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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  May 26, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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guilty plea less than an hour ago. christopher murray admitted to killing his own wife as she power walked in pennypack park last summer. vernon odom was in the courtroom for the emotional plea and joins us now in center city with all the details. >> reporter: it was emotional in court this morning, christopher murray breaking down as he apologized to his wife's family and his own and his children who are teenagers that are basically now orphans, he entered a guilty plea to the third degree murder of his wife, connie and it took place of course in pennypack park. >> lawyers have worked out a deal with the district attorney that has the 48-year-old murray pleading guilty to murdering his wife and in exchange he will get 40 years in prison. he admits to strangling his wife
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after they confronted each other when she was jogging in pennypack park. >> it was about text messages he received from a female friend murray reported his wife missing, her body was found in the park and he failed a lie detecter test. he remains in the city prison without bail. he is remanded to the state prison and a third degree murder conviction means automatically 20 to 40 years in the state prison, he sobbed and wept and trembled and tried to apologize to his wife's family and to his children. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> okay vernon thank you. now to accuweather the temperature is rising across the delaware and lehigh valleys along with the humidity the jersey shore is the best bet to cool off today people are already out on the beach. the heat and humidity again is on the rise, it will feel like
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mid-july or august today meteorologist david murphy has the forecast. >> lots of warm conditions across the region take a look at satellite and cloud cover is poking its way in and not accomplishing that despite the fact that the humidity is on the rise and we don't have a mechanism in place to get those clouds maybe some fair weather couple lose here and there. everybody is enjoying the breeze from the south and coming up from the direction where you expect the warmth and humidity to come from, we see a rise in temperature and humidity. 83 in philadelphia, 82 in washington with a little bit of a fetch coming up off the chesapeake bay 81 in richmond, and 80 in roanoke and new york city in the low 80s.
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looking noticeable. noticeable at 67 and philadelphia 62 and some parts of our area, seeing the dew points rise in the mid-60s, and it's dry out there and also on the humid side and where are temperatures going 86 and the high is 45 and at 6:00, we are in the mid-80s, and we are feeling on the sticky side, by 8:00 down to 77 and a muggy 75 by 10:00 tonight, we are on the lookout for higher humidity tomorrow and temperatures in the 80s and rick some thunderstorms that can produce drenching downpours, and none of that now and sunshine and warm conditions we'll get an update. >> as more humid air moves in this week along from stormy weather, check in at
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houston one of the country's largest cities is sitting under water after heavy weather hit texas, rain turns into rivers and fans at the houston rockets game were asked to shelter inside the stadium so no one would get trapped and five people are dead after a weekend of flooding and storms and 12 people are missing including a mother and her two children. >> she called me and said i'm floating down the river tell mom and dad i love you and pray. >> more than a dozen tornadoes have touched down in texas since the beginning of the weekend. a terrifying day for beach goers in florida enjoying the memorial day weekend, the with our spout lifted the bounce house up in the air and three children were rushed to the
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hospital and abc's karen travers is live with more on this story. >> good afternoon sara, that incredible video was shot by a by stander, we were abe to see this entire horrific scene, people were watching as their kids were thrown to the ground. a terrifying scene in florida yesterday, beach goers were enjoying a little memorial day fun in the sun when a waterspout suddenly came ashore. >> as it hits the sand, the twisting wind becomes more of a dust devil heading straight for the bounce house. the bounce house flips and the three children inside are ejected. seeing kids flying out of the bounce house it's airborne flying in the sky, all kids conscious and alert and incredibly okay. asia was inside with her
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stepbrother, a.j., they both received broken arms. >> the bounce head flew out and i fell in the dirt. >> waterspouts are common off the florida coast known as tornadoes over the water they are columns of rotating air that can spin up in the calmest of weather. >> it was fast and furious and there was no way to respond. >> but the issue raises safety concerns bounce house injuries are on the rise and a child goes to the emergency room every 45 minutes. the bounce house industry says that if these structures are properly ib stalled they are safe but this will increase the calls for greater protections. karen travers, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a 50-year-old man is charged with rape after police say he had sexual contact with his
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13-year-old relative. bobby harrell was arrested at a home in dover a simon circle, police say he was baby sitting at the time and her mother called about the assault and harrell is in jail on $64,000 bond. and police are looking for three suspects that broke into a home and beat someone up before they ran off. it happened on tyson after few in northeast philadelphia, police arrived after three men were headed out the front door and the men turned back and headed out the back door. no serious injuries were reported. three homes were damaged by fire in philadelphia's strawberry mansion section, the action cam was on the scene and smoke could be seen coming from one of the homes and officials say the fire began at a vacant home and spread to two adjoining
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homes. one residence spashlly collapsed because of the fire and it took more than an hour to bring the blaze completely under control. no word on what sparked the blaze. from our new jersey newsroom, a crash with a motorcycle and another vehicle, sent the car scratched into a building it happened in hamilton, the motorcycle is badly damaged. no word on if either driver was injured. stockton university sued caesars entertainment over the stalled sale of the showboat casino. they charge them with fraud and breach of contract. trump taj mahal is enforcing a statute prohibiting showboat from being used for anything but a casino hotel.
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he was aware of the restriction but was led to believe it was resolved. there is a workshop in newcastle delaware helping people stay cooler this summer. the workshop is being conducted by the delaware sierra club and energize delaware. we know who will be rocking the ben franklin parkway this 4th of july, this year's lineup was just revealed and once again 6 abc is proud to be the media partner. mayor michael nutter made the announcement at the african-american museum in morning miguel and jennifer nettles take the stage and the roots are once again the house band for the concert and a block party on july 3rd between market and chestnut. >> john adams had the right idea how americans should celebrate the 4th of july, he said with
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quotes, with pomp and parade and shows and games and shows and bonfires and illuminations. wawa welcome america will also feature movies and hoagie day and penn's landing concerts and the party on the parkway and fireworks and much more. tonight's mega millions jackpot grew to $114 million, the prize is now topping the $200 million mark three times in the past year, see the winning numbers on "action news" tonight at 11:00 right after your accuweather forecast. >> and there is much more to come on "action news" at 12:30 a memorial day barbecue comes to a sudden end in illinois when a porch gives way. and why they believe the suspect in a brutal member of a family had help in committing the crime.
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several people were injured when a porch collapsed in illinois last night. and 12 people were on the second floor porch when it gave way, and a neighbor heard a loud boom when it separated from the home. a couple of children had just gone back in when the structure collapsed. the cause of collapse is now under investigation. it was a heart breaking ends to the holiday weekend for the family in california, a child died when the boat overturned on a river yesterday police say that ten people were riding in the small boat when it collided with the rocks on the shore and the impact caused everyone on board to be thrown overboard, one child was hit by the rocks and went under water and died. an autopsy was performed when a child was found dead in a swing when his mother was still pushing him.
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the 3-year-old was discovered on friday and the 24-year-old mother remains hospitalized. police say she may have been at the park for hours before anybody noticed the boy was dead. they are looking for accomplices of the murder of an affluent family and their housekeeper. they say the murders required the help of others. they found a black neon vest in the porsche and several more in the family's garage but the police have not identified any accomplices. darren wint remains behind bars for killing the family. cleveland has reportedly reach aid deal for a parent of excessive force by the police department details of
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settlement are expect the to be released. and the officer insisted he feared for his life and the judge believed him. still ahead on "action news," david murphy has the warm and humid accuweather forecast. and justice bieber croons to a crowd in hollywood.
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malaysia airlines plapping to lay off a third of its workforce and that means at least six employees will lay off its force as part of a restructuring plan, the airline was already struggling before those tragedies, uber is setting its site somes on the ride shavering company, they are brokering deals with airports around the country to pick up
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passengers like traditional passengers do. airports often issue fines for none registered drivers that try to pick up fares curb side. david murphy is here now. >> 88 at the airport stormtracker 6 live double scan showing us that we are dry as we head into the afternoon and as we take a look sought i'd another nice picture on the "action news" cam looking at the trees on the schuylkill river and probably just off to the west they are getting the zoo balloon ready a couple of highlights to your forecast, it's more humid today as we move through the day and tomorrow more humid with late storms possible. especially in the evening hours, 83 currently in philadelphia dew point at 62 and neighborhoods have dew points pushing into the mid-60s, are you probably feeling it a bit. winds southwest at 18 miles per hour, and on the breezy side,
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just the slight uptick in humidity as we look at storm tracker 6 there are mainly clouds and the rain is up close toward new york state and not our neck of the woods maybe the poconos picks up something later on and later this evening they will have stormtracker 6 live double scan looking at the northern suburbs to see if something comes through. high temperatures toasty, down the shore on or about 80 for the rest of the day. wilmington wilmington 86 and 88 in allentown and lots of sun there for the majority of the afternoon it looks like we'll hit the 88 high late in the day and 86 by 5:00 and low 80s by 7:00, a muggy 76 with an overnight low 70 and mild
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overnight tonight, tomorrow we have a low chance probably 15% of thunderstorms popping up that produced strong gusty winds and hail, and as these storms come down tomorrow evening, it doesn't look as strong but we are still dealing with muggy unsettled air and you'll see the result of what happens. you get to 4:00 look at the drenching downpours that some deliver by 4:00 it's still probably in the poconos, between 4:00 and 8:00 it comes down and won't be quite as gusty and strong as the poconos, drenching storms and gusts of wind. and a lot of lightning along there too. that is 8:00 on wednesday and up to 10:00 not as much going on but cecily tynan may have something to show you on storm tracker 6 at 11:00 tomorrow night. it's not one of those nights
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you'll be woken up by thunder, pollen count is a bit of an issue, and it's not so much we are extremely high in pollen and we are adding grasses to the list and we did that yesterday, by memorial day, i want to points out that the grasses, a new kind of pollen or irritant and it could be that are you doing okay so far. and your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 88 degrees is today's high, and keep the cool drinks handy and keep the sunscreen going and more humid and 87 is the high and a late thunderstorm is not ruled out and drenching downpours if you hear thunder and clouds and a few more storms are possible and not as warm with the high of 83 and not as much as wednesday and although thursday the front coming through is something and the front is gone on friday we wind up with a better day and
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partly sunny and 83 and sunday still in the 80s just barely and a spotty shower or thunderstorm possible and i don't think it's a washout i have phillies tickets on sunday and i plan ongoing and 75 next monday. >> where are we sitting by the way? >> you want my son in your lap? >> i guess i'm staying home. thanks david topping our people scene, justin bieber crashes a scene by crooning. bieber surprised music lovers in hollywood when he crashed a jazz club and grabbed the microphone and started to sing a boy to men classic i'll make love you to. sad news about omar sharif this afternoon, he is battling alzheimer's and was suffering from the disease for three
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years, he can no longer remember his most iconic roles. he received notoriety after starring in lawrence ofrabia and funny girl with barbara streisand. >> a couple walked down the aisle at a game stop and they were dressed as link and princess zelda guests competed in a super smash brothers tournament, i don't know what any of that is. >> that is a good thing.
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if you are looking for distraction check out
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if you didn't know that an gator was dangerous this was going viral of a gator and a truck someone decided to taunt the animal and the truck's bumper got lost there when the alligator bit and took the bumper right off. >> explain that to the insurance company, warm and humid out there this afternoon here is what it looks like in the northern and western suburbs, some areas getting in the 90s, a bit stickier than yesterday and winds 10 to 20 miles per hour at the shore on or about 80 for the second straight day, it was so chilly at the shore saturday and sunday and then nice monand tuesday. >> thank you david. finally at 12:30 a long time roller coaster fan is celebrating his 5000th ride in pennsylvania.
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vick marked the milestone at the jack rabbit in kennywood and set a report of 95 rides in a single day in honor of that coaster's 95th anniversary. it's the fifth biggest roller coaster in the world now a look at "action news" beginning at 4:00. the trial is under way for allentown police chief accused of pulling a gun on two june cover cops. a marine's touching moment with his bride to be we'll tell you the story behind this sweet pick. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon.
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