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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  May 22, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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hey everyone, it is 6:00 a.m., friday, may 22 here's what's happening. >> sunny mild weather returns to the accuweather forecast just in time for the holiday weekend. of. >> thieves target a montgomery county gun shop and weapons are in the wrong hand. >> we'll get you ready for at busy holiday weekend on the roads. of. >> let's start with david and matt. good morning. >> reporter: we have sun buildings over the horizon and early cloud cover vacating the
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area. i have a little bit of moisture on the terrace but that will dry up quick. winds have shifted out of the northwest they are light drawing cooler air in the overnight hours. 53 degrees in in the city. in the 40s in the suburbs. 53 degrees under the sun right now. 58 by 8:00 a.m. we're expecting sun and fair weather cumulus clouds, warm high of 76. breezy conditions, winds gusting 25 to 35 miles per hour. the pollen count is back in the medium high range. matt pellman what are the roads looking like? >> reporter: we're giving us a nice morning for a ride, looking at the schuylkill expressway eastbound go a few tail lights heading toward spring garden in center city, as you can see no delays on the schuylkill
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expressway mlk drive by the river looking good. we're bunching up on i-95 southbound entering the work zone at cottman like we do every morning at this time. the volume maybe a tad lighter but we'll see typical morning delays like the one on i-95 southbound. we have a pothole patched in yeadon, meaning providence road could reopen. collingdale don't forget springdale will close from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for midday construction. the overturned box truck in townsend delaware is out of the way. that's good news. if you're heading to rehoboth beach, bethany or dewy beaches everything is open on highway one. a pole was brought down by an accident, road is open, and passable. if you're heading toward the acx looking good on the northbound
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freeway. >> millions of people are expected to be out on the roads. today is the day to fill the gas tank. katherine scott is live in deptford, new jersey, she's got more. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam this is expected to be a big holiday weekend for travel. the biggest in a decade in fact. people are so sick of the winter it lasted so long, they are looking forward to celebrating the unofficial start to summer. we're standing in deptford along 42. it's looking good on on the roads. fast forward this afternoon that might not be the case. the gas prices are encouraging more drivers. the national average is a dollar less than this time last ear year. aaa said these guys -- these are
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lowest in quite sometime. the travelers is up from last year. in ocean city at noon today they are holding their unlocking of the ocean ceremony and business person's plunge. as is tradition folks grab their briefcases and gets dressed up for work and march into the ocean to pomp an circumstance. one of the many activities happening at the shore. whether you go somewhere or stay home and have a great weekend and are safe. katherine scott channel 6 "action news". >> the search continues this morning for the bandits who snatched 19 guns from a gun shop in delaware county. grainy images show the burglars as they moved into the as you suburban
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store in collingdale, they are looking for a maroon pontiac with a partial plate yz. hundreds of casino workers picketed the trump taj mahal in atlantic city. [chanting]. >> reporter: the workers are protesting a plan by billionaire carl icon to cut their healthcare and health insurance benefits. icon says it's necessary for the casino's success. the park test will be given once a year instead of test this decision will affect 11 states. critics complain too much curriculum time is spent teaching to the test and puts
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unnecessary pressure on children. >> in the market report we have the case why didn't we think of this a long time parking a convenience, two words that don't normally go together. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq. >> reporter: philadelphia parking authority is issuing a pay to park mobile app. it will let drivers add time to the meter via the app. the new technology is expected to roll out in center city on a 6 month trial by the end of summer. rent last month was 4% higher than a year ago. this is according to the online real estate company as i zillo. futures pointing to a slightly higher open. trading is expected to be quiet before memorial day weekend. markets are closed on monday. if you have an old android phone you might want to hang on to it.
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even if you think you've wiped out your phone's memory. you haven't. hitting factor reset leaves behind a lot of data, private date, text messages and videos and pictures. don't sell your phone smash it. makes you think about that before upgrading. >> thanks, maribel. >> i use an old iphone as an ipod. >> reporter: nice day today cool to start out, storm tracker 6 live doubling scan shows you we are dry and yesterday's rain is gone. earlier cloud cover across the region is clear. and now we've got lots of sunshine up over the horizon through the day there could fair weather cumulus clouds building in, but generally it's going to be nice and bright looking. 40s in allen town.
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millville 50-degree range. as we look at the major clouds connected with the system all evaporating. out to the west more fair weather cumulus popping up as we roll through the day. lehigh valley 72 degrees, sun and clouds, breezy conditions, comfortable enough down the shore, a breeze blowing, as well high around 70 on the beach in atlantic city and some spots getting up to 72, 73, sun and clouds. in philadelphia, we'll go for the sun occasional clouds mix breezy, high of 76 degrees and winds gusting at times 30 miles per hour. so a little blustery, but warm and nice. still cool by 8:00 in the 50s 11:00 a.m. in the 70s 74 and high of 76 around 3:00 p.m. nice from start to finish overall. tomorrow we have high pressure in the vicinity that will give
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us lots of sun and cooler 71 degrees in philadelphia. the high gets off the coast however that allows a southerly flow for the rest of the week and that gets us warmer. in the poconos today, sunny and cool 61. by sunday, 72 degrees, sun and clouds but a lot milder obviously. monday 74, scattered thunderstorm memorial day in the poconos, possible in the afternoon and evening. 59 down the shore in the ocean water that's typical for memorial day weekend those of you going to the shore for years know it's cool in the water in the beginning of the summer season. 69 degrees on the beach under the sun isn't too bad. breezy on saturday, 74 sunday, monday, even though it gets warmer inland it might hold 72, 74 because of a fetch coming in off the water. mainly dry monday down the shore. we'll cover the city for you now. 76 degrees breezy and milder.
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for the weekend, sunny and 71 tomorrow, not too bad. 80 on sunday, clouds increasing, and monday, memorial day clouds and sun, 85 the high, spotty afternoon shower or thunderstorm. not a washout i wouldn't cancel my plans just have an out plan in case a thunderstorm pops up in your neighborhood. we're heading to 90, tuesday wednesday, thursday, if we hit it, would be a heat wave. nearvet i think one or -- in any event one or two of those days we'll see 90 degrees. >> rescued from the rubble. crews save a baby in a bombed building in the middle east. >> an app will make it ease arey for pilots to text and fly. >> reporter: route 1 at broad street headlights coming toward oxford circle. no problems. if you're heading to the shore or the poconos we'll see if you have issues after the break.
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>> new i mmplet ogi owe imogis are coming next year. we'll have that in tech bytes.
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welcome back you're taking a live look down the shore in atlantic city, the boards are quiet a few people getting the day started.
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boy, things will get swinging by this afternoon. looks like a great weekend. 53 degrees right now getting up to 76. >> i know what matt wants. >> reporter: i saw my good friend rita on the boardwalk or see the core brothers or manco and manco. i'll go see every single one. if you're heading to the poconos, so far so good approach the mid county tolls, we have a couple of brown down vehicles not impeding traffic. no delays on the northeast extension if you heading north. if you're staying in town, detective vorn horse show began yesterday, that time of year again meaning extra traffic lancaster avenue and door set road. don't forget the lemon sticks.
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low hanging wires at myrtle avenue. the college of new jersey has its graduation ceremonies once again. that means until 7:00 p.m. green lane out of commission, hulmeville road gets you let around that local blockage. no issues organ the highways this morning. a lot of you will take to the ac expressway eastbound i expect the heavy traffic to kick in around 1:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. if you're waiting a little longer between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. no tolls at the egg harbor toll a promotional event between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. that's the good news. the bad news if you're trying to get between sea isle city and avalon, you can't do so by the townsend inlet bridge. they were hoping that the construction would wrap up. the bridge is in the up right position, you can't get by, you have to go inland to the garden
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state parkway to get between sea isle and after long throughout the weekend. hopefully they will get it wrapped up in the next two to three weeks. >> video shows a group of volunteers rescuing a two week old baby from the rubble of a bombed out building. the white helmets said there's no 911 system in the syria and these volunteers fill the void. alex douglass is speaking out and telling the story about being shot and trying to save his colleague. eric frein is accused of ambushing the two men. douglass was hit in the pelvis and the main artery. after coming out of a coma he found out his former supervise had died. >> i was in shock he wasn't someone that would sit back and say do this guys, do that, he was out making dui arrests and
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drug arrests. >> douglass has remained close to dixon's widow and his children. he said the extended search for eric frein caused him a lot of emotional pain, but he was relieved but moved to tears when for the reason -- frein was captured. at the national semi mother outside ever -- cemetary outside of washington, d.c., service members placed a fileting on each -- placed a flag on each grave in the cemetary. >> here's tech bytes. >> reporter: airline pilots texting in the cockpits. >> reporter: they will be using a new texting system designed to speed up clearing flights for
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takeoff. it will start this summer. get read for a whole new set of i i am -- imogs coming next year. there's a new bacon imogis. they will join all the others in june 2016. you know the password recover question, a new study says most of us make them too simple. >> they can guess your favorite foods, the answer is usually pizza. >> change your password. >> torrential rains are a double edge sword for texas that actually needed rain. >> reporter: no rain up north too bad too. we have moderate conditions through berks county and the lehigh valley and drought conditions closer to
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>> new this morning arc whiz kid is graduating college at the age of 11, go to work i've done nothing with my life. he didn't just earn one degree he earned three. he graduated from american river college in sacramento, california. he wants to be a doctor or president of the united states. his 9-year-old sister is taking college courses as well. >> how about ruler of the universe by age 45. >> reporter: they make all their piers feel really really good about themselves.
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>> reporter: let's head outside and if you're getting out of town heading to the airport this morning the ride looks good on the platt bridge. no problems to report, our good buddy ben the ben franklin bridge in the clear at this point. headlights coming westbound into center city no delays at the moment. on the mass transit front because of the work going on the ben franklin bridge. patco running it's friday track work schedule with the getaway schedule kicking in this afternoon they are running extra trains. across the board we're on time, david. >> reporter: cool matt, this morning, in the 60s by 9:00 a.m., 71 by noon, the high 76 degrees at 3:00 p.m. there will be a blustery breeze blowing, sun and clouds, low humidity and comfortable overall. clear in florida if that's where you're heading for memorial day. a little rain clearing boston there's action in the central portion of the country denver toward dallas. the only fear weather is west
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dallas and panhandle and eastern new mexico and eastern denver, as well. maybe tornados down there, as well as strong gusty winds. at the airport no major delays and all clear aircraft. rain in boston, everybody else is dry. >> video just in from the scene of a house fire in camden, new jersey that was taken by a viewer showing the upper floors of this twin home on fire along the 1100 block of kaign avenue. they have struck two alarms and that fire may be spreading to a connecting home. "action news" crew is on the way to the house fire in camden, new jersey, more details later.
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>> several rounds of soaking rains have actually knocked texas out of an extreme drought for the first time in five years, but that rain has become a problem. the trinity river is overflowing and threatening homes at its highest level in 20 years. it's leaving people stranded outside of houston. the more rain is in the forecast for that part of texas. a grand jury has indicted 6 baltimore police officers in connection with freddie gray. the 6 officers took part in argue and transporting gray. the charges allowed the state's attorney to suppress press ahead with the prosecution. a wisconsin man declared dead started to move as he was
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about to be transported to the morgue. police were called to the highrise apartment where they found 46-year-old man collapsed at the foot of the bed. first responders pronounced him dead and called the medical examiner. as they were about to take him away the man began to breathe and move his leg. u.s. marshals have arrested the man wanted for a murdering a family. >> protesters show up at a police district after officers arrest the activists at an earlier event.
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>> breaking now on "action news," the interstate manhunt for the washington, d.c. murder suspect comes to a close. new this morning a temple professor is accused of selling
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classified u.s. info to another government. >> it's the unofficial start of the summer. >> karen rogers is getting the weekend going early. we have david murphy and matt pellman good morning. >> reporter: it's cool right now, the rain came through yesterday, most of it from the pennsylvania turnpike south and that is now gonele we'll re-- we will redevelop fair weather cumulus as the day goes on. 57 degrees, a lot of places in the 40s wilmington, lancaster reading, allentown and trenton. a little bit of a light breeze. as we roll through the day it will be warmer. probably 58 by 8:00 a.m. 71 by noon, high of 76 by 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. it will be blustery through the afternoon winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour, mild. the pollen count is up in


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