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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  May 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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sed in blue. it was captured on surveillance video. the family of sergeant robert wilson arrived with a police escort and they wouldn't remain inside for long as the defendants hipps and williams waived their right to a hearing. >> prosecutors say they have overwhelming evidence specifically surveillance video that shows sergeant wilson being shot and killed while trying to shield customers from a robbery attempt by the two brothers 36 shots were fired in all and six hit wilson. he was struck in his right eye by ramon williams. and he was rendered incapacitated by the first shot. >> the video is extremely
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graphic but the first thing that sticks out is the heroics of the police officer. he moves away from the customers to take on the fire. >> it appears that their client is on the video but it's fair to say that the focus is on saving his client's life rather than getting an acquittal. but the district attorney has not decided whether to seek the death penalty. we continue to gather facts and review everything top to bottom before the final decision is made on that. >> sergeant wilson's family did not common after the proceeding. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." today was cooler than the last few days and we may see
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rain in the next 24 hours. adam joseph is here now with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> rain is pushing into the area tomorrow but right now we are talking about the chill down in the temperature department and only 66 in philadelphia feeling like early bring 62 in allentown un70 in dover and no sea breeze at the shore and temperatures right around 70. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, there is no stopping the rain from chicago, cincinnati and nashville all of this is working to the east. originally this was to scrape the far southern areas but the trend is bringing it farther to the north future tracker tomorrow afternoon light rain in and around philadelphia and especially down the shore and southern delaware you'll get a soaking from this storm tomorrow, what to expect cloudy and cool and steady rain to the south and the shore communities
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could see up to .75 inches of rain. that is welcome for the southern areas. when i come back we'll talk about a beautiful memorial day weekend. all the details in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. with the weather warming up and looking like a great weekend for the holiday at the jersey shore and businesses getting ready for what they hope are huge crowds. eva pilgram is live now in atlantic city they are hoping for a big weekend. >> reporter: it may feel cooler in the city but it feels great at the shore the countdown is on and the weekend is so close and the boards are already looking busy and people are waiting for the summer. you can feel the vibrations coming. the summer vibrations. >> this is gorgeous absolutely gorgeous. >> these ladies have been friend
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since kindergarten and today they are looking for doles. >> i am looking for gifts for the grandkids, for their birthdays, a good time to get gifts, lots of sales. merchants are clearing out the old merchandise to welcome the new stuff coming in. >> it's a great gauge for how the season is going to play out for you, if you have a good memorial day weekend you know you have done everything right and you are exciting for the rest of the season to get twoing. >> the business is great every weekend with this weather you would think it was august. >> we got some sun. >> yesterday we were so burned. >> people were already taking advantage of this nice weather. >> we added some beds and hammocks and bean beds, and making our venue bigger.
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>> they are adding a volleyball court and it's one of few beach bars in a.c. and the owner is expecting a big crowd. as long as the weather is good they will be here. >> resorts casino is hosting the second annual beach ball drop this friday to kick off the unofficial start of summer. we are live here in atlantic city, eva pilgram channel 6 "action news." >> you have a great assignment here eva thank you. if you are hitting the road take the accuweather forecast with you, go it, and find live storm tracker 6 radar and the seven-day forecast and get the latest from our team of meteorologists. >> the general election campaign in the race for mayor kicked off today, jim kenney had a little time to celebrate his big primary win instead he faced off with his republican
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opponent, melissa murray bailey vernon odom is live now. >> reporter: these would be mayors were front and center high-profile today on stage discussing poverty and later on talking and fielding questions from reporters. >> the party nominees made this fundraiser for their homeless aid church their first stop for their campaign promising more help for the hungry and homeless if they are mayor for philadelphia. >> i will work for permanent solutions, jobs and break the cycle of homelessness. >> we are human beings in this world that god put us in and some of us are successful and had good luck and some have bad luck. >> there are little resources in terms of funding, bailey came
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out swinging calling him another city hall politician too tied to the powers that be to affect change. >> the mayor before that was city council and became mayor and the one before that was city council and became mayor. we will have to expect the same results. >> i am in politics for 36 years, what is what i do i don't consider that an insult but a statement of fact. >> i'll return at 6:00 with kenney and bailey discussing tactics like stop and frisk and the future of commissioner charles ramsey here. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. although the primary is over, some unwanted campaign sign is still covering a philadelphia polling place this is what it looks like outside of the the finley rec center on west oak lane, the center and
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nearby polls are littered with ads. they were suppose to be gone before the polls closed last night. >> they were suppose to clean it up and every can tate was here yesterday and they have been. but when they left, they left their trash we want this cleaned up today. >> walter marlin of the rec center advisory council says it took seven days for the signs to be cleaned up last year, he hopes this will be done in a timely fashion. >> lots of cleaning up to do. time for the "action news" traffic report, lets send things to matt pellman in the traffic center keeping his on eye things today. >> it's a busy hump day afternoon commute, as we look at 95 you can see it too plenty of traffic on 95 in both directions close to allegheny avenue nothing in your way except a
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whole lot of other vehicles southbound come the headlights and northbound is slower a 34 minute ride, ideally is just 14 minutes, one accident in the bushes at applebee 611 and washington lane and along 82 near 282 and no issues on the pennsylvania turnpike with speeds in the low 60s, we'll take that. and an accident in wilmington that cleared out along 23rd street. no major issues along 95 or 495, take your pick you are okay right now. and another night of media's dining under the stars that means the 101 trolley will not run from 5:00 until 11:00. lets fwrab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. one member talking about a crash on the waze app along
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roxborough you may be better on ridge avenue instead. we'll check it again in the next half our. >> thank you. see you then. >> what was on osama bin laden's book shelf we got new information about what navy seals took from his compound including what he was reading from america. good and tornadoes rip through the midwest, we hear from people that survived the worst of the storms. >> we have to get through this, an emotional day as we say good-bye to a friend of our "action news" team. shirleen was with us since we started. we'll celebrate her time in philadelphia a tribute you simply don't want to mis.
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another line of powerful storms ripped through the heartland with storms in texas and oklahoma today the cleanup
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begins after homes were turned inside out and roofs ripped off and trees snapped like twigs. >> the next thing i foe the boards are threeing through the air. >> over the past 24 hours 27 twisters were reported. 10 in oklahoma and 17 in texas. >> it's trying to pull itself together and make one large tornado. >> it left behind a line of destruction, some of the worst touched down in mineral wells texas, west of dallas. the storm tossed pieces of this building across the road and slammed them into a church. >> debris and big back shingles inside. >> 45 miles north in bridgeport roofs were ripped off of homes. >> the boards are just flying through the air and we knew we had to get inside. >> austin winds were wicked and parts of this hotel were airborne and 100 miles outside
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of san antonio, another tornado touched down and elsewhere if texas water caused serious damage, in 24 hours san angelo got the most rain it got in 24 years. and 10 people had to be rescued from sinking cars. >> we are thankful it was not worse than what it is. >> today people in texas are bracing for severe thunderstorms and flash flooding just a wild 24 hours for them there and a lot of cleanup to do and incredibly nobody seriously hurt. >> the power of mother nature. the u.s. government released new information about the raid that killed osama bin laden including material that was classified up until now the government calls the documents bin laden's book shelf think tank reports and technical manuals for computer programs and 39 english language book
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most of them about the cia and u.s. military history and american politics all of the materials seized during the raid to kill bin laden four years ago. after a massive oil spill off the california coast caused by a broken pipe, in san abash ra county the fire department has capped the leak but thousands of gallons of oil is in the water. they are out with boots and rakes and shovel and working to help birds covered in oil. and now washington's record setting streak is over, the dow jones is losing 27 points and the nasdaq up a hair there and the s&p 500 down a tad. four big banks have agreed to pay $2.5 billion for criminally
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manipulating the global currency market, it goes back to 2011, jpmorgan chase and the royal bank of scotland and others admitted to conspiring to fix euros, and ative and bank will pay 203 million dollars in fines. target reported their quarterly earnings today and they beat wall street's expectations, they got a boost from online sales and target bought back stock for the first time in nearly two years the company went through a massive restructuring on the heels of the hacking scandal in 2013. a city hero was honored today for his dedication to public service, thomas rugby jr., received the distinctguished
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career award. it took place at firemans hall museum and part of national emergency services week. more than a dozen schools of philadelphia are getting thousands of dollars in grands to fund various environmental projects, recycle bank sprented them with a $30,000 check today and all the schools took part in recycle bank's program and they will use the money to build a butterfly garden and other gardens. >> enjoying the cooler temperatures out there a welcome relief. lets go to adam joseph. >> it's refreshing and it feels like a weight was lifted off your shoulders, sopping wet and a beautiful day, as we look at sky 6 and cape may, new jersey, no one on the shore now and it's beautiful but this time
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tomorrow it will look rather ugly at the shore and it changes in time for your friday and the memorial day weekend. as we look at the numbers, 70 degrees at the shore and the wind pulling in from the northwesterly direction speeds of 20 to 23 miles per hour and it adds a chill to the air especially if you are under shade or the shady side of the building away from the sunshine and these winds will calm down some overnight tonight. as you look at satellite and radar, we have cloud cover that pulled through and a decent amount of sunshine today but if we wide and out and go to the west we see this system from chicago to st. louis to memphis this pushes to the east and we get a kick of energy developing low pressure to the south and it catches the low early enough that the low will develop fast enough and move farther north than originally thought, so many
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of us seeing much needed rain on thursday. clouds thicken up overnight and 43 in allentown and 50 in millville and temperatures dip below the 50 degree mark by tomorrow morning, we start out dry but watch by the afternoon light showers trying to extend as far north as the lehigh valley you may squeeze out a dry day and showers in philadelphia and heavier rain south of the city especially at the shore and 6:30 tomorrow night, heavy rain from atlantic city and wildwood and cape may and moves out thursday night. how much rain to expect barely a trace north of philadelphia, around the city a .10 inch dover a .5 inch and better than that in cape may county this is
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good welcome news and a good change from yesterday as to how much rain some of us will see tomorrow. as we look at the four day at 4:00, much needed rain in the southern areas we wish we could push it north for everybody. breezy and warmer and 76 degrees, it's a beautiful saturday, low humidity and sunshine, and 71 and we start with sun and end with clouds on sunday and warm it up to 80 degrees and the heat and humidity will return here for memorial day itself. we give you the forecast in the next half our. a surprise rain storm for some of us tomorrow not a bad thing. >> thank you adam. an improved parking situation awaits passengers at one delaware county septa stop, 60 additional spaces are available at sea canestation. part two will modernize the
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historic station with a new building and high level platforms and pedestrian tunnel and work is slated to begin in the fall. still ahead the latest on the carbon monoxide scare that sickened an entire family including two children. and details about the largest auto recall in american history, what we know about the problem with tens of millions of airbag. and there is a flap over flats at the premier film festival why women are getting the boot for failing to wear heel.
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from our delaware newsroom six people had to go to the emergency room because of carbon monoxide poisoning can you see the massive response from ems
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workers, six family members got sick including a 7-year-old and 6-month-old girl. they were all taken to christiana hospital and are expected to be okay. the acting president of stockton university is staying on as they go through the complicated deal to buy the showboat casino. the appointment was to be temporary because kesselman was to be the president of southern maine this summer but the board of trustees asked him to stay on because of the legal dispute with the showboat. a 1988 agreement required that it be used only as a casino. still to come on "action news" at 4:00 record recall the government saying there could be as many as 34 million defective airbags on the road
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now with the potential to explode. and in case you didn't know it, a bitter sweet day we are bidding a fond farewell to our friend and colleague shirleen allicot, as she heads up to our sister station in new york city. you don't want to miss a moment for us to say thanks and good luck and see you soon. straight ahead.
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"action news" tips with
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meteorologist meteorologist, adam joseph shirleen allicot, and brian taff. >> 4:30 and "action news" continues with the buck county mom who turned her son in for allegedly robbing a bank why she says he did it. and some say it's old fashioned discipline and some say straight up child abuse. >> one thing for certain, this caught on camera belt beating got this substitute teacher fired. what he says he was trying to do straight ahead. and flat out wrong the famous french film festival, is under fire, telling women if they want to walk the red carpet they better be walking in high heels. but first largest consumer recall in history. nearly 34 millionaire bags are at risk of exploding sending shrapnel into drivers and
4:30 pm
passengers and it blamed for five deaths and the worst is not knowing if your car is one of those ticking time bombs. nydia han is at the big board. >> reporter: one in seven vehicles is affected by this recall and getting confirmation whether yours one of them is nearly impossible. this website, is set up by the national safety mibstration you can put in your vin but they don't have the affected vins yet and they don't expect to have those numbers yet. >> ava as this honda accord and is checking to see if it has an effected airbag. >> we have children and the safety is important to me.
4:31 pm
>> it impacts 11 top auto makers, the maker, takata finally admitted that the casing can shatter, sometimes sending shrapnel into drivers and passengers. so far in the united states five have died. nearly one in every 100 sent shrapnel flying when inflated. >> moisture can affect the moisture in the repellant used in the inflater. >> local consumer attorney says that consumers must be proactive, calling their dealers immediately and often and ask if their car is under the recall and when the dealer will get replacement parts. >> it could be years. >> years for a fix?
4:32 pm
that is a time that ava is not willing to wait. >> if i take my car in this week and it's affected by this they should right away give me a loaner car. >> the agency says you should ask about a car. >> we did a test, contacting local dealerships to see if repairs are available in our area, i'll have the results coming up on "action news" at 6:00. thank you nydia you can read pour by going to and that is also where we will provide any updates to check if your vehicle is one of the 34 million affected. >> a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old is now charged in a string of armed robberies in newcastle, police say that the first suspect, robbed a wawa on east basin road several tiles along with a dunkin' donuts
4:33 pm
after their investigation, they linked jenkins to two of those crimes, and neither teen was able to make bail. philadelphia police say a man in a blue shirt here when from care taker to gun slinger in the matter of minutes, surveillance show shows the suspect helping a disabled man into a van and several seconds later you see a gun come out the window and fire several shots in the air. if you have any information about this shooting call northeast detectives? officials in buck county says that a young bank robbery suspect's own parents turned him in. trevor burgee's mother called them after another person recognized the picture, he is accused of robbing the store yesterday morning and his mother told investigators that her
4:34 pm
20-year-old son is a heroin addict who is suicidal after a recent breakup, he is trying to buy enough of the drug to overdose and he ended up in the hospital and then in jail. we'll have more on this story on "action news" at 6:00. a tractor trailer ran off the road in east goshen snarling traffic for hours this morning, it happened at 202 and south high street at 4:30 a.m., the driver lost control and ended up in a grassy median it led to major backups in the morning rush. there is 100% chance of tears in the studio as we say farewell to shirleen allicot. >> i'm not ready. >> none of us are ready. trust me. >> a good chance of rain outside. >> there is no crying from mother nature today but tomorrow once she is gone, she can't see it it will rain around here.
4:35 pm
>> this is not good-bye but a good luck and see you soon. as we look outside on sky 6 hd the center city sky line, 66 trgs and the dew point upper 60s to near 70 what is when it was humid and we back it off to 39 degrees and dry air is in place and winds from the north-northwest at 16 miles per hour. 72 in washington, all the heat is suppressed to the south and only 53 now in pittsburgh and binghamton 49 degrees, clouds are on the increase overnight tonight and you can see much welcome rain heading into chicago and cincinnati heading down to nashville and it's moving in our direction and some of us will get soaked here tomorrow and that is welcome news, we'll talk about the big changes to the forecast and the memorial day forecast and the seven day in just a bit. now to an investigation into south jersey, thieves
4:36 pm
ransacked a shelter in gloucester county that helps people in need, anchor monica malpass is in the newsroom with more on this. >> the thieves broke in and stole supplies to help homeless families with children back on their feet. it happened on the family promise inglassboro. also promising news for students if philadelphia the drofout rates are down and more kids are headed to college. the study coming up at 5:00. we'll see you in a little bit. >> thank you monica. two wounded war veterans and their four-legged companions brought an important message to philadelphia today. they started this irvisit with a traditional rocky run up the art museum steps.
4:37 pm
they along with their service dogs are on a nationwide fundraising mission and the goal is to provide food and veterinarian care for the pets of military families in hardship and this allows wounded warriors to provide the support that only a dog can provide. >> they want the love at that point of vulnerability. these dogs are not just service dogs, they are medication for disabled veterans. they need it to be able to cope and heal with our transitional medical conditions each and every day. >> trainer suffered a brain injury in afghanistan and spang letter was wuned in iraq and their mission will end in north carolina on memorial day. still ahead what do the words google and nut el amin?
4:38 pm
they are all baby names. and we are ending this chapter our friend shirleen is heading to our sister station in new york. more memorable moments as a family on the air and her message for you the viewers of "action news" at 4:00.
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a caribbean cruise that got stuck off the coast of bermuda, the people on board heard a sudden stop but were not hurt be they were stuck for six hours before the rising tide helped knock the ship loose it's on the way home to boston and will arrive on time and passengers
4:41 pm
will get a 15% credit on a future cruise. a teacher in georgia is facing charges for allowing students to have sex in his classroom. he was arrested yesterday after text messages exposed the elicit behavior. he reserved time for the students to have the closet to have sex there. one student's parents that found the text messages calls it absolutely outrageous. >> it's sickening and disheartening, we trust administrators and educators when we drop our children off at school. >> the teacher is removed from school and his bail is set at $16,000. here at the big board with the big talkers and big backlash today after a substitute teacher in the washington d.c. area was caught on camera hitting
4:42 pm
students with a belt. that is the video that is going viral children can be heard screaming as they try to run away from the violent thrashes from the middle school in maryland. understandably the teacher is fired but it's unclear if he will face charges. >> to his defense he says he was trying to break up a fight between sixth graders, the letter to the parents only stribs the incident as unfortunate. a lot of people looking at the video today. big outrage in the south of france of a fashion flap at one of the most famous film famous some women got the boot for wearing flats among them a danish filmmaker who had part of her left foot amputated. she was stopped at numerous
4:43 pm
parts of red carpet for not wearing heels social media is on fire over there people calling foul on the fact that fouls are frowned upon and incidences where people were kicked off the red carpet for wearing them. >> and parents are famous for giving their kids unique names but apple and blue ivy have nothing on these. according to the stir, here are the popular products and companies making their way to the first name slot. very fancy ones, like armani and aston and chevy like the car. and del monte and espn. it's apparently pronounced
4:44 pm
es-pen. and nutella. and lexus. and sephora like the store. >> facebook is not a name. nutella vitarelli has a nice name. >> that one gets a pass. >> lets get another check of the roads right now, matt pellman is here with an update. >> you can't get enough nutella. >> right. we can get enough of this, a crash on 95 we wish it wasn't here, southbound side past ridley park and it's all off to the side and a lot of emergency crews are on the scene and attracting attention on the southbound side to the blue route and a slow go from past the airport and ridley park,
4:45 pm
watching a crash indelco here in radco township. a typically slow afternoon on 95 and the schuylkill expressway, lets check out the schuylkill by the vine street indeed slow in both directions and i want to warn you tonight starting at 9:00 they will close the ramp from the westbound side of the schuylkill to the eastbound side of the vine, they will be out there polishing off the graffiti overnight tonight. the ramp will be shut down and sending you west to girard avenue and you can flip to get on the eastbound vine to the eastbound side of 76 instead. the roosevelt boulevard, traffic likes are out at raun street. >> we'll check it again at 5:00. meteorologist, adam joseph is back with the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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time for the accuweather forecast that includes the holiday weekend, it's looking great despite the rain here tomorrow and the rest of it looking good for memorial day the action cam is out in fairmount park the waterways are running low these days but after tomorrow, especially south of philadelphia we start to ramp up the water just a little bit throw a little rapids in here and there as we get much needed rain in the area, as we look at double scan live radar all is dry but a different situation this time tomorrow. 62 that is it in the lehigh valley, 63 in reading, low as in the poconos and one of the warmer spots southern new
4:49 pm
jersey, the shore with the southwesterly wind pushing in at speeds of 20 miles per hour helping to prevent the sea breeze from developing this afternoon as we look at satellite and radar, we see an area of green v lining towards the east and this is low pressure and moves to the east and it throws in extra energy and it's exciting tomorrow with a good soaking rain tonight clouds are thickening up and chilly for late may and most of the suburbs will drop back into the 40s and 51 for accepter city as the winds switch from the northwest to the northeast and tomorrow the rain should make it as far north on the emof the lehigh valley, just barely a trace of rain, philadelphia getting the ground damp and the heaviest rain the yellows southern delaware and southern knowledge, location is key, in
4:50 pm
the lehigh valley you don't get the heaviest but up to a .10 and rain and trenton between .10 and .25 inch of rain likely all day and central delaware and southern new jersey, getting the jackpot the farther south you are from philadelphia tomorrow. the low develops off the carolinas and it deepens as you pull off the coast it's pushing farther north and 63 degrees and cool and raw around here tomorrow and then much warmer come friday and another front come passing through and it moves through dry and some passing clouds and warmer at 76 degrees and the winds kicking up at 12 to 20 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather forecast, very cool tomorrow and 63 in the city and 50s in the shore tomorrow with the steady heavy rain and breezy and warmer and spectacular saturday, 71 and
4:51 pm
low humidity and the humidity stays rather low but clouds increase in the afternoon get out early on sunday at the shore before the clouds increase at 80 degrees and muggy and warm on memorial day itself. same thing for tuesday at 88 degrees and the summer soup is around and could it be our first 90 degree day of the year? one week from now it's possible with an afternoon thunderstorm. >> the weekend is not looking bad, could be worse for this time of year. >> this is it we say good by to shirleen. >> after the break.
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so you know it's not too late you can change your mind now. when you arrive at a station, you don't know who they will pair you with or how it will work out but i struck gold with you, you became my tv wife, may
4:54 pm
of 2011, you became my tv wife and shirleen you are my dear friend and family. and our viewers will agree with that. >> you got that right it was a fun and admittedly great way to kick things off with a high five from our "action news" colleagues that wished us well and gave us their blessings on this new 4:00 adventure. and what an adventure it has been with the first show, we were nervous and we should have been. you made it the best shirleen the stories delivered with your signature grace and gravitas. >> we have a traffic alert -- >> it was your presence that helped to guide viewers through
4:55 pm
sleepless nights when hurricane sandy bore down and it was you that introduced us to the people and places that shaped our lives? >> of course i think they are the perfect kids -- >> what really set you apart is your smile and the ability to laugh at yourself and sometimes at me. we had plenty of chances to do just that. spare oh face, you nailed it iron woman only you could pull that off. in our eyes, shirleen you are a super hero and we are going to miss you terribly. and if we ever doubt if you miss us, if you don't mind we'll play this video over and over again. ♪ i will always love you ♪ sfl you knew that would come back to haunt you. >> we are going to keep playing
4:56 pm
it. i'm glad you took a lighter pass for that story. no truer words have ever been spoken like that last line there, it sums out how i feel about my team and my 6 abc family and city of philadelphia when i came here five years ago i had no idea this was going to happen. so i am so fortunate to work with some of the most talented kindness people in the business, top notch right here from my on air team and the people you don't see every day editors and directors and floor directors and then you, the viewers what made this a unique wonderful experience and i thank you for your support. i am reading your facebook messages and tweets so moved and grateful. thank you guys. >> thank you shirleen. >> oh rick. there he is. how very sweet.
4:57 pm
>> thank you rick, thank you monica. i love you guys. >> he is coming in for a hug. >> he is a gem our loss is new york's gain. your talent was superior when you came here and it skyrocketed to a new level and this is not good-bye we have to do a selfie together. >> a virtual selfie. >> we could talk about this all day long. they are wrapping us. for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli adam joseph i'm brian taff. the whole team back together tonight at 10:00. we are back. >> we'll see you later on.
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so you can protect your pets without the shame of overpaying. petarmor plus. available at target and walgreens. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and wednesday night and the big story is the search for a
5:00 pm
suspect involved in a crime. sara bloomquist is live in glassboro outside of family promise of gloucester county with more. >> reporter: rick and monica this is the home of family promise of gloucester county homeless families with young children come here for help with shelter, food and guidance as they work to fine perm nan homes but overnight someone broke in and ransacked the place things like a backpack and money belonging to the children. right now this renovated home serves as home base for four homeless families with young children and at night they sleep in area churches and today the family as rived first to find the place had been ransacked.


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