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tv   Action News 500 AM  ABC  May 28, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, may 28. here's what's happening. >> a dispute breaks out in a philadelphia neighborhood and someone tries to put an end to things with a gun. swiping scooters, video shows thieves tarring the two wheelers in philadelphia. >> another warm day could give way to showers and thunderstorms later. >> reporter: let's get the details on that, we have accuweather with karen rogers in for david dave and matt pellman has roads, good morning. >> reporter: yesterday's showers were hit or miss.
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trafficker double scan showing we're dry, we have a cell we're keeping an eye on that cropped up right there. it's west of lancaster but we'll watch it for you. in the wake of scattered storms it's warm and humid 67 degrees in quakertown. 69 in pottstown, 68 in warrington. 69 in center city. temperatures sitting where they were yesterday in the mid 60s in browns mills the upper 60s in the suburbs in new jersey cinnaminson and hammonton 70 degrees in dover delaware. warmer there. let's look dewpoints 67 degrees dover 72 degrees, feeling oppressively humid there. else where feeling the humidity like yesterday. 88 degrees is the high. it's very warm, humid out there. the humidity will drop a little bit as a cold front moves through later on tonight.
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details on that coming up in just a few minutes. >> reporter: highways looking good so far on this thursday, almost friday morning mostly dry as we look live at the schuylkill expressway by 30th street station and the vine street expressway. we have work on the pennsylvania turnpike. the westbound crews near willow grove cleared out. left slowing in the wake of their clearing out. eastbound they are working near fort washington in the left and center lanes and farther east past bensalem blocking the left lane, it's the westbound side that's seeing slowing at the moment. the construction westbound has clear. we have a crash along 42 the black horse pike near the lowes. involving a vehicle that ran into a pole. people are injured. stick to frys mills road or johnson road. galloway township watch out for
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work on the parkway southbound heading toward the ac expressway and the white horse pike at pomona road. a animas shot in the arm -- a man was shot in the arm along cottman avenue mayfair section of philadelphia. police say a 20-year-old man was arguing with two other men and someone pulled a gun and opened fire. the victim ran to a 7-eleven store he was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. both suspects ran off and police are interviewing witnesses. serve have -- service on the paoli septa line after being shut down after a person was hit and killed near the devon station. authorities have not identified the victim or said while they were on the tracks. >> scooters are a popular way to get around philadelphia and it didn't take long for thieves
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to start capitalizing. eva pilgrim is live with the story. >> reporter: matt it's not unusual to see motorcycles and scooters parked at destinations across the city. they are a popular way of transportation and a popular target. >> i had two stolen, they are popular. they are easy to get around, i can get back and forth to work. motorcycles and scooters have been disappearing off the streets in south philadelphia and the center city at an alarming rate over the past two months. this map shows where it's happened. >> since april 1 we've had 19 scooters or motorcycles stolen in primarily south philadelphia. two have been stolen in center city. >> it makes me think twice when i park it, i have a garage, i'm fortunate, that overnight it's not at risk. >> reporter: most of the bikes
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stolen have been locked, but the theives cut the locks or lift them up if the pole is low. philadelphia scooters said that's what happened to this one. >> reporter: they picked it up over the pole, the bikes weigh 200 pounds and off they go. >> if it's not secure the groups will take advantage. you need to secure the bikes. >> reporter: now police say 8 of the stolen scooters are have turned up in camden, stripped and beat up beyond repair. if you know anything about these thefts you're asked to call philadelphia police. live in mayfair, eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> the son of allentown police chief is on trial charged with pointing a gun at officers. it was capture on the cell phone video of a parking lot in august. while his girlfriend and
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1-year-old son were in the vehicle. >> lay down! >> reporter: authorities say fitzgerald thought a car was tailgating him and pulled over and pointed a gun at him. inside the unmarked vehicle were two lehigh county under cover detectives. he feared for his life and worried that someone was tarring him because of his job as a correction officer. negotiations have been going on since april, 1 year deal would cover the start of school in the fall. it does not cover the rise of insurance costs. let's turn to accuweather we got rain yesterday and some
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people might get some today. >> reporter: the best chance is my neck of the woods, south jersey and delaware. let's look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, around the region, we're basically dry we're watching a cell. can you see it west of lancaster. keeping on aon that currently. it's dry this afternoon, where you get the scattered storms. let's go outside right now we want to see what it looks like, looking live on sky 6 at the center city skyline we do once again have a good amount of cloud cover through the region, but again we'll see the sunshine break through, as well. 70 degrees currently in the city. dewpoint, 67 very hiewmed -- humid once again today. the barometer holding steady. as we look at the daytime it will be 76 degrees by 8:00 a.m. lots of clouds and sunshine. 11:00 a.m. 81. 2:00 p.m., 86. temperatures a good ten degrees above average with a high of 88.
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in the afternoon we'll watch for scattered showers and thunderstorms. satellite and action radar showing not much happening just yet. we'll see sunshine and clouds. at 2:00 p.m. maybe a shower popping up here and there. not everybody will see it today. but we could get a storm developing at 8:30 we see a few of them along i-95 south and east we see them in new jersey and delaware, in particular, some of the showers arena thunderstorms firing up. it's a cool front that's moving through it will make a change in the weather. today's scattered storms not causing a weather problem today. it will usher in a slight chains you'll feel. warm and humid the scattered storms south and east. the high is parked behind it. once the front comes through later tonight you get the scattered showers or storm. tomorrow it's less humid.
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it's not a dramatic change, it's warm and muggy and you'll feel a break when it front comes through. tomorrow's high, 87. warm a few storms around, 88 degrees is the high. friday less humid 85. saturday you get a shower, sunday you'll get showers and thunderstorms, that will hold the temperature to 78 degrees. monday, much cooler, look at the dramatic change, canadian high pressure coming in, we're feeling it. monday's high, 65. tuesday, struggling to get on it of the 60s. 70 degrees, partly sunny skies we get about average on wednesday, 76. a little something for everybody. we're in the summertime pattern today. >> thank you karen. 5:09. next an new this morning, a long and slow-speed chase comes to a
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smashing end in texas. the victim of a colorado theater shooting takes the stand to relive her night of terror. matt. >> reporter: no problems along route 1, the super highway looking super near the morrisville trenton bridge. drying out nicely. we have a problem in south jersey and check out chester after the break. >> a big concert and why arrow smith frontman says if you think i'm coming you got toys in the attic.
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look here, out across
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philadelphia international. right now it is 5:12, 71 degrees today and we will get up to # 8 as the day goes on. >> look out for showers later. matt pellman when you got in the suburbs? >> reporter: we are plowing our way toward friday. we don't want to plow your way you have the neighborhood. watching a crash in washington township turnersville area along route 42 the black horse pike between watson drive and. l. he leaden lane. stick with johnson road as the alternate. we have overnight construction zones northeast extension between lansdale and quakertown blocking the left lane. our southbound work zone on the
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nex has cleared out. the they have closed the ranch 724 eastbound side of 422 to rebuild it. route 100 will take extra traffic you could see extra congestion there. midday work zone starts at 7:30 and goes to 2:30 they are closing yellow springs road between elbow mill road and bodine road. we're seeing delays during the midday on the eastbound side between business 30 and route 100 as they work on the sinkhole they have right there. that's going to happen for the next day couple of days. you'll see eastbound delays during the midday. we're talking about a crash along state road in drexel hill. it is causing a little bit of
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heavy traffic through that neck of the woods. tam. a man took police on a long and slow chase in fort worth texas. police crashed into the car disabling it. the suspect climbed out of a window where police took him into custody. a major water main break shut off water to several communities in massachusetts. the break flooded city streets and created sinkholes in spots. area schools had to dismiss students early. residents are being asked to boil the tap water before they use it. >> a psychiatrist is expected to testify in the deadly shootings in aroar are a colorado. a -- aurora, custom. she. she was at the movie with her
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boyfriend. he pushed her to the ground and covered his body with his own. >> he said janson we have to get down and stay down. her boyfriend was among the 12 killed in the attack. his notebook was released to the public yesterday and prosecutors say it contains detailed plans of the attack which they say is evidence that holmes was sane at the time of the killings. the phillies ten day three city road trip could not have ended any worse even the mets pitcher, homered off sean o 'sullivan. cole hamels takes the mound when they host the rockies tomorrow night. there will be a game 7 in the nhl series. the blackhawks beat the ducks.
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the country's biggest banks are cashing in when it comes to overdraft fees. labor of love, residents bring love to a philadelphia neighborhood. >> reporter: it's going to be warm and humid details in the seven-day forecast. we have chance coming up.
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>> two big jackpots are up for grabs, no one matched all six numbers in the powerball drawing. it rolled to 171 million dolores. the winning numbers were 8 15, 34 53 and 23, the power play is 2. mega millions 233 million for tomorrow's drawing watch that at "action news" at 1:00 p.m. >> reporter: which number is more important.
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really, let's check out the 9-5 as we head out outside in fishtown. i-95 are you getting excited for the northbound traffic pattern. they will shift the northbound traffic to the center of the roadway working over the weekend to get that done. getting word of a crash in worcester township, germantown pike at north park avenue. busy week in dover as the nascar fans head to dover downs along highway one and route 13. >> reporter: let's check the temperatures after the storm from yesterday. it's warm and humid today. 65 in months creek, 70 in pottstown. 69 in philadelphia. looking at the suburbs in new jersey. mostly citizen upper 60s at this point. -- mostly in the upper 60s at this point. 70 in dover delaware. we'll have more scattered
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storms, south and east of i-95. 88 is the high. tomorrow is just a bit less humid and # 5. 85 tam. going on to "healthcheck," genetic testing may not b as definite as you think it is. they may get a diagnosis that causes them to get surgery they may not need. as more and more people get the test, accuracy will get better. a major international study says people should not delay after starting stream after being diagnosed with hiv. researchers found participants who started the drugs while their immune system was strong remained far healthier over the next three years as opposed to
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postponing treatment until they grow weaker. maybe you have a problem with bouncing checks you are not a.i. lone. the nation's biggest banks are lining up to profit. >> reporter: big bucks for the three biggest banks. >> bank of america wells fargo and jp morgan chase made a billion in overdraft fees. despite efforts to sush charges after -- curb charges. new other owners say the sky mall catalogue will be back on board to keep you entertained. changes on the way mcdonalds prepare its burger. they will toast the bun five minutes longer and change the
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expwr habitat for hue -- humanity is getting ready to roll up its sleeves for homes in philadelphia. >> the first time home buyer and homeowner it's a big excitement. >> students at saint joseph's prep will help build a home and dedicate it to pope francis. habitat expects the homes to be ready to move in by christmas. in the morning buzz we're talking about an interesting back and forth in new jersey. aerosmith steven tyler will not be appearing at a pick your own strawberry farm. reported the major star and "american idol" judge was
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listed on reverb nation, performing at 10:00 a.m. farm owner said he started to be tipped off to the problem when he got call it is from people who wanted to know about the venue. he report there's a problem. police sent out a e-mail, saying you can get a strawberries and no microphones with scarves on it at 10:00 a.m. an windsor farm. >> it would be nice to go to a farm and get back in the saddle again. he is on permanent vacation. i'm getting cut off. a smokey fire breaks out in a philadelphia home sending a person to the hospital. an an error causing a deadly disease to be shipped across the country.
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we'll have those stories when we come right back. tina! sorry! i was day dreaming. about becoming a pastry chef? uh... yeah. specializing in custom cakes?
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right! and opening your own bakery? how'd you know? you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah! king of cash with top prizes of $100,000. [male announcer] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. >> developing now on "action news," a fast-moving fire in
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philadelphia sends one person to the hospital. >> hundreds head for higher ground as the threat for more severe weather continues in texas. >> new this morning a mother threatens to sue pennsylvania school district over slang words directed at girls in the written dress code. >> david murphy is off, karen rogers is in, and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: good morning, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're basically dry right now. we have one little cell i've been keeping on eye on, it's west of lancaster and moving towards reading. other than that we're in the clear in until the ranch when we get a shower or two. 72 in philadelphia. 64 in allentown. 69 in millville. there is a slight issue with fog. the national weather service talking about this in the southeastern


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