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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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history. takata corporation finally admitted their airbags are defective. one in seven on american roadways six death and 100 injuries are linked to the explosions. nydia han is live at the big board, what does it mean to motorists driving around with potentially defective airbags. >> reporter: this puts them in an alarming position and the waiting game. they have to make millions of replacement parts and it would take 2.5 years for takata to do that on its own and waiting for confirmation if your car is impacted is not easy. >> it's honda but also ten other auto makers. could yours be one of them? >> the inability to look up if
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your car is one of them is dangerous. >> the highway administration has set up this website, where you can put in your vin but the vines have to come from the car makers and they have yet to get them. >> the consumer should call the dealership to see if they are subject to the recall. >> "action news" tried to chat with local dealerships one honda dealership said they had replacement for most vehicles and the toyota says this recall is overblown from the media the advice here is keep on calling until you get someone that is willing to help you until your airbag is fixed or replaced ask
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for a loaner vehicle. >> you may have to consider driving without an airbag it may be safer. >> experts say whether to disability defective airbags is a question for your auto dealer. >> honda takata's large of the company has lined up other makers for replacements and takata is working with other suppliers, they have made just a fraction of the 34 million that are needed. >> thank you. world news tonight with david muir will have tipping coverage of the airbag recall after this broadcast. the two men charged in the murder of philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson when before a judge today. carlton carlton hipps and ramon williams
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were in court today. friends and family filled the courtroom today and the defense says the clients waived today's hearing to spare the family the details of the shooting sfl the video is extremely graphic and the first thing despite how graphic it is the first thing that sticks out is how heroic the police officer was. >> we wanted to spare the family anymore remembrance of this tragedy. >> wilson was promoted pros thum posthumously. and parents turned in their son for the robbery of a bank. walter perez is here. >> reporter: it's an odd sad
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story about a man at the end of his rope and a mother that made the right choice but a painful choice. >> it was cameras that captured an image of a young man robbing the bank. he gave a note saying do not panic i have a gun, put $400 in this envelope and i'll be on my way. >> nobody will get hurt and i'll report myself to the authorities in about six hours thank you. it was not until hours later when this was released to the media sites that the mother called police. >> i don't know where he is but he is a her -- heroin addict and just broke up with his girlfriend. his intention according to his
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mother was to overdose with that heroin but that did not happen. >> meanwhile, bristol township acting police chief says he applauds burgee's family for doing the right thing. >> a parent faced with that choice would choose to have their child incarcerated rather than having them take another dose of heroin. we put that question to the public. a few people said no but the vast majority said -- >> i think you have to. you owe it to the child for his future but to society as a whole. >> maybe if i did turn him or her in he would turn his act around. >> so once again burgee is held on $100,000 bail and he could
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face up to 20 years in prison. reporting live walter perez channel 6 "action news." wilmington police are searching for a robber who targeted the wfs bank on north union street this morning, the bandit entered at 11:00 and demanded money and got away with an undetermined amount of cash, the suspect is 6 feet tall and 200 pounds and has a tattoo on the right side of his neck. >> philadelphia politics fow, the primary is over and now for jim kenney and melissa bailey. general campaign begins now. lets go to vernon odom outside of city hall. >> reporter: jim the republican nominee signalled today she is not a sacrificial lam here, she will put up a strong fight again jim kenney who she called just
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another city hall politician, they expressed their views on crime and how to fight it. both were high-profile today discussing poverty in generic terms and soon to be pressed by reporters on crime and how to fight it. vie vent crime is down, and thanks to the much maligned stop and frisk policy, the nominee calls it discriminatory and kenney vows to stop it. >> if it doesn't turn into something positive going forward, it needs to be stopped. >> i think we need to end anything that allows us to profile and discriminate against anybody in the city, and we need to look at ways to protect people if you look at the
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statistics stop and frisk is not working. >> police commissioner ramsey stays if he wants according to kenney. >> it's his choice. >> he is thinking about it and will tell me what he wants to do when the appropriate time comes prior to january of 2016 after november. >> no verdict on ramsey yet? >> no verdict on ramsey. >> city council member, bill grown jr. is said to be considering an independent run for mayor but lets wait to see if that ship ever sails. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." thank you, "action news" was at cooper university hospital a short time ago where officials brought an infant in by medical
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helicopter, he was critically injured being attacked by a dog in west tuckerton new jersey and we don't know the details about the infant's injuries but a pit bull or a dog did attack this baby. the baby is now at the hospital being cared for. animal control did take the dog away. >> police officers and firefighters that when above and behind the call of duty were honored in center city philadelphia rick williams was on hand to pay tribute to these brave men and women. the most notable award is the presidents award that honors brian dixon and joyce craig a firefighter killed in the line of doubty. there is a new effort for new jersey drivers to pump their
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own gas ahead why that may not become reality any time soon. and connor barwin is getting ready for the 2015 season. >> we are tracking much needed rain and i'll have the latest on when where and how much in the accuweather forecast.
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with the summer season fast approaching more new jersey drivers are taking to the roads and that means more fill-ups at the pump, because it's new
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jersey motorists will never get from behind the wheel but will it stay that way. >> reporter: new jersey is one of two states in the country where you can't pump your own gas and oregon is the other, and they are starting to ease things. >> this is new jersey and that is what we are used to and the way it's always been. >> but legislation would allow gas stations over a three year business to go from full service to self service. >> i don't pump my gas and i prefer them to do it for me. >> it's an inconvenience, i like for people to do it more me. >> i'm 80 some years old and i never pumped my own gas and i don't think i would like to start now. >> we'll go to self service it will help us a lot. >> the owner says it would save on employee costs and generate business for convenience stores
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attached to stations. >> new jersey's ban on pumping your own gas started in 1949 when it bad a safety issue so drivers in 48 other states managed to do it. >> it would be nice and speed the process up. they have one attendant pumpping gas and you see all the cars here. >> you don't realize how many people pump gas in new jersey it would put a lot of people out of work. >> but like other attempts the idea of pumping your own gas will likely fail. steve sweeney of gloucester county is against it and it will not happen during his watch. in burlington i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> four very special tourists climbed the steps of the museum of art along with their beloved service dogs stopped in
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philadelphia as part of their 6,000 mile journey across america, they are raising awareness.
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the offseason doesn't mean the show season for the eagles. >> it's a year round business they have an organized practice set next week and then training camp in july will be here. one bird is particularly busy on his own and we are not just referring to his recent chat with jaime apody. >> with the offseason changes, everybody is interesting about how the changes mesh together. >> i am not interested to see we'll make sure they mesh just fine, we are not just going to sit back. we'll make sure it comes together nicely. >> he is filling his offseason by giving back, his make the
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world better foundation hosts their second benefit concert, i see the difshs is makes if you have kids and believe and have hope and feel comfortable where they are playing at and then the opposite. >> barwin and mark sanchez visits the victims of the train derailment and they couldn't believe how well they were received. >> you don't think you'll make much of a difference but the feedback was pretty cool. >> for barwin playing football may be his job but making a difference is his way of life. >> this is where i live in philadelphia, i want to be on the best team, the best eagles team ever and i want where i live to be the best city and the best place for kids to grow up. it's something about me i feel like it's posht to do and i have the ability to do it and i should. >> jaime apody channel 6 "action news." >> good to see. all good things must come to
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an end for the phillies it ends with a late inning home run, their six game win streak was snapped by the rockies. his eighth inning to run single tied the game at5-5. and connelly tom brady ez's appeal goes on and commissioner roger goodell says that brady can't get special treatment. >> i have great admiration and respect for tom brady but the rules have to be enforced on a uniform basis and they apply to everybody in the league they apply to every club and individual coach and individual player. and that is something that we put the game ahead of
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everything. >> and finally steph curry was the star of golden state's victory in game one of the western final he scored 34 points and after the game his 2-year-old daughter stole the show. >> it's not how the game is going -- she is funny. >> you feel like you need to do extra offensively. >> she eventually left the podium by going underneath the podium. 2-year-old reilly curry absolutely adorable. that is sports. >> makes him even more of a super star.
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little blustery today and rain on the way too. this is great we need the rain and it's out of here in time for the holiday weekend, it's a win-win, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing the rain has not arrived yet and it will do so tomorrow afternoon, the action cam looking at creek park in cheltenham, and normally i would say i'm tracking some foul weather on the way with the geese there but sin we need the rain this is actually some good news the accuweather highlights show you that yes the winds of change arrived today and tomorrow i'm tracking rain but how much you get depends on your
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location, what a difference a day makes yesterday a muggy 83 degrees and today only 68 degrees the afternoon high and the peak wind gust up to 25 miles per hour. a blustery day. and future tracker showing the rain amounts north of philadelphia you won't see much at all just a few light showers in philadelphia a half inch to quarter inch and parts of atlantic and cape may and ken county delaware and more rain in areas to the south and currently philadelphia, 56 degrees and allentown 62 and trenton 62 and wilmington 65 degrees satellite 6 along with action radar showing that we did get a lot of cloud cover with some peeks of sunshine today. what i'm tracking for tomorrow though is low pressure it's west of memphis and yesterday it was looking like all of this would skirt to the south and upper level piece of energy is drawing the moisture north and
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that means we'll finally get some showers and tonight is a dry night and the clouds increasing and on the cool side for may 55 degrees and we drop down to 51 in philadelphia and atlantic city airport 49 and trenton 46 and allentown all the way down to 43 degrees, you may want a jacket tonight and tomorrow morning you don't need the umbrellas for the morning commute and the clouds are in place and dry around 8:00 and moisture moving in in the afternoon, that is the steady rain in south jersey and tell wear, in philadelphia more showery and lehigh valley and the poconos mog nor than a sprinkle and it continues into the evening hours on thursday and it moves out thursday night and friday is looking nice, tomorrow a cool, damp day, the high 63 degrees if philadelphia but parts of delaware and south jersey where you get the steady
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rain temperatures may not climb out the 50s. ahead of the cold front temperatures up to 76 degrees, and we'll drop on saturday, to temperatures of low 70s and some areas in the 60s but a good amount of sunshine so the weekend is looking nice. the exclusive accuweather forecast a cool day tomorrow, high only 63 degrees and rain the steadiest south and friday the sunshine returns and breezyp warmer and 76 degrees and behind the cold front on saturday we drop to 71 degrees and the northern suburbs stuck in the 60s and loads of sunshine and sunday we warm up to 80 degrees and increasing clouds and on the muggy side on sunday and memorial day will feel like summer, 85 degrees and it will be humid with the possible of a few pop-up showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon nothing really widespread, on tuesday humid and 88 and thunderstorms are possible and wednesday we see enough sunshine, it could hit 90 degrees for the first time this
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year again rain tomorrow but the weekend looking really nice. >> finally students from 15 schools were honored today for their efforts to go green. officials with recycle green program presented a check to the students that collected the most recycle award points, the john story jenks academy got it for their program that encourages year round gardening. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot and ducis rogers. and join us for "action news" here at 11:00. for cecily tynan ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, the dramatic security breach. one of america's biggest airports. authoritying using a taser. as a man appears to race through security. also tonight, outbreak. a stunning 29 reported tornadoes in just 24 hours. towns getting hit, debris flying. ginger zee right here with the new threat tonight and the concerns this holiday weekend. the major oil spill on america's coastline. the oil covered birds, whales swimming right through it. tonight, the famous beach now closed this memorial day. osama bin laden. for the first time the secret files from inside his compound. his warning for his own wife. and the cruise ship nightmare. 34 3500 on board. the time lapse. the moment it runs aground.


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