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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  May 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> we are working on a bunch of developing stories on this wednesday, may 27th. bullets go flying in philadelphia neighborhood overnight. three people are shot with the gunfire narrowly missing a mother and two children we're live. >> a sexting scandal rocks two schools in cape may, new jersey. nearly 20 teens and one adult now face criminal charges. >> a customer overseas thinks there's much more on the menu. you will see him get served by a waitress. >> whew. good morning. 4:30 now this wednesday. david off. let's go on over to karen rogers. she's got your accuweather and matt pelman has everything
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when it comes to traffic. good morning. >> good morning, and we're starting with storm tracker six live double scan through the area. currently dry but anticipate something showers and thunderstorms later in the day that could produce some heavy downpours. we need the rain and wean we'll have the chance for spotty storms later. currently 71 degrees. it is warm to muggy out there through the overnight hours 72 already in allentown. we're holding in the upper 60's in millville, new jersey and 62 degrees on the boardwalk in ac but the dewpoints really tell the story. any time you get greater than 65 you certainly feel the humidity out there. we're sitting at 65 right now in the city but you could see 67 in wilmington, 70 is the dewpoint already in dover, so feeling very muggy out there. that dewpoint even up from that yesterday. taking a look at the forecast for today, it's warm humid. much of the day itself is going to be dry but these showers and thunderstorms come around later this afternoon and this evening and heavy downpours possible. a warm high today of 87 degrees, so i'll talk about this heat when it sticks
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around, when it gets out of here coming up in that seven-day forecast in just a few minutes, matt pelman. >> all righty, welcome back karen rogers. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. good morning everybody. not so nice to see several traffic troubles already on the board this morning for the wednesday morning ride. one includes a crash on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike approaching the bensalem interchange. accident involves a tanker truck. was blocking the lanes for a bit, now just in the right lane so traffic is getting by but slowly. speeds in the mid 30's as you can see as you head westbound off the connector bridge and past the bensalem interchange this morning. we'll be keeping tabs on that. watching 95, it's camera time in the great northeast overnight construction by cottman has cleared out n chester county still work going on along 202 northbound side in the ongoing work zone. they've got an extra lane blocked headed up toward 29. over in mansfield township burlington county police are directing around a crash along route 68 this morning at mount pleasant road. probably a good intersection to avoid. and there was an awful crash
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overnight in vineland cumberland county, a vehicle ran off the roadway into the woods split in two. it's along orchard road at elm road. stick with 47, delsea drive and walnut road as alternates on this wednesday morning, tam. >> okay, thank you matt. and we are following a developing story this morning. three people are recovering after a barrage of bullets went flying in a west oak lane neighborhood overnight. some of those bullets hit a home that had children inside. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live now near the 1500 block of kims day. he's got details. good morning john. >> reporter: good morning tam. the police say they got multiple 911 calls of multiple gun shots. when they arrived 16th and tipples dale they found evidence of at least 12 gun shots. you can see some of the markings down on the street still. they also found three shooting victims. >> a 28-year-old male shot in the leg. and a 32-year-old male shot in
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the lower back. police transported both of those victims to einstein hospital where they're present in stable condition. a third victim a-38-year-old male shot in the lower back was transported by medics to einstein hospital. that 38-year-old victim is in critical condition. >> reporter: so, three people shot and hospitalized last night, three others escaped injury when four bullets slammed into the first floor of a nearby house. a mom and her two young sons uninjured as they slept upstairs in that house. now, you're look at live pictures of one of the shell casings markings where they have a chalk marking. the mother and two little boys ages 10 and 12 are fine. they were asleep on the second floor at the time the shots slammed into the first floor of the house. the shooter no description on the shooter. he is said to have sped away from here in a white vehicle. that's all we've heard. there were witnesses. they have been interviewed and
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there's also a hope that there may be video. there are apparently a number of different video cameras in the area. police are hoping that on those video cameras there may be some sort of evidence that will lead them to the shooter who wounded three people late last night. live in west oak lane, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." tam. >> okay, john, hope that is the case. thank you. the manhunt goes on for a predator who has struck twice in south philadelphia. police say he invaded a home on the 1800 block of south rosewood street on monday. sources say the suspect was hiding in the shower for several hours he waited for a woman to go to sleep and then sexually assaulted her. investigators think he's the same man who the a tacked another woman at home on the 1700 block of south chadwick street back in march. in that case the victim was with her two young children. altogether they managed to fight him off. >> the idea of using children, you know, just their presence alone, using that as a shield or a means to get what you want it's something wrong
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about that, folks. >> in both cases police say the predator was wearing red or orange gloves. they say he entered both homes through an unlocked door or window. >> authorities in cape may county, new jersey have busted a widespread student sexting ring and one school officials believes investigators only cracked the surface of a much deeper problem. erin o'hearn is live at the big board with that story. >> reporter: matt, this was a big bust. it involved 20 students already, 19 juveniles and one 18-year-old. all of those charged with invasion of privacy were from lower cape may regional high and teitelman middle school and that is all a part of lower cape may regional school district. now, investigators say last month the female student told school officials boys were passing around naked pictures of her friend by text which led to police seizing 30 cell phones that had images of partially nude or nude girls. what may be more troubling is
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the superintendent says this may not be the end of it and there may be more students involved and more nude pictures. according to parents this is all part of some game in which the girls actual are aware the boys are trading the pictures and several girls actually shared the photos. so far no female students have been charged, something that is not settling well with one parent who did not want to be identified. >> they need to step back and really take a full look at this. i mean, the girls are just as responsible as the boys. >> reporter: many of the students who are charged have retained attorneys and "action news" is told they're cooperating with police but invasion of privacy is a third degree crime and could come with jail time for the 18-year-old student. matt back to you. >> thank you erin. developing now, the world of soccer is shaken as six officials were arrested overnight in a fifa corruption scan today. up to 14 officials with the governorring body are expected to be named in an indictment.
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agents conducted raids in switzerland where members of fifa were gathered for an election. much more on the story in the next half hour of "action news." search efforts under way for victims of the deadly storms and flooding in texas. severe weather killed more than a dozen people and more are still missing. flood waters deepened across much of the state yesterday as storms ditched almost foot more of rain on the houston area. blanco river crested three times above flood stage and even more heavy storms are moving across the state right now. more on this story at 5:00 a.m. >> a gps device led a man an woman straight to a dui i arrest. police say richard schnee of bensalem was following ardean of forwards knowledge a fort washington hotel. that's where they thought they were going. she was leading the way with the help of a gps when what they really turned into was a drive way for a police station. the officer said they smelled alcohol on the two so they
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ordered field sobriety tests for the pair and then booked them under suspicion of drunken driving. >> the list of those rocking the ben franklin parkway for wawa welcome america is now out. the stars include grammy nominated singer song writer miguel and sugar land's jennifer nettles plus philadelphia's own the roots. 6abc is once again proud to be the official broadcast partner of the eight day celebration. the free family fun runs from june 27th through july 4th. festivities include movie screening vendors block parties lots of food and of course the big concert and fireworks on the fourth of july. 6abc has a full schedule of the week of festivities leading up to independence day. it is all part of wawa welcome america 2015. >> fun. it is 4:39 and still ahead on "action news," an urgent warning from the irs. over 100,000 taxpayers will be getting some very bad news. they had their private tax information hacked. we'll have the details. >> and a customer gets fresh
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with a waitress overseas so she shows him what's really on the menu. karen. >> she really whopped him. 71 degrees in philadelphia. it is warm, it is humid and it's getting warmer and more humid. all the details coming up in your forecast next.
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>> ♪♪ >> more developing news this morning. camden county police are canvassing the area where a man was murdered overnight. the 32-year-old victim was shot to the back at the intersection of eighth and jefferson streets in camden. he later died at the hospital. police are now talking to potential witnesses to help determine who shot the man and why. >> we're right after memorial day. it feels more like fourth of july these days. >> it does and the holiday itself down the shore was rather cool for some people too cool to sit on the beach. now that the unofficial summer season has started we're sweating it out. that's the way it works. let's take a look right now at stormstorm tracker six live double scan through the area. we're currently dry but we'll be watching the development of showers and thunderstorms moving in from the west later on this afternoon and into this evening. so dry until then. let's go outside and show you what it looks like right now. sky six is looking live, the center city skyline looking
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pretty good out there this morning. but feeling rather uncomfortable. the humidity is up it's warm already in the low 70's. here are your highlights looking ahead at the week. really staying sticky at least through the day today and track something downpours. they'll be spot teamed we do need the rain and we'll see who has the best chance of getting that in a second. 71 degrees right now in philadelphia. look at that dewpoint, 65 already feeling humid out there. winds out of the south at 8 miles an hour drawing up that warm and moist atmosphere. the barometric pressure currently holding steady at 30.16-inches. satellite6 and action radar showing clear conditions at the moment. partly cloudy through the regionally we'll see clouds mixing with sunshine. you can start to see those storms that are just beginning to take shape out to the west. i think they're goingy going to be ignited when you get the heating of the day. we'll get quite a bit of that. let's look at future tracker six and time out where the storms go from here. staying dry through the morning hours with clouds spilling in with some sunshine
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but we look at 4 o'clock this afternoon and we start to see these strong storms develop out to the west. the stronger they are will be the closer to the area of low pressure which is in canada at this point so the areas north and west will get a better chance of seeing some of these strong storms even some shades of purple mixing in and that's future tracker's way of showing us good downpours coming through through this area. then we look at 7:30 and they start to progress as a line of storms that come through the region and we're seeing it cross the city at about 7:30 this evening but we watch as it breaks up as it hits beyond that and we have been missing a lot of these storms and a lot of the rain that's much needed in south jersey as these lines kind of break apart and that appears to be what's happening here. so we're on the lookout any time this afternoon and this evening but you get the idea that not everybody is getting these storms coming through just something to watch if you're heading out later. here's a look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, it's humid today. we're certainly feeling the humidity. not quite as hot as it was yesterday with a high of 89. a high today of 87.
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watching for these storms. although not everybody is going to get them. that's later on this afternoon and evening. and then tomorrow some sunshine, a few storms so less of a chance of storms through the area. 86 degrees for your high. friday partly sunny, 85. friday's really looking good. saturday we're turning up the warmth just a little bit. we get a high of 88 degrees. on sunday clouds around and showers. monday and tuesday if you're missing that springtime weather we get it back with temp in the low 70's a little bit of everything. >> thank you. a waitress in russia getting attention for how she handled a customer who got a little handsy. it startd when a man tried to stuff cash down her blouse. when the waitress pushed him away he grabbed her backside. she put an end to this by hitting him with the menu several times until he fell to the ground and was escort add weigh. the video has been viewed more than 5 million times on
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youtube. >> she said you can have borsht but no backside. if you're trying to look for work try amazon. they're looking to hire 6,000 people nationwide. some of these jobs are at local fulfill centers middletown new castle county, robbinsville, mercer county. good luck if you're looking. and a warning from the irs this morning. hackers have stolen the tax information of about 100,000 people. the get transcript systems which allows taxpayers to see returns and filings from previous years that's a big target. it's not clear if they have been able to get enough information to let them grab your return. there was a selling spree on wall street yesterday. all of the markets were down. and the dow dropped nearly 200 points and things still don't look so good for this morning. the futures are pointing to a lower open today. a casino outside of atlantic city would require a change to new jersey's constitution but it looks like
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the hard rock cafe is going to try it. they want to open one at the meadowlands in north jersey. they're expected to unveil plans on that next week but it's not going to be easy s the hard rock would have to pay 55 percent tax on winnings, compare that to this an ac casino pays 8 percent and it's all up to jersey voters. they would have to approve the plan. >> a big difference in taxation. more stories you didn't see last night. fallout continues following the revelations the duggar family's oldest son was accused of child molestation as a teen. >> tragic holiday for one new york city family. a man falls asleep next to a campfire. they find him dead the next morning. details on what happened here.
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(grover) nothing like a new mower. (wife) what? (grover) see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. >> it's a wednesday morning but feels like a tuesday morning but we're going keep this straight. it's wednesday morning. good morning to you. the construction crews were back at work last night on the schuylkill expressway in the westbound lanes but they're gone now so here by 30th street station everything is reopened and traffic is moving fine. however, you're still looking at some road work on the northeast extension. it's northbound this morning between lansdale and quakertown. right lane out of commission. should be out of there before too terribly long and the right lane is also blocked on the east-west portion of the turnpike westbound approaching bensalem. that's because of an accident involving a tanker truck. pretty nasty crash.
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still has that right lane blocked with speeds in the 30's as you travel westbound through neshaminy and feasterville and head out toward route one. meanwhile there's also a crash in mansfield township, burlington county this morning along route 68 at mount pleasant road. police are out there, they're helping you around it but a good area to avoid and in vineland nasty overnight crash involving a vehicle that ran off into the woods. it's along orchard road at elogy. road. 47 and walnut i think will be better bets. keel we'll keep tabs on all the crashes as the morning progresses. matt. >> you got it matt. thanks. two men have been carrying out a series of gunpoint robberies in north philadelphia and they have targeted a number of temple university students. police say the robbers struck at least six times all of the crimes happened between may 14th and may 20th. each time they steal cell phones wallets and then run away. >> little scary. there have been incidents in the past but it's not exactly surprising. it's just -- yeah, just
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reminds me to stay on my toes and be aware of my surroundings. >> the robbers are mostly seen wearing hooded sweatshirts and carrying a backpack. police say they often approach their victims by offering to sell something before pulling the weapon. >> new this morning two more companies are pulling their ads from tlc's top rated show 19 kids and countering. pay less and choice hotels made the decision yesterday. general mills cut ties last week. and walgreens said on its facebook page that at this time quote/unquote monitoring the duggar situation. the family's oldest son josh duggar resigned from his job last week when old molestation claims were brought to light. tlc has removed the show from its schedule. happening today former pennsylvania senator rick santorum will announce if he's going run for president. he plans to speak in his hometown of butler pennsylvania. he was the republican runner up to mitt romney in 2012. >> 4:53. all new in the next half hour of "action news," the rude welcome home for people in a
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north jersey neighborhood. they returned from a holiday weekend to find their cars and homes vandalized. >> the internet is not happy with fashion designer lilly pulitzer. we'll explain why that is when "action news" comes right back.
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flush >> new on "action news," a tragic end to memorial day party in upstate new york. a man fell into a camp fire pit and burned to death. it happened at a home in voorheesville nearly a been. police suspect the 57-year-old man fell asleep from too much
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alcohol in a chair next to a campfire. party goers put a blanket on him and left. authorities believe he got up from the chair, stumbled into the fire. they found his remains among the ashes of the burned out fire the next morning. people on the internet are calling out high end fashion designer lilly pulitzer for fat shaming. a recent magazine profile of the colorful fashion company featured pictures taken inside the king of prussia headquarters. one of them showed drawings of overweight women with the caption, just another day of fat white and hideous. issued probably just kill yourself: lilly pulitzer now says the drawing was the work of one person and is not reflective of its values. >> melissa mccarthy is taking on body shamers. she says it's time for retailers to stop segregating plus size women. in an interview the star says people don't stop at size 12. which he challenged stores to
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stop hiding the bigger sizes. mccarthy has lot a good amount of weight. she's launching her own clothing line in august. >> 4:58. developing this morning a barrage of bullets strike three people and pierce a house in a philadelphia neighborhood. >> police link a predator to a pair of violent attacks on women. this has a south philadelphia neighborhood on edge. "action news" will be right back.
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there's something for everyone. >> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone. it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday may 27th and developing this morning. >> gunfire erupts in a philadelphia neighborhood. three people are wounded and a house is pierced with bullet holes. >> heavy rains and devastating flooding brings the city of houston to a stand still. >> accuweather is tracking another hot and humid day. this one with a chance for drenching thunderstorms later. >> david is off. let's turn to karen and matt for weather and traffic. >> good morning. much of the daytime is going to be dry but we are keeping a close eye on storm tracker six live double scan because we're tracking these storms for later


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