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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 21, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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huhh! hi-yah! haah! (laughs) showed all the boys our secret. great. you may have ruined golf. yup. oh, my goodness. oh, no, he did not. oh, stop it. i look marvelous. let's hit some balls. (laughs) hi-ee! whoa! huh-ya-ya! (whack) (man) huh-yah!
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there goes a secret military mission blasting off into space. an air force atlas 5 rocket sent a classified military space plane into orbit after a successful launch from cape canaveral. few details are known about the spacecraft being called a mini space shuttle. >> police offering $3,000 for reward in tracking down two suspects who pulled off a carjacking in tampa, florida. take a look here. they took off with the victim still on the hood. you see this happening? it's all going down here. the victim trying to stop. they took off. victim on the hood.
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what happens, it stops and lets the person actually get off the hood. how kind. right? victim by the way had left the keys inside the vehicle. you don't want to do
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it's hard when you have road rage you're on the road. best thing is not to do tat for at that time. take the high road. >> i always used to tell my wife. don't ever get upset. always somebody crazier than you are. let it go.
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coming up here people holding their kids back a grade in school. why? for sports. yes, the controversial move that families say makes perfect sense. >> is it fair just to get an edge. you're watching "world news now."
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so as parents, we all do things to give our kids some sort of advantage in life and for some
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parents, that actually means holding them back a year in school. >> some might do this for academics. more and more families are doing this for sports. jesse palmer with this story. >> the nfl's number one draft pick jameis winston chosen by the tampa bay buccaneers famously redshirted his first year in college. a practice of getting an extra year to play on the college team. >> winston sacked at the 30 yard line by the freshman corner brian fields. >> that guy tackling winston, brian fields he also redshirted. according to a report by espn's outside the lines, fields didn't red shirt in college. he did it in the eighth grade. his parents holding him back a year to be more competitive in sports. >> take out the athletic part of it, if we say we repeated eighth grade because he struggled in math nobody would have a problem with it. that's great parenting. you throw sports into it, now all of a sudden some people have a problem with it. what we looked at was you get very few opportunities in life
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that you can manufacture time. we were in a position and had the opportunity to give him another year to work toward achieving his goal. >> the trend of red shirting in grade school is happening more and more. parents gaming the system so their kids could have a competitive edge. this little leaguener west virginia held back by his dad. >> is that everything? helmet glove, right? >> yep, it's in the bag. >> troy anthony repeated kindergarten kindergarten. his father admits the boy's future as an athlete was key in making the decision. >> it's a pretty big factor. i'd be lying if i said it wasn't. >> one concern with red shirting as it pertains to sports is that it sets a precedent for a kid to play and puts pressure on them to do something they might not want to do. >> i hate to be cast as this sports villain. you know what i mean? if he chooses to be a participant in sports and wants to pursue sports we want to give him an opportunity to excel in sports.
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i think i've done that so far. >> sports professionals are not convinced that red shirting confers a real advantage. >> if you're the smallest one you have to learn to be faster so you don't get creamed into the boards in hockey. that might teach you who you to be a superior athlete, a better player if you're always the biggest player there's not as much impetus for you to make those kind of creative solutions. >> this was on espn outside the lines. a great story. thanks to jesse palmer there. it's an interesting debate. you kind of get it, understand it but it seems unfair to i certain degree. >> i did this. >> you held back. >> for my son, we decided to hold him back but not for athletic reasons. where i live it's by the calendar year. so you have the choice to red shirt your child. i felt he was born at the end of the year. most other states in the u.s. >> timing and image issue. >> it's more for academicing
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♪ >> it's all over folks. over three decades of television greatness over. david letterman saying good-bye. foo fighters playing his favorite songs last night. all those memories he created, as well. >> his final show a memorable one. it had it all. mostly he went for laughs instead of tears. here's marci gonzalez covering it all. >> our long national nightmare is over. letterman is retiring >> capping off 33 years as one of late night television's leading men, david letterman signs off for the last time. >> it's beginning to look like i'm not going to get "the tonight show." >> after 126 stupid pet trick
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segments more than 4600 top ten lists. >> and the number one thing i'll miss -- >> and more than 14,000 guest appearances -- >> from the world's biggest stars. >> get it up above the chin above the chin. >> letterman retires as one of the most admired and influential icons in television history. dave letterman really introduced sarcasm, mockery, a kind of a weird point of view to late night television. >> after days of hilarious. >> it's smooth folks. it's smooth. >> and emotional good-byes from friends -- >> i say i love you. >> oh my god. >> fans lined up outside of the ed sullivan theater in new york city. >> this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to say thanks dave we appreciate the years of funny. >> top ten things i've always wanted to say to dave. >> thanks for finally proving
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men can be funny. >> on this his 6,028th broadcast, the last of a memorable meaning full career. >> the only thing i have left to do for the last time on a television program, thank you, and good night. >> and steven colbert will take over as host of the late show. david letterman says he had no part in choosing his successor. marci gonzalez abc news new york. >> that's it. it's over. >> that was the way it ended. >> can you believe it. >> what was really touching to see him get a little emotional. he did keep it funny. but at the end to see him look at his wife anson and get a little -- saying that was all that matter in life. >> you don't see that a lot. a whole lot about his personal life. dave well done. we don't get those much anymore, those type of guys. >> that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," security scare. the wild scene in a busy airport after an airline passenger accused of skipping a checkpoint is taken down. >> don't move. don't move. on your back. >> the stun guns the serious questions after witnesses say the man got a little close to the departure gates. >> disturbing details about the biggest automotive recall in history involving air bags that injury or kill drivers. >> i had a massive strike on my right side and i just blinded out on that side. >> why consumers demanding to know if their cars are recalled are not getting answers. >> later, high flying fitness. the workout routine that could turn you into a circus performer but it's not all fun and games on this thursday, may 21st. captions paid for by abc, inc.
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from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> hey there, everybody. glad you could be with us on this thursday morning. this half hour we start with a frightening scene at l.a. x. man stopped after refusing to cooperate with the security guards at the security checkpoint. >> now he's facing trespassing and other charges. brandi hitt reports this is what happens when you don't cooperate with airport security. authorities say the man being tased pushed past tsa screening officers inside this los angeles international airport terminal. >> don't move. don't move. >> and that's when he was taken down and tased in front of several frightened passengers. alarms blaring in the background. >> people were screaming and yelling, jumping underneath seats. >> still many including shaun diamond pulled out cell phones to record the drama as it unfolded. surprised at how close the
3:02 am
suspect got to one of the gates. >> even of the officer had what looked like a gun in his hand and yelling at the man to stop. the man refused. he had this strange eerie smile his face. >> you can even see the suspect attempt to stand as he's being tased. security has been stepped up following a deadly shoot hadding there two years ago. a man opened fire at a checkpoint il killing one eighth. this crowd applauded the suspect's arrest. he was hospitalized for treatment as they investigate what motivate the had his rush past security. brandi hitt abc news los angeles. >> also from california new details about that oil spill along the santa barbara coast. officials now say up to 105,000 gallons oil may have leaked from a broken pipeline. about 20% reeved the pacific ocean. the ocean has spread across nine miles of water and coastline. crews have been cleaning up along the shore and booms put in place in the water to contain
3:03 am
the oil. >> although the response is going as well as planned, it's the fact is the spilled oil is difficult to contain and collect once it's on the water. therefore, it is likely that there will be some environmental impacts including oil birds and oiled shoreline. >> the governor has declared a state of emergency in response to the spill freeing up state funds and reyours sos to help in the clean-up. state and local district attorneys are investigating ahead of a possible criminal prosecutioning >> the florida man who landed a gyrocopter on the capitol lawn is due in federal court today. douglas hughs facing charges that could carry up to 912 years in prison. he tells the "associated press" he plans to make a statement after his court appearance. he had earlier said the unauthorized flight was intended to draw attention to the influence of big money in politics but it really just drew attention to the lapses in security around the capitol. >> a second marine now has died noing that deadly aircraft accident in hawaii over the
3:04 am
weekend. the osprey which is a hybrid aircraft that flies like an airplane but able to take off and land like a helicopter went down in flames sunday at a base outside honolulu. military called it a hard landing. you're seeing video here of an older crash of an osprey. this thing is known at the widowmaker. very controversial in its development because i've number of deadly crashes involved. there were some 22 marines on board when this one went down over the weekend. a number of them were, in fact injured but now a second marine has died from that crash. okay. now on to capitol hill. boy it was it a late night for republican presidential candidate rand paul. paul spoke for ten hours and 30 minutes. he wrapped up just before midnight as his voice began to give out. he says the patriot act invades the privacy of americans. >> there comes a time in the history of nations when fear and be come place isn'tcy allow
3:05 am
power to accumulate and liberty and privacy to suffer. >> ted cruz one of paul's republican presidential rivals was among the senators who took the floor to give paul a break. >> a victory for isis in syria. the fighters have taken over the town of paul mara. they released video smoeing smoke billowing over the ancient city accompanied by the sound of explosions and fighter jets. the city is home of ancient ruins. isis has destroyed similar ruins in similar attacks in iraq. the hideout where osama bin laden spent his last days probleming to be a treasure trove of insight into the mind of the former leader. the secret files reveal a range of new details from his bizarre application to join al qaeda to his continued obsession with bringing down america. here now abc's martha raddatz. >> the secret files were captured by navy s.e.a.l. team 6 in that deadly 2011 raid. included a stunningly simple job
3:06 am
application for those seeking to join al qaeda. asking about hobbies, special skills and then this. do you wish to be execute a suicide operation? and who should we contact in case you became a martyr? the files show a man obsessed with attacking america and his own security. bin laden warning his wife to leave everything behind before joining him because some chips have been lately developed for eavesdropping so small, he wrote, it is possible to implant a chip in some of the belongings. the terrorist tort mastermind was still fixated on large scale attacks against against america. a letter from one of the operators saying the organization was working on breaking the power of our main enemy by attacking american embassies in after countries and u.s. oil companies. >> bin lad be and his lieutenants were extremely concerned about drone strikes. one of the documents warning,
3:07 am
you should change houses only on cloudy days. martha raddatz, abc news wa ugh. >> brazenly illegal. that's the word from attorney general loretta lynch describing what she called the breathtaking flagrancy of the world's largest banks to try to rig the international currency markets. five of the world's biggest banks having pled guilty agreeing to pay more than $5 billion in penalties. however, critics will tell you the justice department still has yet to individually prosecute wall street bankers and themaker of peanut butter is admitting wrongdoing and paying a fine. conagra foods pleaded guilty in federal court agreeing to pay $11 million fine for shipping these tainted peanut butter more than eight years ago. at least 6258 people got sick. no individual executives charged though. the fine the largest ever in a u.s. food safety case. >> here in new york, we're getting a first look at the sky high view from the observation
3:08 am
decks of the new word trade center called the one world trade observatory located from the 100th to the 102nd floor. the windows offer spectacular views of the city and the is your rounding area. they say on a clear day, you can actually see all the way to pennsylvania. it opens to the public a week from tomorrow. >> a bit sooner than that, the opening of a long awaited roller coaster in southern california called the twist the could loss russ is at six flags magic plants. rider canning cover 35,000 feet of track including a 12-story drop of 0 degrees twice. i don't like roller coasters. >> love them. called the longest hybrid roller coaster made of wood and steel opens to the public on sated. >> why don't you like roller coasters. >> i love roller coasters. the old one be zippen pippen in memphis. >> is it still around. >> i think it is. you wouldn't want to get close to it. looks like it was going to fall over. it was elvis's favorite ride in
3:09 am
memphis. >> we'll have to see if it's around. >> hopefully it's fallen down by now. the newest airline safety video, bralt or bad? you be the judge. >> how you can get as fit as a circus athlete or even a pole dancer. we're working up a sweat with a high flying exercise routine. >> frustration for consumers after the biggest automotive recall ever. the roadblock for drivers demanding information about defective air bags. >> first our behind the pics on abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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what you're seeing here about 2,000 protesters marching on mcdonald's corporate headquarters in chicago. this is the head of today's annual an shareholders meeting. they were able to shut down a building nearby streets and one of the company's restaurants demanding a minimum wage of $15 an hour. mcdonald's said it would raise its starting pay for workers to at least $1 an hour above whatever the local minimum wage is. >> distracted drivers apparently a bigger problem on america's roads and highways than we had been told. the new survey from at&t showing a whopping 70% of drivers say they are texting, e-mailing surfing the net on smartphones. what's worse, more than a third admit to using facebook twitter or instagram behind the wheel. an average of nine people a day in crashes involving distracted
3:14 am
drivers. it's so hard to resist sometimes. i just put the phone in the glove compartment in the front. because i don't trust myself with the phone. especially when kids are in the car. >> this is a huge, huge problem. i don't know what's wrong with us. >> we think we have two seconds in the middle of a red light. it's instinctive. i put it in the glove come partment of the car and that way i'm not tempted. >> you know what, it sounds good you do it at a red light. most people do it driving down the street. another hazard on the road has to do with your air bag. >> one in seven vehicles could be a ticking time bomb but millions of drivers still don't know the if their cars are at risk. david kerley has the latest. >> reporter: with the potential of tens of thousands more takata air bags shattering on deployment drivers set a record flooding the government recall website. but there's a problem. none of the 17 million newly recalled cars are listed yet. why no list? we went to the head of the highway safety administration.
3:15 am
>> if i go to safer, i can't find out if my car is part of the recall. >> 11 different manufacturers have to give us the data and make sure next that the parts will be available. >> so without knowing should you inspect your air bag on your own? no these are complex and contain explosive chemicals. should i you disable your air bag? absolutely not say expers. air bags save lives. there is some risk. takata found that one out of 160 recalled bag inflaters ruptured sending shrapnel flying during testing. stephanieredman knows first happened what can happen losing partial sight in one eye. >> i had a massive strike on my right side and i just blinded out on that side and felt this dripping blood. >> so the advice from the safety administrator? >> what are you going to do. >> look up the vin number in our car and see if we need to get to the dealer and basically ask if not demand to make sure i get a loaner so i don't have to drive
3:16 am
it. >> then the vehicle identification number can be found on the driver's side 17 letters and numbers that you can write down and the government is saying the vins will be on the website early next week. david kerley abc news washington. >> you know the good news is that of the 33 million cars there's only been six deaths and about 100 injuries. obviously if it's one of your family members it's incredibly tragic and hard to go through. but the good news is it only happens when there's a crash or in places of high humidity. sometimes we do these stories and blow them up. it is a huge issue. it's affecting a lot of people. the actual fatalities have not been as high when you compare it to 33 million. >> all right. coming up here taking fitness to a new level. flying through the air with the greatest of ace, the circus inspired workout. niki gives it a try. >> hughesing drones to keep an eye on the nation's beaches.
3:17 am
could these flying machines do a better job and that i human lifeguard. that's in our next half hour on "world news now."
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summer's here. i wore black because it's time to get in shape. it's slimming they say on television black. >> okay. >> go on. >> all right. whether you've been trying to wear black or find some other way to get yourself in shape, you can get with this new
3:19 am
workout. workingout is always a good idea but a little inspiration for you. to do this we're turning to circus and strip clubs. abc's nikki battiste you can find her at one of those two places. >> body and pole in new york city learning the newest fitness craze, ariel fitness. come join us. this is awesome. this circus inspired workout is taking fitness to new and lofty heights. from sky high hoops fabric and poles, aerial fitness will get you high. >> what are the benefits over a basic workout lifting weights or running on a treadmill. >> you're lifting your whole body weight so you're working with what you have. you can start seeing results quickly that way. >> no clowning around this workout will give you a boosted backside toned arms and a tighter core. >> there is a backspin. i fall i hook. >> surrounded by some seasoned students i'm what they call a pole virgin.
3:20 am
>> yes yes yes hold it there. and then turn your booty back. yeah. you nailed that one. >> up next aerial fabric. >> i was holding on for dear life. >> let me tell you, none of this is as easy as it looks. >> did that hurt? >> not really. >> amazing. >> some of these maneuvers are inspired by acrobats in cirque du solei who train here. there are top secret celebrity clients too. >> now i'm super high. >> yeah. >> it's so fun. >> beyond strength aerial fitness ames to give you long lean muscles, flexibility and grace. there are moves like this standing pike. >> yes you got it. >> the pike. >> then ouch. into a split. >> yes perfect! >> these magical moves will make you feel like wonder woman. >> i feel really confident when i'm in the air and upside down. i feel like a million why bucks
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up there. i would recommend. >> you look like a million bucks. >> up there, down here everywhere. >> these women are flying high and now so am i. >> my body is exhausted. it's really difficult. >> on a one to ten, how did i do. >> you did a solid eight. >> nikki battiste abc news new york. >> an eight? that's pretty good. are you a virgin pole person too? >> we should never have a piece on the air that says i'm a virgin pole whatever. >> is that a yes or no. >> virgin pole person. >> you've never done pole examiners before. >> where would i do a pole exercise. >> you did a 1,000 calorie workout where you passed out and went to the emergency room. >> but there wasn't a pole involved. what am i doing on a pole? is anybody else disturbed by that question. >> let me tell you if you have the opportunity to go down and pole. >> to do what? to go down in pole? what are you talking about. >> go where motion is what one
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. all right. in the mix today delta air lines did this several years back. they didn't want to make another boring inflight video about the safety. they had the redhead on there and she got a lot of attention because she was good look. now they're doing another inflight video using a series of viral videos from the internet to get your attention and get you to pay attention to the safety on the flight. take a listen. >> be sure all carry on items are securely stowed in an overhead bin. >> whoa. >> federal regulations require all passengers to comply with the posted placards and lighted information signs located throughout the cabin in addition to crew member instructions. >> so they use the harlem shake. they got the double rainbow guy
3:26 am
and trying to find the most viral videos. there she is is, catherine lee from atlanta. i actually know that young lady. >> that's a real agent? >> that's a real flight attendant. she wagged her finger. there's no smoking. it was very popular. she's from atlanta, lived there for a while. my flight attendant on a flight to the mexico city. >> who knew. >> you have random associations throughout the world. >> i know. >> but yes they've got another video going to getting attention. >> speaking of around the world, i love it when people break down stereotypes we have of them especially this one. it's a blind woman who has gone viral because of her makeup videos. this is lucy edwards, she's 19. she went blind in her right eye at 11 her left at 17. she has more than 400,000 fans because of had her makeup tutorials. she says people are dependent on
3:27 am
other people but for makeup she says you've got to know your face and without looking in the mirror what looks good. she kind of memorized certain parts of your face eyeliner blush, lipstick she says gloss is easy to put on. her sisters helped her perfect her technique. she can do her own makeup. >> where is the young lady from? >> she's from across the pond. yeah. >> fantastic. good for her. breaking down stereotypes. one more thing we can show you here. put the flag up. we went to the moon. now we're thinking about going to mars and beyond. someone designed this. this is a graphic designer out of sweden who said this is what we can plant this flag on mars possibly instead of us trying to plant individual national flags we should come together and realize the earth is for all of us. if we're going to go somewhere, we want martians to know the world has been here not just an individual country.
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," environmental mess. the oil spill that's polluting nine miles of california coastline. what investigators are uncovering and why the clean-up is so difficult. >> breaking overnight, detectives name a suspect in the deaths of four people in a fire at a washington, d.c. mansion. the major leads, a possible motive and exclusive details. >> saving lives using drones to keep an eye on swimmers along america's beaches. can these flying machines work faster and see better than a human lifeguard? >> and late night farewell. saying good-bye to david letterman after his unforgettable final episode. the stars on is taken and the surprises in the audience. that's in "the skinny" on this thursday, may 21st. on this thursday, may 21st. captions paid for by abc, inc. >> from abc news this is "world
3:31 am
news now." with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> morning, everyone. what an end to a major chapter in late night television. >> is it the biggest? >> it is -- three decades. three decades and i have to say the folks over there have not -- they couldn't have done a better job. it was just an incredible -- i think it went over 20 minutes than scheduled and cbs let them run the whole thing. >> how you going to cut dave off on this night? >> we're going to get more into that. you'll want to see some of it. we start this half hour out in california. >> uh-huh, with in fact, officials along the central coast of california are calling this a nightmare situation. >> this oil spill out here spreading out into the water along the shoreline. right now, believed 105,000 gallons of oil leaked from a broken pipeline. now, about 20% of that is believed to be reaching the water. abc's brandi hitt with all these details >> reporter: black waves crashing ashore are coating santa barbara's pristeen beaches with thick oil with no escape for wide life.
3:32 am
a mother whale and her baby are seen her swimming dangerously close to this massive spill, now stretching across at least nine miles. >> the oil slick out there has traveled in several directions. it's not a perfect square. it's not a perfect triangle and it will continue to disperse over time and spread out. >> reporter: as clean-up crews race to remove the thick sludge, it's unknown just how much oil spilled from this pipeline tuesday before the leak was capped. pipeline owner plains all american says the line was at full operation, transporting 2,000 barrels of crude per hour. the company is taking full responsibility as the epa launches a federal investigation. >> we regret this incident and apologize to the residents and visitors of the area for the inconvenience this caused, especially on this memorial day weekend. i can assure you we are here to make it right. >> with such widespread devastation, beach campers in
3:33 am
the are also being forced to evacuate as the beach has been shut down for the busy memorial day weekend. >> i feel more sorry for what's going on in the ocean than for people that have to pack up and leave. >> reporter: plains all american says this ruptured pipeline was inspected a couple of weeks ago, but the results of that inspection have not been turned in. with such a widespread slick, federal officials are banning fishing in that area. reena and t.j. >> brandi hitt thanks so much. to waco texas and a stunning revelation about that deadly rampage between biker gangs at a restaurant that left nine people dead and 18 people wounded. authorities found more than 300 weapons ranging from pocket knifes to ak-47s hidden in kitchen stoves in between sacks of flour and stuffed into seat cushions. police say it's proof of criminal intent. >> breaking overnight, a major development in the murders of a wealthy washington, d.c. family and their housekeeper. police have named a suspect in this case identified as 34-year-old daron dylon wint, a warrant for his arrest is out
3:34 am
there now on charges of first degree murder. "washington post" reporting his dna was found on the crust of a dominos pizza that had been ordered to the house the night the victims were being held. relatives describe him as troubled and dangerous. abc's ryan smith on this story for us. >> stunning new details and a possible motive shedding light on the mystery of that quadruple homicide and fire in an upscale d.c. neighborhood. sources familiar with the case have told abc news a man dropped off a package containing $40,000 at the home while intruders held the victims captive inside. wealthy businessman, savvas savopoulos and his wife and son phillip murdered along with their housekeeper vera figueroa her husband telling us he became alarmed when he she didn't come home. >> i didn't hear from her. that's why i called her. and every time i called the phone, it was just going straight to the voice mail. >> that same night around 9:00 p.m., a domino's pizza was
3:35 am
ordered to the house. the next morning, the housekeeper's husband shows up at the home looking for his wife. >> i'm knocking and knocking and ringing the bell and my feeling was that somebody was inside. >> reporter: hours later the house went up in flames. according to reports when firefighters arrived on the scene, that $40,000 in cash was gone. ryan smith, abc news, washington. >> also new overnight, high school students taken to the hospital after their whale watching boat was hit by rogue wave happened off the massachusetts coast. ways were up to eight feet high 20 knot winds. the boat was met by ambulances when it returned to the dock in plymouth. students in new york were treated and released from the hospital. >> the 3500 people stranded on board a cruise ship off bermuda are headed back home this morning. the norwegian dawn ran aground on a reef. this time lapse video shows how
3:36 am
it suddenly lurched to a stop and stayed stuck for six hours. the cruise line says a temporary malfunction of the steering system forced it off court course. the ship is due back to arrive in boston sometime tomorrow. >> clean-up from 27 tornadoes. that hit texas and oklahoma, particularly hard hit the town of runway bay where residents only had seconds to spare. dozens of homes severely damaged. no reports of injuries however. oklahoma got hit with a second round of storms yesterday. torrential downpours triggering flood threats over a wide area. much of the area has received two to four times it's average rainfall so far this month. more rain on the way. cities at risk for flooding this weekend include oklahoma city and areas from dallas to tulsa, also austin to san antonio. >> we mentioned yesterday lots of rain in the forecast. as far as today, thunderstorms, even the possibility of tornadoes for all of texas with storms stretching up into wyoming and down across the gulf coast and into florida. more showers for the northwest with some snow showers over the northern rockies. >> temperatures significantly
3:37 am
cooler for much of the nation with most areas barely getting out of 60s and 70s. 91 for you folks in phoenix. >> some wild scenes at airports to show you. starting with a scary security scene in los angeles international airport. a man was tasered while laying on the ground near a gate with plenty of passengers in the area just before that, he had refused to stop at a security checkpoint. he had a ticket on a flight which wasn't scheduled to leave for hours after the incident. the man was taken into custody now facing trespassing and other charges. meantime at charlotte's airport, that guy hung out naked for about an hour yesterday. he took off his clothes in a fit of anger about a flight to jamaica being overbooked. police say he suffered a medical issue and is not going to be charged. >> an hour? >> an hour. >> an hour? nobody noticed he was naked for an hour? >> i didn't say nobody noticed he was naked for an hour. >> how can you stand around for
3:38 am
an hour naked and not notice? >> i would say it probably helped a lot of people pass the time. >> how do you get away with this for an hour. >> are you right. there are kids in the airport. >> an hour. >> okay. >> what had you have done? >> if i was the naked guy or in the airport? >> i could never imagine you as the naked guy. >> all right. we're getting ready for our naked memorial day weekends and the unofficial beginning of summer. it doesn't look like it at least in the colorado rockies. >> ski areas are still open for business and plenty of skiers are taking advantage. they've had 15 inches of snow this week and more than 40 inches this month. >> the boss of one resort says it will be open for skiing until june 7th at least. the snow is heavy. but "it's funky and chunky and a lot of fun." you should always follow up a story about a naked guy with a script that says funky and chunky. good job back there, guys. jack, coming up, one major story in "the skinny" this morning. talking about david letterman's farewell along with the stars on
3:39 am
stage and his family members that you rarely get to see. >> a young man's plan to raise enough money to buy his late father's police car. we're taking you down a surprising and emotional road. you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather brought to you by digestive advantage. brought to you by digestive advantage. bls
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eliminates mineral build-up effortlessly so why choose anything other than lysol? >> welcome back. that is brutus the horse. he fell eight feet into a hole that opened up during a rainstorm. this is in utah. animal control officers and neighbors had to use heavy machinery to get him out. owners say brutus was not injured during the ordeal. he got a bath, got the mud off, he's all good now.
3:43 am
>> good for brutus. >> up next what could soon be the future of search and rescue, drones. drones seem to be everywhere these days. >> first responders increasingly using drones to save lives. here's abc's paula faris. >> reporter: from dropping life lines in rushing floodwaters to giving firefighters a critical view of massive wildfires, even locating lost hikers in the densest forests. >> you're going to hear a buzzing noise like a bunch of bees. >> i hear that. and it's back to my right. >> drones, now increasingly playing a vital role in the most dangerous situation, helping to save lives. >> drones are the definitely the future of search and rescue. >> just this past weekend, a drone enabling texas rescue teams to drop a rescue line to the stranded couple caught in a rising flash flood. >> you can see things with some of this technology that you can't see with the human eye
3:44 am
from the ground. >> reporter: and now, this summer, you could see drones flying to the rescue of beachgoers caught in rip currents and water emergencies. float carrying drones are now being deployed in water rescue exercises, able to travel five times faster than michael phelps they'll be able to reach swimmers in distress in a fraction of the time. while laws are still catching up to drone technology, the faa tells abc news allowances for unmanned aircraft serving in lifeguard operations are in place. meaning these flying machines may start hovering over more and more shores across the country. the next wave of rescue drone technology is being tested right now in connecticut. project rip tide hoping to use drones to drop life rings to swimmers. >> which i think will greatly increase you know survival rates for people. i definitely see drones being able to aid lifeguards in a way that we never thought possible. >> reporter: paula faris, abc news, hew york. >> fascinating. i didn't realize.
3:45 am
coming up, saying good-bye to an american icon. >> we're talking about david letterman here. his last show. we've got the full roundup, that's next in a special "skinny." >> "world news now" continues can after this from our abc
3:46 am
i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage. ♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> all right. a special "skinny" for you now. a tribute to the man who changed
3:47 am
television making late night a whole lot cooler different and a whole lot funnier, right? david letterman. >> his last show was truly the end of an era. after 33 years, he's hanging it up. the anticipation building for months. and one last time we were treated to his signature run by before walking out to an electric audience refusing to sit down for a couple of minutes before letting letterman speak. >> to start off the tribute today, a handful of pretty well-known guys. >> my fellow americans, our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. letterman is retiring. >> oh, the guests did not stop there to help letterman get through one of his signature
3:48 am
segments a who is who have frequent guests and friends of the show to read the very last top ten list. >> last night's theme was things i've always wanted to say to dave. >> dave, did you know you wear the same cologne as moammar gadhafi? >> yes, barbara. >> dave, i have no idea what i'll do when you go off the air. you know, i just thought of something. i'll be fine. >> i'm just glad your show is being given to another white guy. >> thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale. >> dave, you are to comedy what i am to comedy. >> thanks for finally proving men can be funny. >> dave, i'll never have the money i owe you. >> oh, no.
3:49 am
>> that was an incredible top ten list. you've got give it to them. >> i'll miss that list. >> we were also treated to some of letterman's best bytes over the years including some of his colorful conversations with kids and his turn as a drive-through worker one of my favorites, at taco bell. how his sarcastic teasing changed television comedy. >> his brand of comedy made him a pop culture icon along with the simpsons. during his final monologue last night, there was a brief gag showing the cartoon family watching letterman march saying when he starred bart and lisa were just kids and maggie was just a baby. they're the same age. >> things in springfield don't change much. >> "wheel of fortune" paying tribute with this. >> it's tossup time. our third of the night. >> good riddance to david letterman.
3:50 am
>> was that real? >> that was real. >> oh, my goodness. it was really everywhere you go today. it felt like david letterman was in the air. >> he should be. 30 years. i mean, that's an incredible feat for him. finally it was time to say good-bye. dave thanked everybody involved with the late show including staff, crew the band paul schaefer of course he called his best friend. his most heartfelt thank you went to his family his wife regina son harry, audience giving them a standing ovation. >> finally he thanked the audience saying "there's nothing i can doing ever to ever repay you what you've given me everything." >> he introduced his favorite band foo fighters with a montage of all the incredible memories litterman has given us over the past three decades. >> i had to idea that foot fighters -- you should know it from watching the show but i had forgotten that. big impact on his life. >> they had everybody back.
3:51 am
>> it's hard to get these shows right and get a finale right, a series ender like this. but by all accounts, they got this one right. everybody came back. we knew this would be a who's who. it's unbelievable to think he's gone. leno is gone. we have a new era of late night coming in. you still have the new face with our guy jimmy kimmel. you've gorkts of course fallon over there on nbc and you've now got colbert coming into cbs. a whole new era. >> we know what letterman will be doing next. he announced today he wants to be the new face of scientology. that was a joke, of course. >> oh, okay. i didn't know. do they need a new face right now? who is the current face of scientology? >> and he also said, by the way, that he never wants to walk back into that same building again. i believe him. >> ever. >> ever again. i think he's not going to be like cher and do repeating sort of tours. >> oh the good-byes. >> i think it's over for letterman. what a way to go out. >> congratulations, dave. it's been great but great job last night to the folks at cbs. when we come back, a story about
3:52 am
carrying on a father's legacy. >> a fallen officer's son hoping to hold on to something special. officer's son hoping to hold on to something special. in so many different ways that's why you're wrapped in the comfort of pampers swaddlers with blanket-like softness and up to 12 hours of protection so all you feel is love. wishing you love sleep and play. pampers thank you for calling colonial penn life insurance company. i'm glad i was able to help you today. hi, my name is jonathan lawson and i'm a customer service representative for colonial penn life insurance company. insurance can sometimes be difficult
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new secret outlast clear gel. the story now of a young man hoping to keep a piece of his father's memory with him. a police officer killed in the line of duty and left behind a loving family. >> and his son looking to hold on to something special that will keep his dad with him wherever he goes. here's abc's david muir. >> code five. we need paramedics. code five. we need paramedics now. >> this was the scene outside denver. november 2010 the officer a father of two, a husband, shot. >> dispatch. officer down, officer down. >> deputy sam brownly down. it was a high speed chase, the suspect took brownly's gun and shot him three times. he was killed. he left behind his wife heather and two boys tanner and chase. tanner was 15. he cherished his dad and the motorcycle jacket he left behind. >> just everything i can get
3:56 am
means a lot to me. >> all these years later it was his dad's squad car he truly wanted a dodge charger, 147,000 miles. he heard it was about to be auctioned by the sheriff's department for charity. and when tanner heard this he began raising money on his own, setting up a go fund me site writing i want to show my father that i've grown into a man, raising more than $3,000 in just 48 hours. >> it would mean a lot to me and my brother. we've been through a lot. >> armed with the cash, the auction begins. so many eyes around that room, tanner sitting right in front. >> 25. >> but suddenly he was nearing his limit, $12,500 as high as he could go. the man in the back outbids him. >> thank you very much. >> you can see it in tanner's face and his mother's, too. it was a valiant effort to get his father's car but then watch as that man in the back, a local ranch area, walks to the front of the room. >> tanner, here's your car.
3:57 am
>> tanner had no idea the sheriff's department had no idea. but that rancher knew all along. >> i shook his hand and i didn't know. >> a father's squad car now his son's with some fatherly advice. >> no doughnuts. >> no doughnuts. >> i promise. >> david muir, abc news, new york. >> that rancher was actually adopted. so he said he wanted to do something good for somebody else. that's why he chose to do this. >> you could see he had the cameras rolling there, but the kid had no idea. >> no idea. >> going from a sad moment to a very happy moment just like that. congrats to him. more news from abc coming your way. >> thanks for watching "world news now." this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two
3:58 am
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, wanted a suspect is named in the d.c. mansion fire that killed four people. just blocks from the vice president's house. the dna trail tra investigators said led right to him. the oil spill on california's coast much worse than initially thought. a single slick stretching for miles and the environmental concern growing at this hour. security breach. a dramatic moment playing out in an american airport. a man rushing past tsa agents taken down with a stun gun in front of shocked passengers. final bow. david letterman leaves us laughing the long list of celebrities stopping by for his final late show ending a historic television career.


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