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tv   Action News  ABC  May 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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news" investigation and it is next. this is the way it looked tonight in manayunk a neighborhoods throughout the tri-state area line of gusty thunderstorms moved through right on schedule and took a little bit of the edge off of our very dry conditions. it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the of aftermath of
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our stormy weather, and in center city philadelphia, it all produced a beautiful sunset and much cooler and more pleasant conditions. let's check with double scan radar and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> jim, double scan live quieter then it was five hours ago. we just have a pocket of light showers in parts of the camden and burlington county, and with a broken line of heavy downpours, unfortunately the situation where we're not seeing everybody seeing the rain. fill at .6 of an inch of rain. allentown and reading less than a quarter inch. trenton and lancaster less than a tenth of an inch. downtown wilmington report nothing measurable rain but we had some heavy downpours on the border of new castle and kent county delaware. any rain we got was a drop in the bucket. the main rain deficit i should say philadelphia, more than 2 inches below normal. allentown is in a maryland rate drought, more than
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3 inches below normal. trenton more than three. atlantic city more than two. wilmington little more than a inch and a half below normal. we need more rain. we have an opportunity again tomorrow afternoon for some showers, and thunderstorms. what we had tonight was a prefrontal boundary. the actual cold front is moving across the great lakes and that will be sweeping through, tomorrow afternoon not everyone will see showers and portion of our viewing area. i will talk about. that track more rain for your weekend in the accu weather forecast jim. >> all right cecily. now storm-related death toll in text a and oklahoma is up to 19. dozens of other people are still missing. the volume of water coming over a dam southwest of dallas has officials worried that it might burst. along the river west of the fort worth emergency officials are going door to door urging residents to evacuate, river is expected to reach, flood stage and then keep rising.
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amtrak train struck and killed somebody this evening. it a happened near devon station at 7:00 o'clock. authorities are not identifying, the victim just yet or saying why he or she was on the tracks. service was suspended on septa's paoli thorndale line for an hour and 45 minutes during the investigation. philadelphia police have released surveillance video of the man they are looking for in the rape of the woman inside of her south philadelphia home. police say, that is the man, who entered the home in the 1800 block of south rosewood at 5:30 monday morning stood over woman's bed. put his hand over her mouth. demanded money. then raped her. law men say same man may have been the suspect in the similar assault in march on chadwick street but in that case the the woman for the back and the man fled. they are the hot new targets for thieves in south philadelphia, and center city. police say bandit are going after scooters and even
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motorcycles. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live from south philadelphia tonight dane, 21 vehicles have been stole up just since april 1st. >> reporter: that is right jim. you know what in most cases these bikes that were stolen were lock up. as you are about to see in this surveillance footage just released by police these thieves were bold this was may 21st just after 8:00 p.m. white van pulled up to a secured garage at 17th and locust. one man was behind the wheel. two others got out. they forced open a metal grate and then they wheeled out two motorcycles loading them in the back of the van. alex newman is, keeley aware of the problem. >> i have had three stole men three years. >> reporter: what gives, what is going on. >> they are popular. easy to get around. i have to get back and forth in ten minutes to work. >> reporter: police say motorcycles and scooters have been disappearing off the streets of the south philadelphia, center city in an alarming rate. this had map shows compactly where it has already happen.
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>> since april 1st we have had 19 scooters, and or motorcycles stolen in primarily, south philadelphia. two have been stole men center city. >> reporter: rocks i simon who loves her scooter was not aware of the rise in theft. >> it makes me think twice where i park it. i do have a garage. i'm very fortunate that overnight, it is not at risk i guess. >> reporter: most of the bikes stolen have been lock but thieves cut weak locks or lift them up the pole fit is low. shawn, the the gm of the philadelphia scooters, say that is what happened to this scooter just recovered in camden. >> they just pick it up over the pole. bikes weigh 200-pound. and off they go. >> reporter: for his part alex newman has learned a hard way and uses heavy duty locks on his bikes. >> the bikes are out there. if they are in the secured these groups will take advantage. so you need to secure the bikes. >> reporter: police say eight of the scooters have been recovered, all in camden.
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mostly stripped or beat up, beyond repair. owners are being urged to get full insurance coverage which runs about a couple hundred bucks a year. just in case you become a victim. we're live from south philadelphia, dann cuellar for channel six "action news". >> dann, thank you. son of the allentown police chief is now on trial. charged with pointing a gun at police officers. some of the dramatic confrontation including 23 year-old christopher fitzgerald was captured in the parking lot of the lehigh valley mall last august. that is while his girlfriend and one year-old son were in the car. >> lay down. put them up. >> authorities say fitzgerald thought a car was tailgating him and eventually pulled over and pointed a gun at them. but inside the unmarked vehicle were two under cover lehigh county detectives. fitzgerald's attorney says his
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client had feared for his life worried that someone may have been targeting him because of his family connections, and his job as a corrections officer. philadelphia catholic high school teachers voted unanimously to reject archdiocese latest contract offer. negotiations have been going on since the middle of april. one year deal would cover school year starting in the fall details weren't disclosed but the union tells "action news" that the salary increase offered wouldn't even cover the rise in insurance costs. new to vote 2016, 2016, and a familiar face is throwing his hat into the ring again. former pennsylvania pennsylvania senator rick santorum is running for president. he was runner up to mitt romney in the 2012 republican race but this time the conservative, known for his family values, will focus on working class americans. >> step one in taking back
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america, step one let's scrap the corrupt federal tax code and the irs that goes with it. >> santorum will be facing a much more crowded field for next years g.o.p. nomination. habitat for humanity is ready to roll up its sleeves and get to work on five new homes in north philadelphia. we get that story from "action news" reporter kenneth moton. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: soon those shovels will be replaced by construction machinery and labor of love to build five new homes for five north philadelphia families. courtesy of habitat for humanity. >> i'm a first time home buyer, and home owner so it is just excitement. it is a big excitement. >> reporter: in a community work ago begins blight and abandoned homes, habitat teamed up with darryl clark who represents the district, to bring what they are calling hope village to 1900 turner
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street. people like, gerald will own one of those new homes that she will help build. >> i'm an immigrant in the this country of the united states of america that helps me a lot and i learn a lot through habitat for humanity. >> reporter: one of the five houses on this property will be dedicated to a man who has made it his religious mission to provide shelter for those in need. pope francis. the boys at st. joes prep will lend a hand to build that house just month before the papal visit. >> they need to know that there are people who struggle, who, you know, don't have have everything that they have, and they get to understand that. >> reporter: habitat for humanity has built and rehabbed about 80 homes in north philadelphia. nearly 200 city wide in 30 years. >> the families who come into our program earn between 30 to 60 percent of the median income, so that is 25 to $45,000 and they are normally first and person in their family immediate family to be a home owner and it changes
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things. >> reporter: construction of the hope village starts next month and habitat expects the homes will be ready to move in by christmas. reporting from north philadelphia, kenneth moton for channel six and "action news". and still to come on "action news" tonight anthrax scares military is investigating a ladder with a deadly disease shift across the country. plus promises court we will show you a program getting buzz for removing risky behavior from a school dance tonight cecily. before the scattered storms we will hit a warm steamy 89 and degrees. i'm tracking much cooler air on the way as well as more widespread rain, i'll details in the accu weather forecast. local teacher says a child and his school threatened to kill two and teachers so why was the student return to the classroom? our investigative reporter wendy saltsman is on the case tonight. >> reporter: jim, we have disturbing pictures of the death threats and we will tell you why a teacher fears
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administrators did not do enough to protect others from the district, and plus a look at schools across our area and we will show you how to check if the safety of your school is coming up. and ducis rodgers with the phillies trying to avoid a sweep by the mets, that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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the defense department has acknowledged that the pentagon mistakenly shipped live anthrax, to labs in nine and states. live anthrax is usually shipped at high levels of what they call bio safety but these spores, throughout to be dead and therefore have lower security. if inhaled live anthrax is 85 percent fatal. cdc says it doesn't suspect that the general public is at risk however officials are checking out the any lab
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personnel who may have been exposed. authorities have arrested a number of high ranking fifa officials over allegations of racketeering and corruption. fifa is world governing body of soccer. the crimes involved more than 150 million-dollar in bribes and kickbacks spanning two decade. officials say this was all for votes on where to hold the world cup and other fifa tournament soccer games: where they will all be broadcast. nebraska repealed the death penalty today, the 18th state to do so. however, it is first conservative state to ban capitol punishment in 40 years. lawmakers did it against the governor's wishes. the legislature over road his veto. comedian tracie morgan has reached a settlement with wal-mart over a crash that injured him and killed one of his friend. minister again says that the company quote did right by him and his family and he are grateful. wal-mart truck slammed in the
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back of the limo van carrying morgan and others last june, on the new jersey turnpike. minister again suffered head trauma a broken leg and broken ribs. shooting massacres have changed the way most of us think about school violence, in the wake of the columbine and sand a i hook, district's tightened security across the country. but "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltsman is looking into allegation that is cuts in pennsylvania's education funding could be slashing our standard for school safety and if that is true, it is a matter of you the the most concern. >> reporter: jim, you might not imagine that a assaults a against teacher and terroristic threats are an every day occurrence at schools across our area but an "action news" investigate has learned that he is threats are very real and some case vest terrifying. the cases is, are they being taken as seriously as they should be. the normally quiet suburb, threatening inside a elementary school, that sent
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shivers down the spines of staff members. >> the student, made a pretty significant threat that he wanted to go to the teacher's house, wife and kid and make them watch as he murdered them. >> reporter: twelve year-old boy detailed his plot toker students. these pictures found on the boy depicted a disturbing, violent plan, to kill his mountain math teacher and shoot another educator as well. >> this student drew pictures, depicting himself shooting his home room teacher in the head. >> reporter: after a short three day suspension the student was back in the same teacher's classroom. >> i was in fear of my safety. we were talking about a very capable male student that could carry out these actions. >> reporter: then just two short days after returning to class the teacher said boy brought a look alike weapon to school this switch blade replica which turnout to be a comb. >> he was brandishing it on the play ground using it as a switch blade. policy states a weapon or weapon replica should result in a minimum of a one year expulsion. >> reporter: this teacher whom we have agreed is speaking
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out, for the first time only with "action news". after a short suspension he said the boy was simply transferred to another elementary school inside the advertise trick where he says a new teach are a and other kid parents were never warn about the previous threats. >> my children's child teacher and her fellow classmate and herself are in danger and yet you are not doing anything. >> reporter: , this is the the president of the parent/teacher organization, she spoke to the school board but despite complaints they failed to follow their own policies and procedures. >> if something like that happens, the bloodies on your hand. >> there is a school funding crisis. it effects school safety. it need to be addressed. >> reporter: pennsylvania state education association represents the teachers. the spokesperson, says after columbine and sandy hook most schools instituted zero tolerance policies when it came to threats. that resulted in a increase in the number of suspensions and expulsions of students and witt came a large bill for alternative education. "action news" crunched numbers
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from the department of education's record, and we found in the five counties surrounding philadelphia, that the numbers of assaults on staff have gone up in the last three years. but the numbers of out of school suspensions for violence has dramatically dropped. >> placement and alternative programs is very expensive. >> reporter: we also mapped where the threats were occurring, detailing a school by school basis where violence is taking place. we chose not to identify the school in this case to protect the minor's identity. district provided "action news" a statement saying they have followed all of the applicable code, policy, and procedures. and adding, both law enforcement and school district carefully evaluated those situations and it was determined that no credible threat existed in either case. >> this is a terroristic threat i'm not sure what is. >> the school district also said that they are under no legal obligation to notify teachers of threats that are deemed non-credible. now, are there threats being made at your children's school? log on to six to ask our exclusive interactive map
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of philadelphia area schools. find your child's school and see most recent data that we have compiled from last year jim? >> that graphic seemed to have a lot of yellow marks on it, does that suggest there have been a lot of threat made. >> reporter: we have mapped every single school so whatever your child's school is, if it is public school click on it and see if there were any terroristic threats or assaults against teachers. >> wendy, thank you. at health check at 11:00 a caution that genetic testing may not be as definitive as many people believe. new study found testing sometimes has flawed results either leading people to get preventive surgery that they don't need or the the reverse missing a diagnosis, that could have allowed early treatments for genetic disorder some times different labs come up with different results. researchers say allowing your doctor to share your data anonymously, will help clear up genetic mysteries overtime. as more and more people get tested accuracy will improve. lets get the latest, from
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accu weather and cecily tynan. >> jim the storms are over. we did have some reports of some wind damage, washington township gloucester county, trees down fences down but this was just a system with heavy downpours. a few more are on the way, thank goodness, tomorrow we need the rain. storm tracker six live double scan showing nothing more than just a few lingering sprinkles right now but once the rain clears, then we will really treat it just to some beautiful photos, chris posted this on my facebook page. this is from doylestown. when we have the retreating storm cloud, reflecting the sunset, it can create some beautiful pictures, like this, and also hit ago lot of reports of rainbows, with the rain moves so quickly and sun brightening right behind it. dann sent this from havertown. you can see bright sunshine reflect off the homes the the rainbow and then in the dark cloud behind that system, with that line of scattered downpours moving through very quickly. right now temperatures dropping, high behind that system 89 degrees our high in
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philadelphia currently it is 74. millville 71. wilmington 73. allentown 66. reading 70 degrees. it is still very humid. it will remain humid throughout the day tomorrow ahead of the cold front. satellite six with action radar you can see how this line of downpours really just evaporated moving into south jersey and encountering that marine layer. then out to the west, back to the cold front that will be moving through late in the day tomorrow ahead of it, we have a surge of warm air again and dew points around 70 degrees. so morning commute mostly cloudy another warm, very muggy morning at 6:00 o'clock 07 degrees. by 8:00 o'clock 72 degrees. future tracker showing in the afternoon we will see showers and then are storms bubbling up mainly around philadelphia and south and east moving across south jersey in the evening hours and then again this could have heavy downpours with all of the moisture in the air and behind that, we have more comfortable air moving in on friday.
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but tomorrow is going to be another warm, humid day. 88 degrees in philadelphia 86 in millville. eighty-seven in allentown. eighty-eight in wilmington and cape may. 78 degrees before scattered showers and then are storms. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 88 tomorrow. humid. scattered thunderstorms. on friday still warm but a little bit less in the form of humidity. little bit more comfortable. saturday warm and muggy. 88 degrees. on sunday a strong cold front moves in. this will bring us showers and thunderstorms. temperature 78 degrees. and machine with that system stalled right over us it will be cool, 70 the high with lingering showers. we will keep that cool air on tuesday. driving down 70. wednesday turning warmer with a high of 78 degrees. people complaining about the heat and humidity, monday's high, 70 it will be on the cool side. >> cecily thank you. several delaware students arrived at the prom tonight in style and with a message. local law enforcement provided
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a limo ride to select students from mount pleasant high school in wilmington. program is designed to keep teenagers safe and sober on prom night. >> kid will see that they can enjoy a milestone such as this without drinking, without driving, without having to take any substance that he is impairs them. >> in addition to the trip to the tans limo will also take them to the school sponsored after party. blank
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mets are a good baseball team and the contrast with the phillies, it is pretty evident. >> phillies are not a good team in the right now. they don't have pitching. phillies road trip have come to an even. they left philadelphia a week and a half ago with such high hopes, they return having been swept by the mets. dinosaur day at city field and he did not get the memo. shawn o'sullivan's arm did not show up today. lucas duda, one of two home runs on the day for him. it gives mets a one to nothing lead. two to nothing in the third. michael, hits a two run home run. met three four, five
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hitters go for eight for 12. phillies down four to nothing after three. the mets starter made it look like he was tom seaver. cinderguard hits a home run off of o'sullivan, in the fourth. and, it is gone. >> the phillies, surrender seven runs on 11 hits. four home runs. phillies lost four in a road. road trip three-seven. yikes. phillies have tomorrow off. still to come in sports but don't look now but union has begun to figure things out. we will hear from the coach next.
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game six of the stanley cup western conference finals, chicago facinge limb nation and gone with the line up change. former flyer kimmo timonen is benched. hawks and ducks in score in the second period. chicago scores three goals this less than four minutes. patrick cain with the ridiculous set up move. the the hawks win five-to second to force a game seven saturday back in anaheim. nba western conference finals i'm in the only one that plays video games at work. houston and golden state, step cure toy barnes. warriors down by one. and second quarter curry he goes to work. he will get the ball back, curry with 14, first half points. right new we are in the fourth
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quarter, and warriors lead it 89-78, golden state looking to close this out in five games. lebron james and calves a await winner for that series for nba finals. six abc is home of the finals, it begins with game within june 4th at 9:00 p.m. that is sports. >> not yet. >> the union visits d.c. united saturday. hoping for another solid week of practice, and leads to another victory. the union got off to a horrible start but they won their last two matches. head coach jim curtain is a happier man today. >> it has been a struggle getting it going this year but we have done it for two games in a row and goal, to do it a third, fourth and fifth. that is kind of the dog days have of summer where you have to have your stuff together to pick up points. >> do i have anymore scripts? i'm done. >> mario cart is that your game that you like to play. >> is that a challenge. >> volunteers spent a couple hours helping out a local school this evening they
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worked on a outdoor beautification project at arts academy have of benjamin rush in northeast philadelphia a the work included, general cleaning up, and planting some beautiful flowers. southwest philadelphia school is opened, a new community garden, it is located in the southwest leadership academy charter school, fifth grade boys and girls classes have been working on the garden's, with the help of some local farmers. beautiful. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. a "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala he had are ward, matt o'donnell meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers and traffic. for cecily tynan ducis rodgers and the up tire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night. >> ♪♪
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>> dickey: from hollywood it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight, paul giamatti, “science bob” pflugfelder, and this week in unnecessary censorship, with cleto and the cletones. and now, for the most part, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice. thank you for watching at home.


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