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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> on this memorial day those around the delaware valley pause to reflect and remember folks who have died fighting for our freedom. also a day spent with family and friends marking the unofficial start to summer monday night jim is off i'm monica malpass. the big story on "action news" is the memorial day holiday. john rawlins and walter perez will have more on how those around the region celebrated but first meteorologist melissa magee and today marked the start the a stretch of steamy days ahead right. >> yeah, that's right, monica. in fact we had a very nice start to our holiday weekend and the finish not so bad here on this memorial day monday. in fact you can say the warm streak is already overhead. today's high in philadelphia 87 degrees now nine of the last 10 memorial days we have been above average and of course that trend did not fail
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us this time around it's 84 in trenton, 79 up in the poconos but cool along the coast, 69 at the boardwalk in atlantic city. and 68 degrees in sea isle city. check out the sustained wind speeds. they're coming in from the south so we've got a nice breeze even though we are currently in the upper 80's, it doesn't feel terrible with that constant southerly wind. sustained anywhere from 8 miles per hour in millville to as high as 18 miles per hour for philadelphia and atlantic city. here's satellite6 along with action radar. high pressure has been in control most of our week, it's parked to our south and east. that is where it will remain for the rest of tonight and it keeps those showers and storms away from our region for now. so, we do have some changes on the way. the muggies are making a comeback, the uptick in the humidity is on the way. our first 90-degree day ahead. always a threat of a shower or thunderstorm. we'll let you know when that will occur and how high the heat will be on monica and details coming up with the accuweather 7-day.
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>> all right, thank you melissa. throughout the region and across the country americans devoted time this memorial day to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. families lined the par ride here in warminster bucks county. a series of bands scouts and other clubs marched the route this morning. the bridesburg memorial day parade is one of the oldest longest running in our area and following the parade today, a memorial service was held here at the most holy redeemer cemeterily they placed a wreath to honor and remember service members lost in. folks in croydon bucks county sporting red white and blue. the annual memorial day parade and ceremony drew a patriotic crowd. walter perez joins us live tonight with more. hi, walter. >> reporter: hey, mon ya'. the parade here in croydon ends with a community based barbecue at the local v.f.w. post which you see behind me, people still hanging out but the turnout for this huge event was amazing for a wonderful annual tradition. memorial day is a time for americans to celebrate the
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valor of the men and women who lost their lives defending our country but it's also an opportunity to honor those who made it home safely. including 95-year-old harry kilyon who fought in world war ii. he says he always looks forward to the memorial day parade right here in croydon. >> it's an honor to be in the parade yes, it is. two years ago they honored me with grand marshal in the same parade here in croydon so i appreciate it. very nice. >> reporter: same goes for 87-year-old john beck who was also a member of the greatest generation. >> and i look forward to it. missed a couple parades but very few. >> reporter: this year's parade grand marshal was leon ward who brought in both the korean and vietnam wars. he lived in britton after spending most of his life in the big apple. >> i think it's wonderful for me to come from brooklyn new york to come down here to croydon that i never even
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heard of and they decided to choose me as the grand grand grand marshally i said thank you very much. it was time for the annual community wide barbecue. it all means so much to the wonderful veterans who live in this part of bucks county. >> we only get two days a year, memorial day to remember those who went ahead and lost their lives and those who are still living on veterans day but to everyone, veterans day should be every day. >> reporter: this event is made possible by the tremendous number of volunteers who sign up each and every year. a few of them telling us when you consider what this holiday is really about volunteering for this is really the least they can do. reporting live from croydon walter perez, channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you, walter. the town of southampton burlington county held its 136th annual memorial day parade this morning. boy scout troop 31 carried a giant flag along the route. long time resident and vietnam
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veteran frank hicks was the grand marshal. the parade ended with a ceremony at the veterans monument on main street. small american flags were placed on grave markers of fallen soldiers in avalon cape may county. a ceremony at veterans plaza which was decorated with appreciation banners for memorial day and a parade with military vehicles and bands made its way through the street. the memorial day holiday comes with fun in the sun as well. beachgoers kicked off the unofficial start to the summer at the shore and the weather certainly cooperated. "action news" reporter john rawlins live in margate with that story tonight. hi, john. >> reporter: hi, monica. it started off cool and windy this weekend but then got better today. the consensus it was a good weekend and it will be the stuff of good memories going forward. which is a big part of coming down to the shore. >> just relaxing, beautiful day to be sitting on the beach. >> reporter: the pilgrimage to the jersey shore.
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in margate generations have been coming since lucy was lot younger. fans call it an escape just a couple hours from home, a place to catch up with old friends and make new ones. >> it's extremely hectic but it's amazing because everybody's friends with everyone and everybody's just so open and fun. >> reporter: the shore more than a place to catch rays, people will tell you it's a place to collect memories. >> i like the social scenely i like the beach. >> reporter: memories of family and of times long gone. >> i think of the boardwalk in atlantic city and the days where women wore high heels and didn't even get caught between the boards. i think of mink stoles. i think of getting dressed up. >> reporter: tiny isabelle rose fine man certainly one of the youngest on the beach today, she won't remember her first visit but her family will surely let her know. >> you want your toes in the sand? [laughter] >> reporter: tiny future
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bathing beauty there in her sun cap born just april 14th. the beach was wall to wall earlier today. now there's just a handful of folks left. most everybody has departed. they have that long trek home. including yours truly. live in margate, john rawlins channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you john. many folks chose to stay closer to home to celebrate the holiday. families like this one in camden gathered at area parks for some good food and lively conversation. but the solemn meaning of memorial day never far from their thoughts. and be sure to check as you head back to work or school tomorrow. also don't forget to check our storm tracker six radar in case any storms hit in your area later this week. firefighters are working to contain a brush fire in oaks county tonight. crews were called to the area of reed road and perrinville road in jackson township about 4 o'clock this afternoon. the fire is burning in a wooded area. no structures appear to be threatened at this time.
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and in other news police investigating an early morning attack in south philadelphia. investigators say a woman woke to find an intruder standing over her bed. "action news" reporter chad pradelli live at the scene on south rose wood street with the rest of that story. chad. >> reporter: monica, it was a frightening ordeal for the victim t it happened around 5:30 this morning about halfway down the block on rose wood. like you said the victim awoke to finding a man standing over her bed and he had a mask to conceal his identity. >> for this to happen on this block it's ridiculous. it's crazy. it's outrage. it shouldn't go on like this. >> reporter: tonight anger and unease on the 1800 block of rose wood street after a woman says she awoke to man standing over her bed. he demanded money then sexually assaulted her before fleeing in her 2007 silver toyota which was recovered a few blocks away. >> general feeling is concern that something like this could happen. >> it's so sad. very sad for her.
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>> reporter: investigators are now trying to determine if a man who looks like this is their suspect. this is a composite sketch from a victim in march just a few blocks from today's crime. a woman on the 1700 block of chadwick says the man broke into her home through a window also demanded money then tried to sexually assault her but she fought back. in both cases sources say the suspect was wearing red gloves. >> i hope they find him. >> reporter: and police have not definitively connected the two. there are similarities. investigators did scour this area looking for surveillance video that may help them in identifying that suspect. i'm live in south philadelphia, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> thank you, chad. coming up on "action news" tonight, new details in a crash that claimed the lives of three people in south jersey. hear what witnesses say happened just before that collision. and the phillies take on the mets in a holiday matinee. jaime apody with highlights
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coming up in sports. melissa. monica very warm finish to our holiday weekend. 87 degrees in philadelphia and it look like that warmth will continue for the rest of our week. we'll have the details coming up with the accuweather forecast. >> all right, those stories and more when "action news" continues in a moment.
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>> three people lost their lives in a tragic holiday weekend accident. police say it happened along buckshutem road in millville new jersey. witnesses say two cars can speeding when one driver lost control and plowed into another car sitting a stop sign carrying a woman and two children. >> saw the car coming. and it was just hydroplaning.
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and it just went directly into her. last thing i seen her do was just lean over and hold her hands out. and that was it. >> the driver of the car at the stop sign was 49-year-old michelle zenchuk. the driver of the hitting car 22-year-old christopher platt. both platt and zenchuk were killed. an eight-year-old also died at the hospital a3-year-old relative in the car survived police are considering speed and possibly racing as causes. police in north philadelphia are looking for a plan they say shot another man this afternoon. it happened about 12:18 here in the area of 28th and allegheny. police say a 27-year-old man was shot twice once in the right side of the head and one time in the arm. he was taken to the hospital and is said to be stable. on this memorial day those who served including casualties in battle were remembered in newtown bucks county. washington crossing national cemetery was the scene of a ceremony this morning.
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a single rose was placed on each grave site and they also placed roses at each of the two memorials on display at the cemetery's remembrance wall. and a special table was set up to honor soldiers who are still missing in action. white crosses bearing the names of those fallen were the center point of this memorial in folsom. members of the v.f.w. rang a bell as the names as names were read. they remembered their soldiers sacrifice. >> ♪♪ and in bear, delaware, people gathered to remember the war dead here at the veterans memorial cemetery. after the ceremony they paid tribute with a gun salute. all the graves were also decorated with flags. before several wreath layings in edgewater park burlington county the community celebrate with its 95th annual parade. service personnel classic
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cars local schools and law enforcement all took part.
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>> time for sports. jamie is here. the phils and mets game isn't we love a memorial day matinee. tough game in washington nothing like having to face another division rival. the mets team the phillies lost to five of the last six times they played. chase utley got a rest today. phils down one-nothing in the third. utley ripped two run single. two for three with two rbi's to improve his average to .183. bottom of the third mets struck back. lucas duda a blast off severino gonzalez. i think it's still going. ties the score at two. look who comes up with the ball. that was very fitting on this memorial day. fourth inning another monster shot. this one lands on the second deck and a very nice one handed grab by the guy in the mets tank top. sixth inning the onslaught continues. they picked on the bullpen. flores three run shot off
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justin de fratus. phils fall six-three. they lost their second straight, five of the last seven. today up in portland maine the phillies topic in 2014 suffered his first loss in over a month. pitching for double a reading allowed three run in five innings. he had won his previous five starts has a 1.87 era. joe girardi saying please, please get some runs against the royals today. ask and you shall receive. yankees hit not one not two but three home runs in the first inning. headley, mccann added a three run blast and brett gardener with a three run shot as well. yankees put up eight in the first, had 11 before an out in the second and went on to crush kc14 to one. philadelphia was the center of the lacrosse universe this weekend as the ncaa championships came to town. yesterday the maryland women beat north carolina for the title and today the maryland
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men tried to make eight sweep. former lasalle high school star matt rambo would love nothing more than to win a tight nell his hometown. wesley berg and his team too tough. berg scored fight of the pioneer goals themself. they won 10 to five. congratulations to the university of denver. some nfl analysts have already put out mock drafts for next year. espn's says todd hackenberg will be the number one pick. he threw 15 interceptions rushed for negative 94 yards. i sat down with coach james franklin recently. he said maybe it's because hackenberg looks like a pro quarterback. >> he's a very talented guy. he's going to pass the eyeball test 6-foot four, 231 pounds always looks like the wind is blowing through his hair, crest commercial sparkle off
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his tooth strong arm, smart guy but i don't -- i don't concern myself with those things. >> upset in the french open as sloane stevens center venus williams packing on the very first day. stevens beat the veteran in straight sets. sets. >> i remember when williams was the youngster. >> we the urn to another service now held in the delaware valley in honor of this memorial much this one took place in ridly park delaware county. prominently displayed a flag here honoring prisoners of war and those missing in action. local boy scouts paid their respects followed by a wonderful rendition of the star spangled banner.
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>> in wilmington city opened a public pool early so folks there could enjoy the beautiful holiday weather. price's run pool opened on saturday s it will stay opened for the next two weekends as well and all other city pools will open june 13. all right the presummer sizzle is about to kick in if it hasn't already out there. melissa is here with that. >> yeah, monica, very warm today, a nice holiday but looks like it will get warmer as we go through the rest of the days here. show you what's going on storm tracker six live double scan radar its dry. high pressure has been in control all of our weekend and looks like we've got more changes up ahead. as we return to work on tuesday, the action cam was outside earlier this afternoon. we are looking up at the leaves and the trees and you can see the sun peaking through those leaves. things are turning green things are growing and in fact if you're sneezing and
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wheezing you have an issue for allergy sufferers pollen count medium to high. checking out some of the highlights across the area. turning muggy and also going to be going for a run at 90 degrees this week. so, as we look at the dewpoints, that's the level of how much moisture is in the atmosphere, and any time you have dewpoint temperature in the 60's you can feel the humidity overhead. tomorrow you could say it's a bit of a transition day but wednesday and beyond we will be in the middle 60's so you'll notice a difference by then. making a run at 90 tomorrow as well. high temperatures across the region in philadelphia calling for 90's same thing in reading. allentown the lehigh valley 89. your forecasted high. but cool along the coast for atlantic city and cape may temperatures there just in the 70's. currently outside it's 79 up in the poconos comfortable there. 83 in reading, 80 in lancaster but 67 in sea isle city and 83 currently in philadelphia. here's satellite6 along with action radar. we've got dry conditions with this ridge of high pressure that's parked to our south and
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east and because of that ridge to our east, it's been dry and comfortable with all of the moisture lifting off to our north and west but we'll widen out the picture because we are tracking some changes tomorrow. you do notice on the backside of that ridge of high pressure, we've got some moisture breaking out in north up to the ohio valley. we'll have to track a piece of that unsettled weather as it works its way north and west of the 95 corridor by tomorrow. the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight mainly clear, comfortable, 65 in the city. 61 in allentown for the overnight low and we'll drop down to 63 in cape may. so years future tracker six. as we go throughout the rest of the afternoon hours you could see 5 o'clock tomorrow all of the shower and thunderstorm activity, it's spotty in nature but it does look to be north and west of philadelphia and north and west of that 95 corridor. the setup tomorrow its a hot one and turning more humid by day's end a high of 90 degrees and an isolated thunderstorm mainly north and west. as this front gets closer to our region midweek that summer soup is on with afternoon
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showers and storms likely, a high temperature on wednesday still holding at 90 degrees. the call from accuweather in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast showing you tomorrow, hot and turning more humid, a high temperature up to 90. on wednesday it's muggy and afternoon shower or thunderstorm also cannot rule that out. a high of 90. showers and storms look to be more numerous on thursday so we'll have to drop that high down to 86 by then. still a scattered thunderstorm likely on friday and at 86. we dry out temporarily on saturday. it's warm and humid, a high of 89. then turning unsettled on sunday a high of 83 with a thunderstorm likely with a cold front moving on through and turning cooler next monday with a high of 78 degrees. so, it gets hot monica and the threat of those showers and storms is out there, too. >> thank you melissa. finally tonight it's more about the sounds than the sights for folks working memorial day in valley forge national historical park. >> ♪♪
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folks were treated to this special concert courtesy of the washington memorial chapel's 58 bell carol on. most brought blankets and lawn chairs and found a perfect shady spot to enjoy the hour long concert. how beautiful. well, a were. c's world news tonight with david muir is next here on channel six. "action news" continues on phl17 with brian taff adam joseph and ducis rodgers. join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel six. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night. hope to see you at 11:00. >> ♪♪
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. tonight, breaking news. the tornado threats at this hour. the lethal twister along the border. new pictures coming in. and that deadly flooding. a dozen missing. hundreds of homes damaged. dramatic rescues. thousands forced to evacuate. more than 35 million at risk of severe storms tonight. blown away. the frightening scene caught on camera. the bounce house launched into the air. children inside. air scare. fighter jets scrambled to escort a passenger plane to the ground. the fbi investigating anonymous threats made against six flights. day of remembrance. honoring the men and women who sacrifice for their country. >> and, the hard truth. >> a door is opening for you. a door for a lifetime of rejection. >> robert de niro pulling no


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