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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  May 23, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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news." the holiday weekend is here, everyone is here to make new memories of friends families and more who are spending their memorial day down the shore. mother nature is doing her part to make the memories. after a cool start it will be a gorgeous holiday weekend. meteorologist chris sowers is outside with a look ahead with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it was a little chilly when we came in. >> reporter: it's chilly right now. don't let the fact that it's memorial day weekend fool you. you'll need a jacket when you go out about now. later on it will warm up. down the the shore it's chilly. beach haven, 5 51. on the boards in atlantic city. 51. ocean city, 51 light chop. winds will shift later on from northwest to southwest that will keep the numbers cooler later this afternoon.
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inland locations avalon, 52. 57 in cape may. wildwood coming in at 52 degrees. temperatures on the bay. ocean temperature 60. 65 near cape may. on the the delaware bay mid to upper 60s. satellite and radar nothing going on a few clouds to the west, they will stay there today. as we get it the holiday weekend started, looks good, chilly early, temperatures moderate, 72 degrees in the city. normally we should be around 76. it's a tad below average. mostly sunny skies. low humidity leaves a little bit of a breeze. the jersey shore 67 degrees sea breeze kicking in. poconos, 61 that's the forecasted high in the mountains. the weekend overall looks nice, each and everyday we warm ten degrees. 72 today tomorrow, 80. memorial day close to
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90 degrees, turning hotter an more humid with the first potential heat wave on the way. you need # consecutive days of 90 degrees or higher for a heat wave. we may have five consecutive days. it's the unofficial start to the summer season. the beaches will be filled with families all weekend long and the boardwalk along the shore will be bustling with activity. in cape may we're seeing the people hitting the beach. the long-awaited holiday weekend is here. that means for many people enjoying lazy days at the shore that goes for man and his best friend. the cool holiday weekend ushers in what everybody hopes will be a profitable season. many people are having fun on the boardwalk. the water to warn you is still
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a little chilly to get in this time of year. sky6 live hd taking a live look at penns landing. it will be crowded with people looking to have a little fun this holiday weekend. the blue cross river rink which is popular with ice skaters in the winter has been transformed for the only out door roller rink for the summer season. the city has three days of non-stopped fun planned for the holiday weekend. >> reporter: the city of brotherly love is alive this memorial day weekend with great weather people are out taking in the historical sites on independence mall. we found a group playing ultimate frisbee with independence hall and the national constitution center for for the backdrop. >> we are having a good time with the team. >> reporter: spruce street harbor park is in full swing. >> reporter: it turned out it was opening day and we are thrilled. >> reporter: shane brought her family for the sights and sounds
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especially the ice cream. >> what kind did you get? >> cotton candy. >> this is one of our favorite places to go, we were here 6 or 7 times last summer. >> reporter: the park has a selection of eateries, full of good food. >> it's beautiful out here, the weather is perfect and the lights are pretty. >> reporter: there's a hangout spot with a bit of philadelphia sand. >> this is great it's like the shore came to us. >> it's convenient. >> reporter: also along the river front. the roller rink a very special guest is spinning records for the summer fest party. philadelphia's own deejay jazzy jeff. >> being from philly, and being able to jump-start the summer season on the the waterfront new roller skating rink i was excited. sharrie williams channel 6 "action news." >> sky6 live hd taking a look at the penns landing and the
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vietnam veteran's memorial. while many are enjoying the long holiday weekend, take time to remember those who sacrificed their lives so we could have our freedom. there will be a special ceremony to rededicate the memorial at penns landing. share the pictures of the military at her people in i don't in your lives. use 6abc "action news" on social media. a person is dead after a crash on the vine street expressway. a motorcycle and taxi slammed into each other this morning. it happened on the westbound vien near -- vine near the schuylkill on-ramp. nobody in the cab was injured. fire crews were called to south philadelphia refinery after a blaze was sparked.
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thick, black smoke bellowed into the sky the old sunoco plant now owned by energy solutions the largest oil processing facility on the east coast. there was a mishap on a charge pump extinguished 40 minutes after it started. nobody was hurt. a dangerous incident at another refinery was quickly resolved. a gas tank overflowed at eagle point plant in west deptford. it was brought under control. nobody was hurt, though some residents complained of a gasoline odor. police have arrested a 28-year-old woman for leaving her children at home. police say they found her children ages 7 and 8 alone at home on wednesday with no food in the house. they told police they had been left alone for a long time and
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hadn't eaten in more than a day. >> following the van on i-95 we're passing exit 48 right now. >> reporter: that's a washington state mom with a quick eye calling 911 helping police track down an alleged kidnapper. she heard an amber alert for a man and his two young children. she called 911 until the sheriff pulled the van over. >> it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. i can breathe. >> reporter: i'm happy i could help. right place at the right time. >> the father was upset that their mom wants a divorce. there's optimism in atlantic city it's coming from the casinos. they posted an collective profit of $80.3 million.
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the weaker casinos left survivors in better financial shape and left thousands out of jobs. nonfarm payrolls grew by 27,000 workers in april. that's the biggest one month gain in 20 years. more than a third of the jobs created were in construction followed by education and health services. meanwhile, the unemployment rate stabilized at 5.8%. the jackpot soared in one lottery great many and is second one is up for grabs tonight. no one matched all the numbers in the mega million drawing. 3, 14, 15 25, 48, the mega ball was 8. tuesday's jackpot is port $214 million -- is worth $214 million. you can see the drawing every wednesday and friday during "action news" at 11:00 p.m.
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1,389,000,000 is on the line -- $138 million is on the line for the powerball drawing. still ahead on saturday morning, walking in the shoes virtually. the new program allows to experience what your loved ones with dimension i can't is going through. the -- dementia is going through. the largest horse show is underway. >> reporter: today tomorrow, and memorial day all look good, i'll have the forecast for the city, the shore and the poconos when we come right back.
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♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪♪♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars) >> here's something to keep in mind if you visit an aquarium this holiday week. today is world turtle day. it's aimed to bring attention to
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an increased knowledge and respect for tortoises and turtles. it's been celebrated since the year 2000. i found out yesterday it's national burger month. >> reporter: have you noticed there's a day for everything now? >> i don't mind it, i can't keep track of it all. >> reporter: exactly, i can't keep up with them all. there's the battleship new jersey, it's chilly out there if you're going for an early morning stroll or run you'll need something with sleeves. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. a little bit of a breeze, temperatures in the 70s, you can see the camera shaking around just a little bit. 52 degrees in philadelphia. look at this dewpoint, 27 degrees, just to put that into prospective. this is lower than in las vegas. the air is drier here that were the desert southwest. that's a rarity. winds are out of the north at
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10 miles per hour. pressure reading 30.39 inches. dry air cools quickly at night but it warms quickly during the day because there's no moisture content to it. wilmington, 352. dover, 53. millville 49. reading, 48 degrees. this is delightful if only we could hold on this for four, five six consecutive days, that would be wonderful but all these numbers are going way up there in the 60s. you stay in the 50s it's nice, 40s is off the charts. 20s and 30s we're off the charts as far as we are concerned this morning. these numbers will keep climbing as we get closer and closer. wednesday, thursday, and friday saturday, we get into the coupee
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coupee -- soupy stuff. high pressure this guy is in control right here. the air sinks under high pressure. no showers or thunderstorms out there today. same thing tomorrow, we'll hang on to the high one more day. memorial day this front lifts through, i told triggers showers and thunderstorms for harrisburg points west. i think we're too far east to get into anything like that. once this crosses we get into the hot and soupy air mass, nice and pleasant today and tomorrow and the pattern completely shifts we get into a bermuda high monday, tuesday and beyond that sets up unusually hot conditions, especially so early in the year. the normal high is 75, 76 we're talking about high temperatures that could approach 20 degrees above normal. saturday for the poconos, sunny and cooler, 64. sunday, lots of sun 72.
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monday passing thunderstorm with a front 74 degrees, jersey shore, not a day where you're taking 0 off the shirt and laying on the sand, too chilly for that. the numbers increase. chilly today 67. sunday breezy warmer, 73. sea breeze, memorial day 75. for philadelphia we're topping out at 72. delightful and comfortable. winds out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour. chillier than overnight tonight. milder than what we saw this morning. 44 degrees north and west. 50 degrees center city. the heat is on next week. 72 degrees today. tomorrow, 80 degrees monday, 88 degrees tuesday summer-like day, 90 degrees, wednesday
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thursday friday, 90 degrees, we'll do this in a conservative type day. the european model has 92 to 94. the american model has 86 to # 8. there's a huge swing we're leaning toward the higher end of the spectrum. that means the first heat wave is on the way. >> it's not even summer. it's not june. yet. >> get ready. it's hard to imagine what it's like to suffer from dementia. tamala edwards hose us what it's like to -- shows us what it's like to suffer. >> reporter: we water mark retirement community care givers of patient don headphones with random noises and gloves and
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shoe inserts that replicate the throbbing pain of arthritis. the challenge complete five simple tasks in ten minutes. it's a virtual tour of living with dementia. >> i felt overwhelmed. >> i can't imagine doing that for 24 hours. ten minutes of that, it was difficult. >> reporter: administrators say the average person can finish norm than two of the five -- no more than two of the five assignments. >> i say gives people more empathy and more patience. >> reporter: when they understand the daily struggle they become better care givers. >> they understand how they speak and why certain tasks can't be done. >> i appreciate what's going through each and everyday.
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>> i suggest that every person who has a family member that's going through this experience, it is minds boggling. >> reporter: the water mark offers the virtual tour to the outside community. for more resources on aging head to of aging. tamala edwards channel 6 "action news."
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>> holiday family themed things to do this delaware valley memorial day weekend we've got you covered. one of the nation's largest horse show is underway on the main line. it draws the top competitors from around the world and has a wide variety of equestian
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events. the benefits go to bryn mawr hospital. it's borough's memorial day day parade along main street that begins at noon. there will be prizes for best decorated house. and surprise for kids who decorated and ride their bikes. the day's event wrap up with a concert at the park at 6:00 p.m. you can cap off the annual activities the concert at the park. it begins at 7:00 p.m. at the crock center in east falls. that's a look at what's happening in and around our area this holiday weekend. sports is up next! #
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>> reporter: welcome back, everyone, 7:24 saturday morning you're day planning looks pretty nice. lots of sunshine throughout the day, a couple of clouds popping up by afternoon. they pose no threat. 6:00 p.m., 70 degrees, sun sets at 8:16. across the country we go, not much going on. we have thunderstorms out here. the big story is this high developing off the coast of the carolinas. the storm track has been dry as of late, it's running through the great lakes. that means this part of the country sees all the wet weather. here, the highs take control it sets up a dome, as the moisture pulls east it can't penetrate this high. three years ago they had no rain across dallas and houston. they were in a drought down there.
7:25 am
now they have seen so much rain they have flooding issues. hopefully we see more in the wrai of wet weather over the next coming weeks because we're pushing into, not technically a drought yet, but we're moving into this section where it gets drier and drier the drought monitor is target is -- is starting to worry about parts of in our area. allentown they are in drought reading an lancaster. philadelphia is all right, south jersey is okay, wilmington and delaware. we need wet weather across the lehigh valley. you'll not get it at all this weekend, next week maybe a few isolated thunderstorms. eva. >> in sports this morning the phillies opened the series in washington d.c. ducis rogers has highlights and homecoming for some lacrosse players. >> reporter: good morning, beating up on arizona and colorado is one thing facing the first place nationals is
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another. phillies began a three game set in washington. the phillies don't get much off max scherser. franco scores. the only run scherser allows. bryce harper, the kid is sick. this is solo homer is his 11th in the last 14 games. game tied at 1. desmond hits one owe sullivan 6 runs in 6 innings. the phillies lose 2-1. could he be bryant might be rate -- could be bee bryant might be be ready to hang it up. next seen is his 20th in the nba. he turns 37 in august.
7:27 am
he missed last of half season with a shoulder injury. lacrosse championships are being held at the link. title game is set for monday. for a couple of local bread players being back home is special. >> it's great to be back home, a lot of family will be here, hometown, it's a dream come true. >> championship with maryland, guy from my hometown would be great. we haven't gotten one in 40 years, this is our main priority and goal. >> the ncaa women's lacrosse championship is here, as well. north carolina and maryland meet for the tidal at ppl park. has brook boys school lacrosse has done it. they beat culver academy they finished a perfect season 26-0. they are the number one ranked team in the nation. half of the roster committed to
7:28 am
playing division one college lacrosse. that's a look at sports, i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific holiday weekend. >> it's a big day for visitors 6 flags magic mountain in california. the rollercoaster will open the super rollercoaster. it's a state-of-the-art iron horse track which allows for over bankings and on. it has a high five element where riders can high five riders on the opposing train.
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shades of blue upstairs looks fantastic out here, the numbers are chilly, get a load of these
7:31 am
numbers, if you're watching me from the poconos it wouldn't surprise me and you see frost on the ground. 46 in martins creek are 450 in quakertown. ken net square, 45. coatesville, oxford 47. chilly start. temperatures moderate throughout the day. it will be a day with numbers below average like yesterday but nice out there. satellite and radar keeping it nice and dry. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast says lots of sunshine expected. puffy cumulus clouds nothing turning threatening. pleasant 72 degrees, we're about 4 degrees below average today. with the lower humidity levels it may feel cooler than the 72 we're forecasting. the pollen count has dropped off significantly, hopefully this is
7:32 am
a sign of things to come. mainly we are finally starting to pull out of it. monday and tuesday it drops off further and it will climb a little bit next week. the levels are much, much better than where they have been. tomorrow monday looks fantastic, i want to see you in ten minutes i'll have the complete accuweather tbraft forecast for the shore and the poconos and the heat wave on the way next week. that's coming up. eva. >> this weekend we unofficially kick off the summer season whether you're heading to the beaches or the boardwalk or the blue cross river rink at penns landing. families are looking for a break from work and school. annie mccormick was in wildwood where people are starting to gather for the long holiday weekend.
7:33 am
>> reporter: kites lit up the skies over the wildwood during the first night of the international kite fest. on the boardwalk you can find the tram car back in action and kids up past their bedtimes. with parents who don't seem to mind. >> we're being spontaneous and see what happens. >> reporter: officials unlocked the beach early friday a sign of the unofficial start of summer. businesses bank on the weather and friday was a gift. for merchant this week was a taste of how profitable the coming months could could be. >> it turns into a festival. >> reporter: it's a full-flavored weekend at springers with 50 kinds on the board. it's senior week for these college bound girls. >> we were sitting on the beach, it was awesome.
7:34 am
>> reporter: a week of service a boy scout helping his brother with his eagle scout project to bring butterflies back to townsend inlet. leaving the water to the dogs, it's still cold. back on the boards it's nice to see them busy again. the beaches will be busy. wildwood, the beaches are free. for many across new jersey where you need a beach badge it's early, the season has not begun yet and you can get on the beaches for free. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> if you're going away for this long holiday weekend. you'll have plenty of company. aaa reports, 37 million people will travel 50 miles from home. 33 mill travel by car and 2.6 million will travel by air. lower prices at the gas pump are fueling the desire to travel this holiday weekend.
7:35 am
most drivers will pay the lowest gas prices on memorial day weekend in five years. the average price in philadelphia is 2.86. in south jersey it's 2.47 in delaware. it's 2.60. new jersey state police have unveiled the new so called ghost cars black chevrolets have a subtle state police emblem and trooper text. it will help them blend in to catch people who drive recklessly. they have caused such an uproar online, the state police took to social media to say it's not entrapment by safer roads. heading to the shore the bridge connecting sea isle and avalon is blocked off. construction workers are behind schedule on the townsend inlet bridge. drivers will have to go out of
7:36 am
town to route 9 or the garden state parkway to get from sea isle to avalon. looking for something to do this holiday weekend. philadelphia has plenty to offer. the spruce street harbor park is in full swing with a collection of eateries. there's a hangout spot with sands. there's a roller skating rink and jazzy jeff was out spinning records for the summer fest party. >> that's great. being from philly and being able to jump start the summer season on the waterfront, new roller skating rink i was excited. >> the fun in philadelphia continues all weekend long. will keep you informed through the memorial day you can check tracker live radar and hourly forecast from where you are. the traffic page has live maps to let you know how long it will take to get to and from your
7:37 am
holiday destination. a fire broke out inside a south philadelphia apartment buildings. the fire and smoke were contained to the rear of the apartment on south broad street. they brought the blaze under control in 15 minutes, so far no report the injuries or a cause. a police car slammed into another car en route to a burglary call sending two people to the hospital including the officer. it happened at the routes 3 and 72. police say the officer was responding to a burglary in progress involving weapons when the cruiser hit the mad did -- mazda. they were taken to christiana hospital for non-life threatening injuries. >> save our school! save our school! >> from our new jersey newsroom thousands of students in newark are protesting possible changes to the school.
7:38 am
they walked out of classes yesterday and marched on the city's streets. they are upset the district's proposal to designate 8 schools as turn around schools it could mean longer school days and extra development time and weekend work. a spokesperson for the district criticized the walkout. police are offering a 2,500-dollar reward for the group of gun thieves. police say three or four men broke into the suburban armory store on thursday, they got away with 19 weapons. atf and collingdale police are looking for a silver does an and pontiac montana with a partial plate yz. a company was supposed to
7:39 am
to help with claims for super-storm sandy. they wanted $21 million because the three year contract was not completed. it was fired after it drew complaints from residents for delays and inefficiencies. planning a barbecue or holidate picnic, tips to keep everyone safe while enjoying the burgerses -- burgers and hot dogs. ducks were rescued in montgomery county. and chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's about to get steamy!
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>> the devastating oil spill on the california coast has taken a toll on animals. a dolphin and three pelicans have been found dead near the spill. wildlife care network say seven other animals were rescued. the sheen of oil is thinner than a coat of paint and harder to skim from the choppy wind driven water. state campgrounds have been closed. the oil spill covers ten square miles. 7:42. we have awesome weather for a long holiday weekend. >> reporter: especially today, tomorrow, lots of sun. temperatures on the comfortable side. get used to this image right
7:43 am
here we'll not see much of anything over the next few days. we'll see wet weather on weekend. especially a holiday weekend. some parts of our viewing area we need rain especially in the lehigh valley they are closing in on five inches below normal. the drought monitor has that part of the viewing area under a slight drought. we'll see how thing play out over the next few weeks. center city, crystal clear 52. cape may looks nice, as well, the water relatively flat. maybe a few ripples out there. 53 cape may dewpoint, 41. winds are calm. allentown, 47. poconos ten cooler 37 degrees. satellite and radar shows absolutely nothing out there just the way we like it on the weekend. a few clouds bubbling up across the baltimore and dc metro
7:44 am
areas. the high pressure will slide off the coast and plant itself right there, that's bad news that means it will act as a bermuda high. once it takes up shop. a couple of things happen. it's hard for them to move along, it just sits there it will pump in the heat and humidity. it will get steamy by tuesday of next week. in the meantime if you're traveling in this part of the country. there's a possibility of thunderstorms out there, maybe some more tornados. rush back home it's nice and quiet we're on the cooler side of that high which quickly works off the coast. tomorrow, highs in the low 80s, no humidity to speak of. memorial day these fronts will cross the area and pull to the north, for the most part we'll stay dry maybe areas like williams ports harrisburg points west, pick up thunderstorms
7:45 am
we're too far east for thunderstorms. memorial day will be dry. it's underneath this front that becomes the headliner for most of next week. it's hot i'm humid with high temperatures in time 90s through tuesday on maybe through next weekend. future tracker 6 today and tomorrow there's nothing going on. tomorrow night into monday, a few showers. monday afternoon high and dry. the poconos chilly start temperatures in the 30s you'll rebound into the 60s which is below average for this time of the year. a nice looking day lots of sunshine. sunday warmer, 72. monday warmer, slightly more humid passage of the warm front there's a pop-up thunderstorm, most of you will stay dry. the jersey shore bright and chilly 67 degrees on the sand. perfect day for the boardwalk. lots of sun. breezy and warm,er 73 degrees, monday 75 degrees, clouds and sun. the water temperatures, nice and
7:46 am
warm for the bay delaware bay 6 # off the coast of fortescue and gandys beach. off the coast 59 degrees. reading, 70 degrees, allentown 70. millville, 68. dover, 68. cape may only 64 degrees later this afternoon. thanks to that ocean breeze. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast clouds and sun for sunday, 80 degrees, turning warmer for monday, 88. the humidity levels are low monday tuesday hot humid thunderstorms late, 90 wednesday, thursday, friday, 90 degrees, you'll want to have the air-conditioning on. next sunday is when it starts to change and gets comfortable. what is concern we get the heat pump high off the coast and it
7:47 am
gets steamy, i hope that's not a sign of things to come. end stages of may it's not officially summer, i've already had enough. >> let the sweating begin. you can learn about the community around in a brand new visions tonight on 6abc, here's a preview. >> reporter: i'm nydia han tonight on vision 2016. the pope is coming to philadelphia and how the community is getting ready. you learn the art of can a money notice. how to prepare authentic indian dishes. it's a special vision 2015 celebrating asian and pacific island heritage month. we hope you join us.
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>> good morning, to you hey chris, our tennis friend is
7:50 am
back, sky6 live hd is taking a live look at temple university. he was playing tennis a minute ago, i think he went to get his ball. he is walking on the sidewalk. it's a beautiful day to be doing something exercise minded. 54 degrees right now. "healthcheck" this morning, now that we're kicking off the summer season with memorial day weekend. doctors have a message for families heading to the beach or pool. one of the biggest dangers is drowning. kids between one and four are most at risk. adults should be within arms length of small children in the water. orderly kids need supervision by an adult who is not distracted by a smart phone or alcohol. parents of younger children should take extra precautionary stems. >> little kids children who are screamly comfortable with water should be using a coast guard
7:51 am
approved lifeguard jacket. >> if your holiday weekend plans include a picnic, there are a few things to keep you and your loved one safe. keep food out of direct sunlight. cro us -- use a meat thermometer and keep potato salad in a large bowl of ice to keep it cool. hot perishable foods should not sit out for two hours two inches is the desired death for containers and four days are the longest leftovers are safe to eat. if you're at the pool or beach, don't forget to protect yourself with sunscreen. every ingredient in sunscreen must be approved and are safe.
7:52 am
look for those that protect against harmful uva and b rays. the american academy of dermatology recommends using spf of 30 or higher and use a water resists -- resistant sunscreen. up next, chris sowers will have a look if he final the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. stay with us, we'll be right back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> some baby ducklings have security officers at the king of prussia mall to thank them for their freedom. someone spotted the momma duck and one duck and wondered why there was only one duck.
7:55 am
the babies fell down the storm drain. they removed the drain and saved the duck. they are at a wildlife rescue, the happy family happy to see the ducks safe and sound. >> reporter: they are so little. >> they are babies. >> reporter: i know that. they are still little. let's look at the forecast today. doesn't matter where you're going, the weather will cooperate. mostly sunny stowed, in the city, 7 # degrees. if you're down the jersey shore put on a shirt with sleeves light t-shirt. boardwalk, 67 degrees. the temperatures in the 30s in the poconos, high high of 61. 80 degrees tomorrow, 88 monday, the entire weekend is dry poconos there's an isolated chance of pop-up thunderstorm on memorial day. tuesday, wednesday thursday,
7:56 am
friday, hazy, hot and humid afternoon thunderstorm each and everyday, we're sitting in the 90s, toasty stuff. >> it is now 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." here's dan with a preview. >> reporter: hey eva. 20 million americans bracing for holiday flooding as others are hitting the road. rob marciano will be tracking the flooding rain as well as the threat of severe weather including hail and tornados in spots. the prime suspect in the brutal quad droople murder inside -- quadruple murder inside a mansion in washington, d.c. why authorities think he had help and the new time line of the gruesome event inside that luxury home. on a lighter note we'll take you behind the scenes of a memorial day tradition indy 500 where women are doing the dangerous
7:57 am
jobs, they are working in the pit. >> i have pill skills, just so you know. -- i have pit skills. just so un. one person is dead after a cab and motorcycle collide in center city. looking fogger a smart phone -- 0 looking for a smart phone, newer does not mean better. we'll have more on that for you. enjoy your holiday we'll be back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and see you in an hour. # #
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good morning, america. happening right now, the holiday weekend washout. severe storms and flash flooding. cars swamped by record rain. pounding the plains. even blamed for this giant sinkhole. >> we have enough water to last us over ten years. >> now 20 million in the bull's-eye with more flooding in the forecast. our rob marciano tracking it all this morning. mansion murder mystery. this morning, the urgent manhunt. police now saying the man charged with murdering four people inside this million-dollar home did not act alone. who else was inside and where are they this morning? hero mom. the eagle-eyed driver hot on the trail on a man wanted for kipping. kids in immine


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