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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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a suspect involved in a crime. sara bloomquist is live in glassboro outside of family promise of gloucester county with more. >> reporter: rick and monica this is the home of family promise of gloucester county homeless families with young children come here for help with shelter, food and guidance as they work to fine perm nan homes but overnight someone broke in and ransacked the place things like a backpack and money belonging to the children. right now this renovated home serves as home base for four homeless families with young children and at night they sleep in area churches and today the family as rived first to find the place had been ransacked. >> it's scary not a place you
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think that would happen. >> they found items strewn everywhere a white dusty substance covered the surfaces on the second floor this whole area is filled with stuff from the fire extinguisher they found a disputer broken and bible damages and belongs stolen including cash meant for an apartment including things that belonged to these kids. >> they took my backpack. my backpack was gone. and his money was in it for his bok fair. >> you are not coming here with a lot in the first place for someone to come and take that it's despicable. today they came and changes the locks of called police and they
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hope they will get back on their feet. >> hopefully they do catch them. >> now the children here are already in a fragile situation and this has rattled their welling with being they are taking donations here and on their website, you'll find a link on website. live in glassboro i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> sara, thank you. two brothers accused of killing a police officer in a shootout will go to trial. hipps and williams are accused of at firing at sergeant wilson after announcing a robbery at a game stop. they are due back in court next month. police in newark delaware are looking for a man that attacked a jogger in rittenhouse
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park the woman was able to break free and return home and she called 911. they are asking for the public's help "action news" reporter john rawlins has more on who police are looking for coming up tonight at 5:30. philadelphia police are searching for three men in an overnight home invasion robbery, this happened in the city's jewel juniata park section. they stole $600 in cash and jewelry and a gun a man suffered a cut to the ear and the suspects fled in a red suv and they are still on the loose. police are trying to identify the man in this photo they say he robbed the artisan bank on williamson road yesterday, he got away with an unknown amount of money if you know the man contact delaware
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crime stoppers. memorial day weekend is fast approaching and businesses are busy getting ready for the big crowds eva pilgram is live in atlantic city with a look at what to expect down at the shore. >> reporter: hey the weekend is so close we can almost taste it but for those of you that have to work now some people are getting a jump on the unofficial start to summer. >> the sun is out and so are the people in a.c. the party is already starting. it's such nice weather and the beach is a fun place to be. >> we are super excited and ready as can be thank god the weather is holding up for us. >> a volleyball court and beds and hammocks so long as the weather is good, we'll be here. >> we put all the merchandise out and all the displays up and
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sales for memorial day weekend and stuff like that. >> ocean city has momentum this should be a great start to the summer for us. >> shore businesses have gotten a jump on the summer but this weekend is an important one. >> it's a great game for how the season will play out for you if you have a good memorial weekend you know you have done everything right. >> the weather is awesome today and everything is starting to open. >> i'm almost in kindergarten. >> wendy walters is taking advantage of her daughters last spring and summer before she heads to school. >> my favorite arcade game is pinball, i just started playing that today. >> we noticed the crocodiles are back. >> my favor thing is coming here
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and getting ice-cream. >> i agree with her, ice-cream is pretty good. resorts casino is hosting the annual beach ball drop, to kick off the unofficial start to summer, if you want some pomp and circumstance there you go. eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you eva lets go live to cecily tynan now we have a dreary day on tap for tomorrow with much needed rain but it will move out in time for the holiday weekend right? >> that is exactly right sharrie. yesterday's high is 83 and what a difference a day makes 63 in philadelphia right now wilmington 66 and sea isle city currently 70 degrees and loads of sunshine and a bit of a
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breeze out of the northwest double scan showing the moisture associated with the moisture with the tennessee valley, yesterday it looks like the moisture would miss us to the south and that pulls the energy northward and that means we'll finally see some rain and the best chance is in the afternoon, at 3:00 you see showers in philadelphia and in the nearby suburbs you see the yellow near dover, that is where we expect the heaviest rain in extreme southern new jersey and delaware. say good-bye to the sunshine temperatures in the low 60s, showers in philadelphia and areas north a steady rain south of philadelphia and that is where we could get up to .75 inch of rain, this is really much needed rain, the good news is it's out of here by tomorrow night. ranking the days for the holiday weekend, saturday is the
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sunniest day be sunday is pretty close and warmer and memorial day is humid with pop-up showers and i'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. >> fresh off his win in the democratic primary for philadelphia mayor jim kenney got to work at a fundraiser, he was at the broad street ministry and his opponent in the coming election, melissa murray bailey also took part. they provide meals for hungry and homeless philadelphians. time for the "action news" traffic report with matt pellman sfl we are making it over the hump in a small fashion, plenty of backed up traffic from penn's landing to the work zone at cotman after few 37 minutes from the vine up to woodhaven with no delay that is a 14
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minute drive and traffic light troubles at gary barbera's chrysler land, no cross traffic allowed because of the problems the traffic lights are having. three separate accidents on 295 southbound and all three are off to the side and the bad now is is solid traffic from past rancocas delran that is miles of heavy traffic on southbound 295, a crash at ox chapel road and septa's 101 trolley not running at monroe street because of dining under the stars, what a nice night for that. >> especially if someone picks up the check. >> attorney general beau biden continues treatment at the army center. the medical concerns for the
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vice president's son and dropout rates are out for philadelphia the promising resultses of a statewide study coming up.
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new details about the ruptured pipe lines off the coast of santa barbara, california the pipe stretches for nine miles and floating booms are set up to keep the slicks from spreading while they search the area for wildlife stuck in the gooey oil it put thousands of gallons down a storm drain and into the pacific ocean before it was capped. president barack obama issued a strong waring of climate change at a coast guard academy, he told the cadets that climate change is a risk to national security and how our military defends america. >> president obama blames them for some of our current world problems such as world drought
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that has been exploited by boko haram. so far the republican controlled congress has not acted on president obama call to action. there are more graduates compared to ten years ago, 64% of high school students in philadelphia graduate the on time in 2012, that is up 12% from 2006 dropout rates have fallen in that time period from 29% to 25%. so great outcome. >> good news there. vice president joe biden's son bee buy the family is not releasing more details, he has had numerous medical problems in the past and ali gorman is at the big board with the details. >> reporter: the family is
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typically tight-lipped about beau biden's health issues and we don't foe his symptoms but here is a look at the problems he had if the past. the vice president's son beau biden a former iraq veteran and attorney general to tell wear is out of the public eye since 2014 when biden was treated in houston, after feeling weak and disoriented and he had surgery for a small brain lesion but details were never released. >> three years earlier in may 2010, beau biden was rushed to his home in delaware to christiana hospital and transferred to jefferson hospital where he was treated for a mild stroke this is video of him leaving there then after
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treatment. carrying his son and giving the thumbs up. as a child he was involved in a serious car accident that killed his mother and sister. >> we think of strokes happening to much older people but 10% are under the age of 45 we don't know what he is being treated for at this time. but we wish him well. >> absolutely thanks ali. the bright spring and summer sun is back and it's time to think about protecting your kin and today public health officials in tell wear spread the word about their skin cancer campaign they talked to adults and kids and the campaign is using social media to spread the message as well. using the #~ protect your skin de. "action news" at 5:00 continues next. when you see breaking news or severe weather, we want you to
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join the action, email your photos or videos to or use #6abcaction on social media.
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the disney store opened their first and largest store in the world in china it's in the popular area of shanghai and has outdoor space be a plaza it brings to life the most popular characters of disney and marvel and star wars disney is the parent company of 6 abc. there is a new partnership of citizens bank and the mann center. in park side this morning citizen bank announced they were toenating tickets to youth groups to attend the concerts at the mann and it opens this friday with the rock band "all-time low". mayor michael nutter was greeted with music today at a school that continues to show growth.
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the mayor visited the south work school and visited with teachers and saw firsthand the two way emersion program that is working there, students there are taught both english and spanish. and students were in olney enjoying games and entertainment and food and police officers from the 35th district as well as firefighters and eagles cheerleaders were there to help the kids have an unforgettable day. the school is designed for children with physical challenges. looking outside sky 6 hd live along the beach in cape may looking good. cecily tynan has details when we come right back.
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it's going to be cooler tomorrow and showers are on the way tomorrow but sky 6 is live looking at center city with a breeze and people are out for a stroll on the boardwalk in atlanta city, and it's an area that gets a pretty good soaking tomorrow and temperatures are on the cool side, 67 in philadelphia and reading 63 and trenton 63 and notice the winds
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are out of the northwest and that is a land breeze and not a sea breeze on the beach warmer and boardwalk checking in at 70 degrees, quite a breeze and wind gust 20 to 25 miles per hour, that is what is pulling down that cool air the temperatures will be tumbling tonight and tomorrow finally some much needed rain is on the way. i think my rain dance worked. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we are dealing with cloud cover and every now and then we see peeks of sunshine if we three out west of memphis, there is low pressure and this low pressure is tracking south of us and it will interact with an upper level piece of energy and that helps to draw moisture north and we need that rain, it will be dry tonight though and clouds are thickening and a chilly night for may, 51 in philadelphia, 43 in allentown un46 in trenton and 50 in cape may and 50 in wilmington, future tracker showing tomorrow
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morning it won't be raining and no problems with the weather for the morning commute and the afternoon the showers are working to the south and southern new jersey and delaware this is where we see the steadiest rain and near philadelphia it's showery and near philadelphia, maybe a few scattered sprinkles here and there and 7:00 or 7:30 in the evening, that begins to pull out and see the rain ending from the west to the southeast. future tracker showing how much rain depends on where you are, from atlantic city dover could get a half inch of rain and philadelphia a .20 to .25 inch of rain. we'll take what we can get. the five-day at 5:00, cool and clouds tomorrow and lots of rain south of philadelphia just showers north of philadelphia and the high only 63 degrees and look at friday as we kick off the holiday weekend, the sunshine is back and breezy and
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warmer and 76 degrees, the reenforcing shot of cool air arrives on saturday and nice day and sunshine and 71 and sunday up to 80 degrees and increasing clouds and memorial day will feel like summer 85 degrees and more humid with the possibility of a few pop-up showers and thunderstorms and believe it or not early next week we could have our first 90 degree day and adam will talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> still ahead in our next half our of "action news" at 5:00, youngsters joined camden officials for digging in the dirt and this is the start to something much bigger. >> and big things are ahead and officials want you to weigh in on their plans and the cruise ship that ran aground in bermuda is on its way home.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph and jaime apody. here is what is happening on "action news" wednesday night more on attack on a female jogger, what police want the
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public to know about the suspect. and taking on cyber crime across the state and they saluted the bravery of dozens of police officers that went above and beyond the call of duty, and now a woman when for her favorite spot in delaware she was attacked by a man in rittenhouse park in newark tell delaware where the train tracks meet the river. john rawlins is here with the latest. >> reporter: police don't have video at this point but they have been out looking for it. they have a good description of the man they are looking for and that came from the jogger and they went to the people that live around the park to see if they recognize that description and the jogger is a graduate student of the university of delaware and was out for her jog yesterday morning, rittenhouse
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spark, a popular and beloved setting to nature it runs into an adjoining public woods a woman came upon a man that unnerved her she get a creepy vibe and passes him and is not comfortable with her surroundings, and she has to run past him and he grabs her. her buttocks region and she managed to get away. white male, dark hair and dark bushy beard. where these railroad lines cross over the christiana river reaction from those that freak when the park. >> disturbing i like coming down here, and it's a nice place for
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family families families. >> in resenyears there are reports of men living in the woods in contentses. >> over the past few years since the drug problems increase there are more and more homeless and there has been a lots of incidents on 896 and robberies and things like that. >> they have stepped up patrols and hope someone will leave them to the man with the bushy beard. >> be careful jogging especially on a remote trail. >> turn down the volume on your head phones the man police are seeking, did say something to the jogger but she had ear phones and could not hear what he said. >> thank you john. philadelphia police are searching for a man that randomly fired a gun if the air while transporting a disabled
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man, the man in the blue shirt was captured on surveillance video, and he sticks a gun out the window for no apparent reason and fires shots in the air. nobody was hit by the gun fire, if you have information call northeast detectives. governor chris christie signed a bill to protect people from hackers. it's a collaboration of state and federal offices across the garden state and that one group will be focusing on cyber security statewide. >> it's not just a national issue but a local one that demands shared responsibility and collaboration and constant vigilance and sectors especially in a technical state like new
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jersey. >> and he said that cyber attacks are a 21st century crime that calls for a 21st century solution. officials in delaware want your input on the now closed steelmont plant. they include offices and manufacturing plants and port facilities on the delaware and even a brand new train station. >> this could be the large of the redevelopment project since the waterfront and we are happy that this is in claymont. >> it's part of the claymont renaissance and could bring jobs to the area and is expected to be done in 7 to 10 years. chester township's incumbent mayor tonight lost to kirkland
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he will be the candidate in the general election against republican butler. he is from the 139th strict. former acting president of stockton university. harvey kesselman announced he is staying at his post. he was to take over as the new president at the university of southern maine in july but the university asked him to withdraw his name to work out problems with the sale of the showboat casino in atlantic city. and now a campaign that kicked off in camden today. it may look like a community beautification event but it's planting the seeds of success in a community ready to grow. mayor dana redd was joined by leaders including the school superintendant. this one is at the isabelle
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community center it will provide services for students and parents and care givers it includes classes on child care and continuing education and support for students. >> it is every students right here in the city of camden to have access to great schools and we are asking that our families and community members join the effortses that are currently underway to engage in the process. they teamed up to peruse up the community center with all kinds of plants and flowers. it's the first of four that will be open this year in camden. good work going on. >> dozens of police officers are
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there as they had a ceremony for medal ofs valor and heroism. and another award was the fire department's distinctguished award, it took part at the home museum. and he followed in his father as footsteps and is assigned to the philadelphia international airport, the ceremony was part of the the international services week. now a check of traffic for those folks that want to head home. >> we'll talk about jams on 95 and we talked about them last time and after that someone didn't get stopped in time and a crash at penn's landing all off to the side at this point if you hop on the vine street
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expressway that is busy heading to the schuylkill and don't forget that overnight tonight, the ramp from the westbound schuylkill to the eastbound vine will close for graffiti removal and they will have you go west on 76 to girard and flip it to the eastbound side of the vine and an overturned vehicle crash on bristol pike and woodhaven road. and worchester a crash as well. and five accidents this afternoon, five on southbound 295 all off to the side but that means more than 15 miles of heavy traffic there. not fun. >> back to you. >> not fun at all good still to come on "action news" tonight more than two dozen twisters tear through several mid-western states destroying homes and businesses in their path. and things are getting back on course for thousands of passengers on a cruise ship stranded near bermuda.
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comfortable temperatures today and another change tomorrow, finally much needed rain pushing in. >> all right plus jaime apody with eagles sixers and phillies fuse.
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clean up is underway in parts of the south and plain states after tornadoes left a wide path of destruction. >> go this way, go this way. the roof is completely gone from the apartment building in run away bay, texas there was at least 27 twisters reported in the last 24 hours 17 in texas and 10 in oklahoma people ran as the twisters tore up their homes and businesses. >> i saw it start to peel off the roof and boards were flying through the air and i knew we had to get inside. >> there were no serious injuries and elsewhere in texas two dozen driver his to be rescued and dog rescues were helping these displaced dogs find new homes she was found in
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her owner's arms both died in the tornado last week. a cruise ship that ran aground in bermuda is heading to boston. the ship carrying 3500 people hit the reef and was stuck for six hours before the rising tide pushed it to deep water the cruise line will offer them a partial credit for a future cruise. world news tonight will david muir will have more on the cruise ship heading to boston as well as the weather threat in the midwest. watch that following "action news" at 6:00. >> eagles veterans are gearing up for the upcoming season. jaime apody is here with more on that. >> next week this time they will be back on the field with helmets, connor barwin for one
5:44 pm
cannot wait he cannot wait. it's not a matter of seeing how the players mesh together he knows they can and he can't wait to get going. >> i'm excited to put the helmets on and get to go against each other at some level. the offseason is going well and looking forward to it in training camp. >> coming up at 6:00 i'll show you how he does that, a story you don't want to miss. roger goodell had a press could have been but would not say if he would remove himself as arbiter. >> you read the report and scrutinize it and that is why we have a process if issues are raised either in the context of an appeal, you look at that and
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try to get it right. and i thought his report was very clear and comprehensive, but we are always open if there is new information that could get us to a better place. >> the phillies six game winning streak is over and so is chase utley's stint in the bottom of the order is batting third tonight as they take on the rockies tonight for the third game in a three game set. it looked like it might be seven but in the end it didn't matter because in the bottom of the only justin threw a pitch he would have liked back and that homer made the difference. the cross fingers and toes and all of those good luck charms they did not work for the sixers that is because the balls bounced where they were
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suppose to with nerlins noel there. they will pick three probably ohio state's tee angelo russel that is why the third pick is not great is not horrible. they missed out on getting the first picks. >> the union have only three wins in 12 games, they hope to carry the momentum into this week and next as they face rival new york and a match with united. >> they are rivals in the eastern conference and every game is a big one because anybody can beat anybody, new york will be certainly a tough
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task. >> they will not have maurice for this game because he drew his this game because he drew histive and yellow car sfoo . never understood how that little girl got away with it. >> what do you mean? >> if i were a bear and someone came in my house and laid in my bed and ate my food i would rip her skin and arms off. >> her friend beth is in town stirring up tension with hail quias everyone reaped for alex's graduation and one family members gets stuck on a business trip. that is modern family at 9:00.
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>> my money is on joe joe rags. >> seriously? that dude has rags in his name sfl they get a history lesson from pops and the season finale at 9:30 and two super stars make an appearance as they make a trip down memory lane on blackish. at 8:00 it's the premier of 500 questions and then at 9:00 the season finale of modern family and at 10:00 we have celebrity wife swap that kicks off normal season.
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the bike ride celebrates those that try to save lives as well as those that get sick or died in the line of duty. the ride started in boston and will finish in alexandria, virginia, nice day for that. >> you should try it rick it's addictive. >> we'll kick it out in time for the weekend, we need the rain but it won't be here for the
5:52 pm
memorial day weekend a decent amount of sun with much color temperatures behind the cold front that pushed through last night. the action cam in fairmount park, the waterways and rocks exposed and a trickle here there and but after tomorrow especially in southern areas these waterways will have more oom oomph to them. pott
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this is low pressure pushing to the east and energy from canada will link with this and allow this system to beef up so to speak on thursday tonight though clouds thicken up and killy for late may and 40s in most of the suburbs, 50s in center city. and future tracker 7:30 tomorrow morning, clouds are already in play and you can see the showers breaking out into the afternoon hours especially philadelphia south sees pops of yellow and this is where the heaviest will be tomorrow. cloudy and cool in the lehigh valley, and just a few sprinkles. 64 degrees and in the city of philadelphia morning clouds
5:54 pm
giving way to steady showers about a .10 to .25 inch of rain and raw day at the shore and miserable day on thursday highs in the 50s to near 60 degrees, a .25 to .75 inch of rain and that includes delaware. the rain south of philadelphia we turn it around on friday, breezy and warmer and 76 and wall-to-wall sunshine on saturday and summer like on sunday clouds build after morning sun and then muggy here monday, tuesday into wednesday and holiday sun and clouds and a spotty thunderstorm and a chance for hit or miss storms on tuesday and maybe the first 90 degree day of the year on
5:55 pm
thursday. we call it the summer soup with heat, haze and humidity. sfl thank you adam. check the weather at can you find storm tracker live radar and get the latest from our team of immediate fwists.
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. record recall what you should do next now that 34 million airbags are recalled. do you want to pump your gas in new jersey? there are only to states where you can't and we are one of them. what drivers are saying and you won't have to worry about getting out of your car any time soon.
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>> for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a great night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night and the candidated for philadelphia mayor start their campaign for election and parents turn their son in for a bank robbery in buck county and the big story is the largest auto recall in america's history.
6:00 pm
takata corporation finally admitted their airbags are defective. one in seven on american roadways six death and 100 injuries are linked to the explosions. nydia han is live at the big board, what does it mean to motorists driving around with potentially defective airbags. >> reporter: this puts them in an alarming position and the waiting game. they have to make millions of replacement parts and it would take 2.5 years for takata to do that on its own and waiting for confirmation if your car is impacted is not easy. >> it's honda but also ten other auto makers. could yours be one of them? >> the


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