced the national recall tuesday. 34 million vehicles and nearly a dozen of the world's biggest automakers are affected. >> i think there's probably a lot less of them that are
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going to fail but they're just preventing any accidents in the future. >> reporter: takata is not certain but beliefs high humidity causes the faulty air bags which have killed five people and injured dozens in the u.s. >> there shouldn't be panic but you should certainly take caution, make sure that your vehicle is or isn't part of that recall and take the necessary steps. >> reporter: kevin with the automobile dealers association of greater philadelphia says it will likely be a few more days before people can check to see if their cars are part of the largest auto recall ever. owners can enter their vehicle identification number or vin on safer but repairs could take weeks maybe years. >> there's going to be a bag log of these parts with this many vehicles affected. there's one major manufacturer that is producing these air bags and they can only ramp up so much. >> reporter: so far that air bag manufacturer takata has been hit with more than a million dollars in fines for not cooperating with the investigation by the u.s. government. but now it says it's fully
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cooperating and working with the dot on this national recall. reporting live along the schuylkill expressway, kenneth moton, channel6 "action news"." >> "good morning america" will continue our coverage of this huge air bag recall at 7:00 a.m. >> ♪♪ >> and we're at the big board to talk about the democratic primary for mayor of philadelphia. it was jim kenney by a mile. he won about 57 percent of the vote yesterday in a six-person field. kenney is a former long time city councilman who had broad union backing. now turnout as expected wasn't high. it was only 27 percent. now kenney reiterated his major plans for the future, end stop and frisk make prek universal, raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. "action news" asked kenney how it feels to be a big step closer to being mayor. >> i wouldn't describe it as a driver's seat. almost like the conductor of an orchestra. everyone has their role to
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play in the labor community business community, it's conducting that whole group of people together to make beautiful music as opposed to bad noise. >> now, state senator anthony hardy williams finished a distant second to kenney. kenney will now face a republican mel lace is arepublican. for the results of the other primary races they're available right now on philadelphia police are looking for the man who lured children away from a skateboarding part so he could photograph their family it happened at haines park near the art museum on sunday may tent a 11-year-old boy waited to tell his parents because he was afraid he would be in trouble. the boy says the man offered him and his friends free sandwiches and cokes and in return the man took them to a grassy hill and photographed their bare feet. we'll have more details on this in a live report coming up in our next half hour. >> in the wake of the deadly
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amtrak train derailment the union representing amtrak engineers says it wants backup. they want amtrak to add a second crew member at the controls for trains operating on the northeast corridor. train 188 had a five member crew but engineer brandon bostian was by himself in the locomotive. the other crew members were in the passenger cars. amtrak has not had a second crew member in the engine since the early 80's. the train company says safety is its number one priority but it didn't say whether or not it would implement this change. and bridges along the popular route to the jersey shore are undergoing emergency repair. inspectors found cracks in 10 bridges in cumberland county, all along route 55. there could be lane restrictions has that work gets start is there. with memorial day weekend coming up the state says it's committed to keeping all lanes of route 55 opened from friday to tuesday but then the repair will stretch into the summer months. >> the mayor of wilmington delaware went face to face with concerned citizens. mayor dennis williams held a
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town hall meeting at dupont middle school last night. residents gave him an earful over the city's struggles with crime, education and its economy. the city announced progress in its battle with criminals. residents plead for more leadership from the mayor's office. >> i think things are getting better now. i accept responsibility for my mistakes and i hope they accept responsibility for there's. >> who is there's. >> city council. >> feel like your concerns were addressed. >> no. >> if the numbers are matching what they're seeing then the community would see the down spiral of what's going on. >> mayor williams promises he'll continue to address violent crime and other problems facing wilmington. >> new this morning confirmation that the made in america musikfest value is coming back to philadelphia. the two day event will happen labor day weekend this year, that will be september 6th and 7th. the event was started by jay-z will be in its fourth year. as of yet we don't know who will perform. they usually announce that
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later in the summer. >> could be a lot of people. we'll find out. more stories you didn't see last night. a grandmother in the midwest is behind bars accused of killing her grandchildren's beloved cat and kittens and police say it was to teach them a lesson. >> texas has already been hit by tornado. now it's dealing with more severe we had. we've got new video. david. >> we're dressing the kids in a jacket and i apologize i meant to take out the umbrellas. it's going to be sunny today. i got a sixers jacket this morning for temperatures around 60 and a little bit of a breeze because they did pretty well in the lottery last night. we'll talk about that little later in the broadcast. this afternoon shorts and t's probably work in most neighborhoods. i'll have your accuweather call for the afternoon and looking ahead to the holiday weekend. that's coming up. >> ♪♪
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>> more severe weather raked across parts of texas and triggered several tornadoes. this is video of a twister in mineral wells that caused several thousand dollars in damage. trained weather spotters watched as debris was thrown into streets causing problems for drivers. no injuries have been reported. >> now to talk about accuweather. my lawn really needs some rain. >> yeah, and not going to get it today. take a look clear skies
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building across the region. no problems at the airport. it will be cooler as you step outside this morning and staying cooler this afternoon with a bit of a breeze beginning to pick up across the region. 64 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia. not too bad. the big change the dewpoint well below that 60-degree threshold for humid hair. winds have turned out of the north at 8 miles per hour and across parts of the region we have winds in the double digits, 13 miles per hour breeze building in through allentown, 12 in reading, 14 in wilmington and overall we are expecting somewhat blustery conditions today with wind gusts at times in the 20's. so, not a horrific wind out there but definitely a little bit of a cool breeze at times. you can also see how the clouds are eroding not only here but even out over central pennsylvania. a lot of these as they try and move down out of the mountains will probably just evaporate and we're looking for mainly sunny skies today. it will be cooler than yesterday and less humid which is nice. 60 degrees by 8 o'clock
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64 degrees by 11 o'clock and then 69 by 2 o'clock with a high of 72 probably pretty late in the afternoon say around 4 o'clock or so and by 5 o'clock, 70 degrees, mainly sunny skies. high temperatures across the region much more cool than the last couple days. 68 degrees in allentown today just 69 in reading and in trenton and then low 70's in philadelphia wilmington, millville. down the shore probably hitting the upper 60's today. breezy conditions under mostly sunny skies. tomorrow we have an area of low pressure that's actually going stay to our south and exit the coast around virginia and maybe north carolina but it looks like it's going to be close enough to push a lot of clouds across the region and that will help keep us even cooler tomorrow. most of us will not break out of the 60's tomorrow and obviously a cloudy start. during the afternoon in particular there's also a possibility now that we get a couple of light showers popping through. this is the 3 o'clock view but i'd allow for this at any time in the afternoon south of philadelphia and it looks like that stays south right into the early evening. might be a little bit more
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sunshine and perhaps a little bit warmer number up north in the northern suburbs than down in philadelphia and points south. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, breezy and cooler, getting up to 72 today. a nice change from that warmer more humid day yesterday. and then tomorrow cloudy and cooler. we're going for a-67 degrees, the farther north you go the better chance you have of seeing some sunny breaks. the farther south it's probably all clouds and we have those showers. and then breezy and warmer again on friday with a high of 78. for the holiday weekend sunny and nice although a bit on the cool side for this time of year on saturday. the high of 71. down the shore probably stuck in the low to mid 60's with a sea breeze kicking in in the afternoon. and then sunday partly sunny and 78 but i could also see the shore only getting up to about 70. on monday 82 degrees, warmer. there is the chance of a spotty thunderstorm on memorial day. probably a little warmer down the shore up to the mid 70's. but i don't think there's a lost thunderstorm activity so i wouldn't cancel plans on monday. i would just keep that storm tracker six handy on your smartphone.
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>> we'll do that. thank you david. new this morning police say an illinois grandmother went to murderous extremes to teach her grandchildren a lesson. josephine bell is accused of killing her grandchild's cat and four kittens. she killed the animals with a hammer and stuck them in a brown paper bag and put them in the freezer. when her 13-year-old granddaughter went to get a snack we found those beloved pets. bell confessed to the killing. she told police she did this because the the children would the no clean their rooms. there's an arrest warrant ought for a middle school math teacher accused of a shocking act. >> basically he's allowing the students to have sex in a storage room in his classroom. >> the mother says she learned of the alleged approval when she saw text messages between her son and his teacher 25-year-old quinton write. they indicated that her 14-year-old son was allowed to have sex with a girl in a storage closet inside wright's classroom. right has been removed from the school. the mother has also taken her
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child out of that school. >> time for your first look at business here at the big board. a new jersey lawmaker vows to continue the state's policy of not allowing drivers to purge their own gas. measures have been introduced in the state legislature that would allow self service gas. senate president steve sweeney says there's nothing wrong with the state's 68-year-old law which was put in place because they used to think it was too dangerous for people to pump their own gas. oregon is the only other state that requires full service. los angeles city council gave initial approval to raise the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. philadelphia city council has held similar hearings to increase the wage here but no action has been taken yet. it was a mixed day on wall street yesterday and the futures market points to a slightly higher open this morning. it was the biggest fight of the year and the jabs aren't over just yet. at least 32 lawsuits have been filed since floyd mayweather
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junior beat manny pacquiao yao. many suits claim fraud and say pacquiao should have disclosed a shoulder injury before the fight. >> it's 4:48. we're following a developing story. a ruptured pipeline created an oil spoil stretching for miles off the california coast. >> a driver crashes into a washington state apartment and nearly hits a baby inside. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. if you're about to head out we're looking live at the schuylkill expressway under 30th street. we've got construction crews out there blocking the right lane. you want to watch for that. should be cleared eastbound in another maybe 15 minutes or so so not out there for too long. looking live role on the roosevelt boulevard at ridge avenue. that's southbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. no problems on the boulevard we're clear, we're dry so no big issues there. in whitemarsh township montgomery county we have a problem, joshua road closed between flourtown and stenton from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. it started last night it lasts through friday night so watch for this construction. stick to flourtown road as your alternate. in bellmawr 295 northbound between 42 and 30 construction blocked up to two lanes until about 6 o'clock so no major accidents or problems but we have construction crews doing some work. also in middletown township
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working here in cape may town we've got the ramp from garden state parkway to 47 closed. got to use the ramp for north wildwood instead matt and tam. >> thank you karen. developing this morning a 24-inch underground pipeline ruptured yesterday spilling an estimated 21,000 gallons of oil off the coast of santa barbara, could california. the pipeline is operated by planes all american pipeline company. fire crews say the spill has been stopped but there's still a 4-mile slick in the ocean. so far two companies have been contracted for the cleanup and the cause of the rupp story was not immediately known. take a look at new video of an suv that slammed into an apartment building in washington state. police say the driver narrowly missed a nine month old baby asleep in her crib. the nursery as you can see was destroyed. investigators believe the person who caused crash was a new driver who confused the gas pedal for the brakes. >> new this morning, former football pro aaron hernandez is getting into trouble behind
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bars. prison officials have disciplined the convicted murderer for acting as a lookout for a fellow prisoner. that felon had been caught beating up another inmate. authorities believe the dispute is gang related. hernandez is serving a life sentence at a correctional facility in massachusetts for the murder of oden lloyd. the new england patriots will not appeal its deflate-gate penalties. owner robert craft made the announcement yesterday saying he's tired of the back and forth rhetoric. the nfl slapped the pats with a 1 million-dollar fine and took away draft picks. tom brady's appeal of his four game suspension is still ongoing. >> all new in the next half hour of "action news" the cruise ship that departd from south boston and ran aground in bermuda. hear what caused it to get stuck. >> and a fresh prince alum and "dancing with the stars" champ can add tv show host to his resume. that is next.
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at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere
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in between... ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. the odds of this boy achieving his dream in fashion? 1 in 23 million. the odds of having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 68. i am tommy hilfiger. learn more at >> new here on "action news" an electronic billboard message in front of a north carolina high school had drivers making u-turns. it stated the fayetteville academy school is up for sale. with the asking price of $20 million. the sale would include two large gyms cafeteria 96 rooms 22 baths and adequate parking. it was a prank by the senior class as later message revealed. >> "dancing with the stars" has its newest champions. >> the winners and new
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champions of "dancing with the stars" are rumer and val. [cheers and applause] >> actress rumer willis won the hard to hold mirrorball trophy beating out singer riker lynch and army veteran noah galloway. her parents bruce willis and demi moore were in the audience cheering her on. a man who won "dancing with the stars" last season has a new gig. alfonso ribiero will take over for tom bergeron. they made that announcement last night. afhv entered its 26th season later this year and reigns as abc's longest running prime time entertainment show. you're able to catch it sunday nights at 7:00 right here on 6abc. >> 4:57 is the time. new this morning toxic fumes fill a delaware home overnight sending six people to the hospital. >> four cancer charities are accused of conning millions conning people out
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of millions. more when we come back ♪ take me into your darkest hour ♪ ♪ and i'll never desert you ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ yeaaaah! yeah. so that's our loyalty program. you're automatically enrolled, and the longer you stay, the more rewards you get. great! oh!
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♪ i'll stand by you ♪ ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. standing by you from day one. now, that's progressive. >> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and
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meteorologist, david murphy. >> it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday, may 20th. we have news you didn't see last night. >> toxic fumes make a family sick there their delaware home overnight. >> the favored in the democratic primary for philadelphia mayor absolutely destroys his competition. >> there's an effort under way to track down the plan who lured five young boys away from pains park in philadelphia. >> how about a pleasant day from accuweather. let's see if we can deliver that with david and karen. good morning. >> did get warmer and more humid late yesterday afternoon. today weary versing that pattern. we've got a lot of sunshine on the way, lack of cloud cover in the immediate region and this stuff out to the west probably melting away. only had one little shower pop through areas just south of philadelphia last night and that was it. 63 degrees right now in philadelphia. notice how the winds are now coming down out of the northwest which is generally a cooler more comfortable source region for us rather than the south where we were drawing from yesterday. 60 in wilmington. just 55 in allentown and 62 in millville. some of you are experiencing a


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