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tv   Action News Weekend 6P  ABC  May 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> sunday night. the man who inspired the movie "a beautiful mind" is killed when the cab he was riding crashes on the new jersey turnpike. >> also more than a dozen people and two dogs inside a home in norristown are sickened by carbon monoxide while using a again rates to power their homes. >> the big story on "action news" is memorial day weekend that just keeps getting better and the sun is shining and the weather is warming up and many are not wasting a minute to get outside and enjoy it. >> the beaches are packed and the grills are fired up and there are parades and festivals to enjoy and dozens of cities and towns all across the region. >> and we have team coverage of the memorial day weekend. "action news" reporter john recalls is live at the steel pier we begin with meteorologist melissa magee outdoors soak up
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what is left of the evening sunshine. hey, melissa. >> hi there walter, sarah basking in the sunshine it was a beautiful day today and warmer than the start of our holiday weekend. check out the numbers across much of the delaware and lehigh valley. it's 81 in philadelphia. and 80 in trenton and 74 up in the poconos and along the coast touch cooler. 70 wildwood and atlantic city 69. when you look at 24 hour temperature change with you seat numbers coming up. this same time yesterday we had high temperature of 70. right now we're 11 degrees warmer in the city than we were this same time yesterday. 18 degrees warmer in beach haven than 24 hours ago and 11 warmner allentown. stormtracker 6 double scan shows you we have a ridge of high pressure just off the coast and down south and east much warmer today and tapping into the southwesterly wind and can seat unsettled weather stays off to
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the west for now. and so future tracker 6 showing you it's all about the temperatures. as early as tomorrow morning 11:30 in the morning temperatures in philadelphia with that southwesterly wind will be in the lower 80s and they'll keep going up from there. so memorial day we have you covered whether you'll be in the city shore or poconos. tomorrow in philadelphia, very warm. high of 88. and at the shore. 75 degrees with afternoon seabreeze kicking on in and up in the poconos tomorrow, 80 with threat of popup shower or thunderstorm. so looks to be quite dry and quite warm for the rest of our holiday weekend and in fact, next week, we will also talk about the return of 90s on the board. those details, sarah coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you melissa. >> we head to jersey shore and joun recalls live from steel pier in atlantic city, hi, john. >> hi sarah. the weather is marginally better than it was this time last night. with emphasis of marginal. wind is the big factor here.
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really a sweatshirt is good investment if you come to the shore tonight. that's for sure. if that said people are just pouring into this place. so hardy souls hit the beach and ventured into the atlantic but wind kept the crowds in atlantic city promenading on the boardwalk and yes that's a bridal party passing by. for those seeking to escape gravity to be amused destination steer pier fry off in a helicopter. dine on funnel cake and try one of the more than 2 dozen rides here. the place has been mobd this weekend despite yesterday decidely cool weather. >> we had 30% increase from last year. >> what do you attribute that. >> cabin fever. we had a hard, long winter so people are ready to come out and have fun. >> beverly pole of fishtown has been coming here with her family since 7. >> it was fun. it was fun. i was always liked roller coasters. >> if roller coasters are too
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time too try this dubbed slingshot it launches you to space. >> it was terrifying tears came down my face but it was fun at the same time. >> you can't wait to do it again. >> i don't know if i would do it again. but it was a real experience. >> as atlantic city evolves so is steel pier coming later this year a 20-story observation wheel that welcome become a new landmark in the city by the sea. >> clay matt controlled observation wheel. cab ups to hold eight people and heated in winter and air conditioned in summer and you can have a drink or snack or the wheel. >> so coming to this site soon they will have this 200 foot observation wheel and they'll move the slingshot to the boardwalk as well so everybody can enjoy it and along with that a zip line 700 foot zip line between here and pier and all in all a 15 million investment and 14 million bet that atlantic city will do fine inventingself.
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live in atlantic city. "channel 6 action news." >> waltzer. >> beaches are packed in delaware. action cam was in rehoboth beach today where the great weather attractioned thousands of sun worshipers that served as great news for local restaurants and businesses in the area as swelling. of course, this is a holiday weekend to remember and honor those that died while serving in country armed forces. annie mccormick has that part of our memorial weekend coverage tonight. >> united veterans of bridesburg marched holding bags with provide serving st. john church they dedicated the mass to those that died while sevening our country and those still living retired men and women and those serve ago long with boy scouts held the flags at front of church during the entire mass. and at the end the father blessed the flags a touching moment for marge during warld war ii the 92-year-old worked in
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a factory where she assembled ammo and taught men has to detonate rockets and missiles. >> it's beautiful. it was beautiful. we didn't forget those buried. >> and falls township today families lined the sidewalks a. people celebrated our armed services during a parade and showcased in tight nit community support. laurel hill cemetery reenact tores took us back in time and laurel hill is first place to honor memorial day back then decoration day and traditional decoration day service of grand army immediate post number one marched towards general george immediate's grave commander of the union army and first stopped here at the grave of once unknown soldier through research and private donation these gave private joseph white who died in battle a proper resting place. he died in 1861. a reminder of how long ago people fought for our freedom. >> there are other places where
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stuff took place. but, right here in philadelphia, at this historical cemetery, it's beautiful to know. >> we want to know how you are observing memorial day. send us pictures throughout the long weekend. at laurel hill cemetery, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> and paid tribute to other fallen heros in valley forge. lattin american post 80 of american legion held memorial day service at the freedoms foundation and ceremonies were held in medal of honor grove dedicated to those who won the nation's highest award for valor. >> and other news tonight 14 people were overcome by carbon monoxide because of leak inside norristown home. it happened late last night 100 block of west arie street. the residents inside were using generator in basement to power the home after their electricity was shut off. paramedics transported eight people to the hospital, two in critical condition. and two dogs were given oxygen at the scene.
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and philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in the strawberry mansion section this afternoon taken happened just after 3:00 on 2500 block of north 29 street and somebody shot a 34-year-old man four times and he was taken to temple university hospital in critical condition. >> the noble prize winning math ma tition an behind the "a beautiful mind" was killed in a car crash on the new jersey turnpike, john nash and alicia were on their way home to princeton junction from newark in a cab when the driver lost control. "action news" reporter kenneth moton joins us liver in satellite kept center with more, kenneth. that distant happened 4:30 p.m. yesterday. i can tell you it's still under investigation by the emergency energy state police. mathematical giant john nash and wife were returning from norway where he received able prize a major award for outstanding accomplishments ♪ his life story inspired oscar winning film,
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princeton mathtician john nash played by russel crow in "a beautiful mind." >> i need a map. >> 86-year-old nash and 82-year-old wife alicia were killed yesterday when the taxi lost control on new jersey turnpike monroe township. this is image of the scene where state police state taxi tried to pass another vehicle and hit a guardrail throwing the couple from the car and they were pronounced dead at the scene. the math tish yab that despite decades of schizophrenia still managed to teach. narcotic and wife got married in the 50s divorced in the 60s and remarried 14 years ago. and parts of a beautiful mind depicting their lives were filled on princeton campus in march of 2001. russel crow tweeted stunned my heart goes out to john and alicia and family and amazing partnership. beautiful mind, beautiful heart. a beautiful mind director ron howard said rest in peace brilliant noble prize winning
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john nash and remarkable wife alicia. it was honor telling part of their story. [ applause ] nash won that noble prize for economics in 1994. his health was good. but he was struggling financially. and it was fwhoosh said that all changed after that noble prize. >> i was quoted very frequently in the literature of economics and mathematics but it's quite bigger if you get recognition. >> princeton university president said john's remarkable achievements inspired generations of mathticians and economists and scientist and the story of his life with alicia moved millions of readers and movie goers that malasia flightled at their khurj in the faith of daunting challenging. nash's taxi driver and a passenger in another car were jirnd in the crash and expected to survive. reporting liver in the satellite center, kenneth moton "channel 6 action news." >> kenneth thank you.
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we have breaking news now from chinatown the action cam is live at 9th and race. we're just about 45 minutes ago a building here was evacuated. you can see a restaurant here on the first floor about ten people evacuated from this building because peco is reporting a problem with a transformer here on the 900 block of race street. about 10 people were evacuated and from that restaurant and we believe there may be apartments up above and that's because of the high co readings inside that building. high carbon monoxide readings right now. firefighters are on the scene. they've place aid fan here in the basement section of this structure and we will continue to monitor this. it also looks like they have this roadway shut down 9th and race in chinatown section of center city. a problem with the transformer and carbon monoxide in a building. we'll continue to monitor this throughout the newscast tonight. much more to come on "action news" tonight an officer in philadelphia fires his gun during a chase and why
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investigators say he pulled the trigger. >> and plus a field of dreams becomes a touching tribute to the men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. >> and also phillies try to sweep the nationals today in washington. jamie apody has sports when "action news" comes right back the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta.
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philadelphia mrootion are vetting after an officer fired a suspect he believe was armed with a handgun in the 5600 block of north nrawrns olney. police say the officer and his partner were in pursuit of 24-year-old man when it appeared he pulled out a handgun and an officer fired once and missed. no handgun was found. police did find narcotics. the suspect was apprehended and the officer that fired the weapon is on desk duty pending outcome of investigation. >> well, a tavern in montgomery county was rocking today all for a great cause. bridgeport rib house is
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hoeinging about a dozen bands all performing as part of brainfast 2015 a fundraiser for the brain tumor association. aaron fox started the festival after having brain surge dwroy years ago. there's raffles and a silent auction and music and fun goes until midnight.
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>> the good people of absecon new jersey, worked together to build amazing tribute to the men and women that fought and died for our country. they're calling this their own field of dreams a baseball field for disabled children and today neighbors placed 15,000 flags for each new jersey native killed in service to our country. >> jamie here tonight weapon sports. we were hoping for another sweep for phils but you know, >> it didn't happen.
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>> they had a 16 game winning streak. >> series with first place nationals ryan howard, chase utley, carlos ruiz all sitting out. the team had to be riding high after the win. you know who was not riding high george washington no memorial someday not kind to father of our nation. way for be a lincoln top take the race. >> outfield yesterday fromy gal vin scored phillies only run of game. bottom half of fourth. jose rbi single ties it. he then pixd well in the 7th phils trailing by one. harper got single off to tie the lead. ryan zimmerman ties it more with double to september erin phils lost 4 14eu6 they lost four of last six and struck out today 11 times. can't win many ball games with a shot like that. >> pinnicle of women's lacrosse
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comes to vl ppl park as north carolina and maryland battle it out. second team all acc defender from were bin. david letterman enjoying retirement at the indy 500 then crash in 1st quarter that's what happened to sage from nazareth pa native. james divedson was levering pit and sideswiped and plan to two crew members one taken to a local hospital by ambulance and his condition not known and warren pablo montoya came to the back of the pack twice to take the checkered flag. his second indy 500 win. >> french on underway in paris and roger federror won the opener and that is not a surprise but what is he was approached asking to take a selfie. the kid was eventually escort away by security that took a
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while. >> really? >> really? >> where did he come from and how did they let that happen. >> selfie around the world. >> your exclusive accuweather forecast is next on "action news."
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>> okay time for check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee how are you doing? >> i'm doing great how about you? >> doing good. >> keeps getting better. >> warmer today gets even warmer for that actual holiday come monday. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar is dry. high pressure in control.
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it stays in control fort rest of our holiday weekend. and as a result we'll tap into south wrlly wind. if you like today, an all of the warmth overhead you'll really like tomorrow as well. and the high today in philadelphia 82 degrees. 6 degrees above average and yesterday we were 6 degrees below arm. normal for thus time of year is 76. we will be in the upper 80s by day's end on monday and it's 81 currently in philadelphia, 74 in poconos. 69 at the boardwalk and you have south facing wind and it's quite breezy along the coast. 65 beach haven and wildwood 70 and lancaster 76. here's satellite 6 and action radar high pressure in control and partly cloudy sky cross much of the mid-atlantic region and ridge of high pressure south and east. we're tapping into return flow and dry and quiet for the most part across the ohio valley and you see there's a warm front live lifting north and showers approaching and areas in the great lakes all of the severe weather stays out to the west
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and right to the plain states. and then we have you covered as we go throughout the day on monday it's all about the temperatures. 8:00 in the morning future tracker 6 showing you we will be in the upper 60s. 74 is little over done by 8 a.m. and eventually we'll get. there upper 60s. near 70s. raiding and lancaster and as we advance to afternoon hours 2:30 in the afternoon the upper 80s on the way. and 83 in atlantic city and that's about nine miles inland at the airport. right along the coast. temperatures will be in the middle to lower 70s with afternoon seabreeze and kicking on in. if you're traveling north of the city up positive the poconos tomorrow. monday, high temperature 80. popup thunderstorm is likely and really for poconos and up to catskills because we're tracking warm front that lifts north. there is threat of shower or thunderstorm. really for points north and west of our region. and if you travel down the shore tomorrow really no complaints. nice mixture of sunshine and clouds and afternoon seabreeze kicking in and partly cloudy and
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temperature coming in at 75. the call from accu waej for the rest of tonight partly cloudy. it's a mild one. we'll drop down to 54 suburbs and 61 in philadelphia. and here's exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. warm, but dry tomorrow. high temperature 88. we're tracking that warm front that lifts to the north. so it looks like a lot of shower and thunderstorm activity stays west. as well. and the humidity is actually going to creep up by day's end monday. and the heat is on tuesday and high of 9 0. 90 wednesday and possibly the first heat wave of the season guys as we get into this week. we'll track the numbers closely. >> people will stretch out the holiday for a couple days i think. >> thanks, melissa. >> "abc worls news" sunday next on channel 6. "action news" returns tonight at 11. and don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17. then we're back again here on 6abc at 11:00. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist, and jamie apody i'm walter perez, see you back here at 11:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." epic floods. record rain and the fast-rising waters. destroying homes, trucks, even bridges. a first responder losing his life trying to save others. and tonight, the tornado threat stretching across several states. on the hunt. one suspect behind bars in the torture killings of a washington couple, their son, and housekeeper. the new clues that could point to more suspects. who are police looking for? stress-free travel? american drivers crowding the highways, setting a ten-year record this memorial day weekend. we'll show you a high-tech way to beat the traffic. and, crash landing. the holiday spectacle going terribly wrong. the flag-waving skydiver slamming into power lines. all of it caug


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