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tv   Action News 630 AM  ABC  May 25, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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to our military and our fallen heros. >> it's a great day to be at the shore if you have the day off. good morning 6:30, may 25th. matt o'donnell and karen rogers are off. matt pellman joins us along with eva pilgrim. and david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: guys we have the sun higher in the sky as expected our early morning clouds are beginning to evaporate. you can see satellite overnight cloud cover receding to the north. that's what we got this morning a few clouds hanging on, controversial mostly sunny skies expected today. 635 degrees is the -- 65 degrees is the current temperature. looks like we're ranging between 60 and 63 on the boardwalks down south. 62 in m with, 60 in trenton. 65 currently 67 degrees by 8:00 a.m. noon, 81. the high will be 87-degree reading at 3:00 p.m.
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later this afternoon it will be breezy and the humidity will creep upward. the pollen count is creeping upward it has been up to the medium high range all weekend long. we'll be in the 100% high by wednesday. we're adding grasses to the list which's about now, this time of the warm weather season. that means those of you who haven't been bothered by the tree pollen may feel your eyes getting itchy with the grasses. when i step inside we'll talk about the heat and humidity build and thunderstorms on the way. matt what about traffic this morning. >> reporter: what we're seeing is a whole a bunch of sun glare we're not a bunch of traffic. it's very light along i-95 allegheny avenue. normally we would be stacked southbound heading toward center city. we do not expect any morning
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delays. we parades at i happen richmond and juniata. coming up in the half-hour we'll tell you more about the local parades and where to go to honor the fallen soldier and veterans today. the tractor-trailer fire on the northeast extension southbound approaching the lansdale interchange. it was the tires of the truck that caught fire, the truck was hauling milk, i'm happy to report traffic is moving just fine past the earlier fire because everything has been extinguished. that's good news. in limerick there's a crash ridge pike at township line road. if you're riding mass transit today we're on a holiday which meanest a sunday schedule. tam. >> thank you, matt. developing overnight homicide detective's found a man shot to death on a west philadelphia street. the victim was killed at 41st anticipate aspen around
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1:30 a.m. police don't know who shot him or why. police in new jersey are trying to confirm if drag racing was at fault in a character crash. two cars were street racing, one lost control and crashed into a third car sitting at a stop sign. the woman and the driver who hit her both died. >> reporter: the skidmarks on the street measured the last he seconds before the crash. the. >> i witnessed two cars drag racing. one guy went around the other guy and clipped the one car that is not here now. >> resident don gandy was one of the first people on the scene. he estimated that the cars were going 90 miles per hour. >> he passed. the other car came out and slammed on the brakes.
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>> reporter: it listed the silver car and the black car was pinned underneath it. >> i had to turn my head, they was on top of the car looking for other people. >> reporter: police are investigating if drag racing played a role and interviewing witnesses. >> this is the worst i've ever seen. >> the kids and the gentleman that lost his life on a day like today. should not happen. >> reporter: wendy saltzman channel 6 "action news." >> a bomb squad in washington d.c. had to dismantle a pressure cooker found inside a suspicious vehicle. the car's owner is under arrest. officers who searched the vehicle did not find anything hazardous inside. authorities do not think there's in the current threat to national security.
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6:35, president obama begins the memorial day host act breakfast to support families of the fallen. he will visit arlington national cemetary and lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and deliver andreas. >> the national constitution center is opening its doors for free today. they will conduct their traditional flag raising and lowering ceremony at noon. testimony will be heard tomorrow on the src budget. the school reform commission is planning to vote on thursday, they plan to spend $84.7 million in additional programs to avoid funding consults. wawa welcome america sell briggs, the announcement is tomorrow 6abc is home for the live coverage. free #th of july event.
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atlantic city has had a tough time with casinos closing recently. the sound and light show is 50 million-dollar upgrade at the tropicana. they are trying to reinvent itself from a resort to a resort that has a little gambling. >> it's bringing people out that's nongambling that children can enjoy. this is our attraction, the boardwalk. >> the family that owns the steel pier has invested $14 million in year round attractions, atlantic city has seen job losses over the last year the sense is at least there's a plan to start building toward a better future. i'll tell you what, ac is the quickest shore test -- destination. storm tracker 6 live double scan
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shows you we are dry the clouds that looked more pronounced when we looked at the picture an hour ago are starting to erode and we're on our way to a nice memorial day. 65 degrees, the winds are out of the south at 6 miles per hour. not all that strong we're bringing in always on day planner for those of you hg tv, notice how the rain is up in new york state, a little bit popping down closer to the poconos. i know on friday we talked about the possibility of spotty thunderstorms today, looks like that will be well off the north and we won't have to worry about that, in fact the clouds are eroding and overall we're looking at mostly sunny skies. 67 degrees by 8:00. 81 by no one, 85 by 4:00 p.m. coming down from a high of 87 at
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approximate p.m. cool drinks and sunscreen if you're heading out to the ceremonies toad. high temperatures across the region allentown 87. 86 in trenton. # 5 in wilmington. -- 85 in wilmington. down the shore 81 or so. in the lehigh valley, chance of shower or thunderstorm. 62 in the water down the shore highs close to 80 degrees, an afternoon sea breeze will cool you down, mostly sunny and nice on the beach. tomorrow looks like a clouds and sun mix for the second straight day any showers or thunderstorms likely stay in the poconos, it will be a day that features more of a flow from the south that means heat and humidity building tomorrow. 87, sunny and warm, a tad humid for memorial day. tomorrow, hot and humid, high of 90. another 90 on wednesday maybe a spotty thunderstorm around. thursday are a cold front approaches a few clouds kick in.
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with the front he is there's a better chance an afternoon or evening shower. friday, we hope the front will clear out fast enough we'll stray dry. 86 the high there. saturday, 89. sunday 83 degrees pop up up showers or thunderstorms possible. >> still ahead, a princeton professor made famous in films has been killed in a crash. firefighters couple to the rescue when a thrill ride goes wrong. >> reporter: the ride to work, most of you aren't going going to work. word of a new problem coming in on the ac expressway, a road that will be bestowed we'll talk about it after the break. >> delaware police use the power of social media to help a
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sick taylor swift fan that's later on "action news."
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>> good memorial day morning to you, we're taking a live look there at the korean war war memorial at penns landing. as we pause to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. >> let's go over to matt pellman who has thoughts about people getting around the
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region. good morning. >> reporter: remembering those who we lost is important, we have people who take time down the shore that means they have to come home. that means the ac expressway is busy monday afternoon. we have problems cropping up westbound side route 40 an accident involving an overturned vehicle, emergency crews are responding right now. it sounds like at this point most of the activity is confined to the shoulder of the roadway. so you can get by, and volume is light. as more and more emergency crews get in there, they have to block the lanes. watch for this on the ac expressway monday morning. we have parades around the region at vineland 10:00 a.m., landis and myrtle street they will stop in veteran's park for a ceremony there.
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glassboro, lehigh road and university boulevard. one in southampton starting at 10:00 a.m. at main street and budd town road. in haddonfield there's a parade at 10:00 a.m., kings highway and chestnut street. we have one in doylestown this starts at 9:00 a.m. in bucks county #th and park avenue. that's quakertown not doylestown. there's one in doylestown, as well. there's one in marple, west chester pike. plane options to do some marching or parading on later on today. the schuylkill expressway parade of traffic very slim, westbound lanes approaching belmont no delays at this point. >> this is new road video of a rollercoaster rescue in cincinnati ohio, the emergency
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lasted 20 minutes. a few of the young riders were scared at first but being rescued by firefighters was awesome. >> 71 protesters were arrested in the acquittal of a police officer after the deadly shooting of two unarmed black people. police have not said how many will face charges. police in camden county is looking are the person responsible for a possible abduction. the man was forced in the trunk of a car. police are looking for the car r86xkzx. john nash whose brillance
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that inspired the beautiful mind has died. his cab crashed into a guardrail on the new jersey turnpike, they were not wearing seat belts. >> it's sad to see him, a man who struggled so much who found this wonderful recognition and he feels in good health. >> nash was played by russell crowe in the film he was a math genius his doctorial threeses, his ideas on game theory have influenced business to foreign policy. he was sidelined for decades with schizophrenia. the a live preview of good morning is up next. >> reporter: if roar heading to the pool put on the sunscreen the uv index is high, it's going to be warm later on.
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we'll have the day planner forecast coming up.
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>> time for a preview of "good morning america." >> for that we'll go over to amy robach she joins us from new york city, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam and eva great to be with you on this memorial day. coming up next on "g.m.a." historic flooding caused by record rainfall in the plains, water rescues are underway. we are on the scene in one of the hardest hit spots. deadly rip currents, one
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person drowning and dozens of others rescued in heavy surf over the weekend. a terrifying skydiving accident caught on camera. the skydiver hitting power lanes before slamming into the ground. shocking footage ahead. rock bands script joins us for a special memorial day performance. you don't want to miss it, all that and much more coming up next. >> i look them, looking forward to them. >> reporter: i'm going to go see them wednesday night at the electric factory. as we head to the maps, more problems cropping up on the roads, if you're not out those that were are running into things. pair of accidents on the westbound side of the turnpike near willow grove blocking the left lane. the northeast extension of the turnpike, we had the truck fire
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carrying milk, utterly unfortunate situation everything is off to the side. in limerick watch for an accident at ridge pike. it's monday and it's early. 61 degrees, in pottstown, 59 in saint davids. 60 in warrington. cool arena comfortable in chester and philadelphia, across the river in south jersey, a lot of 50s on the maps. if you're on the boards in avalon and ac comfortable this morning, sweatshirt weather low to mid 60s in the state of delaware. if you're running errands we're in the 60s now, 71 by 8:00. 81 by noon, the high 87 degrees at 3:00 p.m. a tad more humid as the day goes on a warm breeze running 10 to 20 miles per hour. breezy and warmer and more humid. >> the dover police officer who lip syncrd taylor swift's shake it off is hoping to put it
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to good use, this is the animated rendition of the song. they heard from victoria marsh who is undergoing chemo therapy for of the sarcoma -- osteo sarcoma and hopes that swift can visit her because she can't get to the concert. susan sarandon is appealing to tourist to keep coming to nepal.
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>> witnesses in south jersey say a driver was drag racing when he lost control and hit a woman with two children in her car. both the drivers in this instance were killed. the children were rushed to the hospital. one had to be airlifted. police say a teenager was shot one time overnight in camden. he was rushed to cooper university hospital in critical condition. you're taking a live look at the korean war memorial in penns landing. it's one of many places holding an memorial day event of those who died, our thanks are with them. >> let's get a check of weather and traveling.
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>> reporter: a lot of people are spending this memorial day day down the shore and of course they will have to you mean come home. there's a crash on the ac expressway wrangle borough road in mays landing. the good news it's off to the side. and everybody will be okay. you can get by and tip it's not causing delays. >> reporter: 422, speaking of lack of delays. looking good heading toward king of prussia. lots of parades around the region, one starting at 9:00 a.m. in bridesburg richmond and juniata streets. 67 degrees by 8:00 a.m. accuweather says by noon, 81 lots of sunshine, 85 by 4:00 p.m., come down from a high of 86 degrees, a little more humid and warm breeze building later on. if you're out at the pool, parades or any ceremonies, cool drinks the sunscreen because the uv index will be running
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high. >> many look at the day as a day to barbecue, a lot of people are out there missing somebody, who gave their all, thank you to the families, and to the people on the battlefield, thank you for your service we'll see you in a half-hour with an update. your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. introducing the e series.
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good morning, america. catastrophic flooding. deadly storms pummeling the south. >> oh my god. oh, my god. >> this jeep washed down a river. the driver escapes just seconds before. homes and businesses completely underwater. thousands forced to evacuate. this bridge destroyed by a surging river and a tornado tear as part this apartment complex as more severe storms take aim this morning. rip current alert. dangerous rip currents from coast to coast. one person drowning and 130 rescued around daytona beach. the warning before you go into the water this memorial day. scary skydive. take a look at this. he slams into power lines tangled into wires before falling to the ground and hundreds watching. the skydiver somehow survives. th


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