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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and typical of other downpours we have seen today they come and go very quickly. lets get to meteorologist cecily tynan. >> we have the severe thunderstorm warning in the heart of the delaware valley including philadelphia. this is the reason why, a strong cell is east of the philadelphia, this has heavy downpours falling at the rate of 2 inches per hour and 14 lightning strikes the past 10 minutes, moving east at 35 miles per hour, north philadelphia olney all in the path of the storm, and as adam pointed out it's moving over the airport now. we have heavy downpours near jenkintown and another one moved north of horsham with 8 lightning strikes, the severe thunderstorm warning includes philadelphia and now into langhorne and abing town and
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parts of burlington until 6:30 this means a severe storm could have damaging winds and lightning to hear the thunder you have to move indoors. a wider view on double scan live, there are changes from the thunderstorm watch and the national weather service canceled it along the shore and it make sense because it's too cool to support and the watch is lifted since this is the only line moving through tonight and this is what to expect this evening drenching downpours and east but not along the shore or tell wear, but a downpour could contain gusty winds or frequent lightning, a cold front moves through in parts of our area and i'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> you can stay ahead of the
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changes in the weather by checking, you can always fine live storm tracker 6 radar and the seven-day forecast. police continue to search for the predator that broke into a woman's house and raped her yesterday in south philadelphia. lawmen released surveillance video and we learned there is north suspicious incident on the same 1800 block of south rosewood this morning. chad pradelli has the latest. >> reporter: vest getters say that this is the suspect walking near the south rose wood street home where a woman was sexual assaulted. he was standing over her bed and he took robbed her and raped her and drove off in her car. he appears to try to wipe off
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finger prints off the drivered side car. >> we want this man caught it's so close to my house. >> it's unclear if this morning's attempted break-in is row lated to the sexual assault. about six block fz mon's crime the victim was able to invite off the suspect in that crime and the suspect was wearing orange or red gloves and residents around here want the suspect caught and their thoughts are with monday's victim. >> it's hard to process, one house with one girl in it is having this problem and that is a shame and i feel bad for her. >> and police are warning residents if this area to lock all of their doors and windows and be on alert. chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." fire claimed the life of a 92-year-old woman in the brewery
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section of philadelphia this morning. firefighters were called to the 2600 block of west thompson street at 6:50, officials say there were no working smoke alarms in the home and so this afternoon firefighters distributed smoke alarms to neighbors who need them. this is the seventh deadly fire in philadelphia so far this year. vineland police identified the man killed in a crash this morning, police believe that 41-year-old hardy was speeding on elm road when he lost control and crashed he was ejected into the nearby woods. and the probe continues into a sexting cell phone scandal. david henry was in south jersey today. >> reporter: the students charged will learn sexting is no joke as they appear in court today. >> if any others are discovered
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during the investigation and charges are warned we'll charge them as well. >> the 24 boys charged so far are cape may high school and middle school they were passing around nude pictures of female students on their cell phones and they have not ruled out the possibility of girls being charged as well. >> i'm not suggesting the girls are innocent the investigation is ongoing with the people that are being charged now are the boys receiving and circulating. >> the prosecutor says the students are lucky they are not facing more serious charges of trafficking and child pornography, as it is they are charged with invasion of privacy, one parent says they were passing the pictures around like trading card zbz constantly trying to get the word to students. >> school soupuperintendant says there are numerous programs to make them aware of sexting.
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but now things are getting back to normal. >> the parents are supportive and law form is terrific i do think we are having for the most part a normal school day and life is moving on. >> not for the boys the oldest is 18 and charged as an adult and locking at 3 to five years in state prison. >> a group of students sena message to philadelphia city council members today as they discuss funding for the school district. students from andrew jackson elementary school gave paint brushes to each member of count ill as a tool that kids need to succeed in class they are seeking $5 million to restore lost services and save. soccer is easily the most popular sport across the world
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and fifa is the all powerful and often described as corrupt. they took a heat because of the u.s. and swiss law enforcement authorities. vernon odom has the detail sfwz the arrest of seven top ocs in zurich and the indictment of several others blows the lid off what soccer fans hold as gospel that fifa is a self governing behemoth. >> the whole thing has been corrupt for years and it's about time. the fbi is after fifa for three years. >> they were expected to uphold the rules that keep soccer honest and protect the integrity of the game and instead they corrupted the business of worldwide soccer to serve their interest and enrich themselves.
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>> among them busted was jeffrey webb a vice president seen here in march with mayor nutter announcing that philadelphia is one of 13 cities hosting preworld cup qualifiers. they are going to great lengths to stay clear of the fifa swamp. >> the commissioner made clear not to discuss the topic at this time. >> international soccer fans hopes that the charges will clean up the sport. >> everybody is getting rubbed. >> i'm surprised it took some long for the arrests to be made. >> because? >> because everyone knows fifa is corrupt. >> the criminal probe of fifa is far from over. he fully expected the events in july to proceed as planned. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> and world news top with david muir has more on the fifa
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investigation next here on channel 6. a woman that devoted they are life -- was honored today. she has given more than 50 years of service in both education and philanthropy former governor ed rendell there in attendance to show his sup. burlington city has big plans to transform the river front and they hope it will attract more visitors and a high schoolstein you're is honored for a rare and remarkable achievement. >> this is a live look at our city after few garden getting much needed downpours the storms have moved into philadelphia and i'll have details where they are headed next and track more storms on the way in the accuweather forecast. >> and ducis rogers with the phillies matinee when "action news" continues.
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almost every american city located on an ocean lake or river wants a vibrant water front to help bring in people to eat and watch entertainment, in other words spend money. nora muchanic has the story. >>le delaware river front in burlington is a beautiful piece of property with a great view and the city plans to make the most of it, the $7 million makeover includes a play ground and shady walkway and a stage
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shaped like a boat. >> it's a great place a connecter. >> the city wants to draw more people to the river front with hopes that it revitalizes the district. >> we want to bring restaurants and things to attract people. >> there is work going on to attract people at the circle on high street to make it easier to get in and out of town, plans are going ahead to build an apartment building across from the promenade. >> it will definitely bring more people down here. >> it's beautiful. >> i love fishing there. >> bobby is a regular that comes to fish or just stroll along the delaware. >> this area is bland now to have new stuff here is great a lot of people come here like an overlook at the burlington bristol bridge and a boat launch and real bathrooms to replace the portuertoort o johns.
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>> whether it's grants or loans or something that has funding from the city that is something we'll do. >> officials say it could take years to complete the water front makeover but they believe it will transform this river town. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." a tell wear graduate is celebrate a big achievement, kristin is getting her diploma but being recognized for her perfect attendance over 13 years of schooling and that is rare indeed. they planned to attend messiah college to study teaching.
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hundreds of students will be in the stands for philadelphia's soul game, one of the team's
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opener, donated the tickets to several schools in atlantic city he was with atlantic city mayor don guardian at pennsylvania school this morning and handed out the first of his tickets the soul takes on the las vegas outlaws on saturday at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. in new york city today phillies and mets. >> it was not a good one this afternoon batting practice went long in new york between the game with the phillies and mets and the phillies were throwing it and the mets were happy to hit it. have we run out of ideas scientists may want to exam sean o 'sullivans arm. the solo shot gives the mets a 1-0 lead and then michael dud eyer, if that ball is meat is he a carnivore, the phils are
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down 3 and seven innings of shutout ball and a homer off o 'sullivan in the fourth he is the pitcher. he sounders seven runs and four homers, and they have lost four in a row and it was a 3-7 road trip. fifa soccer's governing body is long dogged with corruption and bribery and now they say they have proof. swiss officials working with the u.s. have charged 14 officials at a posh hotel and they are charged with racketeering to money lawnering and they say they took bribes and kickbacks for marketing doles those indicted will be extradited to the u.s. >> they were expected to uphold the rules that keep soccer honest and keep the integrity of
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the game and they corrupted the business of worldwide soccer to protect their interest and help themselves. we are determined to end this practices and bring wrong doers to justice. to basketball now lebron james is well on his twice his fifth nba finals he and the cavs cavs advanced last night. cleveland sweeps the series at four games and the cavs wait the winner of the rockets and warriors series the city of cleveland is waiting for their first pro championship sin the browns in 1964. 6 abc is the home of the nba finals fame one thursday night june 4th at 9:00 p.m., two weeks of excitement, it will be cleveland against houston or golden state and that is sports. the school day is anything but ordinary for a teacher in
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chester. the school district surprised anita brown for the best teacher under the sun aaward. she was dedicated to teaching children. and her school the main street school received $1,000.
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we have been watching heavy thunderstorms. >> thunderstorms -- >> i was going to say rain storms but were they thunderstorms? >> yes you are correct on all
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accounts. >> in other words they contained thunder. >> yes you are wasting all of my time. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we are tracking the downpours, the thunderstorms rolling through and we have one right now that is moving through philadelphia, it's crossing the river into camden right now and five lightning strikes associated with this we have thunder and lightning out will, you hear the thunder you have to get inside and heavy downpours. zoom in on double scan live, the heaviest downpours moving out of philadelphia and moving through camden over river road and this continues to push to the northeast at 35 miles per hour, so they are moving at a pretty good clip and we have spotty downpours right now six lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes, not severe but this is moving into salem county and this is ahead of a cold front and that will move through tomorrow and that could bring
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another round of showers and thunderstorms mainly south and east of philadelphia. i want to show you this photo no it's live sky 6 hd looking at the center city skyline it's beginning to bright and, and i like this i love when viewers send me photos this is tweeted by jim and it's a look at springfield, pennsylvania, rolling green golf club, and we are finally getting rain we noded it and this is just a drop in the bucket. dover it's dry 84 degrees and philadelphia we hit a high of 89 diagnoses, a muggy day and down it a rain cooled 74 and millville 77 and at the shore with the sea breeze kicking up they dissipate the storms moving
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to the east. the storms tonight it's a prefrontal trough, it's still to the west and rolling through tomorrow afternoon. future tracker showing that at 9:30 tonight, still showers around and not severe and they all more out in the overnight hours and dry for the morning and rain free at 7:00 and it's not going to feel dry it's warm and muggy early thunderstorms and warm and stuckicky, and with this cold front moving through it's warm ahumid ahead of it 88 and scattered thunderstorms mainly south and east of philadelphia in the afternoon behind this system high pressure builds in on friday and a little less humid and more comfortable and then our next chance of showers and thunderstorms with this front and this is arriving on sunday and this could bring us a good soaking for the second half of the weekend into early monday,
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more rain is on the way. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, warm and humid tomorrow, 88 degrees is the high and scattered showers and thoms mainly south and east of philadelphia in the afternoon and friday still warm and a touch less humid on saturday and we get back into the muggy air mass and on sunday the cold front moves in and a wave of cold pressure develops on monday and the high only 70 with lingering showers and we dry out on tuesday and still cool and 70 and wednesday the sunshine returns and it turns warmer with a high of 78 degrees, more downpours tonight. >> thank you cecily world news tonight is next and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, ducis rogers and adam joseph and join us here
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at 11:00 for a special "action news" investigation, in the wake of resenschool massacres, questions are raised here why one student was not expelled after making terroristic threats. >> a local teacher is speaking out to "action news" after a deadly threat was made by a student at his school why is the student still walking the halls, and we have a map of how many threats have been made at your child's school. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. late word coming in the pentagon accidentally sent live anthrax. the urgent testing now in nine states from new york to california from texas to wisconsin. a major investigation right now. the new storms hitting tonight. a tornado slamming into a shopping center. the system from texas to maine. the major scare in the air. both engines failing. passenger plane then dropping 13,000 feet. the fbi moving in after the u.s. lost the bid for the world cup. authorities say, now we know why. suit cases stuffed with cash? and the major headline involving women and their health. the fbi investigating a key piece of hospital equipment. can it spread cancer? authorities asking who knew what and when? and, the hunt for your made in america inventions. and the $100,000 surprise.


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